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Monday, April 16th

We dive into the biggest stories of the day with Headlines Worth Talking About. Plus, the NFL needs to watch it's back, this coach is an old-school millennial, and the Chiefs are going all-in on one side of the ball. 


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Then I sold. No go wow. Talk to you about it. Stay attention just may learn something here. It is headlines we're talking about guys and over the weekend that didn't royals continuing to be and less than good I guess we'll put it that way for every three of four over the weekend to Al lay they were postponed yesterday so they. Got saved from the four game sweep to make a game announced Monday June 25 thirtieth 3151. Pitch. Fertilizer to forget to reflect right away from mark that down the islanders that's weird I thought Dallas fort was degrees in the world went for a term now. I was there's some talk about that last hole I could unnecessary dig. I mean again on this day is it's it is interesting that all the people that believe this team suddenly becomes better and outscored goes down. Okay who thought that. People everybody last week I was how they I'd react out of every week Alex toward me down right and was put on the DL. Boosts. Most of the people we were here and Somalis and most people favourite people who people present I don't even need them that he's. Wasn't as or you. And it's that's got out of control. People have gotten with the early royals' season I don't it's rough man but it's still April 16. They still haven't really had a chance to industry together get in rhythm with games because of all the weather via yeah. I'm having a tough time it. Bitter mean anything on this team I got on social media yesterday for the first time when the first mostly soft on FaceBook. Was somebody complaining about it at bat in the sixth inning of game on Saturday like you gotta be kidding me man. You need a vacation if your on their complaining about somebody's at that the sixth inning and light and let this guy did verses in my really. This is what you take social media. You it'll like. About. I'm not I'm not not your guide and it knew that so later on Saturday Basra. That was really bad I was balance I mean as can hit him right the glove. I'm shocked if there's a long enough prospers. Yeah well many had trouble picking and it's. Yeah it was honest it was I needed to programmers to the ball into right smack in the meat of the glove yes and it. That they giving continue to be tried a Little League pick it up with his glove instead of trying there is try to bare handed to you what's it looking at it sooner. Economies that our nation issues all around it was it was bad they're real threats pose around one sadder note Friday night it's a good game it's been a rough. It's been a rough run for for Jorge so layers since that through game stretch where he used banned. Asked well the worst and number five or will always risen 5% at a you're up by people whose aggregate to 2941 point last week well. Always have that two game stretch during November's five or six runs. I hope is that as of tonight scoring and seemingly the wheels fell off mentally I think it does look like a bomb they believe that they they did not have them. He has yet deport taste it and it in in Mexican. Which by the way for you once in the deport well that's what happens when I was in the gym running you know because it is that the so on Washington. ESPN one or jays span. I don't know I think about that and say hey big days I think I'm a big game yes. I mean still on the worst I I'm watching this he has yet to short days right Ed what's the CEO Tony Kornheiser and Michael will uncle pardon in Europe hardly interested. They've got the the ESPN deport these days that it's two guys on the same subject. Like. You got ice and watched I watched it is that it was good Ruskin a three game set in that. Toronto tonight against the blue jays air scoop when he gets the ball for Casey I may Garcia. Or Toronto burners brigades starting at 5 o'clock or a lot to run things down there in Mexico met one guy needs Spencer very nice conversation with him I was on the I was about. My wife sees a guy with a blue jays hat on in the elevator and provoked my wife just looks at it goes I hate Jose Baptiste. And the guys respect factor shouldn't go to like any provocation at all bright guy looks as if he goes what would you like need to do about that and the it's because I'd just like you know I hate him. He's like he's not even on our team anymore while talking about it and I like to shut my light up like at that receivers silence is very. I feel like the tax plans trying to trick us in the same curse words and spend how did you not say. That Billick. And ago when it. We'll likely be the case. Aaron decided not to text I don't know how excited Brinkley wasn't on this is announced I'm assuming. Pretty damn excited chiefs and rams announced for Monday night November 19 dirty knew it was going to be a Monday night in an ounce now we have the state sets them. No more so than I was out at the game fumbled it forward to most the season I think it's got the subplots it's got the international player it's got the nationals staged at star power on all sides. I get your asked me what you were you looking most forward to do yes it's the undersea well Marcus theatres is gonna do. Week three of the pre season they go to Chicago and they I