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Monday, March 20th

The Show, Trademarc, you'll are so so we talked about the bread you make. Is baseball boring? The Show has a few ideas to help things out. Plus, Watson Plea and Showstopppers. Later, Ron explains why he is 'over' Northwestern.


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And I chipped well and in the seat insert Asia. Well command of the Ohio doing 59 seconds Schaub sponsors spending. Mr. Franklin Kentucky Sports Radio between a video of Lynn Marshall the wife of Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall exhibiting some questionable behavior during the Wichita State Kentucky's second round match. The original video was 'cause I'm Franklin's Twitter page but it was around that time that the NCA one Franklin's take down the video of to the point where NCAA officials major he deleted that we actually stood over him and asked him to delete the tweet. My concern here is why the NBA cares about her reporter posting a video of a coach's wife. Who is supposedly intoxicated sporting event like all of us have been at some point our lives I don't understand why that's their main concern. The problem if anything. They should have as Gregg marshall's wife being hammered yelling obscenities at the other team. Which was documented her that she was doing that two players and coaches for Kentucky. So. Kansas City this. Is that I zip went. Run this usually stout now. Through all our listeners put those big is it and he doesn't please salutes. For allowing us to be a small part of your Monday evening get me bad ran. Ed produces this bad boy and it's you just heard enough really. Off to the race is on mono Mondays Saturdays you know. He did a better job in a slowing down his. This is is ideally yes I got rid of applause there it was well it just wasn't when he says it's leading into you you're finally getting into. This. But seriously. Why why did you sell Gregg marshall's wife to chill out arising Gregg Marshall tells like to chill out on the cocktails during the basketball Arnold thinks it's. ID I don't think she should have to either she wants got to get drunk at a basketball game should be able to do that. Well I think Matt the reporting now on how the NCAA tournament's gonna take away this guy's credentials. That it. She has salute which. Most of the and sequels to get ripped at the game and just let up at. I I don't see story I mean. He made news story. Well I mean I can't title unrelated story by having him delete the tweet no I I don't think people have noticed that we very much F. It was made a point he had to delete and then he posts as soon as he left the game. This is at some things are off limits in my opinion you may have damaged they were you real soon. You have else. Bred into a year I'd. Sell is its let them. It's thick slicks the upsides as best 592 show I've heard it was crisp and clean. It. I'll allow that hides Yankee. A unity and no branded even know got selected. At the buzzer after like I uttered both became congratulate yourself. That's tonight I don't I'd be a panel about her as I want to. What is David Crosby who into the background of this it's that the Steelers big this fifth. It is what the fifth all you look all of a it's not dancing with the stuff. In it who's become a host of Dick with this dollars. Why. Is Ross and it's beautiful about it. I don't know why wouldn't be gets put this that the daily tickets. Avid that the that the text of the the Twitter. If it does David Ross is he that idiot for waiting is a beautiful or what did with the stars we're gonna have to find. I let me let me get to this. As we get past this. This quality. Qualities surge. Soul. I have a theory about this topic that I have won it to address and I'd deal. Re you leaned I didn't really know what could be starting off point in this topic. But I had to give a shout out to pin high stellar team effort around here it's texted. He threw this out to me and I thought this could be a perfect starters. So I came to mean he said to me a minute you hear of this John Middle East where John Elway basically on differ bronco later. Made a petition for this gentleman to become a Zuma from Colorado beat them. A US Supreme Court to the US Supreme Court and I was like this is. This could go into what I wanted to talk. I think this to definitely BA quit Twitter poll and I think may get the most numbers than we've ever got. NN and I do want this to go. I think this may get the most owns never got. I really believe. In terms of sports. Brains. And this is it going to be shocking. I really believe sports they its ports is fed up. With at least our athletes. Putting politics. Ahead of sports like I think people are really. Getting tired. Not being able watched the product on the field or on the court. But it stayed hearing more about political stances and politics instead of like I I don't think it's bad for Arby's has personally I don't want to stop I think it always. It. Brings out