0416 - Death Of Football

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, April 16th

Is this going to be the death of football as we know it? 


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Kick offs are very close to being gone in college football so college football as we know it will go away. And it there a lot of people that believe this about you would see it including. Texas head coach Tom Herman according to Dennis Dodd of CBS. He said that he's built their coaches before retire. I firmly believe you're not going to see kick offs. I think that's gonna happen. Football's been gravitating that way for awhile soon it moved it forward right eight. So about unity at its 45 on a touch back because that way gives you more incentive not to the ball out of the answer. They've done everything they can't try to phase out kick offs and I think we're very far away from a time where it's going to be gone complete. Well I think so either but I I think we see this all the time and especially football with a kick offs like where they kicking the ball off from today is that the 35 yard line in the NFL does it even really know because it doesn't affect the game. That much you know like they speeding it temperature changing the take off however you wanna say it. Really hasn't affected the game all that much you have at least seen a big difference on the field a place like eliminating the kick off altogether. I mean if you go ahead and do that I'm okay I used to be anti this you know don't get really kick off take out the return right yeah you don't take up that stuff but the more I think about Mora Mike. I see those returners not risk themselves and it's not just the returner either guys they were talking about. All the wedge guys and every minutes on the east kick off teams that are flying down like at Santa element Ernie and equality knocked out I mean we're losing guys from injury on these plays the I would rather see play during the game you know how the money buys or being as big wedge guy back in the day on this kick off wedge bus right he was the wedge buster Mike he was really good at that. But I would have liked to see money buys may be playing more on the defense of suck if it you know because he didn't have to give his body on the on the east kick offs and so it's not just the returners it's ever. Everybody that is involved in so if they want to eliminate the kick off just give everybody the ball to 25 yard line to start the drives. I'm cool with that man I I really got no issue with that anymore because. All the changes rules lies that we've seen in sports as fans. We really don't notice that except for the mountain being lowered in 1968 the designated hitter coming into baseball. Have we really Millwood is limited mound visits are we really noticed any of the big time changes. That they're making to the game from a consumer standpoint the answer for me as Dell may be some people say the new ones has changed a little bit but I think any of these like changes that leads talk about. Really truly affect what we'd love about those sports of you get rid of the kick awesome I'd with a man. I've always been a very a very big opponent of defense so I think a lot of these rule changes do impact the game pretty significantly because you seem to defense becoming increasingly an important. Read it's it's in a big game at great defense can put you over the top no matter wise. The rules are geared toward putting up offensive numbers in football sold. Those rule changes yet taken away from mines when it because on one of the few people that actually enjoys defense office. Well watching football so it's hurt my enjoyment of a little bit but. If this forest kickoffs though. I've always thought kick offs should be I mean even when I was a kid. If 250 pound man plain red rover and basically his marriage there somebody's gonna get seriously hurt when your new football. That absolutely should be done purely because you ever turner the don't have the wherewithal to keep telling. So you ever Turner's that like try to stop in Cannes because they're young and don't know any better and then that you teed off on an IQ just gets obliterated. Because you know how to protect himself too young has been taught yet. Well Willie kick I'll situation that's insanely dangerous so it's kind of been on the side of the not necessarily eliminate kick offs is give people bought the 25 but you have to find a better way than what they're you could there be some. Kind of compromise where. You know you're you're down a certain amount of points at a certain amount of time. Then you do a kick off a little places to quantify maybe I don't know you know some like that or it's like a teams try to come back you know you take UN map which is start of forty or 45 with a nice return we'll. Maybe there's something there but most the time it doesn't it doesn't really factor and it really or Sony the terrible decision doesn't return it to the you know with the Taliban anyway yeah that's that's fifty catches it in me dumb stuff like that anyway so agreement but then they need defense and like global we can pay them back so. I don't know that we miss at a time once it got in there I. Think we will either Greg Xian of the former record at its worst teen LC at Ohio State coach and linebacker are we also states still there. Because you know the Tennessee being felt through odd PE adding Canada rocketing an honor that's exactly yet there. He he had a radical idea back you know when he was the head coach of rockers and and it was and after every touchdown and do the extra point. The BB team that just scored then gets the ball at their own thirty yard line and they can either doing fourth and fifth team work they gained fifteen yards a get a first down they get to keep the football. Or they can choose to update you could use Dustin Colquitt booted deep into the act of the other team. So after every touchdown to becomes a fourth and fifteen from your own thirty. For the team that's escort I think about it if you're down two scores late in the game you score that touchdown right you cut it to one score now you've got one play to get fifteen yards hell yeah you're gonna go for it does teams' strategy a lot a changes to the dramatics of football it's a radical idea but I was reading about the smiles on the plane yesterday and I'm like. I light this idea like I I could be a lot of fun and how much has been unseated doesn't get the ball ever it right after I hit it. It's. Very idea again it keeps going toward her racquet fifteen on the thirtieth while would be the harm and doing that but can you see eighty reed's ruling that one up big time Minnesota Monday morning talking about Andy Reid screw that one level why did ego of port could team up six or something like that given the vote of the of the bald area. These buildings like excellent whittled it it makes it makes coaches think it will lead to much of Africa registering. I think he's I think you need to I think it's of the that would be differed and he and you look to see. How people adjust to that what they do with those type of situations hey you got to just go back to that new in the playoff game and you're down two scores you get that score. And instead of having to do an onside kick which never works to try to get the ball back. Now you've got the ability of fourth and fifteen at the thirty yard line at your own thirty yard line when you take those chances it would Tyreke kill Kareem hunt Travis Kelsey to pick up fifteen yards. And they give yourself the opportunity to go down their putting millions to get help. I would right now so especially since the T civility decency mantle does do that.