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Wednesday, April 25th

The NCAA wants to put the college back in college basketball. Plus, Lorenzo Cain had quite a night, a new leader is emerging in the Royals clubhouse, on college coach will stop at nothing to win, and the Big Story. 


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It's invesco in the morning I'm Michael Welch. This coach Josh playing learned producer I would how's he. The NCAA had a a committee put together to try to fix what's going on in college basketball these FBI allegations and everything else how to go. While I'm. Condoleezza Rice spoke to the media today it was a press conference at 7 AM which makes you know for sure nothing is actually going to act like a Friday at three press conference yeah that is that's Wednesday at 7 AM assemble and we'll give you our information well the Friday at late afternoon that's. That's the Kansas City Chiefs special that really is that that as it is it is a serial asked Jerry Mac and about that I'd so. Got laser ice. Talks in the media and I guess start with this b.s we have heard this music happen it's ever been on the air Ryan would count you've heard. What are good wanna start with here be the one labeled Condoleezza Rice blames. Everyone yeah that's I think your company caribou harness the commission found that talking to the stakeholders was at times. Like watching a secular parents but the problem issue. And ultimately the fault was always plot the problem of someone else. Is really time for coaches and athletic directors and university presidents and boards of trustees. Incidentally leadership and staff and apparel companies and agents and pre collegiate coaches. And yes parents athletes. To accept their culpability. In getting us where we are today. She did blame the. Yeah congratulations. Finally somebody gets which she just said there shows the entire problem with the structure of college affluent really does into the eyes you know she pointed to she pointed to the apparel companies. Here's the deal are these are the apparel companies don't have to play by rules. And that's the problem when you set rules in the annual companies to come and they don't have to play by your rules corruption is. Series it's an artist giving money to do business because that's what they do business you don't do business you do as you amateurism. They do business so when UN deals with businesses to make. A large amounts of money on your picture isn't sport. You're going to have corruption that's why you can't have it both ways man it's. Easy man when you when you listen to that statement by Condoleezza Rice she legitimately named everybody associated with college just all and it isn't Josh you're right that. You're in Mike's right to mean the Adidas or Nike converse in a under armour whoever it is. They're all trying to do business there are all trying to would best in these programs because they look at the investment in the program. As giving back the ability to the great return and the ability to sell stuff with the in which happened so you do yet that it is business for these guys it Davis isn't in this game AD this is an investing in Kansas to lose money okay indeed this is an investing. In whatever other schools are involved in to lose money under armor and investing in Maryland lose money for the good of right and get it right. College I'm gonna lose money for the good of you I've worked gunman were the betterment of the game right yet were indeed this is not here to continually lose money pro athletes in the south and growth of a student at what went through injuries now through their developmental years of college and now that's not why those who knows we are on the Nike is not here to lose money on behalf of North Carolina. No we're not here to do Brazil is they don't have a deal like you have deals with businesses that they don't have to operate the same way you operate. And that's where the issue and broken model of college athletics is. There apparent if it's not it's not under farmers you know. Jolie to lose money on behalf of the Maryland Terrapins having to find ways to make money that's what business do what they do business you don't you know how we sell more merchandise. We get the best players to Wear our stuff and the best people to where our stuff. Because this is such a copycat world in which we live in and it's the best college basketball players are going out there every Monday night on big Monday. And they've got that in deed as well go on and somebody all of a sudden says man. I wanna be like Josh Jackson may go out by Kansas Jay off deal. That's money. In the coffers for a deepest and that's what they wanna do so how do they sell more merchandise get better athletes should get better programs you'd better actors and entertainers. The pusher merchandise it's not an honor to lose money on behalf of the University of Kansas if you are devious or can't. Condoleezza Rice talking to the media or press conference today also wanted to focus on the collegiate. Model our focus has spent his strength and the collegiate model not to move toward one that brings aspects of professionalism in that game. We start from the belief that young man. Whose talents allow him to play college basketball. Can benefit greatly from the experience yours is a chance to receive. With its cost me that prized possession in our economy and our society. A college degree. He will meet influential people who can mention him throughout his life and who can help him with established career after graduation. His earning power over a lifetime could be as much as one million dollars greater than that and non college graduate. And given that only one point 2% of college basketball players who want to play in the NBA and that the average NBA careers about four point five years the college degree is the real ticket to financial security for most of now. Thanks mom wore. Us or rice how much money based on all those figures how much money is being made off with a college basketball where he had no kidding well but that's the politics are right I can to be on this committee. Yet we haven't gotten that number. For me that was the one statistic she left off was the amount of money made of verses that value that she