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Friday, April 13th

The Hits, Fanning sits down with Angels superstar Mike Trout plus Ask Us Anything 


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It's the heat Dez Bryant parting ways with the cowboys I'm Steve inspected that's all we know. And after the show. Congratulations and guys we did play a of that Taylor Swift hers does that effort. You guys like action version of the Denver. So like we'll talk is that them until it's over it's Friday it was awful baseball team. The teams that have a first round draft pick like you guys that are in the past couple appeared at city but. The Sox to actually hear expecting Brad saying to catch up with Mike Trout or a one Portland. In the 5 o'clock hour moment I know what it is. We'll pass it to view and we will play. Thank you so much listening to drive what do Friday let's get today it's not needy in violence since I was nervous on yeah I mean. I played too much of the table is what you and I diesel line down apologized we'll let this. I'm telling you I like the song I I don't know anybody in my life that doesn't like the solid if you can't this September. If you've never been at a wedding in this song plays that you don't get up off your feet. Eight gold dais I don't wanna be around here of clunkers. Brendan hours sent down earlier today by the royals in his hearing team in the swings his hips and knees shoulders as he always says that for a break in the power of people. Threw out a way to prevent anything like that are up for it. He wins his swept him out of Kansas City he is no longer allowed to pitch on earth around Kauffman Stadium. He is no longer fire but died net you know suggesting the media live radio and sixteens were freed at that point 535 minutes ago said this about grant. And our nation needs to get this stuff right. He's been pretty obvious. And obviously you. Yeah okay and it was obvious to everybody that the time is right. Pieces of a better pitcher than that he's a guy that. It should be. You know an eighth inning guy he's a guy that should be able to close out games on days that you're closer. Me today and he. He's got that really really good stuff it's just. I'll itself kills trees out like he just needs to go get some problems have some success from Baghdad. Take that position. So if you missed anything from the 2 o'clock in Arctic and the positive podcast page excuse me at 610 sports dot com. We're in an hour inning and a third last night gave up a home run to Mike Trout. Sit join us. Around 525. With that inning and a third and earned run plus the three runs given up on the show patent funny simple is you rain winds. Down. I'm actually perfectly fine if we don't actually see Graham our until it is actually September so I can't really fault. David they don't bring him back it was just obvious that it wasn't working I think they should have got the brain and our sins and all the home Monday. I said my three options for you meeting at the top of being an injury he does beat outright release. Or you sentinel Omaha is that it almost sounds silly not gonna complain Ned Yost I think said it perfectly correct. It was obvious to everybody that it was not working to bring them our they execute something. I didn't don't know how in good faith and he continued to sit brain power out there were kids who. Some good news so coming from next pregame chat is as well feisty with some of our friends of the show today. But Salvador Perez continues to be Wolverine as you like to call his ruling that's accurate easy awkward that Ford and CL in his need. Opening day it was seek thirteen days ago fifteen days in a sign like that. He's expected to miss four to six weeks here's what Ned Yost said about Salvador prints about 35 minutes ago. Saudis get real close on how about rehab. And it could be hopefully as early as this weekend maybe. You know he's passed all the tests of them now. Looks great MVP looks great on all of his defense is stuff. So. That's gonna help. Get his bat back. America. Salvage. Boss. Right Venus in all seriousness I understand that all of you are not coming with me so you maybe don't get the reference. Salvador Reza Wolverine Wolverine one of his abilities and he's able to feel himself incredibly. I don't know what it is this Al applies whether it was just a couple whether it was with my sockets whether it was the drew Cutera. Or this recent injury like south Ijaz has the ability to come back fast that anybody had anticipated Reston died. We get out and it shows that he can be back. Or he can be in rehab start as early as this weekend. Re talking about Sunday its outlook is to be playing in a baseball game I just in saying I don't know its outlook rays did. I have absolutely no clue but he's not a human being he is not a mere mortal like the. Side note Logan was not a good movie I did not enjoy the movie goes in of course I'm about tiger did today. Pick it up about utterly free it's 5 o'clock on a prize beyond the here anymore till Monday the other big story coming from the NFL today. Dez Bryant and the cowboys parting ways. The former star wide receiver hasn't been good about three years. Was only about sixteen million dollars in 2018. Season at L insider Ian Rapoport was on NFL network earlier today yeah. That give us welcome it is basically just time to have a clean slate for the Dallas Cowboys in time for them to move