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Monday, April 16th

We talk Royals with our guy Vern. Plus, a politician doesn't know north from south, Bob is ready to pull the plug on the Royals, the times are changing, and the Big Story. 


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In baseball. Good cushion you. Josh. Welcome and it's best go in the morning I welcome Bob best coach Josh playing there and producer Ryan well yeah every minute so I don't. It's can't deliver on yeah how is it is excess pounds a month voiced his plays off that music you're playing Missouri and I'm doing this burner. But yeah it. Josh carrier Rosen here on six and Sports Radio. Josh is that the ice is gonna milk and one day we're gonna watch these teams play on a somewhat consistent basis and hopefully at that point the whales are to figure this thing out because right now this looks like eighteen still trying to find itself. Yeah. It is booklet it seems that the topic of Al that would. Jameer you cover up. The top four hitters in this lineup well I'll leave the ball and that. You're the only right now Cain single handedly keep the opposition. Whitner feel John Jay Lucas you sure they do. The opposing pitchers attention. But they don't instill any fear in the opposition. And that from pot until nine. Obesity opposing pitching coach it potent pitcher. We're not even worried about it you know he does all of the strike itself and not at that berg together a string together watching and put 23 runs on the board. The bottom line up as into the due to opposition. Just beats it scope. Josh you may like I'm looking at Brigham stock is I was just looking at this offense I'm thinking might we sockets was such a it may dad and we didn't think it was gonna come back and now I'm wondering what would this offense look with out. Might we started what would look like if Mike was stock is wasn't in this thing. I mean it is he the one guy can point to and say hey that's the reason your show up to the cash. No he really brings me that the reason. The guy that was dropped me to call it stadium would be stopped and he. Did you know. Probably both of acute and that word. Pat we are looking at the calendar sitting on what I like about it caught it. Yeah albums look there's no doubt the track that the all the keys. AA. Flashy about what year. A unique player in that he draws people. Did it eighty. At the airport what are where else would be without. It won't look at it Judah and 12 and three respectively. OP has opt ski. It at that people we have three players with little court the six hit. Six he's not a good oh yeah you know seven that he got whipped up by. It's awkward is that board would be program. It goes for. Brandon now which you watch him play Obama. Which it charged the difference that he wanted it or eight more to go to arbitration for the first time ever like like that's that's not charged for that. It will back down is as arguably. Arguably. The worst move that they may it was and now or in this ten year guys here in Kansas City. All right well I mean you still have under control so as an opportunity. To rectify it earlier in Kansas City. But right now boy oh boy he's fourteen and so later like the race. For that title. No doubt and I knew what what do you what do you do though I know patience patience patience and all of that kind of stuff. But there's not patients from the fan base with working solar cell as an organization is that prosecuted to to look at something else to try to move AM I mean. What are your thoughts. Oh. Yeah I mean like we've been talking about this team doesn't have much offensive talent. There's not much else but the talent waiting in the wing it all off again. All able outlook they're rebuilding. Admitted that they are rebuilding we note that the it's. 18 what you want want want you back in the postseason. Now. It that are dogs that they're forty's so in. 500 at that because of what he could be cut about potential just let Britain go about going to. It was involved because there's not many 65 right enters. It's early 97 miles well tonight breaking ball. The particulate still in the air and the whales circle this stick with that you know they have exhausted all options. Witnessed potentials. How would need so you know it's likely. Potential potential but it might original charge that kind of duplicates. We are at it like now. It's. Like when you eventually run out of potentially if you. He's there what what did he miserably. Accord to. You don't have that outlook happening at the big league level. I've been in that order is prospect or someone else in the organization. Banging on the door forcing the organization and does say. You know we gotta get this guy that you are doctors at the ball pretty well certainty that. Doubt it all I would be surprised to see it. All that next injury. To a third baseman to a corner outfielder to. Although you that would not be surprised that he uttered overture but he did you do all culture they're still going to spot. Thought Jorge so let you know after the trade deadline. It up a lot that he comes up there's still going to be stopped or solar cell that. Year development and rebuilding. I don't see any incident in which someone in the organization. Play its way. It took a lot. So what's so that forces or weasel out if you did he desperately or some crops that forces have been issued in Ottawa. I feel like I can live with that more he was DH change he is hard to watch in the field. Yeah he had you know and I was really hurt early on this season. I thought you looked a lot better right field. And that of course everyone they catch the ball quite well this club. The other night on a routine fly ball that he thought that you have said that he was running on its heels. And that has. You know what you're running on your heels and intends to do is come bought it late eagle yet Egypt release that he's not the last yeah that was dumb. Berg that's totally hate that you out of your heels and added did exactly impossible. At bats. I've heard of running on your told buddy I'm just trying to put a high heels down right now I go to that level. I think you mean like Latin. Vote. When you're supposed to run your o.s. So there was a deal that was able to shut himself like he dropped the ball. Either way they'll ever make it and great strides defensively. If anybody that saw that play although. Although strides we're watched the. I was in Mexico for weeks I missed it so I'm still good with Jorge solar or I'll still wait that's like a little because I didn't send itself I didn't see it it didn't happen. Does this I had Netanyahu you hear you and I don't see that play you know if you are people at a four we need to see a blooper like was worse. Rumors though I mean like let's talk about the offense right much better would the voltage truly deal with Eric as though in this lineup right now. But it. And now with a opera. Oh in the water there. You know it. It's still a graveyard. 