04/20 - 10 am - SCHEDULE RELEASE DAY!!!!

The Day Shift
Friday, April 20th

It's a short show and the NFL schedules came out last night that means it's schedule release day in the sports world!!! We give you our feelings on the Chiefs schedule looking towards the season and where we think they are in the division as well as their terrible prime time schedule. 


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Party people in the place could be UN Natalie in the midst of blue ribbon seat but again can't and that a if you really the main. Hey hello there won't be no more school performing schools stored cooling. Some about six foot. In the end he's Seattle the Eagles like to ride the hot guys. Hey guys would come over drinks and threw on Saturday night. The d.s gift. Fifty. 57 minutes of radio and just partners and take over with the pregame show we were already dead at the 57 minutes. I'm just saying hey. Get out of here go to the gym go out and have a little like duplicates or did you not a year seven previous elements like you. I'll don't even start. To maybe we don't need to start all right Stacey if abbreviated show royals baseball doubleheader today here on six and Sports Radio. It's extensible that. You didn't force your Friday. Yes you could afford to go in the through some weights out and give or god watch the squirrels they doubleheader Stevens on the night. Did Jake the snake fix this afternoon. Quote public before to the front. And never go to hat down maybe on the to have it. Maybe I will they got little lion hotels and go to Heidi in essence entrance resort either. No he's he's support minutes together these are either at least he's sitting there. But last night it was all the Bol. The NFL regular season schedule being released. JP we loves when the schedule was released he has done shoals. After the schedules been released before. I know that you like to giving your feelings that you like to the what are the what are your favorite things when it comes to the National Football League is when the schedules announced you like in is not issue. We all do it. We like to look at the schedule we wanna assigned w.s and l.s are Kate. Just like Alex Witt was the EPW's this year that's what he wants to do. Brinkley I notice you've enjoyed the regular season schedule when it's announced last night. I know that you're probably all in for the entire two hours or deeds you did you check out the program immediately. After a sell out a check out these so we can schedule. Good to be saluted clearly wants to speak is on Twitter you start to put things together it literally went after his third piece things together with what you see. But it she's being she's deceased third piece the puzzle together in almost that you have a but I've watched them by a look at Verizon he was figures called Colin. Philip Rivers as and so did watch some of that but what you don't schedule did you make your own determination. On if you like the schedule are not in to be honest with you I was. Chief surrogate respect nationally. Get respect last year they had six primetime games in more the cowboys in the patriots this year these the five primetime games. Which is great would he say it's bad when you say that for more on the road. But surely it was the magical place. Number last year ESPN and comes in they view to old eating special thing when Bailey did a couple others think it one Green Bay and when Seattle. But they devalue Kansas City hired will cast he's been talking blog del via the optics the girl had stadium. Is so good why did we get gigs I get spiritual road is much better and cheese there's more appealing match of the honest with you there's an appealing match ups and no. The raiders got for prime time game I think having chuck deeply his what is been towards one of his buddies. Eighty read. In a rivalry between the raiders chiefs at home would have been good and again she's the rock and at home instead of in Denver would have been good. Heck I think the chiefs against the jaguars let big too. Open coming teams the National Football League. Object will be better and that's who they got to via. We got farther missed the playoffs and one of the best defense and also in attractive that hinders their stores on Jackson's vault like the scene Jacksonville. Kansas city chiefs of the that would of made for upon prime time game but it's not the get five. For more on the road. What particularly happy about that and it was a particularly happy about. The amount of gains on the wrote. To begin the season is epic storms strong relief set the temple. For the season I think last year and the chiefs beat the patriots in week one. She's still meet three won't even they'd lose a game in New England once they beat the patriots. Team guys. There's guys there's something some kind of momentum so mode deal with the chiefs this year they hit that swooned in the middle season. At least you get out of four at home note indices. Now I am with you from the standpoint they just wanna have a nice fast or well we've seen what it sees that they've had issues. You know finishing strong at times. There's been a few years what a big they'd they'd kind of struggled down the stretch and I know that part of last year date to