04/13 3p - Josh Vernier, Stanley Cup Names, Fred Patek, NFL Draft

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

We talk with Royals Insider Josh Vernier, C-Dot tries to pronounce Stanley Cup players names, we talk with Royals legend Fred Patek plus NCAA touchbacks and Broncos picks 


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Back in all of the drive coming up in fifteen minutes. Meaning inspector continue to try to test my incident was them and I will dominate them the same way that I did yesterday coming up at the bottom of the hour we'll catch up with the royals hall of Famer. Freddie contact. And breadth meanings favorite royal of all time is either a baseball player of alzheimer's or they. Royal I think it was my first favorite players is because you know I'm sure Freddie was short he was a ballplayer I wanted to be one means the reason why Stiller number 20 man my world and as a kid I mean. It's kind of the same reason C dot mavericks got into golf because you thought. Like Tiger Woods looked like you and I felt like Freddie podtech look like me as much as anybody possibly could as a little kid. And so I was short small plane middle infielder he was the same and uses the first guy that I gravitated to look at. That's it makes a lot of sense will talk to him coming up at 330 today's pop quiz was semi pro. That's short is that your favorite comic that you're hitting count did you talk about more than any other movie over. It's really really funny and it's one of my favorite I I do it mostly because it it drives you nuts. But it is one of my favorite Will Ferrell comedies are some really funny lines and most of which can't repeat on Will Ferrell was actually in a very serious car accidents than his SUV flipped over. So prayers to Will Ferrell hopefully that he will be okay if you look at here. And again and yeah added TT looked fine in the thick enough that earlier in the day so who knows what's happening now hopefully Will Ferrell is perfectly fine. Right now we heads of the drive hotline lied to cough and say to catch up with the royals insider Josh very here ever iron. Fitting your number two for Freddie pop absolutely. Derek Jeter never that's not number two are always great Obama. No it's not Freddie Mae and Freddie the movement in about a I was Larry Johnson it's incorrect. Incorrect virtually start our interview off on a positive note let's do it can you tell me one positive thing about the royals. Kelvin her rarer is paging. Quite well and he will likely be of the most valuable trade chip that this team has had a deadline you need Kelvin her where to continue to pitch as well that is OK give me one positive thing it. That could happen after the trade deadline like George like you're number one positive was a guy's gonna be good enough to trade. And positive of someone that you expect to be on the team when football starts. That's not good guys got to think about it and thought to royal insider. I am. I am in but but Tony Fazio I mean does that get anyone fired up no orders. Mondesi hopefully being healthy in a part of the team hotter Dozier now none of those names I think excite the fan base com. Yes I mean Saudi might be no nothing nothing Italian OK I just I just wanted to know. I haven't seen the tax line this unified about anything in a long time this brand hours and had to happen right. No doubt. And I had to be honest and in this isn't likely to appease royals fans that sentiment but I think the royals handled. The branded mile or 2018. Situation quite well. Islanders look this there are some fans that they don't see he was garbage last year he's always going to be garbage she. Shouldn't even have been on the team mission got rid of him in the offseason well. If you feel that away I don't think you'd truly understand how difficult it is to find a 65 right back and throw ninety several denies breaking ball so there is talent. In that right arm that's why he was given the opportunity once again this year with the royals and when you look at his five appearances. Yeah I. I believe the royals handled this well he gets some mop up well. East thrown in there on opening day he looks fine nothing special nothing bad the next time we see him against the White Sox he coughs up Ian Kennedy's lead were concerned. Because of what happened in the second half of last year but you're not going to give up on the guy after one poor outing. You're gonna take note of it you're going to use it in your future decisions. But you're not going to. Abandoned. Branded an hour after one bad outing. The next time we see him in Cleveland there was no other option really in the bullpen at that point you turned to branded nauert he coughs up. Another. Tie game in the bottom of the ninth inning against the Indians are so they are he has lost favor right you can no longer trust him in big spots but. You're gonna keep commodity. Because again of that talent that is in the right arm and let's be honest I'd love Kevin McCarthy. But Kevin McCarthy doesn't have the talent that Branden Albert does I agree with the decision today just pointing out that malware has more talent so. After he loses favor with the team and is. Remove from pressurized situations the next time we see embassy in mop up duty against the Mariners and he pitches well. The reason why we saw branded our last night at what some may call it pressure situation. Was because it wasn't. A pressure situation I know the royals were down three to nothing and you