03/20 9a - KU in Tulsa, Big 12, Gordo Hitting Lead-off, Shaq

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Monday, March 20th

We go inside the KU locker room with Kling who was in Tulsa, Oklahoma State needs a new coach, the chances of Alex Gordon hitting lead off for the Royals in 2017 plus Shaq believes the world is flat 


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I mean we got a guy who called had no idea. Well there's so much time did you get it misery this morning's top. My fellow at Dow 145 that's not happy that it's not as bad as adult activity does that I. I would be able to handle that I I thought it was going to be a lot later back you can put together sentences blows my mind. Is I guess that's that's rock and moved. Would tell you ahead of it like like when you're stopping it Brahms I would like no let's go do we really need to eat at that as you probably got another what 7:8 o'clock by the time we left tolls are right now is that it was close and I close so what did you need to problems were just been held as well as opposed to be. As I do. So they tell party didn't miss dinner so we want us out so weak you know. Brian Amos there OK okay brining mr. O'Brien so you were on the bus and mania or you were the Bob knew from the mobile anything here how does this work jayhawk I NG. Ha what tree wagon group shot him. David Lawrence Taylor and so brainy eats the rest was joined him and he. That's the ultimate fat guy move there. He needs beats out there now let's. Product I edited three hours they see a quarter down the agency is part. Of a that's like your resume Egan as he's so you got to act as good you go and how to state this week all three Segovia state this week covered the turn and I'm looking forward to that. Johnson do all the work welts and I will do all the kind of on anticipates well I. That's the thing you'll wire aboard the blazes that looks at the winner Roy wore yesterday at North Carolina like I think I'm at a rate that Al. Just why go here's the real reason okay if you want enough you must now. I hate wearing khaki it's. And that is our dress code here okay khaki PNC to it we look likes we like to go out look nice rate a little slot. I see khaki pants like it's nobody's business. I can't find a good pair khaki pants I can't find a decent every time I'd Wear khaki pants I feel like Jim Harbaugh. I feel like to some wearing dad PC and L so what do I go to Dan being get a nice to put a nice suit and I look good I feel good. And I'm not walking around and khakis is I just like the old lady at ease or whatever is. I despise those suckers like it's nobody's business. I agree I can't I can't Wear khakis and feel good about myself I can't like I I just I just like I don't know what it is like some you'll pull off Jackie spot a work khakis and look at myself in the mirror and I'm like none of this makes yeah. Don't make sense. It's an adjacent area it's like it's not your body. Now it's and it's not mine either I just I don't look good in him I don't feel good in them and when you don't look good when you don't feel good. It's hard to perform good it's true though. You know I I just can't win against our uniform changes yours and it. I can only I definitely get Josh you your fine in the khakis you do your thing but I just I just yet. Bill so I I would rather wary sued. And look good from Dana and AM ban have to worry about wearing khakis and go got to look like Jim Harbaugh or somebody's bumper. Has he just never looked so that there's the answer to your question as we're only. I would words and look like us. But it's a big event coming the tennis world and have a lot of fun I'd do you were down in Tulsa Kansas gets the win they play at 839 on this Thursday night. Against Purdue which the next couple days we'll all freak out over will all be scared of will all wonder how they're going to stop their size. But right now we get to actually enjoy. What took place in Tulsa and Kansas moving on to the sweet sixteen for the umpteenth year in a row they're playing in the sweet sixteen minutes right here in Kansas City. Josh Jackson was on display yesterday and he was. Fired up heading into the game I think there was a going to be an extra gear for Josh Jackson facing Michigan State. If you don't know the back story. There's a group of guys that committed to Michigan State they thought he was going to be the fifth prove to commit to Michigan Satan. And not that he told them that necessarily but they are trying to pressure to go to Michigan State. And he picked Kansas. So he was going up against somebody some longtime buddies second great place one guy doesn't yet dating back to second grade Winston of the backup point guard. They knew him from second grade another one. Early on in in grade school and just play basketball well but these guys all the way up he knew it was gonna have an extra gear. But after the game finally admitted it was a it was a