emotions from people and I think it is interesting to talk about. But I think. When consumers I think are growing more tired and tired. In the NFL in the NBA. To say to themselves man. Idol idol wanna hear your stance that curry LeBron I don't wanna know that you're campaigning with Hillary. No I I don't wanna hear. I. I just wanna watch the damn basketball. I just wanna watch the football game and in those two sports specifically. It's it's dole it's not a lot about the game. I mean a lot of politics go spewing it seems like within the NBA and the NFL. We're hearing almost of the weekly basis something about politics. And with this with this John Elway thing. And him coming out in making this is this Lee or whatever. It just brought it to mean it's I think sort of this could be a re you'll. Opportunity. For Major League Baseball. To step up without doing anything. Different than they do. I think Major League Baseball inherently. Just just focuses what's on the feet. Now I think it makes it boring is ill and out of the baseball is very interesting because there's really. A lot of outside things. That pull you together. But. Baseball you'd you'd know this baseball is about what's on the feet. And it baseball. You're probably not. The you probably not gonna see Mike Trout come out. It makes ANC is like LeBron your product does he Clayton Kershaw come out make those devastated to not Tennessee air caused. God knows. Eric that would even be critical of Alex Smith the one god awful dot all we had Emo so that you know he won't and I'm telling you. I think those people who watch baseball any way or more attracted to that I think you start writing people who don't. Who like baseball. But don't aren't really entertained by us you know let's go with the man I've got. Add it with Steve Kurt and Gregg Popovich AKA. Sean Connery out at it. Like all odds is go watch a baseball game because at least I know they're going to be playing baseball and the focus is what's on the field and not what's up. And it's just. And what baseball in particular any time somebody does. Speak their mind like Bryce Harper has in the past it's shut up and just play baseball. But I mean we we let it but he's not speaking his mind in a political no no no but even when it's about. Whatever it was a Battie remember the exact situation but it was just a Bryce are pretty easy to shut up and play baseball. But that's just kind of the way it is in baseball and I understand people wanting to get away from politics and get and you know sports is some people's release from. It's just we we run into this all the time most time we're actually talking about politics at all but it's always shut up and sick to sport. I think there is some validity to I think people got tired of the Colin camper nick and I think people got tired of all right. Here comes Sunday the focus at the start is how many people at every NFL stadium are gonna take it on IR. All the and I think he's gorgeous like. Stop it now in the NBA. Let. That these athletes feel that they can come out in express themselves I think it's better I think it's better obviously for us. I love we love it it's it. It makes things interests one of the things meet you paid about baseball it's not interesting yes but in this climate. I think boring baseball. If they just do what they always do it actually be a release of an outlet that sports fans will say. It les. It leaves when they interview Mattison Bogart and he's talking about baseball and I'm not about to have him try to preach to be about last it's. And what the Colin cap and anything in particular I think that. There is people who. May be generally would agree with what calling cabernet was doing but they were just trying to tune in to watch a football game. And it was being made such a big deal. L pre game post game halftime. It's all everybody was talking about was it can't cabinet was taking in these are babies some people who are just sick of hearing about the politics and hearing about that we're just like did I just wanna watch a football that's all I want I had so I can understand why. If baseball Smart they can capitalize on this idea. They can try to get. They younger audience this way the people that are tired of hearing about politics of people that are over at and they don't wanna hear these athletes talked about their. Political opinions anymore. Based target advertisements. Aren't. We said we talk at a rate they should be doing is they should be adding campaigns Al something similar to like hey. We're talking about. What's going on in between the lines that you want to watch the game we had the gate something like that like I'm telling you baseball could really. Really. Gold port with this and they don't even have to change anything like the issue of baseball is they won't change much. But in this case I that you're there are a lot of people and select O. Do you our sports means getting tired of athletes mixing. Politics with their sport and we know the answer I did I just wanna see