04/19 4p - Romancing the Royals, Wanna Fight, Moose's Future, Drafting a Pass Rush

The Drive
Thursday, April 19th

Why the Royals aren't romantic, who wants to fight over Ned Yost, Royals Insider Jeffrey Flanagan takes a look at the future for Moose plus Fanning's theory on the Chiefs getting a pass rusher in the later rounds 


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Passed away I'll. Coming up in fifteen minutes. That's involves is the reason. That NFL reporter I think he'd some of the biggest praise you can keep on to the chief evidence of that plus. Every Flanagan joined the day ship earlier today tell us which future royals hall of Famer could be on the move. We got a lot to get into in today's show thank you so much a listening has been very weird not having shows the last couple days have certainly assert a certainly happy to have a full four hours today and always at 5 o'clock. Or give you the biggest stories of the day intensity coming up at five minutes. There is a six and host that is ready for all the smoke and ready to fight any listener out there but there's a movie clip that you think and. I was like it's actually move that really like even though he Italy in the movie that I talked about money won't somebody put the scene. On Twitter is really it was the end of money ball and Brad Pitt is sit there Jonah Hill. They already had the interview with the Boston Red Sox about becoming the general manager. And Joseph hills and it is what you come back only to look at some video. The bags back video room and it's that real fact catcher that day DA signed. Nobody else wanted to get home run tripped over first base and Brad Pitt said this I can be dramatic. Because the kid. Was afraid to run to second place. You know and Brad Pitts at hockey and not be romantic about baseball kidney and or it'll run he got out of the box quick and can run and second days. So it says how can be dramatic. And I say this it's pretty damn easy Kansas City right now. Breaking ball lifted to the right and social layer to the warning track and at the fans at least but Don Teague. So it's bigger hit a bomb on Seattle's town and it afforded to gain. It's really tough to be romantic about baseball right now Kansas what is can't believe they got Dini so am I yeah I mean usually he's excited about that. I mean I mean did you sound like he came home and couldn't find the dog the I mean it's like. Every college all of baseball write a love and I love you know walking three due to the stating sea grass and and I used to love driving by. I said anyway had to work out that direction and I'd see the note crowned scoreboard. And see all that stuff you think about the memories you daddy think about planning in your kid in my case the planet it. In that ultimately emit smells no grass miles crack of the bat all that stuff but it's really tough right now to fuel romantic about your favorite team in Kansas City. When they're three and thirteen Iowa State wrote. Opens giving up 46 runs in sixteen games Duffy gives you six scoreless Tuesday night. An end and they blow it it's really really difficult right now. And on top of that effect trip with the angels to it you'll do against city. Rules to fit them straight up the pitch he swings it drives and a big gap that's a base hit it will clear the bases in cubs won it comes to. It comes 302 not a with a triple and the angels with a six nothing lead. So basically you would you watch TV also the residents and ultimately the three of them either a 31. You'll they did you come back out there on fifteen to five. So right now seat on. Be dramatic. Because on the royals and that's all it can't be romantic about baseball right now it's that bad it. It is certainly CB is certainly hard to enjoy watching your team play every single day. If they are the worst team in Major League and it feels that way and then there are some good thing the most is great ride was seven LB. That what. I don't know after that you know I EQ can't I mean I I was trying to come up some positive early in the show. And the thing that I came up with with the exception what Lucy doing it was getting Kennedy's gritty and rough start you know yesterday but Duffy is really. You know evened out Jason Hammel been fine help inner areas been really good I did that and this is not really good baseball team because there's too many holes. In this thing and one of the things that I came up it is a positive. Is that they signed Luke is due to settle a Portuguese. Euros eggs that's not really look I had my sixty games into the season as a positive for this team. All you want a positive I got some. And he'd been upgraded to probable for tonight's game three stop him he's got to go. It sport before he had to make sure he feels OK in the final call. But obviously looks good at this point that is from Ramona shovel and maybe that gives them more acute care about Alex Gordon will start a rehab assignment to mall row. In all long haul for the storm chase so was certainly sounds like Allen scored in his only fast track back. And will be back in the next week there's all these. It's season hopefully it's easy defense. You know I think rule and Christiane is crazy shifts its of the defense the royal appliance you do sort of you know I think we we started to take defense and some of that stuff for granted back in the days educated Saturn Bordeaux last. Positive person and some and Saudi behind the play I mean. I don't know man