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Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, April 20th

In the final hour of the week, the guys pose an interesting question to NFL fans. Plus, our weekly conversation with Ben Maller, a suggestion to make college football better, and the Dumbass Take Of The Week. 


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Coconut oil win but it's a super foods plus he scrambled eggs milk and opinions by hand we know the American. Served on our signature butter and sour note to start your day with the super fruit the legendary Briscoe breakfast in which only hardens. Don't miss the Volkswagen up these summits. May Day sales event where all the new wing used cars are just 88 dollars down and 88 dollars a month for the first three months that Volkswagen. He's sonics check out VW Lee's summit dot com. Give your business the power to do more with CCI fiber class from Consolidated Communications. For data and Internet voice managed and hosted cloud and security services go to consolidated dot com or call 844 your CCI. You up on the sports. Jesus and and AM noon. On sixteen and Sports Radio. Kansas City. Help electric. Elise studio. This just in from K you you don't Azubuike did test the NBA draft will not be hiring an agent or go through the draft. Process. Four the jayhawks chief schedules out. Featuring five prime time games is one at home that's against the chargers Thursday December 13 they'll open at the chargers September 9. Home over two weeks later against San Francisco Rosen Detroit today for day night double header. 12101 pitch on 610 Sports Radio Jacob Judas in game one Jason Hammel in game two and Josh went way that's we know now back the show. That's right song can only be played on Fridays I did. And when I heard this song playing like during the week because this is a Friday song. The song is not allowed into Thursday's X. These days this is a variety softness of the tees on Tuesday and Friday I'm in love buddy you're. Can only be played on cries you don't play that song any other day of the week. I don't want my management Lotta time thinking about things that I. A lot of unnecessary things that are really some all important stuff. Aaron. This is this like your opinion and those who think like the song should not be played on Tuesday it is a tease penalties if you hear. Security thankfully you do and honestly. I really don't. But if you if you feared the viewers Friday I'm in love you could be getting rid of that song next Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock you're going. We do in the game and it's Tuesday and I don't they seeing all of the words like although there's the matter dishonest Friday on the well. I was looking forward to right it doesn't matter it plays about plays that. Back in here on a Friday morning here on 610 Sports Radio we. If like a book where you've written down all these rules why you know I really wish I would've. Guys and really wish I would have that's a brilliant idea if Bob fest go unwritten rules hardback edition you pick itself. Billy by one. Autographed copy and but it would so. I don't go in the draft that's some the the latest Kansas sophomore Ito because of OK entering his name into the NBA draft without hiring Egypt. School announcing today is gonna declared I'm gonna go with an agent I've improved a lot this past season. All my teammates my coaches have helped me grow in all areas of my life generally appreciate what they did for me to get to this point. He'll be allowed to go of course the NBA com buying coming up in middle of may and would have until May thirtieth to withdraw his name I think I think mrs. This is right mu obviously should always do this Euro showed you find out where you stand and IIDs come again and he's got too much in his game to work on. Maybe not but as I only mall all he needs only needs a team new into -- few teams and you know as now a lot of talent guys bad big. Out there but you know if he if he could find a way to expand his game maybe can't maybe he's just say. You really good at at those things you do which is the quote unquote traditional center which. Does seem to be as prevalent in the game any more power a power center. Maybe find the team that the likes him and I think he's going to be back. I deal with with the duke Azubuike there is also the idea of in this more than signal funding of the they're gonna pay those guys with 30000 dollars or something like that now to go play in the eagerly. This may make more sense for him to say yeah we're gonna draft in the second round. We're gonna send it to the 30000 dollars a year. As opposed to staying in college where you gonna make no thousand dollars a year and you get in the system. And you get ready to rock and roll and you're part of something going forward I think this is one though Josh that that it knew you know most weight scale that they haven't did lead. Could hurt the kids today boxing could help the Alley can be decide. He's gonna go as are staying you know our Azubuike but nicely and made him get it in and say he can go pro instead of staying and you know what wasting another time. The other thing it's clear channel because they are yet. A bomb sea ice the ice unite different this I don't know if it's for the the underclassmen I think the the upperclassmen would be more likely this day. Stay in the draft. Is a junior or something you know years ago ones and those who get paid into the system get out of dungy league team. Make a little bit of money in CSI gets my attention that way. I don't know that 35 thousand's going to be. Enough. Them well not it's not a lot it it's not