04/25 - Lip Service

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, April 25th

The NCAA gave us a big ole helping of lip service earlier today. 


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The NCAA had a a committee put together to try to fix what's going on in college basketball these FBI allegations and everything else how to go. Well. Condoleezza Rice spoke to the media today it was a press conference at 7 AM which makes you know for sure nothing is actually going to act like a Friday at three press conference yeah that is that's Wednesday at 7 AM assemble and we'll give you our information well the Friday at late afternoon that's. That's the Kansas City Chiefs special that really is best that that as it is it is a serial as Jerry Mac and about that at so. Got laser ice. Talked to the media and I guess start with this b.s we have heard this music happen it's ever been on the air Ryan would count you've heard. What are good wanna start with here be the one labeled Condoleezza Rice blames everyone yeah that's. I think I was your company caribou harness the commission found that talking to the stakeholders was at times. Like watching a secular parents but the problem issue. And ultimately the fault was always the pot the problem of someone else. Is really time for coaches and athletic directors and university presidents and boards of trustees. The NCAA leadership and staff and apparel companies and agents and pre collegiate coaches. And yes parents athletes. To accept their culpability. In getting us where we are today. She did blame the. And is finally somebody gets which she just said there shows the entire problem with the structure of college it really does it to the eyes you know she pointed to she pointed to the apparel companies. Here's the deal are these are the apparel companies don't have the play by rules. And that's the problem when you set rules in the annual companies to come and they don't have to play by your rules. Should. Series it's an artist giving money to do business because that's what they do business you don't do business you do as you amateurism. They do business so when US deals with businesses to make. Large amounts of money all and you were tourism sport. You're going to have corruption that's why he can't have it both ways man. It's crazy man when you when you listen to that statement by Condoleezza Rice she legitimately named everybody associated with knowledge of all and it isn't Josh. You're in Mike's right to mean the Adidas or Nike converse. Under whoever it is. They're all trying to do business there are all trying to would best in these programs because they look at the investment in the program. As giving back the ability to the great return and the ability to sell stuff with the jayhawk the ability to sell stuff with the Jordan logo at the ability to sell stuff would Duke's local one that those are valuable products and valuable pieces of merchandise. In which happened so you do yet it is business for these guys that fetuses and in this game it DS's and investing in Kansas to lose money OK indeed this is an investing. In whatever other schools are involved in to lose money under armour and investing in Maryland lose money for the good of right get it right. College I'm gonna lose money for the good you know I've worked on what were the betterment of the game right yet were indeed this is not here to continually lose money grow at a place in the south Atlantic growth of a student at what went through injuries now through their developmental years of college you know that's not what we know we are important. Nike is not here to lose money on behalf of North Carolina. No we're not here to do Brazil is they don't have a deal like you have deals with businesses that they don't have to operate the same way you operate. And that's where the issue and broken model of college athletics is. There apparent if it's not it's not under farmers you know. Jolie to lose money on behalf of the barrel interpreted to mean to go to find ways to make money that's what business do what they do business you don't you know how we sell more merchandise. We get the best players to Wear our stuff and the best people to where our stuff. Because this is such a copycat world in which we live in and it's the best college basketball players are going out there every Monday night on big Monday. And they've got that in deed is local one and somebody all of a sudden says man. I wanna be like Josh Jackson may go out by Kansas JR deal. That's money. In the coffers for a deepest and that's what they wanna do so how do they sell more merchandise get better athletes should get better programs to get better actors and entertainers. The pusher merchandise it's not an honor to lose money on behalf of the University of Kansas if you are ideas or can't. Condoleezza Rice talking to the media or press conference today also wanted to focus on the collegiate. Model our focus has spent his strength and the collegiate model not to move toward one that brings aspects of professionalism into thinking. We start from the belief that young man. Whose talents allow him to play college basketball. Can benefit greatly from the experience Hughes is a chance to receive. With its cost me that prized possession in our economy and our society. A college degree. He will meet influential people who can mention him throughout his life and who can help him with established