6789. You know it's good deal. Of respect. Still have to respect them but a lot of doubt you know. Bird is in a you know thirty homer guy he's not take that extra base it not. Yeah Perry oh yeah. The basic. Eight. You're gonna cover the agencies that the world that. He needs them. Horses in the middle of that now if you if you lose that awkward now the old back. You know. But it was double that keep the line moving out of office. It lit. What Escobar Orlando and so layer. You know there whoever else you throw out there. That that big bodied people. On. How do you get from a keep the line moving off thanks to a lineup that matches and puts up PL seven runs eight hits nine here's a chart that you actually might like to visit but it was like I have never had Yunel I ever have have had back atom smasher that's like the Yankees lineup or something like that. But a lot of you look at those four guys can get to thirty plus bombs a year and that's who we expect. Do you get that. Free agency for you took outlook and need to look at that team was just cheer the angels manager Mike Trout and well. 81. Plus million dollars or are they pay that much money for Chandler. And they developed called album. If it costs a lot of money to collect. And does he's just earned her royals insider here on 610 Sports Radio they spend time just. Oh put the royals were able to get out no more games in the they have recently right because this entire situation and her four has been going on this weather. I just wish. That. Yeah I was I was a low around it every time out of Asia society so where now he enjoyed it yes and series and let us it was just it's just around all the time like with us so even a remake mistake Ned Yost can just make it thank. They explain it to everybody in the is when he explains that or hazel air error. Is as you read on his heels flatly couldn't get it like. I don't know I don't know that he was flat and egg that you watch in New York. Policies Peter flat they're like well of course not but Ned does such a good job of getting in the back of his players that produces an egg is indeed over a foot and how do you dispute. Like what what do all these guys leave Kansas City they should leave data thank you note for saying hey man thanks for get my back thank you yeah so much for getting my back. You know when when things were going well you were there for me you got my back you defended me and and that's and I think beds number one. You know dealers as a manager is that he gets the back his players that he will never sell those players out and and that's I mean if you're mad. Like if you your watching them or basal layer player like. What the hell may. Nice quiet right. You bleeping rocket that's I explain it brought in your pocket the media you know you're kind of an extension of your obviously you're an extension of the club but you're also. Speaking for four days earlier in that moment you want as a guys we got flat footed just lost his footing a little bit didn't quite have time to get his feet underneath the way that they drop happens sometimes like. He takes so much. Intensity away from the bulk up so that you are that that anger that people feel when you see. Obviously the ball pop either love it kind of diffuse it it refuses very. He does a really good job of that and I always thought years and years ago with the Dick for me he did a great job on those Tuesday morning press conferences after the though the Monday film session. He would literally come in and address everything that everybody was mad about. And they would open up for questions about that haven't really answered everything he he he he diffuse the situation that's a good communicators do. They know people are upset about they know people want to hear they diffuse that situation they control the situation. I think that has done a brilliant job of doing it that also could said look guys. The guys wearing a a face warmer do you still cold out here like he could blame the weather on something like that as well and play these games and he's awful conditions but you know that he didn't any any shows a saintly little flat footed out there to give him except. And wouldn't do that as a boss when you don't sell your employee out of your player out. They welcome back the next time and they will get you back about bill O one if you will sell. I testing that handles it the right way and and right now what this team off to the start of the roster with the inconsistencies that's going on and everything like that injuries already. There's nobody better have to be running this thing that they did Yost is right he's he's perfect guy for the job. Are your chance to win fifty dollars to smoke house barbecue and rock fest tickets all next it is indeed over a flat footed. This morning powered by the G-8. And got our risk it could hit the brisket it's risk that they got arrested to get their breasts get hamburgers. Did I get the game Barbeque beef ribs yeah escaped yeah. Yeah it won't boot and who would prove. That's in unison you got a risky to get the brisket. Does one take it. Our biggest accomplishment ever as a collective ego there we did there it would do that one shot at somebody's trying to steal another Barbeque company and their status dealers volcanoes barbecues for the brisket. Chance for fifty dollars to smoke barbecue ought to do is tell national incident. I feel like we need a posse out. And just just add on down there we don't horses and cowboys likely follow suit walked up to the door of that others that wanted to get chaps and spurs are men wearing the smoke past guys witnesses that your dad's the only. Our deal. It is your chance me fifty