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Wednesday, April 25th

In the final hour of the show, the guys have their weekly conversation with Ned Yost. Plus, a special Chief will be making the picks, we need a social ruling, and we pose a Dorse question. 


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Well that's still in the morning I'm like well with Bob best coach Josh Wexler producer Brian Cooley counts. Let's get to in the 9 o'clock hour including. Your chance to win it. A custom men's sports shirt from Byron on the plaza coming up at 915 but first. Royals manager Ned yeah it is brought to you by Dick Smith sport skipper how cool is it for you to seeing the old nations Lorenzo Cain got last night when he came to decay. It was cool while it was it was exactly what I expected. You know. I think that that Milwaukee Brewers got got a little taste of how wonderful came in the. Last night I think it blew them away and I you get the eighteen was going to be very very strong it was going to be. That we're in those you know a lot of love in the air. You know. A play. Dropped it and you could. Apparently they're doing what what happened but it'll look on their fate is worth it around looking at what. But what's happening on the opponent and enable them and welcome. You look at it and look at look at it and then. You can tell it was thirty. You know pretty on firing at them even the patient. Of course with the program so you know and join us respect that it was just. It kills you. How wonderful the city is usually one of the land. It's the place to be. You know it's it's interesting you say that kind of stuff then because I said that earlier I'm like man if you're visiting team and you see that. She want aside here and be part of this organization doesn't it. Well on the old and everything that you've readers. Here. You know about their organization. You know is is. Not. Anyway and the commitment they are brands like yeah. You know that period. It's pretty spectacular polite but you know you don't pick it places you know you might not they interact you know in the late. But but waiting. With prolonging a triple agent for an even stepped out of that. We'll debate it here. You know hopefully gain even target. You don't he ought to eighty. Now dotted all videos for the cirrus extend Sports Radio I heard you telling stories and Ryan about the about came before the game on the pregame show. And it's it's interesting because I wonder do you ever get tired of sharing those stories about 2014 and when he fifteen. Oh he. And overtime. You know what the appropriate time to keep while did you take with you for the rest your life. They just are and I'll go back in. You know what that. Poor you yeah you're probably Europe the right after you know you're the way. You know they asked me you know argue get up and bit him on the field yet of course welcome Bob we have a war we're gonna miss him more than anything else. There's an hour why because when you accomplish something great as a group they're a bond there. And I had never come back that week again from. An autograph thing with the 82 brewer went went for the World Series and all the all all while he made for America was like. But on a week that added yeah. Years and years being reunited with this group of guys that we accomplished something really lose muscle. You know what the World Series lives up loosening gains often to the cardinal look. Look at a special bond in the special group of guys when you accomplish something special like that. And hit it the plane hit the same way. You know what you've accomplished something that's of the together. It something you never forget you ever wanted to stop talking about it and have good fuel and it comes over you when the unit or word ball. You know and in the all that that happened at that well. You know it's the fact that there especially and rate them or things of that forget because. At the fact accomplish. Very very few people. Have accomplished certain. You know through the company's early on them remember him from their share of the story. You know you can share this story this story can shale ordinance on and so I don't advocate. It is there one story that you love so much you don't tell the DOS like the only that we were asked me about this right don't get the shared this one as much as I would like is there that one story that. Maybe you haven't shared before the U wanna share from that from that 1415 round. I'll work as many at all in all of them work. You know all of them were. You know just so. You know so special I don't remember after the wild card game really at really talked about. It's fourteen after the wild card game I was just so happy you won that game I'm like OK because in my mind. We you know we have accomplished anything make the wildcard and had to blend well Arctic you can find out that you. Asian. He you know to make it to make it feel real comedian we ended up and when the next game. I don't think anybody will ever forget that game but when that game over remember. And the angels. The best record the American League about it shill like act like far out the first time I've got a problem. Put on your show. And you know we ended when where and when the second game and the run that we want that no. Rip it it it really kind of hit it surprised me a little