04/19 8pm – LeBron’s Genuine Reaction, Serda’s Rams/Chiefs Take, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers

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Thursday, April 19th

LeBron’s genuine reaction to the passing of Gregg Popovich’s wife shows why Ron loves him so much. Serda has a take about the Rams/Chiefs Mexico City matchup he’s dying to share. A belated “That Guy Gets The Show” features a BYU offensive lineman in a foam pit before Showstoppers and the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?”


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You show. We hear. Runs as soon you release out. All listeners. But those banners. They we salute you allowing. To be a small part. You know or Thursday evening. J&J radio productions produces this dreadful days Stanford June when Julio sciences. By letting guys conservatives on the road with me. Well we've had a really good time tonight check out the podcast page and you know if we all look. He won't there and all of Kansas City radio not. Just sports but in all of radio so. All of us all of the station and the guys are really good job of putting things out. Shares Embry tweaked them. All of that so everyone else can be safe and help us to reach that goal to those eighteen and the number one. And in the first hour really liked the most impact both main and a really cool event that you should learn about it. Samuel Rogers Sammy you Rogers who was sporting KC. Our guy radio withers came on and sit down and talk of this gave some really good information about I think that missing him in the city. A lot of people aren't aware of some check out of the podcasts page it'll be separate right fellas. To be separate also desolate basics and sports comedy and a lot of information and a really cool free soccer clinic that sporting Casey's open. So that the pick who's probably nationally one of the big news of the day was LeBron and him getting interviewed. By. Allan the force. After his you know magnificent performance last 46 point oh. And she had she asked a question about. The death of iron. Bear Papa. Greg Popovich life coach of the year. The spurs. And it was initially people thought it was just blind sided but that he also came out said no she had asked him right before they'd gone on if it would be okay. Apron and now my tape that I wanna use still holds the same after we'd gotten all the information. And this was my take last night walking now and it's still the same. Man answered odds is due you. It is boggles the mind. Well we love about our athletes is did you Ed and I think LeBron is calculated but I think LeBron period. Love is at least being in you when edge it's not in authority that is still passes it's real. And LeBron has done that robbed the job. And you may not think about it it's really listened to a year. That's what I love about his response he was genuine. And he just gave a real emotions and it and to me in my opinion just try to pixel and this was him. Keating. And that's what it was too close this is him. Responding to Alan force when she told him asking about the death of pop it's. Merck announced that Eric what's hot and it's his client always. The way I know here close to pop. Any words or thoughts you'd like to share with him. Male look comic drama you. Top fantasy. Hello mom. But it's a tragedy than dome you know my best wishes gold gloves the problem is scrambling. And just devastating move themselves. Told us. Home. There's a lot of mid NBA family we also together no we compete every night. Solving this problem like this happens every it was everything of course records though. You also must also mama mom how well wishes. Her mom wears number today have a good Bubba go to bed at club never makes a mistake even when you sometimes have to. That's why bush. Does this terrible move them. Com. Those who look upon. I think that everybody in San Antonio the holes are scrambling. It is not gonna visitors that about and of he is my favorite athlete of all time but I think the thing that has made me become a really use LeBron and is. Like he is not afraid. It any moments. In my pieces just be continually himself. I sit do you guys walking out last night. You think about athletes at his position that have been. As sort of would say did know rice and and talents. Or athletes that have been bigger than just their game adding Coby I think Michael especially in the NBA Jordan other ones. Kobe wasn't blocking imitation of Michael tour this whole. Michael Jordan and Colby in my opinion would have had something for active prepare like almost as if they practice. These situations. To have something where you would be just like how he handled that Corey. The first things he did in this. Merck announced that airing what's hot and it's his client obviously. I'm the way I know here close to pop any words or thought he'd like to share with him. This is cognizant that he has kids and kids and it was just a real bright they're. Here she just told him prior to the walking what. It was to. Keep cost of