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We dive into the biggest stories of the day with Headlines Worth Talking About. Plus, this week's edition of Fake News, the guys set their win/loss totals for the Chiefs in the most scientific way possible, and we draft our perfect draft-cliche player. 


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Hours talking about state pension industry learn something yeah. You it is headlines were talking about gentlemen. It's time to get X I know basically was excited I know queen was excited out of don't my excitement level was matching the argument being whose excitement for anything that happens in the NFL Lilly's very true VI NFL schedule officially released. Last night although we already knew the opponents to no similar or just looks better when it's on a nice one she. And you get at all in order times a day to melodies are. Mark and and off on the calendar exactly start filling out here you're scheduled for the fall I mean it's funny we would you start having kids and you start planning things that Josh you know this Ryan you know this to get so busy like you'll like. Are you available in June and this is January you know like you you're making plans that far ahead at times and now you now this all started I'm not on that level yet I should probably my bowl game. You're how old's your oldest. No. But they will be six and I and my three week you'll be. There and I couldn't get. One day at a time HO. She's scheduled though is out in the open up in LA against the chargers the home opener coming in week three against the 49ers. The big marquee matchup that I think a lot of folks are gonna have their eye on Sunday Night Football against he had defending AFC champion New England Patriots. They're pretty good football is bird that's coming in week six. What is going mentioned in the update five prime time games for the chiefs Monday Night Football week four at Denver. Sunday Night Football week six the New England Monday night again week eleven that's the Mexico City matchup vs rams. Thursday night in week fifteen at home against the chargers and then they finish out Sunday Night Football we sixteen. At Seattle. Yeah I did the schedules nice I don't I don't really have many issues with a except for the fact we only got one prime time home game and I look at the X Arrowhead Stadium and I see. What I love and that's Arrowhead Stadium at night I don't think there's a better optics for television in all of the NFL. And Arrowhead Stadium that night when they do those aerial shots that you've got to symmetrical stadium that's billed to the brand and it's rant on the black sky backdrop the Barbeque grills are spoken in funny and the fans are riled up and ready to go. Arrowhead at night. Is better than Errol head during the day it just is and it looks so awesome on television and the fans do such an amazing job. How the hell we only have one prime time home game is beyond me but I think we got the screw job now. Wasn't Goodell just last year talking about how the networks love arrowhead on prime time yet they do it looks great I mean they're still in prime time but you're not. I mean I think from one side of that or Bob. They think the chiefs are going to be pretty good well what it. Put them in the prime time matchups it's just confusing to me how last year you said we really like the optics of being at arrowhead and you only do what the problem. Amazed though guys I think when you look at the home schedule bites and that it like besides the division games there's no reason to go out to arrowhead to see teams that the Arizona Cardinals. They don't deserve to be a prime time San Francisco not quite there yet. May be Jacksonville could have been used as a prime time game but it still Jacksonville you're talking about that's not necessarily. As as good as they were last year I don't think they're still considered a marquee type of team. And then you've got the you know you've got the night's game against the Los Angeles chargers but the home schedule doesn't lend itself. Anything spectacular for a prime time game all the great gains at Pittsburgh at New England all the good ones at the rams in Mexico City. Oh alt marquee games this year are on the road home schedule was a horror for the Kansas City Chiefs when it comes to opponents adding that factors in as well I think that. The more marquee names camp come away from home this year so abilities are more of those in us. The road I still I still would put the raiders game. As a as a prime time game that would put the chargers games of prime time game and I would put the Broncos game at home is a prime time game instead of the one in Denver is a prime time. But that's just me I animal hoarding or talk with a lot of the lot of AFC west but there are all the games that they are all intriguing though. What do you more schedule talk coming up later in the in the Chicago at the scheduling of what more talk coming up later in the show lost your chance