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Monday, April 16th

Is the Chiefs putting all their eggs in one basket a wise move? Plus. the funeral for football is scheduled, we Shout It Out, and who doesn't love a good mock draft? 


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Still in the morning out my welcome Bob best coach John Coyne web producer Brian quick Hauspie. And it's her eyes Taylor became a city star put out a contrast has some interesting things to say within that who gets you here just a moment but that's still. This is talking during the there any update as that. She's rams game in Mexico city's going to be November 19. At least reportedly. Andy you're saying you're more excited for that game and probably any game on the schedule even though it's an NFC west game that's. By and large the most worthless gamer gonna play out here it probably isn't as if it's not even like for the governor's company where the reds used to be in Saint Louis before they lost their what second football team in three decades it's unbelievable right so it's unbelievable to hear all of that about sailors is a baseball hockey accountable it is a baseball town maybe I India whatever. But I yeah I got excited about this yesterday I was reading about the big game and it like the news was breaking that this was gonna be on November 19 is going to be a Monday night game like a man I more jacked for this game but I think I am for a game against Denver game against Oakland game against San Diego might. I shouldn't be more excited NFC west vs AFC west tied the game. But man this is gonna have stars this one's gonna have trash talk in this was gonna have revenge written all over both from a Sammy Watkins angle and of course from a markets Peters angle. I'm just looking forward to that match champion on national stage everybody wants I think it's going to be a relatively good football game with a lot of subplots to Basilan loser pays ball yeah. You really live off off off off not. I think I think I just see how. Obviously here's a relief and and and we we all think they're the rams are gonna get hurt or they think they're going to be good because they've loaded up. Com and then now than. I I lose their base I am only a little throwaway line off. Half I don't know I was gonna melt down the governor's job okay whatever whatever mistakes it's if they don't like even him cry and you can go to the government. Put a thumbs up they get out but it acquitted this match up not public yet it's the most exciting of the schedule I the rams. You know they're gonna be the most talked about team probably the NFL right outside of you know the give them the one that's not normally in the sphere of patriots sure whoever else. And then the revenge match yeah I think it's going to be great and that's that's the most anticipated and scheduled at. Past Niemi and every time as we see the Broncos ME Jones of HTC. Yeah it is thus far. And this is he good to see Hawkins against Marcus he and that's for both teams that's going to be something that. Everybody's when he too especially for the markets Peter's side though because at Milwaukee's was there for one year the rams tried to get past her wisdom is not as if the rams you know mark is Peter at Watkins we don't want anymore let's get rid of him. They were one of the teams and one of the seven. In on Sam walk in and free agency that you could you afford to get the franchise tag because they had to use it elsewhere. So oh. Will be as intense for rams and say why is standpoint. Before chiefs and mark is Peter standpoint. That's going to be a big conversation lead all he had if we think about sports or news or if they over the past. A few years is that everybody is now forced to stay in a perpetual state of being offended in a perpetual state of controversy and what better than the markets Peters angle up to November 19 with the with the rams in the chiefs that's what nationally people will be. Round obvious hustle I guess internationally internationally now today it's an international incident down there and Mexico right now so I I think I think it is going to be fun leading up to it but one thing deal. Mike you mentioned we we learn about all this fake outrage over the last couple years no matter what happens for those outraged by something. Arm and and now we've got ourselves a game that features. You don't Marcus Peterson was unceremoniously traded because the owner didn't like what he was doing you know on the sidelines or whatever now we've got ourselves as a kind of rematch right away too it's not like he can wait three years or something like that they knew finally the rematch so. This a rematch right away and and it's going to be on an international stage and I think. What's good about that is is out I was also thinking about this is like the regular season in sports has become basically useless milk likes the regular season. Think about it I mean like I disagree but I also play a lot of fantasy football so that might that might play into it a little bit again I wouldn't because the super locked in a the the NFL regular season I'm super locked in the NFL red zone but. At the same time for me it it's a lot of it is driven by fancy but I'm sure isn't any NFL I was lucky