04/20 - 6 am - Let's Be Blunt About The Schedule

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, April 20th

The guys share their initial reaction to the schedule release. Plus, Bob mansplains something, we Shout It Out, and John Dorsey is "Browning" it up in Cleveland. 


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On a Friday morning here on six did Sports Radio Welch is taking today off me lately cows you if you until 10 o'clock today here on this extent sports radio and a it is out Fannie how excited were you last night this is one of those like sports holidays and totally ashamed that I'm into gaffe. As it is so stupid it is so dumb but the NFL this past you is this just. They are down here every single year every year I'm not doing this and I couldn't wait for that app. Email to hit the inbox added watched the show I didn't either they showed the NFL network on us a bit. Bad sending that email that has to dates of ties for all the games and you got me you've got you know. Errors and. Here you got me ready to go you gotta be ready to rock and roll and I am excited about schedule released a in the NFL but I was like you last night like a bit apart the day yesterday. I was gonna look around look at rumor see what I can find at like gave her lately kind of way. I try to piece together rightly guy OK it's the first I saw is like October 21 Cincinnati active city is the Bengals scheduled that release site we knew that we do the nineteenth of November games we get to sixty is about Pat's one early in the pats had it in an early once we got three of the sixteen early and I start to build her own schedule and I don't know about you guys less that we an open house at the school we gotta go over to the school and see that all the construction paper and advocates of cut over the last six months pasted on the walls and after we did out of the schedule that's how they made the schedule yeah they had -- it up on the ball he hit that third I felt the last put it up yet. So is it over the school I totally forgot that the schedule release showed was not I got back home I got my email and there was the email from the of the local organization here in town with this schedule and how it was all going to play out and I. The way we all re acted as state. You know we knew the schedule yesterday we know the opponent since January we build. Who the chiefs were going to play what what teams were going to be on that schedule. We just didn't know what order that schedule was going to be in for me and I don't know about you guys but I like the schedule for a couple of reasons number one. I like the CME primetime games or. And the bike week this week is Thanksgiving week like that falls right at the best time a year for everybody. But the chiefs have a bye week during he Thanksgiving week holiday and they don't have to worry about playing over Turkey day so I know a lot of people are gonna be excited about that one. That they get back and a week off especially the players when they got people in town and all of that kind of stuff so it's a little bit late in the year. But he gears yet for the final four games of the season as you get set for the stretch run to go Whitney third consecutive AFC west championship and hopefully lock up home field advantage. Throughout the post season won't get there what we think the record's going to be a little bit later on but it a couple of initial thoughts that I had. Five primetime games Josh five primetime games and only one at home only one at arrowhead this year I'm thinking to myself what is at arrowhead magic being rewarded why are our feet and skating or awarded. For for for being the best and in the NFL. And and I thought about it for awhile thinking to myself well maybe they put the chiefs on the road in prime time. Because they build that's when the other big crowds will be other stadiums during the prime time is when you can put you know the chiefs sit there and have a big game on a Monday nighter a Sunday night that will draw more fans to other stadiums because they bill. Nude on Sunday in September or whatever day of the week it is. Arrowhead is going to be full arrowhead is going to be good spectacle so they don't need to use arrow head anymore as kind of like a marketing tool for the NFL they need to start filling these other stadiums in primetime games. Ten to fill stadiums more around the NFL that a random Sunday afternoon does so that's why I think maybe that she's only have one home primetime game. You put him on the road in primetime and give other teams the opportunity to maybe sell some more tickets is that that's where we are right now if this were trying to sell tickets. What gets people excited. Night games primetime games under the lights and some of these other cities can use the bump and attendance the chiefs are gonna get fans regardless of what time. Okay no I thought the I thought it was strange because they love TV loves the optics are sure stadium and that's why they love coming to to Arrowhead Stadium again they get. They get the crazy fans they get allowed atmosphere it's a great product for them so I was a little bit surprised my initial thought was they think that she's gonna be good okay. You don't wanna have a crappy match up in a prime time game and so old they think the chiefs are going to be good and have a chance to go play it well in road venues. Why why would you 45 lead role with a rookie quarterback. They're gonna be exciting I guess and I think people. They they're going to be good otherwise you'd you don't wanna dog in those