to register to win 777. Dollars courtesy of seventh street casino coming up. There are three minutes from right now but the royals looking to. Get off the ocean side which I still have a night it's as SE a snide. CH night. He was a guy one day at a time Schneider. I was I was like at CH. Like through with that wasn't really and EI ED. Careful if you spell and I get the country or and I can't do that it's. Five clues missed a spell night. We're looking to snap an eight game skid today though voters start a two game winning streak hopefully tonight doubled that today ball and I'll take its place. The first faceless and set the bar high okay. And a buff who here. Be realistic there at 12101 pitch Jacob Judas gets the ball Michael former. Or date watt 610 the first pitch in the second game. Jason Hammel. Opposite Daniel Norris for the tigers and now it. Interesting that you said date swat because I don't think a lot of people say that and I think they should say more like that when I like the ward it off I figured Detroit he French pronunciation 88 SBA it is you know it you know what it means you know the translation is it it's it's an ancient French term for terrible baseball season yet so we're gonna go ahead I was that we on this fire that does mean that too but now we're gonna go ahead sweep the series today have loved to make it yunis in the way that he's been pitching this year I got confidence and able both we'll have to go nine for the for the royals to win. Don't don't think we're not gonna start to see that guys don't think we're not gonna see Ned stark mr. XT starters out ridiculous from what seven in his last outing. I mean I think I think we're. You know thirteen games in a whatever it is but I think we're to that point. Or were going to see dead start to stretch these starters out a little bit more deep. Did you a better opportunity to win a game if these guys are lol man I just don't think a couple of hundred pitches got him out now we're used to make kind of that come the Keating that fifth. Sixth inning grounder right to think about it ire like he has got to push your way through eight in a way to win. Whitney star like what you're you know that we start to see pitchers just kick it to be order a third time. Like like that's become the new thing in baseball right away a third time through the orders not able to do you know what some of these guys gonna have to do right now because they're the strength of this royals team. So June is what seven twice his last outing that was via. Matchup against the angels terrible weather there and just born two thirds of four rounds so he's done than seven innings to three start so. But for him hopefully to pitch deep in game one today. Quick BC news out of the world sport so Earle Bruce who I've coached twenty one's college seasons as password at the age of 87 former Buckeyes coach. Earl boots was also at Iowa State in northern oh well did you ever see Russ ruby play pretty minor. Where the Fedora. Who else that was Bear Bryant. Hated to others over the tunnel injury overs look good in the door in a nice classy looking Fedora. And had a winning record against Michigan which is all that matters was there a feather in the Fedora. Other custody if you're a little bit Torre got there is a little not a not a long feathers would be like a little little. Like I would like golfers. All right caller number seven right now at 913576761091357676. Data's gonna qualifier to win 777. Dollars from seven street casinos so give out a phone lines right now caller seven is our qualifier today. We're excited to get to be qualified to win some money. Jo Ellan beater returning to action last night against the 76ers boys did you see the sweet masking his Don I got way out could you miss it right and I was fantastic. White is at it why not wanted to clear that. Is that no longer outings cream they use. Out of Sweden they all use that once when he went away win over the heat they now lead the series two games to one but indeed was absolutely dominant. For the 76ers including this three winner Cuba lock it up and go double that. Philadelphia had chance to go up double digits and led by eleven. The first quarter did he put. Yeah. Quite yet 23 last you leave them be mentally can think he. Original song here on six cents portrayed an awful. But Alison. He yes 23 last night in me any winning effort for the 76 point 328 I can't remember which one of its when he seven maybe it was I was close. But but a very nice performance at a Joel beat you mentioned earlier about him potentially becoming the new villain if you will. In the National Basketball Association he clearly using polarizing figure there's no doubt weigh in at any three of for us to. I I think I think from him becoming the new villain in the NBA I think it's a very difficult thing to do right now because the 76ers have won enough if they start winning. And he stays healthy he becomes dominating. As he becomes a guy that's always out there yet and fans will