04/20 - 1 pm - Taken For Granted?

The Day Shift
Thursday, April 20th

Another "NFL Top Coaches" article has the guys wondering if we don't appreciate Andy Reid. Plus, the unintentional outcome of intentional walks & the Take 2 Before 2. 


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That means you're about him. Hernandez. Or why else. Typical morning stuff. In an easy to look at it and it's been stated that on it by the with the Indians win. In the fourth seed here three in third. One it is the only Dale's point 32. And have you always keep it. It's called live we're just talking about Mike Gundy and they're not accepting that loss but he took your back from. Well I haven't heard back from in the two minute since we came back break. He's a they get an update the Gypsy hill he's been doing as well. I asked you guys this morning like is there one thing you won't accept the truth about. And the first thing as it was CT for the old big foot and see if he picks will never accept these. Even will Smith and make you believe it. It's a terrible movie that you pretty much believe anything the freshman. Usually. That then. That episode of fresh burns from his dad walked down from. A. Eagles hold while there might well you know from. There were people that. There are people that believe this has been as the high QB in this BK did this that this camp that thinks it. Two pockets. Big he's auditors on some remote islands. On an hour we would never believe that signed almost Presley's life people. I was president must. Are there certain people refused to leave any. Cardinals fans refused to leave the royals when the 85 World Series. I refuse to think there's not a big foot. But it in the Mac users to believe. There's a bigfoot you believe in the Loch Ness Monster. Ilya he's in the pictures it. It's funny that a little over. You. Hear it in pictures might drop right there. Yeah. Go on the Internet there all over the place what I was down game by the river in there's a new innovative drive yeah and other rivers got. Biggest. Partners law floating in the river. There with a picture. You can kick it just like a monster elected he does wall with the kind of pop and noble water and stuff this is how easy it looks like I did say act on the river monster. Cynical idea friends the median sit down a river monsters. Hitter by believe. A reasonable we've river bonds was often Bieber 56 years ago the guys that he pounds that's what's in the box and see him in an interview was on entry mean CNN. Is that squad. I was real excited to act under the evidence I was really Ali decided I was like school she's so old joke told you so. Exit rate olds show what seed in here and our big foot the doubting skins gotta get a box. Fake news. Is that it's been. There. I am 35 years old. I am divorced. And I live in a bad undone by the river. It's real demand out there at the reform a or if it looked real of your monster I don't look like a long delay it. If you saw the pictures that some laudable it didn't look like though. Would you take it one of those like. Polaroid's Arnold cellphone. And the right all right the right angle sun every night right alleged say. Is there a law. When Vietnam War right. It poured water over it looked like a circuit. My bet. Your piece maybe you'll along if you are these new York and I really think the serpent as a step got a man. I'd be too came across this this article from what are your favorite guys like us that early initial peak Frisco. Police say that people believe a thing that. I'm this joke man author written estimates gate keepers. Let's see how is that like every day. August I said that today with everybody knows Italy beat this what's the other. Cast. Not broadcast. It's like before Wesley. Chris Wesley well it's like your guy Bill Simmons you're talking about you loved them yeah I stated. My guides or make them. Well. On but you kick us out of the posted on CBS sports dot. It was weights every NFL cults. Okay. Mean you supplies it we're 83 NFL. In these disputes the chief Laverne. He used to it's it's eight the board coached and I don't think is there an argument here bill votes there's or receipt she would be one seed guys is what. Nor humans that are best of all time in number two this'll kind of surprised. Mike McCarthy no I don't see he was hot seat gonna be fired this year. You are Rory told everyone who's out who's an accomplished coach Kelly spotlight if he's accomplished within the system so don't let Rodgers. That's what he. I told I don't know if he's wondering having eaten coach but. As number two should we have to bring their Rogers we think given the agree I I think you're right this quarterback right now on the bill bridges. Please fax a mama how successful control could coax so go with that you know I don't I've never looked at the ride to this point news smooth and to me is. That's until you start. On college it just says let's take effect. Successful tool vehicles. Due partly I'll act to a party backed off is that many leather brown books at Harvard schools of rich mahogany also have. One of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League coming to the