04/13 4p - Pick a Player, Ned from the Dugout, GMDM, Watkins Prediction

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

Pick-A-Player, Ned from the dugout, hear from Royals GM Dayton Moore on Fescoe in the Morning plus the prediction for Sammy Watkins


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One categories. And in movies fifty seconds hi Dave and you've got loose running backs. How you handle the pressures are confident there's Roger. Julius eats at play here yes that slider for help on the drive. Coming out of balance in minutes who had lied to Kauffman Stadium to hear from Ned Yost. Fitting as Knox has also left to Kauffman Stadium we're expecting to hear from payrolls player. We'll also hear from Mike Brown it's fitting is scheduled to having one on one with the best player regeneration Mike Trout. So we will play that Indy 5 o'clock hour when I have time I promise you will have eight time as well. Right now is he Steve inspector portion of the show coming up at the pick a player Specter has they'd take that I'm sure that many of you will think is the worst take ever. Specter is still a little bit of day. Shock therapy. Transition he's a little bit of a detox when it comes to the show I and Kinsler takers this he'd been music stake. You want to thank both of them are incredibly hot like you know I I try not to dabble in the hot takes. I try to be fair balanced and honest especially about Kate you. Mean especially at Kansas. But United States today that I'm sure that many people think is one of the worst takes that they overheard. And they also heard someone say that late portals is the best quarterbacks since Tom Brady the next quarterback. Great quarterback like Tom Brady's so I mean it that would be a very typical border clear but I think you've cleared. It's Friday I'm literally just looking to get through the next eleven minutes because pick a planner was. Well we'll say it was interesting and then we'll see how hot my actual peak is around for a 50 you're really good that now are not we got more calls right now and Utrecht Kelly and Travis pick a player is brought to you by egg power AG power salute to them. Thanks them for being the sponsor of pick a player we don't know the game to game is very simple you got fifteen seconds will give you category like colors. Books. Stuff like that today if your name as many as you can name it fifteen seconds who ever wins by the largest margin. They win a prize let's head to the polar right now at a catch up with Ian drew in Michigan and I don't name and I did just fine all right. You're going up and Steve inspector all of these that Ayers the inspector do we know you've got to learn more about our new producer. You got 123. Our sports a two day. Are right number three. Right party beads are dropped an album this past week how many other female rappers Kenyan name in fifteen seconds Andrew when your mark get set go. And it it. And it. Or about beyond. Immediate area. Com. We keep he would I don't know but got one. No that doesn't count our inputs he'll be here out there rapper and the last song she actually rats all get its economic good mood. Even though she's not rapper can't give you release it sees a loss also give him Carty B because you said party be yours as well and I did say beginnings all doom for the summit a good mood today it is a Friday all right let's hear how you'd did with female rappers. And I we'll. Team marine. This went blank. That is a ball game their for peace he couldn't eat couldn't win with Katrina. Could whip from diamond from crime. Assault. Or left in the act of I would dominate this category that's not surprising that's probably are right straight in the liberty items nature. The fans at the right ones to fall going up against the inspector in pick a player. All right MLB manager's. It's surprising how many MLB managers can you name it 152 trip on your mark get set go. Forward Ed yeah. Or. Although it. Ticker brought. All right and puts you own hole he said Dick hers all that is not his name so let me Gordon Croats six I got them down 46 by as well you can get Dick howser were like yours dog. Not both of them all the way together actually cool story I EU. Best person ever Atlanta one of my jokes was Joseph toward we were in the in an elevator in the lost arguments that a joke he laughed. A problem you remember the joke I don't remember all I just noise that something you laugh and I was really really proud of myself I want for Walters and laughed joked I got I don't pass Twitter avatar words I don't I was I was very very proud of that pilots. MLB manager's. Sporting Gonzales. Bryant's. Use lady her side. And hurdles. Eight ball are donating all got to Kobe. I. You going to do our rights and means that you can no wind pick a player thanks were playing we head on down the line and we did too. Casey. I don't. Two. More. Or. Well basketball players on the fictional basketball player's name in the eighteen seconds to mark its. Man. You code caller if man. I only own and send them for. Laugh and as you said coach daughter knowing fully well it was based on a real life human grade. Is this the greatest upset of all time this category all my goodness I jail beleaguered auto pull this when Al hit it. Jesus god. Bowl one and zero. That ever happen or no. Knowledge something as easy