start to get sick of Joseph Allen feet. But until they stop others this is the rise before this oh god yes this is LeBron before he went to Miami today. At this that the justice Alan always happens and it. Besides Russell Westbrook how many people come onto the scene as a villain right away. Seriously think about that day after Hewitt got it on your way to New Delhi and and I know I I think Joseph well bead is on his way I think my C go to do. And then you can be it'll automatically right away in that is against a good point. But I think I think once what it's like he reaches villain status I think that'll be the time of Ron's probably calling it a career and hang them up and retiring. And the July Allenby can just take over if he could be. I think. One of the best transitions we've seen in sports for one villain to the next to deceive back though he's he can play man. Put him write a lineup that's a block party last night and he's unbelievable here he's fun to watch as these kind of stay healthy stay on the floor. Congratulations to Jeremy and Overland Park he got registered when 777. Dollars courtesy. Of seven street casino be listening each and every weekday at 707. For your chance. To get registered organ F 35 total register and so from now. And he will thirty for and one will win. 777. Dollars time magazine put out their 100 most influential people yesterday. I feel really dumb because all I don't know half that that's a that's a you have network. Going to be sport speed yeah I'm looking now like where's Roger Goodell and Tom Brady is not Oprah was the analysts are recognized Oprah John's here John Kaczynski was on the list. From the alt plus a high. No idea how that Naomi Campbell's analyst Hugh Jackman. Wolverine made the list. JJ walls on. That you like it lasted all that money that he recently for the hurricane victims used and nearly Bobby Brown who was. Whitney Houston's kid now it's what it was eleven from a stranger things. The irony YCEO. Louis I'd. I'm not gonna click the link okay American united give that satisfaction now I will not do that however. We will get in the satisfaction feeling a bit that's right coming up at 8 o'clock today. Casey's most influential. Advocate peace of. Fry it it's not the standard list that. You would think what we give all hours whom got Roseanne Barr's she should be the show was brilliant the show was absolutely brilliant. I was thinking about this the the other day I hear it enough for the new rows and they show was so well written. It's so well acted out it is it is a phenomenal. Television show on the care of strong feelings about it who's Judy Chicago while she's from Chicago earnings duty to close this hopefully that's. It's. Coming up what restaurant is looking to make a love connection and we found our new favorite newscaster all fake news next. For. This morning powered by the. These school readiness talking about we want to be Wyoming I would imagine that there's. Guns in the school to protect them potential growth slows. These stories from around the globe that he may have an easier to lead the issues due largely. They have the most honest. No one mentioned the Georgia senate the most honest. I'm JJ has something new stuff under very effective. I'm coming up and down day. Seventy seconds or so when you hear this drop. A heartbeat while at number. And and you will win tickets to them scene of the royals 91357676. Tip when you hear that dropped the caller Ted. And you'll win tickets to go see them boys in blue. So it is fake. News time completely original not taken airlifted from any. Headlines search to find mystery man who wants to marry chicken curry let. That's right if you can Marius stiglitz who would you marry I think maybe Pete says that would be your son really all varieties the spice of life you can do a lot of different things with it this is a very specific food. I would Mary. They shortly habits vocals are you right now I would kiss that sure grip and love enough it is the best piece of meat and Burton. It's. Ice idol sexual and what didn't talk about I slept through it shortly exit distort you today to grocery store at the cost you know I looked Avago. Why I gotta buy that it is I don't sound do you call Oscar of the grocery store. Time I've got where I was sick. Store constantly. I forget about all the time on FaceBook and a restaurant looking for the man who publicly declared his intention to marry it's mango chicken curry sap Ron is the name of the restaurant and remained that of announcements of spice and very now it is it. In oh god yes it's it's Damon from locusts like via. But not locusts are most dollars it paid you a statement from Lotus. Thing with the idea of gas company. A diner known only as a Luke wrote an online review after visiting the restaurant said quote if I could marry this mango chicken I do it in a heartbeat. Well there looking for a loop now to given the opportunity to pop the question tied in knots and as a wedding gift staff Ron is going