but it's an investment in your future but who knows we'll see what happens in the about what he does what's exactly going in testing I think is is perfect yeah. You definitely did that find out what everybody thinks of you and then you know the media want realistic to come back and play in other side say. That are going you know I had coming back I I think he's got a shot from. There was a story yesterday on dead spin about a former NFL player played when you what the heck was that guy's name Connor something or other I am I'm losing track of the guy's name right now because it and write it down and that's what happens when you become you know forty years old and he was talking to dad spent about two issues that are around the NFL remember he left the NFL early because of because the concussions he didn't want to the of continue to play in and he was afraid of getting a concussion and not being able to function after playing football so he decided to retire. Andy did this interview with the with dead spin and they asked about marijuana in the NFL I found this to be very very interest in him and ironically enough it's 420 today. He says quote I'm actually a little optimistic about this I think what the reasons the NFL's apprehensive about cocaine marijuana is a cultural divide for their viewership. Our attorney general is from a place in Alabama where marijuana use is probably still very taboo. I don't think they're apt to change it at any time soon because they want to retain the viewership of mostly flyover states. But I think with the OP it epidemic hitting those places really badly. Marijuana being healthier alternative I think the future is promising for everywhere our country in the NFL could take heed leadership role in that. And so what he's saying is he doesn't believe the NFL will get rid of testing for marijuana because of people hearing Kansas City flyover country people and you know Texas people in. You know Minnesota people in the middle part of the country. That are anti marijuana legalization he believes that if they legalize it Vienna are not legalized but don't passport. But the NFL will start losing fans and I don't necessarily believe that's the case I don't think NFL all of a sudden is gonna start losing their fan base. Because they're not testing for Merrill want and my question is if you decide to not test for marijuana and if you decide that you're not going to. Start testing for that substance in your opinion of the NFL. Why does that matter to you anyway why does why does that affect you and this goes kind of to Ryan's America's not the best country in the world statement that he had last segment because popular too on I I'm sure it is yeah I'm attacks on him yeah. I think you kind of go falls into the face that is that we worry so much in this country about things that really don't affect aux. And we spend so much time focused on things they don't affect us. If you don't like something you don't have to do you don't have to be part of it you don't have to go. But legalizing or licensing legal has not testing for marijuana in the NFL. By no means I don't think he's going to be all of the sudden the door opener for a lot of people in middle America and the south the say. I'm not gonna become an NFL fan anymore you can weigh it and had 69306. On the Tex signed today if they decided to stop testing for marijuana. Would you stop being a fan. Of the national football I think that overwhelming answer to that. Would be no. Honestly I would continue to move on it would affect my day one way or the other would you guys even considered stop being a fan of the NFL because of marijuana now non testing. I eat. I hesitate to say what I think. Would turn people off as fans of the NFL base always hear the last couple years that's a fair point I wouldn't have I wouldn't of would've predicted that. You guys alien protest would would cause the the outrage that it has so. I wouldn't rule out would run anything. Chris Borland was that was the player would. Would reality thing is being. Calm. Either offensive to people or something that would make them say. Wow years this is the this is the direction you're going out yeah I mean I just I I I guess I should probably. Two years ago NFL I'd advocate and to be leaving for any reason now we're seeing fans leaves her for dealing you know stuff of that nature. I just can't see this as being one of those reasons of the put people open arms. Where they say I am no longer going to be coming fans. Of the National Football League because now all of a sudden you're testing for that it would be strange though they decided they were testing because that's that's. That would be a that would be have. It is a massive stance yet that would be a stance this gonna be read as a stance for it yes. Today we're just not testing sure. That's not gonna fly as a as boards that's a sport this is an endorsement one way or another what we feel I am president's yes and that's that's the dip that would be difficult part of them. Changing course and that's right but but if they didn't test for a ever ya. And then. And then just to see it kind of ignored it like paradigm of respect and a patent Stewart and it wouldn't be as big of an issue but do. Maybe they see I think the NFL's weights about. But how does testing as we get as we get maybe Presley more and more states and eventually maybe the nation I don't think I don't think that windows can be probably all that. Far out to to to make it legal so I think NFL's weights an outing but but how does the NFL testing are not testing for marijuana affect you doesn't. So why do you care but there are a lot of things that people