04/20 4p - The Hits, Royals, Chiefs Schedule, Doke Declares, Veach Speaks

The Drive
Friday, April 20th

The Hits, the Royals struggles continue, the Chiefs primetime schedule, Doke declares without an agent plus Brett Veach talks prior to the draft 


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Broke into the. He. Let's do this another day another dollar another addition of the drive in. Start adding another royals loss I'd be like part of the everyday you've seen that we have on this show. It feels like in long time since the royals have won but at a concert and how long it's been. The Tristan Thompson's situation that happens is that last game maybe you heard about his. Extracurricular activities this situation. Has happened since then yeah so it was almost final destination so from applying. Things have happened since the last doesn't the royals last won a baseball game it feels like a long time it is dry cleaners in here. Ash tag new highs hands tangled spec. These. Produced this thing Ian where you're Alex Gordon raid. On the breath and islands they didn't. He knows it's national mobile Oakland blew another game day today and I was over the national day. Today is the national the royals' bullpen blew another game. Text us six countries are six lord have mercy to the trade deadline just did here in the she sees as we get past this sorry team. I told you guys the story yesterday someone asked me what are we gonna talk about in the summer happens. Home country and that's the answer involves the topic this summer so you better get ready use these cheats. Ol' doc a lot of that alms a year like the next three weeks. You the story told me I think it is sixty and Alter went hammer you and out there you're surprised the number of people weren't very good golf you don't play golf. They that must be what the royals feel like right now. I'm still gonna. There are still gonna get beat I'm still gonna play this game and I know the majority of the time had no chance to win or succeed. That's what it looks right now we're just getting antsy on. And two to go extra an example and eggs. Or. Get the best start pitching and I knew exactly. What was gonna happen yet think we all knew what was gonna happen we got a lot of talk about between now and 5 o'clock we got to get to the biggest stories of the day eve of the big stories of the day being in the city. That moment all my life we talk about them every day at 5 o'clock. We need vodka that hits you you know program. You want and how bad it is the royals. I'm no good while it costs a lot for your kids' era that here is how the game and today in case you missed it on a city to 96. There's a fly ball pretty well in the field it's what you guys there. It is it's. Won't go forward Mike Jacoby Jones. You could hear that right here on 610 Sports Radio already Steve Stewart say Jacoby Jones with a walk off and in our system it's late Jacob Jones it's labeled Jacob Jones took a walk off nobody's ever heard this guy but he still took Brad Keller deep. And the royals have lost her 37 team in Iraq. I was not gonna show you guys spektr's face when he saw the Jacoby Jones was like I. Like czar it's kind of like oh yeah he's part of the Iraqi canals are at. Odds you take to get the guy named Cairo or need. You notice that he was. But in Lee and leave all his life that you would assume that usually. Does you know like there's any white Jerome out here there aren't enough light to go but. We ballot I guess Segovia. Though his name is Jake if there are systems that monitor part of this whole thing Jacob Jacob Jones. Remember the quote from Buddy Bell back of the day what he said never say it can't get worse. It feels like kick it all worse. But I did the math on this thing the royals are on pace. Right now to finish the season. But the wind percentage of 176. They are on pace to go to at 133 on the season and it that's been well I'm just saying. They're gonna get better to trade deadline when they add some pieces. Acts are and I have personal and baseball at some point you've got it even itself. As of today the positive royals and must mean does of the I don't think that winning less than 38 not I don't think that's gonna and. I think the worst record in modern baseball like 36 wins that would affect it would this thing you know I think the craziest that it's that and expect we did this. The seller. For a closer look fourteen when the other team scores. They sit against what their own fourteen what they don't win when the other team scored Sina does one try to. Three and 143 wins coming via the set out to which you have tennis pitched in the dots. Good. Music entertainment basketball fan. But you don't Azubuike has entered the 2018. NBA draft the good news though he's not gonna hire agents so there's a chance that he's going to return to Lawrence for his third year on campus. But you don't Azubuike has entered his name in the 2018. NBA draft is until May thirtieth to make it final decision. So it would be that bad about it about McCain usually when you read what the statement was from Kate you senator you don't Azubuike. I wanted to player for this year's NBA draft but I'm not going to hire an agent I'm going to wait and see where us being a man among other big out there. I appreciate everybody's support but I'm not saying goodbye I'm saying I want to find out like many other players I'm series. I think he's