I don't think bring in gore go back in and lest he. Did something magical happens in an all over it baseballs again. Is really changes whole thing British is that a tough start it's really tough to feel romantic about his career. I'm not I'm not complain get a ring with him back to back World Series get that. What did you complain and that's the part to me this is a little bit confusing to me with royals fans. Is I feel like every conversation like you can't be disappointed today every conversation is what they want the World Series. Is it in esteem but it right. And in the present time watching the worst team in baseball I think it'll out at some yeah. Especially for a team that would say a date more emphatic all you distinct take this team that's interesting but take. They look and play like eighteen that is trying to get the first pick in the Major League based. It's fair to say because on the day were trying to attack. I mean self breast toward tore a ligament when he's taken luggage upstairs make argue on the deal before opening day coral blows out is is crawling. Herb labor whatever relatives you know they're both plus it gusting to eighty games. So what addition of like hey listen we're gonna tank or shut up early to product on the field the best we can't the money were allotted right now and then they did they get bad luck. On top of that you know so I don't like it if the royals and the glass fairly date try to take this season I deepest I don't feel that way that's like you're back complain about it. Because this does is their master plan. I I guess I would ask the question of would their season be any different if they were trying to lose because right now with Maria well that's me out of it and you haven't. Won a game which the other two has quarter run. Tell me what the big difference would be what we're currently watching with just angry and been blamed boy your parents go all day and now tell me what the difference is if this is the royals trying to win every day it was the fact we're not thank you we're not lose games you don't care about Brad Pitt we're trying to win every day of the Major League level. What could be the difference have they were boosted. Are ever going out with sole purpose but it went to games well. What young guys that are ready to be the big leagues that's what you do you bring them appeared if that works and well they're young guys that are eager to get. Remotely to beat the right now I think they huddle. Olympic going to do it now I'm nine years old like I think repeatedly play 36 jobs and aren't so great idea and Iger and Dick Grimm 49 years old because you know yeah my young eye and yet president. I'll blame -- 36 years old yet at a younger I didn't like god to be honest I'm saying is if this is trying to field a competitive team Angola they're weighted. What could be different that openly playing young guys trying to lose deputies say. Because there's no young guys you can bring open play that are that are ready for this and you can't do it is bad body bills and academia is an energy is back out and get worse. Right urged Oakland. Is if that's the best you got to throw their for make cards in your control. Are urged Oakland nice kid sign autographs after the royals get wiped out because of weather stock or at any level. Minor league pitcher it's what he has that's the best you got to be your number five starter. That's the best that's the best that they have to offer right now. There is such a gap between dudes that are ready to get up there. Yeah Parker is too is you bring these guys up as late as you possibly can't because once they start that Major League service at six years it was. So why would you Russian kid super talent or close to being ready to play in the big leagues if that means you're gonna lose at least 746. You know when you're about to get this thing back on track. Not I mean it was I trust the royals deal right this was that the plan. All right this is not the plan what they're doing an issue of the injuries it's bad luck and some guys in and out and guys do not pan out I mean that's part of but this is bad right. This bad baseball. You know so I'm don't want that used to bring up some twenty year old kids is because play the kids the big league level. And that also that it becomes the star it was in the 26. You know rot in the rose rated good and it's the same thing loose again and you bring guys too early to rule on the other part is he start the service time in six years. You're gone yeah I guess I guess I would just I would just ask of major or more invested in this rebuild and meet you believe mourn at the meek the odd big stance on the whole thing would be is I think the fans will be able to accept how badly are they felt like there are watching guys ever gonna be on the team Paula. Except that that player is allergic to be a stud. And you lose a rot your ridiculous assigned John Jacob player again. Try to get your bias that's one of the biggest for he's going to play but I guess I would say is that he got sixers a club control mean I mean. We don't think it's gonna take till 20/20 fourth and be good at least that's a big sandy and they're gonna be good around twenty point twenty point one. I'm saying I think the frustration from the fan base with this team and how bad they are is. They're going to blame Iraq there who's not even kind of remote part of now I think fans could accept the rebuild they were doing what the White Sox