04/20 - 8 am - Hitting The Top 3

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, April 20th

The guys go through their Most Influential People in KC Sports. Plus, we Risk It for the Brisket, talk schedule, and one team is trying to engage their fans more. 


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There is the end the Monet and grads into this date and that means that's a good read strap shoes come out feet. A beautiful Friday morning here in the heartland of America and the midwest US un aids flyover country as some people like to call it not as cold as Minnesota tell you that right now but I'll tell you and we got a lot to talk about here on us extend Sports Radio. She schedules is how yes. The royals are back in action with a double header today here on 610 sports radio and we are less now that. One week away. From the NFL. Draft and time magazine yesterday why they did this yesterday I don't noble will steal the bit. Came up with their top 100 most influential people in the world. And we'll give you chancellor rock fest tickets. Twenty minutes here on six and Sports Radio. So we started to think about it the most influential people right now. In Kansas City and I think the conversation was very good that we were having around the around the table yesterday guys. Is that you were your likes who do we want to just do sports do we want to do everything as to how you. Dean who's most influential to you and you're like let's tick tick tick tanner ever has acknowledged his goal was three make it more difficult to pick the three people. That you feel is the most influential right now in Kansas City and judging from the way I look at the list at 610 sports dot com you can check out our blog there I. Think we all went sports right we all kind of went this. Or Trout on that I try not to venture out began Atlanta now. Now it the sport and took out and make our lives I learned my lesson about two years yet okay so we we kind of just about it until what we know vast right what we know best is. Is sports we came up with who we think Agassi the three most influential people. In sports and I think we have some names on there that you will recognize. But I also think at least from my idol as an a couple of names on there I think you don't want to wire those people won mayor and what's the explanation happy to be like. Makes a lot of sense certainly and it really does make sense so to make those not you do have people in the car. Her better. Cut tape. Us. Vertical water it is a Friday Brian I'm so just start with you who who do you have on your list the sixth and sports that comes the three most influential people in sports. In no particular order for me I didn't wanna do I necessarily rank them necessarily that I have are probably could if you knew it etc. My first ought to be Andy Reid for being the the true czar of the of the cheese operation every decision runs through him. Well except for one that was getting gonna market's peak right that's honor you know he'd he'd get. Somebody's veto power about him or whatever line item veto. He's got all the decision making ability leads the direction where this franchise is going he got rid of a quarterback of course that he really really really liked. In Alex Smith. Because as handpicked guy I was ready so he kept Bob Sutton in the face of massive criticism. He Genesis and aging yet popular defensive players and they are loading up the offense for a possible run as much as the future does ride on the quarterback. The new quarterback pat homes course. It's I read this casting the chip hale noted no question they got I think any Reid holds massive influence over. Not just that the cheese but you know with the city yeah when we were riding along with this thing I think that. Fair Josh that he does have that kind of influence over this organization because when you look at the organization right now a got a you know young general manager guy who's not even a full year into the job still hasn't had a draft he's in his thirties he's never done it before. You've got you know and an owner and I don't really want the order to be doing that more influential than the coach and anything having the coaches need to be very very very very influential. And I don't know anybody else in this organization that I would rather have in charge of being that influential voice and Andy Reid there's nobody else so I think that's a very fair pick. At number one for all the reasons that you said this this is his organization right now he will get the credit. And he won't get the blame going forward I can't blame Brett beach I can't blame you lest the quarterbacks do really bad this year Clark Hunt. This is all Andy Reid this is his team this is his fingerprints and everything that happens on the field will either be praised for AD or blamed. I know he downplays his role he's got a massive all huge world how huge it is I'm my second would be would be Bill Self. He has altered an influence in Lawrence. In Kansas City and even stretching all the way to Colombia. It's true if he had degree like playing the zoo for the first time since they left the big twelve. You know charity of course factored in right and you'll still be self the decides if this. Series resumes again for real right no one else decay you. And frankly no one else in the zoo holds as much influence in bringing back. The right thing. It's on bill soldiers and that is really is that's that's some pretty big influence pays a lot of excellence and a lot of influence cell until he decides inning. And my third BID more. Who to me anyway he's been given the ultimate benefit of the doubt making back to back World Series. To me winning one of them has given him carte Blanche for the foreseeable future and not tying up people on social media that it. Bitch and moan about everything that happens and now it's now he's an idiot about how they vote social role as time these idiot everybody's an idiot there there's there's three and whenever and they'll suck. He's got that car brought wants to Torre stayed another run from within they did something that was we can't you have to step back. Got to step back and look out credible Ron was. And he had every right to then just say. Right take out everybody I'm accomplished I've accomplished what. People said he couldn't nude Kansas City I'm off to while now be the Braves were the Braves go work with the urban youth academy a lot of that. Every right just to walk away nobody sticking around doing a hard