04/20 - NFL SCHEDULES!!!

The Day Shift
Friday, April 20th

The Chiefs schedule was released last night so you know Binkley is doing nothing but talking Chiefs and the draft during our short one hour show today! 


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Party people in the place could be when Natalie in the midst of blue ribbon seat there again and then met a if you really does made. Hey hello there won't be no more school performing schools stored cooling. Some about six foot. In the end he's Seattle tingles liked to ride the hot guys. Hey guys would come over treats him through on Saturday night. The d.s gift. 57 minutes of radio and Josh partners that take over with a pregame stuff we learned Friday that definitely beaten seven minutes. I'm just saying hey. Get out of here go to the gym go out and have a little like duplicates or do you not your 700 it is elements like you. I'll don't even start. To maybe we don't need to start all right JC it's abbreviated show royals baseball doubleheader today here on six and Sports Radio. It's extensible that. You didn't force your Friday. Yes he could afford to go in the did some weights out and give or god watch the squirrels they double header Stevens on the night. Did Jake the snake fix this afternoon there. So public before to the front. I never go to hat down maybe on the to have. Maybe outlook they got little lion hotels and go to Heidi in essence brings these are either. No he's he's support minutes to get there are either at least he city. But last night it was all the Bol. The NFL regular season schedule being released. JP we loves when the schedule was released he has done shoals. After the schedules been released before. I know that you like to giving your feelings that you like to the what are the what are your favorite things when it comes to the National Football League is when the schedules announced you like in is not issue. We all do. We'd like to look at the schedule we wanna assigned w.s and bills are today. Just like Alex Witt was the EPW's this year that's what he wants to do. Brinkley I know this you enjoyed the regular season schedule when it's announced last night. I know that you're probably all in for the entire two hours or deeds you did you check out the program immediately. After a sell out a check out these so we can schedule. Good to be who had clearly wants to speak is on Twitter you start to put things together it literally went after his third piece things together with what you see. Think she's being she's deceased third piece the puzzle together in almost that you have a but I've watched them by a look at Verizon he was figures called Colin. Philip Rivers as and so did watch some of that but what you don't schedule did you make your own determination. On if you like the schedule are not in to be honest with you I was. Chief surrogate respect nationally. Get respect last year they had six prime time games it more the cowboys in the patriots this year these the five primetime games which is great would he say it. It's bad when you say that for more on the road. But surely it was the magical place. Number last year ESPN and comes in they view to old eating special thing when Bailey did a couple others like it one Green Bay and when Seattle. But they devalue Kansas City hired will cast he's been talking blog del via the optics the girl had stadium. Is so good why did we get gigs I get spiritual road is much better of cheese there's more appealing match of the honest with you there's an appealing match ups and no. The raiders got for prime time game I think having chuck deeply his what is been towards one of his buddies. Eighty read. In a rivalry between the raiders chiefs at home would have been good. And again she's the rock and at home instead of in Denver would have been good tech I think the chiefs against the jaguars let big too. Open coming teams the National Football League object will be better and that's because they got to via. We got farther and it's the playoffs and one of the best defense and all four in Utrecht that hinders their stores on Jackson's vault like this in Jacksonville. Kansas city chiefs of the that would of made for upon prime time game but it's not the get five. For more on the road. What particularly happy about that and it was a particularly happy about. The amount of gains on the wrote. To begin the season is epic storms strong relief set the temple. For the season I think last year and the chiefs beat the patriots in week one. She's still meet three won't even they'd lose a game in New England once they beat the patriots. Team guys. There's guys there's something some kind of momentum so mode deal with the chiefs this year than they did that swooned in the middle season. At least you get out of four at home bode indices. Now I am with you from the standpoint biggest wanna have a nice fast door oh we've seen what that seized that they've had issues. You know finishing strongly at times. There's been a few years with a big they've they've kind of struggled down the stretch and I know that part of last year date to be done a pretty good job of really ramped it up. But this year at least in the final month of the year three doubles final four games are going to be at arrowhead. If you if you are taken Chong. In saying that the bye week in and they have December by 142 December sleep eyewitness we twelve and you have five teams this year in December. But here's the thing only three of those. Five or early state so it's back to say we got three of pre for it's how you look at. We have three home games in December of teams are 81. In the month of December the last three years he's been blessed to have of these games. Leader on an early because there's so many activities that happened earlier is in English with some of us. Wouldn't her concert here early in the year when we used to like that in particular I hear