on and. We've all spent a lot of time discussing some of the money issues twelve million and a half dollars. This year sixteen million dollars against the cap. But for Dallas it really wasn't about that and obviously the value was something that they were not gonna move forward with Jolie the cap number this was something they were not involved with. A lot of this was about the direction. The team is going this is going to be a team that is revolving around Jack press got an easy kilo is now on offense and the lack of chemistry that kids. And Jack had regardless of whose fault it is it if it even anyone's fault at all. It was something that. The very Smart football people inside the building really everyone until late. Besides Jerry Jones. Them and they've realized for a long time and it's why he cowboys went very hard for Sammy Watkins nobody did not end up getting him and that's why they decided. Cab number not salad or not it was Todd move forward in different receiver and really a pretty fresh. I knew who skill position players that gavel. So that is Ian Rapoport on NFL network. Cowboys picking pretty high this year in the NFL draft and it'd been linked Houston first round wide receiver does not now makes a lot more sense yet it's obvious that he is somebody for deck press got a you have to kind of puts talent around your young quarterback. The same thing that's happening that happens when what was happening to Dez Bryant right now. It's over. Dez Bryant was never a speedy guy I was never got to really treat a lot of separation as you get older exporter to do it. I understand it Dez Bryant had been good like recently we could point to something. And Dez Bryant hasn't been a good wide receivers and 2014. It's 2008 season. In 20112014. He was the five best receivers in the NFL in 201531. Catches for a one. 201650. Catches 796. Last season he had 800 in authority soon targets. The put into perspective the cowboys from the ball to Dez Bryant last year more than the chiefs threw the ball to Travis. Kelsey. Dez Bryant had 838. Receiving yards last season itself or as bright. Maybe you're a decent or obstacle team which are not only line you were not too I hope it's going to create some understanding now but I think the same things gonna happen. Like happened that way about you that ball was able only really good if it didn't go quarterback. Dez but all made you and you and dad don't have good chemistry he's gonna go to the place. And it's two years. We're having this conversation on how is an awful contract. Or what ever teams signed it I would like Dez Bryant as far away from the chief sponsor the goal in the NFL the younger cheaper UAD dump. But Dez Bryant and I'm gonna get the Dez Bryant is gonna put me at a pretty penny I do expect as bright sign with eighteen out east I think you. Lowell seems to stick it to the count everything you just said smells like the Redskins. Right it yeah that's about right. Paper name not the player that he once was a lot of money. Smells like the Redskins plus he gets there's two chances to play cowboys usually one of which is on McKee big big big weather Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. Down a level this is from the football scoop. The NCAA makes a significant change to toss now any pick up Atlantic treaty goal line any 25 yard line. Can now be bear caught and treated as a touchback. So the I picked up rules and teams in the NFL now they're definitely changing and. College actually turn the music on this that I actually want people to hear us. Football as you know it isn't about to drastically. Change. Before all that you and I have grown up with. And loved. And followed in celebrated big hits. In the excitement we got when Dante Hall would return it kicked. Or Devin Hester. Ordered take your pick for great kick returner. It is a bounce to change. It is only year. That the NFL. The college football. They use football have all taken it upon themselves to make football as safe as he's ever being. Now we all agree there's no way to make football safe at its port or asking human beings to run as fast as they gain into each other. And collide so it is impossible to make football safe. But it is very obvious right now that the goal of people that run football is to try to make it as safe as the game has ever been. So they are going to try to eliminate any play that they deem is unsafe. Football people have decided. I would say grudgingly to meet the consumer because I like to kick off I think is a very fun and exciting play. They have decided that the kick off is far too dangerous. And it is going to be better for the future of the game. For. This rule. Is don't put it. I mean this is a drastic change I think just having like the NFL does in incentivizing touch backs at least you get the option. I mean if I make college and I don't have eight trains send player returning kicks why would I ever return them. You're telling me if you kick the ball to the eleven. I can just catch it in yet. I can get the ball fourteen yards ahead of how important field position is in no time on the clock is that no brainer if you're a college so yes. I would say that we're going to see I would guess. A 606587%. Dropping kick off return in Dallas global we're already seeing the diminishing numbers in the NFL. It's happening I I know that we all disagree about PC culture in how we was a five football all the stuff we