doubt saw that he had so that pretty excited but you have homes he wants to meet one of the pre season which just gets me you know I'll get excited to -- yeah that first game of the pre season home if you want to their head that's. That's good feeling it starts thespian thrown all over the place for the first five minutes little -- people but we'll -- -- -- candidates -- -- van -- today for thirty minutes are going to be thoroughly entertaining that's right. Our our talked about pre season before. Is there for a lot of subplots I'm telling you sports now meets up lots of what are you got excited for Patrick Holmes no I I I am I just think it. And it shows correct with our. Or baseball lovers. Well but slowly just counting down in my home I'm always this way no I have always focused on football season everything else is kind of like it's nice but it's filler and it I've always a little bit. Through focused on the football season started anyway so. I don't as them less to do with. East Coast thing there and this. Hit Dawson college football becoming a being in the past NCAA plain rules oversight panel. Basically signing off on a a rule that beginning this fall when he player fair catches a kick off inside the 25. The result will be a touchback. So anywhere you could just fair catches the ball if you spotted on the twenty. It's getting creative role now. Because there's always been an issue with the eighty call for fair catch you not call for fair catch with punts. I can only assume it's gonna get worse with kickoff well what it really does is like beat the other ten guys have to know. Are you calling a fair catch because if we don't know that you're gonna call a fair catch. We still have to go out there and kick somebody's actually in Allen yeah so did to reduce injuries yet for the return maybe. But there's 21 other guys out there that are no rough ended up on the plate that we find out whether or not the guys their pets behind so. It's not really gonna prevent injuries by doing it. I think that the obvious arguments number one it takes away what could be a scary game changing moment with a kick off and we've seen a lot of a lot of games just turn on a kick off number two a lot of folks wonder what does that eliminate a position. People with the they took our jobs argument because there are guys who will be the the net 5054. And 5250 threes around that ball and our cry for us and that's your suggestion. Sorry Josh Cribbs get better and other outlets that Baghdad still American twenty taking away might want to get better at something out and put that. We were saying about Dante Hall we love the accident is still be a punt returner it's they kicked off teams there's a reason. There you get the kick off team there's nobody worth it them on there because they don't want anybody get hurt. Nobody who matters is these two guys out there that don't really matters they go to that guy because if you get hurt. Yet another problem my fifth receiver early get a tackling in killing Devin Hester would disagree with you don't have to play to. And a different era if you if you wanna move. That kicked off. Back to the 25 and thirty and not make it's so easy for the touchback that happened you wanna go back to what it was back when Devin Hester was dominating the world and bind but. Based on what they are currently Muslim linemen have kicked it in the NFL has to put up this front that they care about players' safety so they know it soon. There. It's 707 and that means the seventh caller right now not 135767610. Will be registered to win 777. Dollars from seven street casino. What a total of 35 registrant so there will be in what did thirty five's history to win at this 777. Dollars US seventh caller right now not 13. 5767610. Seven. Seven after the show on Friday guys but I Dez Bryant got released by the cowboys and then all of the obligatory should Dez Bryant come to Kansas City tweets are well and Andrea other details that he damage that I like. Like the players actually tweeting today as you say come on over here this line has done anything since 2014 he's dropped a lot of passes. Quarterbacks is point 42 the last. Little subtle but yet Matt Cassel and when he 15 AM deck press got the last two years. The reason is Dez Bryant's numbers have dropped off had nothing to do with dad's eyes or podium for that you'll come back if you will be great with whoever he signs with that press. Dez Bryant will exposed actress got just like. He was exposed last year that is that you know it. Here in the further exposed by going somewhere else the quarterback worth his salt and actually be successful. You might say deck press Gotham winner he does some nice things after a wide receiver you don't wanna go. Play with that press guy that was Lido that was big situation between the what chiefs and cowboys apparently chasing cowboys that you bidders. Poor Sammy Watkins. Walking set out to play with Patrick Holmes and express guy which of course you would shirt once a bullet that passed the can hit the deep ball and one of the deep ball like he's. Chuck at a low price. Well I think the big thing for me would Dez Bryant that would have been rubbed the wrong way especially on the cowboys fan. Is that he's saying now is gonna be motivated to go out there play harder like you you haven't been motivated to collect your eighteen million dollars a year and a checked likely that really. Because of that I want nothing to do with Dez Bryant that