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Sunday, April 15th

Hour one we discovered just how sad the old days of the Royals were after we looked up the list of All Stars they had prior to the World Series runs and it's not pretty. Also, Cris Carter had some things to say about Josh Rosen this week that Serda didn't like but Ron asks who else is more qualified. That Guy Gets the Show topic of the day and why is Dez such a big story?


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It does show who is here. As soon you please. To all listen. Put those statements today and it we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. Sunday morning. Love miss that music. I have missed that so but it's good to be with us here on it I guess it's April 15. Real Phillip twelve degrees. But we'll have fun today were here until 12 o'clock it. Burn will be coming on behind us is the royals. Get to play. It's a play this it is a tiny bit but they get to play in. Bridget condition even worst. If there's snow so whatever they spoke. What him but we'll have a good time. I had been I've been doing the morning show in for Bob and I appreciate the gas allow me to sit in with the Bob will be back tomorrow but it Yates were all of those who that spiced it. Yeah man is back. And I had this is up just less I'll miss that guy. Could be back up as this that being that it is 1001 as we do it this time every day let me bring my dad. Even so that the state. Yeah. He's there right in seventeen starts today it's get my haircut like every two weeks like most African American. I wanted to go to the game today. As well Arnold's army of tiny kids allies wanted to see a tiny embers and but it is gross outside and I don't think I only gone. We'll see I asked that I had expectations. That you know we're baseball town it should be thirty that I saw the temperature abundantly. In groups notebook will. I have nothing but then again. Investors would be. His beeper. And weak and we get inside the an outlay yeah I just don't walk across the parking to be going. There's been. So let's let's dive into this because we'll get into a tiny bit. It's I feel like that that is there's a question is so. Allison or watch the game yesterday Saturday and I just think like their little thing right there. That you don't even think about that don't exist evil or when you have eight different baseball team that we talked about on the job like. This week we were gonna sugar coating which I didn't see it. We didn't see here one of those of this we did see here. And I still on tele standby. Although the other night idea it's a two week. And asked that I I've got to really watch this game big time real royals. Now approved you do win natively not my fault they lost but it was not my fault here. Yes I'm the one that's there injury only to lose and it gate built preached grow. All right and and and I just didn't I didn't see with this team aidid's the did not finishing above 500 with the players they have now they've gone. And I didn't see an improvement that would suggest that just little things that he is don't pick up. You know like. You know everybody's names when they come in the gay. I've heard him about 67 and do that come up that will insert I have no. Not. I see offensive lineman numbers and I'm like I have no one. And it's really everyone is just the type of baseball fan and I am. Then because I I mean will now have we adds to our side in Latvia he didn't that's that they just you just take some time he used to. You know I saw 45 and senator NASA's sales of that little Monty. And he saw me Abraham I know him it's just it's just a lot of little things but there was one Little League that came it to minded. Over the week did and didn't watching yesterday's game that I feel like you just don't think about when you see it change in the C. And that's this. I'm watching the game yesterday this is dig through the system. And he's probably been the best story. Of the year now I think furnace at her career has been really good with an alias and what is it appears. Now with those. Rat brain him our beleaguered company. There is resting and slick movement the trade of we'll help you gotta get a look at. But now I think but I think this has been the best coming into yesterday's game he had given up any runs. And you know fourteen innings no runs. About watching the game is today Saturday an asset all of that we're going to be and I don't think anyone's really thought of this. We're going to be affected it's and I wonder how many years it will be that we talked about how Long Will take them to get competitive get. Senator we're going to be back to the one. One Alston. Represented the topic. I realize it's changed illustrate. We did a better as the year of age eight at flourishing with multiple all star represented third. Like you know when they get through the line of the all star game is it a Chicago lights out. Then I say the Kansas. And nails those outfits and in the bull did and they it's O zero late game is