care about all kinds such as Australia outrage and it goes back that I mean that that's one of the things man of about this country that I think we need to get off of we need to stop faking outrage about things that don't concern. I think if you would have asked me that's a decade ago. I think more people would have said yeah I'll still watch I think nowadays. If you last I think more people or opinionated and and willing to say I'm quitting. I'm done with this. The if so and so wins the election I'm moving to Canada right at it. If this happened I'm humming those few moved to Canada not a damn one hour right moved to camp right so you know I've seen people burning season tickets over. Trades and neatly and any number of other things that they feel players do like I just sense that now. Is that tie and if you're going to get somebody so pissed off to move them to one end of the spectrum. This is the time to do and I think that if the policy what. It's hard to become legal a lot of states and other states are starting but you know medicinal laws in the place. We understand that there is an old Buick and epidemic in our country to say much healthier alternative for people. At some point the NFL is going to have to start wise and not because other sports leagues are taking note to they don't test for marijuana in Major League based now they've to a minor leagues but they don't do with the dangers and you know you look at guys like Josh Gordon now. Could you make the claim that the NFL help to get him on the right path because. He was suspended they took something that he loved it if it weren't for the fact that he didn't get that taken away from what you've ever gone to rehab when you ever gotten his life straight. Make the case that he probably would avenue might have helped him. But for every one job or your under Boston a guy who's. Who's probably using it for a medicinal purpose of using it like who was at the earliest early use of power for for pain management and damaged. I would assure you most guys use it for pain yet now with CBP oil being more popular alternative I think there are a lot of people trading in that direction too so. If you were asked me like it's in a decade ago do I think people would say I'm turning it off I don't think they would have yet they mimic it like it at a airport. I'll watch him on Sunday football baby yet I outside of that though nowadays it's like I don't care but I'm immediately and say I'm not watching blame our now now it's the cool thing to do it the cool thing to quit the NFL you know area quitting the NFL like it the in thing to do. In 20172018. Coming up we talked corporate bet a dollar a fox Sports Radio. And we'll get his take on the schedule les and if he thinks the browns will take two quarterbacks in the first four picks that's next. It's oh we need my car. Paying nothing in interest alone is the easiest way to save money list just simple math and answer ever make things easy for you teaches that all month long with 0% APR financing for sixty months off every consumer we haven't stopped unlike standing by now to the end of the month. 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And back here on success Sports Radio time to talk drug Baghdad dollar on fox sports does overnights here on 610 Sports Radio abetted schedule released today. How excited were you for that schedule released yesterday. Bob it is about I almost broke down and cried the there's nothing I like about a mother told mayor and what the icu that dates. He eased it seemed like cheesy experience you're back in the old that is being able to make a big deal about it but now that he'd do make it. It's huge I did I got to do a Twitter debate about it it's too keen to have three road games in a row you've got international travel it is such. It's great conversation and pop up. The best there really is absolutely fantastic and nothing is better the NFL schedule reads the peace day because we get this are you the teams are playing. But more importantly bad we get the fire that was the bye week is for our favorite teams that we can planned vacation. Yes well that is that is crucial of course. I love doubt that the knew they I was I was reading this last rites is that you can determine who's going to win the conference they saw it. Win big games are played there was a guy last night. We try to tell me. That the Iranians have an advantage for example the NFC over the Eagles. Big east on the schedule he seems convinced can you know Bob the one thing we'll vote the sports media business. It is what Adam Goldstein who's gonna be light in like November will template we know who's gonna get hurt it's just just wonderful. Well it's great it's it's more aerial fodder for my hold the NFL is written type of conversation that we have that I'm totally on board with this explain more how you can tell early. It was when they'd where they put again Elliott beat the Philadelphia Eagles out of their schedule used to call her later in the year. And the Ramsey can get easier as our series sheets from what I was reading this you'd beat bass pitched the Graham's. Because the speedy Eagles and Jerry later a year you have injuries you have problems and the rams will have a softer landing I go over things ridiculous personally but certain that these were people partly that's what people paddling. In the NFL world. I hate myself for liking that they have this date to but why why do we have the fascination with. The little things the NFL does the kind of string us along the off season. Welcome yeah it's obvious we were getting closer. I could trap next week we're getting closer training camps will be here