just point out of the degree. If that's important here it's not about how valuable is degree it's how valuable is it agree. Verses how valuable college basketball is on a player by player basis so that's the different it's a different conversation than the value of. Degree correct correct and you know what they can also benefit from. So we choose economic context they make while in college to further her knowledge her without getting that degree even. The journey that. The degree thing is is is great in theory it's always been great in theory having a college degree is beneficial. For. But that the problem we're dealing with a college basketball the one person owners tonight. Don't who don't need to college degree I don't they're a different category than everybody else and that's again a totally different conversation. And even beyond that just that it that it made the one for senators themselves. When the model was created it wasn't a bad ball. Right adult college it was created in nineteen. As you heard you mean. Players you're giving them a scholarship primates as well above all is making money in professional sports bag and college athletics were making any money right right major donors but there were huge TV contracts tougher championships the BC SR is now a college football playoff there's a lot of things now they generate massive amounts of revenue that just didn't generate revenue before exactly Italy Cecil life has changed so the east rupture. Of what you were originally wanted to do in college. Has changed so dramatically. That you have to change along with it and that's where. Condoleezza Rice this entire committee. I'd say they missed it well I don't think they missed I think they just are doing what's best for them which is pretending they need to put college back in college pass. Name war. They were saddled with being an independent committee to look at. Radical to go into this already what was the thesis is shut everybody to show you two. Enact reforms but still keep the ad are amateur isms models out them. That's what I think once I mean it is this what that was relegated to get a committee let's c'mon let's let's this was charged by the NC right. So you know they're gonna protect some sure that. That were a part of what they've always done it wasn't that an independent third party its dividends they pay what would be best for student athletes. And and schools alike and to make this now. You know what you knew going in what they were going to be protected right which is the the current model. With some some changes try to keep some of the bad influences out hopefully but. I don't I don't think they're they're gonna get those marks. Or more from Condoleezza Rice about wanting college backing college basketball. College basketball is too precious and the fate of the young men who play it's too important not to get it right and though this work will not be easy. We need to make a start and a bold one. To turn the ship in the right direction for the good of all involved we need to put the college back in college basketball. That's a great teacher by the way that college back in college basketball. Spelled moving OK go down yeah I'm definitely spell the teacher Ron if I play. Made those and I'm giving me in the afternoon at a college it's already been trademark now. If I mean this stuff there's some stuff I I I I like in this it's you know. Getting after cheating cheating coach's team programs it's great calling on the NB eight and one and done yes. I'm allow undrafted players to come back to its college yes. More access to agents or advice along the way you before you get to college. Yes I think some of those things are are met officials announcing this entire thing was but. But do we really need a committee to study this for six months to come up with these findings that you and I came up with a over a beer two weeks ago at the at a par around me now you know it's like it did to me the biggest problem is always been how are you going to police it I think players should be able to a that in. Be able to make money off their likeness like that and get a piece of the pie and have jobs. A lot you know if they if they can't make ends meet be allowed to work. The sixers Soeharto and well I've always batted though. Year your always gonna be susceptible to to somebody over paying you for turning on the automatic sprinklers of the golf course on non on campus or whatever. So I'd I don't know that we were gonna get anywhere with this but I think I I think. That the biggest thing we covered this was you you mentioned making money off the likeness of the committee stayed away from that they civil courts rule on it then you will see with the courts decide sign back. For me they should gave their opinion of what they thought should happen and and a lot of people believe and I think even Condoleezza Rice may have set that date the Olympic model unit Josh you know you can make money off your like this could be on a box of Wheaties you can be you know pack of dvds you can do whatever it is. And make might like Josh Jackson to make money off of Ian Josh Jackson because that's who is you can go out sign autographs and do all of that kind of stuff. If the universities to make money off the U which they do and you should be able to make money off that you. So Austin Tex lines six and I 06 but then it goes back to get how do you police say. Do you how to police in the Olympics though that price you can't police and I mean how do you say. I guess you can go out into an autograph session. When quickly summoned slip you 50000 dollars to do that autograph so I mean that Albania you're still kind of back to you really couldn't police Vizio who weasel aspect of the important stuff maybe you take it through the university and it goes to a payroll department at the university and the university controls all the money that's given you there's checks and balances that have to be met at the end of every month by the bite by the NCAA and they look at all the city 50000 dollar deposit is just jacksons and and our site and stuff at the bookstore I mean thought. It's still it's still opens it up for Russian owners feel the whip it the Olympic Mollison policed. You can you can make as much money as you wanna light as it