that grant colony and you know Alex before he slipped. Ed I was like oh my god using is that last year. All that just have multiple law. Multiple starters. Sometimes. It's due. To deal. When it was just one guy out there it went ahead. That's Stoddard there's one guy that everybody here knew didn't deserve in any minute to beat else. We are going back today but not Billy Butler won the odd that you know the numbers certain. I don't know the numbers I'm just guessing since like 90891990. And we went up that not Dodi and it. I do we started at ninety got him back here I'm glad you do it started in 1990 I wonder from 1990. Up until 2012. Woods and shields came. I wonder how many times the royals only had one represented at a field. Let's look back to that this year right but the thing we can hold is that southeast L starts but he's got this sport that. This out he may get voted in as a starter because maybe he's in town oddly territory where he just gets to go. As a starter at people just know that name they voted and it may be. Built. Deeper is it bad. I once a year is it real like it sounded. And I don't want it Tony thirteen in as a when they started having like multiple guys that sort anytime auto. It's one player a year no all balls going out to well up to where. They had a year when they got up at Wimbledon you have to sell OK and so from 2012. To 2004. They had like one guy a year I think is a thousand to about 1990 under at least as righty they had to stop let's do this right here. I once it started like 1990. And I once you get all of it to 2012. Analysts to tell me how many years they had multiple. Alston. Start at ninety let's start 1990 that's even though. 2000. They had you talk. And end. Hi and Mike Sweeney though probably not I need to 2000 they all those years they have won all star represent and 2003 they had bikes media and Mike MacDougal. So from so for 2002001. To they had led effort 2008 to 2000 well they only one. I. Yes. But 1990 to 2000. Out of Israel and Eddie out of five that they had to players and it was two very good players that the tide. So proud 1990. Until James Shields arrived at the I would change the entire organization. They only had two years. Where they had multiple alt a large. This 2000 Jermaine Dye my Sweeney but then 20012002. It was just Mike Sweeney. Those do you believe deserved it. It goes what you hear it's on in the end it's about a day mostly Mike Hsu if I don't I. Butler was the load it well because it was a year he had no reason Lockheed Soria made it in 2008 might have been the G-8. Locking. Act Anke 2000 guy he was here these are areas in that was Soria again in 2010 and when he you know was your only guy that maybe if I know there's a Aaron Crow up and downs are slated. I know there's a Jose Lozano snapped in there somewhere like ninety fibers that they. Maybe that Kevin etiquette hate fear has made it. Run and I Napier was in 95 from Alexander is out at 97. That he can't there is out of 99 as well. Kozyrev has not kept its ticket to that is but we're heading activists are right. Heading back to its. What all star ever the real guys when does when yours when you organization than it it turns like. By day or that that's at eight or should be in the hall by eight. Or what. It would probably 9090. To 2000. Well there are only two years they had multiple balls dollars. Foreign Tony thanks to the floodgates. Actor actor Jake Shields got here. At seven and wanting it it's got a look it's going to Helen and basket this year the only hope is. The south can't make this would Katie I need to he's got to miss like the first you can't. Hit the hole which he gets boat an answer out doesn't get voted in were illegal LB. He's got like three appearance. Maybe he's gonna keep being really good. Bed. I mean I don't know it was a man broke 99. The how many years is that from ninth to ten those 22 years. I have enough 1992. If this 22 years. Twenty of the years they only had one all star represented. I. Cite us and shouldn't. It shouldn't be that easy to call that. Pretty they're like you had no idea. Ed I just felt like I guess I felt like we're headed back to that place. Of what all stellar. I money. Ice I told him and it feels like we're going back to classic like read Jane shields error royals. And good god almighty. Has John. Nicole's neighbors outcome one. They gotta have one right you have every team has added as our team has added one and Mike Sweeney just built up a resonate with. But do you think that might Sony might have a real shot to get to the hall at eight. With the amount of all star team may have racked up there at that time frame but he was clearly. He had five. It was able to tort five affect you. 22 year period only to look twenty years they only have one represented. Somebody but Dick. And Apple's Jews are encouraged to use something. That odd man. Those things right the little plea. I just Rosen has been like the biggest topic had to wanna switch gears just rove has been like the biggest topic in the NFL