to live give Luke a year's worth. Of free mango curry it's fantastic I don't know I don't the legal ramifications of it but for a year's worth of free mango very chicken. Duplicate what. I'm not I'm not ended the curry spice I don't like that flavor but you know if somebody was willing to give me a three year or something I told you we we we thought about naming our child. Being willing to fund fast you know if that king don't use that we. No she was on board he was definitely an arm she would guess he was because we we wrote to them that if you pay for our kids' college tuition. We'll name our child's inkling on vesco. And they said now. They actually sick or yes I'll know yeah it was back and they'll nine before we had a child there. Back in ought not on nine art and I cannot nine and they said no let's addicted now they would probably say yes. Is this like really at the beginning of the social media player and change the kid's name is Keith and I don't know that I go to inkling of them in the Wendy's Kirkland on their skills are who are behind your name is then. Keeping an and you're name is now Kirkland northern originally noticed. Why yes. He the F. But the initials right there in a pair of initial. I love Florida man's story is the best all of the Florida man's stories out there. This is not a Florida mammoth there for a woman and she called police. Ferry the shuttle. Okay this is I don't know how one has to have a potent element and a woman want to do treat yourself over and I think it's possible 'cause I thought it might help us have you know like you hit it out of my. Night and it might that term in human in my life. Let me OK okay people who think it was clear look at a let's hear it up so sorry that's okay picnic eat breath its cozy bedroom door to just. Just go to bathroom door and I have to cap hit that party won't. And I hope Hillary isn't that the local carpet event that's okay that's quite all right. This poor lady has it pops them in her bed that are in her nightstand right buyer bad hops. The police didn't really show awesome and their nightstand don't think that's. 723 here the children are on the way to school right now isn't that. Of possibly the night stand who knows people he today nightstand and he'll blossom in the nice and straight athlete I'm gonna get to do that on again. But. There. It down let's just play the drop to take all I go through I don't want to be. A it. She started like really we'd be about a man in my life is headed composers other. I just don't yeah man violently and possibly he's had his own for a second reaction like I don't know man my life. Exodus that away editor here is absolutely running from the possible. What are you don't have the main yet to catch up submit your nightstand badly. At. Her at all costs are scary we have one. I counted one on the way to work 1 morning. Came in through the dog. And hysteria in the garage. Wrong highlights freaked out deal that it'll look into your eyes it sources. Scattered. Standard way it was stared analyze things so let's in the house in the garage and the garage. Why I would freaked out ads and immediately like. Went fix the fence like the next day like yesterday fortified thing it does not getting back in here again that decree yes it was a you know. Kept her dog food and rods. It if there's tracked on the whereabouts and I'm I'm not a big fan applause line on his dog doors which was released writing to me. It's literally just pushed through. A wild animal hospital and only on an obvious partisan you know poorly trained dogs once these animals find out where there's food or something like that gets you get to them and they definitely will do and I told about the dog catcher hacksaw Reynolds back at my house the connected stuff up there won't and it racked must do everything. As this is the second time I've heard of hacksaw Reynolds so I know her last feature and it has to be true. I actually didn't know of this was real or not because the newscaster was so animated I thought who. Who is this guy who the hell is this guy had to do some research. He is in fact a real human being checked this out this from local war in Detroit a driver strips and. A kid after a wild crash in west liked him at what is on the scene ten world. Blaine and blow the road in west landfall a couple of big with the big total I have been told over. Serious injury as well most of most transported she could little caught off the distance and it's really quite smashed up this all started when this pickup truck on the left program. The ballad go away the road and slaughtered plowing into Beckel is also the question got out of that vehicle then got nine kids that's drug jumped almost pulled off. Does it don't sit around a crashing into standup just I didn't I guess it has had no so allow me and that would be stole Greg good start naked. Drawl always pulls off they don't I don't find the police find and I tried eventually running away but they got the magic got them. Really can't