Dez Bryant go take a deep and I think if if you were saying that now you're gonna be motivated. Because he got cut that that's that's pretty weak and that's that's. They had a meeting it was an odd situation they sit down they have this meeting they talked back and forth a little bit. In the end Dez Bryant ended the team is decided it's better for everybody if we move on an alleged in the Dez that I look forward to playing you twice next year as he walked out right there so. The Eagles. Redskins. And giants have made any big guys and integration O'Dell that engineered and maybe that's a logical. As a bride in line maybe it is a story ends it Koreans out visas that could be some situation I'd get toll feel like. He walked through the Eagles that is really good yeah. Gradually student here in leave would he got registered and it went 777. Dollars courtesy of seventh street casino. You're listening tomorrow and each and every weekday at 707 as we get your chance to win. This really wasn't newsworthy but it was a headline and basket like that I enjoyed it I figured we would talk about it it was headlines worth talking about this headline from the LA times. These sharks mainly staying committed to semi valley community through decades of baseball. Like he got its Angel asked me and it. Yeah like when they were you know although it it was coming on over we're make it last names and I was like. Deli guy. I'll probably creating last may well what you're gonna do well we were Miller OK you or your Milligan U familiar here we were Baker's blown tire maker of. What do the charts it would have been. Let's along I'll plead the mix. And put up at a figure that starts mentally that. Answers that they have lied. The sharks at least he's committed stick it to the semi valley community through decades of baseball. And is but this worst and charts. Now because Dick Dick Butkus we kick your ass you know it is confident it might be the most unfortunate article about it we actually had this conversation in the car. Today who did my thing and ethnic data you know. It's. I would retreated at school yet I don't think it is you all a result of the victory wasn't just you and him in the car or daughter there to. No she was active OK so this poses a fathers sons over Palin learning about the idea I didn't I didn't and his laughter. Now give Verizon an in depth that's races to repeat that. Thoughts. Bradley you do on the radio. We get your chance to and royals think it's coming up at 715. Also that aired excuse me at 720. Now point also error when I was next to the tide is turning for sports in the United States will play out next. Strategic. This morning powered by the it's best go and I'm like well the best coach Josh playing our producer Bryan which Hauspie. We job royals take its value every day at 720 solar Ryan plays this drop during the segment I think it did a good yeah. Beat the tenth caller 135767610. Left. Then 9135767610. Your chance would almost think it's every day 720 here on six and Sports Radio. I don't Nobel ESP and it is treated this yesterday the NBA is on fire is ratings for the four games on the opening Saturday. Were up 17%. From last year the highest opening Saturday in five. Years. Now we continually talk about the NFL and how they are fallen out of favor with the public and people are upset the league. Yet still paying for now but the more it he climbs the more interest seems to fade in the NFL. Mort seems to get even bigger in the NBA you know I'm Roger Goodell that's the number one thing I'm worried about. The -- BA I think is the biggest threat right now to the National Football League people say well what are fans gonna do and we're aware of the gravity two while the NBA star what Halloween time so that's mid season the NFL there's a two on a crossover. Between the NBA and the NFL right now the draft coming up you got the NBA playoffs packet take people's interest away. I looked at number that that increase was it was interest in for a lot of reasons number one the first thing I thought it was while the NFL better watch his back. Number two I'm like man and the weather has really been bad in America were to stay in its content and maybe a two man he beat some live in in watching the NBA playoffs. But I also thought like we just love the post season and in American professional sports I feel like we've seen that change more so over the last couple years. The we've ever seen before where we'd look at the regular season like we. Like I know I've gotten that way with college basketball clearly I've been that way with the NBA forever and today I think a lot of people are falling in that mindset now baseball to the playoffs it is very entertaining and very good 162 regular season games doesn't lend itself. For a lot of people to be engaged for a 162. American now needs a reason to be engaged and I think work at that point of the year obviously for the NBA. Where we can be engaged by the post season by the immediacy evident in look Alan gage we get by the NCAA turn it look how engaged we get by the NFL playoffs now. The NBA playoffs with numbers at a record numbers over the last five years because people are engaged by the plants because those games matter the being mean something at the end of the day you're looking at the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. They may only have three more days of play you know that they're there's a analogy. If they lose I came to Indianapolis in