important people but on the let's go to Hamburg on what he bobbled the fact Obama successful tool echo will Pete Crisco agrees. If it follows thank I would have. Ichiro number two. Seahawks the machine man the last years with donor who's number three or anyone in college student so it's. The Mercury. Ian drew re. Huck goes by in. It you might know him as Indy. It is the three. He said three losing seasons in eighteen years as head coach. Impressive that's a regular season coach Marty Schottenheimer great regular she's coach although India actually got to suitable. Let's seasons that are more victory. As impressive. Into the playoffs twelve are reached the Super Bowl once eleven and twelve post season season record. Which he says which hurts so he's below leave us so he's idiom good goes below hunters to say in the post season. No before. Richard I peek here which I agree with an impeachment number two skirted machine in our five might Tom begin to coaches I would have. Ahead of me intelligence beat that he's the eight re enter it. Especially apparently all we wanna bell rings like Joseph Flacco in the Trudeau for dessert lowering the defense. You're taking away from in keeping with the coach would put the game plan together. But that is the favorite of the spot to spot people these you just name the five coaches. All ills by comedy don't have rain. In. Each. Yeah there were six jump right. Got a so number seven John horrible rain gutter you rate Adam gazans org to Griese. Gates eight let's go to the ago you saw this you simplest. And you said this exact same thing to me probably like pork items in the breeders like I'd like. Here's the thing though every time you send it to me. You always have the same opinion like I cannot believe how hi Andy Reid is on this list and so when you sit this one to me. Like the first thing I thought of as number one we've done this number true. Do we not. Do what we take India read for granted here we not think enough of Andy Reid. Because every time we've seen him a top five coach in the National Football League were like no. I'll weigh your stupid. No way that's true. Syndrome what kids being typical self even though argue Bill Self actually want to admit it that's the biggest effort. If he's great seasons get to the post season. I think Crisco might be on some of Wii is at a decent memory. That's when you lose beat. I like it deal with Zain be read Macon just occasions it what Bruce Syrians it. And it libertarians. Ahead and build brand it in my right and look at the list and I see where he's winked. I have to look at it is it's not like injury I have to say that. He's over rated based on this list. There's no way he's he's a top three in a focal over the other guys that are in the top five with a bit of one. Shape he's Jekyll real and eighteen and engaged in an eight. American argue with somebody's power rankings here like I said we've done it time and time again my only take away from this. Is every time this happens been great as the same response there's no way you read there. Well maybe you're wrong or. We are giving him enough credit or everybody else in the world stupid but you. Our text size 69306. Repeat loss on the what do you think are we under rating under valuing. Eighty read here in Kansas City are we not giving him enough credit. SI six on threes you'll six. Next in Britain and Iran but I tend to agree with you but I find it hard for you not to put the coaches that have won Super Bowl rings but it had multiple division titles under the belt. I I I arsenic so given that I find it hard few not to do that with the guys that have wings. So take all the guys assume boring and put it of the top I don't know if that works I've. Are basically just say anybody with a ring deserve to be over injury yes. I don't know that necessarily work this all happened on the job horrible and but you also have to factory in the open. Number one the longevity of Indy Reid's career is impressive in time that you can last as long as Andy Reid has last in the National Football League is an appellate coach pop whatever that. You tell yourself it's exactly that anytime you can last that long it's impressive. A sheer disaster and ends. Sure this doesn't paper Obama moms that. A quick add me also take into consideration the fact that Andy Reid has the coaching tree. And they're our guys are the victory at exactly what is it like. And you've got a guy that has a ring that's on the entry you've got a guy in. Jack sell re an editorial Ron Rivera you get what you get an improved ranking because you coach injury. I think that's why. I'm not saying that that's what I would do but I think that's where the line out when the archery actually wouldn't want something you haven't. You look at and say well you know maybe it'd make the adjustments approved asked the he's better. I find it hard and I given some of the credit for helping those guys along the way and I tell parties did deserves credit for charm when Eagles who boring death. His testicles or. Good point where you now. And there should really be in the Smithsonian. How has built a brain and testicles little wind it. As you