dollars and vocals barbecue yesterday listening at 815 on Friday to a prediction that one of us makes over the weekend at this last week it was my prediction in. And then call on Monday. And tell us. What the prediction was whether or not is correct if you get it right well you can win fifty dollars to smoke house barbecue. Also we give away rock that's to get coming up in just a moment let's go to. Air and Erin do you remember who the prediction and whether or not was correct. Yeah it was. Those parties did not yet. Got all those did not get the hell. On Sunday is the royals will hand code Haniyeh that Al oh yeah ask. Obviously you cannot pass a big battle for a Tony on Sunday that is my that is my. And not just that the royals who went bush though he himself. Will take the from the wells on Sunday that is my. Yeah. But yet didn't happen because I didn't happen so to answer. He later congratulations and it kicked out of us. I've got its assuming that he's pitching during that Jacob damn man that's the other thing and I don't laugh he probably had tickets yesterday wanted to go lots to do pitch and then oil got me get whatever. Ice snow and cold weather out yesterday it was the right call by by the royals to convince you see that story lately daily the royals had to convince Major League Baseball the call that thing yesterday Newton wanted to play the game the Major League basically you're playing let's get the word big was that when playing this game at all. Our congratulations an argument fifty dollars a smoke house barbecue make sure listen to 815 on Friday in Monday's you can rescue to get the brisket and win that fifty dollars just vocals barbecue right now. You can win tonight. Just tell us. It's not 1357676. And you tell us the band playing right now. That you win two tickets to rock best you get tickets yourself at rock best AC dot com and also at 820 every day here and that's where the morning were given away to ticket to get rock fest is that. Is June 2. I Kansas. Anyway so now 135767610. We'll tell you the band after we get a winner coming up here in just a moment. But Pasco. Of Missouri of course. US senator Claire McCaskill. Lamented the loss of the end when you tweet a photo from of the work being done at memorial stadium at the University of Missouri say the photo makes me kindness that I grew up watching zoo games from a the rocks I know it's progress is still going to be weird and to be there without the white and she was looking at that the picture the picture was of the wrong in the zone other Missouri did tweet back to. Claire McCaskill. At Aziz said don't be sad. The rocks are fine. Big players still did the thing is when you get caught like that. In the loss ES have to take just take the loss still don't really even respond other than all my fault thank you for. For correcting me right. McCaskill then said so I was quickly informed that this is the south end to construction we do away I thought we just we did that and a few years ago. I'm confused isn't the end than the other side or what what what's going on here. I don't know I've been she doesn't know north from south yeah she has no north from south and and what we're not getting at here with this is. Another example of why politicians should really just stick to politics I mean they don't even know six most of the time. But they should not lead in the sports they should definitely not weaving this FaceBook or according corrections or directions of the sign or anything like that. Politicians really are some of the least. Read people that are out like they don't have a clue. It did you watch the did you watch the Mark Zuckerberg and talking to congress this extravaganza from last telling me about some of the questions that people are asking in this kind of stuff I mean it may be wanna blow the whole thing up it's our the government over from scratch series Dallas halfway and that they don't like we should fire everybody I I understand like these people that elected are supposed to be representations. Of who we all right like our elected officials are supposed to represent us. Mean law and that has any inkling what anybody is dealing with in the real world they don't they I honestly have no idea. With the real world was all about and that when they start talking about real world issues. That don't involve health care or Medicaid or Medicare or income tax. Pick them out but. It's an aunt and here's another just another instance of a politician. Being a whole rule out of touch individual. When it comes to sports. It's best left for the sportscasters. Do sports the newscasters to do the politics the way other people do attempt to do the weather. And the politicians ago Baird talked about things nobody knows about used big words with modus operandi in things like that that we don't know and can't comment on. Everybody just got to stay in their ruling right. All right that's always ready to get extreme when it comes to the Kansas City Royals find out how to start our commercial free half hour next. Basket in the morning powered by the communities and and Sports Radio. Commercial free itself o'clock here on sixth and Sports Radio I'm Mike Welch and Bob best coach Josh calling their producer Ryan accounts do you. Get fewer NFL draft discussion at 845 as we get to draft talk on all the forty fives of 645745845945. All over the NFL draft. But we're start off with the Kansas City Royals as Tesco you're ready to get extreme well I I was. And yesterday and fan rag exports with John Paymah who I packets are probably the best baseball insider out there if you if you if you get a chance to read his stuff on pay and rag make sure you do I think he's very very in tune. Will what's going on. A hearing in the city but also with we Major League Baseball and he had a little piece yesterday. About some guys that could be available right now for the royals Andy he started talk about Duffy Kennedy and Pereira being guys out there that are already getting that interest from everybody Yeltsin Major League Baseball when you start the season three in ten and you know things are going to weigh in in your struggle in the find out you know what what what she wore as a team. You have to start thinking about aren't where are we going in the future right now for this organization where we had a what is our goal