February a mile and a whatever LeBron lost the game big deal of the day there'll still be fine once the playoffs roll around. And now the playoffs are here they lost acting C you see that banality and people become stars and create legacies in the postseason so. That's why I think the numbers are truly does because we as America loves now pulled seasoned sports more than we have hat I get that feeling anyway well. I mean is a situation where I look at certain teams certain stars. In I do wonder. What happens long LeBron James Lee's that's the one thing if on the MBA that I worry about is from the brawn James Dunn who was that next. And I don't know that I must say sports or scripted I like Tesco does what it. If they were. I would have been Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers knock off the Cleveland Cavaliers in the east this year. To kind of L a B almost a passing of the torch. Because the sixers are such compelling team there's so much young talent I was trying to create a star that's where I would be looking at but. Right now the a lot of it is LeBron James driven he's a polarizing player and he gets everybody else to kind of it elevates everybody else in a way rightly people watch the MVP James Harden. In part because a lot of those people believe the broad James should be the MVP and Asians being taken for granted like. There's a lot of reasons to follow the stars in this league the whole. If your Adam silver in the NBA is that you can keep that going replenish the stars even after Alec would. On moves on but does a prize me that early on their numbers would be good because he's early playoff series don't matter right they really don't think I did it Jeff but you cavs are cancer not losing. And I Duluth and now I agree. The NBA's not to let him lose in the first men in the first from the playoffs right now the first. So I am surprised that early on because you know I'm. Tune a little more into the NBA class later on whom you made it to the conference finals are short but usually like there's a series or two before then mechanic. Get me in into it and then years that you really doubt then so I'm surprised that it's happened. This early but yeah I got would view that baseball season's been so 11 unpredictably don't know. Teams are playing right now there's so many cancel games it's whether all of whom it's not just like. You know little band live. You know on the midwest are winners and all over the wasn't there yet so it did a little more predictable you know in the NBA games are coming. People don't know it's spring yet you know they they really don't they're not getting outside I mean there's there's nobody got outside in America over the last week I mean people are stuck inside and and and somebody do when you're stuck in the side. And watch TV you see what's on today and that's good for the NBA brand. But Mike you said create the next team and I'm with you adding Philadelphia is a very compelling team. But they still need to create that next villain as much as everybody loved Michael Jordan's still villain to all to a lot of people especially nick saying it's OK see you had that villain. LeBron became a villain Kobe was that villain they need to create that next villain. Jo Ellen bead is not going to be a village serving like sacked again by everybody Brooke for that guy I think. Red Simmons could be in that making even more interesting dynamic if you had a got everybody loved it. On that team and guided people didn't like as much because there there there are a lot of people who don't like Ben Simmons now he hasn't. Becoming villain or even polarizing yet I just think there's potential there. Sure now in the NBA your two biggest stars are LeBron James and Russell Westbrook and Russell Westbrook hasn't even won a championship right but he's one of the biggest stars because he's become one of most polarizing players in the entire week. Because you're either with rust rust or you're against for us and very bill in between. And that's what people creative with LeBron James is well that's seen what the MBA thrives off. Players were here either all in with them or your all out he kept the rate is becoming another village now I mean like a little bit he liked because he left Oklahoma City I think when you leave a smaller team for a bigger team. When you leave a team that your leader of a joint team where you're just a piece of I think a lot of people can have that kind of resentments I think Kevin Correia has become more of a villain overtime it's par fittingly it was ten years ago is possibly lean into it this year too sure because yeah more technical fouls I think in anybody in the NBA agency's deputy. Got technical spouse like. The deed that he trying to be a villain and or is it possible. That those burner counts on Twitter or go on Twitter and you know angrily yell hater stories and Casey Townsend maybe that's where it's frustration at. I got. And with those burger counts the frustration get it up and technical technical ballot so. I think if you're looking at the next Billy and I still think it is Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook is up there. As a villain mimic at its crown for things using done anything it from from a team's success standpoint. After a double double again this these are crippled level excuse he did he get the seven rebounds as he got he got in or out just assists to have cleared out and get all the rebounds and eat it averaged tripled