04/19 2p - Royals Vacation, Broncos Rumor, Beginning of the End, Gimme a Minute

The Drive
Thursday, April 19th

The Royals are like coming back from a vacation, a new Broncos rumor is out and the Chiefs & Rams are set for MNF in Mexico City, C-Dot says its the beginning of the end plus Gimme a Minute and a sure fire bust in C-Dot's mind in the NFL Draft 


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Let's it's another day another dollar another addition of the drive I almost forgot how to turn on the microphone because that has been a long time. Since science at in this chair and I'm Tanya I've got sporty sedan got a lot to get off my chest and the quote. Coming to America I am very happy to be here is dragged into air's senior hash tag new ice hash tag holds back. These inspectors here's well I don't dawning you're Philadelphia is 76ers as the series is tied at one apiece. Wishing that Agile indeed we'll get back healthy to make the Eastern Conference playoffs even more entertaining is the one the only brand and it woman's name and Abbey National five Tia I appreciate that thank you so much more but down on myself but you know I appreciate I've I've done it on October 2 1977. Dusty Baker Glenn Burke first five. Record after Dusty Baker whom I don't know if I'm allowed to say this on the air because our boss is gone suspect under our new boss yet. So it's just like a different kind of power structure and a huge threats on a goal and all right now it up and maybe more used to listen at 2 o'clock. So polite the next month we are going to try to jet I'm mines for you elicited 2 o'clock in the best way to get you to listen at 2 o'clock. Is to deem you an incentive so we are going to get over it will stick it to be honest I'm not really sure how much of it incentive dazed but we really got much to get around out here we got some old Bobble head dolls at some flavored condoms that are just laying around here the honest to god have no. And here at all so I have to exit abided in some capacity so in 82 o'clock hour. We will be giving away one pair of cigarettes which would do right now Nick Price is right games that we need for callers 91357676. And we also give away not warn not to. But Rory counties of MLB the show between now and 3 o'clock and tell me. At 2 o'clock because that's the only thing I did it's let's Nabisco with you totally free knowledge and 3:4 or 5 o'clock. Rightly so that's that's all the that is that is something no we need we need more you to listen I aspect I said and we give away something at 3 or 4 o'clock he said no those hours and fives I sit upright. Let's give it away whatever you tell way because he's the boss now so we have to have. All a different level of respect like I have a lot of respect ice could really tell me that the Specter could fire. Solicit you definitely have to have a different level of respect. So the royals are momentarily but as we will do whenever we have tickets to giveaway at 2 o'clock we will play bull. And price is right well as. Answer we vote. Brian trees in in oh and to play a buying game. Well apple. They'll re excited. I'm excited about. Let's do it. And are right here applicable in today's contest is just an. Grade the price right is not so that. It will. What is just you know. So. Belts. Or eighty point. Nine minutes. What is. It. The speed and oral in it for us grow. What's this here. Set in the news. And go. That's just a grim dogs need to build a very accurate Matt OP what it's just. I'm gonna go with the same guy now. It's really sad you guys actually. We're pretty damn close to it just Ingraham is ER right down with it it needs dramatic effect. Justin grins ERA is. Thirteen point 90. Sort tear it doesn't. And independents you're going to see just anger and pitch which. Suspect tells you gotta face it you can weigh in on our show people a free stuff people do love free stuff. You can give him like he's a free back to something if it could be your dogs crap that people like. They fought over because it caused in his furry I do know that people love free stuff because you know in college they get well T shirt that was always a big deal and you don't know the G is that people will just do whatever for free until you go to a royals block night people go crazy over the dollar hot dog like you can go walk up to the consensus there right now and civil war and George Washington or four quarters and they'll give you that came hot dog yes it's gonna show ample set hurled him. You literally have a throwback it's forty Casey they have like the wizards jerseys and all that stuff. And they're given away scars and they had the wizards uzis you know the old school jerseys while what took an album that freaking chops from subway because she thought she wouldn't get one. You know wait in line for so yeah people do anything for. Yet people do anything for free I wanted to get incidents with the royals as I am trying to be as positive about the royals as possible and I made a rule with myself that I will not let the royals have set into when he eighteen. Because I'm good enough to upset you twenty Tina. But this is what I came up with yesterday announced the boulevards your on our guy Jeremy domains are having a conversation with him. And you asked him he said what you think about the Roger does the biggest Ross and I know when he said. I feel like the bills are coming due and got my mind work. Like a vacation we all that and our job with the vacation that you don't work and it's hard to and you start to feel a little bit tired. That was how bad the rules to be shared for the bought art for all those years in the royals did get very little to cheer about. And we. That feeling we work hard you start to kind of look ahead to the future and you know you've got a vacation comment and on vacation and sued three years