04/19 - Wanna Fight!?!?!?!?!

The Drive
Thursday, April 19th

One radio host challenges listeners for taking a shot at his guy plus a classic rant from Cleveland makes Carrington & Brad crack up 


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This morning. That's still was willing to health. Any listener. That was 801. Ned Yost now I'm ready to fight anybody who wants to criticize anatomy to the back Alley I mean lately that's really where I am on this one. The reason that Ned Yost is so successful and so good at what he does. Is because he knows how to manage those people. He's not gonna sell his guys out he's he's never done it before he's not gonna start now he did do it in 2010 needed diluted 2011 heated diluted 2012. You know there's a lot of times were you look at Manny should meet -- Christ that guy. But that's not. How do you develop players that's not how you develop an organization and that's not how you get people to buy into what you're trying to do. You managed people the right way and it begs greatest strength is managing people. Then I'm good with because that's what the job of the manager is his job is to to manage the egos so to speak his job is to put people in the best position possible. And his job is to manage these guys day to day. And make them feel good how how these guys know that they're not performing well right now they really neither manager to go out there. And hold about the media like what good is that going to do. We think it's the funny part here momentarily but I would like to address serious part of Pasco said the second half of the night I do agree with Vasco. I do think that Ned Yost best strength this. I think that they're different ways to lead and motivate people NBA good coach some people are really good x.s and o.s coach some B would've had a good feel they know the right thing to say at the right time. I think nets made aging of people. And allowing them to have their own personality is the biggest reason why that when he fourteen team broke through. I think they were really down I think at the trade deadline I think the royals made a choice as they front office organization. Hey this team needs the tough love but they also need to know we believe in you enough that we think all the talent to make a play off on his right here in this room. Acting rile Levine is gone up there as well I think I spoke I think they had come to Jesus meeting that they all came together. And they had a rock rock we didn't know what the guys in here and I think that was motivation enough I don't think there is any person Mecca motivated that team and guided into the playoffs. Better than what Canadians did and we certainly know what happens when he fourteen so I agree with them that yeah I. I think he is adding he's weak it being a technical manager when it comes to managing people which is certainly a big part of baseball is all around each other all the time yeah. Few management voter are better than that you'll. No I agree with you in in there as miserable as coach it was Chuck Hernandez pitching coach in the race. Organization they was Detroit he was under generally appear in the with the tigers and went to the World Series. Chuck Chuck Hernandez got fired or whatever they raised goes to Detroit 2006 to go to worlds here. And some reporter asked him Ole would you change what was the difference is I had better pitchers. You know I mean so if anybody wants that goes head right now is ridiculous. All right your bullpen has given up 46 runs in sixteen games you're basically going live. Again I'm with you on this I think adds probably biggest weaknesses in game stuff for manager the biggest thing you got to do is figure agonies pitching. You know back in the day when he had HDH yet 345. Guys with kids down there in the bullpen and nobody can hit. Pretty easy to manage a baseball team I don't have that so now it's awfully tough. To call for that he has had after the start it's not his fault and you know laughs I'll be you know you don't have senior it's completely out on the majority times start. Heard anybody calling for a job. I do think it's I don't think you can be critical level like I do think there's a fine balance and we'll get today. He's fast the first party I don't skip past the first part yeah that's was right. Now ready to fight anybody who once criticized an army to. I mean lately that's really where I am on this one too. And you to the back in North America we don't got a little secret pact that was that actually reminds me maybe my favorite audio wave radio host was challenging listeners the fire this is from Cleveland Tony Rizzo was rate of flight uniquely with Dana wanna smoke. If you want it and people better. And this parade you can't stay away from me I'd so in my family compatible ones. I swear to god I'll have I'll say out loud or go get 101000 marbles before you at that rate out column. With that machine. What was that machine McCarty at. They eat me mobile I'll be there and I won't moan we. You'd down under by tires I promised that I brought US upgrade its good and luckily. I can't get over this or in the beginning provides that best goes said that you're critical and it goes he will I UN that got us some. Stupid well I. Module that he's feeling bad ass. I'm ready to fight anybody who wants to criticize an army to back Alley and Natalie that's really where I am on this one. A fight anybody that once the smoke you can absolutely punch if you're willing to be critical