in those games so you must think they're gonna have a chance to go to win these road games and it won't be easy. On now these the primetime games are all pretty goes pits for resort las prize it wasn't a prime time game that I that I really had a chance to be oneself. The Mya my impression was. Yeah that's kind of stinks of geely at one of the five at home but but they must think a lot of the chiefs have place him in those games on the road. And maybe they do but I I just think were were to the point of now we're selling tickets has become an issue in the NFL and the way to move the most amount of tickets and get people excited. Is to give them something unique can give him an event every Monday Night Football Sunday Night Football Thursday night football. Those are all big time that they really aren't as much as I don't like Monday Night Football them out of failed Monday Night Football. Other people are fans of Monday Night Football if you're trying to get people to an event you gotta make it I don't have but some of those like I at Denver enthusiasts are sold out sold hats and sold out that's true does help those on those are venues I consider. Needing them. In elm maybe the maybe the chargers do this Buffett are the main charge Broncos at home so that that when this kind of is cannot they're sought act. I don't know I just my my first initial impression was he wanted to game so you want a competitive game in those matchups they must think that she's have a shot. To be rewarding to Denver Broncos at that Monday night home game to start the year in October and they're not going to be good football team I mean they are picking number five I don't think Denver's gonna be very good so you're rewarding them with a prime time home game why not have that game against Kansas City to Denver Broncos won. At Kansas City is a prime time game one in Denver as a noontime starter at 3 o'clock start I guess it would be. Out Denver I think it ceased to get jobs at that when I think the Los Angeles rams went to Mexico City obviously you wanna put that went on the map of the you know in a primetime games showcase that one. And then you got at Seattle on Monday on Sunday Night Football which I gotta be that he Seattle's gonna suck this year I was talking to people on vacation from Seattle because it was Seattle spring break survey there was a Seahawks and there's no optimism at all whatsoever in the Seattle Seahawks this year so that would looks a little fishy to me is well I don't know why that one needs to be a prime time. Why not in the season with the Oakland Raiders on a Sunday night game north or Saturday night game against the raiders here. At Arrowhead Stadium instead of a new kick tied. For that one so I I think we got jobs as a stand base for the home games if you want those primetime games because I think arrowhead fans and Arrowhead Stadium loves a prime time atmosphere and I'll be honest with I don't know I think arrow points to eighty looks great at night on TV you don't say like I'm getting goosebumps thinking that it's the better Red Sox with a black sky. I in the earth I got some. I just don't understand why we don't have more than one primetime game barbecue grills and yeah. It's like it was great yeah it looks amazing on TV don't stadium in my opinion looks as good at. At night on television is arrowhead. Like it's a perfect symmetrical state does get really dork eating geeky. But it's a perfect symmetrical stadium the red popping against the black sky the barbecue grills the atmosphere that we have here. Like I just don't get how the NFL is rewarding us with more. They just one primetime game and every home game. Is that new this year except that one primetime game but we're even getting like a 3 o'clock start game for our games at Arrowhead Stadium now some of these could be flex later on in the season. But I just look at the home schedule might mean and we kind of got the screw job a little bit especially to start the season to wrote he's the start the season now. That when I blame on the Kansas City Chiefs. First week of the season. You got Taylor Swift here in concert on September 8. The venues not available on September 9 to have a home game second weekend the royals are in town the venue was not available to have. In of that because the royals already have Kauffman Stadium so that leaves you with Sunday September 23 to open your season at home. Against San Francisco almost an entire month into the season coming it was opening an October here. At arrowhead but that's that's the growing trend now not only in the NFL. But with the all the stadiums they know that they can make more money and Taylor Swift concert than they cannot achieve and that's a fact. That's a fact because they would not be putting a Taylor Swift concert in Arrowhead Stadium. On September 8 if they didn't think that was gonna bring in more money. Then a Kansas City Chiefs game on September 9 and so they ran the numbers they did the figures and they realized Taylor Swift at arrowhead is gonna put more. Seymour butts in the seats. But more dollars in the seats that a Kansas City Chiefs game and so this is now we were seeing. The NFL and Major League Baseball and even NBA this desperate search for years so we don't wanna Tenet. You're gonna make more money awfully random Taylor Swift concert that you are a chiefs game. All with apologies. Two to Taylor Swift we're talking about the schedule what we thought was going to be schedule yesterday and opening it and not take into consideration I did not note of that concert was the day