0413 Vern's Postgame Show

Vern's Post Game Show
Friday, April 13th

In tonight's edition, Vern breaks down the Royals' loss to the Los Angeles Angels, takes calls from the listeners, and plays sound from inside the Royals' clubhouse.


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This city pier sixty. Insider Josh Verniero. We all braced. For this season and Sioux. Falls short of the kind years that you and I have become accustomed to in Kansas City. We knew that nine wins 85 way intact maybe at eighty wins was out of the question. We all came into this season understanding that the losses were going to be at at its. More prevalent than it war in seasons past. At least recent seasons past. All argue. But now that the royals. Are twelve games into the season with a record of 39. I'll be honest this is the first one that actually felt like a gut punch or. Got punch might be a tad bit strong this is the first one that hurt. Maybe I'm alone phone lines are open for you 9135767610. Royals fall five to four. They've now dropped three straight on this homestand. And the rough. Rough truth. Of this statement continues to burn. And that statement is. The only time the royals have won this season is when they have held the opponents Corliss. If the opposition scores one run. The royals have lost each and every time in 2008. Team. Not 135767610. And boy oh boy the angels try to give it to yeah. They tried to give it to you there in the fourth inning. Gupta for being honest. The royals should not have even score. Four runs. They worked gifted to. Buy that circus play. In the bottom of the fourth inning when Luke is due to a lifts one to shallow left field. The shortstop and a left fielder for Horry of the halos they don't communicate so it falls between them. And then when Justin Upton is throwing it it's in to the infield. He's wide of a cut off man. The back up man and the catcher at all. Dive to try and stop the errant throw but it goes all the way to the backstop and another run comes across to sport the angels tried to get it Tia. But the bullpen couldn't hold it and look it's not as if we did it discussed this earlier today and the pregame show. But I waited out the royals have the advantage when it comes to starting pitching tonight but the question was was the offense. Going to allow all. That advantage. To matter. Well the offense scored four runs gave. Hamels performance. The chance to turn into a victorious performance so yes the offense did allow. That's starting pitching advantage to matter. But that as we discussed by the pregame show that the offense performs well and if the base running is as aggressive as normal. And if the defense is as sound as normal. And you get that solid start from Jason Hammel if you get all for those things to happen once the bullpen alone. Those things that matter in the answer once again tonight was not. It was set up beautifully you heard me bring it up there today adios. After the fifth inning royals are afforded to it was all lined up you bring Hammel then. He alone to face act goes art if anyone gets on you bring in Tim hill that's exactly what Ned Yost did. Tim hill comes in and gets the job done in fact Tim hill is the blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two. Tim hill gets she'll hay oats honey to ground out and Andrew tents and it's just strike out. To end the threat in the sixth then it. And it was lined up you're gonna go Brad Keller in the seventh give the ball to Justin Green in the eight in the head handed to number forty Kelvin Pereira to pick up. Another set. Keller comes then pujols. Expand the zone. Blue swan over the second baseman Chad Ford RBI single that's fine royal still down worst excuse me royals still up one. Will still lead 43 after Brad Keller gets up that run in the seventh inning but that Justin Graham. Justin Graham I mean you had in I can't even sit here in crushed the way that that sin. Or. That green pitched. I mean notes Connie. Just stayed back on a breaking ball and nice and easy didn't swing too hard just take it took it excuse me. Right back up the middle. For a single back to back singles to open up the innings. A perfect sacrifice bonds. Luis fell boy into a nice swing as he drives in the game tying run. And the royals lose by a final score of five to four as moments later Ian Kinsler. It's too darned good of a hitter to lead anything in the zone and that's what Justin Grimm did it Kinsler drives in the game winning run with a sacrifice fly. In the top of the eighth inning. And just like that the angels have come to town and take in the first two games. You've heard it all right here on 610 Sports Radio Casey ESP Kansas City KR BC HD two Kansas City. But I'll wanna hear from you 9135767610. My Twitter timeline was flooded with. Angry fans directing their ire at Ned Yost in Dayton Moore. I don't see where that comes into tonight's game. Look Abraham Belmont today that's about as bad as you can perform in a lead off spot. Whitman or field had arguably his worst game as a pro tonight. And yet ish you're. You still should have won this game. Look