park again which is trying to do it again. Out that he is influential on how all this thing's going to do a turn out there is a run number two it's directly at his fingertips and I say this. I'm gonna make a bold prediction here. The royals will be back in the World Series before the new airport opens. I don't and yet the way that I don't look at a roller ball touch that that that's a poor old slice volley up there at my TCI and Maggie before there's actual enough. Functioning 3-D model via the name of a documentary weld as allies follow in his slice volley at the airport it's unbelievable. I I say the royals lead back in the World Series before the new terminal opens. Until. You don't think so I don't know I don't know a lot of in trouble OK but bad because it's 20/20 one and that's the year I think the royals are going to be back at it like ready to be in a World Series so. I'm gonna say the royals are backing a World Series before. The new airport terminal and if he self and in for me start this thing off on a different way element that was Scott ports. Or success quiet why would you put Scott for a saw us as well. This past season he single handedly held up the royals until that you extra I mean he really did playing the waiting game Hosmer moos other guys the route Major League Baseball. I think next to Dayton Moore Scott horse has the biggest influence. On the royals as an organization or how the biggest influence on the royals as an organization he had. The ability to bring Eric house where back. Take care costs roughly about precious like it down so I I think Scott wars with as many great players as he represents. I think Scott Boras has a ton of influence and had a ton of influence on this past year. In Kansas City sports and we talked about for so long what -- gonna do with his clients what's Boris gonna do with his client wise and Boris got this guys -- -- wire force guys signed yet. I think to me Scott force as the guy that has a ton of influence here in Kansas City and did over this past year. Number two on my list as a mark. I mean he's a bit on the scene for a little more than a year. But listen what this guy has done. Sold out Missouri arena. They basketball great again in Columbia recruited the number one player in the nation to play at the zoo made the tournament. And he revived KU vs and you rivalry that thing was not gonna cap and cons of Martin got there the two coaches were able to get together then feds is just for a day. And then they played each other and they got that rivalry back for at least one day in the pre season right here in Kansas City. Anyone in the indicate you would Missouri to play basketball has to have some influence right. So console market makes my list he's doing great things and still doing great things and still continues to recruit like a bad ass down there in Columbia Missouri. So he makes my list and the third guy on my list is Clark Hunt. I seems like a no brainer because he's the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs but I think Clark is on this list because he influenced. The trade of one of the best players in this organization because he did like the fact that he meals for the National Anthem and Clark Hunt orchestrated a trade. For Marcus Peters to get him out of town because they didn't all like all of that stuff. He also fired John Dorsey in June okay right before the start of training camp. Any may actually improve the organization long term. With that move when you think about it a year ago would you have said they should fire John Dorsey Frazier raise your hand if you thought they said they should fire John doorstep nobody. Clark Clinton did. Hired Brett beach they're gonna use Brett beach for four years under Andy Reid as an apprentice and I think the long term plan is for Brett beach. Is it to be the next Carl Peterson is Carl's president GM CEO with the Kansas City Chiefs. But I think their plan is that Britain beach in place for a very long time here in Kansas City so you get Dorsey out. Did beach in four years to learn from Andy Reid and boomed in your organization doesn't miss a beat when India decides to retire. And head out to his home in Malibu and so that's why I think Clark Hunt. Holds a lot of influence and is one of the most influential people because I think he determined the long term future of the chiefs last June when he moved on from John Dorsey. HM meth I believe was the title for a Clark and corporate Carl Peterson Carl Peterson. I start my analyst with Kathy Nelson I think that Kathy is somebody who not only in and the sports scene but just in Kansas City. She should perennially be on the list of people who were influential in the city and you know her she and her team over at the Casey sports commission they do a lot of great work throughout the year organizing and bring you events in the city this year. They landed us the 2018. Women's NCAA final four that's going to be a major event for Kansas City in not only that but also securing us as a finalist prizes when he nineteen of the 20/20 NFL draft so I mean Cathy Nelson and he just feels like a no brainer. For the one of the most influential people in Kansas City. Also Eric Hosmer. That I know where customers not with the royals anymore nor the accent and I party know that. Now prisons and then go to OJ yeah yeah. Last year Hosmer was easily the most productive offensive player for the royals I don't think that's a question you can check out the blog he led the team and about nine different offensive categories not yet the biggest impact on the field nobody had the biggest impact off of the field because going into the offseason. He dictated what was what like what the offseason was going to look direction was going to be for the royals so we go into a soft rebuild all we go into a full rebuild what we have Eric Posner back in May be able add some pieces. And make a run and an a year or two. The entire offseason complexion changed whenever the royals either knew or did know that they were going to be able to secure Osborn and start music and with all the information coming out. You would know that eight. Pretty early on they knew that they didn't have a real great chance of making a run and Kirk Osborn I think that if they had known that they had a better chance that baker right I know we didn't sign till late. But if they had eight if they had known he had a better chance to sign Eric Hosmer. I think the offseason with vastly different for the Kansas City Royals and so I