career after graduation. His earning power over a lifetime could be as much as one million dollars greater than that and non college graduate. And given that only one point 2% of college basketball players who want to play in the NBA. And that the average NBA careers about four point five years the college degree is the real ticket to financial security from ousted now. Banks on wall. Liza rice how much money based on all those figures how much money is being made off with a college basketball player yeah no kidding well but that's the Condoleezza Rice I can be on this committee. Yet we haven't gotten that number. For me that was the one statistic she left off was the amount of money made of verses that value that she just went out of that degree. If that's important here it's not about how valuables degree it's how valuable is it agreed. Vs how valuable college basketball is on a player by player basis so that's the different it's a different conversation than the value of degree. Acts cracked and you know what they can also benefit from. So we choose to help what context they make while in college to further her knowledge her without getting that degree even. The journey that. The degree thing is is is great in theory it's always been great in theory having college degree is beneficial. For. But that the problem we're dealing with a college basketball the 1% Ers tonight. Don't who don't need to college degree I don't they're a different category than everybody else and that's again a totally different conversation. Any and beyond that just that it that it made the one for senators themselves. When the model was created it wasn't a bad moll. Right now all we call. It was created in nineteen off as you heard you mean. Players you're giving them a scholarship primates as well above all is making money in professional sports bag and college athletics were making any money right right major donors but there were huge TV contracts tougher championships the PC yes there is now a college football playoff there's a lot of things now they generate massive amounts of revenue that just didn't generate revenue before that little bit as capable life has changed so the east rupture. Of what you were originally wanted to do in college. Has changed so dramatically. That you have to change along with it and that's where. Condoleezza Rice whose entire committee. I'd say they missed it well I don't think they missed I think they just are doing what's best for them which is pretending they need to put college back in college pass. Name war. They were saddled with being an independent committee to look at. Radical to the golden Vista ready what was the thesis is shut everybody to show you two to. Enact reforms but still keep the ever amateur isms models out them. That's what I think once I mean at this what's it was only added that a committee let's c'mon let's let's this was charged by the NC right. So you know they're gonna protect them should add that. That were a part of what they've always done it wasn't that an independent third party candidates say hey what would be best for student athletes. And and schools alike and to make this now you know what you knew going in what they were going to be protected right which is the the current model. With some some changes try to keep some of the bad influences out hopefully but. I don't I don't think they're there and yet those marks. Or more from Condoleezza Rice about wanting college backing college basketball. College basketball is too precious and the fate of the young men who play it's too important not to get it right. And though this work will not be easy we need to make a start and a bold one. To turn the ship in the right direction for the good of all involved we need to put the college back in college basketball. Oh. That's a great teacher by the way that's college back in college basketball. Spelled moving OK go down yeah I'm definitely spell the teacher run by my. Made those and on a community and the afternoon at a college it's RD betrayed are now. If I mean this stuff there's some stuff I I I I like in this it's you know. Getting after cheating cheating coaches cheaper grams it's great calling on the NB eight and one and done yes. I'm allow undrafted players to come back to its college yes. More access to agents or advice along the way you before you get to college. Yes I think some of those things are are beneficial so I'm not saying this entire thing was but. But do we really need a committee to study this for six months to come up with these findings that you and I came up with a over a beer or two weeks ago at the at a bar I mean you know it's like it did to me the biggest problem is always been how are you going to police it I think players should be able to a vetted. Be able to make money off their likeness like that and get a piece of the pie and have jobs. A lot you know if they if they can't make ends meet be allowed to work. The sixers Soeharto and well I've always batted though. Year your always gonna be susceptible to you to somebody over paying you for turning on the automatic sprinklers of the golf course and I am on campus or whatever. So I'd I don't know that we were gonna get anywhere with this but I think I think. That the biggest incumbent this was you you mentioned making money off the lightness of the committee stayed away from that they civil courts rule on it then we'll see what the courts decide to say