04/16 - Coming For The Crown

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, April 16th

More proof that the NFL needs to watch their backs. 


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We'll all be ESP and it it tweeted this out yesterday the MBA is on fire is ratings for the four games on the opening Saturday. Were up 17%. From last year the highest opening Saturday in five. Years. Now we continually talk about the NFL and how they are fallen out of favor with the public and people are upset the league. Yet still paying for now but the more he climbs the more interest seems to fade in the NFL. Mort seems to get even bigger in the NBA and I'm Roger Goodell that's the number one thing I. Worried about it the Viet BA I think is the biggest threat right now to the National Football League people say well what are fans gonna do and we're aware of the gravity to what the NBA star what Halloween time so that's mid season the NFL there's a enough crossover. Between the NBA and the NFL and right now the draft coming up you got the NBA playoffs packet take people's interest away. I thought that number that that increase was it was interesting for a lot of reasons number one the first thing I thought it was while the NFL better watch his back. Number two unlike me and the weather is really been bad in America were to stay in its content is gravy action and maybe some live in and watch in the NBA playoffs. But I also thought like we just love the post season and in American professional sports I feel like we've seen that change more so over the last couple years. The we've ever seen before where we'd look at the regular season like me. Like I know I've gotten that way with college basketball clearly I did that way with the NBA forever and today I think a lot of people are falling in that mindset now of baseball to the playoffs it is very entertaining and very good 162 regular season games doesn't lend itself. For a lot of people to be engaged for a 162. American now needs a reason to be engaged and I think work at that point of the year obviously for the NBA. Where we can be engaged by the post season by the immediacy evident in look Alan gage we get by the NCAA turn it look how engaged we get by the NFL playoffs now. The NBA playoffs the numbers at a record numbers over the last five years because people are engaged by the plants because those games matter the being mean something at the end of the day you're looking at the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. They really have three more days of quiet you know that there there's a analogy. If they lose I came to Indianapolis in February a mile and a whenever LeBron lost the game big deal of the day there'll still be fine once the playoffs roll around. And now the playoffs are here they lost acting C you see that banality and people become stars and create legacies in the postseason so. That's why I think the numbers are truly does because we as America loves now pulled seasoned sports more than we have had I get that feeling anyway book. I mean is a situation where I look at certain teams certain stars. In I do wonder. What happens long LeBron James Lee's that's the one thing if on the MBA that I worry about it from the brawn James Dunn who that next. And I don't know that I must say sports or scripted I like Tesco does what if they were. I would have been Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers knock off the Cleveland Cavaliers in the east this year. To kind of be almost a passing of the torch. Because the sixers are such compelling teammate so much young talent I was trying to create a star that's where I would be looking at but. Right now the a lot of it is LeBron James driven he's a polarizing player and he gets everybody else to kind of it elevates everybody else in a way like people are watching the MVP James Harden. In part because a lot of those people believe LeBron James should be the MVP and Asians being taken for granted like. There's a lot of reasons to follow the stars in this league and the whole. If you're Adam silver in the NBA is that you can keep that going replace the stars even after Alec would. On moves on but does surprise me that early on their numbers would be good because he's early playoff series don't matter right they really don't think it did a good job. But you cavs are cancer not losing. And I Duluth and now I agree. India is not let him lose in the first met in the first from the playoffs right now the first so I am surprised that early on to you know I'm. Tune a little more into the NBA class later on whom you mean to the conference finals or shore but usually like there's a series or two before then mechanic. Get me in into it. And then years that you're really doubt then so I'm surprised that it's happened this early but yeah I got would view that baseball season's been so want one unpredictably don't know. Teams are playing right now there's so many cancel games and whether all over and it's not just like. You know little band live. You know in the midwest order that all over the wasn't there yet so it did a lot more predictable you know in the NBA games are coming. People don't know it's spring yet you know they they really don't they're not getting outside I mean there's there's nobody got outside in America over the last week I mean people are stuck inside and and and somebody do what you're stuck in the side. And watch TV you see what's on today and that's good for the NBA brand but Mike you said create the next team and I'm with you adding Philadelphia is a very compelling team. But they still need to create that next villain as much as everybody loved Michael Jordan's still villain to all to a lot of people specially nick say it's OK see you had that bill and LeBron became a villain Kobe was that villain they need to create that next villain. Joseph well indeed is not going to be a villain serving like stack again we. Everybody Brooke for that guy I don't Benson's could be in that are making even more interesting dynamic if you had a got everybody loved it. On that team and got people didn't like as much because there there there are a lot of people who don't like Ben sevens now he hasn't. Become a villain or even polarizing yet I just think there's potential there. Sure now in the NBA your two biggest stars are LeBron James and Russell Westbrook and Russell Westbrook hasn't even won a championship right but he's one of the biggest stars because he's become one of most polarizing players in the entire week. Because you're either with rust rust or you're against Ross are very bill in between. And that's what people creative with LeBron James as well that's seen what the MBA thrives off. Players where you're either all in with them or your all out me Kevin ray that's kinda becoming another village now I mean like a little bit Hewlett because he left Oklahoma City I think when you leave a smaller team for a bigger team. When you leave a team that your leader of the joint team where you're just a piece of I think a lot of people can have that kind of resentments I think Kevin ray has become more of a villain overtime it's part anyway it was ten years ago is possibly lean into it this year too sure because I'm more technical fouls I think in anybody in the NBA this season get any. Got technical thousands like. The AT dizzy trying to be a villain or is it possible. That those burner counts on Twitter or go on Twitter and you know angrily yell at Ayers stories decades he's counted maybe that's where it's frustration at. I got. And without those burger counts the frustration get it up and technical technical ballot so. I think if you're looking at the next Billy and I still think it is Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook is up there. As a villain mimic that its crown for things using done anything it from from a team's success standpoint. After a double double again this these are triple level excuse he did he get the seven rebate asked as he got he got in or out just that assists to have cleared out and get all the rebounds so he can average a triple double their blocks out all George ones now while they're nice if everything that I didn't see that it happened Alice I was very. Defending him but he absolutely box that is team as owners there if it's a big date is hard is not a villain I think people like James Harden you know that that type of guys so. I think right now the reason it it works in the NBA's because you do have that. That Dylan that we all Mel and we can get a lot of likable team you still be decked out and everybody's gonna root against because much U turn over the team July of you'll also tune in for the team's eight to root against them to watch them fail.