04/19 7pm - Don't Stop Royals Fans, Chiefs Schedule, Lowdown On Pretty Little Liars, It's On Russ

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Thursday, April 19th

After the Serda Show, we urge Royals fans to keep expressing themselves. Don't stop being angry with this team because passion is better than apathy for a fanbase. We breakdown the newly released Chiefs schedule before J&J Radio Productions bring us the first edition of the Lowdown on Pretty Little Liars. Russy Westbrook is to blame for the Thunder's loss last night. 


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. Now. Me and they know things in the united zag and show Ryan Stephens and as always rods as I must certainly bending. Brandon marshall's Donna Summer. On FL players more and more frequently or using their social media cancer crew other stars of their teams. Partially uses incident itself free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant to forget about coming to the giants. Sorry David Brown no room he boasted. Then quickly deleted. Let's you know debt does his said that he wanted to play the cowboys twice a year and just so happens that Brandon Marshall got cut from the giants today I do. Really feel bad for brain and I've never loved brand so much is a football player but. I do you kind of feel bad for the fact that I'm not sure Brandon marshall's get away with another team. He might not ever make the postseason. Marshals ever even played in a playoff game and now the giants. I'm gonna go get Dez Bryant who I don't believe there's any better than Brandon Marshall. And they show which zeros on the CEOs you Lee shout that. Out of my listeners. Put those. It's bad because we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. Here's Thursday evening JNJ radio productions produces is bad leg. Am I letting guys be conservative who is out here lying again. 31 afternoon not. You can not. Field man. That red divorce is not played in a playoff game that read him arsenal made that catch on with another team you will think twice about. Not now. I just go to I don't even know why. As I did for half a second impact that. You need a transition. To gate to. Ever put in a playoff game against Iran in its exists yeah yeah it's a mock you may really get an agreement. You're really giving it. Diane this is and it's really I especially don't feel bad form has his hair's offshore right now he's got to do something about that. Sir. Not even trying. You do less of them and it. After the segment at its I don't even feel bad. Like do you. That's for the giants in the design dad as anyone out there do you all listen to the day shift to this key here is saying this trust. Lack of belief. Of the base if this will unveil hate me I guess talk as much on national. Now that it now found out I'm a rams fan this is being gone downhill and no one even knows if you Julio or Graham's iPad active. He's so it's sort. Up out any day. If he got out are desperate. To get past it does make its. I know I watched him go out while confident right veteran. Well I. I showed him out but I had to hurry back in here did you think I'd take it Shelby is a short break at the end the hour and I would assume that he could find his way out also though. Nighttime all the doors are locked unless you have like a key card to there's only really like one way that you showed him Al what you hoped that he could find his way out. I don't know why if any will probably just that idea. Reyes is much smarter than I am so I assume that he knew where the general direction on the front door was a year line is going to go. Randy is let's monitor that guy is much smarter than I am although Randy has never left the building before. And you just it all the doors locked everywhere it's it's really only what way. Now let's I must be the fifth writes at did you. Now what thirty they don't allow him the top of the days if he's out here making new here. I got up right that's. Because I I kind of heard little it is today. And I'll say. I'm proud of a good portion of the they had for the ruling. Actually you know as published his leftists actually I I actually proud of every. I just wanna say that I don't want anyone to feel they can not express themselves as a rule. Let me say I don't want anyone wants if you wanna feel. Positives. And and take a positive stance on this by no means. Express yourself. But if you're ruling deals. And you don't feel like being in positive. And you're watching what you're watching. Not that that we test we discuss if you are or tripped it about eight weeks but specific game or any. Five minutes or anyplace that happen that's over but it you. Are having displeasure in real anger at the overall fall process of what it is. I've got no problem with that and they'll feel like you have to show that a that you can't express yourself please use it express yourself you should meet the test if you're pissed about it express yourself if. You want to lay did the lay