might have differing opinions but. This is what the people in charge of Opel had decided and it comes just the silent pocket books at what our eyes on television and it doesn't matter. Legitimately doesn't matter. We are going to continue to watch the NFL and I think they're going to continue to have radical changes. To. Opel someone asked this fake news are you guys met some of us know. The NCAA today have kind of what the rule. That lets say you try Squibb kick and the ball goes to the nineteen yard line. That player can fair catch or catchy and take a knee and they get the ball 25 kick off Saddam got the dog why. Don't have a problem taking out of the NFL team because. We constantly seek Piccard booting out of back the end zone. I'm I'm totally fine with it being taken out of the NFL oh what's the big difference and special teams between college and NFL college kickers or arable. 823 yard field goal is not a given in college right. The field is also wider in college that leads to more kick off returns for touchdowns the tackling is not as good especially at some of the lower levels. In college. This doesn't make sense or this week. Honestly. Maybe part of the conspiracy theory in me says that the this was forced upon the NFL you college. For some of their guys to take less of it so when they get to the pros are a little bit healthier I think that's a stretch I'd I'd get that that's a stretch. It doesn't make any sense that in college when guys are not booting an out of the back of the end zone. To take away a player he can be one of the most exciting plays in college it's not Intel anymore. Guys are you good against a win no matter what they're putting it through the operates and on the kick off. I'm good with that don't waste our time let's get into the action Soviet college kids are not the same in the tick off beads to stay but I guess or going is. It is what happened today. And I think it's a sad day for college football. Text size 69306. And five years there won't even be kick off you're just gonna start getting the ball one and I agree. I think we'll see in the next five to seven years in at the absolute most the will not be a kick off. I think that's going to be voted on by the competition committee in the NFL let's have a Z Intel is happening in college. CME that this is the this is the future of thoughtful. Couple balls going anywhere I think it's far too popular in America and it is the most popular TV show it is like on DVR from on Tivo proof. And we all continue to watchful bought the level we do it because it's the athletes are too good at all. But it's what a look call it's gonna look and feel in the a whole lot different in this four point four sick of football. The change gears a little bit. Think it was yesterday with brain and now our AM we can play the cut from Dayton Moore. Where he was talking about the stuff. One brain an hour he could pull that up will play you got web. You know brand that is clearly struggled. You know he was one of the more dominant. Relievers in the National League last year. Ever since we made that deal he hasn't been that type of guy we recognize that it's been frustrating for us it's been frustrating for him. And but also more together we've got to figure out. And didn't back the level he was in how he performed. Before. Four San Diego for a while there may come before our work is simply have to. Optioned him out and I just kind of resettle. That was date more on fest go in the morning we actually just heard sitting actually step decide to head to Kauffman Stadium to catch up with Mike Trout. That interview has been sent it will play coming up in about ten minutes doing your fanning in a one on one with the greatest player of his generation Mike Trout. We have an exclusive one on one conversation you can only here on six and Sports Radio with my trial of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. So we will get to that coming up in about ten minutes around five point five. But that's the date mourn. I was like it was yesterday and I was watching the royals game. Bearer. Or certain traits and characteristics that I firmly believe. That the sports people. Quote unquote the old ways buying and believe. I give you seven for human being in some athletic athletic enough to be it would play basketball on high level you'll always have a job. Just didn't make a whole lot of seven foot. Really athletic human being like Derek not that many of them walking the face of the earth so you show ability. If not Chris Dudley if you show any ability to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. You can make a whole lot of money in the NF are in the NBA excuse me because they are not that many seven foot human beings. If you run a four to 4440. You're incredibly fast. We've we've we've heard this saying since football has been played you cannot teach beat duke on the floor for they'll give you a chains. We see in the NFL does not torture background and it a law. Doesn't matter if you floorboards some higher you got a lot of people as fast as high regional. So you're going to get all the opportunities in the world because you or incredibly fast and not many people are able to run well all speeds like that. It is the same thing in baseball and that is what bring him now will get another chance of the royals were girls and what happens down Omar northwest or wherever he's. And I'm pretty sure that it's Obama. The CS stuff. Now let's stop phase out he's got movement only does their greens pitching. Baseball people determined awhile ago that bring him hour has quote unquote stuff. Oh you got stop you'll get all the chance is in the world of fruit you can be a successful Major League pitcher we play this stuff from from Ned Yost earlier in will be played from date he was talking about getting him back to what he had in San Diego. I mean he is giving you no reason in a royals uniform. To believe that it is going to work. Bring M hour has pitched for your Kansas City Royals. 