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Sunday, April 22nd

Vern recaps the Royals 8-5 victory over the Detroit Tigers. 


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The city here six. Josh burn here. It's fun afternoon. No fracking. At times I've found myself angry. But it all ends in a royals victory. And it should ended. With smiles throughout royals nation welcome and boys in blue take the finale in Detroit by a final score of eight of five they're now five and fifteen heading into the off day. Heading on to the chartered flights. Head back to Kansas City to open up a seven game homestand. Fault lines are open for 9135767610. That's not 135767610. Not. Normally. Begin with Mike moves stock is this game winning three run home run. We could talk about that lady that won a bunch of money because. Abraham Belmont today's Grand Slam. But you and I know where. They show needs to start. The royals came into today's game. And you know it's still may have. The worst bullpen statistically. The worst bullpen in all of Major League Baseball. A bullpen. That came into today with any armory of eight. A bullpen. That was allowing opponents to hit your 300. Off of them a bullpen that was hurting whoever was standing in the batter's box. Opel and that was turning that dude in a little star. Now we have to start the show with the performance from Brian Flynn. Ended tip of the cap to Ned Yost. Given the chance of it why not. Who else you gonna go away. Who also earned that opportunity. In the seventh inning. Right whales have 83 run lead. They bring Scotland back out for the fifth inning he walks the first two batters that he faces get his ass out of Kevin McCarthy comes end. Some portly located pitches couple wed. A port defensive play from Paulo Orlando. And a three run lead is a racist just like that well. The good vibes from Aybar handled Montes home run call. Knotted up at five apiece to return to. Who's been Roland out of apple and you say Hamad seventh inning. We still need six outs before we handed the Kelvin Guerrero. To close out things in the night how are we going to. Put together six outs with this ball and that is all went six. And allowing nearly half the runners they inherit to score. We gonna turn. So that Il's gives Brian Flynn his first real opportunity of the season his first quote unquote. High leverage situation and how high leverage it'd be when your 515 I understand. But he gives Brian let us first time leopard situation and two pitches anyway it it's not look good. When Dixon it's not only aces. A leadoff double down on the right field line. But Brian Flynn. Remains calm strikes out mart team it's candle area of fly outs and Miguel Cabrera to ground out and hit it. He comes back out for DA gives supple leadoff single induces a 543 double play. And it inning ending ground out from their rent on Jacoby Jones Brian Flynn. I'm an update. The game MVP Bryant how about that can you believe this is already the second time this season the second time that what gates. Ryan Flinn. Has been the game and BP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. I get the phone number 91357676. Stand out a lot alike. You'll like what you saw from Brian Flynn Yale law what you saw from Elvin Guerrero. I'll tell you what. Well when her brown made his second straight all star team in 2006 team. He had that upper ninety's fastball I'd nasty changeup and that really started incorporating. That slider consistently. And when you're a three pitch pitcher out of the bullpen that you can touch 99 miles per hour. That's almost unfair. Kelvin horror makes his second straight all star team in 2016. He is and the closers role in 2017. And and we know what to angle one. Yet it up scrap in the slider near the end of last season and he just showed no faith in that pitched. But still lead as to its pitcher LY. Added 99 mile per hour heater. 8990. Mile per hour change up that'll still apply. But today the ninth inning he breaks off a few birdies sliders. If he's returning the that's when he 152016. Form ol' boy you'll really be able to cash and inflicting elbit Guerrero. At the trade of same thing can be said about Mike most doctors. Most runs and it was sixth home run of the season. A three run game winning shot in the seventh inning. Moos has a fourteen game hitting streak. Hitting 318. For the season. And it LPS north. Of 950. Yet a tradable pieces on this ballclub continue to shine. It was nice to be able to celebrate. Multiple hits with runners in scoring position. Royals go two for six in that department today. Ball hits home runs. But how guys they came into the day hitting less than a box seventy with runners in scoring position this road trip. If they were four for 29. In similar situations. In the previous six games of this road trip. So they come with a few clutch hits some powerful big time hits. We all the struggles of the bullpen Brian Flynn and held a rare step up in that department a nice stated celebrate royals baseball royals victory. And look ahead to what should be a memorable two games set. With Lorenzo Cain. And the Milwaukee Brewers in update on Salvador rats how's he looking down at all the hall will see him Tuesday. Will he be behind the plate to mess with this body okay. I'll give you an update on Salvador Torres Alec scored in Clay Buchholz all. In action. Today it would AAA all the hall let up it at all three of babble head inside the royals' clubhouse here from that Gilles. But I hear from you first 9135767610. Royals win eight of five. We're back with your thoughts after this. Block him. EC route Randy electrical. Those tools away it is it deep right field way back and apple. It's. Three run might lose to Arkansas where has the royals back out for. It's eight to that's