right now. And hearing burn lasting you know half hour so talk about all the good talent now being at single A you have to think we're still a few years away from getting that second kind of you know grouping of homegrown players like the house and the stock has risen all those guys. Up here at the big league level so what's best for the overall health of the organization is to have Dini Justine in the city is to have Ian Kennedy hearings in the cities have LB career here in Kansas City what is best for the overall health of the organization. I know we'd like those guys we wanna see those guys and we don't wanna be in that quote unquote tank it will. But if there are offers it sparked economy in batter like wow. While type of offers to help you ceased necessarily speed the process but help you rebuild that minor league system that needs some help being rebuilt. I don't think anybody right now should be off the table for the Kansas City Royals and have these it if these calls are coming in obviously the eight point eight the phone call you always do. The seriously consider what people would be willing to give up. For some of the pieces that you currently apple is. Right right and a thirteen games and but always he is and is striking a two batters. You know. You wonder to what the offers for Duffy were before. And what they could be now share. Or proceeding forward like maybe your best cover for Duffy might have been in the Yost may have been I don't know but the other two certainly know I mean. They were complete unknowns and if you get to the you get to the to the trade deadline with Ian Kennedy still look at these entail. You might do pretty well that point in time because trading Kennedy also sheds a lot of their payroll and well I still think that would be eight later in this is that teams generally at the Satan can we solve both the salary to write in order to do it. I'm Guerrero would be a no brainer I mean LB teams lineup form he still pitched it to its bright come. Come July but now it's still too way too soon to be big imposing but I think but I think. At that at the midpoint of the season it's gonna be invalid and it and it pretty easy access to the going to be easy decision would come a point in time. To overreact. Because of an hour of raw. Early Saturday three in ten. It's Batman is no there's no positive way to spin three intent on trying not to overreact because. It is very early it is still mid April you haven't really had a time where you could. Say artwork consistently washing these guys play it's been crappy weather it's been rain outs and his opponent when their all the stuff has had a big effect make them away that this season started and not just for the calls for every buyer so it's not excuse that the president's. But even with it not been excuse. It's still makes you wonder what is this team really because we're not playing consistently you're always getting rained out it's hard to have a really good feel for who you war. Now you could be like burn your job Fergie are royals insider we had on earlier today. Is that these don't have enough talent on offense so it could be you could be in that camp. Still kind of waiting to see exactly what this team is and and honest there's no rush there's always got traded and our church forever again there's not a big rush if he keeps turning this way and yet you're Google fire Selanne. You're gonna get here to train every very easy and you set it for awhile you want to be really. One way or the other nude and if it goes like now where you have these guys some guys. Better tradable doing their thing and doing well. But the team record's not good and it's going to be like so simple to make that if you're it's gonna be that's an area that you wanted Welch is which is. It's so definitive it's it's gonna be really easy I think. We may be heading towards that if you guys performing individually. In certain spots that. Can be attracted to other teams I think it'll be a no brainer at that point. Yeah I I think you're absolutely right about that I don't think it's going to be very difficult to see you know come June I thought maybe you'll be listing to be could be interesting but didn't immediately of the Salvador president read and you get the Alex Gordon injury dealing aren't things you know than. You know one thing leads to another you should at three in ten through the first two week boy that was not the way in which I think a lot of his plan to see this kind of season start off but there are some really good things that are happening in the season and you've got to try to maximize those good things. Whether it's with your team or flipping them in getting guys back do you think it help you in the minor league so. I I know this look from from talking to people it in this organization constantly. I know that they are committed to bringing another championship back here to Kansas City that is their goal they wanna win another title here with the royals and self whatever they do and however they approached it always remembered that's still as the number one goal in mind for this organization. Read that she is coming up in a few minutes by. A soccer team in Las Vegas the Las Vegas lights have become the first sports team to sign a marijuana dispensary sponsorship deal. Yeah a bomb went. It. They were going to wait until 420 according to their announcement but. Decide not to play a couple of days away. They wrote what Vegas and Vegas have legalized marijuana is a tale and it came here are packed and welcome. Particularly to our effort that we it is adequate. So you have now marijuana dispensary is and of course in Vegas it's been legalized since July of last year's so it makes perfect sense to me. I don't think. Well outside of just politicians themselves nobody really as the problem legalization of marijuana I mean at this point and Lieberman he's kind of gotten that that level where it's like if you if you don't want it. It don't care. It's legalized and how many states in nothing bad is happening as a result of Basil I saw. We have all the spike in all these issues need history is you know it's in doubt yeah it's it's absurd it. That I'd I'd politicians really the guy on this hill and it only does further show Claire McCaskill how out of touch. Congress people and be it senators and people war