made. If you wanna lay the blame them if you'll have the players blame. That's what I can't do. At pains to. But that's what fans who teams who won championships. Or have been involved it championship. Teams that win that's what. Today do. This lie in fairy tale that people tried to build themselves by saying okay. AOL's. Championship. This lie so that's it it's I don't care. It's ten years in a row that's a lot of the top. Why because bin championships come expectation. Our team went to bat to bat World Series. That means you as a Fayette and now at expectation that you think when the spurs went effort to get there. But it caller now. Now. When you had expectations. Well. And I don't think it's a problem at all if your royals they had sort of who is ticked off if you. I worked as a saint ready to go on a back Alley by. I mean if that goes by people that spot but not sick all day that I have no problem with you. Giddy man and not being happy and expressing. I don't even senator. To prop. Just real quick and I'm just double checking here. Do you wanna break down the T schedule real quick because it's out. Officers questioned their. Now now a guy does subsite. Really you talk about later we'll decided that it aegis and rent. You just in Europe do you wanna read this bit. It is. Just me it is an advertising. Hijacking mood right now though I is rather. Why not let me just to schedule week on that say there at the chargers. We too at Pittsburgh week 3040 niners weak for at broncos' week five Jacksonville. Week six act patriots. We seven Cincinnati. We date Broncos we not God's. Ounce week ten Arizona Cardinals week eleven Mexico City markets drams. We we twelve by we thirteen raiders week fourteen ravens fifteen chargers sixteen C dot seventeen. After we've been. Hijacked shortly about. Anyone who it is safe by the CEO and listens to the issue. And in India than to people that were close. Did you ever in your life being at any point we would break down. Escaped. I'm not say why I asked Smith goes serious question I'm not saying did you guys out schedules now. I'm not saying it shows don't do elements and hurt. Do we as the issue. Drive to use to make major part of from the big windy you'd think we'd like that. I just an hour a year mindset was that on the cease eyes now. Little's on down honestly combine my Marcus Spears ranchers and it. I understand what you you know part of this will break come to me and sometimes it'll it we don't talk about hockey. OK in oh. This is the most sporty we might talk about all year will weed is it is less. We Britain's. We pick out specific gains in his name did it side swiped the attire. Back coming in what I'm thinking you're coming to me with the point made about. SO one and all Katz's Steve's and full of goodness but right at the roster should be mad they should be outspoken they should be challenging that in Dayton on some of these decisions. I wanna like. A contender. Because as well let. Series like. This is what and bassist who wind do. They. They get mad at the manager they get mad at right. Now. I think you're insane if you think this year's bid and its fault. Of course now. He doesn't have a pot to (%expletive) it really would cubs do. Talent. Really. Specially the bullpen did. Good teams do it's like that was the biggest lie to me that I ever heard. You think this will be the case if Patrick Holmes makes you win the champions where that she's do you think everyone's energies fans. While the rest years on out of gonna be like hey. Look at that she's won a super ball. I know how bad the seats that did but if you win a Super Bowl if you get to a championship that you start winning. Bet that leads to expectation. And regal. At all of us UK go back to back World Series and be competitive like you or the last year's. And did rock off they did is. Think every don't I. If you want to express yourself you wanna be positive. Response to have you expressed yourself if you're upset. About things you want to let bases. That's a fan bases the top of the department this statement. The last five years the royals fan base they have cared about their team as much as any team in baseball. I think the world is is the court. The Yankees the Red Sox I think the royals appear that fans have cared about their team in the last five years as much as any of. Those teams but I do feel like that's accurate but what those fan bases are accustomed to and and the resources of those organizations. Are drastically different than what the royals are alerted fans fans don't really think about care of them the DM recently as. They like Al. It's taking a sleepy at this season I know there was absurd. There there was people who are delusional about what this season was going to Bebo we all knew what it's not just but it's not just about the season how you could be upset about how we got to this point. UK UUK it. Now I want that with fans having the expectations that the royals would be. In a better place than