the boy the only couple months away. And that means our lives guys are going to be a lot easier Sports Radio as we have. Actual. Deem analysis. Guys will play portly guys will play well we're getting closer. It's its lead that the dates throughout the kids like when your school is certain things you look forward to. And now we're the we're out of school was so important to the deep debate schedule and the draft and all this stuff physics you need to get a little closer to actual football. To look bad Mallard here on six and Sports Radio this time next week we talked view the draft first ramble already be over we will know. How bad the Cleveland Browns messed up at this time next week at the bit. Who do you think he's going to be that number one overall pick from. Yet why I'd like US is deceptive terrible analysis of the edible job I didn't. I am appalled at this point popular I've been reading these drafted these analysis. I don't read the mock drafters say but I read these scouting reports and all the top. And that might say all the top players it's really like the top beauty. I'm not react to that I can attitude output. Well the top guys in the draft the guy that I believed to be the greatest disaster aboard the quarterback who shot Shalit it's. So I believe that's the guy the Cleveland radical the second is to play in northern Ohio that'll be the guy. He struggled to complete passes and Wyoming. I can only imagine what he's here due to Cleveland Browns uniform. Yeah I had been do you think they'll go double quarterbacks you know like some people order double stakes of that are in things like deck is their fat hungry. Do you think Cleveland Browns go double quarterback at one in four. It took them because somebody the browns to that portable or logic you know should step in and take control all the bridge isolate. That's what we got a note no apparent victim quarterbacks were awarded Ford the most ridiculous thing ever heard. I think I think it's fantastic because John Dorsey who used to be here is now running the Cleveland Browns and everybody thinks well it's gonna be battered and endorse he's got a nice job of drafting. But it's still the browns in and that to me is one of those ultimate things like until they're not the browns anymore until they don't suck they're still the Cleveland Browns. Here's the probability in yeah he's raping two quarterbacks. At least one of them figures to be happily these kids. The prodigy killer play one of them at a time and you know of course I look at draft picks the way I look at would you buy a car. Yesterday you bought a new Korea outside regarded by the court everyone says the same thing like you Paris told you this. When you're younger you bought a new car at the moment you dreamed that a lot with that Clark the value of that new car plummets. The same thing to have the support they drafted quarterbacks the browns once that guys drafted. He's value goes down the other didn't fort Davis city take Josh Howard number water in the breaker made fuel numbers or just hypothetically. I don't forget the other guy is. Huge value doesn't go up it goes down on the mall that big east this site. I don't agree with that thought it about it or think about it that straight out again they did that they've done that the last couple years just trade down. Yeah finally breaking down the browns yeah preeminent Cleveland. We are because they could be the most fun part of the of the draft I'm still not ruling out then trading down getting out of those picks and whoever slacks in their spot. Hitting on whoever they get and again they missed. Back at well no you don't know right now that would be good Q that would be that's I didn't I can cite all on that all port Augusta will it be wonderful. I'm all for that Toobin habitable we're also judge Dorsey telling people the other day that yeah I I know who I think we're gonna take an embodiment telling the all her or got to take that he's keeping that didn't out of the loop to. All of it you know how Altman complete difference creative writing into the low lying do you indict. I mention this last night guys like the other story at a Denver. This is late bogey by numbers story period and it will be writer you can go to any general manager Libya rebels say. Are you open to trading the OK they're all that it would picture it ultimately yes that's why would you not be open trading to pick get leads it's ridiculous you know it is. These that these source pop up every year. Restore our day Unita Zale we got the guy in my we don't Ortega we are not trading this pick come hell or high water like you're never gonna see that. Golf course that you can you kid that's looked like you it's like good outlook guy who does a team that's struggling a baseball whatever sport and say. Do you want to be traded write whatever he says. You got historic city blocks to be traded that's a great story that should be sitting duck wanna be traded up to okay historic city says no comment that you can make up whatever you want to go distort. That's it affects a entirely bad Mallory your odds extends forgery I just saw a quote come across the screen for giants GM Dave get over a quote or interstate and everybody. And I yeah. Visually it like Bob Packwood you're dating you know you can. Open to everybody at that point what what I got what are you looking at Florida girl somebody anybody does brings a buddy here. How else yeah right Heidi actually. In college athletics in their career it'll never happen but I think that's the way they should go. I agree elicited Gilbert I respect it he wants to play quarterback active that's where is Mike is here at least. So