doing this because there is no disk or there's no incentive not to do them. I do have to declare the games that don't Azubuike not hire an age you have to go through the process and see what it is scouts think about you come back. I feel pretty strongly doubt hearing this statement that you dope has done that influences. The other is coming back to what he's ready you have to do this year if you don't Azubuike and find out if they can you find out what they want approval. The sixers game last night actually it was three eighths Doug Azubuike pitch you. The key is no jumper. Don't think he's anywhere close to being right I'm sure that the idiot right now he's ready and so the guys like. But Dovonte Graham and for a base that developed over the course of their careers under Bill Self. Bill Self another year if you don't Azubuike. And and she woody can develop into an adult goes he's come about. He's got to go find out that the very the very worse today was not ready here's what you worked on the back the next. I just can't remember too many people I mean a lot of college athletes released these statements. I just don't see too many I appreciate everyone's support I'm not saying goodbye I'm saying I wanna find out like many other players on theories put. Your statements like that very opulent doesn't help me someone that has their mind made up on what they want to do it took a long. Time to decide what you wanted to do I think he was kind of told hey you please god declared don't Heidi you still come back. I expect you don't Azubuike to DNA Kansas Jayhawks uniform next season. Number three yeah. It's she's gonna flags. You knew whether they can be on the road or at home. But yet it was still a big deal that the NFL schedule was released last night and throughout the afternoon as we heard right here on the drive. We'll get to the big time teams week for Monday Night Football in Denver. We six on the road in New England Sunday Night Football week eleven in Mexico City Monday Night Football against the rams. We fifteen home against the chargers on Thursday night. Sunday night. Week sixteen on the road in Seattle for Sunday Night Football those are your big. Marquis standalone national primetime games for York in city chiefs. Actually think that that she's got the short end of the stick when it came to nationally televised game we'll talk about that coming up in a bowel and like eight minutes or so. This should be a positive thing at the NFL so things are gonna be good the most nasty televised game can get is six and you were given five. The change at the quarterback with the defense we all think that is going to allow a lot of points this season the NFL is putting a whole lot of faith in them believe. But it she's we'll continue to be a consistent good team into when he eighteen despite having announcement and I have reason to believe they're going to be. Ideologies are gonna score a lot of points this year I think they're going to be good team and that is makes for a lot of fun and exciting primetime games. So we'll we'll talk about I think they got the short in the state but I guess first off feared. The NFL is putting a lot of faith. That the chiefs are not going to be a duds. That's what again that all of the got to make the Kenneth Rosen is gonna be exciting global. Unity touchdowns going to be interceptions giving young quarterback. That everybody wants to see might actually actually saw what Israeli prime time games five. And then pour into the season a lot of fun out of the Bible was we twelve that we in the anti. After that you have three the last five. Home and three of those games are against division teams got both games against the raiders. Think your home against the chargers. All in week fifteen which is an actually tell lies to fairly friendly schedule for the chiefs don't tell for sure he got a rookie quarterback whenever rookie coming. Say he's a rookie you're too which is first you're really starting isn't it is a rookie then you know it's a great way to end the season with three of the final five well. And that includes the hits for today texts on 69306. Whenever someone brings up buddy Bell's name you know it's bad. And maybe at very very accurate way of putting any time we're bringing up. They're great words of buddy belt does. It tell you anybody else except one quote about it could always be Gore's quote. If you're bringing up Buddy Bell no we are in very very dark times we are I believe three games away from this being the worst losing streak in Dayton Morse time. As general manager of the royals and they are one loss away from the second worst streak they have had to August tied for the third minute to twelve loss losing streets until game losing its recent date more taken over mates when he 2008. April 2012 and a ten game losing streak in July of 2009 and they are currently involved in a nine game losing. Well not mistake and I think the longest losing streak they have is like nineteen back in 1992 you have to double checked them. Yeah making it worse. And I guess you know the plot and all the arguments were lies it's always keep in. If you look at the bullpen did have a Jason Hill 89 strong today. He's the tour runs and he's still able to get the win he kept his pitch count that it everything you starting pitcher to do and he still couldn't hold it. Not probably would've brought in Guerrero. You know the tenth