04/19 6pm - Serda Hijacks, Meet the Mets, Randy Withers of Samuel Rodgers Health Center

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Thursday, April 19th

We were supposed to talk about LeBron but Serda hijacked the first segment instead. The Mets don't have a single black player or coach in their organization, what does that say? Randy Withers of the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center joins us to talk about the amazing healthcare initiatives they're engaging in around the city as well as a free youth soccer clinic they're hosting. 


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You show. So. Run this you at least out. Our listeners. Put those actors and ahead because he salutes you for allowing us. To be baseball park. This Thursday evening did. JNJ radio productions produces is bad boy Stanford below and Julio saints' games. It's a nice I may be at seven. Clarity that retired actually different. What's the 411. Know all there is the Gilmore Girls you'll vote. You'll have added this is now what's the Portland one. All the pretty little lighter. That premieres tonight I cannot wait here's a lot more racy than Rory. Signs. Sorry Lou. But. And eleven gets out of that at 630 especially at six that he stay with this. Probably and I sent this out early if you follow me on Twitter probably the most in apple thing. That we ever on this show. Aden are one plus years of being on the air. So so makes you your here at 630 really amazing thing that we're gonna talk about discuss. And something that were really happy and proud that we. Can help. Can the word now. But being. That it is 602. As we do at this time every night let me bring my guys the answer to that state. Mr. Hyde street sense and it starts today mr. you might hear that like every game like most African American. With you that you know that we are really pleased and it. So we will carry this over on the open but the power is at 630. Had some issues with. So talk about this were just has little effect does Obama yet quit will you we might have changed the name for the party lines such. Are you talking about reminded saint I excellent news name bowed down numbered that'll raise our eyes. Let's average out his golly that's a that's it. You know. Is to edit they went out. I. Talk about you change the name to Portland or on the pretty little liars that's a word and it's yeah well. I. It's a quiet bring Tanzi and it takes it to rush hour. It's. Exactly takes the train I mean maybe they should chance to another Russian well it's. Stupid. As I happened to the new name but I. Because you're not running and he. All the productions party mates that's kind of sense though it is not sentenced well done well done Leo it's called it what's the port 11. All. Six zeros it's on at the better idol what's the full line O line. It is what the opera at. 20 yeah the load. The race is calling it lowdown on real lives on to all the mcwilliams see page here. A I don't either so that's you know that was us all typical yeah. We've talked about you do not make changes or executive that's it there's a. Lot worse it gets to make an executive does that. It's. Really an extra mile high right now. He's let me talk to sabotage your main point by the way yeah. He. What are here. And I should I stop terror. Stop with the wrong me. Say that of course so what's it our rod. I think this I think he can get out. Which I guess at the votes that they week. It. Think you know. Meaning winds. It tells. Communicate. AA. I'd downstairs. And the wedding. I told you that he was announced at certain its. Elite and it was out there he's been out there. It's expecting it's I think that's okay. It's okay looks at us like. He. He gets out of these two hire all over the dollar bond sales. I like you look at it. Like. Minds at ease. At least you just for a seat. At it. Like it looks as well. Are you going to get. About that it's. Legal. Company it's. I just tax it's going to be again and again. All of. First of all the line here retired here. There. This this is that being teachers. I'm Mary's adds doctor Andy and I he is a part of a wonderful organization. And he can't tell you Rodgers now senator is doing all kinds that day and I tonight. And him indicating with him past. I said someone will be down to get you implying that someone other than myself would go downstairs to get it. Mostly that's right. And that's what. It. Osmond for Leo yeah. I. I. Haley has bonds it can't be I know it Andy for that lets you bought but luckily it was supposed to know what you would think. It's at its so until that. And the whole time you're telling us this you could've went down and I. Mean even year yeah. And it yours that you just try to work all everything you've done in the last eight minutes is why I thoroughly disliked. Everything you've done in the last eight minutes let me explain meters Jenna. Battery I. You might get its attacks that indeed an element with. Turning us into the lives of eight that was your. But you have this. Can only use at this is all. I stick it to imply that stumbled would go except that I did discuss with anybody to go. I mean you've seen how bad my shoes are retired from the Iran happen downstairs alien issues. To talk about LeBron in this first blood. I've really did. I'm just no reason to do it. Anymore at this moment as it is. Certain. Probably pretty Lou load them is really taking off with a W. Of attacks. Folks global Generation. X. I do I do you prefer pretty little loan to I don't know for an lowdown on the pretty relaxed with it he can't OK okay yeah I changed that night the title of the pseudo. I am. I packages do you like hatchet job and RT this to us that it could do that let's let this get this on out of the table. How. Did you expect that we just knew the