as that I mean. Never I mean there's that. And me and meaning to get a role excluded and it didn't hill's character I in the same I. Bugger do you like I mean you can get a Billy you think it is Sidney. Awful all right Travis in Kansas City you want to. Yeah our right you have books. How many different titles for book continue name in fifteen seconds your mark get set. Go. Harry Potter pretty nervous but the Bible. Fire and fury. The giving tree. Cabinet had. Brian's which don't hold your got a five spot. I'm happy that he named Bible. The Wimbledon warm spot that you went all right let's hear if you are a where they will read scholar and expect. And it. God. I don't I don't read. It to get the water somebody needs to do it to the library immediately Travis in Kansas City shockingly. Pulls off what they five to win congratulations you Travis in Kansas City you are the winner. Of today's version of pick a player. I'm makes it really go point six like six nighters or six how did you not just guessed the entire looney tunes cancerous paged him. That was a very very like Leo one. I gave you on now I gave you a whole eighty on. On that went in you indeed absolutely. Terrible. Boy in that we are still in the process right now of trying to. Detox Specter. From a lot of hot takes that he picked up from the morning show. I don't know why. He has brought them to us and I continue to believe that he is a mole given to us from the morning show. And he's taken a caller announce we'll get to a here momentarily. But he continues to I think BA mole for the morning show we were talking about all I don't really remember the conversation which came up today. And you gave in my opinion one of the hottest music takes I've ever heard in my entire life. The Beatles are trash. In nickel back is a good band. Idol picked up stress I we are timeout fight club earlier in the show right we need a lot of us like fight club no I think cycles and also moved. Fight club and The Beatles onto what like I like to call the peer pressure category. Like people think they're really good and so people forced you don't like it and people not say. Why don't like The Beatles if you wanna be that person in the conversation. Well I don't like like club you wanna be that guy one out of five in the conversation but bike club is a trash movie. So are The Beatles people think they like The Beatles because of nostalgia and the other people tell them they should like The Beatles music isn't good. I'm sure it was good in the sixties but it's not good today it is not a generational band. By far and nickel back gets the worst. Treatment of any band in America they are amazing live I saw mob had this past fall. Great live. Good band. Bill Beatles are garbage compared to nickel back all it OK okay. I'm going to be honesty here I don't know enough about nickel back or The Beatles. To definitively say one way or the other I'm just telling you. Anybody that admits openly that they light. Nickel back that's the point so hearing you say how much you enjoyed nickel back. And then on the outside again I'm not super knowledgeable with The Beatles music. What they hear you say. We would agree the most. Band of all time is trash. And it in the same breath say that we agreed probably want them les popular. Mainstream bay and nickel back is under appreciated. I think has The Hague based on the text that right now ought to ask the classified as one. Got my favorite one though all of the Texans came into your instead broke. For the time The Beatles weren't out what its pockets of change the world it's in your mind but. They're not good today if you are I would say a below the age of 35. And you're listening to The Beatles on the regular. You gotta change something natural lifestyle. You remember those commercials where would you like this Hoosier great and it's your brain on drugs. Like this did you take when you've been around the scope well you know I know sports takes in thoughts and opinions. And then on the other spotlight the easier it takes when you've been on that side for far too long. I haven't seen the text line as you know five on an opinion means I'm right today. In a very shocking day text line unity. Everybody's on the same side. When it comes to bring him power. Everyone is on the same side about dating you out of here today is that something I can appreciate and some says this the hot or take them late or. So please cut this ups exit as well so he can defend himself. As I think he is now bids are pans. As 81 the worst opinions given on the station. Coming up next we hear from the manager of an idea owes a lot from Kaufman stadium it's the drive. And you can see detect. Right idea when net. This. Demo. Unit that needs to get it self it mean I think it's been pretty obvious. That obviously you. Yeah okay and it was obvious to everybody. That the time was right. You know he's a better picture than that he's a guy that. Should be. You know an eighth inning guy he's a guy that should be able to close out games days that you're closer. You know it is funny today and he's he's got this really really good stuff it's just you know he's. Often you know he's off to a series out of whack he just needs to go get some confidence had some success and come back take that position. The confidence that he may feel like house supposedly do. I