04/19 - 1 pm - Beer & Basketball, Shears & Beers

The Day Shift
Thursday, April 19th

The NCAA announced that it wants to start selling beer at games! We also debut a new segment called Shears & Beer with Jay Binkley. The NHL is dying to the point where people can't even find it on television because they can't land tv deals. 


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Next on it before. I know what we're definitely doing an outlet mall is the royals doubleheader. But. Monday we'll have a wholesale and we have the successor with regret that I get a couple guys that I that it would. Let's in the objects. Which is sick as a dog or third did you make it's that. After you quit being Jacksonville's opening the first ever in stadium dot. I love old. Because that's I mean I guess people every new gold who football game. All argue anti U when they only had to date other people reduce its once but this week they'll they'll report what it's fine good. It's the last thing you won't do it for your call go to the green side is not illegal is not something up one. I would one duty there and I happen god but I do like the idea and I'll go play with other people's dodge the important work straight. The 300 canines for days. We're last year what are going to be the dog looks like everybody's been. Brown that we shot that video last year to this course like come on number that bush got a video right took every person. It's that there were six kids I think the dog and a symbol. For instance pulled over that Schofield nickname Bulldog bumped. At a dog for you are cancels model this fast look at dog had like handkerchief on him like a sharp dressed dog that was your dog. So it was as little Shalala. Here's fix is big dog which is wrong. I. Wait what are we tag last year when I went around the the pork pork and it picked up dogs represented sixty and yet. And I'd I was Shalala the smaller. Than the Joseph what. Which is like products are you what the big dog. Was with a big large dog news inserted and shot. Who's but I electoral laws polar. Announced this team. Get up ski he's been getting a lot of what does he where. He's idle and airtime minutes a lot of has it weights a sitcom how I can say that yeah it's gorgeous bright. What are we still run. Today by these are fit. I like she younger ally and he's just put on some must Anthony's skin picker for the NFL best ace though. OK I'm just on to say it. Speaking of again with complete would also wait. People are going to be packed on a few more calories. This year when he comes at the NCAA. In this case to start their Terkel. It's he double it turns that taps back on the basketball department games at this prisoner. Seoul. He starts off the oracle saying the basketball teams in the 2019 midwest regional. At this prisoner are unknowable one newcomer is expected and that's alcohol and that is because. The NCAA division one council at its meetings on Tuesday and win big Indianapolis. Eliminated the restriction on the sell alcohol Ed division one team. 2090 regional ready and keep quite good decision not to worry about drink your beer cross tree view that the eagle at the worst thing. It appeared ill during its Beers he'd go inside you know actually you know it's the war that's always bad about movies were movies a beard some place barber. Gordon have a future ever made the movie white atlas what's perjury if you don't. So like you make it's and what is. Your if you Beers like this she should games. There's a pilot program that allowed the sales. According to a blogger here. On the Casey store college World Series and all of law. The women's college World Series in Oklahoma City. It expanded last year affable TP ship sub division titles of the one double title game. Able to sell beer it just makes it I think we take for granted sometimes these is that it's automatic there. But get to the game you grab a beer is it's not always a lot of voices you know we've talked for years about college football teams which during. It's state. For example the big tool in Texas in West Virginia you can drink it the day but it's not everywhere the Big Ten. I think Minnesota there's a handful of teams the big and it's very small number Minnesota's one of those schools you can drink. While at the stadium is that a lot of teams but there is a feud was always that way though. What always go unchecked Kansas Atlanta I'll call it what you are when. You think could be one of course they needed. Come on it and get all loaded up towards jail would attract more fans. Probably. Would agree maybe if you. Reminded the kids to sit around that the people's rather stay home to drink beer to watch jayhawks. Not go into the game by day the parking lot injury. It does help goal just all the way Ralph of people which is. We have worked criticism. Both people when you downed power like you like men can't dole when you have a Everett shall state in the in the middle and didn't make there with the game dealt him