that's a tough offense I know I'm asking Justin Grimm to. To actually cute just about every pitch if you're going to maneuver your way through that angels lineup. But you're still the new guy. Grim Keller Al Monta. You need to endear yourself do you need to be the key caught two of victory had your opportunity tonight. And let it slip away. Royals are letting this homestand slip away they fall tonight five before we get to your thoughts and had inside the royals' clubhouse when we get back. The it's. Hour by jaguar American motorist Brett loaders the city of green valley trail side. And Wesley he's hardware. EC route Randy electrical. It was move away from second base animals Jackson. Rings that pitch up to swings ground ball cut off by Escobar to his feet his throw. That's an excellent play terrific play by Al city's basketball are. There's a 103 miles per I'll Wear off the bat of Justin Upton there in the third inning of beautiful play by a gold glove shortstop. In LCDs escobar's SP one for three at the plate he scored the royals first run which came. In the third inning things. To a two out RBI single from Witten merit feel that was the highlight of Witten airfields night plenty of low lights. Should occur Benton. Docked for an error in the fifth inning. Wasn't so credit to him. Now the report offensive play in the fifth inning. Brain lapse it appeared. In the sixth inning with a runner on first and one out he gets a ground ball right adamant instead of taken the lead runner instead of getting co start at second base he takes. Easy outs. At first and you know Tommy he was upset you could see on the field he was upset by that. So a pair of strange on a wit like plays in the field and then at the plate outside of that. RBI single. Not much going out yes he drew a walk in the ninth inning but then he tries to steal second base Sunday. First pitch the first pitch that Mike was dockets. Look. All four aggressive base running as an Ohio field if you're not getting thrown out on occasion you're not being aggressive enough if you are right. Good base running team ready if you have speed. And maybe lacked power OPEC. Yet animal for aggressiveness. But what Middleton walks Witten mayor of field on four straight pitches how he allowed moos get a look at one. Or two or maybe three before you take the bat out of his hand. I understand getting into scoring position trying to tie the game up I understand all of it. But with your speedway it. And moos is that you may be able to score from first base at that was a strange decision. I Whitner a field that deals after the game said he took a calculated risk as Middleton was slow to the plate. Unfortunately. Angels catcher Rene Rivera made a perfect throw with a time of one point 82. To get Whitman air field and and the game popped time is from the moment it pops the catcher's glove. To the moment it pops the second basement supply company lays down the tag pop time for Rene Rivera of one point eats. 9135767610. Let's head up to St. Joe talked to rob. Robby are gonna hit lead off after this 54 loss to the angels thanks for calling. I get it Eric I can't. So my be a little bit critical of Dayton and then. The biggest thing that those policies what is. I was happy news that believe we really didn't add anything such is that a money thing you tell me I don't know. Still old guys that you've brought in here don't gaps. Non net tonight. I mean what is Belmont is done to earn the number one spot Carolina. That's the first question I have last night it was so they're bad second wit that fit take the which can. Went back yeah which sister a little bit because these. He used to admit that one accused. You're moving around that works why would you change that. So what does what does this is state not spend money now than the money. And then yet when you have options last night and you you have a career you bring and then you let him pitch. But we don't see him to not only need it. It worked on the phone call no problem rob thank you for placed that phone call see these are the kind of moments. Where you're just tuning and you think that I have made mouthpiece of the organization. But now I'm just going to answer the questions that rob acts I'm not defending anyone of this answering the questions okay. We'll head inside the royals' clubhouse coming up in a moment. Lots unpack you wanna know about Dayton you want it all about her rare and you wanna know about the line. That's everything right now that's the team value you wanna know. First of all Dayton Moore. Yeah they are rebuilding. No he does not have the money to go audience sign big name free agents right date they made an offer. Eric Hosmer Hosmer found a better offer. But don't know multi year deals. So the answer is no he doesn't have the money they are rebuilding. They don't have much big league ready talent right now at least position players most of their. Position player prospects are in a ball. A few double. They have guys bullpen it'll law you'll see Richard love lady probably lit around this season maybe a few others that are on the so that's a talent