04/02 - Vern's Hot Stove

Josh Vernier
Sunday, April 2nd

It's here this is the final edition of Vern's Hot Stove ahead of the Royals season opener tomorrow!!! Vern is finally back in KC broadcasting live from the MVP Electric Heating & Cooling Studios. Vern opens with a preview for tomorrows game and some takeaways for the regular season. Also, our Royals contributer Jeffrey Flanagan joins the show and Vern gives you some over/unders for the Boys in Blue. 


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Changeover keeping you up to speed on everything can. It's burns hot stove powered by spring venture exclusively on sixteen and Sports Radio. With 610 Sports Radio in Wales insider just turn here. Turn. But we are just sixteen minutes away from turning this. Hot stove off. Baseball season is here my friends good morning welcome it I'm Josh forget this is hard shots bill presented by our friends over at. The spring venture group with you for the next hour Jeffrey Flanagan royals and Sutter from and LB dot com will join us coming up. In twenty minutes from right now but that is correct royals' opening day is just over 24 hours away. But baseball. Major League Baseball games that matter. Those it only in three hours from threaded trio of games. All as always. The first two days of the Major League Baseball season is littered with incredible pitching matchups. And he got mossy your oats and doctor and Chris archer squared off at noon. Madison balm Gartner and Zack Greinke at 3 o'clock Jon Lester and Carlos Martinez. Coming up tonight at 730 but of course were all excited for the Duffy. And urban saint and head to toe the slab tomorrow. A little after 3 o'clock. I'll hit the year at 2 o'clock with the sun fresh on that show. Will be live from winning streaks. Inside Harris. Winning streaks giving you a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas. Incredible food specials everybody from six tennis going to be down there will be watching the game as part of our baseball basketball bash. Out at winning streaks inside errors I'll have more on that coming up in a moment but. You know what it's. It's that excitement and healthy. You know it's the excitement that. To have each and every year now now maybe the past few years has been different because. That analysts. In Kansas City the talent with the royals has bad exceptional. But I think that there are indeed down years is still has the excitement prior to opening day. The excitement well this goes right in that goes right this guy has breakout season he can pitch lights out. Well maybe this could be our year maybe this is the that we finished about five under. And now going into tomorrow's opening day at the thought the whole once again is a return trip to the post season. And a return trip to the World Series it's an excitement that is akin to the days that night before Christmas the day. Or. That was different but the but the day before the first day of school. Grown up is always exciting we're going to. A meet up with your friends again we're gonna talk about you did and the somber and whatnot. I was he got older of course you'd look forward school when you read it. That kind of goes in line with. My my theme for the 2017 season. And it shot out to the Kansas City Star I think they agree. With the theme that I laid out to begin spring training which is 2017 is the senior season. And for many of you that have bent and kind enough to listen. To the pre game of the post game show over the years do you inferred by themes. To the seasons. In years past. Whether it's. No the roller coaster. High wire. We've had a ball. The fights. At this year is the senior season and as we sit here. Just over 24 hours away from embarking on the senior season that will be. The 2017 campaign for your boys in blue. Let's go along with that analogy for. Another reason why it is the senior season is. The obvious trees. The obvious reason being of course that guys like cause it was doctors Cain Escobar. Jason Vargas. Could all move well. After this. It'll we've watched Hosmer moos cane basket are we watched him grow up. Here in Kansas City we've watched them struggle. We've watched them pick themselves. Up off the ground. We've seen them succeed it's become champions we've seen heart rate. When it comes to moves we've seen. Euphoria. As it comes true. That night at Citi Field. In flushing New York. We've seen them. Cry again. Will likely see them. She had a few tears are on. The Kauffman Stadium field on a week from. The home opener. As they of course will. Pay tribute to your Donovan tomorrow. But guys like Hosmer moves indicated nasty. Guys that we've seen. Start off his kids. Turn into men and and a father's. Are now possibly get a move on. To go to another city that's the obvious. Sunday. Easy easy explanation. As to what causes the senior season but it's also a senior season because. As they get ready it's. Open the campaign. As they get ready to play game one of 162. Tomorrow afternoon and you'll hear it of course right here. On your home for royals baseball 610 Sports Radio. This senior season is different and it and it should be treated differently. The royals. Can't fall victim to the same pitfalls. That teams in the past have and that's seniors all across