how going to be an overwhelming yet I think maybe I'd say it may be gentle word. Do you think sports. Can't beat it to raise the Melissa's bill that ideally about it but what else does I mean we know the numbers we're going to get back on it but we are not just. Just for the sake of about this do you think you would. Everyone loves. The do you think you're five baseball more interesting. Because politics is out something but because I. Ivory. And I am. I'd like I guess it for me I love it or else. I love that mark is Peters is more than just a corner. Is that Marcus bean is more than just the football players and that he has feelings just like anyone else does any plaque or me use. Use this is helpful to do these the putt. I'm also not stupid. Or none to the fact that there are people out there it just like okay all right there's an interesting conversation it let it well. Kick your ass about the play. The brunch on. Breast implant. Stepped curry I don't care if you coming after those. The under armour shot up the play basketball. Like you know it there's not gonna do. It's I. I can understand. Why people are tired of it. I do think that they should be able to say those things have they want to say those things though. But I can understand why people are just over I think it's ridiculous to say they can't bring those things out the nation to shut up and play sports. But I understand why people are sick of it. Is there I mean is the question is why is this something that can help baseball. Is this something that can help baseball overall. 'cause if if any of the sports they need. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Let's get back here before we get that this. This this topic here. Sort of has an update is people would. K in DC about this this fire that says it. And again this is the big fired behind thirteen to Neiman. As college 69 area. Let's say vacant apartment building that was under construction that has been completely leveled by the fire. And the fire spread into the neighborhood and that was the area and cots several houses on fire on. The only reported injuries to this point was a minor minor minor injury to a firefighter other than that no no. Sees injuries reporter that's great leaders of and go ahead hit two. Six to Sports Radio or latest poll do you think baseball's popularity key role in this country. Stay out of politics in a way the unifil MBA at. 71% right now says yes it will grow. 17% says no it's still born 12% says we should hear from India athletes. If it is. I think it's interesting. Because. If you if you just joining us what we were talking about the last at that is. You know oh I I Ghana and an assist from bit high schooler who is the producer on the drive. He. He said. Just hear this story about. John Elway in John Elway is basically. On Denver Broncos letter you know kind of petitioning for work. At a guy in Colorado to view them part of US Supreme Court. Any in the it just led me to believe I've been thinking about this topic just didn't know. Of a really did jumping off point to it and I felt like this was one. And we're seeing and a huge rate use lasers in the NFL in the NBA I a lot of people work coming out. About Spain's and how they feel especially politically. While. The NBA especially I mean that's I don't think it's surprising in the NBA is so very much more outspoken because they're so progressive it's. Brass are we seeing a lot of owners. The outspoken about these things but a lot of players a lot of runoff mark EU in the and my Mark Cuban of course if you see one owner that's. That's crazy. Like where's my Mark Cuban is not scared of anybody that Martina go after any. Of course but I'm just saying like. To hear an owner has repeatedly do this that would that coaches is deeper now in the NFL. Vice president of opera of football operations as the GM John always coming outs and it. And I. I truly believe a lot of sports fans I think there was a point where it was interesting to. I think is still interest to people like I don't think I don't think in our business we should please stop personally because. I think everyone has an opinion on it and if someone comes out and has some political statement. I. I think that subject you go eat you're gonna go with it because it does. Do his job and our business and in people have different sides of feelings on. I do think there are a lot of people who are now to the point of OK man I am I am sick of watching. The NBA because. I know it's not about what's going on on the floor and is now about was cool on the court it's about everything off of and political statements and everything off of it in in the same thing with the NFL like Qatar like the lord Colin shut up. Every game it's about I was gonna take it need first what the Seahawks go to do it this game what that she's gonna do at this game I think. Baseball could really take advantage of the climate. And whereas the sports mania is right now in baseball it's just in their DNA not approach politics liked