the year. Like to me that it is sold junior went and that's why I've never understood why there's such hate. Does that it is not just because I'm a Jordan and and I love like George let's go stronger to all ideas in the wrong. Like he is is as she. Tom Brady's not to Tom Brady. The first time we got to know about Tom Brady was in his or that out things like that was. That's that many have here. I've ever heard Peyton Manning be on his or be legit it's at the time to retire or more reverend Maynard JST ma. Like this is soul and you win. And acts as though what people had issues with him at. They have sold well. Part of the problem that I had with all this was too is this morning. There was some people who were Miller who were taking issues with the question being asked with a reporter who lawyer who are then taking issue with. LeBron because after he after the game he went on an Arab did he said that. She told him she was going to ask from the question and he told her that it was okay that he wired into our job and ask questions. And so that people are saying well. Maybe he wasn't being that genuine when he answered that question and that does like. How many people. Are able to come up with a reaction to news like that on the spot like that. May be ninety seconds ask you just stepped off the basketball court you've put up 46 point six K your team to victory entire playoff series. Easy situation to be put it. I I I just that the number one thing that took from it was not the question anything it was like. This is why I am such a fan of the run and this is why I don't understand. Why. He has such hate. I was at near universally liked. But what he has India's what's more Virginia win that Michael Jordan. The real Michael Jordan. Hit the gambling thing you me and still he's gonna act in his is the worst thing ever Eddie raised thousand dollars per. Kids at the girls girls and boys. But outside of it is yes. This'll. We have sold any dare he knows there he. Has there Jeter ever done anything you'd like art has reeled. At some of these guys are a testament. I hope he. I he genuinely wants Miami Dade carried to believe that the Martins are in the virgin island and he's here is that it's work. But I keep it excellence excellence is what this cocky. I guess. Mean I just don't idle your ass yes it's like Johns. Dot CNET is the guy who talks about postal loyalty respected that things that he promotes. Never give up he's into the military if pushed to the military any advice at the grass. Well. How do you make judgments. About those. What is the outlook on. When you watch the what you hear stuff like that like that in January acts up telling people to imagine if Kobe got up there that did lose. Aussie had to mama mentality. And I would this. You know you know. It's just it would have been rehearsed. Like bowl is here are right on this. I mean 87 but that's just what he gave off for years. It was gave himself it was Michael Jordan for nineteen years. I don't think Kobe knows and Colby. It and it just hit them. This blows me away I'd just like when you watch moments like that with a broad that you see in him how he's so genuine like. I just don't get I don't get why people are. And why and why you can have at it edict. Like. You're pacers they had a you hate LeBron gets or your Celtics Fannie eighty on the court. But sometimes it's sometimes the bride eights and stronger than it's bad apple. That is just a straight up who do. You America. Take him. All right sir I'll allow this and I'm already regretting this right now. Saturday earlier today was really pressing to me he's just has taken about this Graham's chief's game but she schedule came out earlier you checked the second hour I just don't see of this team it's too. A player. What sort of and then. Third it is once to fire off his take about this reams chiefs. Home. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is shocking thing and as and it's very it's a classic. I just was going through the the bucks who. Is it this 76. And at Miami Heat game. It is day barber four point game sixers at the wooden board. The bottom of this this Miami Heat rushed just caught me off color. I just was not aware Udonis has was still playing basketball. The group. They as a state is at the bottom of that rust. I did now has so there. I did not know I know Wayne Ellington was I did not note that that that was that was that. I need to at Columbia Udonis as. How old is it done. I think he is 3537. He's a package deal with Dwyane Wade of this year. He hit 37 is averaging zero point six points the ball in zero degree. And also zero point one. Blacksburg today I'd like heat fans probably just unlock viewed I just how does that I just gave him like an honorary spot I'd guess what I throw this out. Currently no one who. What do you think is career points in Reba. As fourteen years is that three time team what do you think his career points. Six point six rebounds. I'm in me I go ten and six that was that was pretty good Saturday and exceeding now. Seven and seven