the country will. Or may be already happened as they opened up their final season. In school. You know first day you just wanna kind of kick it right. What a catch up on a Joker around you wanna. Feel out the teachers gifted that get the landscaping your final season. Your final year what's it going to be. Same thing in the game of baseball these guys have been together for a while spring training but still it's game one of 162. We normally don't make that big deal about it now. It's offered a joke in Sports Radio right it's it's it's one game. And yet we put so much emphasis on it we dissected it's for the next forty dollars. We make teams one out to be bigger than that it really fits right in a game in the middle of June. You're not normally breaking down to the nth degree the next day at work but you will be on Tuesday. He will be dissecting Duffy saint Anna with your buddies on Tuesday alt break. In years past. I may have. Invited you to. Avoid doing. Avoid making too much out of the first week. I would of invited you chew treats the first week of the baseball season like. The first week of your senior year of high school I just have a good time. Get back into the groove of things. Just enjoyed being back around your friends your friends. Denny Matthews Eric Hosmer Ryan a fever Mike when stock is solid so. But the reason why I think the analogy. And the theme of the senior season works out. Is because. This royals team. If they want to leave their mark. While they've already left. Obviously an indelible mark on the city Kansas City in this royals organization. But if they wanna go out the way they wanna go out you can't go for around this first week if they wanna get that GPA. Up over three they need to work that first week. They need to put in. Real work those first few weeks of the season. In years past and it's adding a game and April doesn't mean as much game out. A game and it doesn't mean as much as a game at September this year. I couldn't disagree more. This year April and a better have a feeling of August and September baseball not at the ballpark percent. But in the way that the boys in blue are getting after on the field. You take a look at that schedule the first few months played Detroit and tilt it one game to the diocese. It'll play Cleveland until 28 games into the season. The first 28 games of 201719. Of them are against. Shaky ball. Oh White Sox and Oakland Minnesota and agents. You need to do damage and you need to do damage early because you need to tell everybody that's front office and everybody around Major League Baseball where uncle and in. Now Cleveland and Detroit can get off to a tremendous start and your back and be able to make. Indian roads against them you're not going to be able to bring them down a peg because you don't play Cleveland until. You're a month into the campaign. What you. Do want to happen what you must've bully. News. It all case. Now fourteen and fourteen start to disease. Oh god forbid a below 500 record to start the season because the concern. Is and will be. If Cleveland and or Detroit get off to a red hot starts. And New York kind. Spinning your wheels. Treading water. Then the questions about the trade deadline pop up look I understand you're not trying to here. About the departure of some of your paper players before game one of the season the guys there's not a bigger story this season. If you do not handle your business early you will not be able to handle your business late. You can not let those games early on getaway. You must jump out to a fast start because the questions from the national media and the local media about the pending trade deadline in deadline. And the possible. Eggs it is of the core of this championship royals ballclub. Will then come the biggest story at Kauffman Stadium and the questions of whether or not is able press. Will begin tomorrow. We also what they did last year before the trade deadline wanted to keep everyone together the conservatives. If they start out the season. Thirteen and fifteen. Fourteen and 1415. And thirteen something along those lines while Cleveland and or Detroit get off to a red hot start. Although all of a sudden you're trying to. Make up ground all of a sudden maybe you do Starker but that that tighter as fox sports city espionage and MLB network at the Mike in your face every day asking you. About that first base position Boston. Or whether or not you think you could play in the National League. Eric Hosmer knows they need to get off to a fast I. Wanna get us a good serve every year book. And I think we've learned from receiving some two dozen thirteen. And obviously made welcome fourteen you have to go through this because. Not the second half the teams obviously get stronger and contend and it's just a lot of ground to make up so I think were from the point our careers that. You know we know it's important to note tickets are just because it's hard to conduct and you'll remember. You remember the attitude at the royals hat heading into the 2015 c.s and heartbreak that they'd steal in the front of their mines losing that World Series to the same for Cisco giants that's Cleveland's going. You know we talk about the senior season your rivals schools aren't coach sharp's. Cleveland has