draft. But it seems like if you listen that the leagues and how people have been criticized only certain type of people can speak about. I would have come back here on the other side. There's somebody. Who is getting. Throughout the polls some by an iron in really rocking through the coals as well. When you hear what he's is that you really think about it. Why would this guy W com. Justin Rose has been and it really interest we talked about a couple times. This week on this morning but kids age. And by the way Bob did that it eighth in the mountain in the whole game is that influencing them this week. But Rosen has been. A real topic of conversation and a look at the world though here's had to go to specifically talk about. Frozen. It's just really funny which. People. To make criticism for conversations about certain players and how it person's chance. Came. Legitimize and make it first it. Okay no let's whatever whatever aegis is brigade that this person as it is his. Chris Carter on first thing soars. And uplift that that from what he said about just about to say that percent agree with absurd on this but. I. I'll be honest and it. He did play like 186070. Years of the National Football League. It would be someone who has it's there it's in the National Football League. It has continued to be around the day and has matured and coached some players. In the league. He has sources I mean. I saw that as a guy who knows what. Also don't agree with him going after kids his trying to and in the league and everybody's questioning. Whether or not he cares enough about football what he's made it this far in his life speaking the way that he. Question but. He has a right to say what he wants to say it should be just thrown in the trash because previously in his life he had the drug problem with coat. And Regan is as Revis and his career he was cut by the Eagles but then let's remember he changed his entire life around. And became a leader with the vikings which was one of the reasons why they felt comfortable drafting Ravi moss was because he was they. Just because he's got up and it doesn't mean. We just worldly would cruise partners is because a play this heat play like this that I'm with you I don't agree with everything he said. But his experience he makes some points that makes it. Asked me to be acquired just don't know nothing about pro football if they don't know why guys played in the past. You don't know why guys burned out you don't know that the average lifestyle last thirty years been 3.2 years so it's not bar now it's called being done a leak of the league. It's called only 21000 people have ever done this so for me he's not eat like a lot of rookies. They also said it off at Tom Brady has six strings and I want seven. Well OK tell that to the jets when you're going to their locker room talk at the one he's losing teams at the beginning of the draft you want to Cleveland. Imagine saying that the Cleveland hey guys on the to win 67 symbols were really between men and six of some place else. So for me the rookies are not eve and they keep falling for all answering all these questions. The wrong way where where his parents when his parents did has not to do with the NF. Killing saying that old because my parents I don't have to take a job at McDonald's like. What kind of insect like this where flu like. There's a lot of other jobs jobs you have to have a minimum wage job is not like guys and in the long enough though like they didn't have nothing else like they don't have other skills so please just. Is this a night eve kid who doesn't know a whole bunch alike pro football and he keeps books keep stepping minute Stepan and it step and I don't mind people being bright. But you can't explain to me why guys are good enough Phil and why they're not when you've never been in enough so. As I don't want. Just stop this as I love that I feel like it's it's much more LeBron james' thinking we don't of about pride. But LeBron didn't come into the and and I guess that I don't agree with the television because a lot of it makes people uncomfortable as a kind of feels like a bit. Hey shut up and know your report. Chris Carter has. Experience in the NFL and I thought they. We should just throw what he says out because he's had a cocaine problem in his in his past he's been clean and he has not. That's expects that supported him and you're looking at his life don't you. Have not been that way so it's the Philadelphia days so I think he out of the woods just toss out what he says because he's had a history with drugs. He also has more experience. People reports Mary that that Chris Carter to understand a locker room how people react to someone in the locker. I I get that and I understand to a Cris Carter is saying and he's and he's probably just trying to. You know help pay. A young player out who's coming in the league who doesn't exactly understand how works and I understand that you're dealing with. Some of the biggest egos it's here ever going to run into when you come into