could make your case that it was still a game the offense was garbage and has been garbage. There was nothing that the offense showed you last night to believe that a three nothing deficit was something that could be overcome. Right so you throw branded an hour and their coughs it up. And that's to me. Shows a guy that not only doesn't have his command but isn't throwing with conviction isn't pitching with confidence. And has now completely lost its. At the big league level which is why the decision today was so very obvious to send them down Obama talking. Iraq Josh for your royals insider ever pregame show coming up tonight at 6 o'clock right here on sixteen Sports Radio for the roasting on angels berg. See that are kicking this around the opening segment of the show today. You're talking about stuff and we always hear how good brand and our stuff it's how would you define stuff. Movements on pitches. Variety. Of pitches in a different ways that you can manipulate a baseball. And yet you have Boller had that you know when. When he was writes. In San Diego. And eat he can do quite a bit with that 9597. Mile per hour fastball mixing in a pretty nice slider decent changeup that's. That will play especially when it's coming from that plane ride a big C yeah five monster of a man standing up there on the bump so I'll say movements yet to media stuff. That's how we have a same movement variety of pitches velocity stuff like that and and I said Anne and I don't know if it I don't know if you seen this or not and accurately tell from the sounds of see him on TV. You know I was finally got to mature about how he wasn't necessarily all that deceptive because you didn't get many swing and misses even though we had a nasty curveball and a terrific fastball. It is not our deceptive is that part of the robbers just command. Yeah I think it's command and and again I used the word conviction. It was a guy that was pitching at least. This season it was a guy that was pitching to not lose it was a guy that was. Didn't believe that this stuff you know didn't believe that regardless of who stands in that box I'm better than you and your CNET this year from Calvin Pereira. It doesn't matter who's in that box here's some 98 let's see what you can do with it even if it's over the middle to plate. I believe enough in my stuff that you're not gonna catch up with it. A brand an hour to meet doesn't throw with that kind of conviction so what he's saying here's 97 see what you can do with it. It's up in the zone hitters are waiting on it and they're able to take advantage of Vernon wanna ask you about a couple more guys how much longer are we gonna do this with with though Blaine Boyer. Yeah Blaine Boyer with without options obviously see you would have to choose. Jettisoned him on the box I mean I think you eat that if they want to yeah yeah hey hey I would be willing to do it right now to be honest with you lie. Look Brandon Blaine Boyer got the first opportunity when it was still somewhat a game on opening day you know oh. For as bad as my hours looked lawyers looked just as bad there are options down at Omaha more talented and I say say McCarthy doesn't have the talent that Albert does. There are guys in Omaha that have more talent than Blaine Boyer boy are good dune great clubhouse guy. On the man that you know Kidd and Richard lovely idea. Some other options that they have down at Omaha would look on mighty fine and the royals uniform the question is whether or not they want to. I'll call up the youngsters right now and throw home. It the big league level but to answer question any day now with. But poitier as far as I know that makes perfect sense last question for me years about Alex Gordon and he said yesterday he was gonna have a shot. And that we would hear any kind of news have you heard anything about Alex Gordon. When you're at Kauffman. Today yet today. I don't know net non not not as of yet he had shots already on the inflammation was wearing down he should be able to. Go through some baseball activities tested out an adult that he's going to be swing and or Shaq and fly balls but he'll be able to test out. That hit today so hopefully we'll catch him in the clubhouse if not double throw it adds weight coming up at 415. They've heard a big there was slobbering all over himself but today and talking about like oh I saw a toll taken BP and who's gonna have huge huge game. I'm not taken his word for did you watch the view of the top in what he's seen from him so far. I'm no I didn't know I was I was preparing for the show a lot of these 610 mobile studio gate in left field that strikes at the Byrd to right wind you should come on out it's a really good time not just basically he was watching him in the dirty where will for posted up in the press box. Watching note Tommy and Trout kissing each other while they. Wolf one yard throughout BP. OP's. He's the story of baseball within paso look it's if your I nay Sayer of show hey if your detractors. You don't. Love baseball you don't like baseball if you don't like feel funny story. Duties of monster of a dude writes yes four glides around the bases. At I'm pretty swaying. A hundred mile per hour gas with a devastating splitter. This is the draw in Major League Baseball it's crazy to say when the best player on the planet is his teammates and he's playing second fiddle. Burn every time you come on we're gonna ask you something positive about the ruins next time we got to get better yeah. We