they have fantasy football I think it's the best thing gold for any sport right now and in any league is obviously fantasy football or. The National Football League but you know like the NBA ratings are huge right now for the postseason people loved the play offs people love that subplot the the the regular season that we're seeing in sports mean. Is baseball season started look at waste I mean like seriously like we're two weeks into the baseball season does anybody know what's going on our air right now because every other game is rained out snowed out or cold out you know somewhere. In Major League Baseball they can't get any momentum gold but when the playoffs at all these sports whether it's it's baseball playoffs the NBA the NFL. People take it up to a new level we need something importantly give us you know what our appetite during the regular season. And that's why I think this rams chiefs game is like so important so vital because it does whet their appetite give something else exciting to look forward to the existing Monday night game. In November that they're taking the Mexico City to try to make a few extra bucks for the owners back in the states mean so. You look at EOK they put two good teams together they put two great subplots together and bam it's gonna be an Monday Night Football game kudos to the NFL forget this one right. Better put on. National stage put our money and I am in Mexico City it works out really well for everybody involved if in fact the reports that the chiefs rams game in Mexico City will be a Monday Night Football on November 19. If those reports. True at 707 today just like we do every day of the seventh call will be registered to win 777. Dollars from seven streak is Tina. Well a total of 35 registered so there will be a 135 chance for you to win the 777. Dollars from century casino. Just been listening at 707. Right here on sixth and Sports Radio. The Kansas City Star released his mock draft and through the draft the mock draft itself. I'm not sure gritty these people are I don't know who might just sticky from Penn State never I didn't. That's who it suits rescue as she's taking 54 overall in the second round at. I watched quite a bit Big Ten football league and in I don't know who this guy. So not a great sign it. And I also don't understand why tied and would make sense he also has them going with quarterback Dante Jackson in the third round and we see in a state. And it. Well also the third round promote go to ray from rockers ever sixth overall. Wow so I guess it's either Steagall outside linebacker corner height and would throw me a little bit. Well beyond that there was a piece in this from Torres paler they kind of stuck out to you fast though he says. But remember the entire tenure of any read and Brett each or alternately come down to whether Patrick Holmes develops into a star. The chief brain trust has put all their eggs in them homes basket which means change we'll do everything they can't make sure homes reaches his immense potential. Yet that that's interesting and kind of jumped out the Torres said that I understand look we gotta make sure this guy does have successful were you draw the line between making sure pat Holmes has success vs team success because I think they are two totally different things. Pat holds can go out there in pro for thirty touchdowns in the chief finish 88 look at that cesium. While the duke rape me alternately for me you know for the folks are thousand watt. You wanna win games you wanted to go to the playoffs you wanna do damage in the post season and I think if you spend too much time focusing on making sure that pat Holmes is this all world player tried to basically prove to everybody that you made the right decision to go well in Japan holds. You're kind of neglect the rest of that team and and we saw that theory in Kansas City in being from 2001 to 2005. You know as much as I loved and valued Dick. The weight that they Graham that football organization here for five years was still focused on the offensive side of things. They forgot what they needed to do to win on the defense side of things Andy really neglected that side of the football and I don't wanna see the Kansas City Chiefs under Andy Reid fall back into that same trap as they were under Dick back in the early 2000 where it was all offense offense offense and your losing games in the post season 4138 because you can't force Peyton Manning there. You know to punt or anything like an insult. I think this is a very slippery slope. And you have to be able to balance out my home to have success. But I also want to have team's success as well that'll that forget have a conversation with Gunther Cunningham who's the Decourt metered the tiniest. We don't have any first date defensive. Side of the football and first a talent backed endless rounds one through three and you look at this defense right now how many. First date talents are on the defense you got Eric Berry coming off of injury yet. Justin Houston who knows what he's going to be you got the Ford you really don't know much about him. Other than that I can't think of anybody off the top of my head that is they around one through three draft pick. On the defensive side of the football you need those guys