and you finally go. And you say it's that how would the blood may only add to 300 dollars 400 dollars Lee and when you went to go gambling in Vegas. But yet hot handed the dice game so you know what maybe you spent a little bit more on that vacation and had anticipated. He had the best restaurants or get bottles at the pool spa. An incredible time when you're vacation. Once we get to goats away at your destination is one time. And then you get home and and you go all aligned. Count. You checked your bank statement and then you see how much fun and how costly that. Experience was and how costly that educational as that's happening with the royals to fourteen and when he had seen was the greatest vacation all my life. Every day was amazing. As a big something that they get some odd that they get Brandt thank you for that the game a lot. To go to the World Series and give us those memories now we are seeing the end result for you better pay that interest because. What we are seeing right now in my opinion is a direct reflection to all the fun we had in 2014 and 2050. Bed. We all knew they were going to be bad just like to know when you go on vacation at some point you gotta pay that money back. That's what's happening right now everybody's at me I can live with the rebuilt as long with a win the World Series they won the World Series we got asked or we also that we would trade. What we got for quite what we got all will be got result Bruce for the in result right now and that's what you were seeing the rounds of the five worst teams in baseball. Here are usually on that many are we share it we were displayed price is right. You know ER a with the bullpen we are talking about just in Korea we're picking on him. There are five pitchers well bred and hours down in. In it Omar right now are up in Omaha everyone a look at the five pitchers with a ERA of nine Arab love. Kevin McCarthy's at nine Scoble and nine point three hours and all laws twelve point 46 grams eighteen point nine. You're probably borders when he five point two you can't have a big if I got my numbers writes what 46 runs in sixteen. Games is what the bullpen has given up just correct here's the thing that's like I can get yours and that your right I mean the royals had to make some deals. To be able to put that roster together that when worlds here. A lot of things right. You know they eat they did a lot of things were they didn't necessarily overspend if recede on vacation is all that money and that crap I got for now. They all things the right way. Where they screwed up I think in at least in some cases is missing on some higher graphics. That's really screwed up too because I don't have those those whole you know he's got holes that nobody film because most great players in double or single. That's the other partners he can say that you gave up and I. And fit again and that reliever ia in terms of pitching these yet but gives Oprah's weight noted that deal I don't live with that. Part of those they missed out on the other you know they they spent wisely and they were Smart did the best they possibly could. When there are drafting legal after the players that could they just didn't work out that's so and they've got the combination of the two. You gave good talent and you missed on draft. And yet and now your bat and you also haven't replenished the good talent by being so it's right on the draft when you have exactly I pick like apples are linked. Who should be on the team by now it shouldn't should have been the reds can't replace whenever you drafted Bubba starling if you do you have Lorenzo Cain I'm sure the plan would date more was bide when he eighteen Bubba starling needs to be our opening day lineup he ain't you know he's not in your opening a lot of these guys certainly agree with you yet they've made some trades for starting pitching wise guy that would certainly help you able and they treated as piece of the park under closures that conversation to with the bubbles Darlington there they flag. Up again and left to compensate and everybody was happy and it Detroit for yet you were now paying the bills yet now Arnold the world's here but I've said to myself. There is the only thing I can make you mad about the when he eighteen the only thing I can make man is that they are playing an older player over just the copper game they're playing an older player over more ice layer. Because I'll be honest. The bills or rebuilding NA NA since they're trying to push town. But we also can be honest though a lot of the guys that are playing a lot of guys that we are mad about other play or not gonna be on the team in 20/20 share between one. So the guys that I think have a chance to be on the team in 20/20 20/20 one in beyond. They need to be playing every single day. There's no reason that the indices unless injury happens or solar should have 500 babies I agree there's no reason let's injury happens it's just a cup should have 500 babies. Third reason why that young guys you'd think have a chance to do something on the team don't get the opportunity because let's just be honest here that's when he eighteen wells are not going anywhere. I know it's early and I know they say you gotta give a baseball team forty game on this but let's be honest it's got feathers and a beat in it quest at the dock the wells are not going any where this season so the only to make a positive. We talk about finding something positive with the oils is anti indices that we better have six hundred eighties to about it more insulator that we better have it every day position a fiber just got a patent that. Radio rage and noble honorable man like kind of stuff. I just I know what it is yet when they're not a good baseball team I think it says what are openly telling you are not a good baseball team. They are and they are in part