0414 Vern's Postgame Show

Vern's Post Game Show
Saturday, April 14th

In this edition of Vern's Postgame show, Josh Vernier breaks down the Royals' 5-3 loss to the Angels in a cold, snowy game at The K. He also addresses the offense and their woes, takes calls from listeners, and we hear audio from Jakob Junis, Esky, and Mike Trout.


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This is Ned Yost this is the home of the royals 610 Sports Radio. The city pier six. Insider Josh burn here. Three and ten. On the young season are your boys in blue they drop a fifth straight game a third straight. At the hands of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Fault lines are open. 9135767610. That's 913. 5767610. Look. We've discussed this on. Today's pregame show on yesterday's pregame show and it didn't come as a surprise. To anyone. When you hear that the angels are better teams right we do. The angels were a better all around team when they arrive in Kansas City. Got the best player in the planet in my trial you have Justin Upton who's hitting. 400 this week Albert Pujols hitting better than 350 over the last ten games. Zach goes artist now scored a run in nine straight games. And pretend Simmons came into tonight with more hits than anyone else in all Major League Baseball. Ian Kinsler dominates. At Kauffman Stadium. Garrett Richards has a big arm that's angels' bullpen had a second best ERA. In all of Major League Baseball. They're solid defensively whiff. Again the best player on the planet in center field. One of the more. Defensively gifted shorts parts. In the last ten years in handwritten Simmons. And the reigning gold glove award winning catcher. Martina Maldonado. The angels are stacked. And their record. Indicates that a record now of thirteen and three we knew that the angels were a better team. So before right. Before I say what I wanna say let's all acknowledge that. The angels are better team. In no way in my day. Kim doting. Dropping the first three in no way can I. Easily digest. Dropping the series and possibly being swept at home and a four game series in no way. MIA. Asking anyone to accept that or to. Acted as if it's not a big deal let. Act as if it's not disappointing. Yes the angels are a better team but you should still go into a home stand or into a four game series at home. Expecting to. Expecting one hoping for too regardless of how good Siemens. But let me say this. In these conditions. And for those of you that's stayed through out. I tip my age snow covered hat to you. You by the way are the blue collar players of the game it offense the fans that we're still here. In the ninth inning. All of yeah. What about 5004005000. People you like the blue collar fans of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two there's no question about that. For those Indian networks here before the game and left. During the game and stayed throughout you understand what those conditions were about that wind it. A windshield had brought us the temperature down. To a real feel. Of 2425. Degrees that's not baseball whether. So let me say this. When that went down. Five to one after six innings. Jacob Jonas is today already done. He throws four and two thirds innings of four run baseball. But when you're down. Four runs after six innings. And I hate I hate saying this a hate saint nick guys but I. But I was thinking it as the game was going on some to this Adam good to be honest with you. I was floor that the royals kept battling the way that they did offensively. Throw a parade we're not trying to throw boo boo K is there way for a bunch of millionaires going out there and playing baseball hard. But I'm not gonna get carried away with it. But what's impressed. At the way they continued to battle as if that's me out there. Look this paycheck is guaranteed. We got a 149. More these bad boys. Were three and nine already it doesn't look as if forgo an anywhere this year. And you can't have that attitude and make it to the big leagues and perform well consistently. But that thought can creep into your head every once in awhile. And if it's gonna creep in your head every once in awhile boy oh boy tonight sure what's the night. For that nefarious plot to sneak in your mind. They score a run in the seventh does not whether or excuse me a seven batters come to the plate. They score again in the eight inning. Battled all given that. The angels are better team I don't know if you needed a post game show to tell you that. No parades. But all credit the effort from the boys tonight they fall by a final score of five to three. They're now three and ten they've dropped five straight for the first time since late August last season. It's their worst thirteen game start. In six years. Again the phone number 9135767610. We get your thoughts and head inside the royals' clubhouse after this. Yeah. Once we were. We're by jaguar American motorist Brett voters the city of green valley real excited are. And Wesley he's hardware. Ernst and post game show. Built by the Internet. Electrical workers local 124 tee. Aristocrats Mercedes-Benz. And Dunkin' Donuts. EC route Randy electrical. London Scottish. I did to a Jewish. Don't admit it lasted well. The right field line. That's solo job from those extended his hitting streak to seven games. Moos hitting 448. With three big flies during this. Seven game hitting streak royals though have a five game losing streak they fall tonight to the angels my finals final count. A five to three. Phone number's 91357676. Tablets start right here in Kansas City Chris you're gonna hit lead off god. A body. Battle. Where do we gave him in the gold in the it barely get it yet. You know. They are saying on it'll hurt. And that doesn't have play and Mike Hammer out some oh. You bonus he. Love the attitude Chris and the love