point seven points per game at six point eight rebounds for victory. That this year's that he'll. Just dragging it down scene when he was younger he was just like an energy. Coming in and it's some boards couple buckets Ali. It would that was his wife. Perfected that little eighteen footer. But it is MO. The flaw let currently. It would have been a double figures. That high. But then again I remembered ray seals at sixty career all day. Are going answered as you head yeah. Take it would give let's go hit it out of the way for this. I was just talking about is that person will be legend. I was talking about. This her hands chief's game and in a way that I was interested in approaching it because I think a lot of people. I embrace super excited about the schedule released while some of us. And this particular game it being a Monday Night Football game in Mexico City. It's a very big game locally it's a very big game for the rams may begin the ceased for me and just specifically because were rams fans it's a very big game for us. But we don't really know we're getting out of Patrick Holmes yet everybody's excited that everybody wants him to be a good quarterback right. Sort of digit would you going to say that earlier predicted its commitment. Spoke about the feeling of being concerned about it. Now. But it is that we Allison to. Hold off on those multiple tours isn't enough. It is it now. There. I'm curious. About the facts in this game because I'm rooting for mark is is personally and I said this multiple times on the out Marcus Spears to get a pick six in the game. I I two picks and a forced fumble. Is the perception. In this city still like is it going to be the chiefs vs mark is Peter's Magid is a big there's a lot of people that are going to look at it like that they want. The chiefs to go in there and they want Patrick Holmes a light Mike is Peter's a thing so they can. It out they can was announced the next day in tax standing between Edison's a city that's why they got rid of him because he's a bomb and Patrick alms in Georgia. I personally I'm rooting for America's Peters suggests smoke the chiefs enacted. Tempered to prove how ridiculous the entire thing. You rim. Yes I'll meet you were you'd. Like it decent but here but that but those markets have to be a huge part of this we had I mean it's like one point and he had. But let's use four men that. That's a huge while he's getting at least on pit after after lagging this year you added he said about that amount that they got asked about that amount a ball to him. Yes he's got to get at least one pick in that football game. But as is. Because I still think there's a lot of divided fans in the city over this in May and maybe it's subsided a little bit Al overtime for it it has it has it. But I think there's still a lot of fans that. Are very much in support of mark is beaters as a person and a player I think there's a lot of fans. They're still very much opposed to mark is Peters is a player and they just want to root for him to fail. There. I think it may be the bulls nervous. Game. Or the chief front office. Right and of course as they'll say of course. These cats are going to be on national though. But here's the thing that I go out I'd really an interesting about it. I don't think the national media understands. How crazy this game is going to be local and how big it is here. I don't think people understand. The did that the real role. Crux of everything now when it first happened we expressed view as rest everybody that this was a lot to do about race. But I don't know. The the national media understands. And they've made it a national game I don't know if I can't wait to see what the national coverage of that will be going into the game. Because I wonder if that'll be a market Peters is just returning back and day day day got rid of them because. You know he was he was struggling. He was struggling in I guess adhere to the chiefs away so to speak. But I wonder will they really Knoll. The tips. What's going on it Al this is splitting city because really it's probably right now the only game that I am really looking forward to a basket. Right now I guess in a minute separation agreement with the teams right now John Pavlik fired up right now but like. It may be the only game that I really. Pumped up. But I think the chiefs. All the jeeps there and or. They're nervous because. As we expect. I don't know how great as is constructed right now this she's beat it will be. Especially the corners. And of market speeders. Readers can have a game like normal that it was happier were it doesn't really look like he's doing anything because people are going to aside. But I I doubt that that will happen with the other corners on his team. But if mark is Peters has tied the game where it appears that he is showing off his talent and showing off the things that he can do. It is all on display for the chiefs fans to see. That. I think it's a minority of people who expressed their anger that may be pushed this to become a move. But I think