to go like a different goal late. You know that that has absorbed in the case that he can now priced people to buy it peaceably Vince Beckett image cheap debut in Arthur Blank. We're Baltimore Orioles were lower those beer prices not just make it typical this make it on average what would you and I see nothing wrong because he can. During beard arrow at most been most movies you go to. Different. Not a fear the opera error musical performances but I'm pretty sure you can go and buy beer at those events. I don't know for sure they've been actually did go to the rockets a few years ago and I was free beer wearing one yeah. What was just a couple years ago when a rocket. Not a choice of being nice you weigh in once the lions fans. Did you know your whole have to be a certain size in height the got to look. You know the rockets at the beacon in unison yeah I I I medical. We've since I've yup well as the slightly tall wireline and you did. They're like it's very said I'll see if I could find that picture of the Vegas and an ads in a wide they were here to once whatever was. But Alice Walker went through one of the casino is that I like is you nice. One's social Joyner. Said it's a beer what's the rockettes. Would be just a couple good. Arms to wonder. You'll watch in the rock hits the ball did that would came up on the so. It did that's why I was when the touchdown dance and told you in the start good towards the end I want the linemen do the rock it's saying is he touchdown celebration. Instead of that abuse and repeal or Doug agreed that he has or. Doing those kind of game it. Sure bet he deduct agreed that what you called the kid. Is it duck but Duke's. DN I've never heard namely colored dot that grade they did your dad when charts it was when everything went down over the course of the in the policies. That is an induced event from about a medal on home built. I don't know why it's just the way it is some Sony that's just the latest on deck outrage. Oh do you notice how we're twins today. Mean vaguely. Now. Just look at us. Things like differences. But. Look at us well. Even though it's a cube at the very similar. You know well. I tell us man. You cutesy I can't really tell that your hands camouflage yeah he's bowed legs get a basket it now I just couldn't see it on the on the front page is camouflaged that at least in mode from the back oh era it's all. This is my mind has mess in the back years you were a bass pro shops let's look at who's less than you fishing. Well. Go fishing a long time along that you did it twice and I'll take it. I'm I'm down gig like all doable gonna go mental. Provident. Crop this you don't last month at fixing it all meant at its fist and at least at least. Thirteen fourteen years it's been quite some. It's been quite some you know I was in the panacea. Ask leave years ago. It's if they instantly. I don't agree get the angler and in their prices aren't talked about it one death about it. It's our thought about it I doesn't NHL baseball. Football course. NASCAR. You know I've only been as the best. A real quick I don't know who the heck is doing this ties recover that but but this is this is it's got to stop. Date. You don't I'm talking about. Who put on all Bobble heads a team I data booted it's neck and I'll tell you who's. They have a lot and I do down is that they're a culprit of that who was that. That was rock but that those lines or not rock musical when it is cold missile or what was that it is six. Let's go guys are not see there are there grounds flavored condoms and there's several years old it. For use but what do you mean gross labored. I usually holds out as they what was gonna take it down. I'm saying how cool cool cool. Ike I've I am I'm fairly certain that Pampers and interested in the Kohler cola flavored condom I do you know. Let's he tries I can promise right now she just text me three times I don't think she's very interested. C section rates Odyssey that interests in the all the time out she is happy to be taxi beat three tied so hopefully she's listening to this. In agreeing with me that she is absolutely not interested in the cola or how god I hope she takes you right Alison zombie its residents trying to well. Acquittal in one. Hope it took forever but the Broncos. Are two and three by incidents that since it. A suspected to block it this time around it's not what it. Respect Tony okay I don't miss it. The it Tony Paige me I didn't put those is it your bag for one. I'd have growth. All right we're gonna do something different here coming up next segment something that well sort of wants to debut. It's called she years and years. And it's the hours they beat. Next. DC. I'm back with the on the day shift I don't ST deserves and explain what the heck is going on here plus. It's called cheers and Beers. It is somewhat. From what I'm understanding. It suit to. Hold nine now we can't actually because that same thing. Eight child a lot of dead. Wood on action