04/15 - 11 am - KU Worried, Ohtani Day, Ric Flair is a Liar

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Sunday, April 15th

Hour two kicks off with the best 59 second show in radio and after Pops latest postgame press conference should Kansas fans be worried about Bill Self. Ohtani Day and why MLB needs to decide whether they should change the rules for the new wave of stars and Ric Flair is almost as big of a liar as Serda. 


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. A man studio loud and 592. Show I and a students and as our sponsors are certainly spending as just talking about. Dez Bryant doesn't believe all of his former teammates had his back. Eating some played a role in his released Friday while the former cowboys receiver declined to give specific names during national network interview. He did mention the team's captains and players he called. Gary. Expressed doubt was one of the cowboys six captains award their guys. And each I've been saying I'm in my second year so as much as you want to say and I want to say this that those guys get paid a lot more than me and that's what those guys are there to dip. Well I don't believe that as a play maker that anybody should be clamoring for anymore I'm yeah. Apart by deaths approach here. That needs to understand yeah you might be headed your third season you're still on a rookie deal. But if your franchise caliber quarterback that is out. That is with the euros. This immediately. Shout. Two listeners. Put those eight years because we salute you. Over allowing us to BA's all part. Is. Morning. Violent gangs Stephens is in the building with me. You miss that if your coming late to support your every day Monday through Friday as the brand new Purdue's. Of the day see a foot like it think tended to. He's doing is they were very very very very proud of him name will. And we'll hear in about thirty minutes. The ornament four firmly believe what we're flies. The well we council that could be. We got to get check the podcast phase if you do not know we all. The show with rob as you usually are looking to have the number one as it all looked in the city radio matches were radio. But all of the NC radio. And those things in sports that. Check out our. Re tweet it here it's others can be saved but the 816 a run you suck yeah you momma. Yeah so. Anyhow. Didn't fund mess those due out. If he is having if he is a you know I loved it I love to take our breath while I think there's a woman. I its regularly brown and me on fortieth and this. Though let me go here because I says on the others. There is only sort of one job and on the Kansas thing. If it is not aware. That he viewed you're not in this the first time you listen to this show Miami Kansas and if that you know. But the only one job that really really makes me nervous. In terms of pills still leading in. And and that is the spurs. Because this this freeing RC Buford is the GM there and you know you've always thought OK poppy is there so you're good to pops been there he's been Roland there's since 9998. And there's always concern for me Oklahoma City even though that's where he's the area that he's from that was never real concern to me as much. Especially when Durant left. I'm last year he wants imports of us there's no guarantee to understand if Russell leave would be there for long appeared that's the only side but three year deal. But. The Senate's O'Neal's birds that's the law because you know bill is. Does get to a point. Where he is competitive and he is kind of looking for new challenges. And bet that the NBA one he has not been shot speak about India. And in their game that's one that could be considered. And I. And and what I was listening to yesterday's press conference pop. And it's been around the news it immediately made me sort of think of bill that made me think. Okay. This this direct opposites they could be closer. The real and this this is great he absolutely lost yesterday it didn't really lose the city this is just grades is being. But this is post game after they got obliterated by the warriors. Oh. Would've would vital vital it is. What sugar Olympics I don't know. Just he's he's. Assistant U. Does but you got your basket and it isn't immune to succeed him. Okay what do you want. So tyrants. What went wrong for you guys tonight. What went wrong for us yet this afternoon sorry I've lost when they played better than we've. If and it hit coat she day he started did Danny Green. And basically on Kevin. Does that mean that did that work very well what. Did you watch again yes would you say. Didn't he didn't work rule. So will will have been a girl 45 inches but Monday night. Told would jump higher and move quicker. And we'll talk Caroline don't be so good tomorrow. And and Caroline gets laughs out of his that is. And me he took a real shouted eatery. My thought is if he thought the shooter was time Gatorade. What's he thinking of power. Or god forbid all sport they even still make all we're it was not favor with the that was likely to shoot. He's like god I'm so tired this and if you follow this many of you have and I'll help you politically if you follow this basketball season sort of it would appear. That. The top of the eight. Is into doing a lot of other things besides coaching basket. Like if you. Think the patriots and the cardinals especially the patriot thus. Word the NBA birds of the page like nothing leaks out. Nothing gets out they are. They are bought the book they run a organization their players are different their players active in the club they're Stephen Jackson who used to be. Isaac I. Allegedly all the time was thought to be a troublemaker was no problems