do and that we see right now I don't know seeing rebuilding baseball I think you watch and bad baseball now a Blake and a lot of it is not a part of the ball. It's historically that mean that that's that's the biggest part of the bullpen historically bad and and that's the part that I'm not sure if they have an answer for that I'm not sure you bring up. You know you'd love lady that can appear. If the clock you know cooking on Hanford for Major League service time. I mean they have to figure out that's the tell part about it because it's easy for fans that Agassi traded seven that got to bring that do not let the it's more complicated that the Major League level that that's all I'm saying. This is not what they were planning on doing and left for fact. They're not planning on like yeah let's play the tire what you guys you know profitable than others sockets can be okay. And it's how to deal mean just Ingraham was you know it's for the cubs decent play boring you about and a they discover good. You I don't think it's part of playing but I mean we say what what the definition of insanity is the definition of a saint is continue to do the same thing the Blaine Boyer Spearman is not going to work out that good at adjusting Britain does not want to work anymore so you're serious about winning. Yeah something needs to be done here very quickly because we are at a cold level red when it comes herbal and we've reached the point now I think confidence level it is the rest of the team. If you got the lead with this team and they are up 21 heading its seventh inning to those I don't know how you can trust they're going to do it again and I don't know how that could be good for development if your plane is to win every day. And you continue to blow leads day after day does the melodic and you part of the of of the rebuilding on the accuracy of the over the next couple weeks they edited so. Coming up next to get into the six in hopes that his right to fight all of you listening. Plus Patrick Holmes has the reason that an NFL reporter he big praise on that she's let's say what is next in the draft. Six saying that sports Twitter page right. We're keeping up to date on all NFL schedule leaks. The NFL is trying to wait until 7 o'clock tonight to let us know about the NFL schedule that's how the Internet works Internet waits for no main schedules are starting to leak out. We are starting to get a better understanding. All the hoo the chiefs are gonna be playing and win they are going to be playing so far we know of three games. I would say. Close that's important is it can be one of them. We know a 100% preferred the Monday night game against the rain we know that games confirmed dead in Mexico on November 19 and other in nineteen double lead this week a lead in that game is confirmed at this point. There was it leaks for the Boston athletic the chiefs will be traveling to. New England or in other nationally televised game that will be on Sunday Night Football and that will be weak six. And we just found out September 23 in new home game the cheese will play DC a Francisco 49ers so we Jimmy her apple vs actual homes match up. At Arrowhead Stadium will be a lot of fun to what best five young quarterbacks in the NFL and the people tried a brothel wonders how is responsible different winds one probably think about it. What's upright no one was certainly two of the young guns right now in the NFL Jimmy grapple Patrick a home September 23. New game that is the rule right now almost what this year I mean that those quarterback matchups are all terrific and you get sheared off Tom Brady and Jimmy your Koppel. That doesn't fund quarterback that you know absolutely so far the league said he got weeks earlier champion got two national televised games and then I would think. At least on paper one exciting scenes that's when he eighteen season got up. Especially home tell us all out yeah I certainly I certainly expect that's a leak between now and the end of the show. This morning. But I still was willing itself for. Any listener that was taking home one. Ned Yost. I'm ready to fight anybody who wants to criticize then I'll meet in the back Alley I mean lately that's really where I am on this one. The reason that Ned Yost is so successful and so good at what he does. Is because he knows how to manage those people. He's not gonna sell his guys out he's he's never done it before he's not gonna start now he did do it in 2010 needed dude in 2011 heated diluted 2012. You know there's a lot of times were you look at Manny should meet each crushed act act but that's not. How do you develop players that's not how you develop the organization and that's not how you get people to buy into what you're trying to do. You managed people the right way and it begs greatest strength is managing people. Then I'm good with. Because that's what the job of the manager is his job is to to manage the egos so to speak his job is to put people in the best position possible. And his job is to manage these guys date today. And make them feel good how how these guys know that they're not performing well right now they really neither manager to go out there. And hold about the media like what good is that going to do. We think it's the funny part here momentarily but I would like to address serious part of Pasco said the second half of the night I do agree with Vasco. I do think that Ned Yost best strained this. I think that they're different ways to