to be successful Kindle had bowler was but he's also traded for trailer for Doug asked bill but they get it it's it's almost like you're you're you're just hold forgetting about the defensive side of the football. To try to prove your point I hate these terms small man's syndrome but that's what I remind nibbled at small ads into your work or do everything we can't show you that we were right by drafting pat albums. That we're gonna forget about the defense aside the football and that's not good for the entire organization going full Andy gets all the toys he wants right. No that's and I'm like okay uses this just in need year walk with it yet just giving him the wish list and say go get beat these guys because. Yeah I EU loading up that they brought in Tony running back and in these key added running backs for some particular reason I don't know. CJ Spiller is not on not going to be on retainer literature because they signed like. Two other guys and who worked out how many ever other guys the tight end position seems to be one that keeps creeping up and every mock draft in every. Little smoke and weed inaugural park so he got busted sized products and I'd like I backed up Tai Wesley couldn't catch worth a damn either back up or second tight and is a massive priority yeah okay they God's samarra you'll need more time there now yeah so this this is that this is this. Harper this is bizarre desire I. Yeah you got up address some of the defense is like that it is in the act the defense doesn't it is since since Sutton not give in them beaches office like he hit a code nowhere near it if you think the other wrapping up day a lot about us. The flip side this argument because vesco I think to what extent I agree with you making good point. We need to think back to Dick for meal era the word different aero football shirt early two thousands you need to have a really good defense to being contention. Now having great quarterback success almost instantly translates to having great team success because it changed the rules. That the NFL has done everything they can't make the quarterback of the most important position on the field by a huge board. It's always been the most important but that margin between how important the quarterback is how important rest your team has has gotten so large that if they do. Hit with pastor homes and they give him enough weapons and has become one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL. I think it changed you have that record success on top of success with home. But I think that the flip side of that too is though the New England Patriots did win the Super Bowl this year why well you know Tom Brady played their best defensive player was benched in Malcolm but he can go out there and play and they could not stop the Philadelphia Eagles at all I think ultimately you're right Mike the quarterback does drive everything but at the end of the day if you wanna win football games it still goes back to old school make get a stop it somebody off the field on third down make it a big time play slipping that script a little bit and getting an extra possession and if you don't have good enough defensive players out there. You're just not gonna be able to do that eventually your your luck does run out you're not going to be put forty plus point for. I would like to be the patriots position though it says. The idea well the other you're right they did these at your best that's defensive player Tom Brady put up a monsters are fabulous visible and they lost and know very better. Her great performance well. I don't like how to play in that he had them amazing perform right Tom Brady did but they they didn't get the win. I would like to be in that scenario. Where your in the Super Bowl your quarterback has a great performance and just falls a little bit short. For the patriots the bar has been set right the bar set buyers successes so for the patriots they are expected to win that game. For me. I'm just happy to see what a quarterback Hamburg to the table but if they do go offense in the second round Albie discourage you because I think. And I promise you this everybody who who loves what's going on right now with the chiefs offense let's great but we three of the season weeks for the season when they give up forty points or some the light that they lose you know forty to 28 we're going to be almighty god what what the hell's going on this team to totally forgot about the defensive side of the football I I think taking an offensive player. If they do have that second round pick they don't trade back into the first out I still think is a very good possibility of getting back into the first round. I think if they go offense with their first pick of the draft a major mistake by this organization you've got to have somebody play defense for apartments opportunity great. Yeah. Our perfect fit gave. That let alone look I have all of Qaeda the lighters neighbors let's go right. The big day of college football as we know it. He's dead. Find out why next as much as I loved and valued dare he critique it's. Powered by the Jane. Kicked off serve very close to being gone in college football so college football as we know it will go away. And it there a lot of people that believe this about