there. These aren't like the patriot and here in the last since Donald became the president basically Greg. Op bitch has become an activist and appears to be into doing. Other things that coaching basketball especially in the way that he had the full. And that makes me nervous and just saying that he's going to look why is this is best player is all who's missed. I played nine games this year with a watch a lot strain any and he will come back to play even though the spurs doctors have cleared up like. He's an interview day eight gobs of time these idiot guy over basketball. And he for a guy who's been in the game for resign his he has in the success that he has had is almost. I there's only a handful of coaches that have had the type of success that Greg I'm mad at us as well yeah he's he's a he's a brilliant coach at everything that he is done in a small market NBA market. I do think they he's got so many engineers that. Move outside of basketball on that he is warning to become more and more active and that and maybe that is a another chapter of his life that he's about ready to start. I just feel like he sag don't anywhere yet well cold I kids there's this big with collide like I don't think that's how Gregg Popovich wants and is curry. It out now but it but it could be you could be over this they'll write it on flat chips yeah he's been at this since 9998. Like. This echo Y island think could be I am over the I got a guy who's. Who is a guy who could be completely make a difference to our team and we would be playing the warriors in the first round I got a guy who won't play could be as they watched. I Ike and Tony Parker is getting older by it's it is seems like in dog years by the day. And in god and man who is still has it here problem but like I feel like. We talk about everything well let me he comes out sold that you think Belichick. Has kind of opened up the floodgates at the patriots have let things this is were right on lockstep with the patriot. They have gone into another place as us and he is he's coming out without being taxed certain about his thoughts. On political issues he's coming out about it without being axed about race issues himself. And like it just seems like this is a guy who used to be ultra focused on the game at what to do anything what. But that interview he did today yes but that's generally how is it used goal that is color. One word answers they were better than us now this year now man. Greg is giving you suck. He's giving you any. A quote every time because it just appears like. Basketball. And the focus of what it took for the spurs beat this bird is not really. All that big of a deal to him anymore or is or isn't port. Would you like usage of these well I would not be shocked of greatness that I dumber. A little state like he like he's thoroughly what is at that point in the in the interview he's gotten so tired. Like hit it. What that felt like it let him just put on a show that felt like. It was like he's really get over overall. And man if there is one place that eyes at Kansas and have concern about Bill Self cooling and that is the San Antonio. I mean they've already got LaMarcus Aldridge they've got some young players and maybe he could it. Maybe RC Buford hit have a better relationship a lot coli now that Greg is thought I would be shocked if Greg is a part of maybe. Collides issue I bet this did that yesterday and what can happen at to the warriors beat to hell out of him. Makes me really nervous about bill's. As that's the one place that there's no other college I think he will go to. Like that the thunderbirds. And less LeBron calls him and then everything stops and this is the worst team he's had it. Not enemy they attack on. I mean say I'm not talking about a pop up August Alec he's probably just frustrate as he does allies superstar. And the whole dynamic of that this is a team that. You know as a team that last year before coli got hurt was you know up big on the warriors like they were they look like they could really give the warriors are on for their money and then they've just been they've struggled this year because. Know a lot like eat the fact they still make the post season just isn't testament that I'm just a coach he would. Next you'll be twenty or 21 years that he's coached at CNET. He's getting older he's looking more and more like shot Sean Connery. A older Sean Connery like the rock Sean Connery. I I and I feel like I wouldn't be surprised if he did admiral. And I'd go with they're gonna do it give the job of Vicki. But you think RC Buford would give Bill Self called little. This best three and you don't think he would give a McCaw I'd do. That's that's that's spurred job is the 100. Lot of people who left wrist wrestling did you know about Russa. Well today is a tiny. And I believe kind of like this Johnson I have some special sports hours. And I can really read people's and I believe there's a question he would like as his manager today. That I will last is manager coming up at five minutes or. So it's funny things up but sucks. Sometimes yeah. If that kids today. And sometimes it's goodness with the blast actually exert it was morning and agreed with the real Philip Boyle. In the city it's oh let's thirty now. Thirty with a little teleport today's. I don't know if it's Johnny has entered. As ever pitched in this way. But he will pitch today. And who who's fits into the ruined their extra pluses and Douglas spokesman bonuses are deeper depth and Eric's goes who is struggling. He's just now image picture outlook like saved the bullpen he's throwing a lot harder than I thought they did that get thirty booklet. They was coming up on Ninth