inning because at least two to stay in the game. You know it's still in the game nobody's that any has Ferreira at the very least just extended Q you got in this losing streak put out a little LT and because eventually he wanted to. Gotta hand that he got to bring in somebody else is probably get away from their. I actually think that the she's got the shortened of the stick when it came to that nationally televised games we'll get into that next coming up draft back. Spent years being viewed as a store government guys because I think you have to deal with this with. Specter at some point over the summer there was a woman. Georgina child's username and she's thirty years old. He's APR account manager now she has gotten herself and this a little bit of money trouble these 3000 dollars in debt. And had to move back in with her parents because she attended. 01 T weddings in tooele bachelorette parties in four years she calculated. Yet the numbers. In the summer of 2014. This woman's been 9250. Dollars going to weddings. In almost 4000. Dollars on attending people's bachelor parties. For a little over thirteen. Fouls into. Dollars she said last year November she's been 2200. Dollars or credit card. In almost half of that was on overdraft fees or she could go to people's wedding. People that are getting married. I missed the point here Georgie is like in charge of the stuff. I George and spent thirteen grand all of the stuff you buy. Chief in charge you just ain't got the conversation at my steps and you're in charge of yourself you make your decisions you. Are in charge of you my friend so Georgina and you don't feel any sympathy for adapt. I don't feel any sympathy for artistic it's funny because I mean we are last producer used to be gone in people's bachelor parties and weddings on the as you'd expect you seem like a guy that in the summer every Friday you're not gonna be here. Because somebody is getting married. I have at least three on the books right now and I had a team weddings last year so yeah. You just say no I think we did not we had nine of thirteen at Gillick angle on. Now now local all the work and except for. It's the right you'll that I'm sorry urged those gigs than to model and I just know how close are we use the question. You and yet these twenty weddings you had to be all of them like dateline kind of brand because. It's not especially my eyes eyes that I level. As a way to do it out of town and take a vacation. Dateline kind of threat than I did one kind of brought it close article I'd like somebody about some woods would. I would doubt it though it is good at that level for help or whether at all where it is. Work college for two years you know about your phone I'm going or what I did not travel what it's an equal place. Quit where's the school placement on the outs. I right back yard and let it at San Diego or Los Angeles and it's a normal second tier friend you get to go to Los Angeles for the weekend an you can down big weekend. Think that's it's really really expensive I think it's more expensive for women to be they've still got to get topic against the got to go by dress like for is for dudes. I didn't just throw on a student role you know I mean it's. To hell were you surprised you'd be surprised while the they're dumb asses for doing well why you'd go howl O rings afterward understand that part of airplane snack and your Portland or hung over I. Is is starting at the year it's like does not Georgie is Nancy you've got a quality nobody at all this money and. Body that's honor I just I'm on vacation. If you have like a set plan Seattle's control at a time like I usually not going to a convention. Twosome on installed. But at some point you have a time commitment. While on vacation at any time commitment yet this wedding is it time commitment with did you leave on Friday all day Saturday you gotta be at his wedding. And then Sunday maybe that'll funding and that you got to plot that not a vacation council on it should not even when she got to thirteen he went to twenty. See that she's the Cheney's. That's up to the Taiwanese she wanted to say now it's with the twelve that and other parties and a pretty what he does at least the kids these meetings and. Another thing he said she said right now which is 380 dollars that are counts I don't think she's really doing a lot of fun activities. Zero they're attached. Now there's not a picture of crap about final I'll definitely pass this is that's ridiculous that's our outlets talk about that she's in the NFL schedule is I was excited about the scheduled to I was NJ being leveled excited but I was excited about the she schedule. I think they got the short end of the stick when it came to nationally televised games. I think they got some of the hardest national TV games that you could have been when he eighteen at least as it would appear on paper. NFL's certainly shows up to the chiefs and they give them five games and emotion you can give them is six. But. Denver. High altitude. Mile high that night so easy environment to play I'd much rather played Denver and a regular 325 game on a Sunday then play on a Monday Night Football in division game divisional rival and we'll see what the Broncos to a quarterback. Widely NFL decides that she's had to keep going to New England which in my opinion is still the hardest game in the NFL and not be made on Sunday Night Football also