bit you know I thought that it was it was going to be a little more difficult and then it was hurt them. You know that the one thing that I haven't really. You know we can really go after two months and I would really. I was really proud and I made a surprise. That we were able to deal eight and no get to the World Series you know the way that we did. So your cottages they were just happy to be here kind of mindset going into that Anaheim series on the. Yeah I mean more public glad that we've gotten that point and just walk upon it Joseph whatever happened that you might gonna get that back. And I knew that you know after you know what and that game. You know that was double double that a great game that got that over the hump and now here we go our way. Looked as though I mean I didn't have an expectation I think epic look at asleep almost killed talker like let it go. Play our game let's play a part which can and I really wanted to look no expectations. And now. You know the won the first game like we get an extra innings in the second game that many of them like Matt. And then but to bring it back home and 21 victory but five and move to. You know Baltimore bullets you know look cool field. One that's in a bit more about Lorenzo Cain yet a unique perspective because you knew him. I do over really before we knew him coming through that that first organization whether what are some of your favorite memory seeing him. Back then to his royals career now now back in Milwaukee. Well I mean I don't ever remember where and how well a lot of evening welcome back then but I. Back then at La Renta will enable. Outfitted that the bar was an able and and spring training we like to bring up young players that bill and you don't get a little experience let him on frequency was it like playing in the big stadium. And it hit the opportunity. I would happen to bring up Lorenzo Cain and bring up. SP because those two kids were really on the walk. They were very very athletic they're very raw very skinny. And hadn't bailed out yet they have developed yet that you can watch. Just watch them and in batting practice to look at you and at he's like look like little broomstick Brett. But he added and more to hit the ball but he does that no no pop whatsoever that little line drive to right little line drives let. You walk and he picked it worked BP ever collectors that he would ever gonna privileges. In any get in the game and in this race in line drives left and right so. They were always fun to watch. Even at a young young age because they're so athletic. Indeed it depends bulk of these guys and in your mind they're all going to be outstanding players once they killed and their bodies want to add a little more experience. You know the did tell that he's got to going to be really really nice state quarters or they have the opportunity to be nice baseball players so. You know one Dayton we were talking about that trade with Frankie and me. You know the fact that he would accept a trade to Milwaukee. We started looking at that mine in my mind that right away what yeah. If we can't get at the bar people can't get around the cocaine and concern that the worked out. Was gonna ask you that as a follow up Powell how significant was your input in that trade when you found that he would accept a trade to the Milwaukee Brewers did were you like immediately on the phone with Dayton or did he call you had it all that. Now I've just like that they call it public back. You know back candle lit it seems that he's we're willing to go to him. You know endurance you know back boot sector research on the game and you know he wasn't really willing to go to any didn't feel like any of them. We're going to be in position to win any kind of saying well. But he was adamant he wanted it wanted to go somewhere else they want the chance of land. And an accomplish it cannot think it was with me or what they can't remember. But he in talking with that because you know how I like Milwaukee I'll go to Milwaukee well organized list. And according Dayton called Milwaukee Milwaukee definitely an interest in the third you know looked in at the prospect that we were looking at two. You know out to them make them to make the deal and you know big head is pulled Lipton you know although Mike Newton. Yeah like that like if I really like if I came really liked it diet bar. I loved Jake rotary speaker did you personally. You know have been turned the corner yet but it the other he's going to be at duke players. You know we'll look at what we've got to laden. Turned out decreed arbitrary. Tuchman that Yost royals manager here on 610 Sports Radio it's extends force dot com. And then I asked this question the both fingers crossed. Really hoping for yes. Or so there on a nice little stretch and you see him turn the corner. Oh no doubt. He'd been on cross your fingers that it. Did that that they're gonna deny them grow and he denies player right now. You know what he needed it was exactly what it in Tripoli next year into a new game. You know have met the new teammate he's very quiet he's very saw all that grounded. Young man and you know you know I think it. You know it did that a little overwhelmed at times last year in in the big leagues and got AAA guy comfortable. You don't put a really nice number 25 point six home runs it to lay began