04/25 - Priest Moments

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, April 25th

The guys from Fescoe in the Morning weigh in on the favorite Priest Holmes moment. 


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The chiefs announced that Priest Holmes will be announcing the chiefs' second round draft pick on Friday. What a hall of fame linebacker will in the near he's going to announce the chiefs' third raw politics. Or that's all assuming that she's don't pray any of those but shortly priest in Willy will announce some picks no matter which ones they happen to be here with a trade at the sub them whatever. They're going to be there announcing picks. And it cut thinking about Priest Holmes biggest Priest Holmes is such you loved player in Kansas City there's so many great memories when it comes to that. Three year stretch where Priest Holmes was untouchable. In the NFL 20012002. And 2003. Unbelievable by every definition he broke the record for rushing touchdowns in the season. Shaun Alexander broke it. Quickly after that putt. They guy was unbelievable. We have some of our favorites moments some of our best moments in the things we love the about Priest Holmes right it's extends force dot com including the video of this. That looks good. Priest Holmes got a dump off to terminate a dead to rights Trent green was like down man and then takes it 28 yards for chiefs talks a touchdown and that's that's what Priest Holmes was some real wasn't necessarily one moment as much as it was. A thing priest did often that I remember so vividly. Because we're able to play with screwed there's no way the chiefs are gonna make this thing a positive. Priest Holmes was there you drop the ball to him and then he makes something happen is a little bit of space also the guide me he was 59 whose social work by. When he was running in between the tackles it works so well that raises his advantage because even though we short stocky you know. Powerful enough to run between the tackles 59. So he get lost right to get lost and they really rove. We'll shields Casey Wiegmann gigantic offensive line and engines were out on the other side without anybody in the defense scene and as is cool shorter so. That's what I remember the most about priest now. Just what was your moment a priest well it's just all of the touchdowns. All of them. Okay. Economize favorites do that was one of my favorites they came from that eight touchdown game he and Derek Blalock went up but it was really to me it was about. At the time fantasy impact media guide to scored. Boy Newton and I remember you know as it was I was always hope to get that first deep in their first pick as well the first pick my fancy ball draft as I wanted. That she's and I wanted to I wanted to results here is gonna score all the touchdowns. And just his ability to define the end zone is for goalies he did Al just yeah this fantasy stud yeah he he was he was incredible the Watson in my favor Priest Holmes moment comes from did the Pittsburgh game in 2001. The remember that but those certain game stand up your mind and it was. The first time we really saw in Arrowhead Stadium Priest Holmes beat the Priest Holmes that he was going to be a mean he had two weeks prior to that Washington he had a nice game around 150 yards with a 147 that day in Washington. And we had really seen priest elves have a breakout game here in Kansas City until that mid October game. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers it's when he carries for a 150 yards and three touchdowns and and and that was the moment we're. I know that C a 100% of the chiefs realized at that moment. They had something special here because you remember when priest was signed it was an unheralded signing and it really Wallace there was there was no bones about that signing music. Back seat it was Jamal Lewis he said Mike earlier today in in Baltimore and so he came here it was and whatever finally got a running back but Tony Richardson was still going to be the guy. But Priest Holmes really emerged as as a great player and I remember asking Dick for Mila said why is Priest Holmes able to be so good he says. He does what he does because he does what he does and that was one of those first eye opening moments and I had as a as a young guy in this business of Howell great players really do practice better than everybody to priest also take every ball into the end zone every single one every Tammy got a carries he finished at Indians of and that proved to be as monsters he set records for scoring touchdowns a season he was just. He was just incredible guys in incredible the Watson and that was the moment for me it wasn't a great flashy player anything it was that first moment where we actually saw priest as a player a rise in Kansas City in front of our eyes and that was that October day in 2001 and their memory it was a practice scenario was when he was trying to come back from one of one of his injuries. Andy was allowed to have contact your member. But he's off to the side of the field. Running the plays as the oracle real team was running play really that's impressed where he like like they would be a line up and do seven on sevens or eleven dollar. And and they run the plays that he was over off to the side. Running the same play. But he couldn't hear anybody couldn't allow himself to be hit users like trying to come back and I'm like man that's apparently it really tears yeah out it was it was sad because he didn't really come back at that point of of of his career but. The gap wanna might want my favorites for sure that some people.