04/13 - Fanning Sits Down 1-1 with Mike Trout

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

Fanning caught up with Angels superstar Mike Trout prior to their game against the Royals for a 1-1 conversation 


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Without further ado. Our very own bread standing gadget to catch up with the best baseball player of his generation Mike Trout here is that conversation. I'm like first and foremost. Sources of mine it's only the your giant weather junkies is that correct here in the forecast you can get yeah. You just gotta thunderstorms. It was so severe there. Really look forward to it it's like get out they come out California everyday through its. Pretty pretty clear what's and about. Percent chance of rain tonight at any eight percentage from the other great is that right yes can say about there's. 56% chance of understanding. You never know it's it's been less of a percent chance you get one of the fountains in and how. And I just convert your visit there. I was hearing it the 489 footer in the fountains you think about that you can vacuum. Yeah obviously it's in your mind you know to take BP itself and try to go there again. But. As you Fargas. Like Vargas. When my body so it's. Davis. You're 268 years in the big six all stars rookie of the year probably in BP is what's it like to be on players' analyst expectations. Yeah I loved players gala play with a passion god regular day every day. Some of the ballpark ready to play in greater weigh in on a play every day. It's been sponsored more. Margaret is us friend of the show we had to be out earlier this early this week he was talking about how. You don't get the public these go play ball in the net that's kind of what you wanna do have you enjoyed at least a little bit. Other than the fact you can throw a lot of miles an hour hit bombs and do all that stuff hit a lot of the attention has got away from you at least a little bit to show way. And I just I guess I don't mind it anyway. First goes like that is another extreme he's. Got a lot of you don't screw ball but you guys please put up the pressure of the unbelievably you know it's very humble and go go let's take on the ball Barton wants to work muscular. That is what you get on the front steps that you see that now. You know we reduced we knew that he had he has got a blue talent. We just found facility itself together and see what he's done for a few weeks those good. Just like his ears like The Beatles and rolling around. It would just be the best players in baseball you got out of schools they've got show right now what's it like for you guys and I know it's where we're only what 1112 games into the season what's it like because the other. Room. You know have fun and they'll recover and we're mentality you wanna win. You know if we don't we get down early so we never figure out again you know we had good offense. It's. Just it's fun to be Barbara that. Men have been given much thought to think you're eight years into the swing all right you've been you've given much thought to like your. Happy you're on right now coming out of one hell of a career innocent to a 126. Yeah just very fortunate. Do come up to stay healthy. Let's I dreamt this as a kid. I love being here. I had so much your love for the game respect for the game it's. It's a very fortunate we have here today here when you look just doing me. Yeah as a kid I wanna get the big leagues and we ought to give up great numbers. He has been great so far sic ago. Not an appreciate it might these other royals like any candy you know the weather forecast it's mostly probably the next couple days which can do. He does with a red area that's what they've lowered its goal is going to be extremely tough tomorrow but it can be to me about them. That was Mike Trout brands meaning our guy catching up with the Mike Trout out at Kauffman Stadium. You're not we're not talking about a little bit during the interview on listened to it as well. I don't think people really understand how good Mike trotted. And I'm surprised that he is not a bigger storage is given the market that he is I Mike Trout. I'm his baseball reference page it is insane what he has done in such a short period of time I Mike Trout could retire right now at 26 and the first ballot hall Amer I he's been that good in his first. Eight years of playing Major League Baseball. Mike Trout at age one T. At twenty years old. Finished second in the MVP voting hit thirty home runs 83 RBIs in here Reid 26. As a 212 year old and finished second in the MVP. He's won MVP. Or two times eighties when he six years old last year Mike Trout. Only played a 114 games. He hit 306. With 33 home runs and 782 RBIs in all incurred in fourteen. Games last season. It goes without saying Mike Trout is the best baseball player of his generation. In like if we're going like best players since its bonds. He's the best baseball player we've seen since