thing right now it's a money thing right now. That hopefully I pacify your question concerning Dayton Moore. I'm Abraham El Monte what does he done to earn the spot atop the lineup I think now he hasn't done anything. The nets searching. Well we can say all we want that it was working with wit in the two spot so lair in the five spot that was hitting thirty could say it was working but the stats say. This offense is bad punch list. For the past week. Mine sole air hitting second last night wit in the five spot I think wit has the ability to drive it won't runs and so Larry's been drawing walks. I was fine with that may be so where would get a few fastballs hitting in front of like most doctors. And we all know what's so where can do if he could square up a fastball unfortunately he didn't do it he. War golden sombrero last night taken four strikeouts home with them. And hopefully that answers your question about the lineup. The royals lineup look out. You just don't have many good backs that's the issue right now. Right Mike when stock is is the only bat that instills fear any kind of fear in the opposition. In my opinion. Went Merrill field. John Jay Lucas Judah. The video quality at that. The day. Demand the attention. Of the pitcher. But the pitchers not afraid of a look at Whitman air field John share Lucas didn't go this dude can beat me by himself. Has that ability. Moos has that kind of a bat but there there's just no one else you can work around moves and then he becomes a caught on the base paths. And many asked about Calvin Carreira. I got a few of these questions on Twitter and I was puzzled. As to why. Cal opener Pereira through last night's because. He hadn't thrown in five days and you needed to give him some work you need to keep him fresh. So they let them throw sixteen pitches and then they got a motto that. He was available tonight. But he's your closer. Now he is a a guy that in joy is a routine. A guy that wants to know when he's going to pitch he likes a defined role and his defined role is the closer. And had the royals. And tied the war in the lead in the ninth inning Calvin Guerrero would have pitched. But Justin Graham gave up two runs in the eighth inning in the royals were down by one you're not going to bring and Calvin Herrera. Right at the top of the eight. Top of the eighth inning you're up by one. You need someone else to get those three outs of that at the top of the ninth inning Calvin Pereira can come and to get outnumbered 256. And 27. Yet again last night I had no issues. With the way the net handle the bullpen I'm not bring an end Tim hill we were down we the royals were down three to nothing and they were showing nothing offensively. Three nothing with the bases loaded and two outs in the seventh inning that to me was a loss last night I'm not burning Tim hill and thank god they did it because Tim hill painted in a big spot that's why he was. The blue collar player of the game. A lot of questions there rob I appreciate it man. I appreciate you still. We're twelve games and I can't be thanking people for still being invested in the team I hope. Royals fault tonight by a final score of five to four I mentioned Justin gray and he's addressed in the media. Inside the clubhouse which is delivered by red door grilled. Let's head down there now hear from a tonight's losing pitcher Justin Grimm as our dusty likens are standing by. There. Good adjustment. State of the. Two little frustration. Through this. Throw the ball really well right now we'll have shown that. That's okay you know this is frustration. And they'll be. My frustration. The road again. Not for me personal they do so there was. You know from. And if they go Justin Graham gives up a pair of runs in his inning of work here ye hear him say how how good he feels and how. He believes his pitches were well executed and if you go back and look at it's the majority of them. He's not off base. Was the curve ball to all Tommy a strike yet what. Still bottom of the zone a body just it'd nice job very un rookie like. Of waiting back not trying to muscle while bonnet but just taking the pitch right back up the middle. Ian Kinsler is at home at Kauffman Stadium despite the fact. That Justin Graham made him move his feet made him get in the dirt for a minute. I don't like how old. Carefree. You look at the box. So grim buzzes the tower Kinsler but Kinsler gets the last lap of the sacrifice fly fighting off the pitch up. And taking it to right center field for a sacrifice fly. I don't think Grimm was was back tonight that angels lineup is a monster. The angels are a better team. But they tried to give you this game they gave you two runs in the fourth inning and it was set up. Hamilton hill to Keller to agreeing to perera ball game royals when it was set up. That's just not how baseball goes baseball doesn't care how would set up public should go how you wanted to go. Baseball's gonna go all the way. It wants to go Justin gray and inside the clubhouse delivered by red door grill Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grill. Diamond and second and. Diamond