is too though in the orders I think you see some of these older guys playing right now is because you want those guys to become viable. Are on the trade deadline that's the other part of it and big that brought this up as a really good point as I'll say degree that you think anybody's right. You know you wanna see John Jay and Judah knows and and veterans like that hopefully Escobar. You know he's at 182 right now and and maybe this is a pipe dream it probably is for him to be at least get his batting average up to 250 to sixty somebody wants an episode coming after W. Her too which is another thing that we should be really happy about a rare looks phenomenal. As in the closer role like the royals apps and viable pieces they can help then. You know replenish their pharmacist and so they're gonna play older guys and not let younger guys get it back to. She can make these guys were viable trade and that's it yet that this is a loss he's an architect that right now I don't need. Anything else we are what. Sixteen games into the season. And they're all knoller right now and and now is the plain bad based on the open is historically awful but the other part of this is it to get to outbreaks do. And our guys all the hot shots and those in Toronto ball stuck in the wedding news of his glove runs third at bat breaks the plane that baseball channel. We have three copies of MLB the show eighteen to giveaway in the 2 o'clock hour sort of video gamer or or getting a gift for someone in your family that is a video gamer. We're doing that in the 2 o'clock hour three chances to win a copy of MLB the show we'll tell you how to win that coming up on the other side the break. Coming up. There is a team in the NFL that is open. He's selling their first round pick I'll tell you how it affects the she's an excellent draft. Pride. It's it's now in 3 o'clock I was just going to some station business matters out of I don't know if I'm allowed savings and out of artists that once a Muslims keep telling us. We need people to listen at 2 o'clock our employment Anders on. So Specter has a brilliant idea. To improve our ratings in the 2 o'clock hour and he's decided to bribe you by giving away a prize. Every single segment in the 2 o'clock hours and it was at three Specter doesn't really care about you listen if or Specter doesn't really care about is he continues to be a mole for the morning show. And continue to try to ruin our show. Though so he has decided. So in the 2 o'clock hour we gave you the pair royals tickets which so and you might not consider prize but some people still think that viable. And out yet the copies that MLB this show eighteen to give away during the next commercial break when you hear this drop but when you hear that time. What we knew that the commercial break color number 6109135767610. Indy copy of MLB this show eighteen usual was coming up. In five minutes we'll get into the thing you need to look for as the NFL schedule is being released. Also coming up in about fifteen minutes I think is the beginning of the in 41 of the most dominant dynasties in the history of pro sports. John Elway. Kansas City favorite I think that's a big serves at the stock that's on the that's accurate I think it's a fun night it's very fair to say John Elway is a fan favorite of many of you. But he is a general manager of the Denver Broncos that tell you that he had his draft press conference today and listen that Spain you will be floored when I tell you this looks at the Broncos plan on taking the best player shot at number fives and got our team. You would do something like bella telling me. Need your team. What the best players regardless position. Galore yeah but there's a quarterback you like as a second best place. Got to go to our best player available but aren't those lucky that offensive line got to win the battle of the trenches seat on the Broncos are trying its very novel idea. Uptake in the best play real but it they don't like the best player mail via. Or some strange reason they want to take the best available. They are according to John Elway opened trading that fifth pick in the NFL draft the draft order goes as follows the browns. The giants. The jets the browns in the Denver Broncos have the top five picks in the next Thursday in a full draft right around the corner from the NFL draft. I think it is very clear we're the Broncos are trying to do I think they're telling. The Buffalo Bills if you want the fifth pick we are happy to give it to buffalo has the twelfth pick. In this year's draft and have a 22 pick which would be that she's picked but we all know what that she's on epic that they've moved up to get back home. I think the Broncos are sitting a signal to a team like buffalo. Able happily give you a top five pick look at what the jets just gave up to move up from six that org did what it cost. Well happily trade down to twelve and 22. But we need to. Both those picked not a one album. Yeah just the 22 pick in you give me something and in the future no if you want to fit picked you can come gable we need to twelfth in the 22 I think Elway isn't it pretty clear message. Two buffalo or a team that's find straight ahead because and I did we agree there's going to be maybe 23 quarterbacks taken a top five I think the Broncos are pretty openly shopping the pick trying to open team like buffalo bites. Here's the thing I think that the probably may have a listen and maybe I'm nuts right but I look at it at the fourteen animals. Had that number five pick and L quarterbacks right I mean the browns giants the jets. And then the browns again the problem obviously wanting to quarterbacks maybe we will maybe the trade and I don't know. The brawl or the built roll the dice at least a little bit. Even if they go up there we may not get that it. And if the bill's trade at