paper obviously punitive concert for Blaine Taylor. But the first week of the season think about the travel. So you're in LA and big deal that they are on the other side of the country in Pittsburgh the following weeks a year coast to coast in the first two weeks ago. I don't value the charges much at that you inserted at the Steelers I definitely do because teachers cannot beat that team for some reason. Let's get to that force that game and let's not also with a backlit let's get to that because the point of contention earlier this morning. We talked about the schedule we talked about the division and we didn't. Take a glance at some of the other teams in division but the last the chargers. Because that's where Meehan and sort of disagree with now now from the standpoint of looking at the division. Too why think that that sees all arguably the team to beat yes. Jobless aid chiefs are abusing the B again. I don't think did you think highly of the charges and I'm not sick you're saying that the charges have lit the world on fire the last few years. But I think that the charges are better team that what you're trying to give them credit for they have a school start to their season last year and made it looked good. Yes with a rookie that ghost yes. They found something no. After vessel spark and I think that the charges are all the way out I'm not saying that the chiefs are better than it charged that think that the hour. But if you wanna say realistically. From top to bottom. All is more balanced. I think the targets are now I think that that the chiefs have the best all things in this division. But our defense taken a step back. The chargers defense is better today in our defense and they're all states although not as good as the chiefs is good. That's all of you. I have always kind of valued charged through the years yeah like the way they come back. But the chiefs have won their last eight against charges that it's here. Reid owns charged his point that that team. I know they've got talent but the the bidding injuries do get him I get it you get them when there for. But this this ports are typically the best refresh this team is off the danger. But I like the Indy Reid's approach charge these knows how to beat that team in yeah I know couple years ago techs like these third one by may play that was a rarity. Usually it's teams are holed behavior bill. I do like the fact that they played the games at home but for your for six or on the row. The chiefs are going to have to be good road team. They've set the tempo. On the road we'll look at who the player on the wall to you know what allegedly went to New England. Smacked them around on the road night that there was in prison these are being present this to yet that these are the. All teams that this is enrolled this year to face the Steelers. You have to face new wing. You have to face the Graham's. And yet to face Seattle rebounds over the past Seattle Seattle is. I think Seattle's taking a little bit of a step back here but they're gonna find some some good defense of I mean they've always out of a pretty. A pretty good defense pretty stout defense they gave you reflects the U. But I needed there who knows with the Seahawks record would be yet. The Seahawks kept it in the couples that bet is for their approach report the first stills plays on the road you know bowling Taylor Swift for this. If indeed she is singing but for the for six on the road you. Value the chargers more than I do that the chiefs track record against Georgia's been very good in school by the odds. Grated cheese are bound to lose or some it's going to have been the thing title is the reason that he does here. It played a 30000 seat stadium until the seats were their stadiums were soccer stage. There's always at least 30% chiefs fans here. I mean it pains are red guys like Reggie I don't think graduate last year the guys agreed there's a big chiefs continue Los Angeles they go to the day. If you look at the crowd you chargers games last year it was predominant be imposing pain and at that state. They really did not have at home. Lidge last year in Los Angeles all right so so so you don't value the chargers the mansion this in the division who do you valid value does much viewed. I think that the second best team in the division right now. Like chase radio best team as. I said day who wrote you about dull in the AFC west how do you think it stacks up acting going into the season. I think that it's cheese. Chargers. Raiders. Uncles. I can't. I can't argue that is I don't know. The chargers the Broncos. Although they need to change the quarterback. We could be better team this year. In the raiders scored and if that's expected raiders are completely do you expect. Mr. atone for two years ago they hit the skids last year will route change I don't know I don't know what to expect the group I think it's a big unknown. To say that the readers or better in the Broncos better the charge I think those three are unknown if I guess you could build changed their view say well that's almost two billion now. But I look at this offense for the kids who chiefs it is the best office in his vision for a long time argued out Smith. Behind Dirk or. Behind maiming when he was there behind Philip Rivers. Obama says she gets to change how wide view the quarterbacks. In the AFC west not only that I think he'd be read and no greens got a ring but he didn't finish strong he's been averaging a long time I think he he reads the best coach in this division. All right now you have to you have to say is the best coaches division. It asked is you don't know what's happened groom returning to the National Football League to do too but think that the game is passed them by. No not necessarily but it does that mean he's just gonna jump back in on the sideline and all of a sudden be down act I don't believe that's going to be dictates.