that attitude right now man get the hell out of our way we won back. We wanna get back to that fall classic we know what it takes to get back that fall classic and we know we need to put our port on the gas pedals starting with game one. They know that. There in your division you know that. Detroit Dirk or players have been a dual World Series before. You know it's not as if you are indeed. American League west where it's nice young players in Houston. Solid young players in taxes on not not a lot of post season World Series experience at that. American League last you're in the central with three teams. That all have a court that have played in the fall class. You need to get out too late. Quality start. You need to get off to a solid start in that begins tomorrow. In Minnesota the first of 3-D eighty Duffy urban saint Anna a little after 3 o'clock here on 610 Sports Radio. They need to have that business approach that attitude that they hadn't won 815 which is. Here read somebody's gonna have to pay for what we went through last year. You guys wanna sleep on us don't want what. You don't wanna acknowledge the injuries that we had last year that's fun because we are going to take it to you that has to approach. You can't have that have. I would just turn the page after that one that was a tough one now each loss mustang early on. At each win. Should feel you four. You have to have a business like approach. Eric cost their overall level of experience and involvement to do a lot of us team and and I think we just we've been through rubble for so we know what's due to win we know what to expect and when the season comes along so. I think best bet it's more business like approach is your glove ticker businesses. Give back to that post season like we knew where the couple years prior to this and I just think that's the biggest difference of view of it now is the lot of young guys age wise as far as experiences. Really a lot of on this team so it's it's more business like approach was. There's not a deeper division there might be more talented division in the American League but as far as October experience there's not a better division. In world juniors circuit than the American League central business approach that Eric house talks about. That's what the world Odyssey moved it this past week while Odyssey name the starting second baseman who will be in tomorrow he'll be. In the ninth spot in the lineup. That's what modest he has my deceased the Basque club he has the most speed and all the offense. We saw improvement in spring training. So the offense at worst is a push. It yet best music at best is a push when you're talking about his bat. Compared to loans that Whitner feel back at past that the bush. But that's a business decision. They're saying hey we understand that game one is a huge game we understand that April and may needs to be our August and September. Because of that pending trade deadline. And we all understand who we are pitching defense and speed team. So let's prioritize. Speed defense. And there might not be a better defender and there are might not be a quicker in the royals' roster while bonds. You have the best defense up the middle all of baseball was Salvi. Monday as ski and locate. And you have one at a speed is teams in all of baseball with. Well Mondesi scored O cane Terrence score likely grab that final band spot. Speaking of that final bench spot some clarity yesterday. That is. As as I thought as I said on the day's shift in the drive back on Friday. The organization values inventory too much too lax Christian Cologne possibly go. I'll wit mayor of field. Said to Omaha which opens the door for Christian Cologne to grab that final. Final bench spot. Peter Moore and will likely to grab that final bullpen spot we're expecting a roster move later on today to clear a spot on the forty man roster. Palace not a guarantee Christian clone isn't a lock to make that enables you put the forty man roster move it is. But I would be surprised. If CC is not donning that number 24 tomorrow. At target field. Now is that the best 45 man roster. Debatable. Probably not Whitner feel being that one man it's like we are bass 25 man roster but that's the business decision. Because even though all modesty gives you the best defense in the most be. The question about the bat. Still comes. Deservedly so. And eleven injury one year bigger acts. Suddenly more than half of your lineup could be viewed as a whole right as in the eight spot on in the nine. Paula when the seventh spot branded mosque there's questions about him as far as the strike out homer on boomer boss he's at six. You have an injury to a Bordeaux or moves. I don't know if you can stomach. That's 6789 hole maybe you do need to bring back await their field. Keep a Christian loan giving every day at bats. So business decisions. That's what this team must make. And the business decision. Is Raul Mondesi gives us the best chance to win game one. Maybe in years past Christian Cologne it's bad now because he's earned it with his offseason work out 2017 is different. 2017. Is different because April and may date is August and September. 