he's good enough to start at Alabama not that he was graded out very well I think yeah I agree you. They'll never allow that to happen and did you first hear the argument is that you ought to play the well. He's gonna have to move to another position but I respect the kids George you want to be if you must be a quarterback let's go to some secondary school somewhere. And commit to give her an opportunity to play quarterback part of the year. Of college football. That we're getting a little while I know we talked about as a lot of the last couple of a couple of years until last couple a couple of months or a couple of years board. The day of reckoning is coming for college sports. It's common they're gonna have to change all of these rules. Then we appreciate the time is always enjoy the thought final weekend before the draft and we'll talk to you again when you get back from Coachella. Yeah Hillary I think baseball project. Fox Sports Radio with us here on 610 Sports Radio coming up we talked about with bad but there could be a major change come to college football that I. 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About drafting a quarterback coming up at about ten minutes here on the 610 Sports Radio are right the the two of her situation to me is very intriguing because. Yelled out Allah quarterback was starter last year until of course two and came came to life right national championship game right. Has now said that if he doesn't with a starting quarterback job. He's the only he's released he's gonna transfer and that means he would have to sit out a year in order messages to transfer college athletics Aussie went to and you know. One her FCS excuse bright yet re Whitley way to replace even a prosecutor transfered out level and and playing right guys have done that he could did indeed that would what's his name did Cam Newton to need to play Fredette cius schooling and Auburn or something like. Is junior college. Oh there. I mean that we've had there there have been some guys that got inflated lower level just to keep playing playing in both so jets which it would hurt once and that's the best route to NFL for him but may you know not. The Internet for a game grants us habit that he went somewhere else and then to Auburn so I think that adding the Kansas would open at stores for Taylor says I think I don't know maybe they got a quarterback they gimmicks branding and assumed it. I think he'd be a nice city camera a logjam there weren't there I mean I had the option yes it's about a year and still play to somewhere else yes yes. But or or transfer gallons keep but I think what we should do in in college sports and and I think we're gonna be moving towards this I think college sports as you heard that now are seeing is gonna have a drastic change means that drastic change the way it is right now scam. I think you should allow players and their four years have one free transfer and and allow them to goal. And B quote unquote recruited as a free agent after already playing some more if they do want to do that they decided they wanted to go somewhere else. I think you should allow them somewhere let's nightmare well I don't really care I mean it's it happens in baseball ops of football apps in the NBA professional sports all the time where guys to assign one year contract and move on. I think were born basically holding up these kids if they find themselves and I'm pretty pretty day now fog and I think. If there be another like put it but it's different details have by recruiting now after my sophomore season right I don't wanna be here and I mean yours 161718. Years old you're making a decision that's gonna affect you for the next four years of foremost you know. Authoritative here's your life for whatever you wanna say. That tipped to me I just think. Once you go to school what do you realize you've made a mistake in and you don't jive with that head coach anymore like he did during the recruiting time you got there and all of a sudden he over promises and under delivers I'd I just don't think it's only or right and you always got a stranger to to transfer though did you have to sit out a year on and I don't think he should have to do at a usually get you one may experience makes you. Makes you commit. They're not coaches and coaches are already complaining and there's a transcript from the people wanna stick it out and talked about already. I getting enough free out every time commitment that maybe coaches instead of all promising to kids will have to Tito decide to recruit better and and not idle these kids because how these kids get on campus. Whatever university is and they were promised something and they're not get that and I know coaches do that all the time because they need four linebackers in the hopes to get one but that all four decide to show up and all of a sudden you're gonna playing time for all of these guys so. To me I think I think it's only fair and right to allow people who get into a situation that they think is good on the surface. To back out. I mean we've all been in those situations you take a job or they didn't get into a situation where there's competition your position on my butt out its competition per say yes or being lied to they've they've played the freshman he's better or if you like to coach what does that happens on campus suppose that all of training her you can't you sit at the transfer that says that a year. And I don't know should have to sit out a year I think he she get that one free trade and more I think he'd have more just guys just jumping just because. It's it's it's. Quit. I'm Graham to the franc mark approaching this on OK right