got to do better than her rare you know what I'm saying. I'm saying is we gotta be something better thanking did she optimistic about the long term passed the trade deadline the best trade Imus. Want to talk about prospects any pay. Today Saturday and wants to be one ESP could be an insider writes that has burned yesterday. Oh yeah yeah and I. I don't see gotta know your about sample size and you're not trying to hear anything about Brad Keller Tim hill right now that's possible I think probably could've. Written. Our very next week we got human sounds good thank you that's our guy Josh Spurrier joining us on the drive hotline coming up in about five minutes. Feigning inspector once again won a test my infinite wisdom and I believe that they will they old. Miserably. You beat pat from the front desk that delivers EB I beats my stance on the post IP Davis and house on that from back from the front says I'm I'm I'm dominating things right now you know what we'll do that come in and dominate numbered show you guys plus. Specter compare. Ian Kinsler to an NFL hall of fame quarterbacks or did he might be drinking early on Friday that's the kind of day it was even when he's wanted to actually faster or someone is in Mexico that's what I'd and you he was around best in the morning for so long he was around welts he was around. Ask Oprah's all law isn't that detox and those except per generated in his body yet. Jew or not exactly. Specter compared in kids largely a hall of fame quarterback you've got to hear dominant in the grip. Coming and about six minutes that's a roll hall of Famer already toxic Hispanics favor. Credit to us we'll catch up with them coming up at 330. Also. About one point five minutes. My biggest. Question about the draft actually affects the cheese so we'll talk about that coming out of bounds 25. Minutes or so. Plus we're trying to detox the inspector from the hot takes from the morning show. But he still got a couple left in his system he so we'll get to that moment there he's back like shivering in these cold and he's sweating it he's got like four coats on it is an opinion he's tried takes out of the system that used to you know he has no clue he kind of reminds you Chris Rock in new Jack city there is out right now. Miguel Al Montae leading off in center field for you or to zero ills Whitman air field like the stock is just cut for war is a layer Luke is due to. All and all policies as the bar in Tamarine Gallagher round things out with Jason Hammel going on the mound today let's let's do that I will kids out and use it every single day getting mad about the royals lineup is a fruitless exercise at this point I don't know I you can do. Speculative Tim Gallagher reliance and DH and catching the attention I'm gonna that was got to Ayers is a catcher correctly as a catcher got robbed a couple of Kabul he didn't drop a pop up a couple of times the drop. Did this and of course that's great answer divert about that what tablet out there wells tell labels. Yeah likes to X 33% of the time the ball's in your baseball can strike out ground at a pop up who's got better hands in lower Cameron dollar. I don't know I think I think to label is pretty good hands when he jumps in the air. If he's if it's running like catching it in stride. Not so much know that makes a lot of Dmitry is there some game that's a good when did this as there is a camera Gallagher is actually a really really into costly tree is there's these guys those days in prison now now. Yes. You guys tried to test by infinite wisdom in a game and shockingly. You guys are wrong I dominated the game we still have some leftovers are waiting continued to dominated. I'm gonna be totally honest with you shall excellence that's under the which were sports is supposed to know I have no clue what's happening in the cup playoffs. I can only tell you one team it's and it's the biggest golden knights I couldn't tell you any other team that's in the daily cup finals Baidoa gonna dominate this game based on what yesterday we need you pronounce these crazy NHL teams and guys who are appearing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs you. Beat front desk pat. When trying to pronounce players from the Pittsburgh Penguins. BP is as strong words that one nothing what I think it's a win as a way to. In the words Dominique for it doesn't matter whether you win by nature mile winning winning I want to apologize to excellence excellence excellent user six Abraham moments that you mean not McGill you know. Is it wouldn't like animals and I don't want to disrespect Abraham what about it with him leading off and playing center field is working zero sum up my Amaral is it Danny Almonte is no not any alma today. Much like my last favorite baseball player to isn't it. So you beat front desk pat liking to Pittsburgh Penguins and you'd be. Tina Holmes when it comes to Tampa Bay Lightning. All right you got to autograph and else please read in the process and and against digital Bradley Cooper's name forming a balance where he. Live. QF. LULA. Bouts there. Let them all right digital Brad factory. Would Lula. Valves Hillary. Bill if you look F I L. That's why so is so lost and the 100. And now Perry Phil York. All right next game next line that I'm pretty still that the first name is saying SH a YNT. And in his last name is spelled CE OS. As VE eight. Our. Collapsed as he's here. Sold saying. Go home this be here go to as the year goes to be here OK ditto Brad team. Docs