0416 - All for Pat

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, April 16th

The Chiefs are putting all their eggs in the Mahomes basket. 


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The Kansas City Star released his mock draft and it through the draft the mock draft itself. I'm not sure already of these people are I don't know who might just sticky from Penn State never I didn't. That's two that's who Torres the other is that she's taking the 84 overall in the second round. I watched quite a bit Big Ten football league and in I don't know who this guy. So not a great sign it. And I also don't understand why tied and would make sense he also has been going with quarterback Dante Jackson in the third round and we see in a state. And that. Well also the third round and promote Blu-ray from rockers ever sixth overall. Wow so I guess I understand go outside linebacker corner tight and would throw me a little bit. Beyond that. There was a piece in this from Torres paler Vick kind of stuck out to you fast though he says. But remember the entire tenure Andy Reid and Brett beach or alternately come down to whether Patrick Holmes develops into a star. The chief brain trust has put all their eggs in them homes basket which means change we'll do everything they can't make sure my homes reaches his immense potential. Yet that that's interesting and kind of jumped out the Torres said I understand we got to make sure this guy does have success but where you draw the line between making sure pat Holmes has success vs team success because I think they are two totally different banks. Homes can go out there and throw for thirty touchdowns in the T finish 88 look at that cesium. Or what the duke rape me alternately for me you know for the folks at our house blot the season ticket holders everywhere chiefs fans. You wanna win games you wanna go to the playoffs you wanna do damage in the post season and I think if you spend too much time focusing on making sure that pat while Holmes is this all world player tried to basically prove to everybody that you made the right decision to guilt go up and get pap Holmes. You're Qaeda neglect the rest of that team and and we saw that theory in Kansas City in being from 2001 to 2005. You know as much as I loved and valued Dick. The way that they ran that football organization here for five years was still focused on the offensive side of things. They forgot what they needed to do to win on the defense of side of things Andy really neglected that side of the football and I don't wanna see the Kansas City Chiefs under Andy Reid fall back into that same trap as they were under Dick back in the early 2000 where it was all offense offense offense and your losing games in the post season 4138 because you can't force Peyton Manning there. You know punt or anything like an insult. I think this is a very slippery slope. And you have to be able to balance of my home to have success. But I also want to have team's success as well that'll that forget have a conversation with Gunther Cunningham who's the Decourt metered the timing just. We don't have any first date defensive. Side of the football and first a talent back it was rounds one through three. And you look at this defense right now how many. First date talents are on the defense you got air Perry coming off of injury you got. Just in Houston who knows what he's going to be he got the Ford you're really don't know much about him. Other than that I can't think of anybody off the top of my head that is they round one through three draft pick. On the defensive side of the football you need those guys to be successful Kindle had bowler was but he's also you traded for trainer Doug asked bill but they get it it's it's almost like you're you're you're just hold forgetting about the defensive side of the football. To try to prove your point I hate to use the term small land center but that's what kinda reminds me a little bit small ads into your work to do everything we can't show you that we were right by drafting pat alms. That we're gonna forget about the defense aside the football and that's not good for the and to hide your organization going full Andy gets all the toys he wants right. And that's and I'm like okay uses this just in need year walk with it yet just giving him the wish list and say don't get me these guys because. Yeah I. CJ Spiller is not on not going to be on retainer cursor because they signed like. Two other guys and who worked out how many ever other guys the tight end position seems to be one that keeps creeping up and every mock draft in every. Little smoke and weed laurel park so he got busted Tyson products and I'd like I'd backed up Tai Wesley couldn't catch worth a damn either back up or second tight and is a massive priority yeah okay they got some are you need more time there now yeah so this this is that this is this. Harper this is bizarre desire I. Yeah you got to address some of the differences like that there is in the act the defense doesn't disease since since Sutton not give in them beaches office like he did not go nowhere near it you. He did the other wrapping up a lot about us. The flip side this argument because vesco I think two to what extent I agree with you making good point. We you're giving back the Dick Vermeil era the word different aero football shirt early 2000 you need to have a really good defense to being contention. Now having great quarterback success almost instantly translates to having great teams success because it changed the rules. That the NFL has done everything they can't make the quarterback of the most important position on the field by a huge board. It's always been the most important but that margin between how important the quarterback is how important rest your team has has gotten so large that if they do. Hit with passed are homes and they give have enough weapons it has become one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL. I think it changed you have that record success on top of success with home. But I think that the flip side of that too is though the New England Patriots did win the Super Bowl this year why well you know Tom Brady played their best defensive player was benched him now about eating go out their play and they could not stop the Philadelphia Eagles at all I think ultimately you're right Mike the quarterback does drive everything. But at the end of the day if you wanna win football games it's still goes back to old school make it a stock it somebody off the field on third down make it a big time play slipping that script a little bit and getting an extra possession and if you don't have good enough defensive players out there. You're just not gonna be able to do that eventually your your luck does run out you're not gonna be and put forty plus point for. I would like to be the patriots position though it says. The idea you mean you're right they did the at your best that's a defensive player Tom Brady put up a monsters are fabulous visible and they lost. And know very where each performance well I don't like not a play in a bit he had them amazing perform right Tom Brady did that they they didn't get the win. I would like to be in that scenario. Where your in the Super Bowl your quarterback has a great performance and had just falls a little bit short. For the patriots the bar has been set right the bar set buyers successes so for the patriots they are expected to win that game. For me I'm just happy to see what a quarterback Hamburg to the table but if they do go offense in the second round Albie discourage you because I think I. And I promise you this everybody who who loves what's going on right now with the chiefs offense let's great but we three of the season weeks for the season when they give up forty points or something like that they lose you know forty to 28 we're going to be almighty god what what the hell's going on this team totally forgot about the defensive side of the football. I I think taking an offensive player. If they do have that second round pick they don't trade back into the first Reynolds I still think is a very good possibility of getting back into the first round. I think if they go offense with their first pick of the draft a major mistake by this organization you've got to have somebody play defense for I'll talk myself senator great. Yeah like yeah outskirts exit gave yeah those that yeah well I'll look at all of guided the wide receivers let's go right.