you would see it including. Texas head coach Tom Herman accorded Dennis Dodd of CBS. He said that he's built their coaches before retire. I firmly believe you're not going to see kick offs. I think that's gonna happen. Football's been gravitating that way for awhile soon it moved forward rightly. So about valiantly at its 45 on a touch back because that way gives you more incentive not to the ball out of the answer. They've done everything they can't try to phase out kick offs and I think we're very far away from a time where it's going to be gone completely well I. I think so either but I I think we see this all the time and especially in football with a kick offs like where they kicking the ball off of from that is that the 35 yard line in the NFL does it even really bill because it doesn't affect the game. That much you know like they. Speeding it approach changing the take off however you wanna say it. Really hasn't affected the game all that much you have at least seen a big difference on the field the place I think eliminating the kick off altogether I mean if you go ahead and do that I'm okay I used to be anti this you know old it really kick off take out the return right you have yet don't take up that stuff but the more I think about more Mike. See those returners risks themselves and it's not just the returner either guys they were talking about. All the wedge guys and everybody that's on the east kick off teams that are flying down like at Santa element or any quality knocked out I mean we're losing guys from injury on these plays the I would rather see play during the game you know how the money buys or being as big wedge guy back in the day on this kick off wedge bus right he was the wedge buster might he was really good at that. But I would've liked to see money buys a maybe play more on the defense of suck if it you know because he could have to give his body on the on the east kick offs and so it's not just the returners it's everybody that is involved and so if they want to eliminate the kick off just give everybody the ball to 25 yard line to start the drives. I'm cool with that man I I really got no issue with that anymore because. All the changes rules lies that we've seen in sports as they hands. We really don't notice that except for the mound being lowered in 1968 the designated hitter coming into baseball. Have we really noticed that limited mound visits are we really noticed any of the big eyeing changes. That they're making to the game from a consumer standpoint the answer for me is Dell may be some people say the new ones has changed a little bit but I think any of these like changes that leads talk about really truly affect what we love about those sports of what -- rid of the tick off some final demand. I've always been a very a very big opponent defense so I think a lot of these rule changes do impact the game pretty significantly because you seem to defense becoming increasingly an important. Read it's it's in a big game at great defense can put you over the top no matter wise. The rules are geared toward putting up offensive numbers in football sold. Those rule changes and take away from mines when it because on one of the few people that actually enjoys defense office. Well watching football so it's hurt my enjoyment of a little bit by. If this forge kickoffs though. I've always thought kick offs should be I mean even when I was a kid. If 250 pound man plain red rover and basically his origin it somebody's gonna it's seriously hurt when your new football. That absolutely should be gone peers because your returners that don't have the wherewithal to keep telling. So you ever Turner's that like try to stop in Cannes because they're young and don't know any better and then that he's cute teed off on an IQ just gets weirder and because you know how to protect yourself. Two young has been taught yet. Well winning kick I'll situation that's insanely dangerous so I've always kind of been on the side of the not necessarily eliminate kickoffs is give people bought the 25 but you have to find a better way. Damn what they are you could there be some. Kind of compromise where. You know you're you're down a certain not a point to the certain amount of time. Then you do a kick off a little place it's only five maybe I don't know you know some like that or it's like a team trying to come back you know you take UN map which is start of forty or 45 with a nice return we'll. Maybe there's something there but most the time it doesn't it doesn't really factor and it really or Sony the terrible decision doesn't return it to the you know yeah what about anyway yeah that's the fifty catches it in me dumb stuff like that anyway so agreement but then maybe you that's like global we can pay them back so. I don't know the weakness of baton once it got in there I. Think we will either Greg Shia former record worst team lousy at Ohio State coach and linebacker who also states still there. Because you know the Tennessee being felt through our PE adding an rocketing an honor that's exactly right yeah. I think he's he had a radical idea back you know when he was the head coach of rockers and and it was ever after every touchdown and do the extra point. The BB team that just scored then gets the