asked me would be at a decent bill and only carried built all client all were. Run over here it is to stop it. So ridiculous but Tex I'll let us also aside threes you'll six or if you wanna call not want to revise it was except its extent are we under valuing. Eight you re here in Kansas City. I think we know exactly what he is in as a deemed good coach. Any rain is a great coach he'll put a team together who gets to the post season but. Is he willing to do what Marty Schottenheimer stroke lift. Make an adjustment when you get to the postseason that's when you get a coach that's what it's one that we your coaching is called and checked. When you get to the postseason making those adjustments in doing what you have to do that's different to you didn't regular season. In the and the other stubborn the other reason why you take a phone call to the other is about we're not. Under valuing age read. Is because of a simple question that will answer on the other side of the break dewine asked us this morning about did you read it says everything you need to know would do that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. This from the eight point 68 reads at UT team that the Pope. And it annual anyone else that's. I had done. Though they have there's only two people that would qualify out of the top ten. And outlook beyond. Ichiro. Is yet to fill them with the jets. And ultimately we'll be felt sag whose with the crime but everybody else is only had one John McCarthy. Outside of angry John Fox. They can be teams that are duties at the top team and you Owen finish in the top ten of the subway accident fourteen he's been port. Yes but O'Brien is only stand has been with the Texans. Earrings with the cardinals. And days with the dolphins hardball with the rate is all of this top seeded they have heard this article there's only been a few guys and a bed of had the three guys they had the opportunity to vote small teams has been read ballots Jake and. Peter can you run Rivera therefore I don't wish to navigate. This season they had gold the civil column. Jason Garrett at seventeen like that usually based on what ended up five. See the last when I was at a banquet idol but it just I'm not cases is that while the leaders respected. Even hue Jackson by the way browns committed 44. Top bull. Even last the reason why he's the last coast as a job is all the other ones. Which she Sean McVeigh in the land based euros of Palestinians John McDermott knew that there. I bulls won't get the math of this do you think that. This is a simple case of us putting too much of an emphasis. On the winning a championship. Winning a title not winning a ring go so long without one that's the only expectation. When he retired you're the expert patient with this guy gives us through suitable. He's done before he's proven winner. Notes from his quarterbacks keep you past the divisional round. So that coach. He's got to know that Alex Smith. Got together wintering. The but it continues to put the text line Jimmie Johnson's should be in the not to know this is telling coaches ask her if and we're doing ads Bill Walsh and it would need to leave me. Did get. Ice it now. This is that they don't want to touch on that Ryan brought to us. He looked at us this morning in the meeting and said. This is to be this simple question. Do you believe. It ain't you read. Is leave it ceased to sort. And how to insulate us. We see it with Alex bit. With Alex Smith missed its bets all this right to isn't it about. It a top 34 spot any court. Smith came when you Super Bowl if you predominately. I still think that would that Denver Broncos defense. Years ago. If you wounds who I still feel that way with Alex Smith pick meanings it was garbage Bruck asked whether what they do indeed. I will contend that 2015 version about Smith. Could've won the Super Bowl with the new Broncos because something else was great. Veteran go for one simple ravens to their defense was great field he could've done off. Two entering that game. If something especially the deep. This on the 913 Alex isn't the biggest problem it's the. More now. The defense is the biggest problem. Allison did not have a big year last year. He didn't run the ball well it almost 500 yards rushing Mir before. Now is at camp pitted on the defense. I just. Not seeing it at all. I'm as CNET and eyes. Alice that is more that he's a bigger issue in the defense is a massive defense does have its laurels they do at the good stuff the run. Eight they got their flaws. You can't board argument eighteen points the Steelers. Yeah they scored sixteen points it's could be. The beauty. Its it was he was not on the defense. Out Smith threw for hundreds of New York. On the off now. I just can't see ears and say it. That I'm gonna put it at the feet of your theory. At defeat solve before he got injured deer Johnson Marcus Peters. Was amazing last year. The offense was about stuff it just wasn't a new actually got really lucky just tightly sealed as a guy that was made him play that you see double income. You executed every it was going to be a factor that anyone he saved him in the in the door to carry the