cousin and he got to get away. So drivers to police custody officers try to put out just walk a bought into him but it doses it was amazing when you look at this we'll call bucket to show although it's a little bit over regulating driver thanks to get up. I just thought it. In west slanted but I like him to a couple of local war. Uncle full title. Not be half as good without the accent ten hand when this is name as they ran. He is very real treasure. Congratulations. To him. Congratulations to our winner for those tickets as well we'll do that again at 720. On Monday velocity utensils and rock fest tickets coming up at around 8:20 this morning here on 610 Sports Radio coming. Did you flight to Vegas but we're giving you the actual totals for the chiefs in 28 team. It's been anticipated. It's been one did and now it's gonna happen next. This go. Powered by the community saturn's sixth and Sports Radio yeah. It is. Time and everybody's been waiting for him to release. Are sheets director before the ball well Ali. Season at least the crack him if you hear anybody else doing this around the country let us now this is all ours baby. Nobody else better be predicted or advanced today act. Can happen. I just. Ryan I love this exercise every year I hate the auditors zoning out. Stretch in my arms out been fawning over this thing since it released about twelve hours ago. And so here we go NFL films music please. Let's start week one at the Los INS chargers 305 central time for the start on CBS. Josh what you have the time doing all of that she said like I really did win streak against the chargers Brightpoint right do do it. I I've continually slam my window down on the chargers. Constantly is bounces back up all time she's had all this thing so. I have this one is a win yet it is a win right womb like are we doing. Actual total of the game scores well now I'll come on yeah how could you possibly predict that the votes that's. I always went where I had those of matters like that they can figure that out for me you know off the shredder and speaking of a computer did you see what ESPN did. They get all the predictions for their games on for the entire NFL season and he hands. The NFL teams winning 289 games out of a possible 256. At the I don't know that that covenant as figured that that doesn't suit here at at and I. Every year when the schedule from that I always. Just assume we're gonna to split right down the middle in our division but I think it's a little bit weaker this year I think the chargers are probably the team that you take to for a so I think that you get it first went from the chart obviously I am losing start the season I am starting the season on what you guys sent starting wanna know. Week two at Pittsburg. Tied game and CDS to go undefeated you know when first it's right now. I hate this when they lose. We two going to Pittsburgh no way damn that's. I Aussie I got it as a loss as well because until you beat Pittsburgh you have beaten Pittsburgh that is clear. Andy Reid's Kryptonite so you've got through Pittsburgh ever and spoke to beat Pittsburgh the polls open on Sunday September 23 eagle three. Against the San Francisco 49ers a new time kick off on false saga but he's winning that sucker. I'd like this when you re man why Jimmy G. Come now. He's hot don't you just admit it instability mean he really proud of that and address this as a way. So I actually haven't as a loss I AM. Somewhat frightens them a fighting Jimmy keys and he has the ability to go down the field so I do think that. You fighting Jimmy geez take the home opener away from the team all right first primetime game at Denver week's apple in the mile high city. On ESPN I data loss for the chiefs are starting one and RIE one and three seed now at the for I was really close to a 22 of the first war but I got a winning at Denver he had 311 or. I have a really hard time I hope the war you know at Denver that's true I do have a hard time picking the chiefs when they go play in Denver however that was the stat I was going to lean on pat on one and so I think they're gonna get when there anti gun that they come back at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week I didn't time tick and CBS that Adobe for me. This is right happens this is lettered for an. Running on the t.'s defense at a loss and you're held in this team photo or do something stupid that a loss and take away a whole game from him. I think that she stepped up I think the statement went against the I think it is a statement when it against Jacksonville it's hard to say that but I think that is a statement win for Q1 of the best defense is that pat on the face Leo important gap I agree Kelly Olsen all season and a good running back and they could set him down maybe got a good run defense do you guys are making the case like that's a loss making the case for that that's a short amount of gas that your mouth and say no more. On debt at the New England Patriots Sunday October 14 at 720 kick on