24 in a third innings he's given up once he four runs any is given up 41. Hits. The funny is that hurtled funnies thing are all day with that brain amount arteries ERA is twelve point 46 and it went down after his appearance yesterday. It down after brain amount was on the mound yesterday. He'll get another shot at the royals decided to DF eight brain an hour it's that you're gonna be done you don't. Brett Howard got another job you're an ally Brit I was got stuff. And you got stuff in Major League Baseball or your left handed you'll always get a shot eager seven foot in the NBA. Somebody will bring you forward got you got a chance to make its thing. If you run for Horry in the NFL you'll always have a chance because they are not a lot of human beings. That are able to do day. So the hour thing to me is just like very very easy very very simple very very easy to understand. He's got stuff. You got stuff you're gonna get chances this day more what he set about ram our struggles and build the roads. You know brand that is clearly struggled. You know he was one of the more dominant. Relievers in the National League last year. Ever since we made that deal he hasn't been that type of guy we recognize that it's been frustrating for us it's been frustrating for him. And but also mourn together we've got to figure out. And and get back the level he was and how they performed. Before. Or San Diego was well there may come before our work is simply have. In and out and that is taboo that a little. And they did and they reset with the these that's really quicker from royals review and they are really telling about how global pain is really let the royals down as the rose just let themselves down a lot of ways. The Raza given up 49 runs all year in eighteen of them 36%. Have been two relievers. Bring him hour. In Boyer. Without in the ERA goes from 4442293. Bring them Mauer and Blaine Boyer have combined to give up eighteen earned runs and listen to this. Brain power and Blaine Boyer had given up the same amount of earned runs as Greg how is in a way Davis did the entire 2014 season. It's April 13. Any. Brand and our. In Blaine Boyer had given up as a mini. Earned runs as Greg Holland Wade Davis deed in. Her that is an insane that really frustrates me about lame boy I know we're up against it we'll get to my truck here about five minutes. I can live with you rebuilding. Rebuilding is understood is understandable. What the White Sox are doing is rebuilding what the twins were doing was building I can't live with you being. If Blaine Boyer was 23 years all he has its way that it was to put a problem is promising he'll turn things around. The employer is 36. Years old. Blame the lawyer is the same ages CC sabathia bins overs and Curtis Granderson he got a spring chicken. I employers not to be next. Where is not going to be on the team for too much longer did I can live with you rebuilding. I think we all understood what the royals were about to do at the back and employers them bad and he's not gonna be a part of the futures we can't he can't get ticketed take opportunities from guys that you do think can be year. For the longs are coming up next breath any other club estate to catch up with Mike Trout. Of the of the Los Angeles and the best player of his generation sat down Barbara I think next draft. Conversation with Mike Trout moments here and or just wrote a story back. And the headline reads Kansas plays the victim card in federal investigation of college basketball here's why that hasn't gone over well around the sport. Forty graduated from Missouri so I imagine this is. Going to be a very entertaining article that I cannot wait to read. I mean nobody knows college sports kind of better than past forty and obviously as you just said. A unique perspective and maybe a little bit of a biased perspective which tends to make or a great piece of of writing. Yeah I'm gonna guess the tap 42 of the top rope that is when I mean I can't imagine him pat borders career when he signed up to go to the Missouri. To write a story about K you being tied into an FBI probes and wanna check that out Yahoo! Sports has pap forty. Just wrote a store like K you in the year FBI probe investigation about what happened with the deet is. And all that alleges stumpel without a do. Our very own breasts engadget to catch up with the best baseball player of his generation Mike Trout here is that conversation. I'm like first and foremost. Sources of mine it's only the year giant weather junkies is that correct here in the forecast you can't yeah. You know scattered thunderstorms. It was so severe there. We look forward to a black. California every. Pretty pretty clear what and about. Percent chance to write about it as a percentage from the great was that yeah. About as. 56% chance of services. You never it's endless