the Broncos. Because Josh Allen baker made field Sam Arnold Josh Rosen those are guys that with Lamar Jackson I'm wondering. And I'm just wondering it's because the rocket that he's keyed them. And impacts which right now neither one of those guys excite policy team endured from more than one year. The great football team in Minnesota before that enmity to do that and it actually to basically Mac Matt Cassel. So I'm wondering if I mean that's disrespectful to Matt Cassell oh that's right. It is works the basement based on orchestrated some of the things that I see not actually which he reminds me of him. Right so. If that's the case wondering if the Broncos think if they fall back to twelve. They can still have a shot margin action if they want. That's what that Jackson will be either to feel you'll be there to end on that she handled his eyes six like that's gonna happen well more if that's what Denver's thinking we can trade. The fifth overall it did 21 round picks and still get the quarterback and war in the margin acts of what are you to the trying to do and LaBarge in the in the AFC west. Holy smokes because this got Oregon quarterback he's going to be he's dynamic is hell and that scares me and I'm wondering if that's the thinking because. If they're gonna trade out of twelve or not and Allen may feel darned rose. Yeah or maybe I think it's a very possible thing but the Broncos don't really like any of those guys may think hey we're we're pick a five let's straight back let's pick up an additional first round pick and they really like Mason Rudolph at a local state let's pick him up either twelve or 22 I saw that Todd and Shea yesterday as watching is paean. And they had him kinda go into the patriots in the later rounds I think Mason Rudolph will be available at twelve Al guests when he too distant how things shake out we never not trades are gonna happen. I think the Broncos are clearly going to draft a quarterback. I think if they'd. If they end up staying five I think they're taking a quarterback if they end up taking back I think the plane is let's pick up Mason Roth and let's pick up an additional guy and then we can take our best player available abort. I think because. If we're gonna go to fly SP which unlike the browns do this but the browns the browns I think Dorsey pretty Smart guys that could be viewed on a young quarterbacks who likes to play the veterans age rookie quarterbacks. So let's just go for the simple fact of the browser take two quarterbacks for four by one. So that means one of those guys going to be available in Allen mayfield Arnold arose. On. I don't know if the Broncos. You need a quarterback and what's one of the biggest things it's bigger issue maybe the biggest issue the you've had since Peyton Manning left is quarterback. You know they had Trevor Symbian it for northwestern that actually it's that brought us one. Now that he's keen that the core problem in Denver you have the perfect opportunity number five to get a quarterback. They're gonna trade that it I don't I don't understand the deal but I in this and all I'm sure as hell or black quarterbacks that I do but then again he dreaded tax and listen Brach and Brock got one or both were at least in my opinion Boston's. Tonight JB Hinckley is. Very very excited about the NFL schedule releases most people are I'm excited about the NFL schedule released because it just tells you how you're going to be spending your Sunday is her and that you're playing your road trip gladly most NFL fans you look at a road game if you're that kind of thing and you say ever. To see that she's played Dallas are really wanna see you play in Los Angeles I think that's I think that's the biggest part the schedule we know the chiefs are going to play this season that's not a secret at this point. It's as win and where they're going to play them and what time it's gonna be my affable son at the ball all that I adapting to look for always whenever the schedule comes now. Is one of the primetime games I think the primetime games at least tell you what the NFL thinks about your team. If you thought things got a chance to have a good senior gonna be on national television all the time last year the NFL took a big gamble that she's and it paid off. The NFL gamble that she's gonna be good and they got six primetime games last season the most of any team in the NFL. I don't think the NFL up the chiefs were going to be the best team in the league but the shoes are very safe pick with data read you always would double digit games it was an exciting brand of football. You're not snake bitten if you victim you know snake bitten by if you load up with five jets game the jets in the being the worst team in the NFL. I think it is a good indicator of what the NFL thinks about your team if you were in the same category of teams we know we're gonna get 45 of these we know the Steelers are gonna be on national TV allot the pictures gonna be on national TV a lot. The Eagles because they wanna superpower. You wanna have 456. Of these of these primetime games I think at least in terms of national perception that it's a really good indicator of what the league thinks are gonna do this upcoming C. Nowadays that three games that we know about at least at this point the chiefs the rams are going to be November 19. In Mexico which. Has everything you want okay first and foremost she got away number two market football that water up on stars and Peters and Talib and soon. You've got sheared off LA is as huge Hispanic population are playing in Mexico aimed at the next big thing in Patton hall so you've got. And that is the perfect game I mean that is the story lines are absolutely bonkers in that game. Yet again we know about money that football week one lines jets what are we have there Satan. Too many good point we're