or so was going on here. So. I got this idea and I think it could be funny if we if we do it right. Bet you know there's this thing with LeBron James and nick Sabin and now there's some other companies suing LeBron James ever this whole barber shop idea yes drama. And I know I bet the day shifts our audience. And some. And 11 of the things you do when you go to the barber should appease you'd tend to get unsolicited advice from your barber about things that the Bradley unqualified the advice on. And so I want people call and maybe I mean I guess they can even if they really want to they can give us you know what the what the haircut is. And disaster it big least heard advice about a problem that they have that he is completely unqualified to give them I mean if it's sports that's OK I suppose. I would prefer it be an everyday life problem. Or something that that Jay being glee is just like or something like at work that has nothing to do with JB increased qualification. But barber once gave me three pieces of in between. He's very wise man as things now. In he said make me laugh. Unexpected gift and expected time. In three always talk about them not talk about you sage advice. In the gift but Valentine's Day nobody's expecting flowers to another day. Door April 22. Always talk about them make more Al's boy's man. So also reference girl's sweet rolls. Oh yeah. Is that. We're gonna do a barbershop scene we cannot. Easier by LeBron James that because I. We are doing this on the air. Actually in a barbershop or that out radio is its theater of the mind so we want to imagine that your in the barbershop. While you're driving your car hopefully parts of waiting give us a call right now 91357676. Cent. And we wanna know. What's your ideas and watch what advice he needs. As we walked. Now we threes. You. Are. Welcome into the Houston Beardsley. Hey hello. We are so high class. Men's salon for V everyday man but you gotta make sure you get in here before 4 o'clock because after 4 o'clock dozen airlines are gonna get a little uneven you look. Those who gets it done out through life while also giving you completely unsolicited advice that we are completely unqualified begins. I would like to see what Jeannie models smell. One I want to get this things are. Cheers and Beers. And basically you ready to give some advice as to the people let's do a mock what. We're not talking about. Not a threat to us so with injuries in blue springs. What you got Andrew. Offered up here we are all but alone he. Yeah well what about it here that are. Duplex dial him. I don't know what he says cut and all of you won't be able. And our got a letter back. Let's got the new more political goatee and she hit a half. It's the new mole. And but it ought to do that we've. Are there enough electric and electric or eat hell I need help bought via my heart you are. Sorry Barack but it. Surging team that there are a little bit peculiar question. I repeat the question moment time enter your L a lecherous right. What collector or server table and now it is no it started colored bull. I. I just keep Poland are the people in. That base of vocal exact. Just keep pulling the editor with L what are your authority I am not normally Persian. Let's go to Lowe's go to Taylor and I'll find out what's up Taylor. Not much more. And now what happens like that someone doing otherwise you. Be angry about it afterward the. Cool so you want you'll look threesome action. And like the economy. I'm on a champion does want the he drama to be out here. Could you as always give drama. If you get away from them but you sign some agreements. Or whatever. That you're getting away from drama and they and it's is you know that's not possible. Not lost immediately like roll the dice right now sounds like there. I give you could pass I'm drama will all. All like it is is. About what's required to be egotistical thing I've talked about the Ben Taylor's at the ball. He's living his best I would pursue it buys. This I. Hey man my league. You sit girlfriend life. Argue we because it with room. Let's go to love Dylan in only that was until. Hey guys. Like admired it like it either that. They on the side during the dot OK Marty being felt trying to well. Achieve game the next deputy in my life. Just flat out does she like growing up the Mexican restaurants. Actually get your PG. Give it use it if they replaced he would every week. Okay here's what you do me. Take my advice on this. Siegel and their before any talk to me injure the waiter waitress whatever it is. In the news today he'd put down played the airline tickets where you're staying it's a very freedom idea that we would become take your order. And they're handing their this slipped and as your itinerary. The watching the chiefs in Mexico. They took that it's created some think it's Smart and many get some action later. They Q. All right take care less Dylan and only not want to read by some 676 stands excellence as if that