name that you just changed on this executive decision that you just decided to make. I an idea to me I've found out when it's exodus today that he made I just set on I realized I may go low. Lowdown on pretty little liars you are or aren't about. I don't say he's added on hand and he tweeted about it last night side it's not a girl you've made you said it is if that was the title of the sick and dies it just maybe I didn't definitively. I'm pretty sure I acknowledge that we hadn't named. This will be a question here does this the deserve a 592 segment tonight after the seventh. I feel like. When I have successful sabotage and such as this one. It should imply that I get like a minute there I mean this meant to the time that. And if it was up to use dirty it still sit in the market. I again it would pass I would have asked Brad anger and did it is crammed into that area. East it. He's. Still got it says it but this shows Baptist. I hear it. Is the real quick as well as this one of the gate is it is a point. I thought sticks. I this tweet last night the rest. We used to be a writer for the royals beat writer for the rules for the star but now he's right but it went. He's say it. That glow in mystic I guess it is if that would be problem respectful journalism and a net and that but. I'd laugh so hard at this Ed bowers but efforts which is lot. And rested the royals may need to make simple pig disease before it does is it true. Why. Annually they don't. Think that dude who's gonna make him better. About making better. What is it this is this if they if they could really get around this week it gets Detroit. They'll be right and striking days to get to the chaos at a grass. Meet all if they don't make such aids is a force series and its early. What they'll put ASCII in the eighth inning. Edits and talked about the changes that we feel like should be made with the bull. Yesterday. We said we felt like they bowl army. Net videos. That most rivers that goats sit have. The authority to be able from the pits to change pitchers without having to walk out. Because his bullpen it's been so horrible I think he should be able to his ill from his seat on the bench in the in the dugout. I. That's debated today. What that they'd make some moves like he should just throw handfuls of sunflower seeds on just as. It. Oh. This from the pit don't look out there is from the bay. Tom bout they need to make some moves before the series and it. And it's only. At a dinner and allow those don't. Let's go out to a lead and you know. It probably are really into ruffling feathers. And only lead to him to do that sometimes. I'm just curious that you already whose. Think it'll look comfortable. The vessel regal and next. Our Baghdad here. Don't last. Doyle's after the why can't. But this man's. Remember coming up in the next segment around 630 rule we'll Everett withers. He is a manager of marketing and communications overseeing a Rodgers and this is probably legacy going to be the most tactful thing. That we're part of on this show on the list is so. Did not miss that some great information and something that they're doing was wearing Casey that tournament. It looks only like I said. Sometimes in the real loser here. In. So bad so bad. Lenders. So people called awesome. I saw all this and I had a couple conversations of people out what are about the senate but it was pretty amazing I tried to get. This young lady Lindsay Adler. She writes for the athletic. And covers the Mets and yankees. She. But I Andris back really that'd agree to have some conversation we may not at that time being insert. Hijacked the first segment I am. Ireland now we had a good chat again now but they're big enough. The spine but she said this two week. And I was. I was kind of suck but it is an outline of what you know how we do I want to get everybody's initial reaction. When you hear this week. She said. This year. The New York Mets. Will not have. One. Black player. Or one black coat. On their roster it is. I just keep it does what ports it's been out this year the New York Mets. Will not have one black player or one black coats on the rust. My initial reaction I'm not really shocked at. But my initial reaction is that is probably bad optics. Or Major League Baseball. We have a we have a league that's trying to attract younger. Viewers. Younger audience it is. The oldest. Demographic that watches it's still the average ages of 55. Year old white male that watches their sport so much higher and less diverse. Then the other major sports and they are behind and I think pretty far behind. Basketball and football specially at a national level. But when you hear that I'm just curious your initial thoughts. Are all right let's what's your initial thought when your. It's not shocking I guess. But it is. I I guess it's kind of it's kind of disturbing that no one. Eddy even. Realize that if sad isn't just maybe that's maybe that's not the best luck for us right now. There's always going to be somebody's going to try to make Macy's while the other just that is used in the guys that they have belly. How does that not have the awareness to say this might not be the best public image of our organization. Say it's hard to say disturbing in you're not shocked at the saints it. You don't say it like it. Actually. I do when you're playing there but it's horde it though I am I disturbed. Not shocked by. So having that bit. That out once that was conduct in Georgia. My first thought was you can't gay. One African American on the New York. My first thought is it was is more a reflection on it being a systemic issue with baseball as opposed to just the Mets. That was my first thought. I guess I'm not so probably and that's a big I don't think any of us are shocked by. Any of us who shot. And I