fifth for a few minutes is this offense without him. That's still could get a get Steelers get the text or number Wilson because the Tyreke you'll ever gilded vegetable. Born laws the vehicle when they've already followed him he had Albert will some of that text is an island by themselves everybody else is Dicey right now they're saying do. Just as bad today we got beat by ticker that's eighty read out Smith politics are you serious. Smith. Mr. Tyree downfield twice open your eyes. What labels sure we. We get eighty green John Dorsey will more here. I hope it's in the again. Who else wanted to do those who want ahead of Andy Reid that's the issue nobody I idols like to see him make the changes. Do what's necessary Z get what he got here. You said it will or is this offense better youths and Ayers the guy that started crystal in the that brings some. Was he more creativity. It seemed Terry feel much more party office when windows her. Out of media more focal point of the office under the plan on doing it this year. Last year was when those windows she's when it was not that big dough that's controller source in the in the film pulled the clip you gotta pay him party lost Pau. Ebert and getting Logan this windows on exactly. That big right now it's perfect Kelsey Mac and these guys the ball. Eventually separate case we get a win now how was going to be being at the St. Joe know they'll pull its first report about. Still get these guys are down this window right now belts mr. quarter. You're getting a young guy to start until 2008 usage of corporate the first round you're not in the 2018. You have noted. Scheduled quarterly he's gonna make is at stake in May not be ready to fully go would be good until 2090. Legal authority quarterback he's gonna have a stroke he said they expect that. So I'll be this really right now this the first in par with the chiefs the windows open. Announcements there quarterback. You say at least a little these guys the LeBron and the thing you're gonna have to grow another quarterback. In any is it gonna have to go to his growing pains. Mr. Specter rookie quarterback coming here. Intake to the Super Bowl. If you don't get it done this year ballots that didn't surprise song in the promised land and you'll be looking in there to three years. Less that window opened back up let's solve that essentially. With this year's draft. That we envelop pats are homes in people's back pressed. At your quarterback of the future. Because the possibilities. Outfits do what we. Going to be be probably address or quarterback that mattered giggling now Wear uniforms there in it. That's when I wouldn't say I deeply before the ingenious it was stupid rock all the same ask you some of the players about the intentional walk. What he tomorrow with would get to that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I just. Yeah so this. And I guess in some. Of Jesse the video though that. Went viral of the nine year old kid. That works on his family's farm. A aria as that game Tuesday gave the the tub so spell cup tickets. And they're gonna gold hang out at Wrigley Field doubles also. She's been working hard dance as you know why you haven't you know. At a bad attitude about eighty theme. You've been a great he would. You don't open whine about nothing is going to do which asks. Any single pane open of the of the piece of be careful. You open it up these eighteen to forty know what what it was he's article article wanna get it you know. And he opens it up and he's like blown away that was awesome dude l.'s best in Nassau the tired. Else that's pretty cool and honesty do you see the update to it yes who responded to once he saw the video. If the results from the cubs. He said he easily you know what man saws is awesome to moaned out of gas in my batting track. This. On. Passes for you it's come down to hang on the field at a time bird out Ellis tool and meet debt. Would how Meeks doesn't OC little cows eat. At that what it's. Around my racquet moves warrant I. Spoil a blame I don't. Also a voice soft man is the way it is Iago all sorts from and what. Mean I was a moment or ground and off now. A good news keeps happens or. This is the best possible. Today as here best of programs look. Juniors green rails then according to Obama. There was via tigers. The KC star. Missouri landed a big addition. Literally and figuratively for its 2016. For the limit debate and they did 64265. He committed Alabama. The sign with Mississippi Gulf Coast community college instead. Entered appeared you wouldn't be eligible. What things have changed his buyers. He's use peonies with his 151. Of the top 300. He offers and Ford's state Ohio State Michigan Mississippi State Oklahoma Mississippi. I was state South Carolina Purdue Washington State in Alabama. Forced or prospect. Chosen as the tone man. The good news since then and now he was on. What is gonna wait until wooden dock for the bath will teams in August and it leads tiger of this could be that the best team in Missouri ever. In the football teams getting these guys. Job beards are you resembled Colombia and maybe next Barack I'm a white castle. Get a TGI