they are right yeah I don't think I have a problem with that because you don't go from going to bet to bet World Series it did just expecting. Science who are never rational expecting aides to do. Just be acceptable but but it's also like like the reds fired their manager and you aren't odds on the day shift today I saw. Six or reds fired their manager fifteen games in new season is an ad on the hot seat. And I don't have a problem with what do back to back to back World Series now we are hot seat that's not the reds manager I don't have a problem with. I don't agree with you at all. I don't I don't think. I loved it would you believe that say they think Dayton and company loves to see your anger because that's shouldn't. Like that pets did that you care about you and that you're not just well he's helped it what to create that pass. It doesn't want to go back. Three Jane shield. Where it's at Q. Free hot dog a dollar hot dog the Pepsi and peanuts to come out. I mean I I guess I would. Every what expressing themselves how they would express the sale. I don't wanna break down the schedule. At all. I do wanna make one comment before. Sir it tries hijacked again from this LeBron James take that I wanna take. So I'm not gonna let you hijack a but I do wanna say is we come back. This going to be unpopular and I feel like it's really easier now for me to say because on the separation agreement with the chiefs since how they handled market beaters. I'm having our times in this team. Obama had come into this. No link. Only and it's the it just station and out coming into this. I've all of this coming to this except. That I'd I'd going to it into a type of a conversation. Despised negated two on sports. Game. I've been told sometimes it's unavoidable and I know the person's sitting to let the only artists union. But added I need to see the schedule. Coming out I didn't. Need to see if you if you missed it. The schedule is going to the schedule is now that he's. Open and it's game at Pittsburg. The niners. It voters today. At New England. At home against the angels only against the Broncos. Lead. The cardinals added that vote ran. Owned delivery into the origin and it's at Seattle. All of the battery. Art. And I look at it and they are coming in news. It's as though offseason. I realize everyone is talking about this off in the office as it means to be league. Regis no relief. What I just let us say the office as a chance to be rude. Where is the place. Feel like you'd they'll know the most. On the off. Offensive line ought to back off. Cornerback yeah. I know the elephants that live pretty. I'd I know would Erik Fisher litigate. I do admit it's gonna give me. I had I know what the other is when. The quarterback so I mean. Stick it. Did do. You're talking about talented terrific off it's a great op Ed by is quite. That I had concerned that I don't know what it'd probably it's quarter. And we need to go ahead slip and it popped it breaks this tape. But I just say I'm coming and we noticed they were gonna play a first place schedule like we knew there were going to play the the NFC west. Which we knew they were going to playing. This rams team that is either going to be really really good. Or going to fight each other and I still think going to be really really good and then they're gonna play very talented. Well coached in proving 49ers team which I think may be able to take us there I think the port ignited by the playoffs. Ed we don't play for again running game. And a wonders who will well I guess they've got it right off its. And bay and they vanity really good quarter so let's let I think they got a realty I think that's going to be a tough game and that's a whole. And I. I'm just saying when you look at you do they got up late New England they got like Pittsburg and they got to play Jackson deal you don't at all. Thank you found out. New England and Pittsburgh we didn't even need to see the schedule they gave us the whole man wrote game. I I have a concern about this team because to me if you let it is the best team in the debates are going to say easily the chargers. Yeah I think top to bottom and probably they are today that they the best quarterback get this they got that probably the best defense. And a best defense and I don't know what how they do for sure I don't know I don't know what's going Denver out Denver has competent quarterback play in case Tina. But I mean geez I don't think you could say if they're gonna be the best. Team in the division going into it. And they got first place scheduled. No. Yeah. I have a hard time. Because you you've got to tell me. Coming in what are the odds and is that it does not want to. Pat maholm what are the odds that at homes is going to be is good it is on watch out and a. I think Ed John was looms again but. But but then too it's just that the skill as a. Seeing guys are just so talented they actually Q could put. Hey you guys drink hot I think we'll be able let a lesser