think that's why air Osmond makes my list. As one of the most influential people here in DC and lastly on my list. Is Marcus Peters and I think it's it's tough to say anyone in Kansas City. He had an athlete or a politician or anyone in the city was talked about or was more polarizing over the last year. Then Marcus Peters I mean I know people who don't even watch football who had takes on Marcus Michael Harrison takes a Marcus Peterson they can't figure out her iPhone so it's it's incredible and I. Love him or hate and there was never one fan that was short on an opinion of him or urged a person in the city. It was short opinion and and not only that did he dominate here in the Kansas City conversation but he also took it to the national level as well because of the real head scratch or betrayed that she's made with Marcus Spears is also lastly that's when Marcus Peters would make my list as one of the most influential people here and. Yeah I think that's very fair one and that's a good will when he first heard yesterday I could see where your goal at this because. Yeah I quite honestly there was a way to tally how many times Marcus Peter's name was mentioned just on our station. I mean I'm sure it's the name that's been mentioned more than any other over the last specially. Six months it's incredible considering all of the Alex Smith takes real thing Rhine Iran's clamoring for Patrick owns I think Atmel homes would be a name that was up there. I still don't think he carried the conversation as much more heat he did coming up here odds to get you to check out our blog at sixth and sports dot com. For more in depth coverage of our top three when it comes the most influential in Kansas City. Coming up we will risky for the brisket plus your chance to win rock's best tickets that's next. Our. I Baghdad and he runs extent Sports Radio I don't practice a jury. Growing up I drove to New Jersey you know. Right others. One. Just a second grader make the connection. But I forgot I was playing this well. A discipline my neighbor islands off Abigail that are running down to you know I grew up in New Jersey right so right outside of New York City my favorite radio station growing up was WFAN. Am. Sports radio and 66. Stuff. It was the first Sports Radio station have. Should put a trademark on they really shouldn't I hope nobody ever steals that moniker the famine. I helped build interest is because that was unique only to need little original. Very original it was the first Sports Radio station. I'll take a very original thing. They're original thing that I am doing yeah. Is that not playing the rock best and we found that there are rock guys that Atlanta. Geez happy holidays and you know dance all right so who voted us we are giving away were optimistic it's years' sole. How do you wanna do it now he screwed up Steve. Regis you know we're just to expand its base this can't answer a lot this at the same thing. The State's lead going to that any man. We should change it up we need change in changing moments of someone else the situation it probably play. A rock fest man if he does and name all band that rock press about writing the staff first person tell me about everything Iraq. Back 91357676. Dead we screwed up that it 93 nice Vista sevens as a candidate yet you really an undisclosed spot right now I'd like every day at 820 years supposedly at bay and that is going to be. Thing is basically you're station for all of it didn't you get the disclaimer. We're not supposed to say hit it. Or roll it up for us was to be blunt today right just Plavix assault from rock best. When it. All right so what you'd call it habitat right now as it was a rock mystics 91357676. Dead. And you'll win tickets to Iraq mess we do it every Friday at this time. All he had maybe we stalks of Barbeque and we raised it wore the brisket. I'm assuming you want to know that there that was the point that was the Q2 point. Here at eleven giveaway an analyst at one point there was like a gun pointed at you you know so stole risky for the brisket here in Kansas City. Another and yet another barbecue joint try to steal on Twitter became an international incident which as we we should leave the show with a narrowing their phone I think we should. And got congress do it could hit the greatest risk that they got arrested to get that brisket hamburgers. Yes it did get the stick Barbeque beef ribs yeah escaped. Yeah it won't improved mood improves. And flew. And let's make some predict sit and if you read them. The prediction being called back Monday at this exact time with the abrupt end of the season it's going you can win a fifty dollar art that there's. Things happen in this vocals bar key into and out of line it smoke has BB you'd add a Mother's Day graduation parties are coming up each catering orders in. And get those being spells I told you I would marry the short road from smoke has barbecue and standby. Josh your turn to sell on on Monday morning 815 you want to recall my pick. And Colin and tell me if that's correct. As well only fifteen we call forward and get it. Opt in win fifty dollars to smoke out argue I'm going on major limb here fiasco for this weekend. Ready. Justin Graham will have a clean outing this weekend. This war games. Or if Justin Graham had a clean out just one just want to sign him cynically weekend a plane and claiming one game and easy and you'll have. Nothing to show for other than zeros. He'll have a clean with these likes at Oakmont this afternoon for the we could have happened at the off day yesterday yes he couldn't. Very well not be on the roster come tonight. Our testing group we'll have a clean out in this weekend to remember that call back in on Monday at 815. And tell me if I'm right. And win now. Well past our actual book has barbecued Cullen activated. If you can get that thing that's gonna happen. How can I say yes to that you know immunity I just there's there's four opportunities for me well I yell for opportunities are right is wrong what what do you think is the better opportunity he has a clean outing this weekend warned that he's on the team this week. It's because you know like I said with the off day there's there's I just remember early on about that he mile high I managed through the weekend I write much about that like well can make an epic before her before. We know when they make because they don't make any you know roster decisions told right until game time or later on this morning but. Only if the 26 guided