Ward it from the inside that he just. Go all out maybe he can be effective but as a starter a month we know that. And it's and it's over or use them. When I see that Eric struggling to start. Oh Todd is pitching today. Until Michael Tunney would like to go to. Might those advantages agency. Jim and I actually I like this matchup today I'd rather hit. But I think everybody. Did the angels like it is point nine degrees today. Thirty degrees of the room so the fourteenth at the present moment at eleventh when he still snow on the ground. Is both be 35 game 33 games and I was the play baseball but today certain. I think the angels are fighting to get into the line. But it's big air. I think they are fight I hope I'm wrong about this in tomorrow I won't take all of the blame sheet if explode struggling scrawled. Hasn't really be day. But I'm ditching old Connie. He's thinking to themselves this could be that they could you know. Players really feast on the third fourth and fifth starters in bad old bullpen guys at the royals. This will be the one that she would wanna just really like I'd like people think I've really raised my batting batting average about. Did 1210. To twenty points. Don't from the 78 love school at first that it was amazed and everything. I like that like the first one last year really played tonight every six. Let's go to unease and negated accidentally hit it. I'd rather I'd rather I'd rather it yesterday and avoiding big dude let me hit today. No one's CRA's nine point 64 that's why it's the better. He's that's one store. Yet. There. Eric I mean update adjusted update cannot wait to get into the Justin remembers him from last year. All of this guy's gonna put it right there like a tonic with this of all days for him to have to pit against these guy. He's probably really. I did have a thought though sir that takes this to you guys earlier I did have a thought about this. With a tiny and it's more serious than him being very excited to hit today which he's pissed that probably won't get it. As the matchup as they're very good for hitters today even in twelve degree weather real field of twelve degree weather. Like I would you agree. With his success and if he's successful the years this will be something that will probably take off. I feel like we talk to date. Friday morning he said there were some guys in the system who could hit and rocket hit and pitch. It and and it seems like people are going to see how I haven't ages it's could be to your roster. I feel like over the next five to ten years this'll be a thing that there if this works this year they're going to be multiple multiple guys. That are going to be hitters and pitchers fourteen. There there there has to be acting as this as a learning and analytics out where we're seeing. How fascinating one guy is in Brinkley was coming the other day that the rays have a guy. Who they think can really do both. And that bike is out that was my question was like why. Why haven't we seen more teens doing and they were like all day the rays got a guy that's doing I was like but even at that. I go to bodies the only guy who's actively doing it in the race might have a guy that's doing it but that doesn't mean that teams are out there trying to teach that like it. It makes all the sense in the world whether you they're stopping it from high school college. But I think there are guys like we talk about it in just 95. But we talked about we've talked about I think the injury risk is something that scares people so much with but. We don't know just like the royals made it cool to. Or made it. That is interesting is you see it is that he's interesting he's effective sort of like to heat its effect. If he's the second best hitter probably all of their team so far this season besides my trip he's made him what. It's just over the royals the bull in things they did with the three headed monster and not having great starters and it. That the game would be over if they could just. The OK to they got to those guys that became a thing to do and now you look at the Rockies they're saying like. 506070. Million that opened because. The following the teams are going to start falling in the big picture for B is do you think baseball is our ability to. But do you think baseball ever get to their points to see okay how effective and how big this is. This becomes a thing you'd think they'd ever get to a point where they would change rules. To help this. Because getting. I think I think oh Tommy. Should be able to pitch today's game. Egg it all out of the game when he's tired when they wanna take him out and I think he should be able to still be able to come in and he. Well I got elect elect this should be a rule that should be changed if we get a lot of guys like this. Tee and and I I I believe that too but they because. There's so much value in that and I understand that baseball struggles with this type of stuff and air and it it's. It's hard to put all this on a tiny and say he's the guy that can they can save baseball. But this is the most interesting thing that we've seen in baseball a long time like. Like he is the type a guide to baseball treats this right. He can be added a genuine national star because we don't really have national stars in baseball. We talked about well local markets but they're not competing nationally. Against the NBA in the NFL odds. That you would be cool I think it would be a great rule that if you are a picture. Or if you are hitter if you get pulled out of the game if you get taken out of the game that you can go back at it. Or if your bullpen guys say Aaron Aaron judge is not playing in the field that day and they bring him in in the