talking about this before the jets are in the quarter order. Yes they're picking third overall quarterback in New York gives an idea that's that's the other part quarterback you've got the number one media market. In the United States go against the lines in and listen Matt Stafford unity sultans relates. He canceling all over the arc and the third and lead all that as the Thanksgiving ninety minutes to say to the falcons Atlanta's eight largest market in America you got Matt Ryan. A team that blew gigantic lead against the patriots in the Super Bowl. Go against Drew Brees in the saints he got a really sexy matchup in though so those three nationally televised games that we know about at this point. And I think it's a really good point you may listen this'll take with FL thinks you're. Obviously the NFL thought highly of the chiefs last year with the schedule they did. No they absolutely thought very highly of the game and give them the most nationally televised games in the NFL. During the commercial break when you hear this dropped what. Be caller number six tonight on 357676. Dead and you win a copy of MLB the show eighteen on PlayStation four. Coming up. I think this is the beginning of the in for the best dynasty in the history of pro sports I'll tell you what it is next drive. Christmas mood right now. In April. It's been so cold lake Specter just decided that it winter still so we're just gonna play Santa Claus here we're gonna give out gifts the entire was given by an hour. Well listen to us at 2 o'clock and on the line. I don't really know what it is suspect or has the magic play and rusty does give away everything that we have to giveaway in the entire show. He doesn't care about if you listen three doesn't care about you listen of 4 or 5 o'clock which seems like mistakes than me but Specter's boss now our boss is gone turn Santa clause into a bad guys how to the first thirty minutes ago at its key problem is better acute you're taking somehow I'd still be the bad guy a guy though certainly he certainly be the bad guy and he continues to be humble for the morning showed try to bring down our show in this and this is Lee's. Rooms to bring down our show so we've only a pair of tickets which it listener said he didn't want because they're not good. Now might not be true. We also given away a copy of MLB the show eighteen. Counties of MLB show ET no PlayStation afforded giveaway when you hear this drop. Break when you hear what you are doing saying something of a royals very rarely do one more time. And when your time and I would let's stay as stormy Daniels. And we'll put Buford. I don't know if you're doing what. And whenever you hear that during our next commercial break we color number. 691357676. And we will give you know there Campion MLB to show and we'll tell you how you when the next country. After you win this copy but we got to get to this and we gossip delegates who in the segment you saw a glimpse of the future I do Saturday all on line. Maybe I am falling for the use view rooms that one thing I do love the use Ian does is they report something and gain. It's kind of clear like the directive for every show is talk about the report that's the top story of the day so you are watching news yesterday. Am sure after had a report that Tom Brady's undecided about coming back the plate when he AT. She's coached or not a big deal greatest player death shouldn't defending AFC champion. Everybody is being was talking about and I was reading the store from awful announcing is they think it was just kind of looked past the time to the NFL draft we've been talking about a lot. I think this is the beginning of the in for the patriots now I'm not seeing the patrons are gonna win five games next year I'm not sure they're offering it saying that it's completely over for the patriots. But we all admit the patriots. Have prided themselves over the last fifteen years or and secrecy. The last 45 on what the patriots has been anything but secret since the store and Seth wicker AM. Or shame that they pronounce his name is being dot com. For all the stores BC about brought the difference or everyday and now I'm undecided about playing football I might go to WW eat rocks people are talking. Rocks not showing up to OTA's Tom Brady also won't be their coach gacy was up with his wife in Dubai Alec Campbell yeah that isn't Cotter Greg camels. I think this is the beginning of the in for the patriots. I think that play of football in the lot like doing something illegal if a group of people. Make sure everybody is on the same way because the mole somebody's not and on the plane we're getting caught up with police now. It robbed a bank and you got one got to ensure he's going to give you rest the by the police if a football team and not everybody is committed you were not going to be a good football too it's too dangerous game to play. 30% or 40% or not the owner percent devoted this the first time that I can remember. Tom Brady appears to not be all under percent and and other people I'd think seemed very open to talking about the patriots the gaining in in dole is that the Julian settlement stuff that happened the grunts Malcolm Butler this is the beginning of that into me malt the malt. In fighting starts with any company in business. That normally symbolizes the beginning of the what in the world. Other things too that happened did last year as part of the piece that came out you know Brady's personal trainer guy Alex Guerrero is that they should be that the brits can out of the building. You're not with the patriots that's that's you're you're not a part of your golf so yeah. It it's mean there's a story that it'll come out talking about how Tom Brady needs that was contract look at Bob Kraft singles will take a look at it it's it's an ordeal. I'm wondering if Rochus and