04/13 - Carrington Tries To Pronounce NHL Player Names

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

With the playoffs underway, there are some real crazy names remaining so C-Dot tried to pronounce them against other people in the office 


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Yesterday. You guys tried to test by infinite wisdom in the game and shockingly. You guys wrong I dominated the game we still have some leftovers are waiting continued to dominated. I'm gonna be totally honest with you shall excellence that's under the which were supporters of the no I have no clue what's happening Stanley Cup Playoffs. I can only tell you one team it's it's the biggest golden knights I couldn't tell you any other team that's in the daily cup finals Baidoa gonna dominate this game based on what yesterday we need you pronounce these crazy NHL teams and guys who are appearing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs you. Beat front desk pat. When trying to pronounce players from the Pittsburgh Penguins. BP is as strong words that one nothing what I think it's a win as a way to. In the words Dominique for it doesn't matter whether you win by nature mile winning winning I want to apologize to excellence excellence excellent loser six Abraham moments that you need not McGill you know and is it wouldn't provide enough I don't wanna disrespect Abraham what about today with him leading off and playing center field is working zero o'clock am wrong is it Danny Almonte is no not any alma today. It's like my last favorite baseball player that isn't. So you beat front desk pat when he came to Pittsburgh Penguins and you'd be. Tina Holmes when it comes to Tampa Bay Lightning. All right you got to autograph and else please read in the process and and against digital Bradley Cooper's name forming a balance where he. Live. QF. LULA. Bouts there. Let them RA digital brand factory. Would Lula. Cal Perry. Built Yuma F I L. Not why so I was so lost and the 100. And cal Perry Phil York. All right next game next line that I'm pretty snow that the first name is saying SH a YNT. And that is the last name is spelled C oh it's. As VE eight. Our. Collapsed as he's here. Seoul saying. Go home this being here go to as the year goddess be here okay did Brad team. Docs to speed here. A shame on this there doesn't. We'll just blows a little easy guys really broke down those valves there scene got the spare us the beard does this bear got his bare so lots it's where lives are kind of the point after talking all those traps OK you have one final name on the all right Philadelphia Flyers you Yankee doodle today against the tank and I see lives alliances. He ET. Are unsure that's Peter and his last name is spelled MR a ZA saying I'm an ego Peter mare's. Digital Bratton that center. Mare's. Digital Brad. Yes it. And now he's did not pewter. Mare's. Yes he did you draw. To you both of them I heard differently OK getting beat digital brat when a team to the Philadelphia Flyers. Talking all that trash that you send a lot of time in as young lady's office. Suzie from sales at the Winnipeg jets here. First hearing to hear city and Winnipeg jets means some should be easy on these mats you. Matthew. Like Tyrod can you and I guess share well Mathew her. All right let's see Susie Matthew. Peru. Who you know who didn't inner writing build. One draft. Pranks on his name all right all right. Being number two mall rat you can throw your hat in the ring about until March. SC eight. FL. Mark. So I felt mart's size bill you got starts on to give it a little bit forward you've got to put the season and Susie mark. Step away. Mark chiefly. Yet all are better yeah. Mark site content and shouting yeah or when exactly I mean this last year I mean if this last one is not Patrick lane I'd swear that I quit his day. It is not tactically. Patrick is a big name is LE. That's not lane after playing. You and Susie along the same lines strictly. Now. Patrick lying and maligning Islam is losing the war stick ends. We'll see this season. About one correct and if you're coming home now as he got over six in round two of Nina is Stanley Cup play this artist and and tour. Names like all right dust and BYFUZL. In by you but does invite you. Does invite you to Susie desk and the food bill. Dustin Goodling. Dustin both went is longer there's no way does and plus one is impossible. Guarantee you wanna go over the over. You wanna go for these goggles Gallagher here Connor help you. Conner held view Susie Connor Helen who. And hello beyond matters more there really one person got a rash. Digital branded. Brad fans. Yet so he's correct in Carrington went over seven. Pointer over three and Susie from sales of five accidentally fuel rate now what about the the effort and two for 59. Inning home. That's 400. But 400 JR 400 I was the horny so layer of this game than. I was just started strong yesterday I mean those were struggled today. Your telling me that someone whose last name is LA 88. L I NEC sounds like linked to looks likely but it. If you can't give me that I mean. Parent are the decks they actually still playing hockey doesn't there on one nothing in their series against the Minnesota Wild they went away and came back expect. Yes they were and they were the Atlanta Thrashers for a prolonged I mean I've I've been to Atlanta before. Hockey players are not really a sports players don't know it is surprised that hockey would really popular Atlanta Georgia. Not really that surprising to me.