doubled their blocks out all George want to go out there nice everything and I didn't see that it happened and how I was very. If that in him but he absolutely boxed out his team as I was there you don't have to add James Harden is not a villain I think people like James Harden you know that that type of guys so. I think right now the reason it it works in the NBA's because you do have that bet Dylan that we all Mel. And we can get a lot of likable team you still Rebecca added everybody's gonna root against because much U turn over the team July of you'll also tune in for the teams a to root against them to watch them fail. All right the American public is it strange when it comes to who we love. And who we hate sports. Teams like there's a different criteria for everybody looks like next. Morning. It's Sports Radio. It. Yeah. I. Public is weird man because this. Gregg Popovich. The head coach of the spurs is such. All whiny human being. File lot of definitions Eddie does like doing his job is part this job is talking to the media part of why sports even exists is because they used to the media to market themselves. The build up their entire brand without having to pay for that's why sports even our popular. In this country not not pay for but get paid to beyond man and yet so that's it. That's why coaches are forced to answer questions and you know Gregg Popovich doesn't like it but the way he acts. He's the original millennial. Because he knows the press conference is part of his job he just thinks it's stupid but here's Gregg Popovich. Does that you got your asking and you know. Okay what do you want. So tireless. What went wrong for you guys tonight. What went wrong for us yet this afternoon sorry I've lost they played better than we did he started did Danny Green. Basically I'm Kevin did that work very well let. Did you watch the game yes would you say. Didn't it didn't work very well. So will wolf they're very girl 45 inches but Monday night. So would jump higher and move quicker. And little Tokyo and don't be so good at. Obviously I. A lot of pop a lot of credit it deserves a lot of credit you have he's one ambush mention titles with the media. He's Marshawn Lynch with gray hair I. Thought. I. I don't mind when coaches are snippy I don't mind when coaches do a great Bob is does I like he's real close. I enjoyed covering Pope weenie because he was exactly like that that did you watch the game yeah. That happened a lot of voters how do you blazer that did he ever say that Mario on them so what you're loser here is once again what do you would you think it and that's how late in the big Mac and the more bad debt yeah. Because yesterday that after what Melvin Gordon ripped off forty yards and three quarters at Wisconsin Missouri really don't wanna know I think right yes I wanna know Alan I'm trying to keep it here here's the other thing that people need to understand to what all this. We're trying to be politically correct because it as you'd only be a member of the media go to you really sucked tonight how do you think that's gonna gold in now or is this the epitome of you can't win because dressed like questions like. It was about schemer something as they is as you why and he lost the game when you think it would juicy as it. I saw you at historically bad performance when that happens you can't just blame executioner raspy something deeper than that like this team. Didn't didn't make him that they make you happier right it was on every morning and I was like where you really doing this to me on Monday morning so I guess there is a question that that's that's. What happens with coaches is you can't really win you can ask them a question that it a's don't like doing stir while the reality is that's part of your job. You know like OK fine Gregg Popovich is a horror core millennial he is the most stereotypical millennial and all sports yeah I mean I think it. It it is one of those deals where if you if it if you go in there as as a reporter you go boy you guys really sucked tonight your thoughts. It's not gonna go over well door as the reporter gonna be looked at a guy who's trying to quote unquote troll or make a name for himself for what it whatever people want to say. When you ask questions like that but if you go way that you try to just be easy in and policy sugarcoat it but just not be as up front as that reporter was. Then he get brow beaten by by by Gregg Popovich and so it really is a a no win situation at times support for the reporters like because if you say something that's gonna tick people off then the team once she gone and they don't want you around any I mean like if it's a big big big deal also. You have to believe in phrase things properly and do things on the up and up so you can continue to do your job done in the coach. Like that it's tough well vomit you buys logo and and just say this. Say what yours are you going gets and this is in nets this is in every time now yeah that's the problem I don't geyser. You know their data that game mattered bet there's. Hit him it's all the time and it would it would get really taxing as a as a as a bee reporter for the spurs and that's kind of my bigger point here in in the question now I'm a bit. Curious about is I don't know the answer to this. Why Gregg Popovich. Gets a free pass. Because so often when players especially. Act like Gregg Popovich the equal passion and biggie just absolutely crucified but for some reason for pop