Sunday night I would call well I thought that was lost right. Anybody and then there's no way they go to New England where ride I'll go ahead say there's no way that's never a prime time game that doing what you got this kind of game it is I don't know if you noticed. But Patrick Holmes is everything that is great about football. He's everything that will be great about the chiefs' offense this year and I think on Sunday Night Football pat Holmes walks in the box out and shows Tom Brady. Out of football who was the last chiefs quarterback a walk in the fox class I have signed guitar and now Tom Brady Alex Smith. This doesn't happen he's never missed SA and surgery what do you here yet I haven't I haven't lost to I think Andy Reid owns Bill Belichick in the regular season. But I'm taking New England in this. Cincinnati bank president I think is like one and BI it was virus cases on these sort of pick the opposites on the I Cincinnati Bengals at home and kick off CBS and win right into his release as one. That the Denver Broncos roll in the town a week later for a new kick on CBS I get a W dialysis startled win streak I don't know how you guys don't take history into account that this beat Denver Broncos are always a tough game on my vote was right on the middle anywhere with that. But the division on take off so you got a week at Denver losing at home to the room you're right it is for twenty sweeping their adversaries om I've got the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland on November 4 renew and I'm Jacob CBS as a W they get revenge over John Dorsey is 60000 hours of draft three search. The chiefs rolls around. This week 118. We ate they'll be on I'll see the second quarterback right of their two that there picking helping her out and a half a Baghdad away. See you looking forward to the fighting John Dorsey browns coming into or are having to play the chief because I don't know what giant handed quarterback we're going to have right or if they're going to take take on Barkley I don't know what offensive weapons are going to have but I know John Dorsey you'll. Probably messed up half of it so they'll have at least two out of the first ten picks I'd Little League good league. When you think about it guys that two people who were unceremoniously. Fired the worst in Kansas City Todd Haley and John Dorsey are partaking in that game I think John Dorsey gets his revenge and figure and I'll be taken and held Cleveland earning him again or twenty. On Arizona comes to town on November 11 for a noontime kick on fox W. A feels about right Arizona sucks and is part of a four game win streak that I didn't order Becker. If Sam Bradford portal. And the only reason I know that is because they're calling the Arizona at Minnesota a revenge game. And for what who knows I'm a bit they traveled to Mexico City to take on the Los Angeles rams. Anaheim about. I have that as a loss ID two title at the markets Peters it's a little. It's little payback is that we that I am somewhat rooting for that to happen. Spears do little. I still think that she's from while playing very good bye week there's nothing there that the final bill would months of the season was five games. Open on Sunday December 2 CDS in Muslim law office. That if you. Andy Reid is does he break coming off a body wasn't last year against the giant this is the holiday by two I don't like this and that comes on Thanksgiving Thanksgiving week I you have a whole lot coming up on by weeping hasn't been very reliable and take over you know there is well Baltimore Ravens at home the following week noon CBS W. WW. Then the Los Angeles chargers their only primetime home game Thursday night on NFL network fox in about whatever app does televising the I have as a should be seriously this season could be any. Social media site it's gonna broadcast that my area that's a win. I too believe that will be away. All right at Seattle the final Brody of the season this Sunday Night Football games I have is a W I think Seattle's going to be absolutely growth this year I'll I don't like going there. Any particular point in time that he get second loud stadium in the unifil has right now I get Emma. Begin with a lot of beavers. A diamond the diamond nightly game on Sunday. Alana France and now he's in the northern lights than it was. Well I have an open as well. Final game of the season the winner claims that division Oakland Raiders hold. On Sunday December 3 time's a wc team so win. Chucky on December 30 and as they went down ornery as well I got the chiefs attendance six this year element and sixes while ten and six. He's going to be attended six this year that talent all bleed itself out now that's just how it happened and then they'll they'll lose in the first round that's exactly right 106 and a first round laws. For the Kansas City she says that the safest bet in sports yes I think it is yes. The medical's crack smokers for a not taking cardinals over the chiefs really does Johnson's gonna