the premier game of the week. Is now that she's traveling once again to a New England. I don't think that's an ideal situation to be an. You have to play the Rambo wrote I think the rams to be the best team in the NFL they could be a disaster but you're not playing them anyplace that's familiar with weather in Mexico City eight a difficult environment. In the other game you get at least on the road. Is against the Seattle Seahawks who arguably had the best home field advantage in the NFL NFL schedule makers did that she's absolutely no favors and how they scheduled a nationally televised and see. Well I don't know about that and I go back to that it would it was a big deal when I was in college that she's actually got money nineteen that's win. Jim Kelly the Buffalo Bills rolled in Kansas City for money I Keeneland sale like maybe nineteen. 91 ish maybe yeah the cheese that had like a money at home game and for ever now they've got five primetime games. So. Players get up for those gains dividend to a new game against. It's the browns and aero so you're told me that she is she gonna go against a rival in Denver they go against Tom Brady. And the patriots on the road there in Mexico City against the rams with keep Tilly the markets Peters Ndamukong Suh. Their home is Phyllis rivers in the chargers and then there on the road at Seattle in the crazy wired it. It could have been better hit three home games but that you put these guys in prime time I think I love how the figure when they. Think they love the guys like playing in the spotlight but the same mentality we have about it and you're picking against the chiefs of their went on these big time environment yeah it's just important win those games on the road going a mile high difficult environment to play. You're gonna Foxboro again it's certainly looking for revenge after you eat that Helen the patriots last season early playing in the Ramsey not familiar but is gonna take some little altitude and screw Denver Mexicans and we're talking about a crowd which are not used to with the young quarterback going up against that's an area and that defense certainly not ideal you'll agree if you're if if you play the rams all the wrote yeah much the planet at 325 games are October Brent. Played him on Monday Night Football in Mexico City. If you're going to play the seahawk you rather play them knew that been played them on a Sunday Night Football game latency and work at play obligate them. On an aside I just think we're talking about percentages. In the likeness of you winning games you got the shortened of the stick around you much and a three home game are you much rather play I think some of your upper gains in just a different time. Church is Shia Elmo it'll respond to that and will fight out of the kid eats it up. You know if if if you put him in prime time on the road stack the odds against him in some of the best quarterbacks the NFL in Tom Brady and Russell Wilson and shared gone. And Philip Rivers and see how he stacks up against a result wouldn't fortune. Part of it. Have an issue with it sucks beyond the robe he played on the road anyway. And the park like the best though three of the last five or at home of the cheese did last year at the end of this easily at three consecutive home games in December got into the playoffs that's one of the division so. They've got three the last five games at arrowhead addict who need. When you always take that I do always say things are members and you look at the schedule a firm believer in the NFL the right down 16 June tinker gonna be good. Three of them will be bad you write down sixteen that you better be really bad. Brit demagogue like last year I was convinced the jets are gonna be an awful football team and jets and you know all of a competitive that I think the NFL with a two over that as. I always think it's a fruitless exercise the kind of look up and down the schedule and say 31 week to week three. Injuries happen it was better than you'd think it seems worse than you'd think the NFL schedule was just so flew. And you look at last year who thought that she's really go to New England beat the patriots ran out of negated. We had to play in the the two teams that played for put the suitable weeks wanting to. And others thought that the cheese for gonna lose to the giants the bills the jets in back to back to back weeks so you never know legally this gadget you disable that's going to be tough game. If somebody goes down or instrument or your odd that. I just thought they released three straight liberal you are talking about and they might lose one more. The second half of the season and that's it in the last 401 point loss the giants the bills and the jets so. Yet you go up and legal wins and losses and I don't think we love that type of stuff but I mean it's it's is pointless at this. It's just it's it's bared for it was this early in the season especially the draft hasn't happened now it's is a lot of things that are gonna change between now in September. Coming up we get to what Ned Yost asked to say in post game and I attempt to do the impossible outside what is next Andhra. Bank. It's actually just popped Obama timeline. John payment of Iraq exports dot com you just put out these kind of tier system for next year's free agent class. So we as like 200 million Bryce Harper no more free agent next Jermaine in the shot Oakley Kershaw