be done a pretty good job of really ramped it up. But this year at least in the final month of the year three doubles final four games are going to be at arrowhead. If you if you are taken Chong. In saying they have the bye week in and they have December by 142%. Of sleep eyewitness we twelve and you have five games this year in December. But here's the thing only three of those. Five or early state so it's back to say we got three of three of four that's how you look at. He had three home games in December of chiefs are eaten one. In the month of December the last three years she's been blessed to have of these games. Leader on an early because there's so many activities that happened earlier is in English with some of us. Wouldn't work concert here early in the year when we used to like that in particular I hear paper obviously punitive concert for Blaine Taylor. But the first week of the season think about the travel. So you're in LA and big deal that they are on the other side of the country in Pittsburgh the following weeks a year coast to coast in the first two weeks ago. I don't value of the charges much at that you inserted bill. The Steelers I definitely do because teachers cannot beat that team for some reason. Let's get to that forsaking. Let's not also over the fact that let's get to that because the point of contention earlier this morning. We talked about the schedule we talked about the division and we didn't. Take a glance at some of the other teams in division but the last the chargers. Because that's where Meehan and sort of disagree with now now from the standpoint of looking at the division. Too why think that that sees all arguably the team to beat yes. Jobless aid that seats are abusing the B again. I don't think that you think highly of the charges and I'm not sick here scene at the chargers have lit the world on fire the last few years. But I think that the charges are better team that what you're trying to give them credit for they have a slow start to their season last year in the item looked good. Yes with a rookie that ghost yes. They found something no. After vessel spark and I think that the chargers are all the way all I'm not saying that the chiefs are better than it charged I think that the hour but if you wanna say. Realistically. From top to bottom. All is more balanced. I think the targets are now I think that that the chiefs have the best all things in this division. But our defense take it a step back. The chargers defense is better today in our defense and they're all states although not as good as the chiefs is good. That's all of you. I have always kind of valued charged through the years you know like the way they come back. But the chiefs have won their last eight against charges that it's here. Reid owns charged his point that that team. I know they've got talent but the the bidding injuries do get him I get it you get them when there for. But this this ports are typically the best refresh this team is off the danger. But I like the Indy Reid's approach charge these knows how to beat that team in yeah I know couple years ago techs like these third one by may play that was a rarity. Usually it's teams that are holed behavior bill. I do like the fact that they played the games at home but for your for six or on the row. The chiefs are going to have to be good road team. Then set the tempo. On the road we'll look at who the player on the wall to you know what allegedly went to New England. Smacked them around on the road night that there was in prison these are being present this so yet that these are the. All teams that this is enrolled this year you have to face the Steelers. You have to face new wing. You have to face the Graham's. And yet to face Seattle rebounds over the past Seattle Seattle is. I think Seattle's taking a little bit of a step back here but they're gonna find some some good defense of a mean they've always out of a pretty. A pretty good defense pretty stout defense they gave reflects the U but it I needed. Who knows what's Seahawks record would be yet the Seahawks have a couple steps bath is forger approach report the first stills plays on the road you know bowling Taylor Swift for this. If indeed she is singing but for the for six on the road you value the chargers more than I do that the chiefs track record. Against Georgia's been very moment the odds. Grated cheese are bound to lose or some it's going to have been the thing it'll here's the reason that he does here. It played a 30000 seat stadium until receipts were urged big names were soccer stage. There's always at least 30% chief experience there. I mean it pains are red guys like Reggie I don't think review your guys agreed there's a big chiefs continue Los Angeles they go to the game. If you look at the crowd you chargers games last year it was predominant be imposing pain and at that state. They really did not have home field edge last year Los Angeles. All right so so so you don't value the chargers the mansion this in the division who do you valid value does much viewed. I think that the second best team in the division right now. Like she's written a best in his. I said day who wrote you about dull in the AFC west how do you think it stacks up acting going