Falwell will Fuller was hurt. Was hurt forget jungle last season and the season or play an eight play when they're playing together willful I was going up I agree but I'd I would take. Like I would take Dioner Hopkins is my number one over anyone that we have but as it as a duo likened field stretching him being able to just sling their act and the field. I we got some speed we gets scary play making ability on the after. I'm gonna say that there's a lot of that the text ads it. Players and they had. It really really good quarterback and at least nineteen that it was still. They still lost legal known scandal Lamar. Eight is still it's still lost in the week. They still lost on the campus at eight. Like you would think I don't think he's going to beat me it's now. Out the he's going to be mixed race. I'd be happy if he was Carson went from his first year and I like that's closer to what's it looking. And if he's Carson weight on his first year. I don't see how this teams make that play. I mean if they go. They got to six in ten or seven and nine I would be shocked by it at all because. You're putting a lot on a young player who's going to is gonna have some growing pains like that week five matchup at Jackson. Jacksonville is going. Tech cars that team up probably because of that defense he's never receiving his is ferocious is that defects. It's not exactly. As if he gets to practice against Uga defense. I'm Amy you look at it is. They open up on the road twice. It's. They opened up on the road to life. They opened up and that Jacksonville game as a make or break game comment right now maker break. Assessing how confident you'd think they're gonna go in and win that game it's mediate. I feel like they've got a shot like it's. Us and everybody it's San Diego is probably the the most talented team in the division their team that was just was. Almost made the post season last year but they couldn't quite take bets that San Diego is an improving team but I also think that. Andy Reid in the coaching staff here is that a pretty good job of keeping San Diego down the last two years I think they're not a game plans in the property. I'm just let's just say you're confident that they'll win that I think they can I don't think the beat the Steelers 49ers. I like Arctic afforded not what's going to be a game where this thing Qatar and I can easily see that she's dropping those first two road. Like they historically to struggle at Pittsburgh and it wing mega ball games here. I I think I think it's all got this. This schedule aside though I already knew because we did we did know the the order of the schedule it's in the until now but we had already seen who is going to be home and away. And that trying to be negative understandably real I'd just what you look at this and I think I tell you this is so this. Like to be able to look at this test you know let's just. With nothing really behind dad and me as a rams yeah. For me as Koreans may have been just that as I. But I just I I'd like expose on the separation agreement with the chiefs right now about phantom and I don't look at this with the boats and I'm not guessing myself to make them win these games. Like at this hurts its forwards blocked. That they get to delete it at 68. At Pittsburg. Hold the niners at Denver Jacksonville and acts and it delete. It's up into wrecked. 243 and three. Yes I think there's a fire power on the house and today. It's going to keep them in games like Patrick Holmes might not. Come out right away and wow everybody would visibility I just think there's so many play makers on that side of the ball. That they're going to lock in to some wins or whether it be like Kareem hunt having a monster game. All are just tie tie reeker Sammy Watkins catch and a deep touchdown pass late in the game but your over the top. From the eight Celtics and here a week ago. So we talk about answered being sub par but Jimmy Jean is good because he's barely beat some bad teams districts. I'm just going to say. One guy has played one game with back ups and against Beck and another guy and eight starts. I'm gonna go to that 49ers and the way we all got to disorganized and just so we contacted. Jimmy G and Seattle or none at all and just look at that I just look at that understand. Are you having the confusion while one person who's played eight football gave. And that's me and I say it means he started eight. He's played and other east started eight football game. You've got Patrick who's played it one. You don't understand why one. While we would think we have more confidence and understanding who the other what is I'm not saying Patrick behold it be fantastic vick's. Who was the best rookie quarterback last year. Got it. They'd they'd and he played in great gains in play great games it's great being. He played great against Seattle loss he played. It's no England the law. He played pretty good against the change that law. Like Abby he. The expectations I understand. Let