before chair he had to date for the opener so it's a little tough to changeover stadium that fast. Get ready certainly for a new game maybe for three my name is heating and then you have to then. Or yet to come and ask NFL we have a son and I came here as our stadium can't be ready in time Ria. That's a that's an awful lot to ask if they don't want that game necessarily. On on the prime time to open this these and self yea kind of got kind of a job there are three of the first four away from home yeah for the first six away from home and then now. Three of the final four at home down the stretch so you get a back loaded schedule with home games which is good but. Senator pat homes out on the road to start things off at. The yet at the chargers at the Steelers at the Broncos at the patriots yet in the first six weeks. Will we and that's a tough stretch and well that that kid's got he's hit it out of the issue was some with some fire sell. We'll see if bad look easy at the front front portion of the schedule. Did that at the back portion of the schedule doesn't look easy either and you've got Baltimore who's always at a decent football team beat the chargers are probably the second best team in the division right a year at Seattle I think it's gonna be slob this year. And then you've got the Oakland Raiders and close things out at home and as your big rival beat this the raider stuff is very interesting to play the raiders twice after the bought announced on December again I mean twice in the summer in the final five weeks of play the raiders two times. Hostel for the tees which I really don't like that at all not a big fan of that but I am a big fan of having those three of the final four at home which the chiefs have done a pretty good job of doing over the last couple years acting really started Josh. When this team went to London member here at that home game went to London and they got three of their final four games at home on the schedule and I think in he read really likes that I think Andy Reid understands the importance of being at home in December and not only winning those these ads are ones London but I think backs loaded home schedule it'll be the draft in 1920 here in Kansas City but but the backlog at home schedule. I think really is 888 nice way. To kind of award somebody because. As you look at an NFL schedule I she's starting a wood too I don't know you have them starting but I am starting owing to its not how you start. But how you finish and everybody knows your team in September's not the same team as December. And if this team does Bill Owens to start the season this year people are gonna be freaking out you know it's gonna be a major free all odds aren't good now into an all in three they're horrible game you don't you don't make the post season. Except if you're Andy Reid coached team OK they find a way to do member they started one in five and then ran off ten straight games. And found themselves in the post season so it can be done it can be you know a situation that changes as the season moves along. And I think that's the way it's going to end up being with the Kansas City Chiefs and having three of those final four games at home. I think is a nice war and a nice way to finish that schedule. As you get set for the post season so Holmes tested early a lot of road games three of the final four at home I know the chiefs love that and one of the coolest things I think our 3 October home games at noontime the best month of the year the best weather of the year. And you three games at Arrowhead Stadium where you can go out there in your short sleeves tailgate they enjoy the weather and enjoy football for those new kicks. And he got them at home because there was a year it was again that the London year. Were you didn't have any October home games because they went over to London gave up that home game to latitude to play overseas so. I'd like this schedule I'm not freaking out over because I think the chiefs are going to be just fine we'll get to our wins and losses in the in the 7 o'clock hour here what we think all of them leaving Kansas City Chiefs are going to be. But I kind of like the way that they shapes up the only thing that I am really upset about is not enough prime time home games for the arrowhead fans because of how great Arrowhead Stadium just appears on television everybody loves it there's not one person who watches Errol and TV at night it. That doesn't look like a fun place it looks like a rocket at Roland type of atmosphere we should have been rewarded a little bit better. Then just you know one primetime game but sale of any. You win your games and you'll have night games of playoff games all kinds of games. In Kansas City at 707 the seventh call will be register to win 777. Dollars from seven street casino. Of the total of 35 registered so the B 135 teams to win that 777. Dollars to be listening at 707 for your chance to win it. Coming up one big part of the NFL is under fire that's the way it's gonna come to an end we'll tell you what it is next. This morning powered by the today. Friday morning here on 6:10 Sports Radio good morning to all of our friends up north studio wonderful day in make kids is said he will talk about it during shouted out coming up in about fifteen minutes or so here on six dead Sports Radio thanks for listening a lot of new listeners we get every single day here. This extends sports family room follow I due to falls is a fantastic place I was talking about it to somebody when I was on vacation at a couple from up there in Minnesota