lead and motivate people NBA good coach some people are really good x.s and o.s coach some B would is that a good feel they know the right thing to say at the right time. I think Fed's main aging of people. And allowing them to have their own personality is the biggest reason why that when he fourteen team broke through. I think they were really down I think at the trade deadline I think the royals made a choice as the front office organization. Hey this team needs the tough love but they also need to know we believe in you enough that we think all the talent to make a playoff run is right here in this room. Acting role buying it got up there as well I think that spoke I think they had come to Jesus meeting that they all came together. And they had a rot rot we didn't know what the guys in here and I think that was motivation enough I don't think there's any person Mecca motivated that team and guided into the playoffs. Better than what Ned Yost and we certainly know what happens when he fourteen so I agree with them that I I think he is I think he's weak it being a technical manager. When it comes to managing people which is certainly a big part of baseball is around each other all the time and a few management voter are better than that you'll. Not agree with you in in there. Ezra this coach it was Chuck Hernandez pitching coach in the rays organization they was Detroit he was under gently up there in the with the tigers and went to the World Series. Chuck Chuck Hernandez got fired or whatever they raised goes to Detroit 2006 to go to the World Series. And some reporter asked him Ole would you change what was the difference is I had better pitchers. You know I mean so if anybody wants that goes head right now is ridiculous. All right your bullpen has given up 46 runs in sixteen games you're basically going live. Again I'm with you on this Baghdad's probably biggest weaknesses in game stuff for manager the biggest thing you got to do was figure agonies pitching. You know back in the day when he had HDH yet 34. Five guys with kids down there in the bullpen and nobody can hit pretty easy to manage a baseball team I don't have that so now it's awfully tough. To call for that he has had after the start it's not his fault you know laughs I'll be you know you don't have senior it's completely out on the majority times start. Heard anybody calling for job and I do think it's I don't think you can be critical level like I do think there's a fine balance and we'll get today. He's fast the first party I don't skip past the first man was right. I'm ready to fight anybody who once criticized a me too and I mean lately that's really where I am on this one too. And you do at the back in order back -- resume secret actor that was it but actually reminds me maybe my favorite audio wave radio host was challenging listeners the fire this is from Cleveland Tony Rizzo was ready to fight in glee with Dana wanna smoke. If you want it and people better. This parade you can't stay away from me. Right so in my family if apple ones. I swear to god I'll have I'll say out loud or go get 101000 marbles before you at that rate out column. With that machine. What was that machine McCarty at at odds. They eat me mobile I'll be there and I will mow you down. Under bike tires I promised that I brought US aid it's good and luckily. And. If I can get over this or in the beginning proposed. That's says that you're critical and it goes he will I UN that got us some. To. Us module that he's feeling bad ass. I'm ready to fight anybody who wants to criticize an army to back Alley and Natalie that's really where I am on this one he's. Fight anybody that once the smoke you can probably punch if you're willing to be critical about Ned yeah that's not good for us it would this city. But he worked like probably American. Eighties I'd be out of debt to take you days it probably. Simon might lie in Saint Louis got you on this terrible cities are probably sighing in Saint Louis and it went down let me ask you this if it does doesn't back alleys of more fight people. We face so glad that there's elected SEC thing was gone I don't know the FCC regulates the base odd parts of fast go wants it just like listeners I mean I'm certainly happy. That videotape for the few. This is I'd I just wrote this down and I was listening to basket taught there for people can't the city that we have just decided you can't say anything critical load. Ned Yost Dayton Moore Patrick Holmes and Bill Self. Right now and say something bad about that all the tax I don't see them. Receiving games art that's Ed decided he's going to be that savior. Critical date about it listen. It's it's it's a critical just say it was. Not a good job innumerable open. All. This week we decided that four people have reached a level of untouchable. Sell. Mobile I don't know how to mobile content character the attitude you beat the Broncos remember back when it really big about self mobile Dayton and then they the tactic last. You say about literally anybody else like Al Snyder. Under mostly you know I think time kind of adds both honored by he should just go home be it in me and now I think that much push back on that and say about. Here say that bill that would is not your employers. And see what happens yeah I don't buy you're gonna need to get this period as greens are I don't know and I don't I don't know why he treated everybody out. I don't know why we put these people cat. I wouldn't