does that's why sensible why does it have to be policed. They recruiter have because of recurring in Olympics because slightly somebody can use your voice wondering United States in the Olympic history you hit is take. Russia's money but my crocodile cuisine I don't let's not get too far well. How will we see that happen always has brought them a parent or grandparent yeah. If that was a product and act on what connection that got to do things here and others not they're not on the open market or upper bed speaking about the issue though here's the issue. It's why it always comes back. I agree detects I'm alive people act like these these degrees or just a perk they're not a perk they're huge deal OK then you have to get in the apparel companies UK. Both weights if you what happened to where players are just getting their college there college degree and that's it you don't want to get anything else. Companies get rid of the TV contracts because you can't have socialism and capitalism together you have one. Or the other you can't have both. So you keep making as much money is making a college football basketball you're going to have corruption across the board because the money is too damn big. And you've allowed these four. Companies to come and be apart of the NCAA which you were not for profit organs if you do that. These for profit organizations they're going to do what's best for them right best for their business model. And most of the time was best for their business while at nothing to do with your stupid ass rules so is bought it's that structures continuing. You're gonna keep seeing the same problems over and over again because is not. Rick pitino's fault it's not Sean Miller's fault it is the structure. It is impossible. To avoid corruption its destruction the way it currently is what you can't both ways guys you have a one way or the other either socialism or capitalism big hit co exist with Betsy that. That's the problem with this whole thing that everything that they suggested he'd just look at ego well we can poke a hole and that we can poke a hole in this weakened vocal fair manner and that's why add as we sit here we listen to Condoleezza Rice or whoever wants to talk about this kind of stuff. They're all wrong they're all frauds and they're all making mistakes because the only way to do it is the right way is to destroy the system and you start overtake everything that we ever learns about the college matches all. But the bet a bet that this wasn't their chartered well I understand that but that's just the way to fix this is you take everything that we've done in the past. And you wrote in a bonfire you know college is like a bonfires okay for roll it into a bonfire burning at all. And then form a committee to come up with all the new rules that we're gonna follow going forward in college athletics every time I suggest a why don't we allow students to make some money off their like this we don't have Michael went over real well that's nice hobby kit regulate it. Why don't we come up with ways that we can regulate all of that and and in what Everett is that you want to do it however you wanna take the system and move it lowered the let's move it oh let's create a new system for agents and how they're gonna be involved in new way to recruit a new way to deal with a disputed or try to do something that's. Okay it's half past which is what the NCAA has been for the last thirty years I have to ask organization because they date they got so far behind of where. Society wives now they're trying to catch the society and every and you wanna catch up the society we're being told he can't do that that's why you just have to destroy the system as it is and start over reds put their money back in a pot and a. I would go to west Virginian through those rules and catch fire that's just me rock fest tickets your chance to win coming up the song we play coming out of break. It was a call 91357676. Senate egg that song Paula and tell Ryan which bandit. Which will be played a rock fest June 2 at the speedway which band is playing sets on you'll get free tickets to rock fest. Also Lorenzo Cain returned to the Cahill last night his comments after the game were fantastic. Hear them next we need to. But the college back in college basketball. Skill in the morning powered by the communities that are. And Sports Radio. Coming up on June 2 at the Kansas Speedway if you give us a call now and I went three putts at 676 then tell us which band is playing this song and you'll get free tickets to rock fest. You check out the full line up. Headlined by five finger death punch and get short tickets right now at rock best case C dot com is the stock in. Now is that a real fingers that just leaves me a rocket docket yet or not they bit me it's. Go to these communities and for have a go to that if there that we disguise her Amber's park rocking relatives. So there was a rock version of mamma Mia that. I'm assuming. I can't on here that that's like to basically give back and threw down a joke there. It alls on here college that the the college back in college basketball that is very true I. 830 we there's a leader in the royals' clubhouse will dive into that but Lorenzo Cain made his return to the K last night and it it was heard by a. Here we go porch there's still out there for his fourth and legal work he'll face Lorenzo Cain. Royal takes a swing record high in the air deep to right senator John Jake going back still going back. At bat ball is gone. A home run for the red suitcase. He hits his home run and post game. You talked about it because this wasn't my town types of predators so I'm definitely enjoy it was nice I spilled and I hit a homer in the room. You territories it was enough they did cheer for Lorenzen can't. Altogether earlier in -- trying to lean back from a night. And if you promise if there. Did not keep his promise got his home run and Lorenzo Cain there's a lot of great moments yesterday. With Cain in every game during the game post game was lost bag really was I would say is used to get excited about Lorenzen came home runs that seemed like about six months ago so Lorenzo Cain coming back and getting a standing ovation getting tears hugging Salvi. Having the press conference Salvi invading that I