they go. Alia or from the small ten tournament I know every small town in America and that's my wife was a Nazi controlled it well that are up there Retief and Freddie can't. Paul's got applause and all's what what she got out of Minnesota into Wisconsin he could breathe easier just so much cleaner and better in Wisconsin that was in Minnesota so once you cross that sing crying a river. And guided Hudson with a cousin subs on the hill on the best western and drove in the river falls that was a slice of Americana. And I tell you what river falls Wisconsin was a very very great place so much better than being stuck in Minnesota but what part of the NFL is under fire. And if so has their way they're they're thinking it's going to come to when and and it's NFL cheerleaders there was a story written in the in the USA today newspaper. By columnist saying we've reached the end of time. Four cheerleaders there's no place in the NFL for cheerleaders in 2018 written by Nancy are more of the USA today newspaper and she's basically saying that VO cheerleaders and two NFL teams have filed gender discrimination complaints in the past month. Detailing the demeaning ways in which they were treated. Restrictions on what they can do what they can't do how they can act how much money they can make all that kind of stuff fans are not very happy are cheerleaders are not very happy with that. Because rules prohibit contact with players and put the onus on the women to avoid it plus they have dress codes for a the cheerleaders as well so the cheerleaders are mad they're filing these you know these gender discrimination complaints against. Some NFL teams and they say it's over we don't need cheerleaders in the NFL anymore and and I've been on board with that prolonged. Josh we've talked about it I've asked you repeat what exactly do cheerleaders do because I met or seen. A cheerleader. Like actually getting defense Cheney acknowledging or anything like that like you don't see them actually. Starting that chance or anything like but I calendars on they do. Provide some offseason social media content for team right absolutely and other than that like on game day. Bright but but I think what we're looking at here is. 88 a woman for the USA today who speaking on behalf of women and she really doesn't have. The right idol thing to be speaking on behalf of other women because. When I look at cheerleaders in the NFL I look at ladies who are willingly. Accepting those roles as cheerleaders in the National Football League yet they get paid fifty dollars a game. Fifty bodies and feed him right I don't I don't know they seem to work you know these parking I'd probably optimal reckless talk on I think hitting parking at least. Now they have to wait an hour ago in the attitude just like everybody else yeah I don't know if they give free page three day five dollars off this parking. But awesome but we we will have a society now like we were talking yesterday with those NYU kids complaining about the cost of two wish and NYU. It's private university you don't have to go and why you know mistakenly got your head saying you gotta go to NYU pays 80000 dollars a year. Nobody's forcing these young women at a 26 of the 32 NFL teams. To be cheerleaders not once has somebody went around the cities and started just the VO tech or satellite happens that your gonna be a cheerleader now come here and we're gonna set the rules. Every one of these girls that has signed up for cheerleading. Has legitimately signed up tried out and wanted to be a cheerleader now if you don't like the conditions that are there in the money that you were making in the rules that you have to follow. Then by god I you know I I can't sit here and say that I feel sorry for these cheerleaders. That don't like what they're getting in return for being a cheerleader. In the National Football League because again you've signed up for and and in society today we've reached a spot. Where accountability. Self accountability is not existent anymore we wanna blame everybody else. If you don't like what's going on. Don't be a cheerleader it's as simple as that because no one is forcing you to be a cheerleader in the. And and if you are chillier feel free to stand up for your rights while employed and say. Out of the tolerances Peter I don't. It the once the file suit and I don't have problems at all because some of things are asking a date certain out. Lucky for weighed down by chillier Joseph cleavage right whatever these these all Leander salt because our duties yet yeah. That's wrong and should happen but openly write me sometimes we treat sports as. If it's completely different than your normal workplace or place has rules you don't like right. And you can either. Adhere to them or find another job and at other that's kind of the reality of things so sometimes like I I. I can't fathom the outrage even for an for players to like her. Oh my gosh gentle about the certain role. What else right in every job hobby every single job to have you have to live up to things you probably don't like brightens liberals you don't like it. If they really bother you what do you do you go look for another job. It's very simple notes notes if you're you're heavy outrage is that outrage. And I think also too what would put the cheerleading provides a provides an opportunity to for a lot of of the cheerleaders to network to meet people to you know maybe further their careers I know a lot of these user from marketing mark and purposes whether whether you you know you wanna get an advance opening dance