the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC Ruder and electrical player of the game this is playing join us on vesco the morning tomorrow at 745 talents who was part of the play and you'll win pizza from shoppers now back giver might. Stock is on pace for forty. In big lies this season royals win it. Eight to five because. Of that three run home run from moves. Text line 69306. Margaret in Overland Park right sentences aren't as is the game that earned that I difference. I feel it in my bolts things are looking up. Of the attitude Margaret. Let's go to doctor Howard in Kansas City dock you're gonna hit leadoff all had. Kid and and data can't sit. You to go it cute to municipal stadium watched the royals. And the you know. I think there is spirit alive. Day. The world and it bears are right now where nobody. Late in both got fired though he's running away and so nobody can say that numerically or remote shall we and yet because. But he's really running away. We are. Arguably. One most. Players. Help me out. Approximately what gay. Even. That miracle in the statistical. That out on the green to the table when she gets back in. Oh really not play to their potential. Think I played under. A chill on their. The summerall. As wet. As it is a rule and the rim of I really believe we're gonna change. That forms a lot better so look we're. Or to order in now. We got my fertility duke thing now. I appreciated doc that'll do it for us that's going to be earns post and that was great. Thanks doc I love the optimism love the attitude where it's one game at a 142. Ago why not be optimistic. It's a long road it is if they're gonna pull this off that is going to be an arduous. Road ahead for the royal city and games below 500 but hey. You never now. Let's quickly sneak a peek with twin peaks tomorrow off day for the royals. They return home for two against Milwaukee and then five in four days. Against the Chicago White Sox Tuesday night it's Ian Kennedy exact eighty's that's at 7151. Pitch a talked at 6 o'clock Tuesday night. With the pre game shall live from inside Kauffman Stadium. Theaters yet to visit this year. You're gonna swing out this upcoming homestand. Swing by and say hi we're located. At the 610 mobile studio. It's packed eight day in left field again inside Kauffman Stadium so after you walk through an arc in the building. About to left field gate eight in the left field and say hi that's three confined to before each and every home game here on 610 Sports Radio. Sneak a peak with twin peaks the ultimate sports logic and searching for let's go to Kiki in Lee's summit a hat. Take our current as. I've I've looked at doctor optimism to it off yeah it does mixed while the victory like this today that no matter what your is torn 1415. It's great. My question Q is going itself comes back what appreciable difference can make. To the all ten K and you make the bullpen pitchers. Better. No not not a figure makes the bullpen pitchers that are unfortunately Kiki. I think he can make the team as a whole matter. On the intangibles that he brings can make them incrementally Butler. The positivity that it brings in the dugout in the clubhouse on the plane on the boss. You can't overstate the importance. Of that. A scoff if you want to if you are married at the statistics. I know there's no way to quantify that but. I think royals fans old money new money you'll understand the importance of cohesion. Body language. Attitude of belief. And we saw that. In fourteen and fifteen around these parts. Saudi brings. So the intangibles the attitude that seven are as brings. Will improve the team without question. Offensively of course he would prove putting a four time gold Glover behind the bench. You could prove in the club house. You've improved defensively. But I don't think there's going to be a spot in which the royals seem more improvement. With the addition of Salvador Torres Morse opened at the plate. Also to get Mike the stock is is the only back that strikes fear in the opposition. You respect mayor of field you respect. Your way air of dude is Paul or you're aware of solaris Palmer but moos is the only one that you say that right there can beat us by himself. And when you only have one. The opposition's. Only knock it have a tough time working around that one back. Well it's my opinion that Selby scares the opposition to that Saudi has the ability. To put the team on his back and aryan victory. So when you have to pull it back to back it makes it a little bit more difficult to maneuver around. That lefty righty combo. So offensively defense ability and inside the club hostess at overall attitude. I think all three of those facets will improve. With the addition of Salvador programs. Diamond no second. I know the best bids from the postgame notebook. And I know it's not post game yams in Omaha. But that's where we gotta go let's let's stick with Salvador for a Aziz serving as the DH today. Possibly his final game. Of this minor league rehab. Saudi DH and thus far he is one for three with a fly out of scanner up opt out of that catcher. And a two run double to left field that gave the Storm Chasers. The late. They lead right now in the bottom of the seventh inning 31. Alex Gordon also in that game also. Likely playing his. Final game of the minor league rehab assignment. Portal one for three man left field for six innings. But he added there's one for three with a strikeout or groundout to second base and an RB I double. For these Storm Chasers third run of that game. Now it got a little Dicey in the bottom of the seventh inning when Clay Buchholz and his Tripoli debut with Omaha. When he was remote. With a runner on and one out. And the Storm Chasers turned. To Brandon mull. Do you think that turned out. It's fine so negative for and he he struck out the first batter that he faced and many walked one and any throw wild pitch but what he got a not a bit. No damage done. Storm Chasers now lead. 31 bottom of the seventh inning play buckles. If you were wondering. 