think the reds of Cain all told yesterday. If I'm not mistaken at least for standing ovation when they when he came out for warm ups he got standing ovation. When they announce his name at the beginning with the lineups yet standing ovation when he came out for the first at bat the lead off the game we got a standing ovation and any at elm and he got a standing ovation that's for standing ovation as. But I'm counting for Lorenzo Cain and I remember back in the day used to be when guys. Left Kansas City came back they got booted people turn their acts two of them were upset that they returned to Kansas City make it more money. And it's amazing what winning a championship and becoming just. You know on a big part of this city means for for a firm for athletes in this town because the reds looking can come back and be celebrated not like Johnny Damon or Jermaine dire need these guys that'll leave Kansas City. Johnny Damon came back we booted Jermaine Dye came back we booed him Lorenzo Cain came back he gets for standing ovations in one game it's it's amazing now. Like abilities after winning a championship being part of a turnaround and a total rebuild the city and an organization what kind of effect that really has now people truly appreciate that it was awesome to see that last night from Lawrence okay. Your winner for rock fest that is today is Jason in Richmond is that was ghost ghost one of the bands will be seen at rock fest. June 2 at Kansas Speedway another chance for to win tickets tomorrow at 820 right here on fast though in the morning. A clear leader has emerged in the royals' clubhouse here from the start off our commercial free half hour next. This morning power. It. We now speak. There's so that's emerged in the royals clubhouse that might lose dockets and it yesterday was talking with our own Josh earn your. They discuss this lineup and the lack of production. This is a good line as we got him off once once all the circuit odds are Owens is great teams great line offense. And also in the back pretty good right now but can some guideline of just the easy. No accused gunman gonna start swinging a bat like we know he can you know he's been hitting balls are not getting any breaks. That is what disorders owners with so many games immediate essence you know once we lost our role will be initiated. I was stock is never was the guy people went to and talk to when things were going well for the royals it was always there cause he was the guy and pat. Mean things were poor they just you talk to haunt us now mine whose stock has has really stepped into that leadership role and if there was a silver lining. This operas now scorn going on DL early in the season. Is that Mike was stock is became the guy in the clubhouse in their ones that meet the bait there's two wells would step up and be that leader. So happy to see moves develop into a leader because. I did not think it was going to. I'm waiting for that story where Oscar picked up the phone in its you need to opt your prestige value here. And and went through went through that deal I mean it seems like. Something that also wouldn't. Necessarily have happened if he was on any team. And probably so right and daisies like taken ownership of this but part of the response he's not on a new team is because of the you know all although the whole package mean people look at him as a guy who who's been injured even though was due to knee injuries if you will. They look at a guy was maybe a little bit overweight they look at a guy who really contract a year Ernie you've really things didn't really represent me you know what you know it never really a whole heck of lot so he did have bad. Prestige value their customer really did at the prestige involved in everything that the royals were involved and involved in every charity in town Eric Hosmer was the guy was his team here in Kansas City you do that and everybody else in baseball do. That this was his team when you become that leader and show that you can lead in and you can guide and then you're gonna get that opportunity maybe to sign a bigger contract somewhere I think it's good for Mike whose stock is. They take on the world because he really is now the leader of this team he's the best player on this team and just like air Oslo was the best player. When you're the best player on a team you need to be that leader you need to be in that block from George Brett was that guy you talked in those guys have covered those teams in the seventies and eighties. When when George was the best player in Kansas City he was at his locker every night answering questions that's how you become. A millionaire that's you've become a stall that's how you become a great player in baseball by always being there in front of everybody and be the first guy that the media talks to ask that the media talks are willing to talk to the media all the time and becoming the face of that organization it something like we stock as it was not wanting to do he was very upset with the way that he was perceived and treated when he came up here in failed and you know when he was going through his struggles a lot of people didn't have his back. He didn't like that and so he got sour and all that balance that it sings activity it's good that he is because it's only gonna help him on at the end of the day it's only gonna help him turn in the whole package of Emma. Everything he went from a guy that would hide from the media you know I say hi but not come out of the media was in the room to a guy is now the new front and center is going to be their knees and answer questions we've heard more from Mike we stock has this year. The we heard in the last three years combined from my stocks. And that's the thing with with moves that. I didn't think he was going to turn into this guy is that I thought. How well did you think hike because he hadn't been that way my entire career he just never been the guy that you go to to talk about the lineup and it's going portly and I know it sounds. Almost trivial when you hear Mike was sockets so that's why it's going to be good it's. It's hard during the the course of a 162. Game season to defend a lineup that isn't producing yes it is and to be the guy in its during those questions all the time about the lineup. The