into the season. I think that it's cheese. Chargers. Raiders. Uncles. I can't. I can't argue that is I don't know. The chargers the Broncos. Although they need to change the quarterback. We could be better team this year. In the raiders scored and that it's expected raiders are completely do you expect. Mr. atone for two years ago they hit the skids last year will route change I don't know I don't know what to expect the group I think it's a big unknown. To say that the raiders or better in the Broncos better the charge I think those three are unknown if I guess you could build changed their view say well that's almost a billion now. But I look at this offense for the kids who chiefs it is the best office in his vision for a long time argued out Smith. Behind Dirk or. Behind maiming when he was there behind Philip Rivers. Obama says she gets to change how I view the quarterbacks. In the AFC west not only that I think he'd be read and no greens got a ring but he didn't finish strong he's been averaging a long time I think he he reads the best coach in this division. All right now you have to you have to say is the best coaches division. You have to is you don't know what's happened groom returning to the National Football League to do too but think that the game is passed them by. No not necessarily but it does that mean he's just gonna jump back in on the sideline and all of a sudden be down act I don't believe that's going to be a race. The it's she's still have a problem that needs to be addressed and fixed but it needs to happen as soon as possible. We get to that net. Self on at eleven. Lots. We make way for Josh foreign. And burns pregame show right now on six of Sports Radio to meet royals baseball follow that. Double header today. Always still talk crystal ball. It is still schedule was released last night in the predicted schedule. I had not done the wins and loss. Like. I would eventually get to doing that put out also and not admit this for several years. I do that twice. Outlook value wait. What the wins and losses may be. But bin. I also will reevaluate after the draft is hard it's hard it's human Satan wins and losses and you don't know. You know if the team you'd have a new quarterback you'll fatigue avenue when he backed. Don't go public but they do but yeah I do this late at night under a little bit and say I do a multiple console them saying a good after this after the draft. After training and it's lest it turning. Joys of that want to do it as important matters the mou with you formulate opinions are to be key injuries and they look out of sync with the normal office has been out there and need to make evaluations. Your official report to seize or that the one of these can change so much else. All right bushel and as can be bad he's going to be good eligible projects last year and it's a game. That this is. The thing that is interesting to me. When it comes to you. Talking about all the cheese is that we have an issue. We have issue he needs to be addressed we need to fix it right now right now we have to address. And I think we can fix it. Let its a problem. With the tees. And the problem is at. In my opinion that she is has some really good football players. Oh we don't have any stars. Well. We we with we have some really good football ball players this should be bigger names. They should be more Brandon. And we have an opportunity to market. We have nationally televised games and we have national televised games it was dice. Some really good gains. Some great efforts. And you win. But it still doesn't resonate when it comes to Jersey sales and that the top. More merchandise is sold in the national football. They use all this list came up from the NFL PA. Tom Brady returns to number one spot on year in NF LP eight top of the players sales list. Dear all our. Fifteen day of the fifty names here. And there's only one sees in that seat that's on the list is Travis tells all week down 46 the ING job. He played. But the chiefs of sparsely. Produced and marketed like stores that we don't see them or perceived and stories we get here than elsewhere. Through weird they're not just all is nationally do not recognize you've league's leading Gresham at store. In this league trips skills that league's leading rusher is not in the top fifty jerseys sells. Would set. It's very sad but there's a problem here to be. It's it's easier said than dark. Last year that she said six primetime games if you would think six prime time games will lead to more exposure don't you guys do people know. Trust me because he football players do though prima. About trans skills they do they care about it. But it's it's it's administered in the tortoise because trick skills he had as a real Asia. You think that would the sport is popular one nationally in Sydney here at 46 Christian McCaffery. God and listed 36. The league's leading rusher bit. There's a problem here and I don't know what it is if you don't tell me shortly in Kansas City very similar markets don't tell me that. Did. It's market sides back receipt Packers. On this. Idea that if you want what you delay in Dallas especially Dallas it Tom bradys the one wife he forced the white jerseys. What do you think there'd album. Wouldn't