to let her double hitter that's up there and I'm not even use them in my bring a bit of the relief yet and you bank of Italy could be all weekend I hope you're right I hope he figures it out because I think that the morals need him to be effective that couple that with so many young guys down there. They gotta have that guy become effective so I'm going to be rooting for agreement this week and all weekend long and all the games right here on sixteen and Sports Radio emerging just be able to use the grim facts are resides not in as raspberry cup. Up our commercial free half hour plus we'll started off with something that the NFL is doing that I goodness a Euro will look great. But now. Looks ridiculous we'll tell you what it is next scan. According. To. Sports Radio. Back here as we start our yeah. Hunters commercials every half hour. On Tesco in the morning six dead Sports Radio Welch's off for the next couple days meet late and arrives at a review commercial free manager I don't. Iraq play well. If sports well weekend we can get back into the win everybody's talking about today and that is missiles but nobody really when everybody is talking met today with the should be talking about is the NFL schedule released because people don't. Fired up about the NFL schedule released it is such a bizarre day like a bizarre sports holiday because I feel like this is the dumbest thing in the world right. That I shouldn't. I should. Not wanna be a part of it I want it it's great love this and detailed even though yes I you know the opponents adding. Ahead of time they tell you whose whose home was away than they lay it out for you it just it just makes. It is comes it's it's clear it's it's it's now fish it's official right sell. I'm I'm like ashamed that that yesterday's cool like a sports holiday I was should be cell. I was hitting like a shot of adrenaline when I was. You know early in the day before the real schedule came out like scene when games are going to be I was checking again rumors like led. You know is monitoring arrowhead pride I'd like although like a little nuggets of all the geezer like rumored to be out there like oh please say there for like a small slice of the year. We Earl geoghan. Gas does that tell us all a little window. Everybody that you want you to explain your fault you know the biweekly you know it's a good road games are you going home games are going to be play it's really good. And I can't stay up late and I don't fix it but I I usually I enjoyed the schedule 39 -- right exactly I I like this game I really do I think it's a very good schedule a couple of observations of five prime time games are great but only one at home and really really ticks me off because. I don't think there's anything better in sports and a night game on TV at Arrowhead Stadium the optics of that. To me or just delicious I mean when you look at Arrowhead Stadium against the black sky with the Red Sea in the middle of fireworks at the Barbeque grills there's not a better optics seriously can you a better optic in sports. And what that is like I'll tell you what what what's close was when Pittsburgh started with a rally towels for the for the pirates and they were like the first baseball team to do that in the royal started the rally towels of baseball playoff games are pretty cool. But I'll tell you what mean nothing is better than seeing your looking lie that Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and it's it's just the Red Sea perched up against the black backdrop put the smoking you could smell through the TV. The food cooking and see the fireworks that's to me it's it's just so optically awesome. And I'm mad that we only get one of those prime time games at home and it comes in DC amber when it's gonna be a little bit chilly out there so the five primetime games one at home and the two road east to start the season and to me what this tells you is that. The NFL teams and other sports as well baseball basketball the arena's. They're using their venues now to do other events and Taylor Swift is in concert on September 8 I mean think about that September 8. Taylor Swift is doing her performance at Arrowhead Stadium so the chiefs could not be home on September 9. And then the royals are on the following weekend so they could be home air that's why the open late but venues now or making. Money on these other events and making more money Taylor Swift will make more money for Arrowhead Stadium. Then a game featuring the Kansas City Chiefs will in that same spot so. You have to do what makes you the most money which is why we continue to say sprint center school would not happen attended down there. Because they'll make more money by having different concerts and circuses and performances and events. That they will by having a steady team there and RO ID showing us that they took a concert on September 8 the first week in the NFL season. Intensity is the only one doing it all your encounters Taylor Swift beyoncé and Jay-Z a ball. Hampered some NFL schedules and gas so that and then October fest in Cincinnati right yeah it's it's crazy. Acted for seven to not be able to play a home game what's October fest like disappear for just our editors celebration October fest. Force that due to you know schedule on. Regain its and that's incredible and it's it's it's unbelievable sowed the seeds of the two wrote he's the start the season three the final four at home. And Holmes guys he's gonna be tested early at the LA at Pittsburgh at Denver at New England six games in. He's got 33 tough road contest plus against the Jacksonville Jaguars like I forget all the sudden. How good the Jacksonville defense is an advocate gonna have a tough test the first six gift for the first six away from home and the two home games are won against another good quarterback right Jimmy. Tim McGraw blowing right San Francisco. And then now the defense of the Jack's south. Thought that start the season yet as it adds that lets us harshest. I thought the prime time schedule did. Point to the NFL believe that she's got a good era. You wanna scheduled competitive games in your prime time windows you want those to be good games that are anticipate that she's begun otherwise why would you schedule four times. Away from home. In the prime time and be excited to be competitive in those games all all the good games of the chiefs having with the exception the division games are on the road this year that their home schedule really is about it placing you know