think boys don't find right now I mean I think he understands what he's what he's doing you know he's kind of just. Close enough and cut my office pitches. Themselves was big or not right now and you know him blames a veteran guy you know mine's gone through this before. But. He's getting goalies to get it right I'm fully company. A lot of it was a horrible but we'll restore my stick with a perfect it's going back to work to solar forward more culpable as close as most. I'm not comfortable anywhere right now. It's just a way that it is. And we need to score some runs and don't just didn't work out you know it can get hit so there was those performances from back in the spot where there are more comfortable as it can. Let the offense we've been through this for years I mean we have we just keep being in the course every year. You don't strongly held teams go go hot and they go home and right now we're just as a group going elsewhere in the bathroom. Mean what got mostly about okay Jon Jay's like I'm in Mosul and back really well John. OK and then everybody else is still kind of just. You didn't know this just a matter of time until. We can get two or three guys. You know on track it's gonna help a lot of things out he's getting real close on how to out of rehab. And it could be hopefully as early as this weekend. Maybe. You know he's passed all of his tests until now it looks great MVP looks great on all of his defense is stuff. So. That's gonna help. Get his bad back it's. Just a matter it's. Doctor. Everybody else has gotten a.'s office. After yeah. And you. Oh yeah well I don't want area my big guys something I don't know I'm put it might do. So obvious. Having quite the way they think about it appeared like it was going to be again. He's back lots of expect it to quoted appeared it was going to be the end of the world too because it certainly wasn't me. You know last year we semester obviously smashing the conference that looked like eighties out few months yeah. Here torn and CLU. Think six weeks to come back quicker than. Does that mean he's he's he's guilty he's a quick healer. What city you know this is good you want that because ME guys have different tendencies they do. You guys take longer realism guides it. You know he's always seemed like just keep in order have a very high tolerance of pain and can handle. You know pain and a wave or you can put it out of mind and still produce with it now I say that. Good when he's doing his drills and stuff he feels now he feels great. You know the last little bit that he felt an awful swap some tightness wasn't paying. So that has alleviated so now he's free and easy. You know pretty much full strength back to is me. Let me see your right these are quick here. So does he match. That's it now we've just got to get him back in the game action get him comfortable you know seeing pitches and come back compared. And that was Ned yeah it was a media availability today there's actually some news in their suburb arise could lead for a rehab assignment as early as this. We can. I don't all of you were big comic book fans but I'm telling you sound or to raise as wall read. I have never seen someone he has size. Able to recover for injuries that I tinker series as quickly as sappy I think question ever asked at the actually really really good question. What is it about Saudi that makes him come back and it was kind of mood we'll talk about that here's a little bit. But I don't know what it is sound reds. I don't know what's up with this body. Do you hear torn MC LU started paying am all right maybe we see Saudi around June. Remember the play which just cover or moose rain into remembered the on the WBZ would average review terra. Rain into Salvador Torres is their ticket pace is going to be was going to be an extended period of time. I mean that apple would just a company was gone a week. The pick up a tributary. Advocate that was a regular seat they give us today is coming back the play I don't know what he is with salado reds. If you miss the news Salvi could lead forty rehab assignment as early as this week in Saudi could be back next week. It's impossible. If you go to rehab assignment this week he gets tied back and going out saudis Saudi can be decked. But at times their next home stand I I Salvi is a mutant that he's got a human when it comes this they said. Four to six weeks opening day was two weeks ago today. Which would put him at the arena half weeks for on the Max if that timetable holds up. That's incredible yeah it is it is incredible I was being with injuries it's always safe to err on the side of caution was sobbing is that any different approach. Like a completely different approach on. Your ability to come back so it was as you guys will understand nothing about the NCL. I maybe was thinking with it obviously was wrong is saudis not a small guy. In his job is bending down the entire time and think that was summed this up it was gonna be to come back in three weeks and yet a year and I just didn't know but. Doctor has been a holiday express that's why don't I clue it was well put. It's pretty remarkable what's obvious do during these rehab assignment and he was too bad eggs yesterday I saw the video he looked. The five immediately from a hitting standpoint he goes and gets his timing back is not be back in the