studio I know some people are dental assistants and an editor cheerleaders like that router or real whatever it is. You're able to form a lot of connections with a lot of important people in the city in which jury cheerleader and and it affords you that opportunity as well sell. I see this column that we need to get ready cheerleaders I don't disagree with that I had never really it was a big huge fan of you know that that the cheerleaders so to speak but. To me if somebody wants to do that bats on them and then there's nobody that should be telling us otherwise that you you can't be featured leader you shouldn't be a cheerleader because. It is alternately your choice and we lost that America today. With everything we've we've lost the ability to understand. That people side like twenty years ago probably few or complaining about cheerleaders tablet you were complaining about being a cheerleader in the NFL. Nobody ones because it was their choice they signed up for it and and and that has gone. And out the window now in today's world we do too we don't take self accountability for anything anymore we wanna blame everybody else for all of the shortcomings zillions fifty bucks a game I'd. Former union yes thanks for union right gas so so that he had we'll see if this moves to two to eliminate cheerleaders but if they do great if they don't that's fine too. But again at the end of the day. These girls are choosing to be cheerleaders in the NFL nobody should tell them. Whether or not they should not or should be a cheerleader coming up eight Manning is turning down TV jobs. But for a reason you know has ever considered we'll tell you what it is next. According to our communities and Sports Radio boom. Well in the. Yeah yeah. One. Isn't. That's. History whom don't. I backed and maybe. You both Friday morning here on sixteen and Sports Radio will shouted out coming up in a couple of minutes here so texting your topic 69306. Apparently they've got to know the Tex like now why that is that anyway 69306. On the text line today I was at the power to go on a trip this weekend but I don't throw stuff Konami too many games going on lot of games artists. Alicia with the power to take a trip I know I wish you did to have an -- and don'ts we want going not gone hosts. Sleep and still got to schedule out we've got the of the royals playing like seventeen games Detroit three days ago lot going on here in Kansas City plus. You know we have an admin team in the playoffs and we talk about that well. All of Eli Manning is the brother Peyton made you may be familiar with him right you familiar with Eli Manning super rather risk. Porsche Cooper's younger brother Eli. Is still playing for the New York football giants at 37 years old and in the big news of the offseason has been. Yelp is Pate meaning gonna take a job analyzing football right everybody wants Peyton Manning. Rightfully so the dudes funny he's he's meat he's got just 81 a couple of Super Bowls. Now Heisman Trophy and he's all shucks type guy I'd be good team right yes yes. So all he keeps rejecting. Everybody's offer I think a lot of Colombians are our kind of boring. And I think now you have done a little bit of a little bit of entertainment and I think on Venice and back to Dennis Miller and I asked. But I I think patent provides the most means category security he really does you know he sees he's got a personality Colorado sports hall of Famer. That your picture oh yeah he's. It's got to go in and obviously he's he's actually belongs in the SEC halt a gap that's it that's right yes people from people that he played as he led the actually SEC alleged that co opt out just you know fun personality is gonna deteriorating you know we see on television now. It makes it makes total sense why why the North Shore so Israel has enough obviously reached relevant right people know that we is I still think Justin Timberlake should be the analyst for Monday Night Football but I guess people think I'm ninety probably take eight. To go beating analyst for Monday Night Football but I think he'd be fined. Monday Night Football so we've got like this Peyton Manning thing going on everybody's strong cash after cash or cash after he keeps saying no no no. And you start to wonder does not wanna work Aziz is excellent retirement. All the stories coming out now he does not want to do the job. Because he doesn't wanna have to be critical of you lot and do we gain that is Brothers playing and and he's putting his brotherly love ahead of a potential job that it needs the job but I thought that was pretty cool to hear that story out take it one step Arthur this is unbelievable. Fox had agreed that if he took the job. That they would put him on they would put the giants in prime time to make Peyton Manning call one of Eli Manning's game designed the house. That's pretty impressive they. Him that ad they're willing to take the number one market in the number one team in the number one market and not put them on primetime TV at all. In order to avoid Peyton Manning called those games that's how bad. They want pay meaning they're willing to sacrifice the giants talk about the jags. We're talking about the rounds we're talking about his ridiculous by the way. Yeah I have to call again the you think anybody well maybe maybe the opponents' fans would still say. And for the giant could be axed. Errors but I don't think Tony romo's it was a cowboy would not provide them an entertaining product. I was there talking about his brother but he doesn't wanna do I understand I understand is that are