robbing me they have a brand new head football coach out there and lead quarterback and then they made a very disparaging remark about remark about the name of the teeth. The cardinals did the texture. Coming appearance extant Sports Radio the most important thing teams are looking forward still quarterback. Has nothing to do with his ability to play we'll tell you what it is next. Electric heating and cooled studio. That's still in the morning powered by the GA. Who. And plumbing heating ABC murder electrical play of the game but. A game yesterday. Doubleheader today himself back on Monday we'll get Bob's favorite band mile deep delisting too much of burns. Post game on Sunday review a play of the game got. No it at 745 on Monday for shot to win 25 dollar gift card courtesy of toppers pizza locations in mission and Lawrence. I'm Doug little draft brought to you by a one mortgage go to my a one mortgage dot com it one mortgage making your dreams. In reality. Yeah it is time to do a little bit draft coverage don't forget Torres will have a special draft show interest pillar of the star will have a draft special Monday an April 23 at 6 o'clock Ilie convict a believer gonna be alongside as well. I'll with Torres on Monday so be listening for that. Our John Dorsey is it we we know he's a little ridiculous when it comes to the end of the draft cliche 68000 hour right there was this famous. Quote bearded and prepare for the draft right and and he was talking yesterday was about India that the quarterbacks yes Mary Kay Cabot who covers the the browns to we haven't Cobo I don't know irises scanned it. Sounds old stymied him in hurricane and it. Brown's Dorsey cited hand the size. As a criteria for a QB playing in Cleveland. So that means they're taking Josh Allen writes that the biggest and sighs well to according to reports and and an eight inches so Joshua Allen is gonna have got to over. Gargantuan and biggest hand so apparently they're taking him in Cleveland Josh Rosen was second Sam journal third and and bigger mayfield fourth so it looks like Josh Allen will be the pick of of John doors don't. It is time you're a mean for elect. For a month idle listening the radio Lotto watch TB oh picked up the spirit. Kind of sit there it is thanks Gavin you when you do that you see that purity of information see the facts and see the film. Without listening to the outside like Nordson that's what was done. Am Muslim. Our hand side isn't just blacks out they humor answers. On eagle I listen did not listen in but saw a tweet about him yesterday from another person in Cleveland I don't remember who was but I had me laughing because. They went and found Padma homestand side from a year ago and then compared that to hand size of all the quarterbacks in the draft this year. And they found something with identical answer as if that's the guy the Cleveland Browns are taking it wasn't Josh out I think it was like Rosenberg Arnold or something like that. Because he had smaller hands a little bit smaller than what Josh our hand but it like John Dorsey is just like full of these draft shakes his. He's he's amazing you guys know I'll do love a good cliche rent we love draft cliches even more yes. I want to build the perfect player by drafting. Draft cliche it's okay will you entertain you. About this we'll do a three round draft and he'll snake and a. And good. It's likely you'll have the first pick in the draft what what what cliched you want to build my perfect football player always loved high motor. Who I needed guy with a high motor I knew I motor was going to be first off don't have a high motor IE and ignited this. I honestly hope thinks I'm honored on to the second pick Bobby and they aren't I want it high motor to be on the board there it. It's unfortunate not earlier today yet you did steal my pick I'm gonna let the board comes amigo. As our friend John doors and say I want a guy who's first in last down. Our first and last down imposing it on. I like that one I'm gonna go get a guy back fix them on ice did in the odds pretty good ominous bill with a guy that has all the measurable. Spoon. Am. Right. And then it's it's it's kind of call a talking about the quarterback a little bit here. I'm gonna come back with a god can make all the throws. All room. I'm surprised you let this one slide. To me not only is my guy going to be first in first out is bringing him lunch pail to work on yes and him. And I tied back to back. Client take quarterback atop the draft that they get to build that quarterback. First take correct person bill the press the franchise around him and I am looking for quarterback as they can always been the ball. Spin the ball back is I mean who had a good. If you can't spin the ball and use our U and a you're cynical of the pants in the dumbest things being Manny couldn't take it literally spin the ball and spin the ball all the ones people. True and there. And then of course when I'm when I'm looking to them that back to back here I'm