04/16 - Hey Vern

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, April 16th

610 Royals Insider josh Vernier joins the guys. 


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Josh carrier rose insider here on 610 Sports Radio. Josh is that the ice is gonna melt in one day we're gonna watch these teams play on a somewhat consistent basis and hopefully at that point the royals are to figure this thing out because right now this looks like your team still trying to find itself. Yeah. To put it that much offensive talent that would. Jameer you cover up. The top four hitters in this lineup well well the legal ball and that. The only right now that Cain single handedly keep the opposition. Whitner feel John Jay Lucas you're short again. The opposing pitchers attention. But they don't instill any fear in the opposition there from pot until nine. Obviously opposing pitching coach he would vote in pitcher. There aren't worried about it you know he does power of the strikes though not at that we're gonna open. A string together a budget. And 23 runs on the board the bottom line up as that is due to opposition. Just beat it school. Josh you may again I'm looking at Brigham stock is I was just looking at this offense I'm thinking might we suck this was such a it may dad and we didn't think it was gonna come back and now I'm wondering what with this offense look with out. Might we started what would look like if my stock is wasn't in this staying at. I mean it is he the one guy can point to and say hey that's the reason your show up to the cash. Though he really brings me because the only reason. The guy would drop me a crop that stadium would be. Copies. Units probably. Both of acute word. Have we looking at the calendar sitting on what I like about it. You almost look there's no doubt attract the bat of the the keys. Okay. Flashy about players. A unique player and that he draws people. But at eighty. What you're port what are where else would the without. It won't get into Judah and walked two and three respectively. OP has up its key. It in the people we have three players with little court the six. Six he's not a good OP yeah yeah seven at the I guess with that. It's awkward is that what it was the program. Giving Goldberg Jay you've been stuck its would be watchable baseball. Brandon now which you watch him play Omaha. What you are. It charged the difference that he wanted it forced the more to go to arbitration for the first time ever like like that's that's not charged for that. It will back down as as arguably. Arguably. The worst move that they may it was brand now or in this ten year guys Kansas City. All right well I mean you still have a under control so that the opportunity. To rectify. Earlier in Kansas City. But right now boy oh boy he's fourteen so litter like the race. For that title. No doubt and I knew what what do you what do you do though I know patience patience patience and all of that kind of stuff. But there's not patients from the fan base with working solar cell as an organization does that prompt you to to to look at something else to try to move him I mean. What are your thoughts. Now. Yeah I mean like we been talking about this team doesn't have much offensive talent. There's not much else that the talent waiting in the wing it all law again and opt out and able outlook they're rebuilding. Admitted that they are rebuilding we note that he's it's. 181 in 21 to beat back the policies that. Now. It that are dogs that they're Ortiz so here is. 500 at that because of what he could be cut about potential just like Britain were going to get rid of Brandon. Problem because there's not many 65 right enters. It early 97 miles well tonight breaking ball. The particulars you know in better and the loyal and stick with that you know they have exhaust all options. Witnessed potentials. How we need so it is likely. Potential potential but it original charge that kind of duplicates. We are at it like now. So. When you eventually run out of potentially if you. Either wet when did you miserably. Or sue. Not have dug out happening at the big league level. That order is in prospect or someone else in the organization. There. The door forcing organizations and dissect you know we gotta get this guy actually honored soldiers hit the ball pretty well certainty that. Doubt it all off I would be surprised to see if all that at that next injury. To a third baseman to a corner outfielder to. All the that would not be surprised that he uttered overture but he did you do all culture they're still going to spot. For more so let you know after the trade deadline. Our blog that he comes up there's still going to be stopped or solar cell. This year development and rebuilding. I don't see any instance in which someone in the organization. Played his way up into the lot. So what's so that it forces or sold out if you didn't he literally or some crops that forces you'll get Asian. Ottawa. I feel like I can live with that more he was TH ink he is hard to watch in the field. Yeah he had you know and I was really hurt early on this Easter. I thought he looked a lot better right field. And that of course everyone they catch the ball clang off this club. The other night out of routine fly ball to right field that you that he was running not as he. You know when you're running on your heels it intends to Gazprom bought it late eagle yet Egypt at least that he's not yet that was dumb. Berg that's the only piece that you out of your heels that added did exactly impossible. At bats. I've heard of running on your told Bobby I'm just trying to put a high heels down right now I go to that level. I think you mean by flat I suppose that when you're supposed to run your clothes. So there was a deal that was able to shut himself like he dropped the ball. Either way they'll ever make it in great strides defensively. In that that play although although strides we're watch the way. I was in Mexico for weeks I missed it so I'm still go with Jorge solar I'll still wait that's like a little because I didn't send itself I didn't see it it didn't ask does this I had Netanyahu you hear you and I don't see that play you know if you are people at a four we need to see a blooper like was it worse. Rumors though I mean like let's talk about the offense right much better with the hostage truly be with Eric hospital in this lineup right now. But it. And the public programs in them all back in the water there. It it. It's still a graveyard. 679. Days ago it's good out. Of respect. Still have to respect that but a lot of well you know. Bird is in a you know thirty homer guy he's not take. Extra base it not. Yeah very oh yes he's the basic. Eight. You're gonna cover the agency that the world that. You need some. Need to horses in the middle of that lot now if you if you lose that awkward the old back. You know. But keep the line moving the ball. And lit. What Escobar Orlando and so later. You know Ichiro who ever else you throw out there. That that big bodied people want to compliment. How do you get from a keep the line moving offense to a lineup that matches and puts out PL seven runs eight hits nine here's a charts that it actually might like to visit but it was like that the death or you know I ever have have had back and a master outlets like the Yankees lineup or something like that. But a lot of you look at ideal I'd those four guys can get to thirty plus bombs a year and that's what we expect. You get that Ebert. Free agency or you took outlook and look at that came it was just cheer the angels' major. My child and sign up in the pool. They paid twenty plus million dollars or are they pay that much money for Chandler. A major problem called outlook. It did it cost a lot of money to collect. Those type of that. And does he's just earned her royals insider here on 610 Sports Radio they spend time just. You.