next ten to fourteen. Fallen and Graham. No idle all of you know than others like I guess lied stories day one at night ally via two weeks ago he was squatting in taking. Pitches and like working on as Raymond was two weeks ago. So to me like. Just balling it through his social meeting we know how good he is on social media and interacting with bands and in person as well. Somehow this doesn't surprise me anymore because he's gone through this so many different times. And obviously his team is not off to a good start but you start piecing together some of the better players on this team the Gordon's. These Salvi is if Duffy can get healthy if cartons can get healthy. All of a sudden maybe get on a little bit of run earlier in the season. And you make royals baseball more compelling than we would have thought towards the middle of may beginning of June. Know it you're certainly right I mean with this team I think there was a little bit of lead to the schedule I think it was a little bit saw in the begin to put those games against the tigers played those games are early in the season you kind of felt like ABC can get off to a good start. They obviously having gotten off to a good start but it sounds like at least I think their best offensive players so is their best players sub reprise had a chance to come back. I don't discount the hot takes you may need to get hot take sounder out. It's Ned is going to be like this the entire season that is more interesting than watching it. Was all fired today. I mean Joseph go or asked the question about a guy having a day off in net as the was that okay with him that's why it's no I'm good I'm that and if you. To jolt to. Remember this is not. Random reporter from. You know some newspaper outlet this is the guy that. Travels with net for a 162. Games it's the guy who is out. At the ballpark a 160. Utah is a not just some Mike's ride from. No offense the same Joba like the St. Joe. And until goal bring a friend of his a guiding heat travels with who we eat wise with you I'm sure he sees in the hotel with all the time so. Men in this is two weeks sand. That's crazy. Yes no maybe it's definitely better than I was to have a losing is wearing on him. This is not Ned Yost reactive he was asked about the clear news of the day that brain M hour was sent. Now believes it needs to get this stuff it mean I think it's been pretty obvious. That obviously you. Yeah okay and it was obvious to everybody. That the time was right. You know he's a better picture than that he's a guy that. Should be. You know an eighth inning guy he's a guy that should be able to close out games days that you're closer. You know. Only today and he's he's got that really really good stuff it's just it. Off you know he's off to a series I don't like he just needs to go get some confidence had some success in America. Take that position. That might be the most honest thing you hear from Ned Yost all season it was very obvious to anybody that was watching runs baseball that it was time to do something different would bring him our I think he came a little bit too late maybe 23 days but I'm certainly not gonna complain. With him doing what I think was the very obvious move especially when they had options. Coming up next. Dayton Moore was on fast go in the morning it was pretty open about bring him our in his expectations for this team and their start of the season we play the GM of the royals date Morton excellent draft. It's embarrassing year. Breastfeeding is actually out at Kauffman Stadium we're expecting to have Mike Brown 4111. So we had that what I'm home plate race meetings conversation. With my truck erasing years Specter here taking you up until 6 o'clock. Coming up in thirty minutes we'll get back to the top stories of the day in Kansas City. And a former NFL wide receiver gave his predictions on how we think Sammy why teens would do this season I think he will be very happy to hear the number. But he gave to new chief wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Why Dayton Moore was on fast go in the morning earlier today in the conversation starter with how do you view this team after its slow start. Incurred several I have I think are back have been pretty good. Open the last why. You know you could see it is. I use looks terrific. Or a liar yeah sort of so we'll it is hard. Also being decent it was. Is that east player to this slight feel for. Pitcher does well on the attack as well strike. Lol yeah I've been encouraged. They're sending we didn't shoot the war we've got himself out. But I think our guys you feel better and yet out of Ottawa fire for the game you know what what figured out. You've got to have all of you are in pebble. You know war would be better. You know this is harmful. Yet Ned said it got a nice city you know he said Rios I guess two nights ago and when those three in Savvis and I felt a feels good about this team as I've felt despite their the record there's a streak coming once the bats get going you you feel that same way. I really do you know that this story that you didn't hurt me you know even with Eric's old one. The other night with Seattle. Seattle but they don't know really. All the pitches. Or what ball. I had flown in a while as you know we're entering the activity didn't see them under way. I'm encouraged with how he