Fridays I guess there's. But can better weather day earlier this really would you drive them what is an hour and 45 hour fit communes beat element. Name before our note do you would you would now Paul Kirk is accused Colombia now while Todd isn't a road rage freak like you. Video as. I give the general. He keys key speaker I've spoken with Todd he's a very he's much more relaxed individual and you are those the ones surprise. They're quite little and yes the quite ones the ones right. I think pretty pretty but he does she ever tell you you're just. Rattling senior on the colts beat that almost you are definitely not the call one. Nothing about you indicates called. As you sit there and drinker or mountain to a identity you'll pharmacist for it it Eagles don't speak of and I can't see your legs right now but I'm assuming one of the missed acting feverishly. No stumbling what is. It that picture. Atrix caffeinated beverages. At all hours the day. And he will kill you and mark and traffic. Which by the way I followed big reduce union today I don't think he knew I was following him. He was all of on everybody's tail. Yeah he didn't use that turns that once. I got a real scissors to edit them both ways across the across or he's so whistle lanes like thirty times as we've been involved in. Accused try and get paid and like record speed. You know not Nick Saban was they waited all of us you thought he had Nick Saban was there in his way and they give basically yes. I. Due to the isolated little slow talked about this wasn't in the fast and I was in the middle way. Watching you just drive like a maniac. And you beat me to the stadium by about a minute. That's true and and no I got upwards of my house is I didn't wanna waste of our path from my date Pena and empty stadium. When you do whatever it is she did. Really know what it is you do it mocking it actually. I. I'm powerful it's not I'm Hamas led down the highway crew were weeping and it's so long without using your turn signal. Aussie you get to the column its case to watch his interviews Evans video watch him untreated yes Adams. Well. You beat him by admitted he did I saw you. Just just put this is the way slowly just to put this into a frame of reference I did the speed of the entire way I am page I didn't choose it always minute I'd be Bubba likes it. You got off at the exit when I was getting on the fourth or five I saw you get on the yet. Are you we've known about it and terrific. Region and high blood pressure and just her. They've give men a buddy of very very happy for. Our would be. By the way speaking of rage. Toby cook and enjoying the drive to it fifteen talk about the biting incident on Wednesday it so to fifteen to. Who's to get bread you're talking about muted bred to be your idea. So if you're that actually. Who who's the Bradley speaking. Make that all of it all back do you ul Brad bowlers. Or your marketing for the stadium okay. You like these his idea that was my idea is excellent and I'm just passing pain colds or forward to call me tweet back at me. That far to read them sounds like a good idea passable. That's the daddy to make things happen. Only in. Our beat and Adam. It's funny howl. Us here's sixty it would quarter run to a lot of the different members of the rules organization. And asking them about ideas. What had the idea bust. Up extra innings situation. You wanted to get some information from players. About the intense the ball with the light. We're fighting situation authorities situation do you torture those curious. The intentional walk my dog is it about the central awkward and stupid as you point to a weaker. Which lovely day is old school guys agreed in laws that we rope. Complete the action it's part of the game who's talked a brain hears you think to doctors about the guys end excerpt. He gets immediately put on first. So the guys in the hole that it's Dexter to have the on deck circle. He does have time to do that no go straight to the plate. That put the donut on this the pint or not spoken to pitcher sees we thought maybe that's a strategy. In I was curious about that desperate that what do you do at the intensely walked the person for review in you don't have time. To take if he's going to beat that'd messed FEMA he's type got to watch his pitch relief pitcher come them. These two to walk again for Dubuque yeah. In baseball players also superstitious with the lives up here in your teammates at the plate it's superstitious the way people on the bat he can. You've been swings exactly. Whatever it is. Pine taller you're doing all this dude you routine. See in the pitch is coming in from the pitcher if they intentionally walked the guy in front of you you are straight to the plate without having an opportunity do. Baseball thought that there. Because guys that are really damages they have like Brendan Mars and others which baseball players are extremely. Superstitious look at this more he feels that being in Cain does same thing to tightly glove after repair it like it got loose. What do you watching that strike. That Rita federated blow up but her sitting there in the on deck circle yet red shades even get