the NFL yes. But. Josh Rosen also is going to be someone's franchise quarterback keys get again every opportunity in the world to succeed. At that level. So somebody's going to give him the chance to do that and I like what he's doing I and it's not just it's not just from the perspective of well he's interesting and it gives us something to talk about win when he says stuff. It's just I I genuinely find the guys fascinating like I I am rooting for him to six seat. I agree and disagree a lot with it but. As as we sic Chris Carter makes points just Rosen doesn't know anything about professional football is not played it. His father didn't play in this isn't an Andrew Luck situation were at waited an hour late game situations that he doesn't know anything about the national football. And his dad's a lawyer he probably has said some things to where Chris Carter's talking like. There's some guys in the locker room pricing and Poodle distant government in and telling us. In saying this. A once in like you say he's gonna be a franchise quarterback which is also think of leading leading people. And eBay eBay is Chris Carter was I think trying to look to be putting himself in a situation. Where people are gonna look at him funky when he first gets in here. But I just think my biggest thing is is with the person who's bringing the mess. I just think it is just crazy that like because he's had a history. Would Brooks is a longer qualified you just the role what is it. Our people go back to the to the fall guy thing with him tail and I mean should he have said that in that particular circumstance. But I don't think it was terrible advice book personal. Okay go back to the fall guys that he I think it was I think he was just what I was saying about here that makes them a lot. I've never understood the issue that people take what that because it is something when it comes to Cris Carter people seemed to always bring that out. When in reality when when these players and that get idealized and things like that we're like I don't they have a driver why are you going to say sort I've been a fall back. Four and actually there was a guy played for the royals will bring his name out in the fall guy. I gonna drive. I've driven at night win. I have done those things so I made. That's just read like he's out of agreed. It was probably stupid Alley came out said that right. Pushing the wrong narrative obviously puts it there of doing that they need to be doing that is by Hank. Hey he's not stupid. I its you know these kids are doing stupid things some Smart penalty Chris Brown has now and yet he's of these entertainers I'm appalled. I don't think people. I'm sure I hear about it. Fault Plaxico Burress probably really regretted that he didn't have a fall gas I. If I not just that. The thing go okay he made a statement but what's a hit. As crazy and lord knows if he's not in Iran and phones work world this week as crazy as Ray Lewis. It Ray Lewis makes comments about. Things that Golan in the football locker room and how players. Because he's still into what even current players ain't he's qualifier. And Cris Carter is qualified. To make these comments and I I hate that my ball well. Well because because it is France's history when he played with Eagles and he had a bit of a Coke problem. If he says anything. Like if it's almost like people like that sort of cannot say anything critical of another player because you did well yes. Ago. But it's also the the logic of well he's a young kid he doesn't know anything and that's something that we ran into constantly nowadays and that is frustrating because. But I don't that is true but no and I and I understand that I I'm not saying Josh Rosen. Knows how everything in the world works I don't know how everything in the world works and I'm still learning things I'm 28 years old. Add still figuring things out is I get older as I get older there's different things that mean more attendees then. You know just sports and things like that and I understand Josh Rosen is young he still has a lot of stuff tiller he saw as a lot of life lessons that he asked to go through. But he's an intelligent guy and so I feel like we're just we're just we're dismissing his intelligence and saying he's just a dumb cage he doesn't get how this stuff for. As I I dig it that I edit. I didn't feel like. Apart if like that but not really listen to what kind of like Chris Carter was dismissing him saying he was done key. That there may be some who were doing at the Goose Gossage that the world would be I didn't feel as though like the worst actress in he was naive. It is night. I I think he's naive but not to bail out comments like that will it. Players in the league like you said you got to go into the browns' locker room I am and I wanna win seven sixes sevens and blow. Well not winning six or seven game. I guess that I like. It is but. Understand how and how people are going to respond. I guess yeah I understand that they. Got blocked. You know. Say you get dressed in