bottoming but but I mean that build the network acquiescing in the same illusion or Marbury and that's bad that's true but that's how much they want Peyton Manning and that's what they were willing to do. To get statement I don't know besides myself as a broadcaster worth that I did I just don't think I've really don't know if anybody's Taylor Stuart good to be funny it really is and it really is good to be one let's. Out of that 6930 cents on the tax line today. All brought to my lady. BF JK RRW. I'll feel free yep that's right. And there are a lot of facts from from Minnesota area for I didn't know I know we have a powerful signal I didn't know that we. Reach that well I guess we do you know in the morning times it intends to carry the I 35 in the hands of idol in India the lows the low lying clouds into the state of Minnesota and across the saint Croix river to be better state of Wisconsin attorney if you is that what of their. What's the State's initials and then a man who want the only things in Minnesota and yet the couple Beers at the FB old beer and get them. MA is Mall of America. But short game work and there. Couple on TV that make out as soon as they wake up bother me though they have morning for a IKEA had been. I don't know do you make out with your lights when you get up the mortgages are white by now Bryant like Eagles will ask district about before but yes I still do you still do just tell you I do every morning is and a few pitches around anyway well dignity they complain if you didn't listen the bottom so it's a no win six and executed. You know. Who wins more games this year the chiefs or the royals it's that's why not hire your funny and it's that's been it did the royals win more games she. Be able to close would you think. Posted. The football to. I would guess that probably would that's slightly as many banks that socialistic. Attitude is particularly added. It is a completely fall that that is a nasty that we were obviously we can do it later and Adam Bryant when he got back to fly it's not an email he liked what. And that that enough went home at the flow through a crack at it and look at this. Today the pet goldfish at my house died last night wasn't it would last week Q what is the fair I mean come as well mr. really. Conducive to that plastic bag freedom on the gas that is going to be a rough day at my place. You have a chance next lesson don't tell people it's gonna do mean the goal mainly people like you six cents. The pet store I was nice one of the big big Jumbo goldfish the weird looking bug eyes but those don't last much longer either do it sure really good care of them. Again I have a big tanking matches the plastic bowl with a five gallons per. Her fish like that I don't I don't know ratio and use my good ratios. And get a shot of my boyfriend's birthday Nicholas from liberty his birth they always gets overshadowed by today's Hollywood. I'm sorry is wealth are endless so happy birthday to my mother in law Pamela you dearly you're you're one of the best people in my life so I appreciate you happy where they view. And happy where the list as well in the liberty it's also Don Mattingly or what quality liberty north. And trickle up north in the holiday. My mother in laws. That we can get out of school board well they go to study mission so that probably accidents said. They're very very valid question. Of super liberals do this and I get off on these Friday's. And the failure. The royals are blank. Baseball team and a off yesterday in the world the royals are back in action today tonight well intended and six what inaccuracy it was it and we asked about the open being frustrating is that it was a frustrating different different yet I'm gonna go to different oils are Arctic are different and different. The difference. Super troopers do you heard that and show today that it comes out this weekend. I'll be honest I never saw super troopers ones in there I'm sorry I know we probably should assume I was unit and well just watching right now enough for all of us. I guarantees what signature as a bunch doesn't use his reaction be best endeavors and that's why he's off today he's he's been lying for super troopers do and sell it and you can owners did I can see Mac name is now I'm very excited that we fear history the but to the eight. If that dollar some more than a falsely when he did in the twenty minutes into it and I got to go home supervised carpet installed today. Don't forget act for the good that it and then when he signed that bill put your initials on it for the that it its initial here initial here initial here that's right yes yummy downtown fort night. Empathy excellence of the achievements that you all feel it that's the big thing now like everybody is playing for I I don't video games so I don't know that you like pat homes and Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter whatever that. It wide receivers who know Derek Jeter Derrick theater yet here you Derek Dieter of the candidates yeah ideally bank guide him acclaim for night against each other on the video games or not was really my first an old man moment. Right just had no idea with the kids for talk. And apparently had been hoping for quite some time it's huge huge. It. I bet it's a rip off some other game on just thinking oh speaking of huge where at the open house last. And the kids and it usually self portraits and once you use the wrong color right on and telling himself wants all the kids in the class Colton Donald Trump. That's just. What radar the second no way out that true yup not 