the dedication. If you're here early and stayed throughout the game you are one of a handful of people to do that. Merrill 144000. May be for 5000 at the end of the game who knows how many were late arriving. But to sit throughout this one and to keep the faith like you're dead credit to you Chris and again. I'm not try to throw a parade for the team. But down four runs after six innings it feels like it's 25 outside your three and nine going nowhere it appears. But the offense to continue to battle the way that they did I found it impressive. And act a lot of too much but it was impressive. You know Brian Flynn Bert Smith they continued to do their thing their pitchers there all alone on the amount of not surprise them. Not surprised with how focused they remain. On the attack. That's what pitchers do. But these hitters could have gone through the motions at the plate they did anything but. Again royals fall five to three. And our fault lines are open 9135767610. Let's head out to mesa and talked to Eli Eli you're next up on first post game god. And Josh. And say hello haven't docked in awhile so I was I saw your name pop up during the commercial break and I'm like man oh man there's a blast from the past it's about a minute man. Well I. Is that Ahmad. I'm not you know and the result so are even though that there are gluten to restore and on the right track. I hope the move keeps on calmly went. Between downed tree that deadline I hope I can keep on doing he's doing between now and trade deadline. And and it's going to be fun to after the trade they trade deadline are really seeing that a looking searching the younger team and has seen that the players that we needed but other than that I just want to shout out that can't our night. Game yet in those guys are so well they hope he got app and record and they want you city. I appreciate that come in from mesa Eli always nice here in Virginia let's head inside the club house delivered by red door grilled Jacob Jonas. Speaking with the media. Jacob Judas suffering his first loss of 2018. He throws four and two thirds innings of four run baseball. Allowing seven hits one walk. Striking out seven Jacob Jonas with the media RJ basically is there. Were you you. What. Would you pick yourself through it good. That is. His church bells somewhere else people are straight. In the chase we'll two well we did. It is to see Emerson of sentence stayed out overplayed. Concerns. She the maker Hoover Hoover who. Yeah about men yes stuff or was it can go away within yourself out of place. Yeah. If I try to go away from them and just a fact play through it. It still big communal good you did it's going to be hitters. You could just like trumpet on one group over here good or bad he felt awful lot of years. There are about to roll and came back. Volvo it seemed like a lot made 345 pitches and I. Try to stretch it out until slider and I just missed my spot. Do you expect. Bishops. Slum on this book for infielders outfielders in the holders. Some news. A lot of self. I'm keeping warm. Rails on the he had me pretty good work quicker on this team currently we'll. More. Now my work pretty fast so. Sharon do it do I usually do an entrance via personal there anything this my my memorial. You. The cougars. Gets you some you awfully outfitter. Four pitches after that Dexter Romo twice parity. Candy. So that's illustrated and trying to. This Christmas it's it's. And those who have the same temperature within visual pouring. For thirty every single. Here. Yeah it's been pulled every time. Lorraine a couple times but it's not too bad quite a set on the one move around most of their story. Really pay attention two and because I'm not doing too cold of the time you know. Jacob units inside the clubhouse delivered by red door grilled Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grill and Daimon a second. I'm a note. Are the best bits from the post game notebook while we just heard from Jacob Jonas. You throw zeroes in the first in the second. But then in the third inning Louise beltway that turns on a 21 pitch and belted four weeks old all hold on ending. Jacob Genesis. Sixteen scoreless inning streak to start the season. His sixteen scoreless innings. The longest active streak in all of Major League Baseball. It was the fourth longest streak firewall oil to be give a season trailing only Zack Greinke in 2009. Wade Davis in 2015. It. And Danny Jackson. On the World Series team of nineteen and five. Diamond notes driven by aristocrats Mercedes-Benz. Supporting the boys in blue in Kansas City. For over fifty years. Royals fall by final score of five to three let's head right back downstairs inside. That royals club house wit Mara field addressed in the media. Inside the club house delivered by red door grow let's hear what wit merit field had to say after a one for four night at the plate. Yeah I catch it flush it and what other homers. A football worst and hopes. Rated. Before we play them you know when I was born and then you know. It doubled miserable across. I know. That's our situation here. For me I don't schedule pretty good to do. Why did it. Usually would have a chance. Today. But again rob was quite good held up. Where's this team been only doing this and kind of going through bad weather and book. There's servers and also we're we're. We're pretty good were put into place. As you play hard. Or disappears. Just. Stuff like on our way right now so. All you do is keep playing hard and you know hook turn around and hopefully it's. Sooner or. Disease that these very hours it. You know I mean it's it's. History understood Melissa you know geyser and the place. You know as we know going out there will put network. We'll play hard. Yeah. You know doing things that we think we need to win so so we can do it hopefully so concerned. Users like. Act. You go with an airfield inside the clubhouse delivered by red door grill Whitner field in a big spot bottom of the seventh inning with one run already in royals trailing. Five to two bases loaded with two outs in an air field got a good piece of it. I just got it up in the air on a windy night on a snowy night on a wet night and it falls into the glove of Justin Upton for the there outs of that. Seventh inning added all up it's the royals tenth loss in thirteen games. We'll get back to your thoughts and head back inside the clubhouse after this. Really be eligible. And Tony were Kansas City and powered by Dick Smith sports Kansas regenerative medicine center. Turns post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 of Kansas City and powered by Bob and AC Ruger and electrical dire offense and vital stake. She 22 pitch. 