it and it baseball started. Being political people watch baseball even less than they do the NFL. Using and I don't even if they continue to get more more political there ratings might drop a little bit of people are still going to watch the NFL I think people are getting tired out I. I pretty and narrative we're hardly an epidemic excellent people are getting tired. Yeah no I mean I that's clear people are obviously getting tired of it with Mark Cuban in this John Elway thing today. Those guys are just so secure in their roles and in their jobs like mark Cuban's an owner he's not going anywhere John Elway. Denver's not generated John Elway anytime soon so they feel like they can make those political statements and remember we talked about the elephant in the room. With the console Martin's hiring. Here is a big a big artists think about is that it's a huge difference is. There are now a lot of minority Americans they play baseball. That. I have a lot of. Balls and thoughts that compounds based. Like Dexter Fowler. Is really one of the only people that we've heard since. He didn't say in any aides say yeah thing now anyway looks anything it got blown out. When he. It's gaining political pain for all we know dashes out to be in terms of order I highly doubt it but he didn't say anything actually political and hi. Yes I think he's I'm sure he's not. But we don't actually know that for a fact because he didn't say anything like that end and right now luckily for baseball in this climate of where. Fans are. I hate is could be something that can really generate some sort of popularity. Because they content to us. Talking about things outside the lines we're talking about things inside the lines and we're focused on baseball. The NBA ratings are down 15%. But Cleveland Cavaliers ratings are down any parts that they just won that any NBA champions. They've got LeBron James. He's probably he's probably alienated that group. I did. But like SE I think it'd bandits. And this sounds terrible because generally this is never an advantage based. It advantage they have is there are not a lot of minority Americans. That play their sport. Which we would probably see. I think a lot may be a lot more people who may be fed up with things that make amounts based. And also they had been in rained most baseball players are kids who played baseball since they were four. They've been ingrained acute you do things a certain way. That's why you see 25 year old that are Americans get pissed off when someone hits a home run. Which is. Ridiculous. But I think it's these as these that if the fun part about baseball for me in what I want but I think this is something that baseball should take advantage. Like. Make this about. The sport and and and a lot of sports aren't doing that I think it is getting all of the owners. Although a lot of people I don't want. Him to do it. Whereby if perhaps. I look at these limited baseball started doing out. Did Adam Jones came out start expressing himself I'm all of that debt without hot Lebanon. It might as is came out it's this is out and about Simon's I spend at the K every year. I would love it if this stuff started happening in the tank but realistically it's not it's not a good idea for baseball. And it is really exciting for us. Once again Latino. I guess it they're they're tons of minorities playing baseball as a minority America. Not just I just think this appeal win market mid jungle in what's going moment. Opened. Because it was. That. Cherry. Soul. Which it. And none of them do and and that I think right now it can be very helpful to him because I think there are a lot of people who are getting tired of politics especially players coaches and people involved in it is in said franchises talking about politics Selma. You know people can do. Well. They don't go. Step one. Actually that topic. Austere rule. Adelman wouldn't do that has did. Too wordy. I appreciate hallmark and and you know that I agree but I think. It it ringing up all of that it would be very helpful for them. To to state the clay right now. We are the sport it. Talks about. Baseball. We heard the sport that focuses on what's happening on the field and not off. You're not gonna hear Clayton Kershaw giving you its not on who's going to win in Florida. We are going to be about playing the game if Florida. Actively alleges that. On and IE LIE I usually produce hot so for Josh burn here on. Sunday mornings nine and ten. A very keeps talking about how he doesn't think baseball needs to change to make baseball more fine horse and try to attract a younger audience. Because baseball. Attracts two L older more middle aged men because they get home from work all they wanna do is sit down and watch a baseball game. That's how baseball team capitalize on all of this. May like you said stake your claim advertised about it they're already doing it just does marketed. Did. Us yeah I mean it. If you're going to be boring as hell let's go full. Like let this board for the first time