excuse me here. A shame on this there it was. We'll just blows a little bit easy guys really broke down those fouls there's a scene got the spare us the beard does this bear got his bare so lots we're allies are kind of the point after talking all those traps OK you have one final name on the armor Philadelphia Flyers you indeed do today against the paying and I see lives alliances. He EU. TR I'm sure that's Peter. In his last name is spelled M a RK EZ AK. And Peter mare's. Digital Bratton that senator. Mare's. Digital Brad. Yes it. No it did not pewter. Mare's yes he did you draw. To hear both of them I heard differently. Getting beat digital brat when a team to the Philadelphia Flyers. Now that dressing you send a lot of time in as young lady's office Suzie from sales at the Winnipeg jets here. First Harrington here sitting in Winnipeg jets means somebody you should eat on these mats you. Matthew. Like Tyrod can you and I wish her well Mathew her. I don't see Susie match you. Peru. What you know who Indiana writing build. One breath. Pranks on his name all right all right. Being number two more ready to bury your hat in the ring if until March. SEC eight. FL. And mark. So I felt mart's size belt you gotta start trying to give it a little bit forward you've got to put the season and Susie mark. Shaq away. More cheaply. Yet all are better yeah. Mark site content and showing you yeah when exactly I mean this lastly here I mean if this last one is not pats certainly I'd swear that I quit his day. It is not tactically perhaps. Length is not big name is Al hey I can't eat it's not lane. After playing. You incision on the same lines strictly. Now. Patrick lying and maligning it's losing the war stick ends. Look at C season. About one correct time and if your counting your home now as he got over six in round two of need that is being a cup play this artist and and tour. Shootings last car I ate dust and BYFUZL. In by a few that does invite you. Just invites you to Susie death then but who. Dustin Goodling. Dustin both went is longer LA doesn't cost plan. Is impossible guarantee you wanna go over the over. You wanna go for the gaggle gallery here Conner held Conner held view Susie Connor Helen who. Com. Hello beyond matters more there really one person got a rash. Digital branded. Brad fans. Yes so so he's correct in Carrington went over seven. Pointer over three and Susie from sales over five X image you'll freight now we're about to be effort. Two for five time and you know. That's 400. But 400 JR 400 I was a horde easily of this game and I was just started strong yesterday I mean those were struggled today. Your telling me that someone whose last name is LA 88. Well. Any sounds like linked looks likely but that. If you can't give me that I mean. Aaron are the decks they actually still playing hockey doesn't thereon I won nothing in their series against the Minnesota Wild they went away and came back expect. Yes they were in Beirut the Atlanta Thrashers for a prolonged I mean I've I've been to Atlanta before. Hockey players are not really sports players don't know it is surprised that hockey would really popular Atlanta Georgia. Not really that surprising to be coming up and five minutes we catch up Brett Beijing's favor. Wells hall of Famer Freddie podsafe joins us on the drive next. Fifteen minutes my biggest question heading into the 2018 NFL draft actually affects the chiefs the most. Will be seen to that end. There is a well spent. That night and certainly will make you laugh. It is near impossible to believe it to be true but I swear to you that it is but without further ado it was an honor for us to be able to catch up with. Freddie politics for project is Brad screenings favor roil of all time he's always been a great friends of the show always enjoyed our conversations we start our conversation with Freddie podtech of the 1977. Seemed to Matthews thinks is the best royals team in franchise history does Fred my take agree. Well I do agree it. Because we you know. The 100 what was it 600 to learn Zhu sixty year. Yeah you know that in itself. Up for you Mika record right there what. You know we work you know what are reporter install. All the other or scenes we were better at the position in order line. And caught you know back then rural culture. We just had a big advantage. When we play. At home is nice it really work. That you really know how to figure out yup you yet all isn't in the corners and it rule would center field so there was you know that a lot. That. Well they brought so but yeah that you know. I think the other thing too is that she. Like it fit you can see this the awkward start to gather momentum and then we got to the point to where. You know we were 516. Great. We became an effort I'll start like somebody flipped light switch here on in the regions we start just took off. And I repaired so a lot is that off. Brett really quick it's it's really interesting to hear you talk about the royals and you certainly have much more Bagram with the rules and I do. I don't know a lot of the things you're talking about let me talk about royal stadium I'd only known Kauffman Stadium you talk about the turf I only know the grass that they currently have you talk about all old municipal stadium I only know Kauffman Stadium. It's just like two completely different royals generations now. Yadier at least a legal open Eliot they had grant. At that are really it was going to have on your body. If you don't shirk. Any. You