ball at their own thirty yard and they can either doing fourth and fifth team where they gained fifteen yards a get a first down make it to keep the football. Or they can choose to punted need to use dusting call with the booted deep into the back to the other team. So after every touchdown it becomes a fourth and fifteen from your own thirty. For the team that's escort ethnic about it if you're down two scores late in the game he scored that touchdown right you cut it to one score. Now you've got one play to get fifteen yards hell yeah you're gonna go for it does change strategy a lot. It changes Jude the dramatics of football it's a radical idea but I was reading about this I was on the plane yesterday and I'm like. I liked this idea like I I think could be a lot of fun and how much has been unseated doesn't get the ball ever it right after. It. It's. Right idea again just keeps going toward her racquet fifteen on the thirtieth while would be the harm it. Doing that but can you see eighty reed's ruling that one up big time Minnesota Monday morning talking about Andy Reid screw that would have a YEO. Of they've teamed up six or something like that given the podium the bald area. These buildings like excellent Whittle through it makes it makes your coaches they go too much of Africa which history and cookies and I think you need to I think it's of the that would be differed and he and you'd love this he. How people adjust to that what they do with those type situations hey you're out it's just go back and doing the playoff game in your down two scores you get at school or. And instead of having to do an onside kick which never works to try to get the ball back. Now you've got the ability of fourth and fifteen at the thirty yard line at your own thirty yard line all wouldn't you take boosting its it would Tyreke kill Kareem hunt Travis Kelsey to pick up fifteen yards. And they give yourself the opportunity to go down their put into the end zone to get help I would right now axle especially society's ability please decency my idol does do that. Shouted out there have been ten minutes Tex lines 69306. Any topic Q1 discussed the more rain in the better go ahead throw it out there. Also we lost some legends in the world of entertainment over the weekend it. Or bell and or the her me we discussed them next. In the morning. It's. Sports Radio. And 306. Topic was discussed. As random as you want to go ahead and fired out there we'll go ahead and dive in it. Moss two legends in the world of entertainment over the weekend. Actor or leave her be who diamond in his career and at 645. Here on sixth and Sports Radio but also Art Bell. Who is most famous work post the post news radio show which was nationally syndicated in 1993. Very much all about the X addressed through holes about about our daily. Yes yeah conspiracy theories and all those things one of the more entertaining strayed bizarre shows you never analyzed it and really let's keep the all in on the NFL conspiracy theories like me he probably take him to the umpteenth degree and my first job my first paid job in radio I was the the guy was producing here in Kansas City and it rubbed of the board hit the button for the commercially and he took one break every now was at the thirty minute mark you know at 637. Everytime I miss the I had it won just. Let out of school and high had a hit. I could never figure it out ever so and I value and everything you do that side of the glass well I know you'll work outs all -- knew how to do it no I wouldn't do it the saved my life is literally had. A duplicate that button and I had like these notes written I couldn't figure it out guys now think they eventually got rid of me but it was -- at least do what the hell was going on I had no idea of the thing was even on the aircraft the time but that and I saw our it was 74 to our bill was a lot older I figured if you're talking to the aliens all these years on radio and you were probably older than 74 years old it just seems very young. For an alien converted scan but conversational list whenever the word is. If you're elites you better be older than 74 OK art was actually 7272. In the earners seven all OK okay and I said to young man and he got hit 41 this week that's that's more than halfway there was this thing though that are belted his radio show like a bunker in Roswell best. That was should not but I was like the rumors that he isn't a bunker right in in Roswell, New Mexico. Hiding from the government as he did his radio show that's right. It was the case. Like like you know the legend right yeah like a lot of alleged to hear about things at once that football's all right and this guy that was kind of the legend has rightly that he was sitting there in that bunker and in New Mexico talk with a license you're doing that he should be in either an RV year trailer. Via in the desert somewhere. Where some kind of underground yeah. Although a couple of good for you in the middle of the day things I would I would believe yeah yeah I. I absolutely would believe that I could I could you see our Belle doing all of that stuff so yeah pad passing on the sympathies are belittle the alien enthusiasts out there is tarnish. 