2017. Is different because the senior season instead of easing into the school year instead of easing into the baseball season. Happening goods are joking with your friends catching up. Now it's a final exams starting with game one. Jeffrey Flanagan are royals insider from MLB dot Tommy joins us next on first hot stove. Burns hot stove. Brought to you by spring venture group. Welcome back for the Sox to. College guys screen venture. Stover 24. Hours away from getting this when he seventeen campaign under way don't forget our baseball basketball bash tomorrow live from winning streaks and side Harris. Winning streak says your chance to win a trip to Vegas for too mature for two to Vegas. And of great food specials well after a slab of ribs. Wings your way to six dollars and ten cents. I'll be out there c'mon now. Watch opening day at Mike's going to be out there as well taken and be at the championship game tomorrow night. But everybody's going to be out there will be out their seed out fanning. Fiasco playing the rest Welch. Specter Murkowski. Everybody's going to be up there hope to see you tomorrow for our baseball basketball bash it's going to be a blast. Out at winning streaks. Inside Harris. Be up there on throughout the baseball season that's going to be a lot of fun in order that. That partnership that friendship between. The some fresh on direction the country mark all show and our friends over at winning streaks. Inside air so speaking of our friend Jeffrey Flanagan of mlb.com. You'll hear him all season long Thursdays with the ruckus group with an eight. Lanny is live from the Twin Cities Lanny what was the forecast looking like for tomorrow. But not a bad. From what he felt about going to be about 58 bodies very small chance of rain so. I think we'll a look out there and I'm here. Lenny you been doing this for a while do you still get that's. That same excitement that you did when you were younger. I think you get to the park you know and you can kind of sit there although. Festivities. You know the police of the act. You know I think that mechanic is here. As of today you know you just gonna focus on what you got to deuce or you're gonna get done. Now we've still got a couple roster was dramatic and if you were about certainty that kind of you know zero then focus in on that meant while he got it here that another opening day. Let me use fewer routes in. Out and surprise for moderation in the spring training. Most interested in you know I pick up certain things of that the feel of the team but about your perspective. What was your feel of the team the clubhouse their attitude. This spring and how would you compare it to two years prior. It reminded me a little bit more Mac Lazard and as. Before the fifteenth season when. I thought it would kind of when every single game go under 62 though others those slots that that your you remember. Losing games sell them. The World Series now then of course in. Six team last year. They just seem like I have an exhausting group. They would never admit that but it if it is that the fatigue factor referred actual already. It didn't look that much more professional. Advocate for us right where the it's much more determined focus on. You know they wanna get back to you know the oil well more time when at all more time at the parade. Heard that about several times. There are so. I know. You know. More the focus orbit determination. And out let your understanding. You know why let happen then. You know that kicked all of blowout win. And approved the world we are again. Should day. Treats August or excuse me should they treat April and may like it's August and September that they have to have that kind of urgency early. I do like Korea I think they do think that me he would jump that it's wrong like they did this he. I think that's what is behind some of the laughter. Jamaican. You know my wife returns court probably on 25 man roster significantly European two or three they all play. Despite itself. And admit I don't think Dave wants to be more want the answer any questions about he fires sales. In its July. Low light the on. You know. It I'm winning record. You know the right in contention for. The post season and you really can't do that if you get up to a terrible start and yeah I think that all it is is really get up to that certainly think it's two years ago. You mentioned the Tarrant score move. What did you take from the overall Mondesi is the opening day second baseman what did that say edu about this team's. Approach. To the year. Debt yielded they want an athletic team on the field and they're not afraid to. Go with younger guys Weathers throw momma is the year of that drama whoever is. That whole experience thing that they're not a concern that used to be years ago. It it just a matter who's the most talent at that position. And we thought all things who was winning the job so what he really shocked other than usual roster and construction thing. You know it's the policy tough move to have to put with merry go back in the minors. Because he you know he certainly should be on somebody 25 man active they get the fact it's just. Temporary levee but is that you know. Fluctuate all the time so if you know not that tragic but. You know and kept proceed on course for controller reasons to put. The fact that that guys like on these or are on the eve of war