about Ned yeah that's not good for us it would this city. But fewer than like probably American. Eighties I'd be out of debt to take you days it probably isn't it might lie in Saint Louis got here. You know this terrible cities are probably sighing in Saint Louis and it went down and is this if it does doesn't back out somewhere fight people we faced a lot of that is elected SEC thing was club. I don't know VF CC regulates these odd parts of fast go once it is like listeners I mean I'm certainly happy that videotape for the view this as. I'd I just wrote this down and I was listening to basket talked there people into the city that we have just decided you can't say anything critical load. Ned Yost date more Patrick Holmes and Bill Self. Right now and say something bad about that all the tax I don't see. Receiving games or this did this idea he's going to be that statement. Critical date about it. Is now. It's it's it's a critical just say it was. Not a good job innumerable open. All right now that's this week we decided that four people have reached a level of untouchable. Sell. Mobile I don't know how to go home got the character the attitude you beat the Broncos a member of the what is really big about self mobile Dayton and then they the tactic last. You say about literally anybody else like Al Snyder. Under mostly you know I think time kind of adds both honored by he should just go home be infinitely me and I think that much push back on that and say something. Here say that bill would do is not your employers. And see what happens yeah I don't buy you're gonna need to get this period as greens are I don't know and I don't I don't know why we treat everybody. I don't know why we put these people cat. I wouldn't but you can't say anything critical about the general manager or the manager of the wars in baseball bats well. To say those guys that are big banner up there and you saw that it is fifteen world champs I mean but when you do that Kansas City may and you you have some equity build I know you're a 100% right I I guess I didn't. I just big it's different and it was we put him in the category of I mean self out of bill. Was told us to think. This team the cited it's it's okay and that means that you can basically reload your roster in college basketball just McCain's gonna do. And and in the royals. You know. Listen this rosy right now is not very good the bullpen has historically awful. And you that your score and places a really good you know starting pitching performances and and and and they're author sync defensively that Obama should step down some little worse but still yet to work to do that. You got guys played multiple positions. Got a pulpit that absolutely stinks up the joint your waste of good pitching. The it's it's extremely frost. Attacks on six entries are sick the Tex I would definitely blow up the moment homes lose the game and the most readers I'll have some not even a third like the guys like. Sell grain Dayton green neighboring. Almost all the for six weeks overseas yet coal mine good sue and for the couple little five what do they do get a deal on. That announcement was yeah we're taking a Alice Nichols were taken out he was all ports or steady didn't turn the football over he took care things you do would you get again. I that it's really get to the playoffs can challenge for division title. Yet an army. Of that list right now there for people say are above reproach itself homes and eight our net Indy. I still think your leave at one I think airfares on that yeah that's given what he's beaten how good he's data's on the field. I don't think you can take a shot editor there. I actually think the bear you can say that you think he's an overrated safety. I. You get that much pushed back or order you can say is they paid too much I don't that you get a whole lot of push I'd say anything negative about homes. I don't think you can say anything bad about bear the only thing that someone would reach four illnesses. Are real reach its wrong is that he didn't show up to the the voluntary. The PL phase one of running around the trash cans inmates rules yeah two years ago well does Il last year. That's the only thing you could say and that is about as important. As I don't even. No one around me and you know differ on its back but relatives he was it the first is the offseason workout program and you know who won there John Dorsey. So in just new starter Kerry doesn't need to run around trash can I get that I understand that. I understand that but. And I'm a fond and think about it like like like barrel racing like it really doesn't tell you does he need to live with a team like he's never been great she. Have your leader the sometimes is going to be either special defense is army's been over the radio air right now ground game there right now I'm more rings on Brady's out. We had in honeymoons what is life right now he's out riding camels into by fighting talk about leadership when. When it's not important but oh when it's important he's always there well within. Either I get that I understand that part of it. I'm just trying to tell you if you look at a reason why he wasn't there. And why was there when things started what. Was less on you know two days ago. Mean when the Nazis breed emblem well he does elect a long time doesn't like with a per when they when the offseason program began. Eric Berry is there just use it was their Travis those old guys there John Dorsey was put that together every.