in. Our truly think they really are I I was on vacation obviously last week in and we met some people from Seattle and and the woman wasn't a DEA drug enforcement agency official in the state of Washington as a all K interest. She goes our biggest problem is preventing the wheat from leaving the state. Because once the weed leaves Washington it's valued five times as much as it is inside the state of washing we can normally get for a thousand dollars at a store inside the state of Washington. Is it 5000 dollars on the black market outside the state of Washington so. That's the biggest problem that were were faced with right now is there's still that black market for marijuana because you got some states that have added some states that don't and for those that we just won't embrace this mean that this is like living back in the nineteen teens in 1920s prohibition of alcohol that's what everybody keeps comparing it to. We're dealing with that right now we're living through were on probation and how did that end up turning out for everybody it was herbal it was horrible it was there was act market for booze everywhere. Eight it was it was absolutely ridiculous and in America finally are we we we can't continue to live like this and that's what were trending towards now. With Merrill were repeating history right now we're doing exactly what our forefathers if you did in the nineteen teens and 1920s to alcohol. And instead just learning from that just legalizing marijuana taxing marijuana making money off of marijuana which Washington is doing in Colorado was doing and now California is doing and and Nevada is doing it. All these states are taxing I took the people on this trip with the all of these it's one of and so like that in any of these politicians to believe it. Anybody who still hiding behind that probably is still a failed politician from the 1999. Got what he wants. What we learn from probation in the 1920 uses. Making alcohol illegal actually fuel. More organized crime in the last hour Al Capone to become an on it to run Chicago beat me and it allowed Al Capone a run Chicago. Not that hard to figure out that if you. Take that away and they need action now you make more money but you. Take power away from organized crime rate exactly right it did in and then dispensaries and sponsors sports teams and everybody wins and all of sudden you go out sign that free agent right fielder and doing what do we know are they get like a Jersey. Or. What Qaeda sponsored did they survive yeah I seriously a small side the senior at some across the Jersey today it's just the relieved. Put it out there have some fun with the in and and really just the embrace it because. We've embraced the the alcohol advertising it's everywhere I mean did this is what trending towards folks and if any do you think or not it's never going to happen. You're living in any fantasy I cigarette tax perspective to mean a tax perspective it's insane that the money money making them existed sick and that these states are bringing it. All right we'll leave in the states in going in Mexico or the rams and chiefs and according to ESPN Mexico. That game will be on Monday Night Football November 19. So we have a date for rams and chiefs Adobe. Time on Monday Night Football and an endless supply of story lines from San Lockett is the markets Peters to the rams and their super team there are things across the board get excited about this rams chiefs game which will be reportedly on November 19. My fair for the story is. There was a there was a link to the to the ESPN Mexico report and like yet regular ESPN did not we're. Power and all that what Alex step on the toes right at a dollar in wintertime so it came directly that much and I believe the mean. They're hearing from people they're probably getting the stadium ready as all things like that does have a date to have that are gonna have did have a game on November 19 so money that the ball in November 19 this is. It's got to be the most anticipated game schedule I had just think that a division games are great but this one is like different. And this is that there is this is normal ram's cheap strike as the loaded up rams team that I'm kind of curious to see what is this gonna work hers could be another one of those classic like load up on Ali's names you've heard of an income toll backfires. And then you have the dynamics of markets Peter Sammy Watkins. Act Aqib Talib all the talking that's probably gonna go nude before a a game and in the NFC right AFC NFC this is this is going to be fun I. I I think it is an and I I told you guys yesterday as it is the most anticipated game from president of the raiders and Broncos chargers great that's all fantastic but this one. This has got the star power this is this is giving me that ancillary thing to watch during the regular season game. Prime time. National TV out of the country though this is on the big stage that they wanted to beyond it all by the way Marcus Peters playing against a team that unceremoniously traded him in the offseason for a back in so you know just with just what markets Peters playing against the Kansas City Chiefs. There was going to be a lot of trash talking and lost value factor in Sammy Watkins and all of this. This to me he's got me excited I can't wait for November 18 now I'm looking at that data on the schedule like. That's going to be one bad ass football game because I think we're gonna see guys play at an intensity level in that game that you see in the post season. At least you know a good majority of those guys are going to be out of that kind of intensity so I am really excited about this job by the NFL to get this one on the schedule on primetime game. And get us talking about it early and I think they hit a home run with this one. And I believe ESPN Mexico because they also reported initially that the chiefs and the rams would be plain yes in Mexico City in the that was there initial reports you saw I believe the report. And I'm curious. What's expand distribution going to be like there. Because and well thank you immediately think well the rams are in Los Angeles that's close in Mexico but the minute that right so I'm curious. What the fan distribution will be like between the rams in the T well it could be you know its its exclusive talk a mental attitude