my team that's got to go face off against the rams like good like say and stuff like that air Donald in -- Americans do when they're chasing you down. Of this and I just think the biggest thing use and like someone's past. She did not suspend him for being able to be critical. Because I feel like every time Chris Carter's critical about league. It's O 2530. Years ago you had a drug. They drug issues so now you can't talk and speak about anything because you've had negative things in Europe. Let the judge that they add that the Larry Johnson thing is if remark is Peter let Larry Johnson was was saying I I'd know. What markets Peters is because he's in the same place now what is Peters didn't have a problem keep this audience. Markets Peters didn't have a problem pouting because he wasn't getting playing time because our speed is always in play that is to meet different. Why yeah I mean I don't I just like when Johnson. And I had to thank you for ages if it is a political system but on the end of the sick but no real. Analysis or realizes that again I just I die and I know I don't know it I like its way to finish. Let him. Well no other way to transition to I just don't likely doubts about that you're gonna bring something to it. That guy gets to show topic of the day the headline reads cops fired. After blaming. Missing half ton of pot on Stoner mice. I could've done that a man that segment would put fair. Listen to be show would run the show sixteen Sports Radio. I am today is. Cool days of the year and baseball weeks drilling stuff is now on scene certainly. Five teams are postponed today in this one here some board games. The Ronald and I lives yankees. Tigers White Sox win. In. And braves this group. We're purse postponed due to weather but today's round. Where everybody wears 42. Is this and I feel bad I wonder. If you see immediate help one bit of a wonder. On these makeup days will they still where 42. I just turn. I think they should I think they still see this kind of sucks I like that unlike today's. That's one really Smart thing. Major League Baseball as generally day a group there is a stockholder in this week screech powers. Very very Smart books mark and inches. Eighty. But that is one of the Smart things they have. To. Wear 42. But we do this every day it was soon. We find day as stories that is that cents a you say that Aggies have topic. If I'm to act like you care. Associate that let guys get this show topic a today. This match is what. It's time to act like you to hear this cute. Show. Today. And when it's that well this one's coming to you. Good grades in Argentina. Headline reads and expired after blaming this thing. I don't. I Stoner nice. It would go but already things to do bleeding eyes lord. 1000. Pounds of missing marijuana. That's the dubious excuse eight police offices in Argentina gay after that time of pot disappeared from the police and. About thirteen thousand pounds of blood. We're supposed to be destroyed but it recent police inspection revealed 1000 pounds doesn't. Bobby is makes it this city's former police commissioner was ordered to explain the short ball to woods. He and three are still skeptical jurors that missing marijuana. And ready this vote. Must have been eat at nice and experts outlets like this area that's saying rodents what can use marijuana would vote. In India since they did a nice likely would have died of the dial. And investigators. Had found the Canada's Canada's courts that lying on the ground but the but the all eight opposite good to have this dismissed from their jobs took the brunt of the just stood Naipaul. The judge will then decided to run a busy due to the bodies. There are other reasons. It got that's the best you can come up the good guy. The best you can tell them what to maybe it's all. Out of time good ice had eaten. 1000. Pounds of air line. It's time there it was that they sort of I'd put my. Since you but I don't think like years and blew it up. With different stupid things that people do it music yourself eight police officers came at. It's not this one will go. This little lower if we just say. Mice ate. It wouldn't work and this is where was this in New York Argentina Argentina. I'll go to though it was not London could put that. At the bit ill person that I know that it's the only person that a large at this soccer player. Yeah Aniston is missing. I have no idea where businesses exist but this'll mines don't want us to come up with anything. You know what orders it you've got to have this police officers all of and it's nice that it can't be your fault. Just. It is that time it hit show and stop. So. Cash stock. You. Al Green. I guess it would help if I had the you know with people. Well so think about these mind you could have just read which are gonna read and pulled but you hit it. I Larry's most flattering her box in his post game conference press conference after the raptors went over the lizards in the first game in the NBA playoffs on Saturday. We're about his teammates play on