there. We get it he gave him the opportunity to get its during his playing on every single day. You know he's going to be all right that thing that a practice may have not the offenses what does that have been very impressive to me but it beat that is an excellent. It hit it worked his tail off all winter long not only on it but on his defense too and it's definitely. It definitely shows so law. Yeah he definitely turned the corner and now he gives me looks at that duck to a great start. Earlier we were talking about the University of Arkansas tennis team going to play Tennessee hacker whatever it is. To get six gimme win so they can make the NCAA termed the bending of the rules if you will be taking advantage of the situation in place. What has been the biggest bending of a rule in baseball maybe you guys did are taking advantage of the situation where you could look at navy or stretching it here. All of these on the you know there's always a lot of Serbs manipulation. You know go on in this September. Trying to get your roster except for. Postseason play you know thing you do things that you normally wouldn't do. Trying to get extra guys. You know eligible. If you wanted to remember couple years ago we sent Wade Davis to table for three days. You know to get another guy down in the bottom back in September so. Up from about. You know and they will be on a rule that gadget area. And they tend smack your behind pretty dark. The date they do at that you wait witness Jason Wade Davis to Abel I vaguely remember that. It will probably. In. Look the part here we got. And it was just retreated that would actually I almost all the way. Look we're gonna we're gonna. When you come back and make your leader so I'll send you a wilderness and you're able we want to go girl Sunday ticket throw a day. And wait. It looked because I don't mind and now mind being relieved. That. Apple wanted to I wanted to bring that to pitch two innings that was and wanted to go down there have a date pitched two innings and have a day. City that I might be it but what I would like to do it that it is that I like to go down is that like throw remaining. I'd like to take it day often thrown in the that I got to get back in the turn it loose and get in the reliever. So I'm like well are all right. And at that time where it was so 19192. When he came back in relief remote. Or about them problems and Cleveland State is loaded nobody out he came out our 96 the 98 mile an hour ago that was the burqa Blake Davis reliever. Three days in a ball did that. Well he's you know it wasn't that he'd get it better reliever for and Tampa right. That was one week when we got eight we view you know our game plan where it was going to be a starter but if that didn't work out. Each show lapses of being a really really get relief efforts well it's a step back LaMont. Believable bad we appreciate the time is always a lot like tonight we'll see you soon. Daycare regulars in the Sierra and 610 Sports Radio three days enable terribly Davison the greatest clutch arteries when not knock us off. And I saw a lot to the collective mind in the gotten dominate. Yeah. At here. Is the we have some breaking news actually about a former chiefs coach in this news is absolutely wild. But it Todd Haley do. On top of that news get your chance to win a custom men's sports shirt from Byron on the plaza next. They attendance record behind pretty ours. BP electric heating. In the morning powered by the day. But that. The good breaking news about a former chiefs coach as wild news that we get to adjust to multiple first. It's time for you to win a free custom men's sports shirt from Byron on the plaza for the modern tailor made in your style work ever. Most importantly your perfect fit. I like to do is answer this question which AFC team has a uniform color schema of green and and white AFC team AFC Denver Broncos. Incorrect not 135767610. Is the phone number. Tell Lyon which color scheme that is and if you get it correct that team the AFC team has a uniform color scheme a scheme of green and white. Who winning three Austin and sport shirt from Byron on the plaza your style you were fabric and most importantly you were perfect fit check out Biron on the glass. Bobby your greatest ever on Thursday a Denver first and that's right color scheme that's why our crowd like they did Wear the green light at one time. They're valve ESPN's reads this out just moments ago. There's going to be a new Atlanta pro football team in the AF we Eagles the alliance of American football. You know that alliance of a bear ourselves that to start. In I think January or February of 2090. Who's backing easily whose funding is well they already have. Have their first team in Orlando and it's coached by Steve Spurrier now. They have now announced their second team all Atlanta shortly and it was like the redheaded stepchild and again and like fake football like every time is a big football league becomes an Orlando gets a team that is true. But here's the deal they head coach of this team in Atlanta will be Brad Childress. Should. It again. And as a guitar of his offensive coordinator. Is Michael Vick so they having it win a pro football team featuring Michael Vick as the offensive coordinator. This to say. Pretty intense situation for Atlanta because a lot of people there's a lot