what percentage of the fountains again. Does that weird you visited. How would you eat the 489 footer in the fountains you think about that you can vacuum. Yeah obviously it's in your mind you know to take BP itself and try to go there again. But. As you Fargas. Like Vargas. When my body so it's. Davis. You're 268 years in the big six all stars rookie of the year probably in BP is what's it like to be young player analyst expectations. Yeah I love the play is there a play with a passion god regular day every day. Come out of the ballpark ready to play in greater weight on a play every day. There's been sponsored more. Margaret is us friend of the show we had to be out earlier this early this week he was talking about how. You know did the public these go play ball and that's kind of what you wanna do have you enjoyed at least a little bit. Other than the fact you can throw a lot of miles an hour hit bombs and do all that stuff hit a a lot of the attention has got away from you at least a little bit to show way. And I just I guess I don't mind it anyway. First goes like that is another extreme he's. Got a lot of you don't screw ball but you guys please put up the pressure and unbelievably you know it's very humble and go go let's take on the ball Barton wants to work muscular. There isn't really get on the front steps that you see that now. You know we reduced we knew that he had he's got a blue talent. We just found facility which are all together and you see what he's done for a few weeks those good. Just like his ears like The Beatles rolling around you got. The woods did the best players in baseball you got out of schools they've got show right now what's it like for you guys and I know it's where we're only what 1112 games into the season what's it like because the other. Room. You know have fun and they'll recover and we're mentality you ought to win. You know if we don't we get down early so we never figure out again you know we had good offense. It's. Just plummeted Barbara that. Men have been given much thought to think you're eight years into the swing all right you've been you've given much thought to like your. Happy you're on right now coming out of one hell of a career Anderson to a 126. Yeah just very fortunate. Do come up staying healthy. Let's I dreamt this as a kid. I love being here. Directionless. Young love for the game respect for the game it's. It's a very fortunate we have here today here when you look just doing me. Yeah as a kid I wanna get in the big leagues and they ought to give up great numbers. He has been great so far sic ago. Not an appreciate it might these other royals like any candy you know the weather forecast it's mostly probably the next couple days which can do. You guys with a red area that's what they've lowered its goal is going to be extremely tough tomorrow doesn't kill me to me about them. That was Mike Trout brands meaning to our guy catching up with the Mike Trout out at Kauffman Stadium. You're not we're not talking about a little bit during the interview on listened to it as well. I don't think people really understand how good Mike trotted. And I'm surprised that he is not a bigger storage is given the market that he is I Mike Trout. I'm his baseball reference page it is insane what he has done in such a short period of time I'm Mike Trout could retire right now at 26 and the first ballot hall Amer I he's been that good in his first. Eight years of playing Major League Baseball. Mike Trout at age one T. At twenty years old. Finished second in the MVP voting hit thirty home runs 83 RBIs in here Reid 26. As a 212 year old and finished second in the MVP. He's won MVP. Two times eighties when he six years old last year Mike Trout. Only played a 114 games. He hit 306. With 33 home runs in 782 RBIs in a 114. Games last season. It goes without saying. Mike Trout is the best baseball player of his generation. Like if we're going like best players since its bonds. He's the best baseball player we've seen since Barry Bonds I am a little bit surprised I think a lot of it is just I'm Zoellick when he plays different times. Like the economy's you wish you played for the cubs like it might try it for the colts. He'd be a bigger star but he is right now AME personality and all accounts up just just. If he moved to wait another big save if you play for the Yankees if you played for the cubs. He'd be a bigger shortly. He played for the Dodgers. He'd be a bigger stars he is on the second team in the second second biggest market in. In the country. This is the White Sox to the cubs this is Mets and the Yankees it's not bear that he's in Los Angeles playing for. I could franchise that albeit these second rated franchise any city that cares more about basketball and baseball you have the lakers. You have the Dodgers and then you have the angels air eighth or gotten franchise any city that doesn't care that much about sports. Tell me if I'm 24 copies of this but every year and you you and I are both kind of NBA guys. LeBron is in the running for the NDP and even if he doesn't win it. He we all know he is the best player in the NBA like Tim Hortons gonna win the MVP this year Butler LeBron as the MVP. Yeah that's fair so is Mike Trout. John goes to may when the MVP or Bryce Harper may win the MVP. Mike Trout is better than all of them know you're right that read time I would like beat we got that coach of the year like