guess he Reggie comes in this is baseball do however. There is added another team every other team in Major League Baseball has at least one black player. They don't have black wire quote book that he is the one. A little surprised because you look at the numbers in the days. Baseball it's like. Almost 20%. At its highest point are sick of African Americans played in the sport so that. Think. Those guys will grow and aids in the coaches. If you look at the other sports and activities that counts in the BA's one of the the top. Prospects as a coach Ed played that night I think in the eighties when baseball with Afghan Americans and it was at its height. It trickled out to be coaches that this. But. I think there is a part of it resonates enemy I use it and. I didn't. Think it ain't looking Wilson is but. Like Willie Randolph. Is is that what you eat any coach or infield. That is not just surprised about what. Public at this hour right now and I'll be less of a I don't think the Mets are doing this on purpose. Of the Mets are not seeking out black players. And I hear this. And I don't get the text on the lot here this and think here goes Ron it goes it's still race baiting game. So when your rate at six I'm pretty sure I heard royals do not have any that okay judge Dave wills I'm debating now. So many triples your race baiting again rod they're doing this idiot. It's it. If you'll love baseball. Baseball many of you may not think I do baseball and you wanted to well. And you think more people should watch it. Got this is not a good look. A New York ADT just does not have a black player or colts. Man is. And I'll say it right here as black is the NBA is you won't find it. That'd NBA roster have no white coats are white girl and you'll find that. We and that's the thing is that. At at the coaching ranks you would anticipate there'd at least be something. And that's why the NBA argument. Doesn't hold water because there's white people all over NBA or exceed this people's this earth and we just politics but I know. They haven't donated to the Negro League museum. It's talking about that I'd know that there are people frying and I don't take more here and other people gravelly we've seen RBI programs. We're seeing this thing now. As the optics look at 20088. In baseball where baseball wants to go bomb robbed man. I'm looking I'm the commissioner pays them looking at the New York Mets or not only a single black. Person out. For the game that would be a concern. Right and I'm calling one race I'm not calling the game races ought to say and if you want. Well let's just be real there's a big deal there's a big deal about eight. I've I'm watching this. Or and I don't seeing it looks like me if accused is out and Ol where tiger became a star and that the numbers were pushed up. Out of no where tiger eight dominated golf. They're just has to organizationally from the Mets and as as well as league wide from Major League Baseball there's just got to be. Or awareness. And center and I asked to be more attentive to things like that now understand that. This baby is at the Mets looked for us right now so sort of you say you almost think rob him for it in the front office of baseballs it's that he would say. And that we can't let this. I think there needs to be just awareness and like acknowledgment of it like maybe it's happened as Prez because to me right now looks like. It looks like they just aren't self aware of their sport whatsoever but like that to the fact that that there at the end I'll be at least didn't say. Should probably take a look at this. I just I don't know it is for me is just like wow. I just I just more on how did it happen. How that happened. Like that that's that is it 2008 T I think that's one of the bigger think why are we touched by the our system of politics 69306 are you shocked by this. 'cause I'm seeing a lot of well that's okay there are Dominican players. Or Spanish players man. So one area eight months it's all at the same problem in the golf at the 1980s didn't have. 20% of their players were black. I mean I just I. I just think it it was really interesting to me to see like end. These guys are. This is a real Jose Reyes. He's not after the mayor it's ours is. Well we'll we'll touch on that a little bit lady US it detects like going in on it are you shocked by it. And do you feel weird because I. Feeling that if we did a poll 90% of people marks up. But if you're doing well like are you do you feel it's weird that they're not. Are coming up our our guy Randy from a Sammy Rodgers is gonna join us like a citizen be. The most impact of things that we. Have done on this show really really good information and a great event. If they're doing with sporting KC that they'll tell you about where you don't want to miss that commit. Apparently had a pretty good conversation yeah. That's my room read only makes it's it's a little bit later. On. About this that this Mitt situation. By the way. I just have to be real honest with you did did note John Jay. Was blind. Since when I've looked closely he's been really covered. Is it and has been to that. All right so let's let's go it was it to. It's you know we do not normally have yet and. We. You know me and certainly got we talked about we wanted to kind of get ourselves involved a bigger. Situations and this was some that was presented to as that is a really cool situation. Before we get to the piece about sporting. Outlook re we have Randy here he's the manager of marketing and communications as Sam Rogers. Launch it just kind of let people little a little bit about. One where it is. Were you work it would Samuel Rodgers is about. First off I appreciate you guys have mean studio tonight is summit elicits the show I know that yet units don't have ST so this is. This