think most people already have the number dangers in late he's surprised though by big debt press got a number two deck or Scott wasn't very good. According to be better football player and Akron. But he's that the two. Seek some support he get all these secrets and news a lot so we got a lot of exposure a lot of via the Dallas doubles has it would Dallas. Would Dallas millions or. They call America's team we stop we. Be honest with you Steelers and cowboys have a tremendous in the east across this country so the Packers did on in the city. The Steelers have to. But doctor paid groups here in prison McCaffrey with stories that important baffles me and I don't now I know it's chiefs kingdom and he's been all over the place oh. It one point deeds season ticket sales of forty of these states. I do think it's getting bigger fool would dispute is becoming a lot of steel lesbians finally here. They're not from Pittsburgh either. Drivers like the like eons misery I would Nebraska drivers' choice. Dallas Cowboys these capitals we wanted to about their fifteen people. People from coast to coast they still biter here I don't think your reporting here is buying the stuff and doubts. The bulls got a point you don't tell me that train was hot last year they polls if he's in the top BP. An NL all agree with you from the standpoint that maybe we do mass hours here but they're just well which is doing a terrible job marketing them. I'll concede that point two years the breeze while concede a point is because when you look at this list there are guys on here. That yet they're they're good ball players but I don't view them as scholars would what would I looked at. Below is one is not a store it tell me now Adam the ones in the top 25. In none of the chiefs were you guys are horribly weird he he's he's he's not a star. Now. Stephon did aces on here at 32 that does make sense to me and I'll tell you why because of the miracle catch. But that makes that makes sense to me which would mean when he had dictates against the wolves in the way that the game six Dow. That makes sense to me that he would jump into the Saturday but CH I. At a appealing his 21 I know Matt Bryant said the 34 angry people these very bizarre by batters. Knew what people have on these jurors it was that hurts a lot of it has to do which is the timeliness of everything Adam completely did law last year. And people faulted the vikings at a great chizik wanted to suitable so I understand the book like this before last year being there when a lot of people went around talk about district Adams feelings here. Zack says seventeen. Now you know I don't like Zack works as 7017. Does who won the Super Bowl last year. Eight. Here's some funny things about who's putting things about this for the top six leaders in Wiggins Jersey City belong to Dallas job. Figure this one nick Ole sold the most drink we're products from Kraft ten times more than the other players. In led the sale of T shirts and birdies. People so more people but were glasses. Or that poll. The polls during. That he has been bought Miller finished first the most the deepest X and they explain him collegiate cobra in the Jersey sold. Five at the top ten in stride line sock sales of all widths Chris Long. Philadelphia is binds Sox. It's socks on man. Marshawn Lynch stop sales of women's apparel foam G three. Marshawn Lynch the appeals. He's. And then it says they say. JJ why wasn't top seller of calendars fumble playing companies I don't know this is funny Jason Witten. Finished behind Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers for the most license. Horrible words yeah sold from wild sports so the COLT. Bore people like the Witten when. Imagine that. It would fire finishes behind Harvard and they're Roger's record bowl Jason Witten. Knicks bulls ended up at number 22 but we know why that is they make falls is number 22. Because the Eagles. Won the Super Bowl and everybody ran out here and got and thankful there's the but he goes by is at their work falls weaving course and with. He sent a ring. We got one and I think he got engaged you. After. But he. We got to work on this and we got to get more guys. Marketed better when he comes at its easier just Ariba wagers. Or when it when it comes to. Corey month he has to be marketed better tie every skill. He needs to be marketed better Chelsea's in the top fifty but just the fact. I anticipate that you've now passed home's gonna be out on this list. I think can be tough when. Yeah but they do a mean it is is top fifty but when you hear who leads up it was a big to be that upped we. I think cream and actually meet with in the forties. Beyond all right speaking of passive homes. Folks have already made up their minds. About Patrick a home in a might be the moles. Dangerous staying in. It's could do at this point. Would address it in two minutes next. I'm hopeful to get back to pass homes here just 12. Yeah they said thirty more minutes left public if it got this ballot. From the colts on an iPhone now is that like. You're saying we was here like they like each better forgotten but your quick here's prominently. Will six K and didn't do homes in the beavers in helping curb the dangers I. Notice the much the predicate