of their free agency has. A hundred to 200 million dollar 75 to 150 to 75 and kind of goes down. He has Mike whose stock is indeed 25 to 35 million dollar range as the 24. Best freeagent. Next season he put he suffered a rude awakening in this year's market as he nearly wasn't as coveted as folks figured. But seems to be a man on a mission also cannot receive another qualifying offer which can't hurt either. I just. I don't think we'll ever hear the answer for my stock is because few people like talk about their business in public. Boy you turn down seventeen million dollars. Last season had a chance. For one year deal wouldn't sign it over seventeen about you said no. You out there and you assault other Major League Baseball teams thought about it didn't think very highly. You've been back to the same team that offered seventeen million dollar in signed for six and a half and no it. We ought to be that as agent to be truthful. This guy Morse who call the super middle got a lot of money. If you're agents entered the qualifying offer you get one offer and that's it and it's from the it's being. You came up with a and it's 4111. Million dollars less than what the originally offered you. Then that's Boris and again does it tell people all the time a little details see. You know I don't know why release it waive the angels so listen enough for 345. In the associated with most. So there. So open golf about that a kid he's got there at 38 Bob gets one offer for one year six and a half million bucks or more historical it is because there's something there. Ned Yost met with the media after today yet another royals lost it starts with the Al Hammel was magnificent. And it extremely well. It's great actually. He kept the opposing team off balance with the secondary stuff. At all. He tells. It was a case that was probably. Inside part of the play inside corner. Pretty decent. And seeing everybody and I ask feeling knows what it's. It's bogus. That offensively. Tough love to go ahead opportunities and I can attend you know you Calvin and that ball game this. They do when it was. The fastball hello and he hit a lot of workouts just locating. That is spreading false life and really really good lessons in change ups. Some combination of all three pistons got involved. She's executing them great down in the zone stand on the corner coming into this next. Can't imagine that just NASA first start since then he's just been. Can he may have just Christopher you have to ask him that. In this situation. I was digital one. You can't just exercise and gain a little momentous. No wonder this point. Let's get a little momentum and absolutely in his car. You know give us a shot. You know it's. How. Swing the bat really well and his. She's on everything seeing the ball really really well. Body was courtesy of fox sports Kansas City that was Ned yes he met with the media in between games one in Suh will be off the air at 5 o'clock bird come right back up for you. If you wanna catch the second game of the royals' day night double header with the Detroit Tigers. A couple of years ago old view Missouri Tigers could not kick field goals they've missed seven in extra points. In these fear of missing extra points and the fear of not being able to kick when he five to 35 yard field goals drastically change how they out rated. For some teams those ovals are dimming their easy. You can the ornate fort until you can choose to kick in take the points because you know that yeah it's automatic. Today I thought exact same way with the royals. They got nine great innings from Hamels the second best argue that so far this season as opposed to the one that Judas had earlier this year were juniors was fantastic one of the three wins you have the season. When they hit the ball opens the bullpen and I think we all know Ole boy. Like it they couldn't find a way to win in the regulation the first nine innings with a spark that Jason Hammel gave you you were going to lose. And and then next spending in the tenth inning they gave it to a guy we had never before. Very team they can't kick field goals their team as you said when you've got to hand the ball over that bull and it is time to go and grab your jackets are in right to leave because of the what what about cabinets Barea. It's drastic times right now drastic times call for drastic measures in in the book that managers that says. You don't put your clothes route their tie game on the road you go you get the lead and then you throw out there to close the game. These are drastic times for the royals and you've got a you've got to do some different stuff man. Listen that Ned has done as good a job as humanly possible with masculine and that criticizes Ned for the way he managed just in me. When did you know players right at a body double that would exception of Kelly Guerrero. I think he's addressing time I think are needed to come out there in the tent that actually needed app that you need at least extend the game you know you can't. Is to extend it one more inning and then maybe you string together public hits you get that tiger bullpen and maybe you can just hang on for dear life. And get a win because that's where you're you've got an eight game losing streak the starters get in nine innings. Of two run baseball in the first game of the doubleheader drastic times call for drastic measures and to me that's front runner up their