is an exception. And you know I not to sound arrogant but Samuel writers and exceptional place. You know Samuel Roger's health center this is our fiftieth anniversary year in Kansas City. A lot of people don't know about us and for those that don't know. Sammy you Rodgers was the first. Board certified African American OB GY and in Kansas City. He launched a health sinner in what is it in this summit a lot of people probably haven't heard Dewayne minor housing projects. Back in it was actually fifty years ago this month. And the idea behind it he did so right on the heels of the watts riots in the middle of the civil rights movement. Because he believed that poor people disadvantaged communities people in the African American and other communities. Deserve access to quality health care he was a visionary that believe health care was a basic human right. And it's. Healed from me you know humble beginnings at Dewayne minor housing project. It's grown into the the beautiful building that we're in now on 825 you quit avenue and multiple other locations around the city. Where we provide. What we call high quality. Compassionate affordable healthcare to all people that was a doctor Roger believed it. And we do so in 38 different languages. Any seats an amazing place they. Are really showcases the diversity in this city which. For people that know the history of Kansas City for us to be located where we far. You know not far off independence avenue between truce with the sale in an area they used to be almost exclusively African American that was right next to an area that was almost exclusively Italian. There is an area of about seven blocks within a seven block radius or 27 languages spoken near the health. Yeah I think that was that was caused in it's sort and we went down last week to visit. The place and we were kind of blown away in. And I'm not quite sure we knew exactly everything that. That Samuel U Rodgers provided. I think we were kind of surprised there's tickle them stairs but a real shot every being. That it provided and I think the biggest thing that I wanted to get out that you did a little bit was. I just think that a winner and that a lot of people understand what it is even that it's there it also bit. Some people may think it is just or maybe lower income. And figure that and it's it's it's this is not is driven toward what. Is you know it were classified were considered a federally qualified health and community health center which means that eighties they were a safety net provider. But anybody can get cared Sammy you run receiving you any of us here. If you have insurance if you don't have insurance if you're from Kansas City you're Missouri resident here if you're not a Missouri or is it doesn't matter. If you were in need of health care. Sammy Rogers. Has a way of providing it for you whether that's people day and we week we have opportunities for people that are Jackson County residents through some of the grants that we have to Jackson County. Today if you're a resident. And you don't have insurance and you have no way to afford care they're grants available that we can get your medical dental covered a dollar percent. We have sliding scales available and make it's or you can hear it tank here you need whether it's medical dental behavioral health women's health. Pediatric adolescent care whatever eighties. Based on your family's income level and the size of your counsel. It's it's it's really an amazing place and let us say we did being with this being our fiftieth anniversary year it still amazes me. How few people in Kansas City know about there either people they know nothing about have never heard of it whatsoever. Or they're people that almost generations of their fame yet have been going to Samuel Rogers religiously. Getting care. And and that know the story of doctor Rogers and the impact that he's had not just on Kansas City but BR. On and it's I was really glad that we gets a tour year facility because it is a remarkable building and it's. And everything is is modern and up today and you can literally get anything that you need done that like I've had. Several issues with the dentist in the recent embrace it and months to what I had to miss several shows says yeah that's ahead. Ed that you deliberately get anything done and that that's that's what's amazing about it too is that you guys are doing. So much good in the mean trying to help out any way that you can't mall also offering all of this affordable care and literally. Every aspect because that's something that you know I've I've dealt with that. Recently with like not having health insurance and not being able to go see the doctor and take care of myself that I writes I know how how that goes gets. At socks and it's a terrible feeling feeling like you can't get the care that you need when there's something wrong with you and so you're guises facilities incredible. Well and is we all know health care in this country is a is a extremely hot button topic right now. You know you do talk about affordable care in the Affordable Care Act there's been a lot of debate about. Access to healthcare and and choosing insurance plans and in the individual mandates and things like that. That's one of the things that we really pride ourselves on that makes this unique is a provider news is we have an entire team of people that are. Marketplace certified. Counselors essentially that we'll sit down with the family and help them find insurance that fits them that fits their family that fits their financial situation their needs whatever it may be. And any its thirty ACA helps them get the in when he seventeen alone we helped over 2000 people that previously were uninsured get health insurance. And that. Es is huge for life expectancy because the the big