shortly will be that. Children that they they want you wanna be able to live like that they want to win early and you know. And that he'd make it different one or two or three games early on that you would have otherwise. So obviously or were all intrigued by what kind of start they're gonna get off to and you know what Cleveland does what Detroit does an April and may but. Bigger than that I guess the team debuted individual. What are you curious about what in what intrigues you about this team as we embark on 27 team. Search your a lot of you know where you start. A look at it very here's oh Laurie Wheeler the third actor now really Iraqis brain. We'll see that for at least two weeks so. You know outdoor event at explain once the picture over after a very good morning year last year. On very curious about. You know Jason Hammel and the car in probably will sit in the rotation. A little period but it he handles this teenage rule now that it's official for the first time in his career. All of the bullpen. You know we're so used to have it you know. Superstar back there with Wade Davis very Holloman. And so forth and it now the Caribbean next wave of that and I'll bet all you know comes together for netted. It mixes and matches and yeah it means they're put on a question mark but. Still weak and of course the scene though there. But loses at peace the chainsaw Al amid the look at that thing happen here in the early. As well and try to figure out these other little questions. Let's go through a few those. Those individuals those things that you talked about there just between Bordeaux Hammel and cards. Who is the most important of those 32 to answer your curiosity. With tea with a big ol' thumbs up and a solid season. I think maybe gore will continue to be getting beat up in the start up with them. You know he he just can't have a 225 feet and I think he needs it back in the he's 62. Through for the you could get on base percentage. You know with what animal. And car and you know in the US in the back into the rotation. They just can't be awful early on in on just. You know you don't have to be sued the talk of what the unity candidate it last year and you know just be so I'll. So with the old record of the first there unit and aren't as human that started and it was Sunday so that the starter. You look around baseball. How many fantastic that starter. They are until. The pressure on him. A little more pressure on Jason Campbell. That they keep it and you about a month that sort of value. Cool dude I think you just upbeat you'll be fine but the other it trio that resort. Jeffrey Flanagan are royals and Sutter from and LB dot com follow him on Twitter. Will be live from target field he'll have the other the roster move if a moved the forty man as needed to make to make room for Peter Moylan follow on Twitter at land and I'll be mentioned Danny Duffy. Have you noticed a change. A sense of calm. With Danny Duffy because one of my questions. This offseason prior to spring training was now he's no longer a surprise now that does have to Wear at the burden of being the case. How will handle it now is expected at least eight to be an eighty's. What is what did you take from any personality wise mentality wise this spring. I think you need to continue to be any mature more more. And he still accountable you know when he you know he talked a lot in student when he's not you set up an and it's. And then. You make a good that they get it out he points that out but. It is either very mature very accountable guy is obviously for this call all. You know he's just he's a hard guy not polite. He's very honest very sincere. And when he felt that it does if mr. competitor and it's got the between now on the net that fast will it be electric and great changeup and curve ball. He's it happy because. On the album of the year down the churning more. And the tragedy that is so easy it is Joseph. You've got to lead the rotations and you know I get a big help it is at Miguel Ian Kennedy Center guy like that fact and number two so. You know we can pretty much expect. Prince know what we you can get Ian Kennedy so. They got outstanding in the long run that achievement snap a couple and so but then again you get it yet set up and it will. You'll hear Danny Duffy each and every Thursday morning with. Fast 2 in the morning you'll hear Jeffrey planning and each and every. Thursday on the day shift staying with Ian Kennedy wrote qua. To me he's one of the five most important royals. You know he's he's the only one that I go into the season feeling very confident that he'll be able to give them more than a 190. Innings. Do you think he can do this is a tough question to answer but do you think he can duplicate what he did last year. I do remain well I mean it looked as though it's spring training that you need more perfect and that Google's Orkut so. It needs it you know he's such a crow and goes about his business. Such a professional manner. And people underestimate how good is that all the more like that as. And you know I remember when they usually find in the a lot of criticism statements. But on the other overpaid this guy. You know the guy is 490 inning. You know in the American League 3.3 3.4 ERA is terrific if the ball and