guy that as a zero point zero ER right now question. I would like to have the answer to use wouldn't it have done that if they only had one game today I don't wonder how much of the death and you don't your clothes are out there in the first the only knowing you've got to send when a knowing you've got two chances to at least try to give to bury him but I wonder if that was a normal day game or 610 start a seventy and spark a year and that tenth inning I think he manages the game a little bit definitely. Cognizant of they do play other games in a black. Mean listen you guys are always managing. You've got to manage for the series not just that one particular game to get your to drastic time right now you've lost eight straight games when the other team score you lose. I mean they're only fourteen when the other team scores a run on you. That's for the royals are right now three wins on the they've been shut out so. Drastic times call for drastic makes you gotta go against the book on this one I think you gotta throw their career out there and just extended it in this freak and straight and you've got to. In this losing streak at eight. Let's say they still in the game because are gonna go out there and throw gas for one inning in any shot he still got to go to Keller or. Get a tempo or get a grin but at least it at the very least you have a better chance of extending again. I think everyone knows the feeling that I'm talking about as a fan whether your football fame and are your baseball fans or basketball fans fourteen can't shoot free throws. If you've seen do with the gimme stuff in your sport it changes the perception of it seemed to change is how you have to coaching changes you have the main varied team that. Once you have to go to the bullpen you were uncertain about what's gonna happen you have a general negative feeling again the comparison is perfect. It's like a team can't take field building if your if your team can't make thirty to guard the goals. Big coaching football is going to be really difficult and you always gonna have to be more aggressive as you alluded to. The gonna have to continue to be aggressive when a cup party pitching and when it comes to using their better bullpen guys because right now and a bull and how many guys do you trust to. Men eat ice caps the Mozilla are the only two guys that interest rates are two guys that your entire bull and you can't pitch to 1011 Dave Tippett ultimate candidate. You've got to believe Calvin Harris up the good thing about getting some reform of the middle part of the season yet have a stellar. Yeah mole oils represented at tight first half of the season if you're trying to maximize the value different though Buhner so it is a delicate balance of what the rules and do their style edited and put the house. He shot and the broadcast today win and they Hamels on back after the Knight he's like it that. And they just call him in it at a moment you look like a little to do here. I totally. Okay it will send him his pitch counts low set him back authors who will get nine and two if we go to the pit I. He's he's stuck man he's screwed in this while you're at and that's why again throw. Originated he's he's got to get the way you've got to think of the game right now at least to get that would be different is. You know the rose a different spot right now they've won some of these games they were struggling and Albany game losing streak you've got to get things back on track. And so that's why I would throw perera a mourner at that thinks the same thing I heard and in a pregame interview with fever. I was last night before two nights ago. He's talked about easily put her out there twice since he's been there put his clothes or that situation before we put about there was. With a tie game instead of put him out there with Lee and that's the position they're in right now you've got to put about their because that's the league he trusts us now is who's. Well speaking of the royals on a final win that we will be off at 5 o'clock as we hand things over to John -- he'll be Owen in twenty minutes the first. We sets up at the general manager that sees Brett beach as he met with the media in a pre draft press conference and eight comedy is it personality gives everyone some advice they can listen to on a daylight today all that coming up on the drive. Ten minutes to advance that all of you here on a day like today but. Britain each general manager George Kansas City Chiefs addressed the media today. And he says they're not finished one defense. So we're gonna looks to improve the defense room to make changes. But I think you know when you get character very that's a big loss. And they had got to have any kitchens. We all as David Williams what people do great job for us I think we've made some good move that was so tough. I don't think we talk about that part of it enough all of those not just us on the radio I think this is she's fans and people in general wants it she's play. They are getting a pretty big piece back to their defense flustered they didn't really have for the season and only play the first game against the patriots. But I mean they've played fifteen games last season was nothing arguably their second best offensive player last year. Yeah right have a they're very back auditors just yelled out we got a year older. And pop that Achilles I think you'll be all right point six