make you say oh we if we address that we we have given the homes lot of hype we address this Kelsey. Re. The GM cold and the best he's ever seen good and it's not weird to hide the chiefs are happening. The bad Israel won't is perpetuating with the teachers saying don't let the media on this reported that bill it would receive messages is the chiefs are due to give GMC. He maybe the best I've ever seen that type. Speaker hi there is a lot of hype surrounding Pat's homes and the we've wrestled with the sound bites all your long pat Kate make you say in. All this other stuff. But it's the organization has promoting pats homes more than eighty body your own six of Sports Radio or in team. Our specific sports outlet in Kansas City to do at the exactly. I think we're in a dangerous spot right now when it comes to look at this scheduled doubles released last night. And all of a sudden wanting to pencil land wins and loss. The reason I say that is because. There was that conversation that we had this morning. In it was me soda in neatly and I've really felt like. Beat you at a place where you'll Redick problem. And act like me and sort of bull in a spinal. Lessons let's see what is going so. What he's going to do. I sit here and I have I'm excited about that homes IP to pass one's gonna have a good season or the as the season. But it's going to be rolled locals beat they're gonna be gains in which he absolutely went to the ball. And I think there will be a couple of games in which passed Holmes is the reason why you. Decked we're we're not. The schedules not be easy schedule no it's old schedules an easy one but in particular this year with who the chiefs have to face basing Jackson deal. Facing the Steelers basing the patriots facing the way it's on today. Those are tough defense that you have to goal against it and actually let's go it is a Denver's still got it to defense. It's not going to be easy and he beat him last year or whatever version of debris that salt. At the end of the year. I am not gonna put two months. In terms of expectations on pastor my home. I am not. I am not right now sitting year. Expecting Patrick Holmes. To lead this team. To an eleven or twelve win season that's not when I'm expecting. At this point in time I'm not sure I'm expecting him to get him to double digit wins all want him to win every game the Eagles up plays and yes. But I feel like people have already crowned Patrick Holmes and we should not be we should not be in place pack two home we said. UK crowned him gets it done anything so so for what like when you look at this division. Patch of homes may be that quarterback to the best quarterback in the division is the reports. That's why I'm gonna respect Sandia goal going into the is the best quarterback. In his division. I think he's about to be knocked off hill pitcher also do it appears they don't I don't have anything to base that. What's to help a lot of picture bones that. Watched him play against Denver's all the starters go inside and out I listened to comments. For from from Denver. There were very impressive after the game Von Miller showered praise on pensions homes and key delete in the bigs and he was saying about even given him praise when he did have to do it. And. I think this thing is keep a leader she's played this year. I saw enough of tragic mark Holmes at saint addicts live is gonna be just create panic. They all pigs we need to wait and Barbara. Smart I'd seen him checking protections you know marine NBC news and he got you don't we we know our strongest armies man he has competitors so I think I think as misty deadly might be on the market next year. So when you hear from players like that would your GMC and he's one of the best he's oversea when your guys like Aqib Talib in Von Miller giving praise. That's the only thing you have to base it on a base a lot of mayor. Based a lot of lead in Miller common. If you're playing against my precinct does Thomas we praise a lot of guys know didn't have to do that it's very unusual for a rival the president arrived Janus once it has been raised. I just say it went on to lead makes those comments which keep it that that's not what he does usually. And he does it would pageant homes that we hear about your. I guess I'm looking more promises like dress do we need to get your future how good can they be if you know what Saddam draw. If I'm put a lot of faith in behind pictured on that salt and make plays the I didn't see Alex Smith make. All the throws he was make of the Denver game the ridiculous throws I think it doesn't practice all the time I think the past home's gonna be good like expect he's going on born to reach one of those wide receivers. In high school football fields are on the spam. Just what I'm saying is is I'm not putting. I'm not make assumptions about hundreds of sit that that's that's word that's the line for me. That's why I'm different from some other T Spain's that would not look at match Holmes yeah I think he's going to be a public all deceased and acts I expected to begin. I do expect some growing pains. I don't expect. I don't expect Patrick the homes. To come into the National Football League and be the next Dan Marino. I don't expect him to come to the National