the court but about Serge Ibaka is out and moved out. In the NBA component. Will there be some doubt it. That. Certain. Come to page thirty. The validity. Okay that terror casting it this month. You'd be getting these it'll actually cost. The thought that. All month. I mean. Villanova wins a championship and now lottery is against the gotta do whatever in God's name he wants to do making fun of urgency with which I don't think is that. And percentage. Of things it was today. It'd be energized. For the best and this man in the NBA sailors. Aka. I mean. Kyle Lowry surged as Jesper why he's been influenced by Dante did the scenes. Like that some of the white Unicode. He probably has it they let what has this neighborhood but when it's obvious if it I'll just lose. Joseph Allenby posted interesting series of photos in his NC gram accounts at the Saturday before the team's playoff opener. Against Miami. Born in beads 'cause the sixers will beat the heat the first round. Conquer the Celtics to advance the Eastern Conference finals. The LeBron James and faceoff which came on greens warriors in the NBA finals. And he's going. And it is just created the path with a six. This extends hers are always. Areas. There. They're really does mean that to give to NBA he can easily even those two moves they made. At the trade deadline. They have been helpful both of whom were being last night Allen is Belinelli. Three point shooter and then it's still lives. It seventeen to fourteen last night and I can't heretic had like 28 years. I mean business management and everything. If fourteen this is heavily last night didn't didn't shoot it. I do think the I think he's scared of the sixers right now and they did this without Joseph Allen they still drop like 130 I think we knows not it. He should be. Allows them more. Illegals flee but a he'll play this week probably. You'd come in and it took a proudly. Well because they said he is going to be out for the first round with Angela says he's gonna says he's going to be back for the others first day. Yet while they initially had ruled him out for the first round and they said he probably would play in the first round. And Joseph house that he would be ready to go in and he didn't play last night but maybe you'll be made you'll see embassy. That's one that's on lots. Didn't have a very indeed still relatively the plays. Coming up. Sir I heard sort of get into it with. With lake and being earlier this week about Dez Bryant and I sure hate to say this but I agree with him. But my biggest point in question is and I'm going to add to your five minute why hill is Dez Bryant a story. He got released. Okay. I think we know why he's the story. If you pick this you know put the the issue with Iran. There's you and me. He will written. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. It. If it blew. Pain. There oh. That he would view late in the the other day about. This crime and I hate to say some. Out for the most if you. This is become one of the biggest stories out of me with the boss and it was one of the things we were talking about in the meeting was this Bryant. It is. Rather than than the next couple about. This move was released by the cowboys the became a huge story there you thought. And I think he realizes it does. It play for the Dallas Dell. Made it I mean dead and they did it lead out the reason why and it's. It's because there's nothing about his skills and in the last few years it's that shows that he deserves this amount of attention. He's been terrible this topic terrible. But he's not it is very bad he's not big terror he's been injury prone but he's just been okay. Like he's not been a difference maker it's fourteen. Nikes I mean is and his eyes because that that is are mean day it doesn't get any separation. And on need any. It is it debated does. And he's not been the same in their he's just not anywhere close to Antonio Brown or Julio. Or any of that. And I just like not wise is such a news. Story oh yeah he plays for Dallas and Jerry Jones probably sits Beckett they look what I do. I do that out just a person who is at this at this. A number two receiver that has a dominant one on the other side. Or Aaron Rodgers is quarterback number two receiver. Fixed. Is being talked about and brought up as if he is like a real difference maker. Ed. Block is his skill set does it deserve this amount of attention. There's some reason he's dead now is get general lot of love from. The Texans he did follow idea Andrei Hopkins this John Watson. A bowler a hologram that. Are silent like. I mean he he doesn't have. Down the field changing speed. Like you you don't have to really double him anymore he doesn't jump like he used to but I'd just like it if it soak it it's just like the way below. Like her seat say that the other day it is it's just like the lane bowling skills that diminished Ed. No one talked about the wind blow like this it was not a travesty when Dwayne Bowe was released by the chief because he plays for Kansas it. And Dez