ever. You're boring nature of baseball. Can really help but once again I don't wanna mince words we're idea. I don't want them to stock. I've no idea. I I think baseball's. Or injuries. Not less interesting. I am not nigh eve to the fact that there are a lot. People we hear from them they still respond when we talk about these issues because everyone is talking about haven't thought about it they still respond. But I think for some people it will be it is refreshing. To turn on the pregame show for baseball. And there's nothing about always you know. That goes came out spoke about. His feelings on what Donald Trump did today. When you watch NBA count down. Next up is well there. Like ESPN. ESP it is it. Killed a lot because. They are going sold all our into the politics angle. And they're getting killed for this. People called him left and everything. Against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that election was the biggest being. Going in this country. But I think people are are really ready to move past. And I think baseball could really stake the claim Jerry I'll let you have the last word on his Goldman knows them. Area let's get the last word on his ability. On I think why we don't get much political action in baseball because minority that late baseball. Are from other countries. On that. Column I just think I don't get this is not a lot like Adam Jones is outspoken but I think Adam Jones is played baseball his whole life and I think he understands the rules and regulations which she indicate. Yeah I'm now close look at that way Iran is that you have players like you'll win that set that call it should happen. Come from places like he. Andy you got contact record for belt after the shirt. US you'll have a sense that the girl Chatman Erica and I caps are a bad that they would much rather. They'd look at what the opportunity they have been given in the US and look at where they came from and Cuba and realize that without the sport they play. They would not be where they're at where they're at they've realized the game it's bigger than them in the game at afford them the opportunity. Yeah and I also say that you think Eric Hosmer has feelings and thoughts on. What's been going on politically in this country I do but I I just think he adds is they it's kind of ingrained in not to list. Yeah and I agree that you but they were talking about you know real currency the real you know there are a lot of oh. Why MBA players or why NFL players coming out with political and. I hear what you say that let the end it's worse though because the powerful people in those sports John Elway. A vice president of a football organization is the head coach of the of the spurs who's white is coming out in huge roles they head coach. Of the warriors is coming out into huge girls the owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban is coming out. It's even worse it's not it's white players it is white people who actually make assists. That's where it's I think that we're really getting people appreciate the college here we got to get out of here. Upcoming up as we do every night to Watson plea. It is. I think it's pretty good tonight. Somebody sounds like a nervous little peek. In the studio sixty and Sports Radio. You. Know. Welcome back. 23 minutes so it's. The news or at least show. Holly back tomorrow from six and with that I wanted to weigh in on his victory in. Line calibrate and his biggest fans right now. And it's built in. Steve assert his leaving the show because of what's for the concert Goldman could have ended breasts are less wrists blessed us with your words. I'll do. Is good and there. Are. I'm good. Kansas I actually agree with you. I look at this is is Monday. And now that he's gonna kill him as the league's. I don't know. The import. Export sector are at. 45 so far as the fourteen are fourteens or chip from A gonna fight we got to fight he's not gonna do is give it. Why. Wind. I don't care don't have to live here fought Bernard who cared. Matter that a lot of baloney. And that your story I want to use. South Carolina yeah. And my nine year old Congo I want in there. So why do you let coach. A that was quite a break and obviously. He did it really you. And I go go and he did it but. Legal means to eight years. There's that. That is announced. An analyst needed to. His confession. I'm in love the name. I'm in love with a miss. Yes it was brother's in south only. A series. Come to witness the miracle for yourself near. Strong words don't just throw that around like football home. Asking you soon so he needs some kind. Where the first pick. In the NFL draft. The Kansas City she selects. Clinton went back to John Watson Watson. This is. The lots that these sponsored by absolutely. No line them when it's that. Coming right see you are the Marlins run this you Williams beat the disease. Clark. John if you're still going to be here. And the reds I soldiers. Nagy one of you. Oh man. I come here every night and I really express bus