16 in the third innings allowing one run on five hits he struck out three walked only one. As this with what he did earlier this week at double life. That's eleven innings of one run baseball. Remember against our in double A he retired the first eleven that he faced today. Allows just five hits and one run. Making it into the seventh inning would not be surprised to seek played buckles making a start for the royals coming up this Saturday. Against the Chicago White Sox a lot to get sued diamond notes. Driven by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas city south Kansas city's Mercedes-Benz dealership royals win by a final score of 805 they're five and fifteen on the young season. Quick timeout we're back with more of thoughts after this. A hands actions. I'm awestruck to Thursday's go to second for once back to first double play. That is a huge pick me up. Streets are you doing. Yeah eighth inning royals up by three we all know the issue is the bullpen right. Leadoff single from nick castellanos. Has us all worried with Ryan Flinn in this second inning of work. But he gets Victor Martinez to ground into a 543. Double play on a 12 pitch that is the good hands catch. Of the game royals win by a final score of eight to five. Not 1357676. Tennis or porno but that's 9135767610. And we'll hear from that goes coming up in a moment. I gotta give some love to Jorge soler will do that in second but first. Chris in Kansas City go. Played at the actual occurrences that Buick. Iceland pollen and you know it's animal that the lightly. And excellent talk about I think it could paper terms solving that or all or that provide them. A little more depth the lineup for sure. And TK was talking earlier about all of them I think gas. Getting help there I think it would car and get back to stop all all play well. On the ball and now but then a late game scenarios and that. It's one thing today was seeing the world responding to that three spot the tigers that a relief well you know cutback scored. Building. Early all that Weller latency yourself up the world as one keep that in fact if you look at. For some bright spot and equally. You talk about pat and actress is here from welcome back to show. You talk about bouncing back. I'll tell you what this the first time disease and I wrote the roller coaster. Maybe this is the first time this season there's bad ups and downs and ups again. It's as bad ups and down and then he has. Stayed out. But right royals full behind one did nothing art c.'s meet two to nothing in the first inning. We all feed at that point right it's not your week it's going to be. One in six rope trick or. I doubt tuned off and after one inning. I would imagine a lot of does what about your day I don't blame them. But it was explored for five runs two home runs. In the sixth and an 88852. I guard down just yet. My office are anchored to go Abraham Almonte they with a Grand Slam. Forty you know I think all three runs right back at that why. I even on my fist. Bullpen had become. This team it's going to be awarded six were coach or you'd. And that Mike the stock is comes up with the Big Three run home run. How lit it up celebrate. Brian Flynn shut the door Alvin Guerrero picks up the saved continues to look dirty and that closers role. Yeah you're right Chris nice job battling back or at least. Not being as deflated as I once. When the royals gave those three runs right back in the sixth inning. The team that's. Regardless of the circumstances. Circumstances. Being whether. Board talent level or whatever. I don't somebody may scoff when I say this would you give them credit. They've fought. I know they're millionaires and it's their job blah blah blah allowed. I've seen plenty of teams not fight. So you know what I am going to mention that they'd they'd battled I'll give them. Let's head inside the clubhouse delivered by red or grill here's Ned Yost. You know let's get through those two things minister Calvin and that's exactly what he gives very little fanfare. We've only his second inning out summaries. I know where you get through the six we had. To a lineup for Flynn who's the most rested on three days' rest in the seventh and eighth and you didn't get to kill him. Keller backing him up. It's my first big home runs is your pick this thing doesn't. Lose there. Slam my how Monta was huge at that point I mean yeah we broke it open you know with the run no hitter going to them why then now we're down to lawn and you know here we go start backing away that and put five spot on. Wednesday's. I thought it was OK I mean yeah. That's a first inning he's a little tentative. You know he got on the attack in the second. And was fantastic second third fourth and fifth. Oh got the five run lead and then just got a little too fine again in the sixth and two walks and it was done by the like I told them these are all learning process that you learned from home and you'll get better. But you got to trust your stuff and you got to stay on the attack him when he did this second third fourth and fifth inning game is really really good we'll talk with the that's exactly what I Thomas and one they've got to figure out your pretty good pitcher that you just need to get after it thank. You need to get after here to Daytona. You're giving them too much credit. It's. Did get on the attack us they're aggressive. Get after it's exactly what he did so again Susan you lose a little bit I mean I think yeah I think you. You know we just try to get a little too finally got to leave and just try to