I don't Jacksonville looks like a nice team at Cincinnati her zona. Baltimore like none of those teams really scream who put us on primetime TV but all the road games at Pittsburgh at New England. At the rams in Mexico City at Seattle like those arm. Marketable nice games the home schedule isn't that good it's kind of it's kind of a bomb for the chiefs and when you think about their their nonconference home schedule stinks. This year they've they've got you know that they've that's why she residential where there had their barrel on the road again they're wrong at Pittsburgh at New England at Seattle those are all nice games right on the clock on the road well what game that doesn't have to be on the road and I'm kind of mad that it is its overseas this year. Is Jacksonville taking on the Philadelphia Eagles and I know Jacksonville is committed to being a a one did seem like ten years right they committed to being a London team. But this to me is why that international series is bad because it now hurting the product right here in America more so than ever with this move. Jacksonville finally has a good team of people wanted to watch right they almost made it to the Super Bowl last year of one of the best defense is eight Leonard for a net they've got Tom Coughlin as their coach have been they've got a lot of good reasons. To go out and watch that team play in Jacksonville and I understand they committed to this but they're essentially taking the best gained now of their home schedule against the Eagles. And moving it overseas to one that I understand that the NFL has been trying to beef up the international games of beefed up those games in London. But I'd I always said Josh you noticed I've always said that the international games if they start to affect the product of America. That's when I have a problem with it and this game I think is affecting the product in America because. A game in Jacksonville against the Eagles would mean a lot of money for the Jacksonville economy a lot of philadelphians travel down to Florida live in Florida you can sell out that game you can make money there they should take it game against the Bengals for the jaguars and move it over there to land not a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Don't mind the international games as much. You know if if if it doesn't really affect the home product but the taking the best game on the schedule for the Jacksonville Jaguars and moving that over the Philadelphia. I think that her to some homefront and you've got to protect the home from before you worry about international waters. Yeah I felt like Jacksonville really committed to it in the NFL's obviously did that really legal Eagles really gadgets are really committed to the to the three games over their tail and not even all three at Wembley like ones and another location surely. I mean that bad things not going away no by. Yeah Heidi I guess. I guess this is Philadelphia. Taking one for the team do on what is Philadelphia taking one for the team there is there on the road again whether they are saying they get they're getting they're getting. The the ability of the city played and one of again and among game and maybe I'd now I think eventually the lots of good drives it good it's a good drop for four for London yet yet the Super Bowl champs. It's a team that almost made this I mean it's again great mark early in the game now why give that overseas why not let your home team have that game in their stated that that's a matter under answering your acquired him you know I. I guess they don't let it could be but again and that's the part of the problem energized with and with the NFL I think that that's that's where you were getting too greedy. And that's where you're almost crossing that line England you know what. As much as I love yet. This really takes me out is that the Mark Buehrle he NFL game yet but if you are like big the giants dolphins chiefs blue line it's like could you imagine if they took the chiefs and raiders have moved out of there are some like that how. How mad would we beat. But given up all give against the raiders to go over there or or safe signaling it or horsing Pittsburgh Irsay somebody else like that was cumin and that was to be great marquee home game that you wanted to have. And they ship that the one for jags and you probably had our Eagles and only shoot it. Oh wait that's the one they don't. Best picks and that's stinks take the Tennessee Titans and playable there or something like that it doesn't I don't have get I don't necessarily problem with the international games. When they start. Hurting what we'd do here in America. That's when I have a problem for and it's on Xena phobic but this is our game may have Manchester United is not the biggest rival at rfk stadium. They're not taken the best able they're schedule against him you know Real Madrid or something implant here they're not doing. They're taking a game against somebody that. And playing year I still think like the reason that they're doing so was to try to expand football in Europe I don't and I we've seen NFL Europe BAA. Wild failure out there like I'd love to hear. The I had to answer man who really. Like seeing a decline since there has quarterback going over their plans and those I just like playing with those teams on Madden on yet. But time. You know if the reason is to expand the brand and it is to to bring awareness that you have to put good games in good match their people are gonna care now. Lee was last year. There was there was a pulled in around Europe that. It's just don't care don't they don't care about American football they don't care at all or that they don't wanna do any of error they don't wanna watch it. And I think that's one of the big stumbling blocks at least for me here in the states like I'm not a huge soccer fan because largely because I don't understand the game you know I was trying to watch rugby the other weekend at at a bar and some I was explaining it to them like how many people are on this fuel right now Chinese analysts are local and everything was so confusing. I'm assuming this is how the average European approaches American. All we joke where you guys watch in the mariners masters yesterday afternoon like I was now an interview like the bad the rugby guy that they can bring a new team to Seattle he was explain rugby tournament what. Ever talk to somebody about cricket. I know now and it can call bowlers occur I don't know what they're called but