human Euro also hitting 307 was really good power numbers and yet that's what my stocks doing he's not sitting there on. I'm Polamalu on our good night you're the leader of the team you're now the face you're the guy. Louis Alvarez and Allen scored going down early. It really made it clear okay moose you've got to be the guy when things are going import them and it immediate needs someone to talk to your the guys so. I'm happy he's grown that role because it seemed. Often times. This is an outside perspective but it seemed often times that might whose stock is down in his own way yes so. Hit it out of his way I think watching someone growth through this organization washing my stock is grow. Now coming into his own and getting out of his own way it's really cool thing is. And a month now wouldn't you want him to be a cornerstone yet. I like a month ago before the seasons are widget that elderly and now I like like he would be some amount you look at Mike. Okay these leadership traits that come out and this is a guy you build around right now that is a piece right so. And I around completely changed eye to eye about before the season in the mills like after he goes inside somewhere else and I kind of Soviet now you're like I'm. Back to dude I want my clubhouse like every day every day I want this got to be kind of a mainstay in Kansas City and. And it and after hearing his comments yesterday I was listening to the interview Mike. I feel better I do like like I legitimately felt better because of thinking to myself. Yeah it's a ball player saying some cliches and whatnot but he's saying this line of can be good in this lab is gonna do some good things and you look at the lineup when you look at the guys in the lineup a Mike. What they believe that they're gonna be okay and they're gonna do good things. That's what really matters in L that's all that really matters to those guys inside that locker room think things are gonna turn around there why shouldn't we believe that things could potentially turn around him because really. As a middle lineup this year he really hasn't since it's been it's been the bull it's in the it's been the tail end of games that they had not been able to figure out some starting pitching here and there now with. Ian Kennedy you know this foot injury who knows how long he could potentially be up. But I was in the moves yesterday and he made me feel the way air cause were maybe feel at ease okay they've got this taken deep breath it's going to be all right. And that's we need from when he leaders that's how leaders are supposed to leave chill out guys everything's going to be okay. Well the NCAA tries to I guess halfway fixed thing is there at least have conversations to try to fix things and college basketball. The NBA. Has broken a record. 236. Players. Officially on the early entry list including 181. From the college ranks in this year's NBA draft. The deadline for underclassmen and international players to file with the NBA was last Sunday night so 236. It's a record I think we'll probably see this record broken in the near few. Sure ultimately of the new rules silly. Condoleezza Rice commission that takes one and and I admit that know what they could meet until they do this we need to put the college after college I heard her hands on that unanswered on record that this is to me a good thing for the NBA good thing for college basketball it was a step in the right direction when they allowed players to declare the NBA draft not sign an agent and go through all the work outs and everything with NBA teams to get a real feel. For how close they are not in my clothes my way four way should I go now. What do I need to work on so I can go next year that's a lot of what this is it guys going in haven't NBA scouts wants an NBA coaches wants them after the work out this okay. To translate your game to the NBA even work on this in this in this. And then they go back to college spent an entire year working on those things do it again and as you work on those things good for united getting drafted by. It's such a great idea. Am I think is really helped. Everybody in the both sides called pass well in the NBA and the system isn't perfect but one change helped a lot of players who drew who wanted to go out early. Be able to come back after realizing it was like their time now. I think the access to information is great I wish there is even a little more flexibility. I I don't mind it like if you got drafted. If you've got drafted didn't like your spot. Whenever the option to go back we've been like yeah EA would go off I know I haven't I have no problem that fills up maybe it's great the the only gonna buy me like. So 236. Players. This is just the early entry ports for sixty draft position right right. This is an including seniors and this is a lot of players for a limited amount of spots everybody thinks there what you got I got bought and and and they're just not the sometimes it's like. You've got to realize where your rat you that your. Eyes was watching the scroll it was over the weekend saw the and it was like. I going to guide you got to watch guys as my gosh there's so many that think. The probably think they're ready right now and I hope that they're getting the information that says them. Not so fast but. Do you think that's what it is like these guys really believe they're ready or they have the ability now to get a freebie to go see what any combination of you know I want that to take it as the infamy big go to that information to. Two to Betty ourselves bomb I still think airplanes that are going before but there to play they're going before they're ready but I think also too though Josh I think you looting you can have this freebie opportunity you probably would see a heck of a lot less guys are actually apple is still salt lot of guys do it. Without that it's not it did this is 20 yeah 239 because there's no doubt aside. Yet it is now played at I wish I got a little more time I am like but I stayed on -- also hijacker colleges and keep them. Figuring out whether or not your car coming that matter what what to do but I I still that there you know and I may be can't escape granite that's on you can use you know I just. There's some guys that are going at them like I I