get a little too high. Day's news and no strings very. Does your ears really distracting. Can you give them things that are here and there. Okay thank you think. Where were you standing. The way things look right now sir. Louisiana Lauren. Yeah I mean he's dated it could be I mean I've seen him some hot streaks deformities. And you know. He led the about a three run. They don't six straight change of us. You know I just kept thinking ourselves just elevate one a little bit because he's right on it just elevated just elevated a little bit. They finally did and he didn't miss it so well but even when he's making house for the most part there are. Flying now it's just seeing the ball really really. Ned Yost audio courtesy of fox sports Kansas City nice day for nad Brian Flynn. His performance in the seventh in eight innings. This little chat with Eric's Goldman after the first inning. Ice hit and run from tribute era in the top of the eight. Inside the clubhouse delivered by red door grilled Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grill. Here's swinging. Defenses. Would America feel it is their home run of the year in the sixth inning. It broke out Francisco Liriano is no hitter. All of Whitner field's home runs have come on this road trip turned on an 02 fastball. Trails only Mike moves doctors. In home runs on this royal ball. Later on that inning Abraham Almonte they hit a second of the year. At a second career Grand Slam made it five new noise sonic slam. Means some lady won more than 20000. Dollars because a win and Abram. Also help Monty is brandy was the first hit. But the bases loaded by the boys in blue this season they work all for fifteenth. And that seventh inning. Royals gave that lead right back. But indeed. Well sixth inning they get it back in the seventh hitting my stock instead of sixth home run of the season a three run shot. Given the royals 85 lead he's now one pays him 49 big flies this season. And it extended its industry. To fourteen games. Homer number 125. In the rose career Mike stock is breaking it I would get a portable stands alone. Tenth most in royals franchise history. He's to a backup Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer eighteen back of John Davis. So Mike was dockets where it bears field and Abraham Almonte takes swing for the fences with dire offense it just makes sense to get a dire offense. 9135767610. Chester. If thing on a Sunday. And it comeback. Give thanks and we'll certainly do. Which you conduct of this advertising. After the yeah it is also indicated that. We do think. It's important. It's bad days we've. Got what you. It looked at. That they have different that it sort of happy. Could gradually. Working together and went to. That's equivalent to have to happen. The pulpit and the cap pulled back. The and it didn't look. Good that you have coming out of the break. Under the plan to do it could happen and we got a note. I hope that it put it into this. You've got to execute. Different but just don't you. There. Jester thank you very much let's get some lobbed Jorge solar solar one for 21 the day with three walks. And Iran's score. Or hazel layer hitting 391. Over the course of this seven game hitting streak. Or hazel layer with the second best OP yes on the team suddenly. Posting an 838. OP yes or hazel layer is the blue collar player of the game not only for what he did at the did straw and three walks. A single to left field. Right now over swinging. Using that terrific. Plate discipline or. Terrific. Batters off of color that. The strike outs are still going to beat I don't know opponent given great discipline. But his eyes than spectacular this road trip. Yes seven walks in the last three games. Six walks excuse me six walks in the last six last three games and apply. But not only for what he did at the Danish but Mandy improvement defensively. You've noticed it. It's bad evident all year it's been evident since spring training but Ortiz solar without question. The blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two. Not 135767610. Let's go to bill you're on six dance Sports Radio broad bill. Just serve not I think I know we elect you know took our heroes and everything else. But I pick Whitner feel probably deserved more credit than anybody he sparked the team would look like we're gonna lose another game. And you know and it has moved him all over the field this year he's never allowed to play that position for any length of time I don't know. Pound L performs well he doesn't. Anyway much like giving credit spark in the seem to when he came up on news gonna do something in the did. Great call bill with you 100%. Francisco Liriano was. Shot them down. Shut them down like you did earlier this month. As five no hit innings and that Whitner feel on a note to pitch. Send it over the left field wall and a great point I'll just flood bills call stand on its own. They move it all over the diamond. Does it all with a smile on his face. And it on relenting work ethic. Great call. Text line 69306. A lot of positivity on the tax line Kathy thinks that today was the turnaround as well. Elizabeth from Lincoln Nebraska was relieved to finally get that fifth when NC Pereira street value. Continuing to improve. Qaeda and pointing towards Aybar handled on things it as the one it. That could jump start the royals. Are pointing. At Joseph Summers stand for Joseph. Great job today thank you very much for the help. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow morning 8 AM on fast with a morning. And then Tuesday at the ballpark I'll see of their royals or brewers enjoy the rest of your Sunday to again. Built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage go to burns notebook it's 610 sports dot. Use our town sixty and Sports Radio.