me. Let's remember. I mean lock it I mean. Forget Sammy wanted. I LC well. He's at easel is king ease ease up. Up mortgages on then went Watson playing great in those games and losing his. The fear which achieves moms can be awesome our defense is going to be trash but he added that taxes if it's. In those gates were Petr did. The Bissell of that New England game at all. Earth's oats. What's that day but it's cute that. Other Obama cloudy yes. I got out night's edit I just looking at this you just think to yourself I would what are people. Have the jeetz I cannot wait to hear this. As I what do you do you think anyone's below nine at seven now. I wouldn't be shocked if they went six and ten because that defense is gonna be so bad. I wouldn't be sucked that they what's expected because their quarterback those that have it right yet. I just yeah an and that could be the case is where I'm yell at that is that. Like even the talent around him is gonna be so good that I think he's going to put up numbers out he might have played. Point five touchdowns in nineteen interceptions. And it like a budget to sit this would just let this would think there. With Bart is he. They would tennis takes place Alex. Threw for over 4000 yards when he thinks that stance that it. It was the number one rated quarterback in football they went in at six. Coming up here we go it's the premier. Oh what's the name of this are we have other voted down. What does the lowdown is that what this is. I do kind of like pretty little load down but that required me to change the production answered take out part of the show name so nearly what's the Fulham one of the pretty little liars is coming up next no longer is a Gilmore Girls. Eyes to aids area. Oh. And then again this year on the sills LeBron does do is do the it's. So this is it man this is. This is something that's taken over the show we did the what's the Formula One on the Gilmore Girls. And dead at finished and I know Lance is rather beside itself with this is what. No sell out. I like the title the lowdown the lowdown I'm pretty that a lot I this is the load down on pretty low lives I've not heard this opened yet I'm honored as though so I cannot wait Leo lessen the load down a pretty little lives better be good Syracuse. Yeah yeah. Bills and you're seeing. And you're seeing him. Stand her G. And he. Was the only person not to blank just landed. Julio ascension. Roots deep down. Just put them picked him. No load down. And believe that the gimmick I have invited and got a hazard legally. I have to go this is the load apps so. Still at all this is pretty little lives. 63066. Stated you have questions. This is the new load down on relies. So the main characters we have a group. Or friends we have our. Amelie. Hannah. And Spitzer that's for the girls in this bits yes as a person never brilliantly needs it's what's the first name that lends her name is aria that is maintenance Nancy I. And yet. Actually he. That's not a good thing thanks from us pretty dark I knew that and lots of drama though. We. There on me now an Alley goes missing and that we flash forward a year later apparently she's. Andy's grand it in the same town she's missing. Missing presumably. And they are all coming back to the same town kind of reuniting its the year of their friends. Disappeared the universe. If it's real quick it would six other light day well now that there's so well there. Is located yes. But she's also a Canadian. I'm kind of let them. There's there's no black. Now there is there is not an itemized him earning college. Is. She ties into it got that riveted it's just the girl at one period. I kind of like the sun for them through I don't know why irony so there so all our equipment has got to go to the story beach here. Our area starts out season high school girl in the first thing that we started to use the at a bar where she needs this did. She's a freshman she's a freshman in college how that Colin August 3 the guys that you are look at you know I yeah right. He's got notes though right. Well Somalia does Mubarak gets booed where she ends up and humorous and I'll random guy was you know they're just eat. But she meets this random guys and they they connect whatever and so they hook up in the bathroom. They didn't hook up in the bath and body it's in its climate I was. Yeah and play well so cubs and the find out that she goes under first go to college or first class English is she's an English major. And her teacher is the god that she hooked on it at the boss Gil is still yet. And I exit the guys in the same class together with that same teacher who she is not hooked up in the top. Obviously in the grass. But was sees it sees it hurts it was ready to. It's not class and he immediately tries to continue to early yet and says I don't you've got something to write he shuts down. And then later makes calendar year. I. Still don't aria. And illusionist. Absolutely. It meets this new girl on the block