100%. Tonight's debate and how can I make out of everybody was talking about I kind of surprised you didn't get your dollar home with the other orange guy you know is that Boehner yet I'm hater you Annika you don't know or he was the original orange demand yet. John Boehner that I was chimney to not meet its vocal. Last one for you guys out of the 660 audit that's going to serial water and not know I don't need see what's. A minister was here before and tennis seriously in college resounds. What kind of cereal and beer. I'm sure it was very cheap. Probably an old style lights frosted flakes are hold it just happens this chaos that paper game and I've ran out of milk before and had used water it's not terrible levels I'd use aid not before serial. Odyssey that little thing there is nothing. It's his appointees when you before the bowl of cereal and you go to the refrigerator in the I don't know at one splash. Not that it's really difficult for the serial back of the bike but it's not usually usually a small splash just enough to moist in the serial three it put it back you know like your past. That's the point of return to death but it's just admissible jittery it all just each eyes. Now. Never. I saw somebody asks the question if you put the suit or the milk in the bowl before the serial. Re put the cereal bowl before you know I put the cereal in the bowl bid for the man who I help other kids probably Specter. Would be my guess it's you know milk you the bulls uniform who had that covers jays station I'm betting it's the Stevens back Hampshire he was doing. Pressure pressure on any time you ask the question who mood theaters bad it really. She Tillotson reasoning why this cereal that drops down in the note I don't know. I'm sure as the most of them but not vice route will now that had so now. I guess see yeah that's on the winner I could definitely see that that's shouted out at you it's over it Levy jeans coming up. Of course the other when he Captain Crunch dried you'll die. I'd never heard that before. What what's the reasoning behind that because scratches the computer about you know bank and and it jagged quality slot right in the only series you eat they use you yourself. I just like you know if you get it you get a box that hoops all varies and the Captain Crunch peanut butter crunch and mix them together. It's peanut butter and jelly crunch and intimate. That's a good idea but you if I hit the generic captain Cringely is still by. That out that's only in our house not a show what is the Internet what's called rescued them. I've sponsor our third crunch amateur admirals closer on stricker it's ripped off. Probably using the same initials CC. For something that I don't. I don't know what we by the generic one for sure. We know the browns are taken number one overall a little it is this. And so I think it did a good job. Still in the morning powered by the GA tour. And found the name of that series. What's a coal is indeed and I told you there's always doing initials right from Captain Crunch or reverence its colossal for a not. I eat Dan muscle since they're both CC's what do you say it was. But it admiral lieutenant Luke having grown to a zone in the downturn in. Serial names are RO is and that's why are private first class crunch private first class pfc crunch of the program. But now it's the same initially it was a business guys who there. It is time for our key legs and yesterday Joseph I'll be back and actually he was tired idiom baby he dropped over twenty last night. Albeit two ago double digits. I'll let. That is the big. It warmed Joey. There is Joseph well it beat last night are key play current CE SP get to the idea of the key play Joseph LM BE DeWitt the Big Five ninth and you love the fact he got his match. Stepped down you know we've talked with a stroller what have the chance to be like that the new villain in the NBA. And I think he does I think we love GO GO concerns from K you. He's fallen on on social media. But I'm guessing like rival fan bases would have not a difficult time pinning him as a villain probably not and then a justice when's the last yet the mask came off of and be neat. Accidentally switched the jury did just like that Ndamukong Suh accidentally stepped on him like a little stop right OK and beads back again this is this is kind of fun cell he certainly brings an added elements I I still. Think he's got a shot via. A nice little NBA it well when you start. Winning Josh and they start you know actually winning titles or maybe they win the east or something like that they start becoming one of the top teams consistently. Then I think he will become of that you have to be winner first before you could be assailant. And Philadelphia quite isn't there yet they're not quite to that level yet where they went either way Oz series game as the higher seed right exactly that put them and that's by probably thinks so maybe pull an upset or something in the post season they start win and everybody realized OK this is a team to be reckoned with Ben. They kind of become the villain it's 707 our seventh call will be register to win 777. Dollars. For seventh street casino there be a total of 35 Richardson to be one of 35 chance the wind the 777. Bucks that is coming up here on in about ten. Seventeen minutes or so on 610 Sports Radio. Just Dorsey is we you're draft coverage here on 610 Sports Radio on the 45 John Dorsey was speaking yesterday. To the to the Cleveland Browns that media and had a lot to say about. I 60000 hourly paying out all that kind of nonsense that he's been you're