there. Because they intensely walked into the laws and you're straight from India sit on the bench. Which it could be a long time since two warmed up on the fuel for the inning you're young illegal and I'll give it yet warmed up at all. In all of a sudden you're at the plate to me. I can see that be the strategy against guys you know who played long time have been like that at all they didn't even need it like all these figures is yeah you're right. In new I even asked net about it. And its like. You know what's in effect he believes curious and so I would do but you know guys a creature of habit you know hey this guys have been doing anything for one spike cold. Aldridge who walked in front of him he's got to go straight to the plate I'm curious if we mean Jesus. I'm Carrie still sort of heard about it I'd like to know that you but the end of the year and that's me argued the stat but. The batting average of the guy. The back that together was intentionally walked. It being cold go straight for the bench to the plate oh was there batting average of ministers would be. Here's his poor sensation effect she would thank. Baseball players are now this is known to them now if they like to watch this is pitches they would stay in there and watch what they're throwing you don't get that opportunity they put a reliever and you'd go straight to the bench. Employ and my top and like Brian Osama earlier I mean does the stating they're they're they're trying to get the timing down. You don't get that opportunity it's your timing down when it comes to being a god is gonna. Essentially have to go to the play because somebody else have Friday you had intentional walk if you. Like that X two they're doing in your view of secrecy you take your swings in your Goran after our church who accused in a curious new year. Adam who's gonna keep this battery in five. The batting average of the guy McCain and cold and now after you've intensely walk again for an old build a staff for its baseball. They'll be somebody double duty because at least they did the old school way I know we could see with the pitchers throwing. But at least it's on the warm up what is the one is that it is a walked leasing goofy routine reviewed the play out. I just final segment we got to take two to 42 and the we're done on the days. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular and promo code sixty in sports. I know that. One big heist is probably not had a jaded right now of arsenic guts of this Fauria at what he had was a question. That's an athlete I've box and accused of garden was quite good to see it was like you had some gift is doing what you do many. Off topic that I see ya gonna call inaudible with a quick. If I have a very important news story and I went here. Okay run in my in my take. Him very important story. Helping women say they want violated on the continuous trail when a man rode by on a bicycle. In slapped them yesterday we talked with one woman who says she never expected to become a victim. I have a lot of like comments thrown at me by just like random usually just like men on the trail. And I never feeling like so safe but it never actually been assaulted before our eyes and so. That was just kind of a new level of scary. Police have been looking forehand then he showed up at our front door. Tonight this twenty year old man takes sole responsibility. And says he doesn't want to. Women to be afraid anymore. Thank you for being with us tonight I'm Stephanie control. And click on let's get right to our reporter on this story John Mikhail Joseph Jonathan Smith literally showed up unannounced at our front door. That's right Dennis that I spoke to him right here in front of the station and he says he felt compelled to say sorry to the women. She says he violated now watch you watch this rest assured we have contacted the police. First and foremost. I wanna apologize to all the women that were violated by me. No I did this I do not think it was right. For me to do in this unexpected confession Jonathan Smith takes responsibility. For several assaults on the Centennial trail last week. He says he attacked up to fifty women. Really quick I wanna tell you this guy is known as bespoke and spank her. And he would wait and macabre try to with a laugh causes of what would wait on trails that Washington. And he would slap women on the ass as they were hit by. At. I. Think it's a bit you all did you shouldn't. The doors to everybody stands at that they're good so what does that policy makers looking for. It's usually usually you were felt threatened by him it's just gotten this anchor. So they're up a goal he would city loses and you spoke in spoke in Spain. I am laws have a have a lovely summer home and spoke it. Buehrle did spank your I don't know my father in law's isn't a peak right now it's vital that he's missed. Cut its public a prepared statement about it. If I had this all means banker. It's. I don't know why at the ability as though that the spoke inspector may not but if you want us to know defected each rating of him. It's amazing to be that he Turkey so as showed up unannounced on the Specter you look at. I