that's two years and it's still up there and he stayed healthy doesn't does that as does his job and and get after it anymore me really and a lot of teams should difference. Jeffrey Flanagan mlb.com joining us. Is the ball against illustrating. Well. It is I think it potentially could be. All. You know lets you with the emergence of Mike Minor will end this fantastic you. In the spring and we know what that strong can do. Even Soria again to write what you know he looked really good this and so he bounces back. You know you know minor word is Travis Wood of course. You know one thing we can't ever doubt his ability of state Warren has tested probable. That an ever since the even in the bad years. They had dribble hand. It's mine I think they've done it again they got the right pieces and. You know I don't think Ned knows architecture worry that a user via other than television both involve a I don't know if indeed. The strength that that was in the past but I think you will be extra. I'm glad you mentioned Mike Minor you're right you. 9209. Went with him man scramble our arms that. Man oh man would look really nice in the in the seventh and beat the eight inning. Look we we both acknowledged how important that that of the first two months the first week the first few weeks of the season are. Do you think Joaquin Soria could be. I don't wanna say moved out because were all we all hope for the best for Jack entering the season. But I don't do you agree that that leash is not as long as it was a season ago. Absolutely but the they're expected me if they'll arson and altered the EUU would you say to see them all up early Thursday. You know a couple of days of the and they're really the pounds so a lot of pressure on him early you. Be good in April date and you know just so that way of this that doesn't start again and the in the world they're vacant for that to. So yes they release of these shorter. And you know it's not like they're gonna just release and learned he becomes. Both are four games but people definitely push. About our back in wolf when you get that you can't afford to lose games. You like it did last year with the very critical here. And would you agree that old miner and Strom. There's stuff plays against lefties and right. Yeah I think the actually struck out there you and a reverse we'll all he would say. And that's why you got your trying to develop you know different pitches what so. Just built. What did he get lucky more you know more slaughter stop them. Oh yeah I don't think. It was a concern in better had a great camp but they do what Al. You know 57 left hander. So you know he kind of got robbed there it is really and very well. You know four out of seven people and guys look there are a little bit over the top so. I think they're very content with. Other left and you're right handers out Travis was denied the it's. Final in four years planning with all the talk. Now and throughout the season about Hosmer and kaine moves and asking their pending free agency. How much longer are we gonna CNET and and Dayton and their current position do you think they could be tied to. Those pending free agents that is there a possibility that this could be the swan song for the the power couple. I don't think so. I think they they. Probably have second thoughts each of them in the off season. And then we'll go away with the vehicles for the baseball. Because. Are like normal people that that could create. So much you know I mean there's. They don't know what it is not an insult but. I don't think they're all that well again that was one a crippled it's just. It is they all faithful faithful what you know that's what they do and that's a great though. I don't think I don't think they're gonna. Certainly they built up and then he's probably should be proud of and it's. A company's gonna walk away from any time soon and that Baghdad is known that you were ever really rather be out. Hunting and stuff like that but working and aren't. He I expect he'll go. Wondered you know maybe one or two years younger. Jeffrey Flanagan follow on Twitter at land and LP is live from target field today. And open it up on the road and we'll see you next week here at Kaufman will hear you Thursday with the day's shift appreciate the time. They go to Jeffrey Flanagan a royals and Sutter from and LB dot com joining us on burns hot stove. Albert by spring venture group quick timeout Wiig it really really really close to turn in this hostile often it is bad boys are. For 27 team that's coming up next. It's hot stuff brought to you by spring venture. But CD. Deep dish it burns join me at winning streaks and arrows for tomorrow's opener starting at two. And it's winning streak inside whereas when it streets as your chance. Two and a trip. For two. To Las Vegas. And a great food specials are baseball basketball bash. I'll be out there with the sun fresh on that show beginning at 2 o'clock. All of the country mart call in show after the game. And we legs going to be out there get ready for the championship game. Can be agreed that helped to see out there and take work I hope you plan that had. Its opening that you write and work. Ervin Santana Danny Duffy and then Mark Few when Roy williams' goal and that's going to be a great