talking about for years here in Kansas City but he talked about yesterday. About potentially drafting two quarterbacks and the reality is from a lot of people standpoint accordent pro football talk. The browns actually consider drafting a quarterback at one and drafting a quarterback again at number four and I think that would be like the dumbest thing. That you could possibly do I think that would be really really ridiculous. To draft a quarterback at one or to draft a quarterback at four and here's John Dorsey talking. Well he didn't he didn't address that he didn't address that he dressed the quarterbacks and everybody's trying to ask we and it's going to take we can't take we gonna take. And and obviously this is the smoke screen time of of the year but he actually relaxed Josh Rosen which is which is. Kind of nice because nobody's else seems to our editors. To be around through the apartments every arm was round with him and no problem. He's Smart he's very passionate he's a brawl occurred off. I mean maybe that's the thing people talk please abroad backers got lots of interest but it won't be from lack. He doesn't like football and he's very competitive in that regard I'm. You know people talk over what new personnel and follow him. Opponents in the kit. There you go by as an occasion he yelled but a few times yesterday and it went into the southern from Kansas City alien living here Essen on air up a lot of loud yells. But attracting one in four I'm with you now. The Redskins did the one year Merrill wasn't one of four it was later in the draft they did Robert Griffin the third ranked and then Kirk cousins right well. Kind of you kind of need the ball right there Kirk cousins ended up being the better quarterback at the end of it. But I think you put those guys and it's terrible position all but dropping Robert Griffin in the first Ron Kirk cousins in the later rounds it was the third or there's a fourth round here. I think that's completely different draft and I know about one out of this full well yes I mean this is this is taking it to the next album I think about even that was terrible like. It did work out because you know guys hit guys in this and he drafted can an insurance policy it worked chair so. You can't say it's never worked but one in four you're wasting that much like. Draft capital to do that. And then your putting these guys a terrible position I think if you if you draft somebody Heidi quarterbacks not yet arrived with the you do right. So why have them go in right away. And wipe which organization and that why put your fan base through that why open yourself up to criticism. Of which guys earlier got to have that debate constantly. Odd to me is just terrible idea now if you wanna draft one this year and then come back next year and in draft another guy. You're still gonna be. Going through some of those similar questions right. But at least it's like your part one and four just feels like he can't make a decision it really does I mean take your guy Cleveland that your guy go well. It's it's almost like that you can't make a decision is that you don't want to really make a decision which I think that's out there and I think it is July I honestly believe it is as much as John Dorsey wanted to trade at number one overall pick what he was hearing in city. I think they were very happy that they did have a standout quarterback and everybody thought was the best at the top of the draft. Because the odds are you're gonna swing him as an especially if you're the Cleveland Browns you're gonna swing and miss attack at a spot so if bomb them I what would quarterback you think is best. Go ahead and take that guy number one overall OK just do you you've got to go ahead and take back quarterback and number one overall the biggest concern that I have though is is not who they take is it do they have the right coaches in place. To make sure that this guy achieve success and I don't know the hue Jackson. I don't know that tied Heatley are those guys now Al Saunders is there as well as an offensive assistant with the out with the Cleveland Browns I think he is the double what he did which Trent Green here in Kansas City. Al's been around the NFL with current order okay he's had a lot of good quarterbacks hell he was coaching damp out out San Diego back and today he's got a track record of working with great quarterbacks. And taking guys at. Kurt Warner Trent Green at the times both were really big names but he turned them into really good quarterbacks like the fact that house on that staff. But he's not really in charge of the quarterbacks they're in the in Cleveland so you have to wonder. They can draft a guy but if they don't have the right coaches in place to put back into position to be successful. That's total loss I think I think that choosing of a coach for Cleveland. Is more important in the quarterback that they pick and join the browns being a punch line I do it. Don't do this to ourselves a. Pick the guy right. And go with and gold and and don't look at a comeback at number four pick somebody Yeltsin a different position in just load up on subprime talent are dress up on the 45 as frosty by 81 mortgage goto my. 707 your chance to unqualified to win 777. Dollars from seven street casino also be listening at 707 for your chance to do that. Coming up in two minutes it's time of the year that we all get excited about the war also started new street today we'll tell you all about two minutes next. That's going in the morning powered by the Jewish community center. Six and Sports Radio.