don't want respect and romances. It's. As good as the IDB creep your look at many years. As you had a horrible he looked normal I know it's not a self appointed idol. It's gonna happen to him anything. I'm assuming you gonna go to jail he's icicles so you hit just a matter if Diaz yeah. It might take it easy and needed thirty and so men. Didn't some didn't some unity. Speech. People being put CDs wait for the trailblazers so certainly he sits there and waits and then he smacks you in the ass up. The women go to C and throw guys out here today. I don't. Oh man I don't know. Think it. Spoke in is the quote from him I saw women's butts that I liked and I slap them with little. Yeah. This outlet was ready well quote yeah. I felt about that night. When. It's just like yeah. That's. A nose ring and uncles and and I know and it's really really working hard to get that all the I stalled poll. That was him well that was a that was you you don't really involved I apologize to anyone is offended by the Specter. They. It's a briefing. I was cereals patronize going up out of control. All of naturally figured. I mean it's TC media here who falls. The idea peaks and valleys don't record alive man's got needs. Jason Vargas was absolutely brilliant last night it's fun to watch he actually out do medicine gone lower yeah board. Your heart yearns for a moos only borrow. Was dominant last night just as I've done this rotation is absolutely ridiculous. Now there you are crazy Paul Rudd last four did anybody deals a Major League Baseball. But they also have always worked 41 runs this year which is the absolute worst in baseball. In defensively they have won there. Next closest to him as before. Four times more airs this team so good and the different areas they've got to find a way to get that they're hitting worked out but LT this. You can't fake defense. You can't take starting pitching severe those two areas you kind of wait for getting the comeback victory guys in the rotation which if they'd be due to count on. Jason Gore has. Did he got beat Ian can be muzzled the Borg is into the mix which started with cable or should it be great performances over time the big game winning her performance. This rotation for the royals might feel better we expected. By the way for the year to sit with the royals rotation of the union. It isn't dead last in The Who saw that coming that's baseball in weird things happen. In in this sport but if you have three guys solid beginning that rotation. Good things will happen. This year for the huge city royals and I have been shocked by borders and its is better now nobody knew what was the war which we were think about it coming off Tommy John. Have to do the rehab assignment did come back here. For three games he feels like. He's better. Then before me or he can be as good I'm all for this is not something we're expecting. Who were pleasant. Yeah he's in trouble here is to counter review he's the as I. Cereals thank mr. fields banker asked not to look for Wednesday vehicles with some of the matter oil and annals thanks cereal and Ottawa author. What charms. You like servants who was your favorite cereals thank Charles opera Fruity Pebbles out that. New good buzz kill off a box of those things. I'd when that you're in the born. Alive and we did a C rules not edit it all out on the road in the words of age read. What do you say they gotta do it on the road at what speed that things get out. To beat that they go it was it was at did you write this charged with Texas and minimal ball just died right under this weekend. I advocate that the got to be displayed as the world's going to be inspectors on the row but the reality is. The homestand was since our successful one but in the fourth fourteen games of the season. With a record of being 500 being 77. Realistically are underachieving at this point based on the pitching performances that you've got. What has happened in the curve with Jason Bohn who could arguably the best pitcher in the American League. We look what TV does is giving you all of the course divorced couple weeks we look at most recently. What Jason Hammel gave you a couple nights ago. The reality is that this team asks you asked who they want any shot at winning this division. If they want any shot of being the true contender the bets have to wake up as strong as the pitching has been. Is it going to be sustainable wood last year. Visible to go to continue to get better as he's gotten over the last week or so it's gotten better. But the bats at best we're sad have to pick up the pace across this team is not yet it's the well. Stuffs like that. That was pretty funny stories. They did kind of like a everybody's. Address it as an exclusive interesting story I was raised in the small town outside of Spokane Washington wonderful town. Like this. But that's not a Puerto lovely place to live. I totally get what she that are around me almost quite a bit but that's a it's guided through us thank you still regret fanning he has he got it behind their governor next year it drops it. Six as Sports Radio says there's sports. It. Do you get out on the road and beat that thing up.