that majority will start to scream and speak very loudly. Barry loud if they play him it's especially. If the secondary becomes a problem position. Because everyone believes. That they'll be all right with Eric Berry coming back and I told over and over he would. The safety is that nearly as important as a quarter so I cannot wait to see what they look like. And well yes and may be may be a key to leave slows down a little bit and so you're saying. OK keep to leaves a guy that we're gonna go after but I don't think. Base now I don't doubt Patrick Holmes. I don't think that's his mentality I don't think he's that type of guy it's gonna be afraid to just go in any but sell. No and I don't and I just don't think. They're going to. I don't think Talib is going to slow down that much and even just next year his name care act and markets and Arnold number one wide receivers like they don't need to chains they don't need to change sides of the are designed just hacked yet they yet Marcus can just scored whoever runs. We'll see we'll see like this this is eight this is a huge game. For the front office of the T. I'm telling you they are that is one where they. They are sweat this they are like let's get the stamping over. But I honestly. That on that say they don't care if they win or lose. As they they would get past they. Andy does not what that we. I hope he gets access. You know what I you know this what this is my dream scenario of that week in Iowa to revisit this but we're still allowed beyond the year. But dream scenario of the week. Is that Travis Kelsey does something stupid gives it. And then Marge is Peter's farce is like a game winning interception editor at her forced fumble. Not I. Not I think is not about the mind is work. I wanna see Travis you'll see that thinks that. At that. That's what like not my does not really about markets is performance I am looking forward. I just I just wanna see how they act towards each other. And it I just want to see I wanna ctrip does lose. And they. And then out what is the what does that tell you let me let me come on the air that next day or that night or whatever. And Travis Kelsey they've got a fifteen yard penalty of the game that mark spears. They act guys that defense is going to lay and bad guys you can count for Chavis again Travis browns you think people have put negative view your views about mile pace the pace. On ready. The people call provides already. And the real pissed me. Let the electorate. Well. That Agassi said the topic of the day a little late tonight and this was just so good that could pass as a. Six foot 7397. Pound. BYU offensive lineman gets stuck in a phone. It needs his teammates to pull him out old got out in their. Yeah. Recorded music. Amazing midtown. This fans. Or bridge exit. That he just made. Out of bounds off it goes. To those this story that is Dario we. Clips in the bill that. Are we generally do this earlier in the show. Of the announcement it there was. Just had a chance and would that disputed that is so focused. And done some work in and real way. And now. On. We got to get this. So we're gonna come in here if you follow the show is doing in the first. The first down but this is that guy gets choked up at night. It's time to act like you care this year that aspect I used the show topic of today. It's not yet is what. It's time to act like you can hear this cute. Show. Today. Rule and so that the days I'm so glad that they don't and went a step. This one's coming to allow. Room and the friends that didn't BC's voters. Headline read 67. 397. Around BYU offensive lineman gets stuck in the world today. Beats teammates to pull him out by the weight room just 397 or just cool Uncle Sam bit but at. Clean and straight a decent. Rightly on that and Obama sounds happier. 390 seven's out heavier than 400 of them out how. Let's get that is getting angry fingers that's about a six 306. This 397. Pounds. Sound heavier than 400 employees at a cool four. Every isn't like that and once again. Six died three zero's it's this 392. Sound sound it in a hole below. Which means 400. Dad real well. It's coach car young and I know he yeah his first name is go hardee's parent answers. Like statistics team that goes through that I had another Krueger's teams come to practice and at the tennis. The balance beam and apparently be inexpensively sub competition in rotation. So yeah around that's honored you know urges the other BYU that needs to really lay it on the wrong exactly his didn't. The football team took a turn cheering did you and his team earlier this week and afterward the group has helped themselves to a. Open foam pit in the gym. The group that Joseph did included freshmen offensive line and it nearly two folks let me try to put this would. Modes ET the last. Who is listed as three hundred and sixties at 397. Pounds at six foot sent. Young will ticket for me wrong we all thought it was pretty funny at children's lives he could get. Yeah until the Ruble definitely hurt barrels. This was like seriously. How they only