eight that it up like. If he gets his guy now he can come back I think managers should be able to pinch hit again to be hitter. Want to I feel like that would be a good. At what rob an effort Saturday he is the one. He is the ones are today. Betty at least has been pushed. Like the pitch count thing and it's changing the rules with just being able to take guys out at home and at second. Like there have been some rules they had. Always is when we look at baseball baseball's always in this way so it'll never Cheney there. The president that he has changed rules. The had not always just been rules that would make some old baseball yours roll like you can't take it out the kept. Kits that got tickets this pitch clock thing will get it's. I believe that. Why not do this. It's. They've got a real opportunity. Here. To change the way they developed players the way they market players like the impact. That a single individual can have on the game it makes all the sense in the world. To roll with that but we're also talking about baseball. And there's always going to be someone who find some type of excuse to try to keep from changing the game because that's a way this always works in baseball. And I'm not saying that okay the royals can bring you kill me career in the senate take him out added Prejean back in the night. Not talk about it if kill they pitched the seventh apple like helping should be able to be able to go back and hit. Like it would have about twenty guys like is of the like that will be ruled that should be able to be in implement. And yes it is weak it is out of the norm it would change baseball. But as we said baseball is changed things they'll just let you take out catcher in the and the second baseman anymore they're gonna institute pits clock and look at other sports. You see what happens at college football like any ball that has kicked inside the woody. If you catch it you can take could be at the seven and it's automatically going out of the 25 yeah like they're like. Watching NFL not get too far from. A Y one. And I mean I think if you as you say you have something that is. Interesting to your game like why not allow him to be able come back in. I think yeah I I know baseball is scared to death. The loser baseball peers and in baseball appears oh god no don't do this this is not how we done. But it would improve. If they can come back is. 600. And that is the senator. When he is being day. Stage Saturday is probably the biggest liar than I've ever met. They're not just in terms he's he's like a specific lie like you lies about things that don't matter. Ally lives as little bit easier than tell it like you'll ask him what's your favorite color and it could be gray but he'll just say. Blue for no res. And internally you know I live there if this isn't just hit those lies and they'll read this as Sonny to put my business out there like that term plan. Over the week in Nassau also of them in Nassau person just might be. A bigger lies. That's the and I do. I could've done better men that statement would put fair. You listen to be show would run the show. Sixteens swooped radio. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. I've been getting coming up here insisting that pregame passes we'll lose it bill. The angels in the final game his forty's it trying to salvage one game. As they struggle with drug spoke. It goes in it's a sunny day. Do you think Joseph Blanton sighed Destiny's Child last night at Coachella bill. Idea I'd be about that again on these little outpost Malone that's the momentum I mean he would Woodard. Due to him. The queen bee let it let it rides. Just last night. Yeah I appreciate. So started this is. It is that's by the way I don't know if I answer this. Burns Verne street if you come from behind us royals take on the angels going to be pulled. So stay young for that he's out there frigid temperatures go see him over there. As it left field over there. It looks at you now go Mano with. Three strikes. The vehicle get a W the wisdom that if you don't know what to do and pleased with this. Like if you don't know anything about rose is. The the or like her today is. I think getting to yankees. It. Any now. So possessive it's sort of is certainly is looking like not just like the worst liar rather see. But he's just like you lie about is meaningless. And one of the best leagues watch this week. Was this Andre the Giant. Documentary on HBO a telling Bill Simmons thank you mean your show on HBO did do a damn thing in yet. The boot before the year it was terrible end but finished 14 seed they did but. You're thirty for thirty stuff this stuff that I under the giant thing was they had at. But Rick Fuller. I mean. It just it he's worse than use. Like if you watch Rick's thirty for thirty you just could feel the lies coming out. Like Rick I believe Rick said he slept with as many or more women did wilt Chamberlain's. 101000 that felt like a blatant lie Rick's doing this for years now saw these these game. But that for several that's OK Rick you lied and Europe's documentary specials but you have to come out did bring blatant lie. That odds. I'd say Andre was incapable of doing this that's people talk about Andre the Giant you know enemies former rests in the eighties. Like seven feet whatever 500 hit via the the one they called the giants disease there's like that. Name forward you aren't you know it the gay and chewing and that's ism if that's. Blood. But he was known for his drinking and it's in the ability drank a lot of time. Jag and to Islam and and there was still think that's the technical MO eight S I'm reading the definition I have that's not what they were saying. That's