04/13 - Fred Patek Interview

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

Royals legend and Hall of Famer Fred Patek talks about the 1977 Royals being one of the best teams of all time 


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Freddie politics for project is Brad savings favorite royal of all time he's always been a great friends of the show always enjoyed our conversations. We started our conversation as Freddie podtech of the 1977. Seemed to Matthews thinks is the best royals team in franchise history does Fred I take agree. Well I do agree that it. Because we you know. The 100 what was it 602 or do sixty. Yeah you know that in itself whose. What are you Mika record right there but you know we work you know what are reporter install. All the other or scenes we were better at the position builder flying. And caught you know back in rural agriculture yeah. We just had a big advantage. When weekly. At home the guys you're really. But you really know how to figure out yep you'll yet vaulted him in the corner urgent it rule would center field so there was you know that a lot. That. Well they brought so but. Yeah that you know. I think the other thing too is that Cha. Like it fit you can see this this ballclub start to gather momentum and then we got to the point to where. You know we were like sixteen. Great. We became an effort I'll start it's like somebody flipped light switch here on and regions we start just took off. And I repaired a lot is that'll. Brett really quick it's it's really interesting to hear you talk about the royals and you certainly have much more Bagram with the royals and I do. I I don't know a lot of the things you're talking about let me talk about royal stadium I'd only known Kauffman Stadium you talk about the turf I only know the grass that they currently have you talk about all old municipal stadium I only know Kauffman Stadium. It's just like two completely different royals generations now. Yet here I wish I think you'll open airwaves they're Brett. That that your really it was grew up on your body. If you don't start paying. You know. When people are upset that party at 20130. Reads. You know Alter let prosthetic ears of the chapters of the afternoon game. You know you're gonna lose fifty and fifty pound. And for me that was a lot. It was a great servers. That yield municipal stadium on credit yet can't linger. There's a what I remember there are so short oval. Where is how to all the rubble like oh yeah one bad cop and it wasn't that there and I remembered that. Are they so. The book very well we'll all pork plant in what was really nice here being in this city was that. You know we want our travel was not that it was no longest trip for three hours so. Being you know being in the middle of the country really Nate really made it nice for us for rebels there. Talk to royal wholesaler Freddie podtech my favorite player growing up in Europe that tremendous honor. Freddy I got to ask you about. Maybe the most iconic picture. And you're the guy in it I remember after the 1977. ALCS and you guys lost to the Yankees. There's this picture and people can Google it if they want and I remember seeing it. Get errors in the Kansas city times of the Kansas City Star helmet he was in both of them. But it was long after the game was over you were sitting in the dugout by yourself with your head down in your hands. What were you feeling at that moment and how many people brought that picture up to you and ask you about it. Oh I there's been several. It's been out there have been a lot of people that a lot that picture. And I know you talk about you know I thought like senator yet that he raced well. There are still to this day if we get the best four out of seven year. We'll walk a couple of series should we had ripped it really radar in the starters. Let. It was hard for me because like well. I mean ever it is Nancy yen. And that in itself. You know. It's sort sport goes that was at that. Learn to deal with the just like you picked region. You learn a lot you know. Yankees were were good ballclub with a note that seven we ship in early episodes in the World Series that they'll static. Were you on chairs sit there Freddy I mean as it was at that emotional for him. Yeah yeah it was it was. I think at this is all I remember looking up our files pitching I looked up at third base. Not so metals lower close to the at a news or you you know it's he who's here to eat through war and it unit amid it is part. And we equity analysts the double play with in order. And when I hit it started running it. Then let's put it out first space if you got a local or you lay out. You know and it was it was actually pretty you're bank bank play so well yeah most of the thing that you period which. You know and they're not their memories their there they're good they're respect that you get a chance you know to make it reached. Accurately in shorts. Yeah that was that was so well. Fred listening to you talk about you don't feel like you would never have that chance again what was delight to have your last royals' season in 1979. Then the next year they go to the World Series and then and then not being a part of that team. Our. It was up here and it got traded from Pittsburgh in the city. It's a lot in the World Series that year and they elect is rated. When I go to create it for is that Cuba. Below water you know or maybe two World Series that you yourself. Are always been close but never. Never got opportunities late in the World Series championship but seeing a lot of experience according a lot of the league championships again the ease in. Other king that we etiquette these yet know who and our position. That in itself. When I think about you know. Texas Rangers were like Orton back. Erica and Kansas City in the ourselves well that will make. When they left here they are currently in first place. And we look at the mall or means and we just so close yet here. Freddie were really appreciate I gotta tell you again and it's it's a complete on its total Mario my favorite players. You know and royals history you know because the where the number two I wore the number two grown up. Just love having you on the show love hearing your voice and love here in the stories and wish him nothing but the best friend. Well I appreciate you or number two that's that that needs that need it I have an impact on a lot of and that all of the when fortunate enough to get an opportunity to play or try to make it to be so. Yeah yeah I have ever oh letter a lot of guys all on debt and stock them that would so. Yeah it it is quite an honor that's appreciated her much. You got Freddy that's rolls all but a favor Freddie plots that Jordan is on the drive thanks again for any. Thank you guys ever written.