know. When people outside that part in the 20130. Breeze you know Alter what said earlier Sunday after Sunday afternoon game. You know you're gonna lose fifty and fifty out and for me that was a lot but. It was a great serve as the year you'll this will stadium credit yet it only their. Is that what I remembered there for a vote sort of where it's out of all the rubble like oh yeah one bad cop wasn't that there and I remembered that. They so. The book pretty well all our plant in oh really nice here being in the city was that. You know we want our travel was not that it was no long strip for three hours so. He would you know be in the middle of the country really made real limited by trucks and sport rebels there. Target royal wholesaler Freddie podtech my favorite player growing up that you took that tremendous honor. Freddy I got to ask you about. Maybe the most iconic picture. And you're the guy in it I remember after the 1977. ALCS and you guys lost to the Yankees. There's this picture and people can Google it if they want and I remember seeing it. Cameras in the Kansas city times of the Kansas City Star helmet use in both of them. But it was long after the game was over you were sitting in the dugout by yourself with your head down in your hands. What were you feeling at that moment and how many people brought that picture up he would ask you about it. Oh I there's been several. It's been out there have been a lot of people that have brought that picture. And a note you talk about you know I thought like it here yet but that he raced well. And I still to this day we get the best for our seven year. We will walk a couple of seer should we have yet to really radar in the starters. It. It was hard for me because like well. And leaner is Nancy yen. And that in itself. You know. It's sort sport goes that. That. Learn to deal with the just like you pick region. You learn a lot you know. Yankees were were good ballclub with a note that seven we shouldn't be in redneck vote in the World Series that there'll static. When you and tears sit there. Freddie and it was it was at that emotional for you. Yeah yeah it was it was. I think that this is all I remember looking up or blow pitching I looked up to third base. Not so metals move or close to the and who is sparking you know it's news anchor the east through one unit may not it is part. In. Read it and we know what's the double play was in order. And when I hit it started running. Then it's on at first base if you got a local or your legs out. You know and it was it was actually pretty you'd bank bank place so let yeah most of the thing that you period which. You know and the they're not bad memories there there are good that respect that you had a chance you know to make it reached. Accurately or. Yeah that was that was so well. Fred listening to you talk about you don't feel like you would never have that chance again what was delight to have your last royals' season in 1979. Then the next year they go to the World Series and then and then not being a part of that team. Our. It was up here and I got traded from Pittsburgh in the city. It's a lot in the World Series that year and elect is rated room when I go to create it well it didn't Cuba. The world water you know or maybe two real street six years so. Or they float but never. Never got opportunities late in the World Series championship but seeing a lot of experience according a lot of them. League championships against the Yankees in. Other thing that we can't compete against you know who and our position. That in itself. Well I think about you know. Texas Rangers or like Orton back. Erica and Kansas City in the ourselves that we'll make. When they left here they were there the first place. And we what the mall or means and we just so you're yes it's your. Freddie were really appreciate I gotta tell you again and it's it's a complete on its total Mario my favorite players. You know and royals history you know because the where the number two I wore the number two grown up. Just love having you on the show love hearing your voice and love here in the stories and wish you nothing but the best friend. Well I appreciate you or number two that that that means that didn't need it I have an impact on a lot of and that small and you know the when fortunate enough to get an opportunity to play or try to make it to be so. Yeah yeah I have ever 00 letter a lot of guys all on debt and stock them I would so. Yet it is quite an honor that's appreciated very much. You got Freddy that's Rose Bowl for a favor Freddie project joining us on the drive that to get ready. I. Thanks to the royals hall of Famer Freddie politics for coming on the show today are really appreciate him making that time for us I think with the royals are doing is incredibly cool. They're kind of looking ahead with the way the roster is currently constructed. And they are also paying homage to dig fifty years that they've had in Kansas City you really think the rules are doing a really good job. With how their hand only coming up next. My biggest question going into the draft affects the Kansas City Chiefs the most Oxley with that is plus the funny is was that you'll hear all day. That is actually depressing say what is next draft. Two days short amount of time coming up at fifteen minutes is your chance to win a pair of tickets and pick a player. We're in the fall for callers coming up at. 4 o'clock we'll give you achieve its days contestant is Steve inspectors in his