dues or be more concerned we DJ came back from 20 but yet it did Eric Berry that. And you get a guy like I said to quarterback you're defense back. That should make a difference absolute wreck each also address the cornerback and offensive line two areas of need for the she squat. Yes so that corner I mean we feel really good about Kendall can afford Celine and Steve Nelson is on that. You know he's getting better and he helps out and bringing in Dave Emerson who look at that and what we know we've been. A lot of down on the consistency level but has all the physical attributes that to me. And hopefully we we saw our guys like Keith reserve and what Redmond you know people talk about it. Mean war and was it was a new round pick by the niners coming off an injury and he's usually got light. I think he too also is coming off off an injury had a four musketeers facts of a lot of people talk about those guys that we start second those top players. In regards source southern draft class you feel good about them. You know will be. Will be certainly. Again aggressive and all there isn't a defense line. You know Chris is we feel let's just be one of the best in the NFL and and Xavier Williams I think for the really big board for us. And down you know it now healthy and playing for sixteen and we day but. What opportunities that Depp apple does is available. If I had to make my chiefs who wish list of things I would like for them to acquire in the upcoming NFL draft. I would say get another young corner to put in the rotation. Like a second or third corner I think an awful is going to be the one David Emerson is going to be too. You got Nelson got gains those are guys I would add one more got to put in that rotation to give you a solid core of quarterbacks are 125 years old. I try to find at least one more pass rusher whether that comes on the defensive line where that comes outside linebacker he does need one other dependable person you trust liking gets the quarterback. I don't think you need that rookie to come in and give young eleven and have sex finds somebody grabbing each of four to six sacks over the course of its when he eighteenth season. And I like that to get a younger safety I think if you could find a nice third fourth round optional little bit of a project somebody they can be in the rotation. At safety and find somebody for inevitably when something happens they're very start that process now I think you're in good shape in his draft. Yeah it's a greener pared back we haven't talked about rod Parker not coming in and that's the other part in well listen I think Parker did it Parker was a good. Number two safety you know back through their Perry put him back there would dance swords and you have enough that their ceiling is rod Parker is well the judge should think we're talking about. Again I touched on this yesterday it's in most cases publisher of a freak like. Von Miller mean that guys not gonna make an immediate impact in the NF notes to our position learned. As you are to be really good really fast to just use a few years and Tom and it took I think Leo Mac two years to. To have a an amazing impact as an edge rushers so I think if you're looking for immediate impact. I'll run this draft you've got to go war. The other positions that she's have been talking about is inside back in and having in new attitude at the position you start off with with Reggie. I think you were all excited about him and wouldn't you can be a star we are very. Very fortunate you'll excuse that trading. We think humanities and will be a dynamic to own and again as I said earlier what kind of change the minds and great temperament with them. I feel like that she's trying to find Gary Johnson's replacement for like seven years like every year in the offseason but you gotta find somebody that replaced their jobs finally done I've read your Agilent heading into munitions I solid now in silent back of the goal of every team's younger and she brought the position. And you get a really good job of that at least when it comes to Reggie ranked and you did do that pitch and you paid agents the boat Reggie wrangling could trade for them I like the move I think there I think this team is set in silent act I. Joseph I agree with that to finally to that point they've atrocity that a the other side two of just used in trying to replace Tommy at a payment out of money. Because before never. You know a turn and they got he thought I was gonna be drafted in the first round I forget about the line. A big question not a lot of cheese fans have had is is this organization in arrested in trading into the first round they lost their first round draft pick. In trading last year for Patrick my home is what Brett v.s had to say about trading to the first round. I haven't heard this but I'm gonna guess that he's open to exploit all options. Yeah I think all cards on the table and -- that's a great part about the draft you really never been on. You know how everything's gonna gonna play out and sometimes you think it just got on top fifteen all day and and you look up and pick when he got them or so I think. It's RW prepared and you know maybe doesn't make sense for us yet but he's too much and you don't want to let you know 23 picks it all way up there. Again I believe in in the process and I know that we've identified guys all rough draft rounds one through seven. But if