listen and I can play the patriots when that you what are your favorite things about the patriots is cold blooded killers. You know straight business business that's it. And I think it animals and things of ground to make money makes good money but he's. Over the top line what are these think it was an immediate payers money. You know in and John is Tom Brady restructure his deal to natured that they can have a good football team he's done that. I don't know if it's a money thing with Brady maybe not as much as rock but I think brought kind of suffers from rock has options are not could make a lot of money just being him. I think right now inspect you've been to Vegas before you know rocket set up right now every day at a club in Vegas in people would travel the world for the sole reason to party with him. Charging zone yet this place in the summer people would come from. People would come from four lied to just hang out growing up. NFL players can say it but I can hit almost as much money as I make playing football by about people wanting to hang out with Ingle cruises with me and his party with injury with me all the time. I think worst part is he would Brady. But I think happens what most people at the moment you become a brain and you start thinking about other stuff outside a sports. I'm not saying that his heart is in a 100% and a play of football. But his wife is talking about his health yet but he was on Good Morning America talking about his family in this soccer games all that kind of stuff. We didn't hear 27 year old Brady talk like this now makes censure forty. Your perspective it's changed this is just the beginning of the in this is always how things are to go downhill in my old belief is in the NFL your windows never open as long as you think it's going to be. In age comes up a lot quicker in the NFL than it does it any others. How would that would've been open for what eighteen it'll go home to me that's law. Things that I said I'd like. Richard that you shouldn't be the patriots in week one the dynasties don't last forever this one is probably last as long or longer than he dies in the history of sports. So I'm with I think this probably is beginning in the end it is the annals see how we tell Brady's forty years old I mean he isn't play right now he can wake obviously you know. I'm tired my knee hurts my shoulder hurts unloaded my kids are grown up I'm not seen anybody in your perspective does change the older you get. That's the active or things become important you. It's not buckle that pot like mutual is still begs to Beers stay all night still go to work and he's going to be amazing. He thirties. And it takes me two days recovered the Sox get married. A lot. Your alma alive ailment kid is having your priorities that things that are important you change. The older you get your body change your brain changed everything changes it would surprise. I mean Tom Brady finally just came back I'm done. So I'm sorry come out and he's gonna do better to quit. You know I think Brady's class of guy if he is in fact saying he's not come back which I think you will. He's got it the patriots when he heads up I think you would cross a totally different animal well I think rocket is wagons Allah Syria. You know it and I brought deserves to be paid and paid well he's not he's paid okay he's not paid. We actually have a little bit of breaking new. The states. As well and the chiefs will once again traveled to New England for a prime time game. Week six. Sunday Night Football. Sheets active. Patriots has just been announced on officially by the league but it is from the Boston athletic. Who I trust in their pretty plugged in so that is the breaking news right now weeks six we do notes to primetime games that she's at. At New England they Plame primetime in at Los Angeles slash Mexico City they play the rams I believe it is November 19 yet to play the rim I don't know weed does not have a pretty. Remember against the wisdom is that the money before Thanksgiving is back is that the game is yet. Parts of that so we get you know too she's games now and both of primetime games and how much fun is that its outlook I can we see that alms and she's opened its the only operating. I mean maybe they made the guy who's who as the writer that says that she's gonna unseat the patriots have cheated out there couple Greg Rosenthal yeah Greg Roosevelt so now you've got potentially the new Tom Brady. An analyst exit again we've seen one game you've got you've got to do our adults. But I knew. I should get there like there's things that she's gonna see the patriots and I got. The next big thing at quarterback he's not a rookie anymore he's he's coming out here and I got him going and stop Brady can't tell it's a fun match. Yeah I mean I think now I'm kinda expecting the mean if they've given that she's too broad nationally televised game yet what the home yet these are prominent team have a quarterback that people get at least one yeah at least one I mean I think now. I'd probably set the over under on national televised games at three and a half I'd probably take the over like I'd probably give that she's two games at home at aero and they've given them to on the road that she's I do think we'll still be a good team they do have a young exciting quarterback. They'll try to piece up the chiefs Broncos. At at arrowhead. I do expect that to be BK yeah. Me too and you know one of those in Mexico City it is so it's not it's a road game and it's even more rugged because they're not just on. To LA yesterday seat on night and I'll make this quick are you guys what how much of the FaceBook royals and the guys launch. I those phenomenal I didn't think they'll feel like it like it gives you this thing on TV. Irritating meal once elected the edge flatly you know. And I really really enjoyed