that it is still look like an out of the. We have actually got up but it took some real. Present the other ballplayers and help. Thankfully I didn't get on the botnets called hit go about it wherever he puts it. And it's not be right and let god told the paper. It took me a couple minutes to before I could finally finally get nice though to its to give myself out. He did suffer what casualty however both of those stocks were claimed by the black abyss of the pit. Never to DC to gain an. I didn't. They knew at some proud of them found it it. Had no idea is that it ended viewer's opinion at least 397. Pounds was his idea of what. It was probably for a team that. My son's and that's why bowl pits are disgusting but what kind of socks or they look like doesn't matter yeah. And well yeah. But the ultimate rush I now again I think to yourself who do you have a pair of Sox don't want to lose now. That is I am I thought about three or four players that you know is aware that. That's nice Sox but I wouldn't I would be super sad I lost you know that's built that heals us. With a donut song I am diving Beckett there to get those stuff. Just three it has its best when hill would you got three or four pairs not that I don't want to go. You nervous in the point the point is. Not him losing it's not we'll have people following him that happen to jump in though Baldwin went double it you actors Sox then are needed in the apple. You know discussed this for high school 400 pound guy mr. high school confuse them with college you know it just you know. When I get to pull the song are I missed a pull them back at eight. I am pulling. All of that gets. Out of seeing the video footage of him getting out because they've got. From the football team. I can't help but lets kids under the age of oil and a lot of ladies we'll work to get it is the place to help me get out of the Massa was looking like it was facility bears that he was to him. Right guys. You can't get yourself out that's why that's why this was that important you could relate if it was and I had them. Khaki pants they didn't. That was before the navy Hickel was hippie. Straight to the middle if I think it's a spit the bit. It'd just. It is that time didn't show stopper. As showstopper. You. Hey. Season master Terrell Owens knelt down next season Texans running back here in Costa was gone after just one episode of the MTV competition series enough. The challenge chase vs star posted might it. The toys of the season is champs and challenge vets are makes in the team's stars. Sponsor ended up on the losing team after one challenger which meant that squad had to take one player to go into the elimination down. And it was him. Yes the gallon and aryan costs he's got podcast this ask them to there it fosters competing. Shows hosted by the actually listen his podcast for a few minutes in advance kind of boring but still interested and we'll let you more people know who that is is that there involves. The next bit and a lot of different mediums he's raised a lot of new guy that's pretty good day here is your former Intercontinental champion whose tech slide is. He's awesome and also when my hand goes up here about the ship. Third and never. Would follow that if he did to date. The fifth. If it. Bill ballots next longtime girlfriend Linda holiday. Introduced the world of their new dog Nike Brinkley Belichick. On Wednesday night he appeared to Wear a hoodie was cut off sleeves. You think that you think that builds girls for an is she does she ever had. The leverage or power to save. I'm gonna draw a line in the sand and I don't wanna be your girl for anymore of course you'd think she'd every girlfriend that powers your. Lol really do think every girlfriend that our. I don't think is apparently it adds. I don't think Stedman has that now with Oprah and I'm not saying he's a girlfriend but it's different but I don't think but I thought I've. I don't think stead until now proposed told. Like Oprah at some of is what the easiest that LEB game. I'd open. But I don't think she kitty the crop like I remember my lines goes name she gave me hard. Wow it's like everybody's duty marine. I'm bill Belichick's girlfriend has the leverage or ever will have delivered to do. Now that bailed out they love her like this thank god does Bill Belichick had to keep god. Yes but we saw this Mickey ballads not seen either the leverage to ask an outlook where she under stream. It carries you to stand. On middle names for dogs is not gotten it through a break in the middle name in there that's I think I that was the girlfriend not bill. Those who bills who she's going to be coming to bill okay now we have a dog now we're getting it on. All right what's the next thing I do not get any jewelry you know who also didn't wintering last year. How good. Authorities suspected thief stole two tractors worth a total of 50000 dollars for basketball hall of Famer Scottie Pippen's farm. And Arkansas last month. That's less guys. Sensitive right now about runs and it. He of their main information