but you can't say anything critical about the general manager or the manager of the worst in baseball bats well. Those guys. They're big banner after he sought to fifteen world champs I mean but when you do that Kansas City may and you you have some equity build up know your 100% right I I guess I didn't. I just big it's different and it was put him in the category of I mean self out of an adult I told every single. Think. This team decided it so it's okay and that means I can basically reload your roster in college basketball just McCain's gonna do. And and in the royals. Now listen this rosy right now is not very good the bullpen has historically awful right now and you that you screw. And places of really good you know starting pitching performances and and and and they're author sync defensively that Obama should step down some little worse but still yet or attitude that you got guys played multiple positions. Got a pulpit and an absolutely stinks up the joint waste of good pitching. The it's it's extremely frost. Attacks on six my reserves that detects I would definitely blow up the moment homes lose the game and throws readers I'll have to not even like guys like. Sell grain Dayton brain neighboring. Almost all the for six weeks of the season yet coal mine good Su and four the couple little five what are they going to be doing. That announcement was yeah we're taking on our samples were taken out he was all ports or steadied entered the football over. He took care things you do would you get a game. I it's really get to the playoffs can challenge for division title. Yet an army. But it atlas right now there for people to save our above reproach itself homes and eight are net Indy. I still think nearly one off I think airfares on the atlas yeah that's given what he's beaten how good he's data's on the field. I don't think you can take a shot editor there I. I actually think the bear you can say that you think he's an overrated safety. I. You get that much pushed back or org you can say is they paid too much I don't that you get a whole lot of push I'd say anything negative about homes. I don't think you can say anything bad about bear the only thing that someone would reach four illnesses. Are real reach its wrong is that he didn't show up to the the voluntary. TV health phase one the running around the trash cans. Inmates rules yeah two years ago well guys deal last year. That's the only thing you could say and that is about as important. As I don't even. No one around me and you know differ on its back but relatives he was it the first is the offseason workout program and you know who won there John Dorsey. So in just used air Zardari doesn't need to run around trash can I get that I understand that. I understand that but. We've got some kind of fun and think about it like like like barrel racing like it really doesn't tell Leo does he need to lift with a team like he's never been in outrage. Have your leader the sometimes it's good to be either special defense was as army's been over the radio we are right now drunk in there right now and a more rain dumping Brady's out. We have been honeymoons what is life right now I doubt ride camels in Dubai I don't talk about leadership when. When it's not important but oh when it's important he's always there well within. It either I get that I understand that part of it. I'm just trying to tell you if you wanna look at a reason why he wasn't there. And why was there when things started what. Was less on him two days ago wing when the -- the British. Well I'm about does select a long time doesn't like with a per when they with the offseason program began. Eric Berry is there just use it was their Travis those old guys there. John Dorsey was so put that together every speck I know we're late coming up next Jeffrey Flanagan joined the nation earlier today to tell us about a future solid favor he thinks could be on the move talking royals next. Back it's rob coming up next to get back into the NFL draft but people do want to use them yeah their words it's grass in. Eighteen. NFL draft but on the show for the station manager when he was on the. They shipped earlier today. And he was talking about my stock is still the royals are at the point that in mid April we are already talking about the trade deadline. That's all you need to know about how things have gone in the early part of the season one of the people coming up. Signing one year deal in my stock this isn't what Jerry Flanagan had to say about all of my desire is either being traded or maybe signing an extension with your Kansas City Royals. World Dayton with the interest they have written in the closeness and we're all that well he feels that will he want to work. Moves at the trade deadline. I don't think that's somewhat in doubt but he moves can demand that you know it's okay. We'll do it but I think there's some question whether. Gordon we do that and even hurts them you know rumors and so. Hey what about signing moved to a longer term deal all you know there's there's not a ton a third baseman. Are down under protester courses there and ordered noticed hadn't you know looked around from position a position. You know that the possibility too but you know there are questions that the better economic July excited mark. Listen I don't know. What the plan is for me it was probably the royals probably have won at this point. I think. If if on the royals what I would do is to try to get as