it I think it's I think it's a wave of the future you can watch this thing anywhere if you're not driving your car can watch it there and make it wants Arafat's words go out. But let's face but you have to have cable. Went to do is is search and they'll be live there is if you're in the comments section wanna see the interaction. Well people are saying from all over the world and watch this game he can do that you don't want that you can swipe right I thought it was terrific I think it's the wave of the future because all you need to fall. But that's it you know oral. You know you don't need cable you don't need to go there and say here's my cable password so I can watch app for fox sports go I was terrific I think it's worse now. Yeah I mean I think it's clearly the direction that television streaming story go to was now you telephoning her pocket yeah which is never before like your TV your pocket now yeah I know I know in 2005. United Smartphones and I've yet. And it the televisions now with a sprinkle thirty how big screens and gotten unbelievable the first time ever have a TV in your pocket I'll certainly think with YouTube with all the stress that that happened this is definitely the wave of the future and companies are trying to get in front I get I understand it's early and there's going to be some hiccups there's going to be Easter some technical issues I think that FaceBook in Major League Baseball is certainly not getting your right old school like a lot of change concerns up I loved answered and I want to animals while making dinner. Is terrific. We have one more happy MLB the show it to get wet or actually got wanna give later in the pop quiz. During a commercial break we knew this drop and what time for those in the back. When you hear that call six and I won 3576716. In the copy of MLB the show eighteen. Asia was coming up at 4 o'clock we'll catch up with Rex Butler but first an old re makes its official debut as the daily segment plus. There is a top quarterback I dare run EU. Will be a bus in the NFL it's you who is next Woodruff. Yeah you lower potentially on the clock. We've got one more copy of the MLB on the show. 2018 giveaway during the pop quiz we'll also catch up Rex Butler coming up at 3 o'clock. I'm going to be honest with him not. Really sure Rex Butler is in that kind of USA these in Detroit and I don't know where it could be who knows him. But we'll talk to him and hopefully that hopefully we got a chance to catch up with them and I'd love to have a good conversation. With our guy Rex Butler. We are giving away so many things because. No one listens store showing 2 o'clock hour. I think that's completely it is it's bad it's not it's very accurate. And it baffles me as much as that baffles meaning about asked me so Specter came up with this great idea because our boss is on. He killed with this great idea to give away all the prizes that we have in the show in 2 and 2 o'clock hour so we normally was able now we've got a couple of things in the 5 o'clock or they'll. And a chance to win a pair royals tickets at 5254. Exactly so it's not like 05 minutes at those prices don't make news that nobody consider those prizes so much we get your right we do have some real significant way but that's so word for trying to incentivized to listen at 2 o'clock now do us a favor intelligence one friend of listening to look like if all. And framework deal we'd like multi level marketing hit that whole deal if it's like a Ponzi scheme and noticed. It's like coach not to overdo it is tell 1 of the 2 o'clock. I continue to have a home and you continue to provide ID ID like to see them I don't know it's gonna am spec is the boss does go to I'd like promotions and how that that's literally all. We're and it's reasonableness of the two black numbers they'll zone us that's a holds got a lot of I don't Judy but yet I he certainly is getting. We are going to now inspector all his infinite wisdom and since dropping in knowledge in jewels on the show yet decided to. Every. Five now we will have give me a minute it used to ease up now sporadically pop up where you know the law would lead you to say hey I'll talk about. John I didn't I didn't know the victims involved and give him that he was he was the talk on the Virginian now Specter cited big union it's going to be everything they suspect has gotten source and a very very similar to Italy. It's it figured out to be talking meaning about some that something you played local time lady of the open. You're happy you assign an example on did you do it sounds like the that's how I added do you. See you tomorrow especially on the clock. Five minutes we get to the top please give your jeans and a copy of MLB the show but back in Yemen. Yes there was a little bit of controversy and Internet which is seemingly every day on the Internet doesn't LeBron an Alley of force. If you have not heard. Out of force asked the runs in that question about the wife of saves and his first heard Greg Popovich who had passed away earlier in the day. I think eligible borrowers at least according to LeBron did everything that's supposed to do it LeBron you need to understand. You have chosen to be face in ease of India. Outspoken about every single thing that happens yesterday in the week the top story the biggest over that it happened was the death of Greg it's his wife. So LeBron James has to be asked about it. Asked him July alluded to about that. You've been Simmons about that they're asking you about that because. For the most bold as of yet so head to head that wears the crown no unintended I had no problem with the question now is poors I know what's out nearly and I thought LeBron handled it. Like spokes person for the India that use I don't think anybody did anything all around I think this intermittent Internet as they