notes. The baskets. From the post game notebook royals and now on nine losses. Have been outscored by thirty runs total. Outscored. By mortar. And three runs per game. In those nine losses outscored 54. To 24. In those nine losses and man oh man. It's happened again second straight outing for Jason Hammel where. We just don't talk about and he pitched well we're not gonna talk about it. We should five and a third innings of two run baseball but that's been the case this here at the starting pitchers. Royal starting pitchers. Had any array of three point 04. It opponents' batting average. Of two and nineteen. Of the twelve games this year eight of them have seen no royals starter allowed two runs or lacks. And yes. Royal starting pitchers have a record this year of three and five. Diamond outstripped it by alpha male of Kansas City and aristocrat motors legendary performance wrapped in today's luxury. Boys in blue followed by a final score five afforded the angels. But stay right here in Kansas City and talked to ray. Ray you're on sixty and Sports Radio. I think it would. And if populist okay. But I don't know me in this. The south. A lot more. Start. I mean. Yeah no doubt no doubt. No doubt takes the phone call hunter Dozier with little PS north of 900 down in AAA Ryan O hard hitting 310. You wanna go down that the downed it all we could it. You're number one prospect to Leo Lee hit his second home run of the season tonight he has an OPS north of 12100. Nick probably your first round draft pick from last year went two for four tonight as an LPS north of 97 to eight. You won't see pronto or leave this season but a guy like. Hundred no your media for sure. Modest C yes wanna see him Richard love lady yes excited to see him. The real actions happening down enable. Guys that are hopefully a part of be. 20/20 one post season run for the Kansas City Royals. Let's take a sneak peek. Take a peek at tomorrow courtesy of our friends at twin peaks the ultimate sports logic been searching for. Tomorrow it's Jacobs yunis the continued continued his magical run in 2018. Jacob Eunice squaring off with Garrett Richards. It's a 610 Saturday which means first pitch. Quarter after six. And also means birds pre game begins. Half hour earlier. LB live beginning at 430 from the 610 mobile studio gate a in left field. C'mon now hang out have a chance to win and I'll be the show eighteen game used baseball will have three strikes. We'll have a lot going on from 43530. Getting ready for game three of this four game series. With the halos. Asphalt tonight five to four they're three and nine on the young season we're back with more your thoughts that we had back inside the royals' clubhouse right after that's. Revealing dribble. We were Kansas City and powered by Dick Smith sports Kansas regenerative medicine center. Current post game show built by the international. Electrical workers local 124 Kansas City and powered by Bob and dire events and. Whose fastball that's it well the center field and help articulate way back and reaches up. And makes a terrific catch up against the war. I'll Monti twice looked at the wall and then back up to five good baseball. And it's quietly with a little hop with the end. Was able to grab it before it hit off the wall. And he begged into the wall was his left shoulder that's a fine play by Abraham now want to. States are you do the nation's. Thought he had no chance of 406. Feet. Off the bat of mark seen Maldonado. It's 400 intend to the wall. Allen traveled 406. Into the glove of Aybar hand Al Montae let's traveled down inside the royals' clubhouse and let's hear what. Wit merit field had to say after a rough night in the field at the plate on the bases. As. He takes the bat out of Mike moves the actress' hand trying to steal second on the first pitch after he takes. A four pitch walk. To put a man on with two outs in a one run game in the bottom of the ninth inning with your best hitter coming to the plate. Let's hear what we had to say is our dusty likens was there. We'll throw. Yeah a very good job. I for a girl I am so. Which is you know the numbers are and it's it was accurate at times we. It reminded. Still pretty copier. This situation yeah. It's not by any begins for the purposes. Looking back on it. One of the little overzealous. We'll look at. The situation to begin however lose keeping your head count. If you fall behind and take off but. That's really don't care what I would change about that was. Anyway capricious it was getting an account. Because there's a drive by. You know an aggressive. Player I'm not Muster next day. Got to get good play. Throw. Comfortable. So did two more these days it's still split the series. Loss like this can also be good thing go by years of a lawsuit because a good thing right but period Saturday it's understood. But as well mind you know he wants it. Which you know forgotten about ready to play to mark your editor. This was the board for the defense which will. You know hopefully we can we got a couple things going today. Get a got a couple guys and we need to so we can do that in