many veteran guys that possibly can and I hope and a whole. They have good first half's the new options. I can't imagine. With his bat as his baseball team is right now. If you if you flipped moves. At the deadline what would you look at the number back if they have right now in my opinion Jessica for. Tribute airs about all Orlando's is about. In a ton of back up there have a Thomas stars and stars. And I think that's conversation got to have lived with data glad she got to go to the ivory tower he got a knock them Adori gonna lock in and say what you think. Because. It be one thing if moose was blocking some up and coming super stud third baseman the royals wanted to appear. We talked and outscored right now blocking anybody who can't willingly bugs release you know blocking. It blocked at third base at a chancellors and ice pack. That's what I think. So if you get rid of those you flip him at the deadline. And the scene getting even worse I mean you've got what two reasons to go to the ballpark right now maybe Jake units and moves navy can you think of another one. But it's not your heads out when he comes back obviously the other team would be the number one reason yet that he has blog that removes it grannies like 348 right now knock the cover up baseball. A lot of stuff. So if you if you traded lose. Now. And they did some tough decisions to make now you re signed him as we talked about. It feels like a little bit of a disconnect with moves like he's not. Does it feel like the same guy that he felt before you free agency Venetian feel like we had a connection there. Because like you'd wanna come back here in the nobody even offers for the royals who set him not feel like moves is completely out of percent our guy it's like you're it's like. You date a girl Allison Nationalists to break up benched if anybody else just comes back yet but the relationship change that you signed moves to long term deal. And if he was up for that I think that would change as well this the first of ever. Of any talk of a long term view of Lucent. Played his first part because if there is thinking like this this. Still think you'll like this this is the problem. Will Dayton with the interest they have written in the closeness and all that will he be able to well he walked as well. Loose at the trade deadline. I don't think that's somewhat in doubt and it was candle them and said you know it's okay we'll do it but I think the. Need to be asking. A player only one year contract their permissions and he moves a little different but I do say. We we understand that we all. Yeah about like we stocked up like we always got up at these cabbie we all let's say about all god help them win the World Series the world's number one priority. All we'll be anything not being good individual their number one part forty needs to be trying to get as much talent on this roster is humanly possible. Good right now in terms of young talent. They're either guys that we think they play until two point 11 or they're just to avoid under right now. Because John Amy just little piece about the trade pieces for the royals all these are established veteran players at this point. Duffy Whitman air field who is not a self made player but organized point nine years old. In JD tell me Guerrero Luke is due to judge. We all the same way about. Outscored and moves chain Hosmer all the guys that are gonna go on the royals hall of fame at some point. But time is over the new needs to be is trying to acquire as Mimi young with. Club control these it is humanly possible if Mike was sockets can help you do that I'm sorry moves. But you know this is the business we cited to a one year deal of openly said what they think about like stocks lead an awful long term deal we didn't sign with one. The moment he signed it one year six million dollar deal with incentives we all time won't sniff the royals got the opportunity at the trade deadline trade my spot let's move on. They should do. You bet most everything that he's done. He's always gonna have a place here he's always gonna is standing ovation I don't care what goes to go on the part of the tigers' most I think has done everything right for the royals. But it's not start thinking about. It is fun are thinking ahead and not in the past what I don't want them to do with moods or Gordon or any of them. Made it fourteen is over fifty is over the new gold needs to be trying to get as many young talent the players because the baseball team we're watching every night I watch a lot of young talented players currently play for the. Not with you and I heard the numbers on that seat it if if if moos is gonna bring you all of its giddy couple players that you go you make the deal if it's a good deal. And I'm sorry knows you know if if that's gonna hurt your feelings you gonna feel Chad was really in the game you know offer right. Where they'll just stepped up today here's what you deal for six point five you know you can you can reach some. That gives incentives potentially bring you back next year we can do that we're willing to do that. I need a third baseman Unita placed land but it it comes to the point where we'll trade you. Because it's better for organizations and that's that's what's gonna happen and I think it's what was the royals did the right. Though the loving caring all that stuff and I love the fact that the date is like the likes it that it was mutual respect that's great. Because I think that's where