69306. Attacks like dale in my league meetings here instrumentalists extent that it. Text or says people who carry an old gallon milk carton around filled with water. You did to him via C now get back at him now as a guy William Bill Allen and it was a originally like a water yeah multi way baby it's it's the if you like could be half gallon of milk. That's what their goes with the hair brown is filled with water use that to replenish the I mean by the the my job a gallon of water partner cured yet was to keep it right heroes but they. Maybe it's just from belly it's definitely gallon jug and yes and you know with the original guy Jim it's definitely a washed out though it only help us. There there's a LEX yesterday letting water bottles wrapped around his neck like when he announced water bottles for a man does that answer you about treatment in Munich and trying to get through security if I get to this and it's our. That's the ones right and it and it's going to detector devices take on your mantle cell phones are the concerns and I think it's that total. Really trying to split hairs there and things Vasco values and loves more than this. My wife my kids my parents my in laws and fruitless and fruitless. I use they reel mower on my lawn. All those guys we got a guy down the street Thomas is actually went with busy. There's only the Sierra Club together and uses one of those like push mowers and actually sharpen the needs. Not against our non electric light. An actual little real thing on the Kansas and yeah I like Porky Pig used back in the day in one. This with the environment I think in possesses it's probably those other things too to actually gives you better cut him and the qualities in a very small yard and I lived in Illinois and I bought one again as the worst wasn't really really old I don't need to gas Margo Somalia are low right here little backyard. It was so much work that I bet that sounds terrible. You know the sharp and the yeah yeah it always gets doctor you know and it was awful. Underrated Kevin Bacon movie tremors. It feels like it's. The aptly re now my skis of that one that's yeah he's tremors there's a new tremors movie coming out there's shortly. And Travers movie stills and every. Heard of your term the terms and as a kid and Kevin Bacon in these. How would you describe the tremors like the giant underground slugs the other. Sand warming. That but beetlejuice and norms only gonna walk at the monster ball alls I am thinking about it eight and in Mexico you have to order they can simply. You don't have a of them like the breakfast buffet is everybody soaring bulls told me he's still at a mere eating apples or they. And I was when he hasn't been you know all the rumors that right he dies or mail or so I think he was only in the first. Like that that's the ones that data from family ties and all amounts in all the got a death in my time as it is. On what is news hits it every single we're at the other snow speaking family ties to Baxter Burney the New England audience for a woman. That sounds accurate. We'll just go with its. Why before it's always no worse in the shower and then you can read Bobby Fischer in an enclosed in mrs. I think it's because there's nothing to filter actions while straight from death but all this into the air gets to PNC the ways that straight from the killer's death. Q you're the smaller environment in the water that really hot and so it's heated up in a beautiful waters that are. Our putting and a microwave. Or written your. Favorite video game movie. Resident Evil Al gets that close honestly teenage mutant ninja turtles. TV chauffeurs I don't know maybe I know there was a video game there was a movie there was a whole. Range does the van dame street fighter. Is is that there just on personally pixels than an awesome and I made Tron and among. And videogame and but the count if they made a video game out a bachelor's and was that via video through video game turned into a movie like Mortal Kombat. Which is probably the worst video game turned into a move. But legend it's notable turn that into a movie. Bigamy and three that every time I love and Tyson's punch out Tyson's punch out how big man I want a little Mac live from my neighborhood. Right at him and you mega man the man was the best video game blood. Little Mac feels like I got an underdog story waiting to happen. When not a lucrative together. Final one for you guys went with holes this movie's long go Lear's is that a Kevin Bacon and usually never been so happy to have fessed up that. Much sooner. Appreciate. Someone wants to know what he's our favorite thing about Bob being gone was. Then. Mean there is a summon enough you must choose one. Nobody wants the and to them it's. A this new phone call I got to dictate and shouted out started that was good. I ask senator. Hey presto sends an email yesterday about what our favorite kind of not once you know literally yeah. Why do you say I do that and I was the only one minute to hate him but. Euros anything you know you're the new one the party. Good honey let's not. Honey roasted pecans cash used in you know I don't look anything like you can pretty gross. Anything like hand you had. Eminent heroes and a political and rooms there because they've they've ebitda as the thing you know the copyright. Mr. peanut