04/19 - Drafting a Pass Rusher Like Justin Houston

The Drive
Thursday, April 19th

Drafting a pass rusher isn't going to be so straight forward for the Chiefs in the NFL Draft 


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The draw some weeks rob my tonight is is when the draft begins and a short look at it you know chiefs needs and we've been talking about it threshers and corners in safety. And and positions like that and it got me thinking about how bad she's really need an edge rusher. Deal with it she's hit an immediate impact edge rusher is if they fight got the draft is damaged here's what I mean by. That she's at 54 overall and all these blue bloods the best young Ed rush is gonna be gone by. Bradley jump from NC state out of here mark is Davenport's UT San Antonio he'll be console here Lander from Boston college center. I certainly don't just use that she's got just in Houston. With the seventieth overall pick in the third round got that way because. The first round talent he tested positive for marijuana. At the 2011 palm expert it was projected again to be late first round guy. Even then. Even when you've got just use you got first round value in the third round it still took it about three years to really comfortable assortment Chicago Bears game. When you like awhile to that do keep in that duke could be. First round pick edge rusher. And I still firmly believe that I think these might be the reason that she's dug deep in the plans ticket quarterback if top Bosnian doesn't develop again he'll be year to. Which it's tough for guys to get. You know develop before you're too when you gotta be the topic your game to be able to do that. They may have a problem. A look at some of the best edge pressures that have come out of the draft and reach out to stick with him. Let's start with glioma right fifth overall pick by the Oakland Raiders. First year for sex in new second season of all fifteen Von Miller. He's a rarity second overall pick of the Broncos Levin and house axis first year eighteen in your to note that player he's that he's won all yet. Mean you know that but that's you know how rare is that so. We can state edge rusher. But at the chiefs are not taking in the top ten more than likely they're not to get an impact guy and let's. You find it you like just news that's got some baggage you find some of those dudes down there. Hey listen he's got the execute from Al issue I can't think of the name of Tom and I are in key yet he's the kid it's got some weight issues. Now he's got to forty for the come by but the issue is any keep golfers you gonna get fat yet when he gets paid you know what unity of that's the kind of guy that she's gonna have to get in this draft that they want immediate impact on the it. A look at it I think the chiefs I mean it and it's hard to do with the draft I mean it really any pointers to our position defined is. I think they need to corner that can step up and give them something on us and you gotta find her number one corner in the drab and that's a little bit unrealistic. Given where they're gonna lack of rookies that that position is that that he can play yeah I'm just saying I mean if you don't have a first round draft pick I don't know if your timing when giving it impact corner from day one yet puzzle that you could find someone that can help you Indian rotation it can be a third or fourth quarter in it to find some. Body that can get to the quarterback last year you were in the bottom third in the NFL sack short 24. In units of the quarterback finding someone that can give you a boast of some I don't think you define 1012 acts. Fun so much that he gets a 46 this year in the draft I keep having promising you rookie and certainly someone I could take a little bit of pressure on just. Yeah all the axis of the Bob Sutton says and an awfully critical him I think deservedly so last season's. Earlier pride and a really good piece on this and watched video and they were trying to break. Literally talking about is how box scores statistics align it comes to sex you know sometimes maybe you know let's now tackle whips. You know wrong assignment policy to get a straight path either quarterback it's done just music is suitable Russian idea to get a sack in his two plays. Well the box we're the same thing to completely to replace Bob's own stocks this policy from top mass ill or anybody it's on the edge. He talks about affecting the quarterback not necessarily getting sacks in an effective quarterback. Which we didn't steal a lot of last year then to me that's equally as important as racking up big numbers and sex you've got to get there you've got to move the his spot. You got to make him uncomfortable you gotta think he's gonna get hit. Touch if we that's what the chiefs need that even get a guy can do that. At least part of the time and they've got some additional fans they can go to the well in an edge rusher in the draft and how accurate that. Performing listen to ultimately take off until your four Houston blew up in your three and four and it takes a long time these guys develop so it's going to be really tough for them to go into the draft. Get an edge rusher and say OK now we're set. It's not how it works the only way in my opinion they can do it is funny guy that gets them back later in the rap music that's or do we think you'd tournament is so it has been an uncle. Finding a guy that could impact the chiefs. From day 121 years ago today on Sagal who stepped to the podium to announce this election from your Kansas City Chiefs. I used to straighten it expected Kansas City. Kansas City came a collective. Tony Gonzales tide and current California 21 years ago today that she selected a hall of fame tie dean. In Tony Gonzales. The second greatest sign of all time because we don't know that rocker accounts integrated Scion of all time list goes by we all know the rocker just he's the best of health expert. It is now he's different he's apiece liquidity Jersey rock with like Luke went down. Well I mean truth. I'd be curious to see I think that's really the only argument that people have against Brock has been no argument is Selena chair. You can make health argument has brought hasn't really been healthy but when mark is physically playing when he's almost the worst that he is the best tie in that we've ever seen. There's a lot of people always bring up like it's going in dolls he certainly has the long jetty argument. In seven seasons grunt as meaning 1000 yard season as Tony she had in seventeen. One more out our season which is not a crazy for rocker tells you especially in assistance they got to bring folks. He doesn't next here who have more 1000 yard season the two dollars at at any point is I NFL career you have more double digit touchdowns season's five to three and Tony Gonzales net. Let me ask you this a real quick though mean. You can't even look at a time look at receiver. Who still flag on several Tony used. Mean it. Had to play in 1991 and it's just played in the modern NFL I just. I look at the numbers it's going dolls but I think that I think to grant put together the best scene that we've ever seen Italian and a couple years ago he had a judge Reid had ninety catches. 1427. Yards in seventeen. Tons Derek Ron is a touchdown machine went into the hall of fame. Make any argument when it comes the number you know I showed I showed you that series he had against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the was that like week fourteen of the season. He was unstoppable in the SE it was obvious where Tom Brady was going it was obvious that rock was gonna determine one would you like bit downhill race. You're not supposed to be able to do not his eyes like entered the did you that it what was brought 6566. To fifteen to sick huge they're not supposed to do that it's not all of it is which is any personal lives in Kansas City. Oh we got beyond this the greatest time of all time is Rob Gronkowski is not telling.