Barry Bonds I am a little bit surprised I think a lot of it is just I'm Zoellick when he plays different times. Like the economy's you wish you played for the cubs like it might try it for the colts he'd be a bigger stardom what he is right now AME personality and all accounts up just just. If he moved to wait another big save if you play for the Yankees if you played for the cubs TBA bigger shortly. He played for the Dodgers. He'd be a bigger stars he is on the second team in the second second biggest market in. In the country. This is the White Sox to the cubs this is Mets to the Yankees it's not bear that he's in Los Angeles playing for. I could franchise that albeit these second rated franchise any city that cares more about basketball and baseball you have the lakers. You have the Dodgers and then you have the angels air eighth or gotten franchise any city that doesn't care that much about sports. Tell me on two copies of this but every year and you you and I both kind of NBA guys. LeBron is in the running for the NDP and even if he doesn't win it. He we all know he is the best player in the NBA like Tim Hortons gonna win the MVP this year or LeBron as the MVP. Yeah that's fair so is Mike Trout. John goes to may when the MVP or Bryce Harper may win the MVP. Mike Trout is better than all of them no right to read time I would like beat we got that coach of the year like Bill Self can't when coach your team last day in and exceed expectations. No it certainly is it I'm I'm surprised I give this opinion of people got to push back on I understand. Text size six factories are sick you can't make the hall with only eight years played some -- fifteen years for first ballot in oh. Alex Rodriguez is in AP RM word better the hand Mike Trout. I kind of look at those guys is being a different generation like. Mean Iraq was out of the league when my truck I really stars I don't look at those guys is being into different generations understand the difference in this I mean I guess. Really know what Mike Trout we need to do more than what you already it's like if we take Mike Trout an up and we didn't leave it when he was nineteen and only played in forty games. So I asked my argument let me just give him the seven years I'll take out his rookie year. He has a career batting average of Rio and in all on base percentage of 414. He slugging 573. And he's won two in VP ease. Incident is set it to other times it made it all starts six times and he's got it this year. That's not all like that's the definition of all they like sometimes I think that we think people at the finish. It can't stop playing basketball right now he's all gamer it's stuff curry stop playing basketball right now. He's hall of Famer if Mike Trout does woke up tomorrow is that you know. I really wanna be actor he's the greatest baseball players that we've ever seen he's absolutely going all of. My dad grew up in New York kind of during the year of this fifties and sixties with Mickey Mantle and the way he would talk about making channels like he is like. Eight died. Could do no wrong on the base baseball field hit. Ryan everything in between field. Wind I think about my dad talked about Mickey Mantle I assume that's the way. Kids and people of our age who were watching in Los angels baseball think about and talk about Mike Trout. There's nothing he can't do and I think baseball is a little bit different compared to the bass all they because you can get in the basketball hall of fame without being a great basketball player because it's your contribution to the game. Baseball is a little different though you need the numbers again and so I would say that you probably need two or three more years from Mike Trout. Whenever he's done he may go down is the greatest baseball player we ever see. Yeah I guess. I don't think he's going to get bank that he's not very beloved he doesn't have any real cold season like that that are not able to sit though. I a numbers standpoint certainly gonna do like. I would like meaning might try memorable moments now at this point I think that's what's illegally change like grass it was Sobel well. And like baseball which is different that we all book review and hold him like different kind of standard Coca looks and thinks that Mike Trout. Did give me the Griffey standout moment trio. It's horde and beast always in your hit some big. World Series home run or you know the joke order home runs of the world. These polls not that stand out one moment in time type was more like a football team is. Or even a basketball game winning shot is it's a little bit of a different sport. But I do think it would drastically helped him. If he went to a mid west times' owner and eastern time zone because his career is getting lost. Playing at 9 o'clock on ESPN once a week and we don't get to see him. All that often failure like I can't really argue with that is slowly dipped even if he just played with the Dodgers as a lot of us.