it's become part of his schtick. If you would like it you're a cool looking isn't able everybody but. For suddenly I don't understand I guess at ad's text on six 306 why is Gregg Popovich looked at differently than everybody else because. We Bill Belichick does this. He gets ripped for. Is it nice to anybody I think deep down in an I told you guys are covered deep down Bill Belichick when he's not on the record he's one of the nicest guys around nobody nobody's ever really seen I don't think is as the general public I think big like Greg Popovich. He he may come across like that. But I think at the end of the day he really is one of these guys that cares of me when Craig Sager was battling cancer Gregg Popovich did what he did there you know you know given the shout out it TT image shows that he has that human side and I think there's a lot of people especially down in San Antonio they had seen that human side of Gregg Popovich had seen the you know you can say whether you're not you agree with politics being in sports but you bill Gregg Popovich stands on things you can identify with Gregg Popovich you know that there is a portion behind. Exterior that he's putting up right there I don't. You know politics out and argue his politics have helped him he I think when it comes as soon not getting crushed by the media. I think it as easy as we know where the media slant right and we know where Gregg Popovich exactly right I think that it and frankly that's that's crap well but that you that you give him a different pass because you enjoys politics out of again that is politics. Answer question don't be an a hole every time somebody asks you something. This is legitimate and it is a fair question is how it is over why deny air for for who was on Durant whoever was on a rant is like. Or green yet how they go over green and always use things like. It's his question how things went for bringing yes they didn't go well right but. Often times we you say things didn't go well. The coach sees things differently than you do because we sailed to handle their opinion matters yet does ours doesn't well because the act and I tried that duty where you you phrase it like I can. I could tell you why I think but I'm not the coach Wright and we wanna hear what you are telling the team right well the way I thought might not be the way use. Right because you know what Mark Peters may have had a bad game today that you know the reason Marcus Peters had a bad games because they are two other guys or doing their jobs out there on the field. So he was forced to try to pick up the slack and meanwhile while he was trying to pick up the slack somebody went over the top on and it really wasn't his fault that I scored a test of what whatever the case may beat. And you hear about it all the time we doing would do your job and things of that nature so guys are out of position and I do their job if it technically is on them but yeah. We are. You'll hear that. From the coach you wanted to hear hey you know what Danny Green made it look like you have had a bad night but here's why deity green had a bad that because Tim Duncan was approaching what whatever the case may be you know. The we he did not weak side help or something like that. Apparently used fusion organizer athletic right now that's that's what he came back out that's not necessarily the answer that that I would give. But you'd like to hear you're like Josh and I coach perspective because there's all wasting physical want that feel that take place on that field. That we don't know about because we're not on that field. Every dress on the forty fives coming up at 745 but ESP and changed their app invesco you're upset about why I mean it's a ridiculous I didn't notice any change may be something out. Al what happened out of ESPN app came in wire euphoria or is that still. Having like you can use to something right you get used to and apple you get used to you know like we were talking yesterday I still use classic Yahoo! mail I hope to air out that you know I don't need all these upgrades. You get used to something like I feel like I'm an old mayor here but I got to the ESP app and app the other day for the first time in about a week immigrant known. Where urges the headlines I don't mean video highlights of every game tonight logical cared. Give me the headlines of everything that's going god why don't want to morrow we'll. Items rolling all of what happens is getting into it does the simple we complicated absent things on the Internet wait much. Where used to be very accessible. I find myself waiting around. Please give you a timeline be for. Mean. Did you knew and then and then not needing to update. Yeah good times. He just needed a day. I I had agreed that they did our. I've fire TV and and asked me yesterday due on top of gray knows. In if you Allen's turn and I hit it and I couldn't find the sporting you know slightly worse than that from the Spanish one I couldn't Miami went into Israel it looked like we're and then Bob's and other. The daily hourly and I'm like you know like I'm about I'm not looked and that's why can't I you are. Like. I say I yelled at iTunes for like years now because they have a state like every five minutes right. I can't climate freaky is that there and that's what I plan. But I'm. I remember when I first got the iPhone I would I would not do via these these Josh did an update on died years old his boats tied unique and a ticketed and they tell