first full week as producer on the drive. So we've got a little bits of pick a player coming up in about five minutes I'll give you the funnies rose that that you've heard all day. And bigs that come in studio meanings actually heading to golf Wednesday to grab a couple of ones and we hope. To hear from Mike Trout. Between now and the end of the show we did do a better time whenever we have that kind of rode him but I feel pretty certain that we will have. Mike Trout on the show between now in the end of the show today so we have that was certainly pass it along and give you a time of which that's going to be. Specter's sent me this mock drafts. Earlier today in as the Broncos making a trade with the New York Giants who go up to number two to pick up Josh Rosen at UCLA. My biggest question heading into the NFL draft. Is what are the Broncos going to do I find it real hard to bully. That the Denver Broncos who led by John Elway who I think has been one of the more aggressive teams in terms of trying to find a quarterback over the last seven to eight years. Is not taking a quarterback in the top five whether it's with their home pick or whether rich trying to jump up because they feel like Josh Rosa might be off the Bork or baker may feel maybe off the board. The worse thing I think you can have that she spam. Is eight franchise quarterback in your division. Now maybe use the listener are not island certain individual got an and you don't like Josh Al don't like Josh Rosen don't like big rate. I don't think we all can agree that. This quarterback classes too deep it's too widely respected it's too. It's too hot at the top not to be one or two franchise quarterbacks. In this draft class all of them are gonna be if that's the case is gonna be like beat the 1983. Of the 2003 draft class I don't think it's got to be that. But I do think out of the rose in Alley in the Dore Gold may fueled one or two of them going to be stars in the leak. The Broncos are going to take one of those four quarterbacks that I just named. My biggest question going into this draft and it effects the chiefs. Or what are the Broncos going to do are they gonna state put. And they're gonna take a quarterback or they got to be aggressive and move up we agreed viewers select the Broncos aren't you move up to. You're taking a quarterback the you feel really good about and especially given all we saw the jets game to move up to the number three pick. It is going to be expensive to move up and this year and if children. And you have to do you can't appreciate enough how bad brought us Wyler and the other quarterbacks were for Denver last year if they had an average quarterback. That's a seven and 988 team. Yet their defense went down a little bit and yet they lost to keep to leave but at last check they still have one of the elite pass rushes in the NFL. One of the elite corners in the NFL two very good wide receivers and a good running team. So let's say he's Keenan balls back to kind of the pack in as a middle of the road NFL quarterback. That's an 88 roster with a hot read pop for. Quarterback in this year's NFL draft. 2020. That could be 115 team kind of like what we saw with Andrew Luck because. This Denver roster is better than the Ross at the Andrew Luck inherited when he got trapped by the coal. I think that last year the chiefs gave teams like the Broncos the blueprint. You go gay case -- four year you go get a bridge quarterbacks or year you draft a quarterback Cubans that you let him develop and then you dog in there. I would be worried about image she saying about what the Broncos are going to do because the Broncos are going to take. They're also gonna have the same luxury that you had last year and letting their quarterback sit and develop. Behind me. A good veteran quarterback I think Dallas has battled encased in embodies a similar kind of process with the Broncos are gonna do I think the biggest question right now on the drafted your she's fan. Is what are the Broncos gonna do we welcome NJ basically from the day shift. Who is shockingly still here I'd element computer at least in relief for low nor football that's communicable yen you can't get enough for blog mean it in in April pre draft that means is if you got to go out lots of little. Items football you gotta go there I know you gotta would I ever into exile wanted to talk about this order to pick a player coming up. In a Bal ten minutes have you seen this change that the NCAA is doing such across the NCAA. Any chick that lands between the goal line in the 25. Yard line. Can now be fair caught in Sri as the touchback we have. That the tip off is about to be that dinosaur here very very quickly. We're not add kick off in college football we're not gonna add kick offs in the NFL the next five years everything is just going in that direction. It is silly because he kicked the ball off Gilani here underneath it. What city guy catches in the five yard line strategy is. Let them inside the ten yard and fifty yard line he could happen this week their hand up automatically have 45 yard line. That takes the strategy at a special teams and liberty special teams will producing that result of the extra point B and move back and I don't give this you know. I understand the fact of of tweak in the game. The game is buying. To allowing fear kids does not make any sense to me it actually some of the strategy. A football and I just I saw this come across little bit ago on a pair kissed inside. In this