delivered the ball. Or GQ and spectacular. You know carried over where it was last year that those last week in order to develop their starter. Ian came out it's extremely well wolf as aggressive as well acted so I think a lot it is. The that you were playing right now is very good and yes they've got a little doubt lineup. The end you know a lot of veteran guys. It helped in the outfield. All the way around all the it's a match up worse do you do. You know that it's a big challenge for. I did this as probable period and I think a lot of man am I allowed to might be right that here with you're kind of looking at Mauer and like. Like it what points are we ready to it to make some moves I'm just curious the process that you'll go through. In terms of women might be time to have to take its there. Yeah that's that's a reflection of their their role in the few things that I look at war. If the lawyer working hard. To continue to try try to make adjustments. What is their attitude like an army holding moral failure that it is it's good to conceded that you are. But maybe if the down where they need a break. It happens to reset the second and you look at you. That she continues to bleed and the team they know feel like in junior said in today that they walk into the port of the team at this particular time. Because they understand all the success I think the effort that they believe that it did before it is that the coaching staff. And so you have our question can any one of those areas. You simply asked to determine if it's in the best interest of the player in the organization to send them out. Perhaps wouldn't or doesn't make them force climate. Up pops in Detroit in the open and another bar district at about where they are in the sort of respond them obviously. Players like Brandon hour and that's all options remain. And what the other players like mobile what was on the news that all options isn't that that figure out. Is better that trade more or detonate it won't release them and the other thing all the consider those who will replace. What is the alternative and so forth on the order for guys just work through it. Again as long as everybody's comfortable mostly areas that I mentioned. What you'll break it is clearly struggled. You know it's one of the more dominant. Relievers in the National League last year. Ever since we made that deal he hasn't been that the guy we recognize that it's been frustrating for it's been frustrating for him. And but also more together we've got to figure out. And and get back the level that he was he outperformed. Before. Four San Diego but we'll take a look for our work is simply have. Option in the out and that this kind of resettled. Talk with Dayton Moore royals general manager here on sixth and Sports Radio in sixth and sports dot com. What are your thoughts on a Tony and his impact me yet to see him firsthand last night he's. A phenomenal player in interest in the enough. We've been talking about this all day a date that. In the United States. A player like that really doesn't happen because. Players to kind of pigeon holed so early in their careers like high schools like you're pitchers you're gonna focus on pitching and nothing else. It is is upon maybe god could change that trend a little bit even here. I hope so you know he felt. No animals. When we're with a great support. Fort Scott he would be native and incredible person great family. If you have you thought they really good pitcher out of junior college and most people in the draft. Felt that his career was going to be at the picture until we took him as a hitter. If you think that's taxes until it expected the failed Wimbledon but he okay well I've never happened just get it. But we've got to or little who was considered. That what you can use this guy and release. And more than continue to play of course day and you'll be a decisive attitude in the mindset. That I thought that the managed float. What we are important I guess in our heart he earned it based forward and really nobody really wanted to pull the trigger and let that happen. And I think that there are opportunities. You do that and should look it we should not the limitations on lawyers then it'll what are you obviously gifted athlete. Has it been since about in my curable moral. But he feels like economic stability and well let them act. He's one of the more exciting players. Potentially you all more than they do based always look the law itself. Wall and police force now we've got to be open and didn't get a deal with those same. That was date more on fast go in the morning my apologies my headphones while you're there. At the very in my favorite part of that entire interview what is he was saying that we need to get brain M hour back to how he was pitching in San Diego. You're right because there's no. Evidence with the oils that he's been. Like I understand that. The most confusing thing for me right now about was maybe it's not as confusing anymore because they have now dia Faber and now he's on the team anymore. Kind of understood what they are doing the brain and our. They traded for a he won our that arbitration case this year he got a raise their ads try everything in the early part of the season to make it work clearly wasn't work and they had to do something. If your ERA is a two and Annette is one of