and that I was glad and that just like some vocals barbecue alone. Risky for the rest well why I didn't know that has become an issue at all. This bush feeling a bit yeah there's other barbecue places that are trying to steal a bit now that was really to me when I was down in Mexico has become an international incident now and did you see this oh I'm just gonna play stupid like it didn't okay effect. Or not are. And CDs all over the place and I see people in this one with the. I was CNV not seen the yet that was the spewed. Cease and assists no matter anything not dirty sometimes the. So you heard. Let's we do it every day it's 36 here on 610 Sports Radio. If we could see some massive trade in this year's NFL draft not just for pics of for some store that could be on the move as well. We explain it to the people next. That's still in the morning powered by the GA. That's still in the morning on my welcome Bob best coach Yost went our producer Ryan how's he. Yeah FL draft to get very interest fees we go forward not just from a standpoint that picks but we could see some stars on the moon. They who in just a few minutes but first the key play yeah and I think. You know today because of the passing. Some of the R&R Ali early we've got to my all time favorite we got full metal jacket. Yeah Ottawa goal and. I hit. The horror they did not reveal more about him. Well and didn't get better they let me figure real war and. And our. What are the most intense 45 minutes in movie history is that drill sergeant opening scene to full metal jacket I mean bad thing right there. I think it's one and and medium you know caught at the moment I'd always thought I always thought that was one of the best. Movie moments ever. Is that first 45 minutes. A full metal jacket where they are going through that boot camp in heat like that's one of the best played roles. I think I've ever seen in movie history it's amazing. Well it was not also not scripted it was our the army and Stanley Kubrick being close in Cooper tell him just just go do it. Because if it was a marine here I knew he knew like okay say the worst of it like the work stuff you could ever imagine anybody ever sane and go to so that was really just all are in the army and everybody else talk about full metal jacket because that was incredible. I've read about last night those saving Silverman you this whole area is saving Silverman is the coach if any. New result it's angered everything got fired because he threw the first down marker yes he threw that the stick and punctured through the refereed I do so mad at their wrath that is a very underrated and whole areas performance though. Recipes are they army Mets that's a that's a tough wanna lose. Gym teachers go from being like that guides it not that guy anymore because you watch the Goldberg's in the gym teacher that thing is basically that same type deal where in the short show about governance agreement like the plague the gym teachers great. In the Goldberg's and you see all those old school guys like the seventies and eighties and now we've gotten soft you can't play dodge ball he can't play capture the flag simply hiding go see cameos like. All these things that you used to be able to do a gym class you can even you can climb the rope anymore gym class believe let's take the president at. This test us. I I don't know if it's called the do they still do the president until now I would think so and it had been don't make it's it's easy logon and yeah I haven't but I. Are there the last president as he asked the president of fitness that somebody its current one is some news that effect. Who can pass the presidential fitness test that was the dumbest thing we thought it's good it's the flex arm hang yet. Kurt perhaps the expert Christians and good to know. Now that the I am I glad I can't. That you guys are currently past the presidential finesse and now and no of course not you're you reached when it reached out I could probably do the stretching thing the flex arm hang always got me when I was a kid. And got it because I was built ago you if your. Really skinny. It's very tough to do that all kids dominated. And the kids that were larger like ninety we just hanging on purely personal pocket for your joints right the idea of the flex arm hang is flawed to begin with the idea most of the presidential fitness test all its losses yet but he'll go run and get better racer over there bring back here drop that you training for the column. The president has asked me to use your fitness test immunity so he passed that day climbing the robot could climb wrote anything about it and there one at least twelve they launched the presidential youth fitness program that replaced the thousand that replaced it program ground ball on an apparent about it -- programs that. That's a. Any draft talk on the forty fives here on six and Sports Radio so 645745. A 45 not 45 we're talking NFL draft lead up to the draft which of course begins a week from Thursday. And CBS sports put out a 2018 mock draft where they talked about stars potentially on the move. Where guys could go for picks on draft day. Lately on Delano though Beckham junior probably the two biggest names on it. And they think the most likely scenario is photo