spotlight the I don't know. Particularly nice things she likes by Tiki room. You want to get your job count but what do you want yet teller that this state go without your big money. It's a team effort yeah aids is destined for game let's go to Mike. Was up my. PayPal are. You can clay. Courts from bring it. Well you know or. Erica what got you back. You would think it would be better term may. Dora are. Are okay. Or go the other out by the back escort mobile art because a short Eric you know does he give up or drop. I admire guys here's my advice very simple good words leave the bat off the bed buddy reins. So yeah I think illegals are you advocating that Michael take a vacation decisions that features Lee. Majors legal review geek thing you'll be injured. Aso also Mike let me ask just what the questionable with to maybe to slip a little bit. So so soul soul Tommy Davis Obama's. Our series got her bag mom I realize. Now how much. Oh. No resume dialogue. Small plot but not in there about 300% drama. I've got two million good ice is so big he says he says he's got a lot of drama already so you still advocating for him to go to Dow on the go to bed so party wants to go Major League. And good certain places in Nevada. Go for expensive might be just a lease rates much but I know an insane. Whenever. There are local we told you get it. Or Europe but I do you have a band aid here. All of us to do do a couple more phone call us here all this should be asked their screens and be fired. That's good Austin was a Boston. And I looked on our guys months. Yeah I just got a question for being a younger guys that been married over two years now think what you do to keep the love match alive by a man. It. It's the wrong guy here. Did everything you here at least in the radio do the opposite to sit around watching Mac the boulder and we don't do it. Who sit around every Saturday and went to college full day in both the don't do it by Thursday that the two policy deserves a book or something I heard it's a very long time ago. And if you treat it like queen every day the minute you step out. Should be old and if you're nothing if you're nice. You step out once I've seen is that who may remind. Nice guy in the world the clean group of little bags alternate guy that's what would be you get in trouble but if you're kind of yourself speed and offers within my chance that you some nice with the oil. The. That's. Well I think that he would advise my neck went I'm just that all year but but it you know endeavor they may get that part of magic adult. You have done that many times it does not work that I don't I don't think that you if they aren't all there is a ball all that we appreciate it and like winter green. A final question is from a some day be Casey was a day which again. They'll go and. I basically have things here for thirty years with a couple of my generation but you know do you work and I don't. The bullet in my question is not paid my Erica my mother and packs. Look she's kind of staying with a few weeks so we'll. It's who they would go to actually have already grounded she actually. A little. Should look at my style and like your at a house. Is it most politically correct way and looks like she's ready to go now. OK so she's up Federer can take ourselves. Into all the ticket is she could function herself. Exactly. It in this is your mother in law also obviously your wife wants her there sure. It just schedules work hard man it's like I can do this anymore I can I do this anymore seriously though NC she's attractive hit on the mama mall the day. Actually now okay nobody that. Partial that's the but I really don't want to do the hard part is she was attractive and see my little did you. On. The case. Adding a work. And it. It's weeks it's a no win. Lol well what exactly says. Spitzer right about treating women like we educate denies all the time if you are the Vinny stepped down do something it's magnified. Getting yourself stay in office will be any part and I wanted to get residents even though works the lastly for more. That's well let me go to the rockets one they still use that it was a good time together ruckus. It how long I was there. A done for years that like review go to the two minutes he's a fan of the NHL I am too. But the NHL is doing something it is actually hurting their calls we get to that in two minutes next. I can't you know. Teamwork and look like. We wanted to go. I don't welcome back here's the basic. On six stents or break. Jeff on that last segment. Couple unlawful it. Yet the women of the night without wheels that was addressed. That was dollars and I think people enjoy that people had thought it. But the multiple. There's like you'd barbershop on. Conversation it was so that makes saving enough. Say by today best conversations aboard ship no doubt. Oh it proves speakers. Do I saw this headline. NSA the muscle. Any Seles is destined to stay words that I know that the initial for many years