Michael Bay ID put to a two day with a very little bit Michael Vick fans and Atlanta so it perfect move. AF if they wanna be successful putting Michael Vick on the coaching staff and a prominent role. In their Atlantic team that's interesting this is the team went. Ever saw on the NBC always CNBC backing OK so there are so they're obviously some money the son of the son of Dick Ebersol. And a bunch of there's some form and about players and I got to do so it's yet let's get some. It's got to do if he does that lastly that started up the middle of the Florida Huskers detention house was head coach that was another Orlando based team believed. Odds are that day they were back like Nancy policies husband and then the money just ran out like us to Israel because it because the had a football's Bill Polian it's all in I was there. It is the Bill Polian yeah nine year old bill panel and now ESPN Bill Polian you correct the wow correct this league is not making let out yet Charlie's chili and Vick together and alana account like that. Are they are need to play in the fall or they play in the sport their pleas for everybody as. Only a fool would play in the fall because the expert it was all one time we tried to play in the fall with the US a felon that didn't go so well that is true. A fool would try to play in the fall against that fell everything they did a great to even now brigade of the NF all. Keep in mind though the early ninety's before wondered if the NFL would survive this too is now the NFL is so dominant that no one's plane in the fall against the NFL teams in the USFL had a success times but. Now going up against the NFL head and is just force there there's no chance happy USF now. Had everything to succeed everything to succeed and then they got bad leadership. Check out six cents Forestar column that and see are paying for a dramatic public hallway that brings out. Because where you go from there. Because where you take the torch Ryan. Just I mean did did the guy who's leading the US a fellow at the time try to switch the followed suit the NFL and a two dollars and 37 cents. Keep it in tip top shape. We call it sometimes get beat up chick. Congratulations to TJ and honors for a Bonner springs he's you're winner of Biron on the plaza three Costa men's sports shirt. Your chance to win again tomorrow at 915 of course the AFC team with a uniform code uniform color scheme of green and white is. The New York Jets yeah. They get a third pick right yeah but not the Denver Broncos. Even on cholera not quite the Denver Broncos. You had a sixth and force dot com to check out this awesome piece about Priest Holmes. Discuss that next I think it did did you ask Corning. Sports. Like wealth involved best coach Josh played her producer Bryan we how's he noticed and sports dot com right now in check out our piece on Priest Holmes and his greatest moments as the chiefs announced that Priest Holmes will be. Announcing the chiefs' second round draft pick on Friday. What a hall of fame linebacker Willie the ears he's going to announce the chiefs' third raw politics. Or that's all assuming that she's don't raise any of those but shortly priest and Willie will announce some picks no matter which ones they happened of the year with a trade at the sub them whenever. They're going to be there announcing picks. And it got to thinking about Priest Holmes biggest Priest Holmes is such you loved player in Kansas City there's so many great memories when it comes to that. Three year stretch where Priest Holmes was untouchable. In the NFL 20012002. And 2003. Unbelievable by every definition he broke the record for rushing touchdowns in the season. Shaun Alexander broke it. Quickly after that by. They guy was unbelievable. We have some of our favorites moments some of our best moments in the things we love the about Priest Holmes right it's extends forced our com including the video of this. That looks down. Priest Holmes got a dump off to terminate a dead to rights for a marine was like down man and then takes it 28 yards for chief stocks it touchdown that's that's what Priest Holmes was some real wasn't necessarily one moment as much as it was. A thing priest did often that I remember so vividly. Because we're able to play with screwed there's no way the chiefs are gonna make this thing a positive. Priest Holmes was there you drop the ball to him and then he makes something happen is a little bit of space also the guide me he was 59 whose social work by. When he was running in between the tackles it works so well the loses his advantage because even though we short stocky you know. Powerful enough to run between the tackles 59. So he get lost right to get lost and they really rove. We'll shields Casey Wiegmann gigantic offensive line and engines were out on the other side without anybody in the deep and seen him because is little shorter so. That's what I remember the most about priest now. Josh what was your moment a priest on well as just all of the touchdowns. All of them. Okay. Economize favorites do that was one of my favorites they came from that eight touchdown game he and there Blalock went up but it was really to me it was about. At the time fantasy impact media guide to scored. Boy Newton and I remember you know as it was I was always hope to get that first deep in their first pick as well the first pick my fancy football draft and I wanted. Geez and I wanted to I wanted to results here is gonna score all the touchdowns. And just as ability to define the end zone this for goalies he did I'll just yeah this fantasy stud and he he was he was incredible the Watson in my favor Priest Holmes moment comes from the Pittsburgh game in 2001. The remember Utley those certain game stand up your mind and it was. The first time we really saw in Arrowhead Stadium Priest Holmes beat the Priest Holmes that he was going to be a mean he had two weeks prior to that Washington he had a nice game around 150 yards with a 147 that day in Washington. And we had releasing increased elves have a break out game here in Kansas City until that mid October game. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers it's when he carries for a 150 yards and three touchdowns and and and that was the moment where. I know that she a 100% of the chiefs realized at that moment. They had something special here because you remember when priest was signed it was an unheralded signing and it really Wallace there was there was no bones about that signing music. Back seat it was Jamal Lewis he said Mike earlier today in in Baltimore and so he came here it was and whatever finally got a running back but Tony Richardson was still going to be the guy. But Priest Holmes really emerged as as a great players and I remember asking Dick for Mila said why is Priest Holmes able to be so good he says. He does what he does because he does what he does and that was one of those first eye opening moments and I had as a as a young guy in this business of Howell great players really do practiced better than everybody to priest also take every ball into the end zone every single one every Tammy got to carry he finished at Indians of and that proved to be as monsters he set records for scoring touchdowns in the season he was just he was just incredible guys in incredible the lots and and that was the moment for me it wasn't a great flashy player anything it was that first moment where we actually saw a priest as a player a rise in Kansas City in front of our eyes and that was that October day in 2001 and their memory it was a practice scenario is what he was trying to come back from one of one of his injuries. Andy was allowed to have contact your member. But he's off to the side of the field. Running the plays as the oracle real team was running play really that's impressed where he liked like they would Leo line up and do seven on sevens or eleven dollar. And and run the plays that he was over off to the side. Running the same play. But he couldn't hear anybody couldn't Alonso to be hit users like trying to come back and I'm like man at the diet relief it really tears yeah out it was it was sad because he didn't really come back at that point of of of his career but. The gap wanna might want my favorites for sure that's unbelievable. Now fest go youth on this story which is injury to the NFL draft at 945 on the story about Donald Trump with the French president Manuel Mac Kron yeah probably this pronouncement Helen of accrued Brasilia. Mr. about how pat. Well apparently he. He brushed off a speck of dangerous from the French president shoulder and it that that hit in court with you why I think is very interest here's how it sounded. Mr. President there are all saying what a great relationship we have. And they're actually correct it's not fake news finally it's not take yourself. It's a great honor. But we do have a very special. Relationship and let them get. We have to make them he has. So it is really. It is really great to be with you and yours. And thank you. So there's Donald Trump rushing dandruff off of the French president right in the middle of the press conference saying he's brushing the dandruff off of the French president. And it really like automatically made me think. Where are you supposed to say something to somebody like if you go to once was somebody they've got food hanging off their phase. Or they've got that crazy nose hair that sticking out like Dwyane Wade and do you tell somebody that they have something like beat at the need to fix that can make Campbell better but I would think you'd also doing that well. Brushed additional pressure and I did notice it don't save it right maybe he did it imported out is it that's that big but probably. Have to be in and supplement the it just destruction opt in. That say ride it's facing it once was somebody's name in a crime hang in the Natal is easy but how do you wait because. I cease I don't admit it here's the thing though it's differ you brought up my hair sticking up to admit that's different conversation and little food on the face that's just an accident happens while you're eating that's no big deal we supported us falls off the face off at the same because I feel awkward about being in the spot we really do like and look at it summit at the damage is all these ball I don't want and sometimes in the light their face in the biz that looted and you at least a battles that'll players something like that element film wipe it off your face that's that's that's more courtesy thing to get what I don't want as I don't want the other people gonna see in the food in my face but rather some to tell me what about an and nose hair or or or a book that's hanging