04/19 - Carrington Takes Games Away From Kauffman Stadium

The Drive
Thursday, April 19th

An idea to make baseball more interesting but less home games for the Royals is brought up by C-Dot 


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I was watching sports and yesterday I actually was not keeping up so that's my fault I need to know this was happening. But it's right now are playing games. In Puerto Rico. And Francisco Lindh or that a walk off homer and the pitch. Lolita setter the other phase six wins winning. Rival cars second neglect RBIs a walk off single in the sixteenth bedding and its went to win do not want. Bad on talk about that wasn't Francisco and organized for the Indians that was an awful awful pulled her but yeah the point still remains twins got to walk off home run yesterday and Puerto Rico is a lot of single that he gave me and I DO. Think that every Major League team should be required to give up a home series to play game a placing your either one of these five countries Cuba. Venezuela. Puerto Rico. Mexico. Or the Dominican apple about it up outside of the United States goes the five most popular countries and are represented in Major League Baseball that baseball is international now the point is so eager beaver players guys like summer rays are not from America as the wind and it base at all. We agree is growing to the point. And there's enough of an inventory and I feel like the story of Major League Baseball there's been two big stories of war. It's been a weather shall jail time. You certainly could at least alleviate some of the weather stuff if a team like the royals were giving it a home series and April. And they were giving that up to Mexico or Venezuela or Puerto Rico or a place where as it's going to be warmer more traditionally at this time of the year. I mean you could kill two birds. Let's cancellations. And expose those fans the baseball and give them the opportunity gives some bigger players that she's a player from their hometown crowd. Be it really big moment in a really good thing for baseball to do an early policy Hamas Italy give up September games once you get the playoff push. But baseball has enough of an inventory that it is not going to matter that much of the royals go from set up from 81 home games the 78 home games everybody will be just fine. I it's tough to shoot holes that because you don't. Cuba Venezuela Puerto Rico Mexico Dominican Republic windows you'll upgrade all colors out their prized political issues he wanted to Cuba every year play baseball. I would guess of people that a Miami probably would like that a whole lot if you're taken Major League Baseball over there but to get your comment from. I don't know of owners would be willing to give up three games worth of revenue to do that. Now I look at it from this perspective. You know we don't. There's there's not a draft of international players. In Major League Baseball let's now works works like that and every other sport not not based. So if I'm a team and Alec down. And get some of the best players on the planet I'm playing there every single year almost with the players in Major League Baseball opening day roster were born outside states. And Ellis hit the royals it almost 30%. Of their opening day roster maybe more it's it's little bit are from Latin America. And the deal is there there's competition to sign these kids at a young age you can't just drafting guys you signed acute. And the kid's gonna. Options if he's a stud. So the more you are down there the better it is for activity that is worth giving up three home games because your idea of well you make you jingle London. You know he only got sixteen games and eight Elmer home games. You got 81 home games a year. I think it's a great I think they should definitely do Cuba would probably a little bit more juvenile than it has been as well as a mess right now fun somebody I would take it team to Venezuela I want. I you know my 123 million dollar roster Venezuela right now but Mexico Puerto Rico Dominican Republic absolutely. I'm just thinking of had a had a gold at a grow to how to grow the game and expand the game. We can agree and not having a draft puts teams at a disadvantage like Cho mailed Connie was not goings of the royals he was gonna go to the highest bidder he got to go to the angels' order yankees like doing it this way certainly puts team like the royals to my outrage at that time so it's great team that wants to increase exposure in any way possible. Got a few others sacrificed in an April baseball series. To play games in Mexico yeah and maybe that gives you the advantage that one of the kids comes as he's there and he associates you with the royals when he comes up and you try to find the net though Donald and Europe or the next guy like that you hope that he signed with you guys think of big league baseball. That I think. I baseball should do a better job in bracing of what it is. Major League Baseball I think is different in the NFL playing games in London how many NFL players are from London this non interest said oath tours of Major League Baseball. Players boarding up outside the United States and almost 30% I think is what it was opening day last so it's right to make your game more reflective of that during the regular season because you unlike the other sports I would say basketball the same you got 41 home games you can give up one home game to play in China you can get one home game to play in Australia. Travel eyes and all that's the bitching about one game to grow your brain. That 81 games right now what the cubs had four games already snowed out. Played one of those series somewhere where it's warm grow the sport and it's a win for every. Iger and that's what I would do on. I you know I would I would again I think from an ownership standpoint probably think why don't give up three games I've got parking I got I got appears concessions and all this other stuff. I want my fans to be able to feel especially early on in the season so I understand. In the Utley got from this perspective but if your small market team you're trying to grow your product you wanna be more competitive. Sunny some of the best players out of maybe I mean if you look at Latin America that's essentially. Taxes for high school football that's really what it is you know and and I talked to the front office guys before they say the biggest problem the American player right now. The American baseball blur right now you're not prepared you'll Latin player. And those kids down there between east you know on the plane with sticks and and and crumpled up you know cops and that's the ball. Those kids are hungry and want to play baseball are good. Right I mean that's the hot that is the that Texas high school football of baseball players is Latin America right now. I think it follows a small market team and I'm trying to get in there and L team that cat he's down there and everybody's heavily involved it's releases I understand it one of the biggest reasons. Dayton Moore to to John McCain cities because I was gonna get Latin America. You know we got to put. We academies down anyone's Dominican Republic everybody else is doing it were late to the party on this thing if we don't do this Arctic in the gay. And they did that and look at some of the players they've gotten so operas or Bonaventure. Now horrible flaws in you're getting players out of there it's the hot bed go to their play three games who cares Akashi literally cash. Early in the season when it's seven degrees in Kansas City.