those guys if you struggle do you view week they giving him a couple opportunities hasn't turned itself around I got to do something different when you have an option. Is located about blame Boyer let us 36 years old is not a part of your future you're rebuilding club. There's NBA difference between being a bad team in a rebuilding team what the White Sox are doing is the definition of rebuilding the young guys. The White Sox know they're not going anywhere this season they're playing young guys with hope for the future. I think are doing that with a couple of guys bring M hour is an a release with mayor of fuel should be long. Release with chest or Cutler. Euro at least with blame border should be drug. You're not performing here we've got arms down in the minor league system we've got arms. That needs to be your approach to me about the insecure royals but the royals had just always been. Really patient when it comes to handling guys on this team coming up next a former F a lot receiver gives his predictions for Sammy Watkins on the season. Plus I figured out a way. To make you incredibly happy and also incredibly angry all the same time I'll say what is next in the draft. Guys that you NCAA kickoff will we still think it's due to actually get to the intimately kickoff rule. Coming up in the hits in fifteen minutes if you missed it the NCAA instituted a rule. That if you fair catch the ball. Org media anywhere inside the 25 yard line in college football. It now is eight clutch bat so. My tried to pooch kick in you catch the ball the seventeen got to do was fair catchy and you'll get the ball at the twenties. Five yard line that is the rule that was implemented today. In college football we talk about that as I said coming up in fifteen minutes. Indicates the league it's the top stories of the being in the city and also in sports coming up at five minutes I figured out a way to put a smile on your face an eighth round when your face all at the same time would do that in five minutes but make us in the NFL network. Bye and good morning football. Gave his predictions for Sammy Watkins for the season's. 900. Yards in seven touchdowns. This season from Sammy Watkins I think we all agree. If that's the kind of year you were going to get through Sammy Watkins as a I think he's going to be to our passing option on the chiefs. Thank you all hate that that would mean what does it lock investing in his rookie year yet 65 catches 982. His sacking here yet sixty catches. A little over a thousand yards 1047. The last two years he's been either banged up or not very productive in when he 1628 catches for thirty and last year for the rams who jeered off 39 catches in a little under 600 dollar. With the bottom that you pace and why can you were certainly paying him to be a big time producer. In what excites me most about it is. Released the first time in my life that she soared building and developing around a young quarterback. But we can't agree if you're second wide receiver. Is going to catch 900. Yards and seven touchdowns. The second best hide in the NFL in my opinion in Travis Kelsey. I think he's a 9021150. Heidi and low in type a tidy and and Tyree Jill I think is a legitimate number one receiver if he's got to get out the art guy we were taken that. After all is gonna come close on or 4000 yards in his rookie season. I think Sammy Watkins is going to be very interesting test case for. I would say the fantasy football draft king's group you're not a physical ball player but you play dressed things you know on Sundays right. If Sammy Watkins is going to be having and let's caught four catches for 87 yards. He's not going to have a good fantasy football day. But in terms of his production on the field and how old those 87 yards or used. I think there's going to be a big discrepancy between the two because I think people who drafted are going to be disappointed. In his Tennessee football production. I think cheese into if they get in 900 yards in the seven touchdowns. Were going to be very happy and I think there's a big difference. Tween the don't yet know there is maybe it is the port sample attacks on widgets on your dual zone to support sample. I think in fantasy football draft king there's always like that second tier and third year wide receiver like at 6000 dollars he adds that before. Why not Mike Evans and I Leo Jones and those guys. But he got up by like cub trying work or like juju Smith Shuster. I think is what he's gonna be that in the fancy context and out Aubrey example full circle here. I think it's sometimes Sammy Watkins had four catches for 82 yards and two touchdowns on a day. I think it's very possible the next game is two catches for twelve yards wide placing it Lockett today because more of the past we're going to tie every kill more the past we're going to Travis Kelsey. And then they run the ball really effectively. I do think the beauty of this offenses. You don't need one person to have to have a good day. When you watch the falcons' bully Joan that ever really good day that often doesn't really move very well. The giants if you don't have photo Beckham if you're the Texans if something happens to be on for Hopkins. You can now afford to miss. Every tilt for two games in his plugs any lock and then the number one receiver in Odyssey won't be as explosives