oath about this at this time I'm trying really hard. I'm not even going to take a shadow. I'm not. This for B is I'm clearly seeing that up. 888. Choice that that she seem like they're more. Ready to go with his pet my home. And look Cady be a good quarterback he might be able to be. Her asthma and the chiefs today yeah he's got some skills. You know although I think he's Z. He's not as good as this and we've not seen him in big games because his team's doesn't plays eight games. But he's got some tools. But look and you know my feelings about this now. But tell me. Do you want your quarterback sounding like this. You see the field. And you have elusive that's their escape and by what I say sounded like this listening to the nervousness. If his. But is this what you want your starting quarterback to sound like this is on Jon Gruden means. Gruden whenever on the party backed camp his kill quarter Cambodia's being received fatal. And you have elusive there was. Eight combined time and you have. Confidence that you can make everything I want you yes definitely that's amid the most articles out sometimes gets in trouble at the same time. And again. Energy to care Rogers. I mean yeah all spurred that would make those it doesn't make us win games. Look man. Like I. Haven't heard pat it's a good and going to be outside. You'd like Bjorkman and about it like you know what kind of I would hurt his son at the big game did you imagine that had come into the risk hundreds that we are that guy in the little. It's the Mecca and amp a up. Did you think the public need to. Field. And you have you. Let's keep in mind men. You have. Confidence that you could make this guys take any of them he's got to have a rough are now part of sometimes it's neutral but the thing. As a topic. And imagine trying to Johnson but he ounce the sport that. Doesn't make it. It is his voice is absolutely it's ugly a little bit and I think it's it's. It's. Since it does show it shows that. It is that time if he showroom stock. Yes. And number two tonight apparently. Armageddon it was prone and decide India hard. And a man of the Dave Chappelle did not CBS's morning and finally shed some light I'm leading the Chappelle Jon county central and upwards of fifty million dollars on the table. Fairly bad things will solve OK okay it's. Good morning okay it's so much bigger than money Bono was bigger than money we know what it I watched on these nature shows what. Tenet hung around for how how bush man finds water. When it scares. And they do was called assault traveling up and in those apparently bad things will solve OK so they put a lump of salt in the hole. And they wait for the baboon. The baboon Combs stick his hand in the hole grabs insult solving a bigoted. He's trip you can't get his hand at peace tomorrow all it does is let go of self. They haven't doesn't wanna Lego itself. You know I've always goes on to say that he was the background and by he figured out he let go of the cell. I've always. Liked their allotted geniuses in different fields of walks of life. And so many of towards the news is we geared it. And Dave Chappelle like Kanye believes that genius when it comes to music he's really weird it. Like that you SB's. Easiest really street. But. I love it you gotta leave. Nearly participated. Like there's a role Lindsay is like let. Like what would just possessed him to go there and today. And that's analysis I thought it was a reasonable analogy but right stuff. It's just too I think we see real I mean I understand genius people that are geniuses in their respective fields don't always care about money because there's more important things like that money. Money's nice. I bet you right now sort of Obama wants to be a part of I have. A different take on Brad Underwood leaving Oklahoma State that anyone you've ever heard. Alan I personally think rant Underwood for this. Potentially. That he can get this done I will be thinking Brad Underwood. As. In studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. Yeah. I've been getting. Are less than it was Steve inserted before he goes in this time of his life or Little League tomorrow you bitter there's bitter end of this team. And I thought. I'm not not planning on drinking and you know watch us. It's Monday I don't drink on Monday. Your time that's we. It's really weird that you definitely drink it. Why they're on a concert not drink low of analysis. And I went to boys had been. It's and I am Marianne why is Christine Tan on Dancing With The Stars this this is that very. Because they and it is David Frost's kitchen it was it is beautiful but. And bouncing children of field. Why is core here Mon now on dancing with the stock and why's that guy dressed like cook will be where a a a well let me jump out of this it. Brad Underwood led Oklahoma State. After a year and people up in arms I'll argue deeply who's drunk off this by saying one. Oklahoma State is a better job in college basketball of the university illegally. They have odd that