Beckham junior going to the browns while six number 33 in number 35. You'll get to you first routers what you get. Threw back at very fallen into the second round picks and they think that's going to be enough for New York to move on from Obi Jackie question that's an album do you think you mean like you to trade first in for a Dell back in junior. At him probably talk and I wonder if that relationship. Is really mended or if the giants put themselves in a situation similar to what the chiefs to. Room where everybody knew the chiefs were looking to move markets Peters there were smoke around at the media but every team knew because they asked every team about markets Peter's right so you're going to get a high draft pick for. Well the chiefs were rushed by everybody. Nationally for taking so little markets Peters. The giants might say well then put their hand let's come together and let's say everything's fine O'Dell come towards our our conditioning workouts which he did it. And was a everything's great we love all that Beckham junior and then if somebody comes back and says. Well now that you guys love and everything seems okay. Up our offer a little bit more. And then we'll move and so as much as they say we're not going to trade Odom Beckham junior. I just think they'd want to trade him for the return they would get with everyone knowing he was on the mark by. I think that that's varied in comparison and I think obviously would you show your hand you kind of get screwed like that but I mean if you were O'Dell back in junior I'd rather play another year for the giants and patriots is they let us I don't citizens and this job yeah I mean my odds while always IC well either but good. Place for him with Cam Newton as another option for CBS sports would be a 24 overall pick from the Panthers inning when he 192 rounder along with defensive tackle Vernon Butler. That's a pretty big hole for the giants got 21 round if we'd get a first rounder you get next year's second rounder and get a defensive tackle didn't help immediately. So that one and they don't look at his. As realistic as the browns. But I think that would almost be more realistic at least in my mind the get a player back seat so I got first rounder a player in the second rounder. You could sell that pretty easily to giants LEU summit everybody got three players back a first sector and in a bad it's played in the NFL before sure I mean that's easily sellable in camp needs help yes I mean even help amendment went down with an injury early last year anymore in this league you need to top flight wide receivers to be a dynamic offense. I think they'll go back and junior in Carolina would be much better fit because in Cleveland they are happy Jarvis Landry and Josh Horton. I Gary have too wide receivers they throw line. So going after a Beckham junior just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me for Cleveland it makes all the sense in the world from Carolina's perspective. Well in also makes a lot of sense to because again omen beating the giants GM down obviously being down in Carolina before people like to draw those you know and comparisons and say oh he knows these guys down here so he's got a good working relationship with them and he really knows the talent that's inside the Carolina system. So he'll be get a good player back. Act because he's got an insider trader information so you could see that one happening I think as well but if I'm looking at the two trade scenarios there. I prefer the Carolina won because you get the player back he'd get more back room deal that could junior. And you know the beginning of the second round great you know it's it's the end of the first round people like to call but it's still a crapshoot with the draft immediate goal for -- With those picks and have absolutely nothing to end a show for or got Michael Dell computer. Real quickly they also broke down late jobs bill they have him either going to be breeders or the Redskins who Wear the Steelers would switch picks so they'd say all right. We'll give you lay on bell in our number 28 overall pick. For the tenth overall pick to Oakland. Or the thirteenth overall pick the Redskins and the Oakland won this kind of scares me but I don't want him going and you know you unity and you don't want him there I mean he's that good course what he's like on against the chiefs right you know there I'm Bell's been a pain in the chief's side and it's been a rough one so yeah I don't wanna see lady on they'll anywhere mere. The AFC west I'd much rather go with Alex Smith in the Hennessy yet no question about I think Alex Smith but while that would likely be about look how much better Alex Smith's game became when he got you know Kareem on part of that offense as well who is running back in Washington right now you don't know so. That would be a nice move for for both teams are scary movie if you're Kansas City though and he went out there to that it Oakland why the chiefs bomb the palladium that we need another running back on your. They sign kirwan William on the bottom yes I like his paints. I don't know what those good fighter but it out. Say this team tends to struggle a little bit who in two minutes ski in the morning. Communities and and Sports Radio.