the black lesbian look at me and moved into by the way just we're back on moved into the house of the girls die. And see. Helps their boxes and a little bit. The black lesbian whose Mya my eyes and public. My dad decides it's a family well how did you remain the way. Let's boards this is equipped to deal girls got. But the date was the president at. That smoking yeah. Don't miss it to think about why is what the pack pack. So that's that's families. That we've got and then who's this rich blonde girl we see Herbert shot to Nick's been aired them last. Hurt she was getting arrested for shoplifting these glasses. And her mother who's obviously very rich lady who winds up banging the detective to get her daughter had ha ha yeah right. But other than the worst that happens out there. Like forty minutes. That's better movement that lives they popped. Get out of trouble and laughed as she's making out with a detected the hardware makes I could not return on her daughter know. The letter and do. I asked that. It's. Paying money out kicked out if there's any end. This should be glad to get that you are here now this is something you do with the futures well. This is I'd get it done that's that's. Obviously got it. It lets you watch the other way to know you can do it through these things they're. What do we do have a question of the ranking in terms. But looks I ago. Emily. Emily and I'm convinced her aria but our strong point yeah maybe are not the ideal idol and only then. Aria and then you know the expense all right six six three ticket out of applicant unless we got so we had last year actor Spencer. So her background is she likes to apparently make out with her sister's boyfriend's. Parents and so. From our sister now has a fiancee and in this first episode they kind of blurred he gives her back side as well. And and so what happens that kinda ties everything together is they all get this. They all get some kind of confirmation from Alley that she may still be alive outlets. It's not a lot of them at the very highest number of them. I am. So now all eyes and he iso or is that god sides are still aren't the only guy probably hang. He was but it isn't it yes so ultimately the problem. But we she's nice who. This level it's not like addicted to swear that I. Thought they were at this better I'm pretty issues. It's not. As high school. That prosperity through the well I don't know how to answer to this I. Today. In eat seeing her fighting these things out about these characters. After the air promiscuous activity. They receive a CNET does this say Nancy they ought. Attacks from and acknowledging that CC you are easy to do was eight at qwest. There is a Ali who's the girl is missing Chris I know. No because he knows only know that each girl gets specific things sent to them only out and that girl would know. But if you say this yes oh the text. It's. Don't you text the text all these girls likes kissing efforts that are don't make out your sister's boyfriend or whatever it is not opted. Used it. Dallas. You don't know what that would know that. At all veiled. But they didn't they audit tax and jetBlue. Federal I think she's just like they listen to the it's a bit and down the dead body I did you I was Diana obviously yet images in her backyard. The backyard because people were parents around the I don't know partners at their building Tebow on top she disappeared. Either on the eve. 80 and also I forgot about this by. I believe it was families bothered seated on. Yeah or maybe our heart our other seeded. On her mother sold out and there yeah vows her letter or text message that she got is you've walked down the street with without. Alley and they caught her dad having doing whatever in the Baptist cart with presumably a college or high school out of I'm you'd be incinerated. I. I saw. The giants there's a lot in this instance there. I'm Matt Nichols of color. That affects the but that's episode and in the detective that lines up getting the case after they find a dead body is the one hand as mom well things at hand of what he needs to go back in town and real low. Laura line coming up. Cloud that was episode one next to next Thursday tell you parades this is the fastest growing. That many Kansas City radio this is that next issue. The eyes of its quit that. Habit of coming out rust away. These stupid won the big bank to be blamed. The under victory. Going over fourteen in the fourth quarter right. Just. Believes it is that is missing are. Left. That is different. This is. Thank goodness it. My wife is the only bit of right now. Yet become the highs almost did hooking up with their teachers. Blame our interest yeah ha yeah. It's I may not realize I'm not promoting it high school teachers who have start threatening. It and then you know even if you can well I mean and make an outlook and obviously we're usually he's announcer right what is. The fields and who is chipping in like I wondered. Let's let's get this review