every employee wants to be treated. No matter what you do for a living whether it's baseball or radio hour pick your profession that was strictly true respect by the employer does or sometimes you got to make tough decisions. And most got to bring some prospects back and you gotta make that deal. And I without a question and I guess at this point is I would say the time to be loving in the time to think about family feelings wasn't sixteen at seventeen the world a better place that they traded aired out at the trade deadline last year the royals would be better plays a patriot most of the deadline they'd straight in the deadline. They decide ice because that's what everybody wanna and they decide to go for it would trade at peace they got a couple. I can't do too I'm saying is would not over yet to be a she can't be about forty markers you're not going anywhere disease. We agree this is a quote unquote lost your way to make it eight pound a year is to try to develop in finding answers any questions you Cain about young players. And they got in young players on the team so you can acquire a 24 year old promising outfielder from my stock is. You gotta do at this point I don't care how bad when he eighteen not the playoffs this year the question is do it was a hundred games not make the play. They if they finish 500 so it can be about feelings and feeling and emotion more it's got to be about business and they tell me the number one goal is the the farm system and trading prospects you do. Coming up next on the other side we did sue the only way that choosing to an immediate edge rusher in this draft. Is a player you think could be damaged goods it was playing next on the draft I'd. Point doubled its momentarily draft coverage is brought to buy it one more build it one more. Dot com you'll make your dreams a reality to solve this story I have time itself spectacle of the news. Footwork there is a former 911 operator Houston and has been found guilty of hanging up on people were calling emergency services. She's been sentenced to ten days in jail and eighteen months probation 44 year old woman she was a phone operator for years and a half. Records show that thousands of calls were made there that lasted twenty seconds or less tribute to her hanging up. When the investigators asked her why she said quote. I just did wanna talk to anyone at those times you go you chose to be a fall and operator. Those things you can say that the phone operator a 911. Operator if you if that's. Attitude that you have while I don't wanna talk to someone that date nation go to yet it's a different level we don't wanna talk to somebody but it was jobs and do like it account. Shut the door you talk somebody if bank teller. Of all the talk to people like all those things you've got accepted. Emergency dispatcher for 911. Its eye on the on the person at all because I didn't want it all in with a in his back years he has done today I would think for the show it's like I've I if I was I would say go home you look at other than that I'm executive. Just don't need to be here today. As the draw some weeks. Rob my tonight is is when the draft begins and a short look at it you know chase needs and we've been talking about it pressures in corners in safety. And and positions like that and it got me thinking about how bad she's really need an edge rusher. And I deal with cheese get an immediate impact edge rusher is if they fight got the draft is damaged here's what I mean. The chiefs but 54 overall and all these blue bloods the best young edge Russia's going to be gone. Bradley jump from NC state out of here mark is Davenport communities Antonio he'll be console here Lander from Boston college center. Lester they'd just used to that she's got Justin Houston. With the seventieth overall pick in the third round I got that way because. The first round talent he tested positive for marijuana at the 2011 pump lines per it was projected again ideally first round guy. Even then. Even when he got just used you got first round value in the third round it still took him about three years to really comfortable assortment Chicago Bears game. When you like a while I took that do keep them that do could be. First round pick edge rusher. And I still firmly believe that I think these might be the reason that she's dug deep in the plans ticket quarterback it's not a passing doesn't develop again he'll be year to. Which it's tough for guys to get. You know develop before year to you gotta be the topic your game to be able to do that. They may have a problem. A look at some of the best at pressures that have come out of draft reached out to stick with him. Let's start with two Leo Matt Wright fifth overall pick by the Oakland Raiders. First year for sex in doom second season vault fifteen Von Miller. He's a rarity second overall pick of the Broncos Levin and house axis first year eighteen in your to note that player he's he's one at all yet. Mean you know but but that's you know I how rare is that so. We can state edge rusher. But at the chiefs are not picking in the top ten more than likely they're not to get an impact guy and that's. You find do like just news that's got some baggage you find some of those dudes down there. Hey listen he's got to execute from Alicia I can't think they have come an art in key yet he's the kid it's got some weight issues now he's got to forty for the come by but the issue is. Any keep golfers you gonna get fat it when