what they were calling I've already assured it started with an eight I'm pretty sure that's what they call it started with an AA it was not. Whatever. But anyhow as I don't wanna get into an argument about what is called that he that he is game Amber's got a macro mangle things there Ayers he blows or. Giant says it with us if our sort. But he talked about the legendary status of of Audrey rate. Ed you wouldn't get just hear that number that Rick settled on it if you'd know Rick's history of lying in embellishing. You just knew this was a lie there talk but I was sake let's start with Andre with the case of why would sprinkle it on the one does it. I would lots Andre every night like 7000. Calories of alcohol after Matt but richt is so specific you know he's line this is what Rick says about history. Rather I was with a one lately dragon and inspectors a couple of 106 at. That's a good example. A hundred sit. Out do you want to. Settle at 8041. Why did he just stopped at waddle off. Amber at this. Was drunk as male eye out. Are they out of a us navy picked up the tab. Asia baby he's I have many Beers I guess I would imagine to for Andre the Giant. Slamming a beer probably takes the recent. Yes I'm not I'm not gonna say that I'd rate was a cape. He's sensitive spot and up by our air he was able to bang out one of those. I've just saying man who settles on 106. How that goes that that you remember that that will. Are on strength seventy Beers and and and about 48 hours of music festival but did you hear uses. You said even number of seven you could say 73. Like you did say I a home run at. That there iPods the SEC's estimate it was around then yes that's against the US did it all right if Rick has said like over a hundred. Rex in 106. Like I'd remember it to act that had to be in the 80s70. Brit couple man. Remember this public because is that you had Rick how much drinking and I. Rick did almost die he says. Sounds I'd feel like it Nolan can't see it to say where every law. So whenever that I went through ticket trick bottle caps and pop tops on can't stop it. Well that's just answer. Couple. Rick is that accurate throw but he's just about meaningless things like you deserve it. Just say man I promise it was over and it's all about selling those don't worry. At this point. At this point I'd love to doctor hateful. Because ray player does have some ridiculous story ends are waiting ice palace and able Saturday he came out with its old quick it matter of fact I was. What he's a brother. Brother house and brother I was with a when there Fredricka and inspectors 10606. You know it's alive he said a second time really visit the brother I was with a when there Fredricka and in six Beers. A 1060. Yeah. Yeah I've covered example collided neagle for 107 Rick. That's what I to simulate a live audience he was at one six I sent it why is that like at ten I was with a when they Friedrich and inspectors. A 106. That's hundreds. I was the guy was doing the interviewing and asked questions and acute food. Benedict 106 Beers in major a hundred. Maybe want to hide you remember he trek a 106. Lives. You do have six of a little women. I know that. So. I. Is that have been long gone genre so I don't. Six. Cash stock in children. And a 106 Beers yeah. A 106. I was under the. It's only April but the Chicago Cubs pulled off what could turn out to be the best comeback in the season on Saturday. They out ultimately beat the Braves fourteen to ten but they were down tended to. And they are still trailing ten to five going into the eighth inning in the game seemed out of reach but that's when the magic start. Got scored nine runs off at three hits five walks and two hit batters a wild pitch in an air. Burning credible eighth inning that ended up with a fourteen to ten Chicago lead. Up up those good. The funny thing to me about. Is Rizzo says it he's blaming is that if there's he went to the deal they blamed his back injuries on the hotel's Cincinnati. Any city that never going to he's he's done it yet he's been asleep on the floor in Cincinnati. That was more impressive than it. That's fantastic. Shouldn't be a surprise. To Antigua XP. That Michigan big man Mo Wagner is signing with an agent he declared for the NBA draft well he signed with an agent yet. Junior forward from Berlin was a pretty key part of the Wolverine success this year but in day out thank you and farewell letter to Michigan the players review and while declaring for the draft he credited Dirk Nowitzki. And specifically an old poster. Of the Dallas Mavericks are pushing him forward and helping him succeed. Tonight but for him. I'd like his skills that. Because of the Gerald it's going through lobsters most it to go win this. But zero bits go liberal. A lot going room. He's got a good eight to seven footer he's a guy that will play in the league for a long time. He'll be an all star but he's a guy who you've seen in his state in that haven't go to class and anything like that concentrate on keeping. All the time in basketball who gave become even better shooter and he's got some moves but the bounced him. Lingerie on the deck is filled with he's that's a nice vote where he can shoot he's pretty strong athletic guy I would happily take him over dean way. They've been a very nice kiss. That type of analysis could have been placed. Many if if if if that's not real that feels like the Ric Flair a lot of but I got not the real soft that if they you know and a little bond. I don't consider. I know he's John I know he's got some post moves are watched him huh. They have like you're describing them is that you've just gotten there if it's. He's got it or I like the way I like the way he swears up like the heat back down to the basket idea I like the way finishes around them the with a good footwork is you're a 106 spears lives of the that your every good footwork is with Rick the other I was with a when they re very good and in six years. 