it's very confusing as well. But if they if they don't like it and and their date they've week we show the deal like why are we trying to force feed people something that they don't like with with a good product see here's where I stated this is ten years ago where he's great in the NFL. The NFL over the last two years he shell cracks and people saying. Is now. I do now at least. In the fall this way too because I and I have this organizes argue basically like. He loves football if you want. People other people love football you should want them to go ahead and do this I get that Sox have been taking away a very good match a lot of people think might be a suitable pre right and that's why have a problem with that if you want to do Jacksonville against Arizona I'm fine with that but if you legitimately want to build the brand of the NFL I don't care about that that's a and that's fair like if if you just don't care about it one I noted than then that's why. I should. But if you love football if you if you are like the NFL level but love football you should want the rest of the world blood sport to and the what you're gonna do that is by putting Markey good match ups out and Granger gonna have to. Have a learning curve with teaching some people the game. But you're also going to do by putting spur and a game out there they go wow this makes me want to learn a little but. If you if you make it strong in your home market she won't have to worry about marketing globally. You have to you have to make sure war. And I and I always. You equate this acted too to the great war World War II whatever was worldwide and put words we're journalists and a well I think I think it's I think it was World War II were Germany try to fight a two front war they tried to fight the Russians on the east and and in the allied powers on the west. And they lost because they try to fight a two front war. You can't fight a two front war and that's almost what they're trying to do we're trying to be strong and England. But also weakening the product over here in America or ultimately America as your bread and butter. As an incredibly high brow metaphorically but but that's what it is that's how I've always determined at that time I've always felt like it was and I think in and lecture selling out every being here and doing everything you can to make sure everything is maximized here in America should worry about trying to market it globally you've got to be strong on the home from because if you're not strong on the homefront. You're not gonna be strong international. But Bob the NBA started experiencing more of a heavy rise in power here and here in the United States. When that became more of a globalized score and they started popping around because more people started paying attention to a more eyes were on and that's always going to be a good thing. I don't think so I think the NBA basketball has always been pretty strong international sport. We just have more international stores now coming over to America. Or not moving cavs Golden State they're playing right yeah you're not doing man. You're not you but they also went past and Nolan is a country like Minnesota. Mean you're talking about a sport that they don't play in those countries don't like the NBA's footprint. On a global scale when players like Al means started coming right when you have players. You know that that come over from overseas and play in different countries like people in those countries will now start watching the NBA product Brad I just paying attention to what's going on there. So so maybe we start getting people from other nations playing in the NFL to soccer even get a foot hold. Tight fifteen yeah as a long damn time and it's because number one they have so many other major sports to compete with at least in my opinion that your butt. I mean we if you. If you're gonna sit here and tell him look I I get it like average fan probably doesn't really care. About the success the NFL on their ratings and how they're trending all the stuff. But if you're considered some of the NFL's king and are always going to be king I'll take I think that's wrong because you only have one way to go at that point and down. And the NFL starting to see that you can't sit on that roan for ever and you have to start making some moves the NBA not I started making. I did that rise and I totally understand you have to do that kind of stuff such American moved onto you know it is it is this. There's the English premiere league need. I need to come play in marquee game here for the new popular no. Now says exhibition games and they come right player play a summer circuit games when their teams are getting ready for the season. And matter to us why why we why we preoccupied with sending real game is I don't understand I'd I'd I'd totally flabbergasted by this because. We do problems here in America when it comes to the NF LTV ratings are lower. And is lower we need to look inside and how to make became strong again in the United States and it's not about expanding the brand it's about trying to expand the pocketbooks to deal. And and if that's the way that the Google apocalypse are gonna shrink as Americans are yo U don't care about us anymore. Speaking of the jaguars you you found this interesting story about what they're trying to do damned if you remember when they put the pools and their stadium hours ago a holiday but a dumb idea are quite literally desperate entered. The popular thing for them right that the pools and they're doing another one. They have teamed with a a local coming to bring doggie daycare. 21 of the FedEx. Stadium you can bring your dog to the game yes that's pretty Sanaa to bark at the park this is going to be in every day to yeah. Like an area of the stadium that's got a dog park. And I think you can even leave the dog there for like. Don't take care during the game. So if you're thinking why can't go to the games occasionally my dog won't write three hours or five hours or eight hours there you could bring dog with you. And Lou and leave it at the doggie daycare that's awesome. 