they wanted to expand and edit track or you know. Viewers and get some more fans. I was saucers it's possible at this point time. Also announcing. Oracle up sixteen million fewer off fewer households to watch it HL playoffs on call chance. CNBC prefer shark take reruns. And Staten Island hostile. In the system ought to close at CNBC in USA bolt passed. On NHL playoff games in favor of their regularly scheduled program. Not that sucks. Basically. Flat out sucks. I don't at the NHL. As taking they've taken aided. Ever since they ate they moved away from ESP now I thought the doubles one of the horse decision that they ever could of done. Because they step which is do they want it. I think more air time in more games. If it's at no we have in BA if anybody's gonna get more games going to be the NBA so the moment that the NHL left it happening. You got more NBA basketball. Ask you got got more NBA basketball in the NBA has been through I think we just saw an article what was yesterday. In BA ratings and viewership is up 70%. So ball. Here in the playoffs. You need to tell me. Bet to network CNBC USA. They say you know what that would get a pass on the NHL playoffs. Play that they have been here in a month's UB CI and Edgar to Mon but what I am saying is this whole passes when you have a regularly scheduled. Don't say you know what. We thought we thought otherwise and would get a going to pass on this. On this mess either the parent company may play. I just think it's a bad bowl the wild given wrong golf. I've had there was an idol of the nature and I don't watch but I think the NHL's lot more fun as I've told you know what's your personal blues game but it's more fun. In theory good and watched the blues play it in the arena is completely different yes I was watching me that I was on the golf chip. On the usually in BC sports network always is one. What NBC sports network is not sure whether program in the weekend you can find games actually on the parent company NBC. The Golf Channel according to one of the articles as it tested this column. Describes the Golf Channel as a major 24/7 player in cable. Golf Channel is a major point 47 player table appearing in more than seventy million households according to the network. Any cell network three to significantly less according to December 2017. And on any article in the ATP. Where several NBA playoff teams are being shown has about 48 million subscribers. Look. I do not hear a ball just appeared numbers 48000070. Million whatever it is. Did you actually view the Golf Channel as a major 24/7. Play here. In cable television I think people to get the don't know it don't it was I do loss. The games but hey you're not watching the Golf Channel. On Tuesday night exactly and as a major going on there at the master that's what I'm calling it a major bowl its owner right lets not slip in ESP and fox were one maybe like what's the news fox news' Ian and whatever it is. It's it's not so do you tip was you're huge gulping and but they're fired on in Ethiopians are also huge billions of golfers price some cross Juventus search to find game. Title and a boat as the it. But this is the way to look at I think it's a bad look for the NH LS but is not all playoff hockey. I'm really coming to grips with the fact that this league does not appeal to mass audience is pink that's it. Well the bulls I love the watt light Watson on NHL hockey. You like watching it too. Would it doesn't appeal to mass audiences it doesn't does it all resonate with a lot of people it doesn't. In the networks are literally passing on game play games. Well. Biggest rock bottom. We got we got networks passing all playoff games and get the put a woman calls him. It doesn't make you I don't think either Childers Joseph more Keener stars and I would think most northern cities or even cities like Nashville. And in this out would like beauty till weakens their team's good but it's a hard sell and markets don't have the justice. The NBA is much easier because you have called best people coach restlessness or late in the NBA there's not a lot of people watching call. Moderately active you did you did you watch the pros and for that loss for I've watched it's been ever so it took get into the files are watching. Thought well. Mayor once while CBS sports no worse than what you call it arc. That was appealing is the fights and everything else to like about unity 08 at the speed of the game is much different. Yeah. Watching College Hockey is different ideological stressful. It's more of an NBA style games some of the teams afterwards Virginians not. But the NHL is much different the speed of the game for minor league this major difference if you watch Minor League Hockey game it in to watch the unit. There's a different way college basketball NBA basketball to same thing somebody told media was that was talking yesterday some of assault and Iran here at it like man looked. I don't losses on the NBA but they said they