out of somebody's nose or some of those there what he would you do but oh well there's a story about that knows him that's very interesting because our old friend on fortune used to work here back in late 2001 headed knows it has about six inches long -- getting this thing this thing was sticking out straight if you want to close to be good culture and he didn't know that he had this knows there's a bunch of us like to be held what do we do. And right of people walked up to goes god you got a six foot nose hair hanging out Rick that sucker out and eat any took and he pulled right it was very dandruff like with you know what the president I'll always remember the fever doing that type of thing. But I've seen you'd sit by people or whatever they apple hanging out there knows me knows aired on something that they need to fix. Wayne do you tell that person how do you tell that person do you even now that course. I just made items he publicized million would you like me to tell you if that were the case if I doubt it off the golden rule and I want to tell me you didn't see I always like every time it is about now is look at minus the picture right now and hang him because let's not forget about it yeah I mean did it like it is and it's appropriate to do right to tell somebody that they've got something is not doing it like. I'm mocking way and able full of people you know life like like the president just a gap. I. I'd find out when is bad because there were more people and he had a joke I just ice feel. Honest to god be. I feel all about saying something like that at some point it is you'll Bradley bet that's embarrassing for them. No but it's more embarrassing to walk around like your fly open for a half a day because you felt tuned I'll meet at the fly I have no problem deals and so that's O'Brien ray at all I'm confused. Why doesn't bother me because that whatever we offered the example of why that like they had to divorce is speaking out of the barn fest goes fine but when it comes under the food on the face just handle you know since it premiered and I got to Sega lotion with greater -- votes were establishment and race. Talk on the forty fives here on six then Sports Radio we actually have some breaking draft news next. BP electric heating and cooled studio that still in the morning powered by the GA. Draft talk on the the 45 here. And Sports Radio brought to buy 81 mortgage go to my 81 mortgage dot com anyone mortgage making your dreams a reality. According to Iraq pour the NFL network just twelve minutes ago John Dorsey. GM for the Cleveland Browns obviously the former GM of the Kansas City Chiefs traded Todd Haley. No he did not Reid said the team has had no legitimate trade offers for number one. That figures to hold according to wrap up worst sell leave is on the clock and what this tells me. All those leaked pics yesterday didn't do anything. I thought that whole oh this that'd be sand armed and Albright of due to the movie three goes well good for. And then that Cleveland they have sink while Barkley thrown out there they have baker mayfield thrown out there there's all these different leaks across the board when it involves the number one overall pick I figured the only way you'd leaking things. Is you wanna generate trade interest. That didn't work out for John Dorsey in the browns' they're stuck with them. It's easy that's an adjusting connects it all all these athletes like we're gonna take this guy that we can take this guy always we need that I salute straight up the number whatever that an interest in trading at the number one. I don't think that's. You know. As common as it once was just because of the number one pick doesn't mean it's always good ass no chiefs 2013 and number one overall pick. You wanted to get out of a lot of teams right now. I think would rather take the conservative approach having really you don't want to beat that number one pick because what you'd do. Is going to be compared to everybody else for as long as those guys play. In the leak it if you somehow miss on the quarterback at number one in the fourth best quarterback in the draft was taking you know seventeen or something like that and that guy chief greatness and when Super Bowls the resting your career you're gonna have to live with and that's of the nine I don't think John Dorsey truly wants to live with the deal with I mean it it's kind of 88 Howard Lee approach I get that but it's also a conservative approach and it's a job saving approached him because. This is it this is a job saving Horry job costing pick to have that number one pick overall and the swing and miss at that quarterback spot for a franchise that hasn't had a quarterback since. 