1008 that sounds like something that would accompany your fans I don't think it did looked from the picture that suddenly huge area it'd have to be and now we've organ. Completely to get this but. There continue to try different ways to accommodate the fans like ID two I think that's a pretty clear doesn't make up for taking it early work it into the lot and out on our. Maybe I'm not taken out like the jags pet person or dog person for this but who's asked for. Well I think a lot of people Italy the dog could because we as we talked yesterday football days are eight hours and that's a long day longtime leader if if you have the opportunity to them to bring your pet to the game it probably does open it up a little bit more to more fans and fantasy you know I don't wanna leave the pooch home all day and think about that all I can bring the dog cool bad. You know I think I think if Welch this year I've achieved at a 100% on board and understanding of that blog has a FaceBook page for his dog right and elitist yes it's. That's that's for another it's at the vehement data that's been holding one and a little bit scary indeed scary but but I know I get it it does it open due to a whole other grouping of fans I think that's the way you have to be you have to be outside the box thinking now in sports which is part of the reason why they're going back to the old school uniforms as well I mean they're they're they're returning to their. Old school teal and just solid black helmets even though those new helmets for the last five years. At first says but at the end as the title like the senate is that this is the black Howard jaguar those are pretty sure they ought to act black ones that those are the best which. You know we've talked about it a lot on this show. The chiefs need to reinvent the uniform. I mean they they need to do something. Like where they get the yellow how The White Stripes Disco like if you look at Jacksonville's keel right now it is they teal uniforms there's not a whole lot of bells and whistles on it. Why is the chiefs don't you just go like all red. Jerseys with white numbers and just do that and input like you know LH on the sleeve for Lamar Hunt or something like that just do a nice bowl red Jersey. I I just think the chiefs need an upgrade I really think they need to get into the 21 century. Like on the cell bunch of those as well and they will too right time for some draft Chad brought you by a one mortgage go to my. Who draft talk on the forty fives. I love this. The build up early its this week the end detailing this week win all the general managers speak yeah. And the lying really gets going and it's fantastic because. Not one but two general managers yesterday get this by just two. If this. They be willing to trade out of their first pick. Moving John Elway at number five. I'm open chain. You're right here. We're gonna go to that next U I guess have we turn next week I've got to we've we've been through the board and so we'll start going through scenarios. Have a starting on Monday. And looking in the that in and so. You know. At that point Tom won't look at all the different options we got to see what's gonna you know if we're gonna move back we've got to go we got to go back and look it's okay where the what are we think we're gonna get people back. Bryce we got to go through every different scenario. If we're Marat what's it gonna custom of open is it worth to move up so all those scenarios will start work on Monday. So you know what there good list. Making the pick. Trading back that's very. Or maybe even trading Ol I don't think that's that's of the hostage. Broncos are looking at in that regard so there'll with a three different scenarios this crazy and and pick right behind him. Number six. Chris Ballard oh my gosh look what they're talking about. Well we feel good about the players it's gonna be there I mean when we made the trade. We thought a lot about. They get to the draft you know where it ended it there's two quarterbacks and they go in the top six picks. Are we get a B feel comfortable with the fourth best position player and we do we feel very comfortable with that will be on the saying that. We are we will be open to move him back. If we think it's the right thing for us to do and there's enough. Players on the board depending on how far we have to move back. That we feel comfortable taking. There you go out today on the the NFL network why even bother so they're also looking at the possibility of making that pit area. Or trading back will now. Now probably about that the outsell they've ruled out trading up. If I didn't hear anything about anybody that of their they'd be open to it though that is how much is gonna cost. But. They. Are in the position the enviable position of either. Knew making that it get this as making bad. Or be willing to trade how about baton. Quite the fifty this is an unprecedented tear through the years. We're hearing under John Dorsey open is trading the everything's so everything's opened their everybody is over for miss Michael Lamotte be off the hook. Everything out of John Dorsey went black as he does as a brother team. But ultimately isn't like I would you know another teen calls it want to pick I would think it was built he wants to pick Patrick because nobody was taken number one overall went. There's nobody there's nobody. Another sometimes you yourself wanna opinion I don't I don't think analytically lonesome I don't think they do meet twice a talent is a who's gonna pick. Very difficult pick this year very difficult. Our bread Sammy did a blog at sixty and sports dot com. With Mike Leach audio Mike Leach is the best right we'll note that this guy is fantastic and somebody asked Mike Leach about playing golf. Not cool that's another reason I would be out of committee have to call flaw I don't call for most of the other committee. Is because foreign. Because foreign because I don't care where that ball goes my family. Like golf legend broad -- -- go for law and they would drive around didn't get married do you have some road trip drug you know try to get somewhere precision of their clubs in the trunk you know all this is an excellent golf course for me we can just hit nine what would treat all of let's go relief for us well into a pick me machine and pretty soon I'm just you know read the same magazine over and over account and Jonathan winners of the great. Comedians that are really good point pieces you know what he says don't call for success are always politics throws toward. This horse perks their swings says you know I official because you know what but you know what I never do whatever justice and sit in front of the TV your walks into the living room go. Because I never do that then the ball so what they do is a lineup over the ball well described supplement. You know they're gonna do with the club and football that you can't do with a