watched LeBron James played here the last couple weeks at the end of the season. In it like man is this is is different all of us it was pretty it was pretty nip any we're talking about it he was like. Is like man I gotta be honest. If it was NBA or NHL. Out one NBA team here now some baby. That clearly meet unbiased because I'm bass bass will lapidus sport I'm don't want NBA team I take either. Outdo one another professionals or sleet here. What is this. Associated man this is not a good look for the NATO stock bottom line is not. Towards so when your hardcore hockey future around and don't Alter this red watch this game. They did CB NBC sports network CBS or CNBC. With the USA turn to find this game of golf chips last whistle. I just think that right now the NHL and hockey fans they're content with where they are does that help the skewed the Olympics do that to me that was ideal for the product. That a help them at all I think we gotta be consent. If if if they wanna bounced around all these other networks they don't want to dig into business with ESP anymore in this is essentially. What they're going to do. From here on. And you know that that's best are back at best it was going to be as an entity to be just an export. Are we got draft on the forty fives that's coming up next in the end the drought on the forty size. It seems like. Not only are people into the city Haiti on John Elway but there's a whole lot of other individuals as well would get to that next. As we are every Thursday at 3 o'clock you've got to go. Try this week these 226610. Sports Radio. Yeah. DC yeah some people to sell. Are you interested in peace. We'll be at this early fall lineup phone calls and I want to refi as of now won't let phone calls and we use a text about 600. The get trapped and fortify us what to buy you one more it's go to my. A reality. And baked it in Kansas City. West Kansas John Elway. But. You say we're not only ones. That actually have. Eat what John don't. Looks like some agents whose book sports agents from the USA today in FL columnist here bill. You put this let's talk to 25. Different agents he responded to a series of questions. Some of chose to stained certain questions on the survey but most did provide opinions. When asked about certain things important categories were which team is prepared during contract the best and the worst. For example the best 49ers Eagles patriots Broncos. Packers. Which really pitching the Broncos are here at the Brock does just that helped the worst they say bagels browns Redskins bears jets and raiders. It's at the browns before Ortiz so that's after the browns news news. She's actor Andy in you know he can get the wait was worth probably gonna like it. Now respected the most who would be with the GM's. Debt the agents respect the most. Ozzie news. From the ravens. Bill Belichick believe it or not number two with Pia patriots John Snyder the Seahawks Chris Ballard with the colts make him appear wow yeah. Kevin Colbert Steelers in less being from the rams those three Ballard always need tied now the least trusted. The least trusted. When it comes owners GMs and coaches. Washington. One news. Belize Belize Roussel who pursued Altman's executive VP Mike Campbell and third John Elway for angles Mike Brown there's John Elway is for is the least. So in respect the most trust police trust John Elway at least three but yet. John Elway was also win that which team is prepared so. The Broncos are prepared. Just doesn't trust John Elway very much according to these aged. Brit featured had time to start showing up the neat thing. Give it next year because he's donated as he's now period they had been a lot of contracts. Negotiated. Although I'm sure CB CB walk easy loans. You get a good review of these horrible and if he kitchens he's going to love repeat that he is in trust could be spears and had time to can put everything. Together. I do what images will quit. As interesting. Also announcing hand in oracle up talking about. The concept dolls. The ticker. At the bottom all of the screen there as the school wars and the line outs the stuff like that when he comes to sports or news at the bottom of our television screens. And in the article is entitled is it time to indicate. Bear dip pondering that question. Because it all for years adult dating back ESPN's the bottom line that that's where it all started on ESPN two. And day Monday. MSNBC. Did away with their scroll OK and this is their statement on. We're removing the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen for cleaner viewed outlets are reporting or front center the network said a statement. As a network who fall we focus on up to the minute breaking news showcasing our team sport reporting in in depth analysis and want viewers get the best. Possible. Experience so in this NBC says or move to waste undertaker made we will see other news outlets. You don't wait on do away from the ticker for me personally. I'd like