idea before the twenty Arlen put between five makes actually zero since the BC that takes strategy which whose specialty and I think it's. Clear what they're trying to do is I think that the football people have decided. The kick off is one of the most dangerous plays that can happen you got eleven guys running full speed to the other eleven guys all trying to collider run into each other. And we agree is a clear push to try to make football safe not think you hire and some different sides when it comes to safety board. You and I are on the same side when it comes to. At some point that's what you sign up for. And at some point we need to allow football plays that happen in the things that make football exciting kick offs big football exciting. I would. I've wondered whether citing plays in football the Siebert. Eject ship to ship tightly killed in Ed Prado and return ticket to the house that excites you received kickoff return for a touchdown. It changed the momentum of the game and teams that sports and to win a lot of and shoot and they kick off. For a touchdown just. Eight the game is fine in tinkering with the gaming you'll baseball's got to do in this as well which are completely disagree with. Football's not wrote in a taken away really one of the most exciting elements. Of football obviously could still turn Nixon to kick off return for touchdown if you so choose. But it's also great strategy. Pair catching get at the 25 if you if you know we're going to be hit instead going what would you reach your hand. In an effort to. And every time now I mean that's I mean I think that's going to be the norm I think what we've seen in the NFL is I think we've seen coaches tell them hey. Just take the knee we get the ball the 25 yard line every single time you do that now in college it's going to be that the even if you've bearcats are a seventeen yard line you're gonna get eight yards of field position every time yes to do that every time I. Again I I think in the next five to seeing years we are going to continue to see the elimination of the kick off indecision and say the NCAA they didn't. Eliminated today. If you're gonna say you could bearcats at any place can still get the ball at 25 or just give yourself up and taking me you have eliminated kick off for the most part. Predicted the route. Would forget that they're gonna for kitchen. Out of seed at united he had a brief mention in Norfolk forum going utilized if you tackle somebody means them. On the kick up you get a point. Except thought agent or affable funny you brought down or apple in the end zone in still get a point for yourself and that's excitement that makes it fun. And football in this. Is this rule. See it every week something. Ticks me off about football. One to eliminate tackle football for use in California and Illinois where does that stop me they mean they it is definitely a movement you tried to make four. All safer than it has ever been before Axl to never to not mean you're never going to make it safe I agree with you I think there will be trying to make it safer I want to tell you this that I wanna get everyone's reaction when I tell you this that. You got a little happy yesterday whatever brain in our Cayman. Rules to fit them straight up the pitch he swings it drives and a big gap that's a base hit it will clear the bases being cubs won it comes to. It comes three oats not a with a triple and the angels with a six nothing lead. Brain in the hours ER rating. Went down after yesterday's birth and death does the average Atlantic that that is. As when though. But what do you think boy you're thinking when the bases jacked and almost that power comes out there going home to those. Charge of one run. In Melbourne and peak at church one run in which he picked him when he sees an hour come and ethics are gonna go up. Borders goes Howard's goes down but here's the thing based yet. Based Jews. Can burn out. What's gonna happen I'm bird it's written and yeah. And throw the talent was redundant and UBU Kindle to have back in when did you knew bring him out reasons that we don't dwell on it happened I looked over burned. It's at six conducting. It was by some our guys at 60 what happened two minutes later 60. Based predictable. Base is low birth of our. His array whenever he started the game was fifteen. At the end of the game in which she came in and pitched one and 13 innings gave up three hits editor run. NL all run. I meant for six like blown save and still didn't win. It just I mean this every day after like we can find is that like that with you working in zero. It and use that existing. But the hour and nine net and in one but here's the thing heading down to money out you we'd be talking about. If you start you got. It's confidence booster for bringing him are right there pressure situation and are not and absolutely would have been the narrative that was spun suited as to exactly but in addition bay may go out in the so Sinai center ring that was up there for the mats. Anytime you look at the figgins he meaning is that. It happens like I actually haven't really gets the mavs get a picture of the mavericks in the picture football and said. I know that got you if you apply that he really open. Besides also coming up two minutes we get to pick a player is brought to you by eighty G tag power. Today's contestant is the inspector who is finishing his first week as producer of the drive we need for callers. 91357676. And pick a player coming up on the draft.