1999 when they you know started the thing all over again. It's a very tough situation to be and and as good as John Dorsey thinks sees and believes in himself. There's 1% in its own man if I screw this thing up like I could be out of a job. Yeah out. Because they column five your mistake Gabbert right did they gave cattlemen of the giant all the the five year mistake picking a quarterback backwater that's a five units today five year mistake well this is your one and yeah. And the year year rewrite man hours ago what would the op opportunities you get after five years I mean if you if you make a five your mistake you probably gotten your embassy in the night here state. To meet this feels like an inflated quarterback traps where. There's not that clear cut these guys the one there's not a Cam Newton or Andrew locker some where you know. Janus Winston this guy's going number one overall might have your robbery of the thirds or more is -- -- as big a little bit of run at number one but everybody do. These guys are going number one. This isn't that trash man we got a bunch of quarterbacks that. Seemingly no one has separation between five different guys or at least O war. Different guys with Sam to oral Josh Rosen Josh Alan baker mayfield at least four guys were you say. No one in the NFL as a really created significant separation between these or quarterbacks. I guess that's the scary part I look at the same way that I look at a team's roster if you have two quarterbacks. You don't have one. Same situation if your four quarterbacks this draft that everyone is Tennessee's is neck and neck. Then you don't have one I'd probably try to trade and number 12 I'd take sick while Barkley because if you can't tell me. Any of these guys have head and shoulders move themselves beyond the other three. It's really not that worth it to me. I think you you probably have a quarterback minus four I that you you yet which who died gas. Right crew good luck when has it I'd put my party I'm mayfield are you willing to debate your future on and making that right back and it and the guys that don't make that write it or their future's pretty short. The top spot in the early days I mean in if you're Cleveland having bake me feels a right choice because. Baker mayfield as a kid who who's actually shows he's had to work something okay heat he left Texas Tech walked on at Oklahoma. And you know played at Oklahoma and in and did did the whole nine yards at that he was a gift that the spot at USC UCLA he's not a Southern California kid. He's a kid that understands work ethic that what it's gonna take to be successful. And I think baker may feel that an amazing job of gone from a guy who walked on at Oklahoma. To become in the Heisman Trophy winner and an interesting I asked you about that Mike who won the Heisman Trophy winner for a reason because. The browns have two wins in the last 42 games both quarterback and Heisman Trophy winners Robert Griffin the third and Johnnie Mae and Zell knew OK and their last playoff victory was in like 1989. Or something like that. And Vinny Testaverde was the quarterback and that was a Heisman Trophy winners of the last three significant winds. But the browns have had their franchise history of all the quarterback by Heisman Trophy winners that is so I get. Don't let that go ahead and just fly there was a Derek Anderson. Situation in their way with the playoffs and throw brokered Alvin you know what all like to win a playoff game when a playoff game by the leaders say significant wins all of it for John Amy and sell it significant. Well that it did only have to them in the last four years as an advocate when there is only their record that there's a significantly in there's significant. Disappears only to them in the that the last two wins have been by Heisman Trophy winners a quarterback so having big army field as the guy. It's Pickett of significant. Jones biggest significant news is he. Two lead at all the falcons pictures from his instead grant. Say social media is the best thing ever happened to drama and sports like earlier this category like that comment is negative towards rustle of great power Powell and act now there are people like this life like social media but you'll get I think it's fun I think it's a fun time and this one is good in particular because it indicates. A war potential move in the NFL. Because if Julio Jones doesn't wanna beat Atlanta and it looks like he doesn't want to be in Atlanta. He sounded like he won an ace fresh start all these other things and he said it deleted the Wii that's because he was part of the fresh start. I don't buy it I think Julio Jones is not happy is not at work outs. Very interest to see what happens over the next day I'd say Thursday hurt Thursday more than anything tomorrow. Is somebody going to trade a high draft pick for Julio Jones its interest pretty significant. I think what would we see with Florida a year restructured deal I don't I don't believe these necessarily not happy in Atlanta idea wants more than the ten point five million is getting this year when he sees. Yes slot receiver making more than him me in on number one guy making more than Sammy Watkins made as many one million dollars as you can make him operating happy pretty quick. Andy allotted land yet yet this exact. And what is he like I was more months maybe I'm buying into the drama a little bit too much when you go your way to delete all your falcons photos from here is to Graham. Have a hard time following way of telling people you're a bad so this just about money that's also is sending a message I don't wanna be here anymore Logan all right. Five maybe some money something to keep and I out tomorrow night for sure if you buy into it who. According wanna put it that does he wanted to go to the jets and we do have a very special relationship and you give me another million dollars in its I'll go to the jets. Make him think that the day shift in two minutes. Eight market up.