normally it's in the duke being mad about nothing. Specter evidently is. I want I thought this last night I haven't watched. Z sixteen inning game in Puerto Rico between the twins. And the Indians and it hit you admit it was going to be today. I just had a really good to say about the Kansas City Royals actually positive. And as do the guy. Industry for 440. Home runs in baton 060 day was over six last. That man happens to be Logan Morrison. Everybody in Kansas City was beat the drugs he loves it more as it. And the royals go away. Load it all and at what we have to write a local guy. I got you Logan Morrison and he's three for 440. Home run hitting owes 68 was O for six last night. And he got one years six Billy and without option for next season meanwhile the Kansas City Royals went out got Lucas do. Was it to 53 Bob's ten RBIs in the got a for 1 here at 3 am lame but I had to search a little bit for something positive to say about the royals. But I found. I was tough. I was good but army it was a good moment in the positive is they didn't sign. Nobody won a lot of wars and still grabbing on to Iowa to Minnesota anyway what is your first baseman and Agile our it is a huge idol I don't want to say that they missed on the believe it would be to the league's on the exit owes 68 Q. But that's him right I mean. I did right now is finding one thing wrong with it was very hard thing that we spent time talking about one thing wrong yet. The end of view segments of us all and wish you don't tolerate this and some other good things but. You know I don't hear you talking about equity loan Morse announced. That I'd I'd love to see it happening what's it warms up a little bit an gets a little bit more time. And let's look glitzy without enough let's see what happens with one Logan Morrison's Specter reluctantly we have. Have to give you a minute is obligated by hard work we've got. In my contract. Fifteen million dollars raised in less than two weeks for the humble Broncos member of that team that. Suffered that horrible bus accident in tragedy in which it lost sixteen players. I've coaches and the bus driver. Fifteen million dollars raised on the go find me count in less than two weeks a 140000 people donated. For more than eighty countries it is now the second largest. Go funny campaign globally on the behind 21 point five million dollars race for the time's up legal defense fund. Don't forget when there's all these terrible stories in the news about sports. There's all there's nothing more powerful in the United States and really around the world and sports and when people come together and it's now and more evident in the hockey world. With BI tragedy came out of a bowl. But now all these monies raised for such a good cause. And her people to kind of trying to get their lives back and 59 dollars and certainly go a lot of ways or some of those families to continue to agree. Expect real quick guys injury Chile seven million dollars go to some I was tolerant zone that was privatized oh private private eyes I. Lateral that money goes to you on the how many times we give our money to certain deals and the I don't know that and I hope it's opens to use wisely and hope there's. Mean it's a lot of money if he's good enough just. And is doing the go from the early in the year it certainly. They certainly made a lot of provisions or you not to be it would like you have to openly say it's going to individual good or there's like this over the final one Parise and that's what it's called all of this is certainly an easy you're going to steal the outlook is it fifteen million bucks I just hope you know that that has entered into an ordeal as well because of these these people been through enough. No absolutely but it's the play at a bus are the play. You can mark this down you guys can mark the tape derided Josh Allen is going to be a boss in the NFL. The NFL loves to fall in love with a tight. They did it would Blaine Gabbert they did Jake Locker they're doing the exact same thing Josh down all due respect. I tell you why Josh Allen has got to be a bust this from markets Mosher is they got it covered the NFL draft. This is just down completion percentage in the NFL are skewed it is every year is this. Bob Walker in javy you completed 59 after the guys JV stats from arising out of JD completion percentage. In varsity. Fifty point 8% his senior year 57 point four. Eight ju co 49%. A sophomore Wyoming 56%. Last year Wyoming 56 point 3%. If you can't complete 60% of your ass into DA ease football you. Quarterback and that is not a good. Really need to meet you now. You couldn't do what you could do it and JB could arsenic in did you go to Wyoming now they're gonna do it for the New York Giants that are gonna deplete 65% of your passes and in the NFL. It's not going to work that way I am telling you take it to the bank Josh Powell Boston and pretty good what receive. Is a while his guys don't to be my next question I don't know the answer to that I mean that probably plays into to me in goal of the NFL a player of literacy. Here's how we start to my surprise. The pop quizzes present about bickering Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. The prize a copy of MLB to show eighteen in the last one you have to give way to base of you wanna win the game. You better know the movement today's pop quiz what woods told it was a movie it'd. Business the business yeah you have to remember okay cool breath access they're just got a shipment. Oprah's dope I've ever smoke and down dope with hope of ever smoked. If you know luckily that is B color number six to 9135767610. Callebs back in the count you MLB the show eight teenager was coming up two minutes to catch up with the royals broadcaster Rex Butler. The CAV likes any can spread some positive about the boys emblem. But national drug.