I don't see. My only Newman is is mines might. Is that that when he benefit from an earlier accounts yeah history yeah I mean he is shut the door agent every day he's out yet gone to you later RI boy that sounds a little that's that's on levels. Little scary to me little shortsighted to below that you would benefit from playing in college another year so. Maybe just can't save some from themselves I don't I think the next step though is what they talked about you know keeping college in college basketball press conference this morning. You know allow the draft happened and if you don't get drafted and you have the opportunity to because do is agree I I don't I don't think if you do get drafted and you didn't like your draft position you can go back is that's not right for those NBA teams that are investing kicking team that all of the all ethnic. The Alley and it's all right you know in my huge fan of it really immediate drafted he should just go creditors in another sign Lowe now today's round it's it's a little bit different in baseball I am not a huge fan. All of that it ended in the baseball draft by live with is that the way it's always been and there are fifty rounds I think you but he rattles him to fully behind it if they get through two rounds in your belief Newman and you don't get picked you should have that opportunity to go back to college if you wanna go back to college. I interestingly enough speaking of colleges and their rules in the NCAA. In tennis in college a team SP 500 are better over the course of the season to qualify for the instantly turn him. Well the Arkansas women's tennis program decided to take advantage of this rule and traveled to Nashville Tennessee to play against Tennessee State after they were eliminated from the SEC tournament. But they didn't just play one match. They've played. Six consecutive matches on Saturday winning all six of them against lowly Tennessee State. To bring their record to sixteen and sixteen at making the Arkansas women's tennis program at. Her government. Eligible right Howell. Insane. Is this situation because this is that you laws cited these Smart use the system against itself. This is why systems get broken though because people use who polls instead of just. It's an all this I'm supposed to do this is what the speaker of the rule is okay off all that they go ahead and use the loop pole. And I had six consecutive matches against Tennessee State and one day to get some kind of dummy five. Under record to go to a tournament I'm guessing if Tennessee State 11 of those they played they would play another day and absolutely so they had to find the right opponent to lay down. Apparently or they can just beat them to a pole to get to two to 500 to play all these in one day yet they did in order to get because again they got a little hot streak toward the end of the season it felt like their plane well. Got in their conference tournament line right away Noah played pretty they played pretty well got got further than they expected to. And and now like all out we can't have this stream and so let's go. Out how they orchestrated this this is an amazing they're able to turn this around from in like a two day span to go play all these matches to be NCA. Yeah unlike shame on Tennessee State for. Or eight or a a willing partner in what they got a check out they get to get a big check out and we re. Into the story and and the story goes that. The state of Arkansas's got some rule in place that you can't play a lower division team that is in the state or something like dad so they had to travel outside the state lately Matt across state lines essentially it is well it's a couple hundred miles of that of a journey toward Nashville her for Arkansas ought to make him I think he's at three or four miles or whatever it is. And a big payday for Tennessee State nephew Tennessee State will play the game what they'll do we care we get an opportunity to play number one. I did play good opponent number two and number three we're getting a check to make sure you lose at. Major lose because if you need to win and and were giving attacker and here's a big time check for you to cash. At the end and I like him and I I'd like to have this back and coach KU football and he's willing to do it takes to win. That this is this guy's gonna put his team in position so he. Successful rate and I would like it'll tell these guys my life coach that's witty guys that he didn't. That's manufacturing wins he win he's actually go out there and beauty doesn't have a menu of that usually wins by a device that Dolly and he took advantage of the system and a week what's wrong with taking advantage of the system were horrible poll whatever it is that you want all one thing we need to hold the rules it's one thing to do with him on cons guys would go bill Schneider was saying hey I'm attendees have the plane at the end of the year he's okay. Had it one bit silly I mean imagine it. All the crap that Bill Snyder always got I think not and Borg is teams realized how Smart was that he used to get bird scheduling nobody in the non come here. If you added another game at the end of this season because they want to get to six million more schedules Arkansas RR Alabama always plays the citadel in the middle of November that I mean there's there's always the best of three scheduled game that this isn't a situation that is. After so that's what you want to do was penalized scholarship athletes who were limited reviewed by not giving them enough games to play in their season is that we you're saying. And one inning when I asked the president Ali. I what I these names are hard working tennis players that are getting a quarter of solace in Arkansas they deserve to have as many matches as they possibly can get one and blow out. And profited off from playing six matches and today yeah and I don't know that we you don't travel time it's it's it's getting close to finals time and a lot of these schools about got excited about that shows that issue probably gonna make more of in 24 hours and added that. I mean this is these deals may need you Scripps study habits and things of that nature. You wanna do as much as you possibly can in one day were all about multitasking in the society. Dicier talking bad about