thing when the biggest things that we talk about is the importance of preventative care just regular visits. Yeah we talk all the time you mentioned general. Pediatric dental disease is a 100% preventable but the impact Illinois child goes so far beyond just their their oral. It's a 100% preventable with regular visits the dentist you know there's a saying too is too late that's when things we talk about should be regular pediatric visits that. You know if you have insurance. Daddy's there to be really expensive. You're with our we have a sliding fee like a safe it's based on on your income but still that for some things that can be tricky. But when you have insurance you have access to daycare they can. It gives a child the ability to get started well. It gives a family what they need to have an opportunity and that's why doctor Rogers opened his health center in the middle of housing project. He believed in care for every one and he specifically for the poor the disadvantaged and he said you know. For those people to have an opportunity to rise above their circumstances. They need access to the same resource is that everyone else hat. Back when he opened Nelson of people had to ride across town to what was general hospital number two that was the black hospital that's now Truman medical center and that was the only option their wise and he felt the conditions there were so bad he sued the state of Missouri over. He created something better that brought everything into one place so that people they didn't have the money in the means of the resources to go from. The hospital to a specialist to a radiology center to a pharmacy gala stuff he brought it on the one place created what is known as Allied Healthcare in change western Mattis. Any Wii's. It was huge because it was designed initially to be assistant take care of the poor transition to be a system that took care of refugees coming United States. And is now the foundation of this facility care all of us. Are what works and let everyone know exactly where at the facility is because I think I guess that I. When we drove appointed the first drove on and I didn't even realize that they are what it will where was exactly like a lot of people you know they guided by accident or they'll. The bulletin laps this case it's the community health center. I'm Sam Rogers the location and I'm based on our downtown campus where at 825 nuclear avenue which is an historic northeast just couple blocks off independence avenue. It is our right next to. Woodland academy which is and it's our program it's near Casey UMB if you're familiar with the area. We also have locations in at the Clay County health senator we have one in the north Landis of pediatrics and Pietrus newborns clinic. We have one in Lexington Missouri we have multiple clinics around the area and we start to add in schools as well to make it even more accessible to the kids need to there. Our so of reindeer on the other saddle rent income and talk about this amazing event that apartment was sporting NC about endless you'll wanna miss this there's some free. Router free a whole lot of free. I take it must but boy girls I'm bringing him with. It provides searched the kids about surgical is not want to miss this. A whole lot of freestyle battle emcee at some questions come through 69306. Yet to questions. We get we can throw those also that Randy the coming up next you don't want to miss this admit they're doing which sport. Hard magnetic. Here with the Brady wizards manager of marketing. And communications end. Sammy Rogers and mega city gets any questions accidents reserve system fixed in or text aunt. We're gonna it will Samuel Rodgers was. The Twitter is just Betsy Rogers yeah and FaceBook Roger's health. I run our Twitter account so among several other so they can. Send direct messages that you tweet questions I'm happy take care of that however McCain. Parts of the the fickle thing coming up it is. This soccer this free soccer camp that you guys are doing in partnership with Jan basic how to tell us about this because it is a psychic eighties free isn't free youth soccer clinic there were hosting on next Wednesday from five to 7 PM at the health center. And our downs allocation we were talking about. This is really really cool with something there I started reaching out to sporting. I started with the health center last August I started bothering Brady Thomas whose one of their community outreach people like right after saint. A really wanted to do so with you guys imparted it is is the diversity in our area. And the fact. You know. Even though I'd I shall be able Tanya we provide care and 38 different languages sect but even with that you find it's sometimes hard to bring people together. And soccer has that amazing way of doing that it's counted the one language that all these kids speak in there to from parks in the northeast and you can go to and you see. It looks like people slam like BT on fifty soccer with keys in all of all different at this season nationalities it's really cool to watch. And so I said you know we could find a way to bring these kids together some of these young ones and give them an opportunity to learn the game in and played together. And and incorporating sporting whom were more than half of their roster is international airport. So lesson you know there's a natural ties so. I this event that we're doing is part of the recycle your game program reached for people to know sporting notes green organization. And they have a couple different youth complexes hearing Kansas City where people donate their gear and sporting refurbished is the in the give it accusing need. And so kids that come to this clinic you know while supplies last they're gonna have a chance when they come in units are out