by the way that is the fastest growing. That is the fast police say committee Kansas City radio the lowdown on pretty little liars every Thursday. That we are on to aids day it will give us a synopsis that it's episode one we got what he will put episodes of. Gilmore Girls this this is I'd be reading it not at this in the first spot and it's there was an anger saying we. Black lesbian by the name of my favorite uncle. The end bias saint Germain how. Pornographic have been means that I just think Jim. I don't even know if he believes that that's true anyone out at 100% lighter. Is that true constantly I feel like you read her full name down and it's now a dead civilians but is that I found them. I gun every now are one of the others that so yes yesterday the Utah Jazz and. Oklahoma City Thunder played on NB ATV for submarines. And the victory Carmelo. All Jewelers. And and run they all they went over fourteen in the fourth quarter as you saw that the series it will. And I have got into debates I think Meehan still kind of see little difference on this wrestle with what they I know me and Mike welts all different last week on the show. But I'm gonna say it. Russell Westbrook. Is the one who should get most of the blame. For them going go for sporty. You're at a point guard. Not only that you're the best place. Asked players to the distributor. I watch some of those shots that Russ. That Russ gave us yesterday in the fourth quarter and it worked it would. And I guess also but I've got it must also eerily similar all awards jump shots like Kevin Durant jump shots of opera's double dribble for what he said it. Yeah. Put one up. I saw a little bit yesterday odds aren't the best player hey LeBron. If lost weight with old for fourteen in the fourth quarter him it would appeal abroad would get the blame Ross you've. You've done an amazing thing a triple double two years at a row you're the reigning MVP. Or as well and it would say the reigning. Affecting. Undisputed. MVP. You get the blind. Right I think I feel like he shed. I it is a I'd see differently at all I completely. Puzzle as Greg is one of my three favorite NBA players if I was a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder and cared if they won or lost I would. Russell was it just ago here ball pools of these. 18% likely that shots when you've got Paul George. Is a blatant. He takes terror and games on the announcers were gonna make critical year we're not. So distant. But you've hijacked the. Is that at all all of towards these the games that you look at the last game all George went quite easy in game one scored sixteen points. While rose was home. Across the board except for free to separate three point shooting and it is it came on on fire let most of his numbers are down. Since he's joined wrote these. You can argue that he's giving the same. I think that typical level of shots. That all georgians beauty is probably similar to the typical level of shots he got an Indiana Ed that. Should and make it. You play with ros egg Carmelo. You should it easier shots. It probably gets the same typical. Level of shots that he did when he was playing by yourself. What's CJ miles it idiot at that issue at Indian act like you're just let it. Apart about rush just looks too angry to one consistently. I told them before this it was sort of he's lucky digits this and a cooler hands for aunt. I just intense as they looked tired he's the only flaw I took. There's nothing else that week he did. This are you gotta pay extra for that right but I. Does seem like he's the type organic nearly Joker around at them. Some birthday cake guys that man this. To. You can't even like he wears these outfits and you like councilman on the outfit is like what you mean by that. But did it but odds of it that. It. Here's how lots I remembered or it happening to their work Russell would just dribbled around. Or 1718. Sec it's a bit at the lax it. I'd loaded Kevin Berry. And let's just watch during its shooting percentage drop. Let's let down current guys everywhere so much Mort this once he gets away from. For Russell almost players on the warriors experience. She'll sewed it. Thoroughly did well. I think it's it's just it's just say to all urged him to get a witness to. That's up likes to do that all five or six that with four seconds of the shot. And so we all now Carmelo he's he's once I'll take. Carmelo. But he. But I mean. Now address like this is going to be a Q Russ the best player is a point though you can't have. All of Georgia Carmelo and you and all three of you against the Utah all day on Janus. Madness like him best defense in the league this year worth noting. I don't know if it's a player on a given day you got called Stewart a you have a UN. Grass and Carmelo somebody's got to when he. Coming up next. I don't understand the LeBron hate and I'm probably going to take this angle on LeBron. Different than anything that you've heard today involving him in the dip the pop.