now that it was easier for guys just just quit rather than the try to do a tough it out you have the option to transfer now. I'm from a and I this is never gonna pass because one coaches are you freaking out about to graduate transfers they hate those now. Even everybody experts tell god to recruit like I saw one guy out you know I know his name is like a lower level basketball player you know like at a smaller school. Andy he's argument contacted by it was it was a list literally like fifteen schools that's great if it has a football about that this was a basketball player like they all hated. But they're all doing it. Right yeah basketball side. And and the football side adventure that would fight this as well I mean I I just the party have the option to transfer and yes. You have to go in you have to go in knowing they're gonna promise you something which are also going to have to do. To earn those things to and you know that there. Mean are you create U too dumb to know they're gonna try to recruit somebody to beat you out. Playing the answers yes that you'd think you'd think you're good enough as they're not gonna go find somebody that's better than against your answer that tells you. The answers yes I knew and that if you have a situation you and granted there are so extreme situation announcing her words like boy that's that's that's early affair but. For the most part you have an option you have an option to get out. Cost you a year but you have the option due to transfer and I think it's been penalized and Kate coaches get out they can switch colleges and all those situations are ones were that I think are. Are different yet the coach leaves on a problem with them opening up. Maybe they should at least do that and the coach the coach leaves. You can go camp but they don't they don't even do that you know people as a unit on what they announced coach in the next day and you need to go play for coach you don't wanna play for what about if I'm somewhere. I don't like jail hurts his message here that would John I'm just gonna quit. It was a quick leave a line. Ultimately ATA and I no loss of economic give him a free transfer because if if if coach doesn't pick me then I'm gonna show him by leaving. Okay do that this about a year and a fine welcome to 28 yeah I just an Iraqi Army and not giving you that for for a mean I'm not. I'm not on board with the Jane what hurts message but I'm mom or with a free transfer for some of these guys would you done enter the eggs are situations that they do warranted this one to meet us affiliate free I would never get our free transfer this. Go beat the guy out. Go play better than the other guy what that get that starting job what does he what does he doesn't it well you know sometimes you're not given a fair opportunity to beat somebody. You know that cell works. Okay that he has after his transfer. And out here or can say and in and find dread when it happens where you'd you don't get that Apogee of typecasting and you party are fighting an uphill battle he may be realizes he's not gonna get a real opportunity to win that job. Coming up speaking of the quarterback giants general manager date gentlemen finally speaks the truth. On what it means to be drafting in the top spot and what happens if you miss on the quarterback tell the next. I wish you quick you. Scale in the morning powered by the Jewish community center. Six and Sports Radio in Kansas City. Rex Butler here my friends are only the port Lincoln wanna keep huge truck in the spring. Today only the Ford Lincoln gives you look at thirteen thousand. 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That's that's why not your your funny and it's that's been out there that the ones winnable games that you build a close and I think. Posted. Yeah we we overruled he could come from any the other three of us we way for members can't take a joke producer Ryan vocals to today news that. It'll be closer than you think. I'm pretty with total royals of them most wins and what else the chiefs could have this year sixteen. I'm gonna do I'm Michael some more insular right now to find the silver lining in this one camera like you know at the site. I did for my spurs to victory in domestic of the week I didn't know. I I thought I'd get a little quicker and that's you try to make a funny. And amp if they don't backfired and there was no be no where near this. The girls stickers as you think that there. Probably think in the world's six times as many wins at least the chiefs and the bold prediction that. Lee is really users' demands take. But we won't have six. If they have ten wins the team to six times that ten is sixty. I was against sixteen. I'm like oh boy that's a lot I'll know sixty that that's when sixteen your attitude. That's about how multiple medicine works. Yes I hope it literally visit a domestic to international. Right now Adonis is bad math well. Sports Radio massively did you steal that from anybody is where Israel at now now that it's your. Thing on an equal sixty. I'll we got our draft assessment undated. And the initials that. Drafts jet putts you buy a one mortgage go to my anyone mortgage dot com anyone mortgage making your dreams a reality. A last hour we played. Coaches. Lying against you get talent Federalist. Out trading backward to stay near the that are. Gave all those arguments as trading back or we could trade act which could Trace those words no record stick backs them down in these pressed charges an held all the time and you basically have to sift through analyzed yet because it's all does Jesus tell me what your thing. If you just tell you who you lunacy -- elements the GM