he gets paid you know what unity that's the kind of got that she's gonna have to get in this draft that they want immediate impact on the it. A look at it I think the chiefs I mean it and it's hard to do with the draft I mean it really any pointers to our position defined is. I think they need a corner that can step up and give them something on us and you gotta find your number one corner in the draft and that's a little bit unrealistic. Given where they're gonna lack of rookies at that position instead that he can play yeah I'm just saying I mean if you don't have a first round draft pick I don't know if you're Conning or in getting an impact corner from day one yet us that you could find someone that can help you Indian rotation can be a third or fourth quarter. You need to find somebody that can get to the quarterback last year you were in the bottom third in the NFL a section were 24. In units of the quarterback finding someone that can give you a boast of some I don't think you need to find 1012 X five somebody gets a 46 this year in the draft. I you have a promising you rookie and certainly someone I could take a little bit of pressure on just. Yeah the axis of the Bob Sutton says mentally that often critical of him and deservedly so relaxed it was seized. Earlier pride and a really good he said and watched video and they were trying to break. Literally talking about was. How box scores statistics align it comes to sacks. You know sometimes maybe you know left out tackle whips. You know wrong assignment policy to get a straight path into the quarterback it's done just solutions capable Russia got beat him get a sack in his two plays. Well the box where the same thing to completely to replace. Offset always talks about his policy from top pass ill or even if it's on the edge. He talks about affecting the quarterback not necessarily exactly even affect the quarterback which means he'll a lot of last year. Then to me that's equally as important as racking up big numbers and sax you've got to get there you've got to move now to spot. You got to make him uncomfortable you gotta think he's gonna get hit. Touch it. We that's the chiefs need and that even get a guy can do that. At least part of the time and they've got some additional fans they can go to the well in an edge rusher in the draft and he's not performing. Listen to ultimately take off until your four Houston blew up in your three and four and it takes a long time these guys develop so it's going to be really tough for them to go into the draft. Get an edge rusher and say OK now we're set. It's not how it works they'll do in my opinion they can do is fight against Goetz of baggage later in the draft you say that or do we think we've tournament is so it has been an uncle. Finding a guy that could impact the chiefs. From day 121 years ago today ball Sagal who stepped to the podium to announce in this election from your Kansas City Chiefs. I used to strait and expected Kansas City. Anthony treat them like it. Tony Gonzales tight end here Arctic California 21 years ago today that she selected a hall of fame tie dean. Mean Tony Gonzales. The second greatest sign of all time because we don't know that rocker counts integrated science at all time don't let those days and I we all know that Rob Gronkowski is the battle of Ellsbury. He is now he's different he's apiece liquidity Jersey rock with like Luke went down well I mean truth. I'd be curious to see. I think that's really the only argument that people have against Brock has been no argument is Selena chair you can make health argument has brought hasn't really been healthy but when mark is physically. Playing when he's almost the worst that he is the best tight end that we've ever seen. There's a lot of people always bring up like it's going in dolls he certainly has the long jetty argument. In seven seasons Graf has meaning 1000 yard season as Tony she had in seventeen. One more out RC which is not a crazy for rocker tells you specially and that's it's as they got to bring coaxed into the next here who have moral 1000 yard season that means dollars at at any point is I NFL career you have more double digit touchdowns season's five to three and Tony Gonzales net. Let me ask you this a real quick though. You can't even look at the type look at receivers. Or so flag and it was different Tony used. Mean it. Would play in 1991 point it's just played in the modern NFL I just. I look at the numbers are telling you dolls but I think that I think to grant put together the best scenes that we've ever seen a tie and a couple years ago he had a judge Reid had ninety catches. 1427. Yards in seventeen. Touchdown Greg Robb is a touchdown machine went into the hall of fame. Make any argument when it comes the number you know I showed I showed that series he had against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the was that like week fourteen of the season. He was unstoppable in the SE it was obvious where Tom Brady was going it was obvious big rock was gonna determine that one would like bit downhill race. You're not supposed to be able to do not his size like dirt or did you that it what was brought 6566250. Am sick huge they're not supposed to do that it's not all of it is which is any personally think in the city. Oh we got beyond us. The greatest time of all time has robbed or tell you is not telling. Coming up in two minutes we'll get to the top stories of the dainty the city's drive.