looking for great locker Gary Locke of all. He's great block what a steal in the third round the great locker. The discount that locker room guy. I'm also shocked this went to the third round in me. You guys are out here measuring hand size and spin rate on the ball and velocity. All of them measurable. I wanna guy that's all part all arts is unshaken all hearts. I I'm gonna follow that up with the final pick in this draft I want a guy who's the son of the coach. A thoughtful as late as they find mr. irrelevance that's right son album copes with the final day. In the cliched stuff to recap our dream players from the draft cliches. We will have a guy with a high motor who can spin the ball any great locker room guy that's that's like the only way franchise right there I have a guy who is first and last out brings his lunch pail to work and it's all parts. You're gonna kind of stuff and I got again and it sounds like he's you linebacker in the Mac guys yet gotten a middle I think Lee would give god a try hard team I feel like I've got Korea month I have auriemma right here today you have outta your name you know bigamy and and us and Bob you have a guy who has all the measurable. And make all the throws and is the son of a coach I'd hate and Dave. Nokia Tyler break that's the equipment but they're here or there. So if we were the combine all the sting and the ultimate play eight and we we took the player with a high motor that first in the last staff has all the measure bulls can make all the throws brings his lunch billable work and spend the balls are great locker room that would all art the son of a coach. We would have the most ideal player that you would. How many times we hear these cliches over the next week when the NFL draft is going around 1472. And jelly beans are in that like we we'd like look at Mel Khyber junior in times Election Day and the other guy on there you know from NFL network. Which is an impeachment day or whatever his name is. Like Mia gun might make gets it might may be McVeigh is like my math is bad. You forgot about it. Yeah I mean I want it is meant you wanted to gateway are really upset we missed a lot of these born leader importantly years ago when his high IQX I'm playing and on this some athletic sneaky athleticism very means not athletic runner that its exact gym rat or lights camera out of weakness in the gym rats blue collar. A hole at a football guy loves football loves the ball right applause I let Elena because I didn't mean that Betsy gave me. Everybody was I making sex grants during the other picks with excellent mania and he's a plug and play guy starter from day one who. Now heat seeking missile but what's gonna happen is like we're gonna watch these guys on Thursday night. Friday and if you Brinkley Saturday. And they're gonna talk about these players in the Mac on Wednesday yes I think so but this Saturday in the draft would ease the only those players like. And the analysts are gonna talk about these guys and they're gonna pretend that they know things about these guys and they're gonna show the video of this guy let let let's say. Art Stephens and defensive tackle from the Cleveland are from you know my Clemson and art Stevenson gets picked in the fifth round by the jags. And they'll go to melt hyper to go melt what is your take on our Stephenson well this is a kid it's got a high motor he's the first one in in the last one out I'll tell you what he can really spin the ball. And he plays the all these great space. And people are gonna go. That's created paralysis. They boldly about the same cliches. On these drafted players multiple times over and over and over again. And you just have to change the name of the player. And the analysis is gonna be the same as these guys don't know what the hell they're talking about nobody knows art Stephenson from Clemson and what he's gonna do was defensive tackle in the sixth round for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Just don't. That's why these cliches are such a great day we're exposing. Net. What we're gonna be watching on Thursday night Friday and Saturday even though it is glorious television and we all love it. Is like you now pay a lot of this stuff is is made up cliches coming appear on sixty exports are you know we have done it again. Well I guess beat Kansas City top three. Time magazine put out their most influential 100. So we decided to say what are our top three most influential people in Kansas City in the list is different than anyone we've ever come up with before you don't want to miss two minutes next. Leaders of the best player available unload that can play any bill. It stocks rising may have jumped number one he's physical he's the type of guy that you want people inside and outside he's flexible he's a beast. Bill like Graham was big physically Prodi takes that these blue water he's got fourth rounder written all over by these diamonds were he's got Lowe's motor woes guys close mobile. This morning. Sports Radio.