that afternoon and evening. Again winning streaks in side. Parents. I'm Josh forget this is fertile stole final segment before we turn this hot stove off. Pollard is always buys spring venture group that's. Three years summer or on sixty million dollars for your Molina. They. Las Vegas we we talked about last week. Speaking of Vegas. Com Vegas still has the royals over under at 76 and a half wins. And I what are the reasons last week and I'm sure could pick up the conversation between planning and I. You know there are ways in which this season could go solve. The rotation. Is it a full season rotations. Offensively maybe you'd never replaced increased analysts. Of course injuries. Early season pressing. There's ways in which. I guess they could win 76 or fewer games. Room but I found again lament I'm taking over on. Maybe about here too long maybe I'm too close to the situation may be I'm not doing my job as far as being. Bias. And I see 88 wins that's Rob Portman. 88 winds. Giver Tate three. In order out that that's week. We take back that's weak is 85 to 91 that's legally and saw I'll I'll stick with the AD wins. Islanders. Other Vegas does but the boys in the deserts. The desert to as far as the royals team is concern at Allen scored at seventeen and former of the season. Court hasn't hit more than seventeen home runs and two years three years collected 2014 when he hit nineteen. But man. What I saw from Alex Gordon not on the field because yes he performed very well in spurring. What I saw from Bordeaux in the club house. When I saw it is eyes that determination from court though I'll take the over on seventeen and apple round. Got port basal layer at fifteen an apple runs up they'd be under that. Not just because he struggled. Not just because. He's injured. To open up the season. But but but knew league. And it. I just have a feeling that. Bad bad bad swing. Hood on the old George Brett story when you try to hit a home run 200. It's when you're not when you're just trying to put a good swing on the ball that's when you're at it on rounds I just have a feeling that Jorge may try it. Too many home runs I'll take the under. Mike was stockings twenties and a half. Home runs for loops. Moose is the guy of course that I believe will lead his team in home runs he's hit more than twenty home runs wants in his career averages nineteen bombs this season I'll take the over. Oh. There there's not a more team guy. There's a lot of teen guys in that clubhouse but I've got that that bleeds royal blue that. Is the personification. Of what's. That clubhouse is the royals organization is Mike the stock is Justin on yielding love. Of baseball. And wanting to play this beautiful game every second of everyday that is my doctors. And I think you're gonna see the best season that moos has ever had. This year especially our number wise I'll take the over and Mike was doctors and twenties and a half home. Eric Hosmer over under twenty and a half home runs for Hahn's. It 25 last year. I think that's an easy overs and the question is the only way I see as hitting fewer than twenty home bronzes. They never truly replace can. If Salvador Perez starts to fade in the second half has to put that pressure on himself requested whoever. McCain gets hurt and doesn't have that table setter hitting in front of speaking of Lorenz okay they put him at thirteen and a half moments. Lorenzo came by the way forest career. It is. Home run hide was just a few years ago when he finished. What third. For the American League MVP. Lorenzo Cain hitting sixteen home runs two years ago so I'll take the under. I'll take the under on thirteen and half full round when it comes to Lorenzo Cain even though yes. Ice I believe he is the straw that stirs the drink I think Lorenzo Cain it is. On next to Danny Duffy Ian Kennedy the most important royal. He owes him and he just lose your whole. Anfield identity. The identity of the team as guests. The attitude of like a stock is but on the field Lorenzo Cain is what this team's about. I keep in the line moving defense speed. And I think Cain is gonna have a very good. I'll take the under on thirteen and half home runs. But that to ninety effort that's the over under as far as average for Lorenzo Cain. I think I'll take the over on now in with Korda when those hopefully getting on base in front of them. Hosmer. Ready for a break out season hitting behind him. A Lorenzo Cain. I put money on him adding 300 disease so I like would cain's prospects are for the year. I like moose. And is how we're potential. I think court is gonna have his best year in years. Eric cost is gonna have that well grounded here. The question is Salvador perhaps in Salvador perot's speech that protection can't. Coupled with the follower branded mosque and they replace. Batteries are Alice that's the biggest question offensively for this team as. We get ready for the opener tomorrow little after 3 o'clock right here on 610 Sports Radio all talk to you tomorrow at two with a some fresh on Beck's show. Thank you very much to us Steven sort of for the help. During this hot stove off. Game one of 162. Of the championship season of 2016. It's underway tomorrow. I can't wait I'll talk to you then enjoy the rest of your Sunday take care.