of pre register. They're gonna come in the day and they're gonna get chance to you know get some cleats get a soccer ball gets some gear. And really be able to give became a shot you'll be in the places things that will come with. Yeah pre registering work and work with the people. Where can people do that if they go to our FaceBook page I've got heats up at the top there's pinned to the top there's information the FaceBook event page I guess. And if they click on that there's lots of information there's discussion scroll down a little bit there's a link that I opposed to a Google docs as a downloadable PDF. If people can get they fill in their information about their child. And in humility and you can email me or withers to BI TH ERS are Roger's health dot org which is mr. right there too. In your kids are registered that's all it takes you can come and l.s that are pre register or you can do it by email. Com there's only so much gear obviously the sporting can bring so we're not guaranteeing that that's why not on the flyer. But it is something game we're excited to bring this to the northeast as a northeast residents speak for me to be able to do this. For the kids that I see every day but it's ONT and and keyed date you know was interest in soccer odds each three to twelfth is a true youth clinic in that regard. It comes to health senator. It's were actually playing on the back lawn. It's the bag because it's behind the building but it's weird doctor Roger's built the first free hit free standing health center after he left Dewayne minor housing project. And now we're really excited today to welcome the community and have a man for what we think will be a lot of fallen because the the coaches and players from the sporting kids and youth academy come out they'll be working with exceeds. Com we'll see some people from the big club probably come over is as as time goes on in. It's. I think it's gonna be an amazing event we're very excited to hold. No I did it it sounds like an amazing like a settlement agreements on out there there is some people hurt coming out there yeah it should be a really really cool event com. You get to that. Like horse and a purse or a lot of people don't know about Samuel Rodgers this is the way that you get to find in seat everything that they can provide yes and go out there at. Have a chance to get some pleased it's in here learn the game a little bit bored and this this just seems like a win win situation. That's doable or using it this is a way and I'm amber wants to view it's a free hands in the kids are gonna benefit from it. But it's also we want to welcome people to the health center we tell people to know about us in what it is that we do so it's. You know it eats it's a free event but there's a purpose behind two and that's we want people to understand if you're in need of a good preventative care if you need. We support which a lot of people are familiar with women infants and children's nutritional support for families that qualify where you can actually get food if you need. You know we have that we have. All kinds of resources available we do mammograms on site we have behavioral health services available there so much that we offer. They keep hearing need of care if you live in the area if you're new to the area you don't know where to go we have some of best care available in Kansas City. And it's a great place to get started. And then we had a couple Tyson where people are asking about surgeries and stuff like that that was something mean you minority kind of talked about RS isn't it calm are you guys are actually do overnight C don't knee surgeries. But if that's something that you need or you need assistance finding. Care who can help you with those types of things I you can still go to the health center and a way and they we'll help you get in touch with the people that you need to talk to. Exactly we're not gonna just let somebody go really hey we don't do surgery and good luck it's not that way at all. I'm gonna tell people all the time we do a lot we've prenatal care for pregnant moms now and we have relationships and different hospitals including North Kansas City. Will see the mom right up until the day before she's gonna deliver she goes the hospital delivers there as soon as she in the baby come home we see in the next day we get started with. We if died newborn care for the infant as well is you know postpartum for the mom. And eats there are certain things like you say we don't do surgeries we don't do overnights. I'm we have a lot of imaging available on site is that we do MRIs and things we we don't have an I mean we do. Also sounds in my Mac and mammograms and things we don't do MRIs. But. There's a lot that we are capable of doing him in if we don't do it we have people that we partner with a handle at forest they can provide it. And can work with us with the same way that we do patients in house. All right thanks man ran for coming in with this this is Wednesday April 25 is open to the boys girls ages three to twelve. From five to seven yes they have three soccer camp. Connection with sporting KC. Get out there. So be it retirement thanks leopard. It coming on with this in that people know a little bit more bills in Europe will be out there doing some others that you guys do the coat drive that we were talking about one up there yet that during the stuffed on a holiday so will will will link up with mediated. And and hopefully this show was a good partnership with him rod we love the studio to do. I appreciate that thank you very much for the opportunity and yeah we look forward to seeing everybody next Wednesday SR IC yep they're coming up in two minutes worst arming the best fifteen cents a insulin all the Sports Radio. Primarily because it's the only one.