with the giants. And he is actually honest about if you miss a quarterback early you're asked you or done. When your pick in this time. You make a mistake. We've you know we've talked. Do miss on a quarterback. Use hurting you you're really at the French I suppose five years. It's a fight you Tuesday. He's the quarterback while I'll back you enemies of Massachusetts quad act. Alec was a wicked and I felt get a quarterback it really is. I like how he says you me you screw I easier early is you're you're actually here I mean it's about Andrea and basically what these days score roof. Andrea if you take you back in the top five and you don't hit a that we can awesome quarterback there is no way you're gonna recover if a five. Yi is I mean it's gonna take you Bob used to retail some like the one that. It's unlike any other position YouTube commit to it or as soon as that than any other automatic a lot of cornerback. You commit to that spot. And it's you can't you can't get out he's right eking it out of five years eight years there if you made a five year mistake he take a day. So a running back which they probably well government on Iraq. Run and act. You get out young lady right not a on the this. It's it's I gonna set you back as much but with a with a lot of back at the you know you have to give the guy ample amount of time because it. You'll throw me under his first year you'll be like well he was just a rookie. Those are you know he's getting his sea legs okay and and they needy year two would you say well you got better easier to the system we need more weapons around him. Then you get more weapons around him that this year's read your jelling with those weapons then year four hits and you decide whether or not this is the guy you're gonna move forward on an active here. You're either deciding your wit this guy or your drafting another quarterback that's why is still difficult. To draft a quarterback and I would not wanna beat in John Dorsey shoes because I think the biggest thing. That you're hearing right now and with John Dorsey is fueled the GM and you've got that number one overall pick and there's all these ought to backs out there. The number one fear for you I think you've grown up with that amount is not having this guy stink it's having everybody else do so much better they. You passed on to look at the top it's an eye I don't envy where at Berkeley and that specifically ending giants and a great spot and I have my defying government is press council says hogwash quality image is see how he said hog wash after class act right Porsche and he definitely is not lost track. Adds drag lash out. Should they needed round quarterback this year right as the heir apparent to. July Manny says you don't you know pass on. All he says hall of fame talent another position to to reach recorder Eddie's right pitches which is churches and the quarterback. Squat back. Stuff but not so difficult to buy a suit to navigate and yet Cleveland. It's also tough to it's as fighter mistake. What's that tenure of general managers right. I usually only get one chance to screw it up right. He say your franchise vacuum and I have a job that next that next go around either up. Awful spot it really is it's bad spot like I said earlier Dorsey taken them awhile with the cheese for such a more and deal position now when you look back and we all want the quiet about it at time. But when you look back on you see the ability did not have to draft that quarterback and want it to yourself a left tackle. I mean it's a safety pick managed ultimately it what what John Dorsey did take your guy geno Smith at number one. In that draft he would iron a lot he's been fired for cause as opposed to whatever happened there right yet exactly what whatever happened at arrowhead. As Gelman would say that very very very nice and deal position. To be in if you all are the Cleveland brown and I think and this does applied that she's still I mean we think they got. At homes right sure we aren't yet everything is showing that we did you know but you're kind of in a holding pattern for three and three to four more years good news is is already one year talent so. ME series if you wanna look at us like that bad but. You're you're looking that that first I mean we're network complete. Were immersed in this quarterback for for four years right and and I think and and if he performs great we all think he's going to I think we're all in the camp that he's gonna go but if he doesn't. Then you're just you are you kept spinning in the mud for for five years until you're able to counter rally probably you're really able to commit to doing it. I think ultimately what we're looking at though here is a situation where the giants are are drafting broccoli with the number two overall pick I think that's the advocates say it last. Broccoli take one I I think that ultimately is that it is going to be that guy. That they take these these I think basically telling everybody we're not taken. Wanna back at number two overall when they're legitimately gonna talk about them here we just made from a quarter with how could you know. And in the next and you shall line backpack. We were Julie Thomas on the and his added little laxatives I would cornerback. Cornerback cornerbacks on that cornerback. Leah pie you can just drive that ate a little bit more you know yeah that's straight arrow Beaulieu. England all the guys in the egg Gelman just trade down bark quantum back. The days of it is next two minutes. Quarterback from the electric Keating into studio that still in the morning powered by the GA is bad credit no credit or bankruptcy issues keeping you from getting.