Bill Self can't when coach your team asked bed in the exceed expectations. No it certainly is it I'm I'm surprised I give this opinion of people got to push back on I understand. Text size six factories are sick you can't make the hall with only eight years played someone else he fifteen years for first ballot in oh. Alex Rodriguez is keen ATP are in word better the hand Mike Trout I got to look at those guys is being a different generation like. Mean A-Rod it was out of league when my truck I really stars I don't look at those guys is being into different generations understand the difference in this I mean I guess. Really know what Mike Trout we need to do more than what he already it's like if we take my trounce you end up and we didn't leave it when he was nineteen and only played in forty games. So I asked my argument let me just give him the seven years I'll take out his rookie year. He has a career batting average of Rio and in all on base percentage of 414. He slugging 573. And he's won two in VP ease. Incident is second to other times it made an all star six times and he's got it this year. That's not all like that's the definition of all they like sometimes I think that we think people at the finish. It can't stop playing basketball right now he's all gamer it's stuff Currie stop playing basketball right now. He's hall of Famer if Mike Trout does woke up tomorrow is that you know. I really wanna be actor he's the greatest baseball players that we've ever seen he's absolutely going all of. My dad grew up in New York kind of during the year of this fifties and sixties with Mickey Mantle and the way he would talk about making panels like he is like a guy. Could do no wrong on the base baseball field hit Ryan everything in between field. Win I think about my dad talked about Mickey Mantle I assume that's the way. Kids and people of our age who were watching in Los angels baseball think about and talk about Mike Trout. There's nothing he can't do and I think baseball is a little bit different compared to the bass all they because you can get in the basketball hall fame without being a great basketball player because it's your contributions of the game. Baseball is a little different though you need the numbers to get in so I would say that you probably need two or three more years from Mike Trout. Whenever he's done he may go down is the greatest baseball player we ever see. Yeah I guess. I don't think he's going to get bank that he's not very beloved he doesn't have any real season like that that's. Not able to sit though. I numbers are certainly got to do like. Would like meaning might try memorable moments now at this point I think that's what's legally change like grass it was Sobel well. And like baseball which is different that we all book review ordnance like different kind of standard. Looks and thinks that might try it give me the Griffey standout moment for you. It's Horton beast all of us and you hit some big. The World Series home run or you know the joke order home runs of the world. These polls not that stand out one moment in time type was more like a football team is or even a basketball game winning shot is. It's a little bit of a different sport. But I do think it would drastically helped him. If he went to a mid west times' owner and eastern time zone because his career is getting lost. Playing at 9 o'clock on ESPN once a week and we don't get to see him. All that often. Failure you know like I can't really argue with that is slowly dipped even your right and if he just played with the Dodgers. That's on a strike coming up in about eight minutes we'll get to ask us any things toys. Tex lines 69306. You and I kind of came in today with a very similar ball we've been kind of getting into the draft mindset as we are less than two weeks away. From the NFL draft. But the question going into the draft actually affects the chiefs. The Denver Broncos are drafting a quarterback spot. I'm not talking about a second round quarterback I'm not talking about around quarterback I'm talking about using a top five pick resource. To draft a quarterback. Terrified me about that she's. Because I think this is a really good quarterback last some other quarterbacks in this I'm not that I don't like I'm not that I don't jobs out. I can make it seem like I'm might knock out under percent O. I think there are enough high end talent in this quarterback class I think there's going to be ports QBs taken in the top team probably top twelve. I think it I think there could be six quarterbacks taken in the first round. A couple of them are going to hit as a hobby NFL draft works. So there's a chance that the Broncos could do it eight green and shies quarterback. This year in the draft and that would terrify me. I think the biggest question that you're she Spain is. Who the Broncos gonna draft a quarterback because that's two national homes gonna be going up and that's who you're gonna have to stop the erratically. For the next ten years I'd love baker mayfield. Talk about this earlier today that Adam Chester had a story that he talked to one general manager that loved baker make human body of the best quarterback in the draft. Another caught a six foot jerk. Big army field. I would be little to the Broncos at it drafting baker made it that any of the cheese do be an absolute store his personality. Being around John Elway. Being asked to sit for the first