04/25 - Ned Yost

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, April 25th

Royals manager Ned Yost joins the guys on Fescoe in the Morning for their weekly conversation. 


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Royals manager Ned yeah it is brought to you by Dick Smith fort skipper how cool was it for you deceive the old basins and Lorenzo Cain got last night when he came to decay. It was cool while it was it was exactly what I expected. You know. I think that that Milwaukee Brewers got got a little taste of how wonderful can't see the. Last night I think it blew them away. And I need it yeah it was going to be very very strong in Libya. And we'll read them. You know a lot of love and care. You know. Played he. Brought it and you can catch. Apparently. Knew what would happen but people look on their take it would they liked and look at what what what happened on the often. In the outcome. You know you look at it look at look at it and then. You could tell that it was thirty. You know pretty on fire but down deep in the patient eat of course look around though well you know and join their respective that it was just. Killed. How one of the city is usually how wonderful this and at the plate the. You know it's it's interesting you say that kind of stuff that because I said that early on like man if you're visiting team and you see that. She want aside here and be part of this organization doesn't. On the old and everything that you breeders' being here. You know about their organization. You know is is. Not. Anyway and the commitment they are fans like yeah. You know victory at. It pretty spectacular place but you know you don't bigger places you're not yet not so they can hurt you know the place. But that way dean went along and at the Asian person even stepped out of that. So that they fear. You know hopefully gain even target. You don't need a lot of. Now not at all that yes with a 0610 Sports Radio I heard you tell us stories and Ryan about the about came before the game on the pregame show. And it's it's interesting because I wonder do you ever get tired of sharing those stories about 2014 and when he fifteen. I'll eat it. And overtime. You know what corporate as you kind of popped up that you take with you for the rest your life. Just and I'll go back in. You know elected. Or you you and your Europe the right after you know your away. You know they asked me you know argue get up get him on the field yet quote legitimate but we have what what we're gonna miss him more than anything else. It is an hour life because when you accomplish something great as a group they're a bond. And I had just come back that we again from. An autograph thing the 82 brewer we want to the World Series and all the old alt alt miles per it was like. But on a week. Year to year. Being reunited with this group of guys that we accomplish something really really special. You know what the world does live up lieutenant game open for the cardinal but. Look at a special bond in the special group of guys when you accomplish something special like that. And hit it the plane hit the same way. You know what to accomplish something that's what we're together. It's something you never forget you ever wanted to stop talking about it and have it you'll like it some don't use when he made so where we're ball. You know and and all that happened at that well. You know if the fact that the especially everything that they don't forget because. At the special accomplished very very few people have ever accomplish certain. You know clearly competent or without them remember him up under share the story. You know you can share this story this story can shoot horrible nose off so I don't ever get. It is there one story that you love so much you don't tell the DOS like the only that we were asked me about this right don't get the shared this one as much as I would like is there that one story that. Maybe you haven't shared before the U wanna share from that from that 1415. No more opening up at all you know all of the work. You know all of them were. You know just so. You know so that so I don't remember after the wild card game really at. Talked about. And fourteen after the wild card game I was just so happy you won that game on Michael OK because in my mind. We you know we have accomplished anything make a wildcard into the wind well Arctic Gideon Ariel situation. You know that make it to make it feel real comedian we ended up in the won that game. I don't think anybody will ever forget that again but when that game over remember on. In the game. All of that record numerically but on a show like act like far out of Bert I'm like someone to be proud. Economic future well. And now you know we candidate when where and when the second and the run that we went on. A no. Well Rick it it it really kind of hit it surprised me a little bit you know I thought that it was it was going to be a little more difficult and then it was certain. You know that the one thing that haven't really. You know we can really go after two months I was really. I was really proud and I made a surprise. That we were able to deal eight and I'll get to the World Series you know the way that we did it. So your cottages they were just happy to be here kind of mindset going into that Anaheim series on the. Yeah I mean more public glad that we got that point and just walk upon it Joseph whatever happened you might get lucky you are back. And I knew that you know after you know what and they had games that. You know that was double double that a great game that got a boat company now here we go our way. Looked as though I mean I didn't have an expectation I didn't think it was gonna sleep probably gonna kill you know because like let's just go play our game let's play a part we can't. And I'm really one and group with no expectations and you know the won the first game like we get an extra innings in the second at an end up like Matt. And then that can bring it back Helmand. Two won game three but five and move two. You know Baltimore it was a you know with the cool really. Want to ask you a bit more about Lorenzo Cain yet a unique perspective because you knew him. I don't over really before we knew him coming through that that first organization what are what are some of your favorite memory seeing him. Back then to his royals career now now back in Milwaukee. Well I mean I don't ever remember we're I didn't have a lot of beating flip them back then but I. Back then Laurent wasn't able. Updated at the bar was an able and in spring training we'd like to bring up young players that at felon. You don't get a little experience let