alleys not a close from Mexico city Kansas City is that meanwhile Agassi and them and the so Mexico is a hole right I mean and obviously the raiders and that's part of it using California right review very strong Hispanic population though but I. Those are always kind of been you know that that's always been a team. In Southern California the most port systems and efforts is the Braves haven't been an Alley you do right now they they're they're too new and even when they were in LA the first time I don't think people cared much about that but that they've got a lot of stars I I think we're gonna see one of these type of games. That's a state football I don't think we're gonna to see you decided crowd one way or the other in all of this I think this is what it's gonna showcase the NFL. And really want one of the two with a good young quarterbacks in the NFL some of the great young defensive players on the on the you know the rams sign I think some really nice offensive players and some great young talent on the cheap side of things. I just think we're gonna see great showcase. For the National Football League I think this is gonna be one of those games that may not happy atmosphere of an Arrowhead Stadium but it's gonna have you missed a man this is an NFL game that is loaded up with stars and that's why this game was put out there not to necessarily generating fan base or anything like that but to cultivate more states in in the NFL because the chiefs and rams probably two of the best brands out there if you really just didn't sell tickets he said the raiders back and the U sent. You know a team like you know I don't know New England down error or some it has each will follow decal bullies you know. The world the rams and she's probably or to your most followed teams but the players that they now with the coaches that they have to cachet that people have right now. I think this is gonna be one where every football fans down in Mexico wants to go would see this game because of that star power sure there will be people from Kansas City and Allen that plan a trip to go down and watch this thing be a fun. Just curious if there's a strong fan base for the chiefs around Mexico City I I don't know I don't know I have no idea I'm very curious. Racetrack talk on the forty fives here on Pasco in the morning on 610 Sports Radio as we continue forward with our commercial free half hour. This is an interesting story to Orlando brown junior offensive tackle from Oklahoma is kind of sparked the discussion hate vs work. So. At the NFL com while we see guys shoot about the latter when it comes address their draft stock is goes through the roof. Domtar Powe comes to mind nobody talking about on hard Pau he shows that the NFL com by dominates and ends up becoming a twelfth overall pick to the chiefs. Well Orlando brown was the other way the Oklahoma offensive tackle very highly rated going into the com line is supposed to be a first round pick. Protected breaker baker mayfield blind side for his entire career and then anywhere to the Columbine in late may. Fourteen rats on the bench press. We your offensive lineman fourteen ramps up reps on the bench press is in bears. This legally strike and end the worst forty yard dash five point 85 and it's we're. Is it good point guard shuttle was tied for the slowest of any player in Indianapolis. Slow. He was he had a rough one. Put that you are really bad count mine he had Roth at the really bad drama yet so he's really disappointed and all that stuff in his draw is that as a draft stock has. Lot but it. After this thing. But it brings up the question if you see what you need to see on film why do you care. About what a guy does what he's just lifting their money a workout warriors who sucked. In the NFL there's money guys you've looked at said. All you is they will the party doesn't he's not massive and as of this guy David at the bustling muscles and looks like he can roll around everybody. But he ends up being a really good player for other reasons whether it be technique or maybe he's just not a good work out players he can't showcase how strong is yet to show when he's on the field. As a side with tape over work out but it's a super inexact science. It is but he's got three years of three years of tape. The guys and eclipse it nobody 68345. He's not gonna run fast he get that the fourteen bench press pretty bad he had a terrible come by and appear on but if freshman all American. Is his freshman year second team all American his second year. First team all Americans. This past your offensive lineman of the year in the in the big twelve. He's that he started every game that he played in Oklahoma. He's really good. And then you're gonna add you're gonna destroy him for couldn't bench press of the town mind that you watch that tape this guy disease he's a really good off. I did you get guys stronger too I mean it's it's not like this guys reached his peak and he's never gonna gain another ounce of muscle and he's not the be able to get any stronger or anything like that strength is one thing you can work you can geek I stronger you can't keep guys to be 68 U kinky guys to have. You you know the the the god given abilities that this kid has and Matt that's why I think at this point in time. Like I think it's different for a hearing Kansas City this year which right now we don't have that first round pick when talking about a number one overall pick you know again set a pick and nobody really knows who's that is. On and in right now you're looking at a lot of ways to break guys down this that this is the part of the year if I was an NFL prospect and a kid that was gonna get drafted. I would just absolutely check out I'd be like look man you've got my tape from college if you want to know more go talk to my college coaches I'll be happy to come in for some interviews. But if you're gonna judge me based on how many reps like bench press in Indianapolis went who knows I could had a bad day maybe I just broke open my girlfriend or something happened in in the you know there's somebody sick at home and I'm having a bad day. That's really not a fairway or the right way to judge me because we're taking too much away from whether or not a guy can just flat out play and whether or not a guy can do is allow their play the game of football. Are