this is a blue moon by this coached. Oh. As soon as the show up at 9 o'clock here six said Sports Radio was gonna go ahead and powered through. Are there are so free our through like six matches and today Arthur that's hard to resist that today. And it's 845 and the 45 talking NFL draft it starts tomorrow and it's brought by 81 mortgage go to my 81 mortgage dot com they want mortgage making your dreams a reality. According to ESPN baker may feel as in the conversation for the Cleveland Browns at number one in fact based on all the quote a couple weeks around Cleveland at. It's say while Barkley Sam Arnold or baker mayfield depend on who you last. It to me. Baker may feel will be one of the funniest hicks. Of all time number one overall because. How long of people spend it is. Baker may feel that it make it seem like he's that terrible quarterback he might I'd be decent in the NFL. Allie my code number one overall like. If you shows. How absurd all these BS things between the end of the season. In the NFL draft how how ridiculous they really are because when it comes down to the week of the draft suddenly. The person was pretty damn good in college that rise up the rise up the board so wage should be. Mean that you're the guy who plays the best today leads his team the best to get wins games and a tough conference that should be the guy you draft number one overall puts up good numbers puts up victories understands that lead me and that's what you want your quarterback and that's the big army field I think brings to the table that's why I would take him. Number one overall but if you're the Cleveland Browns do you consider taking say one Barkley with that number one pick overall and getting the quarterback at number four you could lose out there obviously will be a couple of quarterbacks taken it would look like it appeared to be. Ahead of U2 and three you would probably get maybe your third best quarterback on the board would you be willing to take that chance I would I think you've got an opportunity now. The take the best quarterback lead your team and and you do you take baker may feel that wanted to come back at Ford see who's there. Whether it's child whether its take on Barkley or somebody you really want Barkley but if you really want bar I'd say that's what you have go DRM and on and then you take a quarterback if you have your old I was close in a valuation at the top your board. But but Barkley your guy you know you can get him one you know begin at four in bright that you get to a one of three year whatever it number four you can roll the dice that way it you don't really does too if you take sequel Barkley number one. It really let you off the hook a little bit too if you're scared to make their quarterback pick at number one for fear of failure because I could let some people make a ticket had a unique is it well this is the goes left. I wouldn't be scared to make that we just which titles held a press coverage of this is we got to was laughed you out of the guy we wanted all along Bob we were so fortunate that he was theirs more. Because of the current situation for the browns having Tyrod Taylor who is a stopgap quarterback is like Tyrod Taylor's gonna go out there and lose you bunch of games he's. It's criticized the same way Alex Smith criticized. He's a bad quarterback he's just not going to elevate you well beyond that. Because I guess before last year he was right on par with Alex Alex had the explosion of 2017. But. Out of public those marked the first of on the browns take that dynamic playmaker. Adam in your offense which now has Jarvis injury and they re ups Josh Gordon. Wall with David in joke who you're tied and he took in the first round last season so many things. That set up well for the browns that they go that route then what you think you know that the jets don't take baker mayfield. This really is I think the browns are in on Rosen the giants are clearly and on grosans soul of the odds against a quarterback to it's going to be rose. So really all you have to worry about. Is the jets taking big mayfield be the one situation that god she's on now. And that's that's where the browns would be cities I'd still takes 81 or cleat just because of my current quarterback situation on the desperately in need of a starter yes and it is a good. Point Mike and I think though you will be desperate need of starting you used your the browns you wanna get that franchise quarterback. And if you believe that he is in this draft like if you're John Dorsey in view 100% believe. The baker mayfield is the franchise quarterback that you're gonna build your organization around for the next decade. The Mets the daddy you do have to go out there and take it you're booking at the quarterback position and you really like two different guys are three different guys. And you don't care really which one you get the new takes a Kwan Barkley. I think will know right away. What John Dorsey thinks of the quarterbacks in this draft by what they do with that number one overall pick if they go quarterback they were desperately in love with a guy that they think can turn the organization around. If they go say Guam barking with the number one overall pick the you can look at judge Dorsey and say. He doesn't like a lot of the quarterbacks in this draft and that's how are evaluated that I would trust because over the last five years John Dorsey draft to put more people into the pro ball than any other drafting organization in the National Football League. So if he doesn't take a quarterback number one overall I think it goes to show you what type of talent these quarterbacks really war. Stat is so interest enemy that that's that you bring about the chiefs and that's it's 100% true over the last five years the chiefs and the cowboys are tied for. The most drafted players in the last five years who have gone to a global. We're talk about a third round running back talk about a third round tied or we're talking about a fifth round wide receiver Nuys has been talking about slam dunk number one overall picks its knowledge but it's not idol that was obvious pixie took up the John Dorsey went and found guys in the middle rounds that have made into the Pro Bowl to this guy knows how to draft this guy knows talent. And