year behind case keep him no pressure on baker may feel to start it's gonna be like the exact situation that she's track the path bulbs into. I love Josh Rosen. So I would be terrified if I was a mayor that's here I'd be worried about another team in my division. Beating a franchise quarterback and they have a high pick in a year that's perfect to have one. And when you got a first round pick the number one overall pick. EJ Manuel was the top quarterbacks elected. That's not this QB class I'm not saying that is 1983 I'm not saying that his 2000 injury but I think we'll look back in 228 it will say. Good QB class. Baker made it into being good job growth and ended up being good hey we were all wrong and Josh Allen. I think this Eddie seems to be a really strong QB plus let's. Go through kind of process of elimination here I think today is basically came out that the browns are gonna take Sam Arnold I think there's been a lot of smoke that he wasn't going number one let's assume he goes one right. Broncos move up to two. My theory would be that they're not taking Josh Allen because he seems to be. Of the same alcohol Paxson went smaller smaller school not as mobile all the tools big armed big body. But I would say though is not a pilot Alan. I'll Allen or dollar. But if you're going to take one of those guys you'll be drafting him into an ideal situation is they don't have to play from your one like correct like he'd keep it was gonna before. At seven in 988 for the Broncos here right yeah I think I think I think he's gonna elevate that team at least. Three woods even if he does fall back to pack a little bit I think by the process of elimination of your G spanned. I think it's gonna come down to Rosen. Or is gonna come down to baker mayfield because. It is this is sometimes how at a LGM's operate. The Broncos are in the mountain west they're going to see a lot more Josh Rosen and they are going to see a guy from the eastern time zone. There doesn't happen to be one of those at least in the top five the double Lamar Jackson you may fall. Towards the bottom of the first round so I think it's Josh Rosen. And I think it's baker mayfield. And depending on your T stand it either one of them scares you I think that's one of the two guys it's gonna go to. Gonna go to Denver this year in the draft whether or not they move up to two or stick where they are right now I think those of the two quarterbacks if your TC and should scare you if the Brock is going that direction. L attacks on us and we're not worried about it in the confidence level formal homes right now is absolutely. Through the roof holds is going to be a good FL quarterback. Put the Broncos could also be getting a really good NFL quarterback and that could be your going up it's like. I'd say this for the last couple years. We are seeing the old guard AFC starts removal and start the transition. And the new guard is going to establish itself I'm not saying it's gonna be chock full hall they were likable we just saw like. We really force integral to QB Aaron that we drop and we got Brady in his prime Betsy. Peyton Manning has probably saw but rumpled organized crime we saw Philip Rivers like we saw five or six halting quarterbacks. There's no telling this next one's gonna be as strong as the TV generation that we just saw. So it might be. 89 QBs any given time to be the best quarterback for the last 1015 years. The top quarterback in pretty interchangeable between Brady eight remaining breeze into brothels border. This next ticket has been way more people at the table. The Broncos or about to at least have a chance to beat at that table if they get on the pick which we all agree the Broncos are drafting a quarterback in the top five. Any time a team in your division draster quarterback no matter what you should be scared. Whether or not you think that guy's going to be good or bad or different. Say he takes Joseph Smith son you know meet up that it generated name with the fourth overall pick fifth overall pick. That should scare you no matter what because we honestly never really know. Whether or not a first round quarterback is going to be good outside of the generational talents like an Andrew Luck. Like it John Elway like Peyton Manning you don't really know so no matter what who new matter who the Broncos take as each he's and you should be. Your sex on 69306. I'm not that worried about it because Elway hasn't gotten quarterback right after paying meaning Oliver's right but I did I get all a lot of credit. Elway I think is the most aggressive general manager in the NFL I'd going out and trying to find a QB. I would not be as dismissive as I think a lot of she's fans are being. Text your questions right now sex line 69306. Is yours segment ask us anything. Whatever question you got will answer coming up tick in the show on the drive. Cheers I mean I think I'm entitled to. There's I want the truth of would be anonymous patient and just and Jack Nicholson at least this it would have been a lot better. Handle the truth yeah. Banging on the runs and nine Kansas case extends towards. When demand pain and radio down and here's accidents were rated as we do it green Friday in Nashville this segment is about you could cut tells us it's bound. The people. Spec or you. How many followers did you gain in the tiny black. It took off falsity feeling he started the racquet friend on all social media the. I