me don't do the coach up it's like miss so many updates on computers and iphones and ipads and I things because you had that white I'd go to the updates click yeah. I. Eight used it yet so far down the line and I call apple on the SN BCDs and a review the title yet that was so many updates alone so I had installed this likely install the next one to get you to the one that I meet there's. IE and I. That anymore. Oh my god. Why do I really meet but it's legal validates our weight down I do way I can view that first of development that later and good week to it and make sure everything's Basra but did the thing with the iPhone we got parsley two or three weeks ago we got new iphones final route to the sixth. And him like immediately as you as you turn your phone under stunning new day. Loan. I know that. The latest update. Guess I mean reduction they installed at four in the store owner and you'd think they would have the latest and angry stuff so it's like it's the app was good why bother might like fixable that was OP has been deported and held a job for like eight or nine minutes on the sporting game it's good day today before I could find the the numbers and gradually as the sport and as well. All right draft the forty fives and according to Torres pillar of the Kansas City Star things can get very weird for the chiefs. Next the old patient of mine will be stricken from the record for. This morning powered by the day. This is. Bob Tilton plumbing PD AC move and the political play of the game but with the royals snowed out rained out weathered out yesterday. Not and I am having is there was in the game yesterday have a play the game itself. We'll dive into the royals at 8 o'clock and Josh courier or oils insider here on sixth and Sports Radio. But your chance to win a point five dollar gift card courtesy of toppers pizza with locations in mission and Lawrence normally at 745 weekdays at. After a royals game is it is the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC Ruder and electrical play of the game. Perez paler released a mock draft for the Kansas City Star that was focused solely on the chiefs and quick recap. Where it kind of overbearing. Thing here for the quick recap. Of who he has them taking in the first three rounds of course the chiefs know first round pick but they have a second round pick to third runners isn't going tight end. In the second round. Which is just crazy. On the into red says I know I know. But Torres won about the defense yes is it trust me as the man who had to watch this team all last year I'm willing to me how badly the defense needs reinforcements across the board and I do think that if any of the chiefs' top defensive targets remain on the board. Brett beach will not hesitate to either trade up to snag a top rated quarterback or pass rusher. Or simply use this pick on the defensive side of the ball those scenarios I'll cover marks two or three but for now. Let's consider what will happen if beach can't trade up and all their second round worthy targets that pass rusher and he backed off the board of he's not going to reach. And that's an interest import of this where he's he's not going to reach for a player just because it's a position of need. If there's somebody big raid lightly at that spot that falls to number 54 or they can trade up to get somebody and they really high regard that's what they'll do. But if it comes down to all those guys are gone you couldn't trade up. He's not going to reach for a third round talent in the second round he'd rather go with somebody on the offensive side of the ball if you believe he'll get bigger value. Well I think they're gonna trade up anyway I think they're gonna end up getting back into that first round and they're gonna draft somebody on the defensive line or an outside linebacker spot because those two areas right now that you need to have on defense as much as they. Have kind of eliminated defense from the NFL he's still gay could pass threshers you can still affecting gay you can still get to that quarterback and we don't know health issues with the two outside linebackers that we currently have on this roster right now. But from my standpoint if it's if it's all just black and white in and we're looking at a black and white issue. I've got to go defense here because there was a comment about them trying to make the you know the the the weapons around homes better and and Torres wrote. Remember the entire tenure and he greeted each will probably come down to whether Patrick Holmes develops into a star. The chiefs brain trust is put all their eggs in them homes basket which means the teams who do everything they can to make from homes reaches his immense potential. I don't disagree with that but I can't sacrifice. The defense side of the football to try to make sure that the quarterback that we traded up four as the success and totally forget about. That side of the football because if you totally forget about that side of the football. It's 2001 through 2005 all over again here in Kansas City where you're put up points but you're not win and a lot of games and and that's the thing that concerns me the most. I really don't care about half the homes numbers. I care at the end of the year did you did you win enough games to get in the playoffs did you win in the playoffs that's what matters and if you don't have a well balanced team. And in guys that can play defense you're not gonna have that postseason