so if he doesn't pick a quarterback number one overall to scare the rest of the National Football League in all my god. He doesn't like anybody in this guy can evaluate talent now we're. He'd had that from kind of achieved perspective but if you're John Dorsey a lot of New York Knicks a lot of the things you've done are gonna be credited to Andy Reid. So this is kind of his first big chance to make a splash. Apart from a the shadow of any read because hue Jackson. Fine he doesn't pass the kind of shadowed Andy Reid has an NFL circles so for John Dorsey. This is a big moment for him. To really elevate his spot and show that he he was the guy he was the guy finding these players and put them in the Pro Bowl wasn't any read look at the tape. It is. I have all the fall league I think most people do. That when it comes to drafting for Andy Reid. You show him a X amount of guys he looks Avant says elect this guy this guy in this age your best to get the guys and Andy Reid bikes because he's in the acting read. Dorsey now really gets full rein in this which is what we all know he's one of the entire time. Maybe he does take that big swinging a quarterback just the kind of knock it out they on the table let everybody know he's here or at least. Oh but but also I think what John Dorsey is dealing with in Cleveland is what you have the more I was dealing with when he took over the royals are really what John Dorsey and Andy Reid we're dealing with when they took over the chased. They were paying for past sins that they had no business in the be involved is aiding create those passes itself. I think when you're the GM of the Cleveland Browns you're paying the Popper for what's happened since 1999 and a Jersey that the guy has a 26 different quarterbacks listed on ranchers. So you are always gonna be lumped into that category you've got to make up. For some of the failed takes it happened before you that you were responsible for. Big story. Extortion. Out it was a regular salad. Wouldn't Saturday. Well that does sound big. Here we go forged there's still out there for his fourth and legal work you'll face Lorenzo Cain. Royal takes a swing in practice I have fear deep to right senator John. And that ball is gone. Oh home runs for the red soup game. Lorenzo Cain made his return to the case last night in a win for the brewers. But really what it was about the crowd reaction the players get a chance to see you Lorenzo Cain again and we had several Perez trashing cain's pregame press conference. And there was a lot of fun with with what happened last night and Lorenzo Cain it stinks to lose for sure but. Is there were a lot of good memories in the crowd that they pay so receptive to Lorenzo Cain so grateful. Duty his home run you can hear the cheers and Lorenzo Cain loved. Does this wasn't my town takes over there so I'm definitely Joan Myers spilled and I hit a homer homer wrote. To report. That is wants the last time that is definitely wants a lifetime no question about them ever hit that first home run again Kauffman Stadium as a visitor. And they get to cheers they -- theaters yes and I got three years from now probably not giving calls the ovation well maybe it's his first time back and what lives where costs were due back in McKenzie for years or some is that something like that it is isn't out long before they play the Padres they play the Padres last year in socially at least three years at least yet so we're talking not this year not next year maybe the following an outsider and you know it does. All these guys actually team trail centralize in my pre she or her shorter window for a bit. But tearing all the sudden you're a member of the Chicago white says it was a great night last night at a Kauffman Stadium in the in first season and hasn't gotten off to. You know the way we wanted to get off the ball wins lost respect he got to look at that at the positive things he can take out of the season. And last night was a positive thing it reminded us what the whales were able to accomplish in 2014 and fifteen. And how significant that truly was and how unbelievable that was with the royals accomplished they bucked the trend of Major League Baseball and nobody in the market size below when he has won a World Series since the strike with the exception of the Kansas City Royals and we need to keep that in mind and keep that in perspective. As we're viewing this season and yet you don't like what's going on. But you know what the whales accomplish something nobody else in the size market that they have was able to accomplish since the striking 25 years. You know they the rebuild this happening it is under way the players are very young and it's gonna take some time so. In my mind. As well enjoy the moments like Lorenzo came back to cough and stay with us we'll have followed them because. What it is Ireland well. Does matter there's still five and sixteen is like let's not change in the fact that they're in their rebuild mode that we knew they were going to be a rebuild mode coming into this season. We expected something like this to happen so it's funded debt to re live those moments of point fourteen and fifteen. Well you see that. You had the deplete you or your form system a little bit in order to make those those runs happen that's okay. Let every bill that happened while we enjoy and that the cool moments like Lorenzo can't come back for the day and. And you'll take a moment like you know world championship over Sean messiah every day of the week there's not one of those guys you'd say I'd rather have him in a world champion got throws a no hitter people all. Yeah yeah what you think he they trade them for Ben Zobrist and won a world championship battle Celtics they're thinking that team that. Traded you've been observers really wanted him and that's what it took to get them yeah and then it got you OK you world championship here at the end of the time royals won it was nothing can be a might as well take the world championship over you know a no hitter in April. We have a chance to catch up with the ghosts is between 9 o'clock every Wednesday and with Lorenzo Cain coming back and getting Salvi back we have a lot to cover with the skipper. In two minutes. Powered by the Jewish community center 610 Sports Radio.