think it was like 111000. Followers. And certainly think that we did on. Trying to think. Yeah and I was like 111012. Dollars at the and then another told the story on the Ayers. I think you must hold the for both sides needed. Like between the actual suite of the bracket itself. And then all the polls that I've put I just could not use my phone the entire Sunday. It was five of the craziest thing I've ever been a part of it when I just saw how it's evolved. With regard as happened once. I was as an icon coward he says that. Kirk cousins is going to Denver so I literally just weeded out. Cousins is going to Denver according to a source Hong Kong Howard's show. Everybody thought that I was reporting hit a benefit and they got picked up in Denver via the you know SB nation Bloc's heads and already the NFL network. Quote treated and losers like mention after mention of people trashing him as like I was just listening to the ship. No nonsense yet you've got to put according to explode I did I I literally laid it all out there are people still kind of configured. So let's that you don't know how to use. Pilot I knew the thing aggregated as make any sense I don't know how to do that at the Canadiens in a lot of sense I just wasn't on tour I just did other things of my time. Ranked then. Sand lot rookie of the year Mighty Ducks might might space jam song called on some of what in my block four billion IE. I only block. You're homophobic or priests that's really thinking that you. But it the block the coming to America and of everyone thinks I'm like why didn't look like you're allowed to have an opinion that's perfectly fine I just. You could I only block you. If you like repeatedly purse like. I'm not let anybody talk to wave like Bob and my mom and talk about an hour that you should be able to talk that's like I don't know who personal time and be bundled just tell you relaxed. Wimbledon just lacks the text line. Boy girl bugger race the only thing that you you can take this. Every single day of attacks and I promised and never ever ever block. What was the movies again. Let me find him again a lot of text coming and about our quarterback conversations Sam lives rookie of the year are Lady Gaga line. Looking at the end of the year Mighty Ducks. Like he might. Wins like this likewise when space jam. Like luckily for iphones with the Atlanta Sam my rookie of the year Mighty Ducks like Mike spaced him. Out of this. Space jail and a rookie here sue. At all. Based Amylin Mighty Ducks two rookie of the year breweries in line for light light I've never seen like I. Four I've had no interest in watching them it's not very again yeah I have any interest that Watson. And mind are the dogs I rather watch the view goes fields once she came out of the secular Watson like mind. Our allotment you boo Halloween do. I actually is in the when asked me this does we'll talk about it anyway. King in the wilderness on HBO go I watched. On the amazing document from his second best argument I've ever seen at the OJ made America one. Like they got everybody that he was close to an opportunity to do a documentary that was like revealing who and how intersect with the Vietnam War it was. Really really good on the last hurdle as well I had Paterno in the under the giant. Movies kind of like on Mike to miss this yeah this weekend I've got Andre the Giant event and JC with David letter proposal today that wants so far. Are actually thought was good. Opened sealed it by him and in the movie just kept going so. There's a lot that wasn't the apex of the movie I get up to that night where I don't have or protest in front of them right from was. Public for the screener chanted Joseph Joseph Joseph public really really safe. And in the movie just kept going that I was like I can't duck boxes everything that I wanted to see this happen I'd actually out it was really would. So I went to Paterno probably 86. And a half attitude I like being in the wilderness. I actually went to go ZE. Blockers. With the Garcia and Leslie Mann and I don't know that guy's name. I was a big fan of. Just keeping people updated no word from the came out of rain delay or anything like data does look. Incredibly crazy outside so. We'll keep you updated with the royals and burns pregame show coming up in about six minutes right now one last quick question why am I constantly chastised. Are putting pineapple on pizza. Did you hang around trash people. My favorite pizza. These pineapple grilled chicken. Us someone as was the biggest thing you ever paid for with cash Regina like. Call something like ballot recounting something that's not one of those things because I mean. I had to pay to go to playoff games that was really that cheap. I paid off was below last year to. Was like the most rewarding feeling in the entire world can't be fun it was like a very rewarding feeling just ago. A government when I called Wells Fargo and they were like make a payment like. Yup all of if you short yup I don't ever want you to call me ever again. That was it really do feel this was as Watson 75 velocity of the camp I really icy patch I was the Brooklyn yeah it was OK there's all right it was all right. Odds of just basic stance force dot com also available on iTunes some politics like just say that's a very nice rendition of Portland fire. You might actually be blocked. For that opinion an awful awful opinion. The driver got here.