100 sharply back candid beautiful blessed before he gets the force at second base Apple's worldwide throughout. But SB statement. Had made a fine play to get the 64 bottled up with a third. Streets are you. Got smoked off the bat a 111. Miles per call or write to our city's Escobar. If you're listening to the pregame show today you heard me discuss the him. Buffett's new absent due. Them the open this. Ned Yost embracing. The shift a lot more this season for myriad reasons. But I was discussing with him earlier today the decision to shift on Mike Trout and how I was surprised. I thought Mike Trout had a good enough back that he would be able to beat the shift consistently and adios saying that you know they'd they put on the shift if I hitter. It's 75%. Of its ground balls to a specific side of the infield Mike Trout does so they shipped him to poll. And worked out well there. I mean it was hit directly to all cities Escobar in the shift. Royals Lewis though final score five to three and out three and ten. On the season taking a peek real quick just to sneak peek at what's coming out. Tomorrow it's Eric's Copeland squared off with show pay old Connie. Twelve noon for the pregame show first pitch at 115. And then the boys get on a plane and head north. And at a time like this where else would you rather had the north somewhere where it's cold there. There heading up to Toronto. Monday it's going to be Danny Duffy and Aaron Sanchez 6071. Pitch. Tuesday Ian Kennedy and Marco Estrada 6071. Pitch. And the finale on Wednesday afternoon at 307. Jason Hammel faces market stroman well. LC is Escobar made the good hands catch of the game let's head down inside the royals clubhouse and hear from askew as he speaks with the media. And RJ Brinkley is there what's it like. Kick off of bullets. And we've been exposed to see you while. I know and and enough. Bible and is known as the leader of the difficult and those who isn't I see double on them on the last moment. It's you look like schools yes. Out of denial and it is why is the same while. What. Is. Yeah I. Know as a war room where I see him form proclaimed bagel. Like 29 that's really aren't there. You're worse than right. Yeah this award than right handed them sometime when prime minister of England. Two undefeated season ending every. The last seen snow and Moody's to perform for embezzlement that. A city just about over four but again a great play defensively in the royals' 53 loss at the hands of the angels. The game MVP is. Brian Flynn. Brian Flynn comes out of the bullpen to throw two and a third innings. Scoreless baseball yes I know I'll run. Came across to score but that run was on earned. And is. Jorge so layer had a fly ball clang off the palm of his glove so Brian Flynn in the game MVP. Presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. We're swinging. The fences. Michael must start this was doing just that it's. Boats. To lead off the eighth that it. So once you pinch. From. It Parker. And hits it a 101 miles per hour over the right field wall. Lewis' third home run of the season travels 300. And 73 feet. Over that right field wall that brought the royals to within two home to start things off and he and I. As we heard earlier. This Christian Kansas City reminded all of us. Got to stick it out you've got to believe Chris was there. To royals kept battling. They couldn't make anything else happened. And moves his home run was it's as good as it got tonight. Might lose darkest and for you Minor League Baseball and the royals' number seventeen prospect. Maybe there. Number two catching prospect. Down at high Wilmington eight graceful Loria. He went two for four and hit two run home run his first big fly of the season so. Neighboring school Loria and my sockets swing for the fences with dire threats. It just makes sense to get a guy effects. Show hey old Connie coming your way tomorrow he squares off with Eric's Oakland. Eric scope Lynn. Is pitching against old Connie and will pitch to Mike trapped. Boy oh boy does he have his hands full and boy oh boy will. B. The news and I mean he won't even be. The radar tomorrow. Mean how many times on television because it's a nationally televised game I wonder how many times on TV. They'll even say Eric's Goldman's full name. It's an afterthought. The royals are going to be an afterthought tomorrow. Show hailed Tommy a guy that is playing like he's the best player on the planet and Mike Trout the actual best player on the planet. But at 1151 pitch twelve noon. For the pregame show speaking of might try outlets here what's the goats well he's not that when people. Greatest. Player right now. Than it did GR. PN. That's what might try this here what he has to say. All of he goes out. The first to win over guard and got little windy. You know slash plus. Avoid these it was a have seen how is the answer. Kimberly nationalism is a battle. A big win for us we're we're books. So those. That I love so much. So there was those