you good or are you not and if the they all they always say the eye in the sky high doesn't lie. Until the eye in the sky is showing you as a good football player. I would be one of these guys who you know I really don't care what you do with the com my unease about wars it as a talking to you type of thing. And then look at your college student though that's a guy that I want my team where I don't want to. Speaking of the draft Torres paler of the Kansas City Star released this mock draft the Kansas City Chiefs and what we took away from one of the bigger things was a quote from Torres where he said it. The entire tenure and you read him Brett beach will ultimately come down to whether Patrick Holmes develops into a star. The chief brain trust to put all their eggs in the homes basket which means the chiefs will do everything they can. Make sure my homes breaches his immense potential. I really like that the chiefs have gone down this road because. Everybody wants a balanced team to a best offense best defense obviously as we have and one half. But chief Donald on defense there wasn't a lot of free agency to really pick up and say all right we'll put this guy here in the act there we can piece together this great defense. They did go get Anthony pensions paid a lot of money for Anthony has is to solidify their inside linebacker situation. But overall. They need to find out eased Hatcher homes there can't he be our guy because the reality is in this NFL. This actually in the AFC which has been dominated by three quarterbacks. Berth since 2003 Peyton Manning Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger that once the Super Bowl a subtle what wire 2012 with Joseph Flacco. 2003 to now only those three quarterbacks Matt the AFC. So in order to be successful in this conference. You have to have a great quarterback. To do everything they can't to put Patrick Holmes in position to be a big time franchise quarterback that can lead into the Super Bowl and then and focus on the defense and everything. And you say be a great quarterback but doesn't a great quarterback make those around him better. Might like that you don't have to go out spend every pick and every freeagent dollar on the offensive side of things is to meet. When I'm looking at here in this is based on dresses mock draft that means so then again I mean whether the patriots McNabb branding coats not because I thought Tom Brady can't make the guys around him better because they thought hey this guy could help this is gonna help us over the army is better than not play their best defensive player in the Super Bowl and Tom Brady puts up all world numbers and they. That's different and but but for me. My my goal and I'm sure for for most he stands their goal is to make sure that this team wins football games makes the playoffs and has success in the post season. Not trying to justify trade and I think if you spend a lot of time trying to justify something. You're missing the other side of things and that's what fears me a little bit about this is that they're gonna go overboard and we got ten running backs now on the roster in trying to make. Like it that there's this trade for pat homes pay off again you want to make sure you found your franchise guy. But I am more concerned about winning games in a apple is just thirty touchdowns and the team goes 88 it's not a good season when he may you know you either make the playoffs and win a playoff game I want to see pat on stroke when he touchdowns in the team lieutenants excellent playoff game and do some damage in the post season. That's what I wanna see and if you're not a balanced team. You're not gonna have that post season success that we liked hack just go back to the 20012006. Chiefs that arrow with Dick for meal. They did not have a balanced team they scored points but they couldn't stop anybody and they couldn't have any success in the playoffs and sometimes and even make the playoffs under Dick Armey. And so you can lord from the past and low and from what came before you right here in this organization. Would a coach that you truly love which Indian and Dick you know had a great relationship the Philadelphia in Kansas City. You'll look at that eagle OK we've got to focus a little bit on the defense is what we can't totally just forget about that sighting of all these weapons of homes. We've got to find a way to make defense better and you have to have rounds 12 and three players starting for you on defense. If you're gonna have success. That is wanna see a little more smoke around the defensive side of the football seems like it could be alignment which is strict fines more often is trying to act like yet. We almost don't like it. Had pulled the defense now instead of via our teaching fifteen running backs and and getting tied in getting an extra tight end from. Those your biggest needs to mean not so much stupid well I would rather you see you tomorrow at the line and that's cool. I want op at the line and allied defense of human my like I I think there are plenty of other needs rather than getting more toys for Indian more toys for a pat all honesty and we'd Harris is probably not gonna playing you do need another back up tight gambit what what what is that due to Demetrius there's a plea deal get like suspend life. I mean edit stuff I don't think I mean I was arrested that is easy and still on the team and and even his own TV event heiress and a couple couple days in jail got a weekend regatta weekend that a weekend visit via analog all catch anyways I don't use as I thought we were going with incomplete trees there that was last year now that we dusty weak players. Well we'll wait with with with hairs though he has had some big pitches in his a whole lot of big time drops me but he's he's had. Out of that big time draw is that that drops but the catcher's Mitt like that was it two point conversion Dimitris Paris's biggest catch was wiped away by a all the while well penalty yes. Germany and no doubt the the 226 in Denver two point conversion after Tyreke is like downplaying those Dmitry. Player discounting Charles Orson Charles and Jason Day tomorrow tomorrow. Maybe that they saw what have I this year's playoffs though if you're looking at the tide in position Travis Kelsey goes down your office. Self destructs almost dropped