Football League into what Donte' corporate data years ago when he had won the bet. Arguably the best why don't ever play the game a range balls. There's guys like eight an amazing news for ruled that she said more pieces. Would thirteen and with it it's really unusual situation be stepping into a team that was record breaking off. When you think about als or receiver dials here are tied in it have any leading rusher in the NFL this what he stepped into it. The good thing is all these pieces are either played with leads at this Von Miller says about the ledger bombs after the she's played him the final being in the year. There's great character and I knew it wasn't surprising diseases. Is equality core values court that their future which he came in this great those. You know he's a rookie still got there and play like so we hassle ones out there and steal you know came through and place. You know hats off to you know more homes he's going to be recorded their future's going to be record victories scramble ability. Good scrambling go to ball. You know he's he's going to great Corvette ZR right now and you know an X is going to be due to form is going to be record it going to be great equipment in his. So it is based. I based a lot of that will be competitors say about. Receiver or we say about it that's different than Brooke beach you know blown smoke in different when he hear from these yet. The play against the. I say there's something that that's valuable there's a lot this Bible. Vigorous I'm not I'm not. Did the bottom line though is from an expectation level. Eight's. We're putting a look him in a tough spot by assuming he is gonna Walters ball puts a lot of assumption. There's a lot of assumptions that we do is worth it to meet you all will be best case scenario. Is it he had a season like that pressed. A couple years ago when Beck presto was a rookie and as you tell when human physique payment. If he could have a season like back to me that is the best case and there. Yeah. I don't think you look at his record detect the one thing about it is keep this in mind. He's lesser picked last in defense incalculable meaning every time acumen but you'll hit the pressure is war like that mentality. The pressure to score every time you're out here that's that's the mentality of the comes in with. With the Kansas City Chiefs say we at the school were each and every time in about that with the chiefs a lot of pressure she's trusting nature that the giving. They didn't scare drafting quarterbacks the first round going back we all know that the public ledger they haven't done big did it this time. They salts on that in him. Indy Reid's also open and senior a huge part of this when it came to the quarterback positions he does and getting all sapping the best part this year's. Is the pressure that you let sports so many dale points because your defense to be able leak in that that is a problem at. The that I brought Bob's sudden come back the old car this could be shades that's about. Bishop this might be shades of Texas Tech repeals he has score. Every time he's on the field. That can be reality. Starting. For sport gains of the year real bomb on the role when it all. And it's chargers. Steelers. Niners. Broncos and colts in week five you face Jacksonville Waltz into New England. That is a cult or six weeks we can blame Taylor Swift for that. Personas. She's up plating used to be down timber that's for the planes that were nine. Labor is blame her it was a concert. How much. I'm boycotting everything about her sister did this crap. What do you see that that information was going on yesterday in regard to chase agreed to letter play either knowing full well they were going to be on the road and we want agreed that. What state to become an arm. Come on July. Not the fourth week can be propelled cheeks did this themselves to avoid big leader gathered there with a lark what is blaming it on on our. This issue right next to kind of cheese Booker did you see the information audience Aaron. If they'll schedules are officially released in its shares seems to have a big effect basic things up to it says eight teams don't have Sunday home games and it's here has a concert. In those stadiums that good so so. Well what what it is at its share of Ed Beckman here is the it's the editor to IC. Here. I'm pretty sure he has to know I'm pretty sure that do I'm pretty sure that he is one of the individuals and it's that to a concert. I'll look it up in the greatest Maicer but I am pretty sure that I thought that the cheese on that list when asked audit sweep it in now. October 13 their words they say. The wit and their two. Releases later in the season. You put this they don't care everybody. When he played here October 13. Would it says teams this'll Adam's yeah all that she sermon capable of the featured the next night on the right. That's a case they're gonna put that on prime time anyways so it really not a fact here Taylor. You don't think that he can have double would move that around. The schedule. Just say man. Did screw things up or Amanda San I mean this is officially from at a. Chip just what are now then. Go ahead. Our final segment of the show. There's a draft rumor being floated out there