Bryant is a Dallas cowboy and because he has star in his element it's a big deal he hasn't been worth the day of like. What the real DM is a difference makers since 2000 worked out just about eight points but. And and I was that's what I was telling lake in the other day on the patient. And a lot of people on the attack signed into order were get mad at me saying that. In a state still thinking of the old dad's old dads they can out jump anybody that could make these ridiculously acrobatic. Plays. That says doesn't exist anymore but I doubt it does is. His physical skills at that made him a special wide receiver. Have diminished he cannot jump the way that he used to he can't he used to be the best high point receiver in the NFL. He can't do that anymore that's what made him special because he was never burning guys. He was never take in the top off the defense that way he was just so athletic league going shopping getting the football that. Nobody else to compete with that is that he's he means 29. And they've begun honestly. His skills that diminished worse than Larry FitzGerald and Larry FitzGerald several years ago wasn't the same. Receivers that he used to be but even his skills haven't fallen partly did this as ball up or worse than it is these just warning. But I've got I think I think people get confused because they keep seeing. Everyone talked about we needed new can't rule in the play they always you know as did against the Packers and maybe people stable state that play I think that's the saved it. I wouldn't every day I wouldn't be surprised. If Dez is just out of the league in two or three years like like I could easily see him. Balancing around for a couple more years from you know a team here team there that's gonna give him like a one year deal give my shot. To be on the roster but I would not be surprised if Dez is out of the league in a couple of salads because he's. Ails us are better if if he doesn't debt understanding what his role will be yeah it's the basket to instill at least now he can he'll be thirty in November. He can still do some stuff has set. At the heat. Eight circuit or specially a number three receiver but in the slot. You know against say ease in using his body as a powerful if he's he's still hasn't really good. Powerful body and he stuck to tackle once he gets the ball at kit that was outside a high point in him. Running after the kit because it was just so hard to bring down was another thing that he can do. Like keep at it still make money doing at. But I don't think this is at eight. Still music so it's a number one receiver. Well and that's what it is likely can be or sane. Why well what he's thinking get him like on the minimum deal I was like. They don't. Beat dead it's like does doesn't. Add anything to this roster in my opinion putting constable cheat all of that out yet is they're like what is that used to get him on on a one year like minimum deal I was like what one. That's not what does is looking for dead still thinks he should get paid. And they don't need it like adding does to the chiefs' roster right now does not make them better. Yes that's silly. Yet I don't yeah oh. Yeah. It hit just I just I just can't get over. And he had a giddy as he plays for Dallas and it's this anyone who plays Vardalos. That plays a glamour position that was. Any way effective. It's caused like this is now hall of Famer. It like he did go it alone there's of the hall of Famer put. I just it's crazy to meet that and not on adding to where adding to it because we're discussing and it is one of the biggest doors now I just don't understand it. Why there is still say it doesn't say. What it's been the Greek exit the read NFL seasons that scene that I know he had an injury and one of those is but last year. I last year he's ahead. More. More targets in a ton of players in the league like LC and and Tyreke at more target did he become close to a thousand. He also drops the ball like crazy like he's always among the league leader in dropped pass and I'm not trying to run down there is this a sort of make believe there's no place in the league at what he's gonna land somewhere I just don't see Dez landing on a new team and going out for 12100 yard. He's well I understand this as this can play five more years and honestly if he understood his role. And in and understood how much he should be paid but yes some logistics and said -- by Brandon Marshall is a really good. Night. Brandon marshall's talent just fell off a cliff. Ago and he could even get it done with it with the best receiver and maybe the best receiver in the league and audio on the other side. Yeah Vietnam don't know yet it seems like the GF that you're just sign it you don't need. You read threats. Are coming up the best 59 seconds showing all the sports radio and add to that yesterday. One of the biggest stories. And in the NBA that came out of the day he really should make in this and owners. Show would run the show you can leave. Probably MVP electric heating and cooling.