it's. So it took and I am raising grant that is because why. This is why. I don't know about. But I. Started getting really nervous during the term this week yeah it's start envisioning. And watching this north western while it story take over. And I started feeling all odd. If this continued. And people start to want to go to northwestern because it's an amazing school it's a great school. There in Chicago where they have a lot of that to Chicago. These jokers is just. It's just for you it's these jokers could be the duke of the bid. And there is nothing else that we need list in college sports. And another day and duke or nor Notre Dame football. And these geniuses. And these are pretty cats they were if they were to be sold like. Almost stopped. Watching feet. Because Julia Louise Dreyfus. Was just going between race and I said is for don't ask she was over the top. Did you read your lips and it's not outlook link bait and hurt and on her if she did is that better that sees it knows who are you. It just an hour. I don't need when he did not saying that I swear she got to plug and well it's easy fit I hadn't. Rhode Island this I am not ideologue she. His gun but enough she ran inside felt that she did well go back see that being very good baskets made it. Watched a little kid they kept. Plummeted over the is the lord I sit got to keep the damn red. Or will it leads all those cop okay it's not go to northwestern. Don't call all of you need to come together. So these cats don't go to northwestern because of north western charge it to another duke. And we get to hear the lead is people go about Chicago that they give Chicago players that'd be really good. Eight get a great education that they became another note I can't take. I cannot take it we hear Mike will bond coming out of grows. Mike Greenberg coming out of grows. All the on the tax line she did say I think he'd more lucrative than the tax I disagree that she had back said that. And she said that someone on Twitter on outlawed it to LA to let that slide Tellme deeds you the world one of the world. A sack goods jacks and their kids play us that they can't handing maybe and that case but they just. All Audi was cry. You it. Understand I was an awful call. I. It was that it was an awful call it if it really was that guy went right through the coal and gold in the hours and they. I don't mind because that lasted they became weights but. Wait too much for me and I. I don't need I don't need it I don't need it because Michael will bond wearing those stupid nor western shirts Mike Greenberg. He he gave them the pregame speech. You're kidding me. Mike Greenberg has or is Juliet is to give the pregame speech next. You can't really see that all parties to come on it's they know also for you after a blocked shot. Rockets they barely six sided it was the first time they ever made the NCAA tournament. And probably the last I can't imagine Northwestern's helping to males they're cut annual trip they're going to be glued there. Now this did nothing but make people want a comparable war. Listen to it doesn't makes it's it's a sleeping giant. And at a great school you can look at Chicago. It's hard to Chicago. It egg go to western. Edited at school please go out it's become a thing. Toby Notre Dame ball does that make you wanna much it's a debate that. Till he got beat duke basketball. And that's that I. I mean I was rooting for Notre Dame in the national championship against Alabama highlight ranked Kelly is now head coach. Your eggs for Alabama over Notre Dame yes. I don't look at those people. I like rank Elliot is a gecko what they have it there until called touchdown Jesus like they're better than every other school. One like seven Amy's floor. Beat. It's he'll get out there without any cause have been the target it's at eight years it's they he's a Joseph I you know I do know a thing for you Michael will buy needs to not take either has an injury occurred at a need to take eighties several tee and he added Chela. Yes you need really good grace to get an at northwestern but to be really great to get into Notre Dame and duke. And I don't want another one. I don't need another northwestern outlook or uniforms to stay ugly outlook that colorized. I dwell on it. All tournaments in Italy and indices could also reviewed now. Indy the dance of the palms. And the all. Mann act is. That little kid is trying to decide to bring in Jerry and George two games are there let's take steps kid. You used to be happy and excited you've made the DM or that topic up decry. Hitting maybe IVRoots. But I don't hear and that run it must. As all that is celebrated for its intellectuals. And academics. Not overt support programme outlets would like to have that moment outlook advocates need to be that way. We used to see the sleeping giant of the elitism coming out of evidence to build a deliberately. I sort of have fun at the concert coming up will get back it's a war of the party that is that night. Studio sixty in Sports Radio.