about. For me they should've gave their opinion of what they thought should happen and and a lot of people believe and I think even Condoleezza Rice may have said it. They the Olympic model as you mentioned Josh you know you can make money off your like this could be on a box of Wheaties you can be you know pack of dvds he could do whatever it is. And make might like you'd Josh Jackson to make money off of Ian Josh Jackson because that's who is you can go out sign autographs and do all of that kind of stuff. If the universities to make money off the U which they do then you should be able to make money off that you. So Austin Tex lines 69 and happier as it's been an actor goes back to get how do you police say you can't really police and again excel. At that price you can't police and I mean how do you say. I guess you can go out into an autograph session. When quickly examine slip -- 50000 dollars to do that autograph so I mean that Albania you're still kind of back to you really couldn't release of Israel who weasel aspect of people or or or stuff maybe you take it through the university and it goes to a payroll department at the university and the university controls all the money that's given to you there's checks and bounces out to be met at the end of every month by by by the NCAA and they looked at all the city 50000 dollar deposit is just Jackson's been an hour cited. Stuff at the bookstore I mean thought. It's still it's still opens it up for Russian owners feel the public the Olympic Mollison policed. You can you can make as much money as you want on your light as it does that's why sensible why does it have to be policed. The recruiter have because of recruiting in Olympics because slightly somebody can use your voice of the United States in the Olympic history to hit is take Russia's money but my crocodile cuisine I don't let's not get too far. How will we see that happen always has brought them a parent or grandparent yeah. If that's some kind of an economic connection that got to do things here at the others out there on the open market or upper bed speaking about the issue though here's the issue. It's what it always comes back. I agree that tax I'm alive people act like these these degrees or just a perk they're not perk they're huge deal. OK then you have to get in the apparel companies you can't have it. Both weights if you what happened to where players are just getting their college there college degree and that's it you don't want to get anything else. Did the companies get rid of the TV contracts because you can't have socialism and capitalism together you have one. Or the other you can't have both. So you keep making as much money you're making a college football basketball you're going to have corruption across the board because the money is too damn big. If you vote out all these four. Companies to come and be apart of the NCAA which usually not for profit or would you do that these for profit organizations they're going to do what's best for them right best for their business model. And most of the time was best for their business while at nothing to do with your stupid ass rules so was bought these structures continuing. You're gonna keep seeing the same problems over and over again he's just not. Rick pitino's fault it's not Sean Miller's fault. It is the structure. It is impossible. To avoid corruption at its destruction the way it currently is what you can't have it both ways guys you have one way or the other either socialism or capitalism big hit co existed Betsy that. That's the problem with this whole thing to everything that they suggested he'd just look at ego well we can poke a hole and that we can poke a hole in this week and a local matter and that's why am as we sit here we listen to Condoleezza Rice or whoever wants to talk about this kind of stuff. They're all wrong girl frauds and they're all making mistakes because the only way to do it is the right way is to destroy the system and start over take everything that we've ever learns about the Colin Matthews all. But the bat the bat that this wasn't their chartered well I understand that but that's just the way to fix this is you take everything that we've done in the past. And you wrote in a bonfires you know college is like a bonfires okay for roll it into a bonfire burning at all. And then form a committee to come up with all the new rules that we're gonna follow going forwarding college athletics every time I suggest why don't we allow students to make some money off their like this we don't have Michael and over a well that's nice hobby kit regulate it. Why don't we come up with ways that we ten. Regulate all of that and and in what Everett is that you want to do it however you wanted to take the system and move it lowered the let's move it oh let's created new system for agents and how they're gonna be involved in new way to recruit a new way to deal with a disputed or try to do something that's. Okay it's half past which is what the NCAA has been for the last thirty years I have to ask organization because date date they got so far behind of where. Society wives now they're trying to catch the society that we have you wanna catch up the society where being told he can't do that that's why you just have to destroy the system as it is and start over reds put their money back in a pot and a I would go to west Virginian through those rules and a couch fire that's just me.