go. I think the bases when I was his nose your face. There was so when say a little bit. Well you're basically. As if he pitches my last event. Candidacy. Just. And then when the home. I guess out of it's just I got pitcher in the in this itself. Bruce told police that they for the coast it. He's super. The it pretty good. The post world it's it's that's this challenging your outfield yesterday officially. Especially as snow and windy and rainy and just. Don't know which direction it was. This chapters from this yeah straight directly high school days. It's not about the it's. We became our values. Will be the wisest mind. If we don't we don't give you know play you know thousands. You know we we get down we put ourselves that we can you know come back and went. Sickness. And a reality here. But the outfield. You know aside there was talking with fans. Who. Providence look at him sugar and as soon as good as LC. Called game that we have. You know whether you expect this from severe weather making dreams of snow on TV's music. So so whether. Record who's actually issued. It's of the guys who us one thing if it's at 35 degrees and but. It was windy it's going to be cold. It's tough to continue tomorrow okay. Mars is Kohler. You know you know like this in the way they say to him on our game time. With him. Mike Trout that home run that that that Trout hits in the fifth inning was home run number 207. In his career. He's too shy of Jose Canseco for sixth most all time. Nine American League player before it's aged 17 season. Nephew kids out there first of all thank you very much for listening. The baseball post game show as a kid while. Anyway com. Back at watch that whole run that Mike Trout hips and a fifth inning first of all holly hit a baseball. 439. Feet in these conditions is beyond me. Secondly how we kept his hands in and those quick wrists on that pitch up well yeah. He is a yes sites double hole. But he quickly run through some texts text line 69306. Linda writes it says. She's waiting for a little bit warmer weather before she makes it back out Kauffman Stadium and I don't blame you. From the 913 for the bats are getting better. Halos are just related to game. I agree with your point on the halos. I'd like the way the offense battled tonight but look. You know this offense is not stacked with world beaters. It is going to take a herculean effort from Mike whose stock is nightly. And or. Wit merit field John Jay Lucas dude all doing something positive at the dish because to expect that keep the line moving royals to return. It is. That's a fool's errand that if you're waiting for that you're going to be waiting for a while in my opinion. Text line six and 306. From the 913. The dirty wearable interviews Jacobs Eunice. Tells them buddies ate into when pitching after the royals lose. And the next start Jacob Judas looses after the royals suffer is now. Bernie it's time for 610 to fire or at least notre the dirty wearable. I agree a 100% that's a great taxed I will sign that right to the boss great point great point. Kathy writes insists that she believes. That Chris is right Chris in Kansas City is right we need to keep the thing. Like the attitude Kathy thank you very much. From the 816 bird I figured it in the office too much credit. I keep hearing how bad the weather is and how hard it is to hit for it seems like the other team doesn't have that much of a problem with that. It's a fair point. It's a fair point. I will say that the other team it's a lot more talented hands. More accomplished hitters better hitters than the royals do. Look at if I and I did this in the press box to. The first foreign names in the royals' lineup and you just see who's hitting five and nine. In. It reads sole error Orlando Boeing's Escobar Cutera. Trying to slander of these guys but that isn't an offense that isn't a five through nine that instills. Any fear in an opposing pitcher that five through nine barely gets in opposing pitchers attention. So your right yes it it didn't a fact you could say it didn't affect the angels because they scored more than the royals. The angels are a lot more talented and and they and you heard from drop. It affects it it's it's tough to see up there with the snow blow it all over the place. Your hands like rocks on the backs. Text line 69306. Furniture called Mike Trout that GE RP and it. Bernie just called Mike Trout a Groupon. I didn't mean that. Because there's nothing you can go ahead and ask the ownership of the angels go out and asked the Disney corporation. There's not anything that's gonna come cheap. About Mike Trout. And finally from the forum to Mike. In the 402 from all the hall wants it all for playing the Cincinnati Reds this year yes we are. We the royals are. And the royals are playing the National League central in fact the Milwaukee Brewers will be in town. I'm not this Tuesday right the royals are heading outs for my age. A six game road trip starting on Monday beginning with three in Toronto blue when they return next Monday. The get an off day. And then they will take on the Milwaukee Brewers Lorenzo Cain coming back it could be the return. Of Salvador rats yeah if you didn't hear the news earlier today Salvador prize is ball. News. Well in San Antonio by now he will join the double a affiliate northwest Arkansas. The catch tomorrow will DH on Monday. And then we'll see we'll see where it goes from there but could return for the next homestand. Thanks to. Thanks to you for eliciting a shout out to all of you for sitting through this one. Not not just this show but also this game nice job. Royals fall five to three I'll talk you tomorrow at twelve noon following the show I'm six stents portrait you draw the rest of your Saturday night Kansas City take care. 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