04/20 - Chiefs Shortchanged in Primetime

The Drive
Friday, April 20th

C-Dot thinks the Chiefs primetime schedule is.....


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Well let's talk about that she's in the NFL schedule is I was excited about the scheduled to I was NJ Brinkley level excited but I was excited about the she schedule. I think they got the short end of the stick when it came to nationally televised games. I think they got some of the hardest national TV games that you could have been when he eighteen at least as it would appear on paper. NFL's certainly shows blood to the chiefs and they give them five games and emotion you can give them is six. But. Denver. High altitude. Mile high that night so easy environment to play I'd much rather played Denver and a regular 325 game on a Sunday then play on a Monday Night Football in division game divisional rival. And we'll see what the Broncos do quarterback. Why in FL decides that she's had to keep going to New England which in my opinion is double hardest game in the NFL and not be made on site and I thought also the premier game of the week. Is now that she's traveling once again to a New England. I don't think that's an ideal situation to be an. You have to play the Rambo wrote I think the reins to be the best team in the NFL they could be a disaster but you're not playing them anyplace that's familiar with weather in Mexico City eight a difficult environment. And the other. Jamie you get at least on the road. Is against the Seattle Seahawks who arguably had the best hope your advantage in the well the NFL schedule makers did that she's absolutely no favors and how they scheduled a nationally televised and see. Well I don't know about that and I go back to that it would it was a big deal when I was in college that she's actually got money nineteen that's way. Jim Kelly the Buffalo Bills rolled into Kansas City for money I can't own a scene like maybe nineteen. 91 ish maybe yeah that she said had like a muddy at home game and for ever now they've got five primetime games so. Players get up for those games to lead to a new game against the it's the browns and aero so you're telling me that she is she gonna go against a rival in Denver they go against Tom Brady. And the patriots on the road in Mexico City against the rams will keep Tilly the markets Peters Ndamukong Suh. Their home against Phyllis rivers in the chargers and then there on the road at Seattle in the crazy wired it. They could have been better hit three home games but that you put these guys in prime time I think they love the figure with us. Think they love of the guys like playing in the spotlight but the same mentality we have about it and you're picking against the chiefs of their win Iowa he's big time environments yet it's just important win those games on the road going a mile high difficult environment to play. You're gonna Foxboro again and it's certainly looking for revenge. After you eat that Helen the patriots last season. Playing in the rams and not familiar by I was gonna take some little altitude and screwed Denver Mexicans and we're talking about a crowd which are not used to with the young quarterback going up against that secondary and that defense certainly not ideal you agree if you're if if you play the rams all the wrote that much of the planet at 325 games are October due rather play them on Monday Night Football in Mexico City. If you're going to play the Seahawks rather played in new York and played them on a Sunday Night Football game latency and work at play obligate them. On this I'd is that we're talking about percentages. In the likeness of you winning games you got the short end of the stick around you much rather have three home games pretty much rather play I think some of your upper gains in just a different time. Church you see out on the homes will respond to that and will fight out of the kid eats it up. You know if if if you put him in prime time on the road stack the odds against him in some of the best quarterbacks the NFL in Tom Brady and Russell Wilson and shared Bob. And Philip Rivers and see how he stacks up as a result wouldn't fortune I mean part of have an issue with it sucks beyond the robe he played on the road anyway and the park like the best though three of the last five or at home. The cheese did last year at the end of the seasonally at three consecutive home games in December got into the playoffs that's one of the division so. They've got three of the last five games at arrowhead I think the lead. Absolutely when you always take that idea always say things are remembers when you look at the schedule a firm believer in the NFL the right down sixteen you think you're gonna be good. Three of them will be bad you write down sixteen that you better be really bad. Ray demagogue like last year I was convinced the jets are gonna be an awful football team and jets and you know all of a competitive that I think the NFL with a two over that as. I always think it's a fruitless exercise the kind of looked up and down the schedule and say 31 week to week three. Injuries happen it's he was better than you'd think it's his worst you'd think the NFL schedule is just so slow. Yet you look at last year who thought that she's really go to New England beat the patriots ran out of the day. And they had to play in the the two teams that played for played the suitable weeks one and two. And this thought that the cheese for gonna lose to the giants the bills the jets in back to back to back weeks so you never know legally the schedule needs able that's going to be tough game. If somebody goes down or instrument or your odd that. I just thought they released three straight a liberal you are talking about him they might lose one more. The second half of the season and that's it in the last 401 point loss the giants the bills in the jets so. Yet you go up and go wins and losses and I don't think we love that type of stuff but I mean it's it's is pointless at this. It is just it's it's fair for it was this early on the scene and especially in the draft hasn't happened now. It is a lot of things that are gonna change between now in September.