him on the clintons they wouldn't like playing in the big stadium. And yet the opportunities. That I would happen to bring up there and don't change and bring up. And that's key because those two kids were really on the walk. They were very very athletic they're very raw very skinny. They hadn't bailed out yet they have developed yet that you can why. You can watch them in batting practice you look at you and FBI looked like a little broomstick Brett. But he added and or if the ball but he had no no pop whatsoever yet little line drive to right little line drive so let. You'll arcane and he picked worked BP ever reflectors that he would ever gonna privileges. In any get in the game and in this race in line drives left and right so. That were all on the watch. Even at a young young age because they've worked so let me. Indeed it depends both of these guys and in your mind they're all going to be outstanding players once they killed and their bodies want to have a little more experience. You know the did tell that he's got a going to be really really state players or they had the opportunity to be nice baseball players so. You know one Dayton we've talked about it straight Frankie and me. You know the fact said that he would accept a trade to Milwaukee. We started looking at that mine mine mine that's right away with the Ellis. If we can't get at the bar people can't get around the cocaine and concerned that the worked out. I was gonna ask you that as a follow up Powell how significant was your input in that trade when you found that he would accept a trade to the Milwaukee Brewers did were you like immediately on the phone with Dayton or did he call you haven't all that. Now it's just like that Dayton called Vietnam would back out. You know exact cattle lit it seems that he's willing to go to them. You know and doing that in a back through extensive research on the games and you know he wouldn't really willing to any action they elect any album. We're going to be in position to win anytime. But he looked at him that he wanted to wanted to go somewhere else you want the chance to win. And and it complicates and I think it was with me or were they can't remember. But he says that in talking with that because you know I'll I like Milwaukee I'll go to Milwaukee well organized list. And of course Dayton called Milwaukee Milwaukee definitely an interest in the third you know lipped about the prospect that we were look at two. You know out to them make them to make the deal on. You know bay had a poll Lipton you know all of my new England and I'm like oh yeah collective like their guys. Really like this guy Cain really liked the area are. Loved Jake rotary speaker mr. purses. You know have been turned the corner yet but it the ever he's going to be a duke player and you know look we get this settled. Turned out victory target trade. Tuchman that Yost royals manager here on 610 sports radio and six that's forced our common. And then I asked this question the both fingers crossed. Really hoping for yes. Or so there on a nice little stretch and you see him turn the corner. A Nobel. He'd been on cross your fingers that it hits it that there's going to be an act later on the road and he's a nice player right now. You know what he needed it was exactly what it in Tripoli next year into a new detain. You know have met meet new teammate he's very quiet he's a very small lit. Grounded. Young man and it you know I think it. You know it did that a little overwhelmed at times last year in in the big leagues and got triple A got comfortable. You don't put up really backed number 25 point six home run on it to lady down there. We get through he gave them the opportunity to get its hearing is wind on every single day. You know he's going to be all right that thing got to practice and it's not the offense is much is that have been very impressive to me but it beat that is an excellent. That hit it worked his tail off all winter long not only on the but on his defense to and it's definitely. It definitely shows so well yeah he definitely turned the corner and now he gives me looks at stepped up to a great start. Earlier we were talking about the University of Arkansas tennis team going to play Tennessee hacker whatever it is. To get six gimme win so they can make the NCAA termed the bending of the rules if you will be taking advantage of the situation in place. What has been the biggest bending of the rule in baseball maybe you guys do if you're taking advantage of the situation where you could look at navy or stretching it here. All of you I don't know you know there's always a lot of Serbs manipulation. You know go on in this September. Trying to get your roster so that we're. Policies and play you know thing you'd think that she normally wouldn't do. Trying to get extra guys. You know eligible. If he wanted to remember a couple of years ago we can't wait Davis able for three days. You know to get another guy down in the bottom back in September so. From about. You know DM. LB. Rules they catches tea. And they can smack your behind pretty dark. The date they do at that you wait wait did you sit Wade Davis to Abel I vaguely remember that. It will probably. Was a part here we got. Com and it was just retreated that would actually I accept that they almost all the way. Look we're gonna we're gonna. When you come back would it make you believe so I'm certain you it would as a unit all we wanted to throw a day taken throw a day. And I'm late. That look he said I don't mind born now mine did labor we. Our actual ones that are wanted to bring that to pitch to and that was and wanted to go down there have a day pitched two innings and have a day. And he my good that it it but what I would like to do it this is an outlet to go down is that like to throw an inning. I'd like to take it day up and thrown in the that I got to get back and turn it loose and get in the reliever. So I'm like well are all right. And at that time weight zone 9192. When he came back in relief remote. Or about that moment in Cleveland State is loaded nobody out he came out our 96 to 98 mile an hour ago that was the birth of Wade Davis reliever. Three days in a ball did that. Well he's you know it wasn't that he'd be get it better reliever for and Tampa right. Let one lead when we got eight we do you know our game plan where it was going to be a starter but if that didn't work out. He killed lapses of being a really really get relief efforts well it's a step back of our mind. And believable bad we appreciate the time is always go out and get one tonight we'll see you soon. Update. Take care they just this year on 610 Sports Radio.