about John Dorsey in the Cleveland Browns. But is it a dumb idea we get to trapped on the forty fives next. Josh Barnett. Fifteen minutes. Now. It is time for drafts. On the 45 discovered squad but he won more yeah go to mighty one mortgage backed down. What mortgage making your dreams. A reality another reminder this Monday coming up. Six to seven in me deeply and rest the other of the incident star. Doing the show six separate. Draft coverage. I think Lou. But does Big Three love this. Biggest idea of this being voted out there. The possibility. Today. John endorse. The new general manager for the Cleveland Browns. That he could. Take two quarterbacks. In the top spot. That when you look at the browns in their in their peaks. Behalf of the forest overall pick in the also have before the world. And some people speculate disabled man the grounds of it so bullets. That lock out users. You know. Is it ever bag rather multiple quarterbacks people will look back in a civil Washington took multiple quarterbacks the that they took orgy three incur costs big difference of one was in the fourth round I'd I'd get it not I'm an agreement with it. To meet when this idea floated out here I thought about it for about half a second acid it's ridiculous. Bet that's not a good idea at all why would you invest too high draft picks like that. In the same position it makes absolutely. No sense is this what you do. But let's say let's say that John Dorsey is trying to be slick or he's trying to be like you know what I have my back. In terms of I'm gonna pick. Sin don't know one eagle about the ticket out rules NT four. Stop make sure that I don't make the mistake. Sad how it works. Like if you are. If you are really bad at doing something. Don't do it twice. It's been bad quarterbacks so just because they have to just do they have more selections doesn't mean to do it twice to shop badge and walk. I hope they do. I want the field why. You big news or are what he's gonna pick and would you play the guy that's best place beyond people what they products in and what I pulled the books. If you took bolt of at 14. Base easier choice of anybody address. If he still came back before. You did the same thing in people suck. Imagine him. Rate that would be the NFL if the browns that was group once but twice. No the browns need so many other things can get all like I couldn players it means they don't trust the process that he did this. They're not gonna do but they did beads don't thrusters out. Because that's all they should become streams all the offseason shouldn't concert last year after they have identifying which quarterback. Is he right quarterback to go with. Trust your process of schedule and beat Philadelphia in the process identifying your identifying who is the better player. In Dorsey he's had this decision before he had to decide who's better air Fisher allude to that it was coming down. Dad played in the big twelve. Then moved to the SEC sued played to power conferences or the guy that. And wake up what time what Butch Jones tells we begin the record we've. He coached Tennessee but Jones the Big Three in the morning when they're mr. yet he cities getting a late night bit about it jelling yet. To get his way from what puts a commission Adobe went with him you want portion is right it was terrible drive terrible draft. But he got one. I mean he gets right. Hand so you'd think didn't guess right in Cleveland. But I finished in the odds if you bring in 21 albums gonna be good that admitting fault and one of combat. Now you can't let them if you take them somebody's going to want that player to score there's going to be team wants to dig your. Your yet to hold on to open I do not speak united. You're better treatment pick. Brother pick yes getting more and what exactly is the bulls are taking a guy like it's not especially diet or somebody get a hold hostage you don't know this as I've done anticipated football. I have purposely so I don't now. Go I've proposed stock will do it somebody an injury. Why go and grab the next best quarterback I've purposely had people our roster that I didn't use it or he's an animal roster is because nobody feels good pick. It was Eddie but it works. So is he to an epidemic of both they. If they did this was said he did do this in bowl field. While it what do you do if your Cleveland Cleveland got this famous American and down and let's get every quarterback's name on. Like I wanna see Cleveland actually get something right I did like that franchise I don't like afraid to let me. Bill Cleveland Indians this attacks on anyone's face why not take say one Barkley. Com at one and a quarterback at number four. Well we don't know what. What John Dorsey thinks about say Guam Barkley and harbor for a number two. You're not taken a uniting in a running back and torture and yet the number. I just gave it all the easier for a stinky grapple with he said maybe like Bradley each in the get a quarterback for Garrett. But that order a quarterback you need at one in the U takes take on it full so you really the jobs that either for yourself we take. Big east to get a court beat that you value baker in the field warning but it feels. If you think adorable and Eleanor gonna go