success that we all all the craze here in Kansas City balls they put up great numbers and Ahmad doubting that he will. But it doesn't mean you're gonna win a lot of football is because you could lose a lot of games 41 to 38. You've got to find a way to not forget about that defense aside of the football it's been done once already hearing Kansas City by guided Andy Reid is very close to he needs to take a lesson from Dick and learn from Dick that you can't forget about that side of the football and one if what if they. Provide all its offensive weapons and he doesn't numbers well that's that that that's the other thing it's a DJ started a little bit because of drafting all of focusing and like all these office of what. Well the thing is then you'll now. Right he's I think that that's what you're trying to do is a franchise if find your franchise quarterback in and build up around them. So they're giving Patrick Holmes everything around and they believe he's going to be successful. But if he's not you're gonna find out pretty quickly and be able to take another shot on a quarterback and try to you know reset okay. We go after next so you get them all these options on offense is forced the defensive side I don't know. That it's necessarily. We just ignored the defense like even even in the case of Dick for me. I don't think ignored the defense. I think they collected Torres started from T I think they did a poor job drafting defense stated they went after defensive players 2001 to 2006 they were with Eric downing in the third round to be if you go and just just first day picks terrible which means rounds one through three in 2001 there was Eric downing in round three member they have a first or second round regular trading him for regulatory green 2002 was the year they -- the sixth overall pick on Ryan sitting right they took him because John bunting him for meal or boys so he took his friends guy in the second round them with defensive end 83 was terrible lack that was bad for the kick. In 2003 there was Larry Johnson the first round then second round Kawika Mitchell yeah. Was decent enough linebackers enough he put a long time in the NFL third round Julian battle. Defensive back thousand missed. He doesn't force when they took juniors to be key in the second round and here in fox in the third round and linebacker to defensive players neither one hit. You go through not until 2005. Did they start really hitting. With with Derek Johnson a first round they are really hitting on offensive players is that's where they went went like it dared Johnson in 05 and then 2006 met Tom Hall Lee followed by Bernard Pollard like that's where you start to really see some of the better defensive players come to Kansas City. But they just had a stretch of what Ford drafts. There were just. I mean it inexcusable we terrible not winning this is drafting us objects because you yet had the picks gone for Trent Green you have the picks on predict for meal see how a lot of those first eight picks to you can do it. Because he need to trade him for a coach and quarterback which in the day and yeah obviously me back stuff. But you you look at at those first date Dixon and I'll never forget the conversation with Gunther Cunningham Ree is our biggest problem is we don't have any first day draft picks. Our defense right now and in first day meeting rounds one through three back in the day so. You meet those guys I don't know how many of those guys right now we have on the Kansas City Chiefs defense he got he got the Ford who's never healthy you've got Justin Houston who has been healthy since fourteen you've got Eric Berry is coming off an Achilles injury those three guys that are technically at first base defense Chris Jones but it. Yeah yes he is a mean it was a sec around picky got a guy like that but that's still. You need more than that you meet those first day guys rounds one through three. To be hitting and your defensive backs he got guys that I mean who knows who's playing quarterback this year in a who's who's gonna play safety I coo who these guys that were gonna have out there. That are going to be big time play makers that were drafted in the first three rounds. If you don't have that it's very difficult to be successful you'll always find those diamonds in the rough and there's a Tom Brady's you know on their all the time in in different Rask for different positions. But you've got to be able to hit on those first day draft picks round one to win three. And if you don't you're not gonna be very successful on defense and that that's this growth is in the pudding when we think about all these defense is that'd be good over the years they have. All these exceptional guys that they were able to get a first and second round. And the patriots and the blues in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady at a record performance the best defensive player any complaint and they lost the game. But 815. We have yours cancer risk to get the brisket for fifty dollars this vocals or fewer than 820 we're giving away tickets to rock that. June 2 at the Kansas Speedway so keep it locked in for that also at some point. I promise at some point. The ice is going to melt and we're going to watch some baseball on a consistent basis what is coming. And what's gonna happen when it comes we'll find out from Josh Berger our world's insider here on 610 Sports Radio he joins us in two minutes risk in the morning. And Sports Radio.