to ticker I liked it acted I can look up there and I can see Mac so it's a DC knew this debt that brain injuries. Out wanna too deep to see the ticker on ESP ESP two. In the other sports now I do. Let's say that's just under Smartphone you have bases lot of different. Sports things you can subscribe to get updates all day Yahoo! and you'll be told a different things. They assume I will say this I think views it's almost they'll. Because if you flip over laden news stations it was a breaking news. It'll be the same breaking news like buyout it's old news and stuff breaking news that they determine breaking news. Is used too much when it comes news of the breaking news and news put it out there these sports figures are great maybe wanna put your phone down for. Maybe you put the phone down for what you're sitting there watching TV it's worth I know it's extremely easy to your phone. It's seriously consider watch TV maybe you like if your phone on you old. But still see value. I before we passable time to the guys in the drive listed you law. Are you interested and will be. I'm a little Jarrett. Good day but to me. We got some kind of defense around things. I'm rich kids. They've got no. Also bought me that in wrestles loss that is geez we'll. I am. Are your bedroom federal believe burnout. I didn't gas and beat what goes on the show SI 69306. Let us know we'll address it right now broke quick people we did you via text line. She admits CNN it's being reported at Brandon Marshall says it informed by the New York Giants that he is going to be released today. So Brandon Marshall. But the price you pay me to Xperia. For ourselves. So so what they're gonna cut grand Marshal and then sign another useless right receiver in Dez Bryant. Yes policy that these though stated at at this. Dates at a bigger high and as deeply as he was it. The giants as the Lisbon the beer yeah. I could back that I don't agree with them. All like him very much. All right this is actually. Not beat that all of this was. Given sort of some props and love service spot news says the best of space. I don't know first time we've heard that almost is the best things they thought I realized that he good debut album spirit. But attacks on I had deeply James because he wants the scrolling ticker for injury update. It is nice to see them what has been put them deal. But. Under baseball puts guys the deal needs you know bigger sit near water 00 if you look at TV BC so so players how to deal. How nice update Powell alt games. In which is best for the football season. Don't know the guy's gonna play any game in a fantasy football or this is one and all the guys. Probably no problem dean of the it's actually appreciate it I do I would want to ask so. Hundreds thanks. I am. He just do what I do on Twitter and you can get notifications. On the guys that great news agency Bryant mail us. If foam blowing up on this but at that I noticed it I know your ball is low I'm so this all be blown until today this. Some came across a police report in my. How many differed on daily hurts you and your phone Bleacher Report Yahoo!'s. Poor seat. How many different one season and you have one very determined boomed in the bigs nonstop I've pretty much this is Bleacher Report now by. I house or use Twitter and then going to certain accounts need him. He could hit notify me when Nate tweets idea that was the news breakers like chapter at war lows. I all the guys that breaking news faster than anybody else does I wanna see their tweets since they have to get the notification. Of next week. Think your time. I am deeply. Hi this is not true patriots did. Now what three I got it was sort of related to show broadcast last last night around 745. That's that. Both of a bomb that nothing is fast engineering said that one of fire our servers or something went down so we are still up on the stream. For about 1520 minutes we were not going over the air though but if you listen into the stream on the after years. If you're trying to listen your car we are down. We're gonna hit that's when the brewers cardinals workforce will Mexicans work working news only online. Close your conversation this NBA wants six I got these with the fans don't wanna credit bed with the winning the World Series but says. He doesn't have anything to do with us Lewis. That's kind of difficult you can't just yesterday. That would be good right yeah I came Blaine and Peru and in the and in the long by our warriors are you gonna get credit for the ball and it was great. He got to say something about when they blow leads to solve. Them fitness van and occupants of is that. All of us via the bullied he does the radio show right now coming up dual life. He does. It is a mistake answers. As that many guys you can't stand you don't like him. I'm just joking. Did drive their Baghdad hopeful still doesn't want tells you the horse big early doors. Asked the drive is up next you know six Sports Radio systems court backup.