ahead. Of baker made field manual the dice NC I don't what we wait for him. This from the text line. Says it be a better idea. To duel with a mortality quarterback class a match if they had taken Watson and my Holmes last year. I don't. I still don't get it is I still don't agree with that either because then you've got you've got way too many talented bodies at deposition you know it showed a wasted that you wasted at traffic on it. No need to play as the plane and if you had both of Mir in one of them wasn't going to be spotlight it it it if that was anybody gonna know bad baca was really good at it in a new York stock could you had to deal. In that you're gonna get global that the talent. Global establish higher in a quarterback class in the bet that quarterback is going to be that much better. The don't need to know to keep the priests should be Swinton is about the bills Purdue. But bills and at Watson or I'll pick up that. I they're not that I did either one I gripped the test on you to say maybe it's a smokescreen to make someone panic entry of the four I do think that this is just haul I think it's a shattered. I don't think that John Dorsey is actually going to to draft two quarterbacks in the bottom lines does. EE is forceful right poker in these group is now teams know you have to get rid of you can get rid of one of those guys. If they're gonna commit to in bull. They know your situation and they know you're gonna have to deal one year I don't think it I don't think it's trading from a position of strength. But I wouldn't say it's necessarily. Trading from a position of weakness either because the browns have so many gates and so many holes as they do that would they did shed some of their patients on the players that they had. In this another thing that this is a reason why that doesn't excuse and say either. So you talk about drafting two quarterbacks in the top five write the starting quarterback going into the top ten. So what was he thinking and the reason you think it makes a ticket to is all I wrote it pirates they're literate. The police first term choices this is all tall. On the wants takes he would trade make you think you straight pick I think you take two really good players and atop and the you won't rest of us to do. You take two really good players the top spot in the U won't Elisa won't won't betray jewel in the first rounds you're still getting another per trumpet report. In your picking up some what a second or third I would do with it. If I could flip flop in the first round. That's what you get up and in this excerpt expect exit. For the record I wouldn't draft two quarterbacks on the saying in Dorsey wants to quarterbacks this the wrong needed to and I agree with that assessment because I'm not too. I'm I'm not big on this quarterback I'm not. As much as people have been talking a baker mayfield you're the last couple of days. Is it's gonna be interest and see now how all the stuff shakes his stocks certainly rising it is rise and Allen is going bugle. Josh Jesus would happen at the head Adams Gannett. Now people put its completion percentage from JV. On Twitter like Devin. That's that's what they have how he's 60% even going back GB how many but it powers no proper gonna spend. Spend it doesn't wanna see wouldn't Josh Allen is not the number one overall pick I don't think he's gonna be good eight. But if he's not how it is I know mr. Morgan gruden how is no opportunity in the spend it was so that ought to atop each. This. Those still made addressing immediately next week it is in a beautiful that worst covers will better but at a middle commode. This and I want three draft a quarterback you want with your first trade before. Trade the fourth for another source in this sect. You flip flop for another team I mean if you if you did do that. I just think that it right now John Dorsey is never gonna have an opportunity to its wrath. Twice in the top five in terms like in the same in the say. If their two top plot speaks next year there's something went portly back. For the Cleveland. So I just oh I don't think it is this if you go any take the quarterback you want in the union to take importantly any. Solar is god got resize he's gonna be there this year com Josh Gordon. You can't be beyond something. You know I talked to one of our guys to consider comes before the war both buffalo and Rochester I usually go all of them like these little bit like. How bad billions Jones aren't you couldn't watch. You could anymore. It's trick bag attribute. Okay are we could at once we think there they. That they wish they would spur of the quarterback development process last year is another year bar. This on the it was six Barkley at one. And mayfield at full. Doesn't sound like mayfield going to be act for he may be gone for it did say he might be on at three at this point. So to be interesting. You know it's interesting. That we in this game losing streak screwed jigs thank you for the royals. And that's it and Hamels what. They hammer this boils baseball. Coming up bags aren't. Dashed forward. With a pregame show and we'll talk you guys. Monday a couple of times intended to. From six to seven but red tape we shoot Rezko and that I have and also we give everybody.