to log off and you can lose Travis Chelsea's they'll have a dynamic offense. Does it could be anything that given time they've given Patrick Holmes a lot of weapons in very diverse weapons. And the other difference and you mentioned that counts for free two and two touchdowns and two for twelve let's say it's for free to win and no touchdowns. How big of an impact or those four catches because we saw on the playoff team. I retail dropped a couple third down conversions that we looking back the T certainly could have used as great as high retail is. He is limited because of his size. He is not going to be that guy who goes up in traffic and makes that catch. Porphyry eats you wanna Sunday in September for Sammy Watkins or two of those third down conversions in the third or fourth quarter that's the value of Simi locked in so. I think that's going to be the thing that we're going to be looking at and you know 900 yards and that doesn't yet you take that. I think we're going to be looking at those third down conversions and those of big moments late in the game in the second half is Sammy Watkins that guy. And it the years and I think this is a good deal for the team though that. Actually makes a lot of sense sex on 6906. Does Tyreke he'll take a step back this year Sany lock in diplomacy now be asked to. Just so stratus Kelsey those Korean puppet that it's just naturally got an app from Paul searching you always talks about like vacated targets like if you lose somebody that got the ball like. Dez Bryant last year got ball blown to 132 times who's going to be the biggest benefactor of now the targets that used to go to Dez Bryant. You gotta take targets from somebody like somebody now asked to lose so if you're gonna take away. Fifteen targets from Travis Kelsey you're gonna take twenty targets away from Tyreke he'll give mr. Lockett in that's it's that's how. Football works you know I would also. Though on the devil's advocate side. The chiefs were leading a lot of gains this year and were had the luxury of running the football. I think we all think they're probably gonna have maybe two or three less wins this season just because the change at quarterback even though I think a lot of us believe in my homes. Is going to be better than Alex Smith. So you actually may have more passing attempts. In 2018. As compared to 2017 so that's also Sunday the kind of take into consideration. No your right and that is something to take into consideration coming up in about eight minutes we'll get to the top stories of the day in Kansas City will get seven hits but. I know we like to joke on this show that we can't find a 100% consensus on any thing. If we asked people do you need air of read there'll be somebody that would disagree there's no person. That dislikes or the wind and fire's September. There. The big barbecues and a summer you may have failed that you. This just makes you think that would good sound as they think civil wedding reception. But visitors the you'll be solved this might be the most popular song there across racial and cultural lines. I would say this songs near perfect. Stationary and you hear that song got it's. I know. Tonight before you didn't hear that I don't already given an unpopular music decision yet and the thing. I'm more blitz through tonight I think they're both great song I loved those dialect that's some equipment at fire more than September that I sat. How long a matter of fact I've I got that tape so that's September I heard it I'm sure you've heard the song before. For some reason. This colonize there Taylor Swift decided that this all leads us and needed. All rendition. This is today I am more into what are NIC. Do we wanna hear at the banjo version of September and I genuinely puzzled. And I see it by Taylor Swift at an all made sense so this is Taylor swift's version of September. Earth wind and fire. Yeah more. Yeah me. Seung-Jin not. And no. I'm trying to tell you he Taylor's death from trying to ginger buying curtains and of buyers that timber and ask. This is exactly why he tried to keep people like Davis would not. This might be tempted to hit and from the rest of the world people like alias yeah she got a little taste that allow every season it is he's gone crazy. I'm finally home life means we're doing. Bodies Xena like Jefferies we have a black man there yet but she attended business manner. Taylor Taylor's witnessed area on the blacks and she brought the bad potato salad and absolutely put raise them. Pirates oldest or on the yeah so you right now this very fitting for news lift. You know we sent those kids that seed like the other one of the teachers sic mean. The message after the video thank you for taking these movies like no problem and and it says that the students were starting to pull all the white teachers colonizers. Stated that he didn't do it. I didn't I didn't know what it is and I are the interest of time but just look at. Isn't this why we. That he's back. A little item replay may emerge in the actual real old we'll come back it it. Forfeit DA with a real with a real so every. Let that play Berlin the rest of the show that actually Bjork but most popular 5 o'clock hour has played September a curtain of fire on the loop coming up some minutes at the top of the Dane Kansas City and nationally on the hits his drive.