106. Yeah that's the Floyd utilize. Idea I'll always be special booklet that. Kelly. Does that mean this sweeping the nation. And a blessing Pedro. He has he had a reporter he looks blistering cold out here kids. Pedro Gomez who haven't follow both timing on time. We're coming up. The segment this sweeping the nation takes in which children Watson Netflix Hulu Amazon prime what to watch them. And I don't think it. If you could this joke put the news to me it's this year who would run the show you lose seats teen book written. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. And. Becoming the K. You better not miss. Yeah. Oh yeah. And air. Heats and Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to be. Agreed but it's too late to catch weight touchdown a Super Bowl fly first class plane people walking by our connectors. I'd like to remake movies examples of when you were pleased. Months ago since my. Hi my girls it's been. But the threat roll. Freckle and I think that. And science. It works and missed games what a rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. Bugs and. Absolutely no one's a one goods that. Six line 69306. Texted. What shows that what's in this race. Hulu Amazon. Whatever it is what you watched. Texted on and as we always do. A room. The first and from the 913. Wild wild country. On Netflix I was loading Netflix. Last night and I saw that is one of the things turned. On Netflix it did it completely looked like it was me. That sort of was confident of the great weasel that that Ebbers accident in. I've heard it's there again I'll check that I'm excited about those slots at Lance Armstrong Armstrong lie. And have watched that yesterday. That he I mean he came in those fears that his. From the 785. Watched just watched Lucy Hale's new movie truth or dare. These range from pretty who lives by the way that idea bill what's the rule one relies. Starting there. Dated built in series they got one. Now familiar. Eight point six down outlines Andre the Giant this week is in that little was that was really strong. But also I'll watch this week. For the it was six and you'll see the Paterno moved any thoughts. Still cloud really looks like appeal it. I started it I in an. It is. I lost about half of it fell asleep so I got an agenda stayed as. It looked in everything. I thought like me this is going to be spot on its outlets you know really looked like him but I think honestly I just. I felt like it was his output seen. Yeah I guess it did really bring anything to the care. He just happens to be old now and books and they and a little bit Emeka. Made him look like Jupiter. But what I birds when I watched the movie raid. Like sometimes I forget that Jamie Foxx. I sometimes like he is still. Paula to argue with an advocate that houses like. What is its feet. Closes civil woman it is important. We'll boot what it. It's like this fields just look like outputs Eagles wearing khakis and kick ass glances as it feels like Al Pacino right now. Probably wish they ask us. But I just. Like that was the only thing like I was I was a little disappointed with the net worth to them because it looks. You sound like god and he thought it might look like it but it'd be like it was yeah. That guy he's just doing HBO movies now as they keep calling him it's he was like yeah he's just like whatever fair. Certain 78 what what did you. What reviewed this milk alone. Give a quiet. I don't know he's not a bit I wanna go see a quiet place because it's supposed to be really I know he did say he was going to see the other night. He invited me tonight I feel like you know. Glances. Last few more cruel. Runs is this guy actually it's yeah I thought about it. As also to I think. I guess and I've been trying to get don't wired and and move on with a wired. Move with a lot of others of them want to Woodward episode of the scandal. At. Big for me very emotional ogle the it was six and rejected. Just finished the season one of Atlanta. So good love the invisible car episode season one was really it's easy to this last episode I still lived. I still don't get what they feel that listed as soon as well. It was about you know we'd. Pat how fake some of our lives are on like Peru social media and I think that we put a huge emphasis on. Trying to connect with these celebrities and things like that when in reality we're not actually connecting with anyone in real life. I've got that part of the context within this other stuff like. Theory it's just out of no winners soon with a period it was just like when. So it's expanded in the Andre the Giant. A dot do you feel likes Vince McMahon was genuine about Greek. But it's like advances he's gotten older has turned into deeper meal but that's we'll just let it ride and dropped it. He is ocean. I he I think this was with that it received through quick. The biggie and biggie had pot on TBS. I don't know that was a team is supposedly US. There. This person says losses based on Netflix is bad which is bombing as I really want you have. I did so it's buried on HBO's Larry something good about it. That. Start in a lot of fun we are back tomorrow Rick we do have a show tomorrow night. Do it. Robs them should I I don't think we're back to Wednesday. Yeah. But anyway we might be back tomorrow and Wednesday we had a lot of blood earns up next we are. The show would run the show. Probably MVP electric heating and cooling to yield six.