sports more runs tomorrow and or more expensive. Text line 69306. From the 913 Vernal as the ninth inning steal attempt wits decision or was that a call for an nad. In asking yields after the game he said yes we had the green light they didn't specifically say run on the first pitch just. This picture is slow to the plate. You'll have an opportunity. If you can get them get them. And wit decided to pulled the trigger and let loose on the first pitch from Middleton and ultimately it. Did not work out inside the club house delivered by red or grow. Here's swinging. Defenses. Although royal hit a home run no right handed royalty is hit a home run all season. Well plus you wanna talk about the moderately then of course there's guys down there that. What. Outfielder completely went three for four tonight. Raised his batting average of 393. Bush is OP yes. To 1264. Hit a solo home run his second of the season illegally. The top prospect in the royals' organization. Swinging for the fences went dire effects. It just makes sense to get a guy offense. 9135767610. Is our phone number let's go to show time right here in Kansas City showtime god. Thank you earn you know but. Or. It seemed like a pretty good old ballpark tonight. Problem wit just Ingram. Eerie background sent. To blown saves. You know killer game in good hole. And he agreed to it you couldn't pay interest to. Let congress do now called off. You know Graham media greater need to go on law. Whitner. Thinks Don. You shall stock vehicle pitches but. You know our regret that we and would article. The golf ball the figure Amare. Popular and. Showtime appreciated its I agree that grim must actually cute tees. A big leaguer he's got to get outs you're you're rights. But I can't sit here and act as if I am angry at just in granma I thought he pitched. Well and that's our eventual. How little lineup. They put some nice swings on some decent pitches good they have been finer of course. Was great now. But it wasn't awful. That's the way I see it please. Your game MVP. Was Luke is due to. It was one of only two royals to record multiple hits tonight Paulo Orlando went two for four with an RB I and a run scored Lucas did a three for four. With a run scored in that three run fourth inning Judah. Singles in the fourth. Sixth and eight. He's the game MVP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax. Its MVP. Let's head out to Seattle to talk to Cathy Cathy go hat. The market if you are a lot of repeat everything. One. I'm not surprised that isn't gone away and yeah I want to be better. Didn't they kind of talent in the when Armenians it's going to be awhile. You know that we agree I. Think that an improved over the year. You know it's it. It it's going to be fun to watch. I don't watch you know leaping into a forty year for a couple of years that they. And one of the year. You know if I get older. Age and to go out support the game and you know go oil. They go Kathy appreciate the phone call let's head back inside the royals' clubhouse Jason Hammel tossed five and a third innings of two run ball. Scattering eight hits striking out four he didn't walk a batter. He also didn't factor into the decision he had this to say afterward as our dusty likens was inside the royals' clubhouse. There was. The goal every. Yeah. Incorporated this kind of hold our. We executed inside room all night. You can involve schools that was his excuse is always a team we hit that ball so. You're both online and it just didn't get one more bigger than us. Frustration level rising you know right now our interest and what you get an answer to you. And I feel about socialism frustration nation actually frustration. I'm just not quite get into it to the system behind it. And us very long season. Knowing of the players here that to me it's been around here so I'm not I'm not our. And others together toward. We do need to find some rhythm so that's can kind of wit of yes. Still it is. Street turning it over him like that. Or. The good for that rhythms of weird mother nature stuff going on us as a team you know on the schedule. Those are excuses so. Right now I know reported good lord is my target and a victory didn't make that big fish. And simple enough the 95. Pitches. 95 pitches good 45 and a third innings for Jason Hammel. As he now hand the baton off to Jacob Judas will square off when it. Garrett Richards tomorrow 6151. Pitch pre game. From the 610 mobile studio gave Andy in left field begins at 430 if you're heading out to call them. I really hope it's not Bob Hope to see out there tomorrow. Extra crispy little Sarah for the help. Back at the studio. Dusty likens his help down inside the royals' clubhouse thinks do you for listening. And tomorrow a 610 Saturday and giveaways that on Saturday giving away those municipal stadium. Figures. I. The ball but it's a game I'll see their campus into the rest of your Friday night our ally. The international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 of Kansas City for more coverage go to burn notebook it's 610 sports dot. Use our town sixty and Sports Radio. They are all.