leading to arrest you can receiver order for up to 4500 dollars and scattered. That's. Like that at a higher as well it's really a little hi Larry Bird and his detractors are Philip is it like it or you'll look underneath or for 500. Outlook all of love loss at. This because of that funny 500. I'm sure he's probably think about gay outgrow it 500 dollars it's signed a bill. That's probably what's got it really went to him than they got it. Coming up the segment that sweeping the nation could it. Text line six I don't. Text lines excellent the few weeks. Come at the K. That's not live. There. You spent Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to be. It's too late Pettway touched down at Super Bowl my first class plane. Watch him are you actors. I'd like to remake movies exam. I'm not superstitious but. Furcal and I think that. And science. It works in missed games would I rather be feared or lumped. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Lots find it absolutely no one's one that stepped. Tex lines 69306. Fixed it what you what you would choose what to do it let's move Amazon. Everything that you wanted by the way Rudy Gay kiss bull did on somebody. Hits it. It's. The bed. For online please. That the from goat man as the personally he's watching fraternal HBO. You're gonna be they might as well just name it but she knows. Because that is that it exists now concedes it is an old alta Jean wearing khakis it glances. It seemed like out where. It I think Alex did himself a disservice because Barton makes it almost believe that it was Al Pacino. Who allowed Jerry sandusky didn't trust him. He's it's that's the best of yet but he needs to them. Let us not bad but I just. I don't see it's hard I asked her notes list I'd like watching the I have lots to get its second day. What's acceptable as this act I'll watch it Al Pacino in her view is what it feels. This is it documentary altitude. I lost. Ally said yeah right well now my next guest needs no introduction would JC you all hands passed up again out of that was due. Moms say publicly opposed low key as to what else. Now look it up the young lady who was saying it was would recruitment. And had a nice little bullet. Obama. Did you and did you watch this now. How did you did you voter yeah. As it was I batters still talking about the JCK yes that is in the JC I'll sort it is talking about the ground that's more. Okay you can't be nervous or sick why dikes are talking about something else when I came back to the days they are not going around mile high I miss some that yes as it would about the federal low key of the Jay-Z. Interviewed at the say yeah I was. Mind you you. Had a mystic eyes and isn't it in between I was there has been reading attacks against black that is you only I guess the blacked out brewers. So you're not want three blackest of telling you. Beat LA if you watch the latest episode of blacks. Be grannies visit it lets you with a it's if you get a because it's about relationships getting into era. In you ready or they. I had rented it to people who there by the way I'll be lots spurs and warriors tonight I get home and tonight. News or isn't warriors I feel like the spurs are inspired with the night. And not just vs Bart if I don't Kevin Durant but like Kevin Durant eyes inspired them to lose. There's just attacked. So pars and so large by the late tonight is the finale the series finale scandal O line. Those are scared out of oil went down there. And I Atlantis that it is the series finale Olivea poll is done after tonight of scandal. It's a red line that gladiators out the lights hats. Who's gonna I hope that. But it is Atlanta denied yet guests and nice love to watch. Legion wouldn't work class acts and you can watch legion last night so on and try to watch again and I was where Ozzie really just a point 78. Watching American Idol Lionel Richie scenes but who do them glad. He took the green leafy greens up you. You know it really was me. No reason. That he's lost a son is believed to be good equalizer two trailer. It still feels like approaching you need it to move. Dad who was an equalizer one good because I definitely terrible is one of those maybe Zack dismisses being hostile. He's approaching like the music. Type stuff going on too old less than he was nominated for this act. Accurate or or not spared this case here he speaks of being tied he's. Both the movie he did with with mark wolf it was this man from. To go and 660. Atlas. So what got in here. In new Netflix series called fastest car. So what's it equalizer was it it's. Liberty. Yes I guess did so it's doing this for another six years he's sixty. We're off for awhile until Sunday. Alone. The moral of the royals have the double header in Detroit colonel beyond. Because a right that you guys that he has Len will be glad to 11 o'clock 11 o'clock burn them on 11 o'clock here. Coverage of birds brigades that went this year a good if it's. We had a lot of fun to nights ago the as they once you think the rating withers. Assembly Rodgers we.