sniper rifle and scope they're gonna hit that ball to a spot the UK it with a sniper rifle scope of their and you have to stick ball. So you please back off on my left foot from little more weight on my right if I do this the ball go right there. No won't have muted it might be a good shot might be a great shot a second ago there and then as they have them as they're going up the ball well I would have done this and if this finger was different this in was different this group was different than the ball would have gone right there. Wendell what golf would go somewhere else where ordnance on right there there's so it goes full time nobody talks about it thing and you know golf treatment show for people that that don't swear effectively enough for me practice out of and so I mean there are those that need gulf and I don't think that I do. So that's Mike leads talking about golf and god bless Mike leafs finally. He can't admit an unpopular opinion because that's mine as well to for years I used to yeah I like I hated golf from the day I picked up the golf club in college. Hated it so much. And I've always said I'd like it was easier for me to say yeah I golf tees so I wouldn't have to tell people. That I don't like the golf and then I went to the driving range last year where we all about that hurt myself got hurt and and absolutely said that's it I am. Don I am I am done I am done I am done and I'm not gonna make any bones about it anymore to be honest about it. I don't like golf and I am not gonna play golf anymore I don't care what course she wanna play your any of that stuff. That would all business and I'm finally. I feel free that I can admit that I'm glad that Mike Leach gave him the courage to America yeah ice the ice like a weight has been lifted off my chest that's okay so what's sure. Leads us Leach's eased onto something though that that's fine you don't like golf that. He's also the per person we felt that he doesn't carry the ball goes they can still enjoy the game of golf. He's worried about the people that are soul like focused on being good golf industry DeRozan stories from the bureau is also the people yeah that was spent a lot of time and held that you'll wreck yourself. Trying to be good at home. He's got the right mentality I don't cure the ball goes I think he would enjoy golf. And people would enjoy golf these two other and just just hit play and it's when you try that's why quit playing was I. Didn't like being bad. Right if that's true it wasn't right. Or do they do what's right for me because I couldn't get any better and it drove me not and it wasn't an accident I was I was I was. Fixated so much and trying to become a better golfer that I was terrible. And so that's why I quit I couldn't enjoy the game just to. Just go play your walker hang out of people and drink beer whenever. I didn't. That the game wasn't for meat that weight lead somebody gain could be that could be for him I would think you'd find that very enjoyable yeah I got it. He's got a sense about being good about it I very much enjoyed a writer around a golf cart drinking beer yeah yeah that's that's that's that that's fun. What they'll do that what is your unpopular opinion. Mine comes from the world of music and I ate a bowl people like admitting this I I'd like. The the the artist. I read a lot about this artist. Watch a lot of videos about this if it comes of my timeline I will go in and watch something I watched a a sit down interview this person had there was really. Really good the other day. But I don't like Jay z.'s music. I really like cheesy. I'm not actually Brett I don't like Jaycee. All right Ryan lectures. Business. This is gonna get a lot of things grown in Israel and join the club. America is the greatest country in the world oh I'm I I hear all the time. They take jays the other did not say in this country I don't know I. I'm not saying I'm a world traveler by any means I've been to France I have been two of the Netherlands. I've been to Ireland. Canada Mexico and you know. I don't know what is the best country in the world but it's not trust it just just take my word for I think that anyone that still falls under the belief probably has never left just based on how we act and social media in Tennessee where your comfort I see a lot of people that the UK you don't like is it best I don't think you've ever left in the city and again. Big story. Big story. Wouldn't seven. Is the big story brought to you by read your real happy hour today from four until seven and of course five dollar burgers on Monday get on into one of the three red door grill locations schedule released today in the NFL. We would do a very. Deep detailed breakdown of the schedule at 730 here on 610 sports radio and we all fell into the same category all of us at that she's going ten and six don't. Dan and I'll like it. I return fraud and are right I never I never do I feel this thing out I've gone and I hated it's much like. You're your fantasy football draft this is the one that I keep I as I wanna keep as well but I I'm not I'm not believing. I they could they could go six and ten. Easier than thinking go tenets that maybe self it's a tough schedule there's no doubt about it so ten and six is what we have. The chiefs donor has straight home always wake you up. Domestic early I think the early part of the schedules are really tough it is very tough and now at the chargers at the Steelers have the Broncos Jacksonville at New England. Cool by the fifteenth of October man. You've gone through a gauntlet all gathered for six mean that you could be looking at a team that first one in five it has that. It's grounds out to try to get into the well the faster resurrected you've winning streak of revenue. But a lot of it is that is that half off schedule grass cat homes to go on the road more times in the first six games. And then you mention the match ups chargers Steelers niners Broncos jags patriots and a wow. I the middle part of their schedules. Much. What softer. First our scheduled stuff that they do get a bunch of home games of the tail went through the final four home yeah I've got four. The team's four game winning streaks on the schedule for the Kansas city chiefs of a time when ten. In six or big story brought to buy red door real coming up in two minutes. One FL player says he expects a lot of fans would quit being felt fans if the leak did this will tell you what it is in two minutes next. That's still in the morning empowered by the day.