there's that guy that we thought was a top ten hit him and he's there 28 and we have yet he's prepared and you know we have to have dialogue throughout this process that's why we've circled in from now and then let letting them know that we're always open for business. IA know we have to play these because it's import audio player because general manager of the chiefs. But every single one of these press conferences they say the same three things that are interested in acquiring the best available players. They'll trade up if necessary as a player they really like on their board or other interested in trading back to acquire more picks they say that. Every single year. All poised to talk is saying nothing I mean that's what to do at this point or if you wanna get some misinformation out there than you throw out there to make some ways at least it's a meatless. I mean actual things that you can't believe much of any thing that general manager says right now I mean we are 16 days away from from the draft. They're gonna say as little as they possibly can't end are gonna talk announcing. Let me correct myself Philip gains is no longer on the she's roster if she plays for the Buffalo Bills so my apologies there. Last thing here from Brett speech you talked about being aggressive in the draft that she's certainly aggressive last you're trading up to go to Padua homes. Trading draft picks for veteran NFL players are they interested in doing that again. Yeah I think that's. Maybe just can't land and I have a group of guys there that are or them too aggressive so I'm gonna have those guys and we. You know and everyone does this mean we've done plus partners can do it through the mock draft just like she's young line that we can't play that game ourselves an aggressive. You know when we do it for what about this guy slides and I think every scenario had me you know trading up and my guys like. We delicacies here he got a good group of guys kind of you know filling out. I've always thought the NFL teams overvalued draft picks because specially if it's a lower round draft pick now talking about first round draft pick re beginning potentially franchise changing player. Before got Reggie radler who's not a good fit in buffalo not a good fit another system. May take a third fourth round pick take a pick that our rights a hit or miss on that and at least a play that you can buy away NFL games he played in the NFL on this team he we think when you come this scheme he can work if you get a free peak for a minute round draft pick. I've always been in favor of trading those kind of picks the go pick up established players that did it twice last year with Kaymer and they also did it was Reggie rag and I think that's correct way to change draft picks especially because the money is so different now now first round draft pick is as big that's why I think we see more movement portrayed in the first round. And again if you can take one of those fourth round draft picks and go pick up a veteran player who wasn't a good fitness system bringing in one he's still on that rookie contract it's a big advantage were why. You're in an age you've got a guy that you've actually seen play in the NFL because we are much different is that college football if you've got that guy. Guy you have tape on him playing in the NFL you know he can work in your system and you do. You know I'm I'm with you a 100% Y takes and sixth round pick. It out of Virginia Tech and you you don't fully know orchard kitten she got tape got its relief for two years you can bring him into your system and make a war. I would I would go for that in a heartbeat I think it's the right way to do as well. A lot of people think today is a big day for some strange reason I'm not really sure plaza is as of the date unfortunately I'm not really sure the historical context of today but a lot of people they celebrate this Friday in many different ways line is I don't I don't know Stephen A Smith. Wants me to tell you guys are very very valuable lesson if you are for taking in today's activities. Today all off. The only. No leave. Duck out and you can't stay off the all we. Here again bought that we use then we easy dump a ball. We. You could start off the Wiki. Bigger state off the head down. More need. Our and they don't listen spell. It dance they only eat. What. I don't know code. Am playing here. Yeah. But what they. So if you somebody's gonna participate. In today's activities or whatever. Recreational medical I didn't wanna give you heard some of the great scheme and is the date all though we need. I was psychic he's passionate. Stephen Smith is telling you to stay off those. Levy. Does he try to help you right that's right. It is the don't let its eyes I think it is true that stale. They'll kill potted up on the week. No I was Watson supports that are one day and it was like some of the most minor thing in the world. And Stephen is that insults that like how he'd be this upset about this spot for the it's like to interject and they overcharge of like twenty bucks what that does that probably lose my body you buy tells the waitress they all. The only. Only. And a return today all the all we. It's a great minds to do that. If you're participating in the day's activities heed the words even as did the pod cast make six than sports back now also on demand for me. The new heights as tackle suspect Bradley Manning.