an F bomb there you thousand very upsetting moment I have allowed their offense self just rocked it. We Travis tells him dammit it's just slow down guys into Dell our I. I was there I -- 84 Chevy nova since they've beaten up too much that's all that look like pretty terrible out here and over the second. Did Travis Kelsey went down that's when that currently have six tight ends and our roster right. So now you're going to let a guy who can't catch anything and whose highlight you have to go two years back to get. Is the answer to fixing the healthiest you've got to do something a bit to do something like Sears and like I do it but if you bring in six or seven or eight tight ends and it that you're going to camp. I can't elevate and in those guys that IIQ at least a second round draft pick and tied it I just can't do. A plagiarized other that's a very real hospital sure is mean and and I think it's very bad. But I'm just looking based on history when date totally forgot about the defensive side of the football. When they were here in in in 2001 to 2005 put a point after point and record after record. They didn't win many games in the post season the post season all that much you cant for get about one side of the football and expect to dominate when it matters most and that's in the playoffs. Big sword. Big story. Out it was a regular salad I wouldn't send. And the big stories the weather guys because the web. Has created a frustration I think across the board for everybody whether whether you're just a sports fan or your fan just like you've said about this weather is currently 31 degrees. Now supposed to heat up today is what's your little bit better throughout the week. Bush I just I wanna know. Can we be if he revealed is that freeze warning is happening right now. And it in the it's over pretty similar freeze warnings happy right now and frankly to me is the big right now the second and tell I think like nine or 930. And if you cover up heroes of the weather is the biggest story everywhere across the country's gonna remain the biggest story until we get even close to having consistent baseball. Anywhere or is not just in Kansas City is the biggest story everywhere is everybody just. Waiting for winter and well we had what six post moments yesterday in major news Boston that's twelve teams to play games yesterday in baseball that's about. I mean you're you're canceling half your games and I'm. On a Sunday. A big day for families literature or ask god baseball there. And and it and it really hasn't it it's killed everything the only ones that are benefiting from this. The NBA their television ratings for the post season or through the roof because nobody wants to go outside we'll speak at the NBA there was a very nice and being in. So box and Celtics nice ending a regulation I guess felt he's going to win in overtime but the end of regulation between the Boston Celtics. Was something to behold. Who's gonna get this job here yet today and they. Drum sticks in the NB is not a split big story here because that's probably one of the bigger stories in sports. By in the weather is the biggest story everywhere bow out another factor in India for the bigger story as it does affect the NBA and you have a good way it makes people stay home if you don't wanna get out when it's like it was yesterday it's great the ice off my car yesterday morning. It was terrible April 15. I'm scrape ice off my car you any idea how much angrier you get when it's April if you do yeah you get that now you do eat as opposed to like February 15 I feel like it's OK I expect this step that February yeah but when it's April 15 and scrape the eyes of the acceptance thing. I guess what I. But but it is like ours to lead it should be. Right every. Pushed back man everything's been pushed back months and this is not watching the NBA because I have. Else to do because they're refused to do winter things in the middle of the. I agree with you might have on the same way that the weather puts you in the mood in the won the Oscar. Maybe we should all just boycott went through now yes this all put our ice scrapers and our coach the way. And I think it's the idea of like oh they're not gonna participate Arnold just move on interestingly enough in Mexico they do like there's no winter. Interest and Sig entire winters my phone's rations all those my progress so I don't remember the winter. I remember right side I don't know who can give credit to this form is on social media the other day I felt someone would think if you don't have the current as as anyone tried to media turn often turn on spring again to turn off turn back on Friday guys redo all the help desk you know what what it is is it's it's almost like this you know millennial approaches there would have been very passive aggressive. It's just kind of hanging out there taking shots at it's disappearing for well over the millennial coming back to another facile and as a static remarks about millennial. I feel like we've ever use that word a positive connotation. Bullet as well there's a positive approach that. I was listening to mobile landing on the beach down in Mexico complain there were. That hurt. How anybody high risk people to their twenty's is beyond me with a lot of crews on the on the beach complaining this and wanted what was probably mid twenties and I tell at this. It is not I don't well as well I'm not comfortable with what the white supplement to the juice bar. It. Until we can. Unbelievable if you get a believes or yet right at home in east by my buddy's father owns an ad agency in New York City I was talking about those of you had taken over the fairly quickly as. Our first or last name you know what you are and are you make enough dogma. It's called cost is is the name of the ad agency he does have a hard time keeping an hiring young people said why does. They don't like our guests. Your desks yet I gotta have the right yes now for people so when this woman was talking about the well this program of the not the supplements with produce form like. How does any company hire anybody anymore. That's a big story brought by a graduate real. Dallas that prison Stewart stars this time. Rubble rather quickly but there is no such thing as a sports coma. We'll explain in two minutes. That's still in the morning powered by the.