huge matchup for him he delivered a point three points. O Leo so I was really excited where things grossest. Just to come out and try not to be too excited they knew I would be and I came out and didn't listen. You have to plot. Oh. Just as time went by throughout the game. Seen a couple of shots fall sharply defense against slowdown will be it was a really fast paced game out there. After allowed to start the news easier hazard to get out and run it's in the lot obviously that stops and accomplish these what was the difference when he has cracked it open. I think the difference was just our focus on defensive end. Michigan State you know they run a lot of different things on offense and it's come a discount to confuse us sometimes especially when there is such fast paced game you know we have a little bit tired out there is hard to review focused but. I think we communicated well out there locked in on defense they're a bit of talk and not much not as much as I thought it would be to be honest I'm bigger Kobe's minutes tonight. Co business reviews. You know he came out and did exactly who we you do you do. Play great defense Smart defense about a mile and without fouling and got a couple key rebounds. Would have Smart five record played without filing a filing a couple of us so Kansas had four guys in double figures. And then like coldly provided three points and four rebounds has got to get mobbed in the post game locker room on it because he was great and I mean this idea is teammates like. He's the got him for having the game yet. He's a guy that when you look back at Kansas wins a national championship what was the expect well out of those minutes like Colby gave us around two adults that was big and then hopefully it part lays in to I think he's gonna see big minutes against Purdue guys I think he's gonna see a lot of minutes against Purdue we see some. And the good news is if somebody gets in foul trouble now it's not all over like when Lucas getting in foul trouble is the one thing we talked about before this tournament began. If he gets in foul trouble look out because hey you really doesn't have anybody else Carlton Bragg is sold. I unpredictable if he were yeah last night but he lost minutes last night. Miami of of what five minutes but I mean like I playful Hannity and maybe this that this pipeline by candidates over two from the field refile his character and that's up to ever call to brag but. Now even going fortunate to put the white hope Ian and you can at least get. Somewhat quality minutes. That's all that's what they've been moved well. So what it's our league in my head after Carl the guys like us directly. Hasn't said somewhat quality you're gonna get great minutes but they'll get something to get somebody doesn't hurt you when he's in there big Carlton bragged frankly hurt to a little but it casualties and there's not a white Colby. Moving forward can at least not hurt that team when he's on the floor that he should get about ten minutes again I. Whole week in Carlton Brad wasn't anything spectacular like a year you look at his two games in Tulsa and you say what's your biggest take away from these games and if you gonna do like minutia for me. Heart them bragging and Michael we kind of switched spots on the bench like Woodley there's a depth chart out yeah. And today he could slip those guys around and I don't know if that's the way bill seasonable talked about 9:45 tomorrow morning here on sixteen and Sports Radio. I don't know if that's the way that he sees it but that was when I took away from last night I thought. Call them brag cost himself time. But what Colby also himself the ability to get that not off the bench what are what with the match up upcoming yeah JR scored a hundred the first game ninety in the second pretty good and that Dovonte Graham says on a lot of guys are going there to be tough to. Egos resolutely and my dad and making shots. And we do things predation and so he knows hard you know focus in on. On all of us and want time because Leo can do so much and make plays dozens are wounded Tuesday. Jostling inside nowadays landing download and he didn't like coming off lately as that we hard you can head and neck again couple big shot to win. Was that that stretch drive like France. Who's is trying to use but. To look at GameStop standard. We're running down wind doesn't pick and roll away at frank did a good making it defenders of that thinking about them in houses shouldn't have confidence vigorous Kobe's minutes and they were used the Sony maybe he had a gay guy I think to being offensive rebounds. And his boss name defense and his defense on the big Fella. In a televised Unicode rebounds as the it was news out of judgments they oppose this pager for him. Tell definitely he he definitely wanted this game and we will also rival Honda man trying uniform and it did it. Jim had those games we've been able to kind of put the throttle down on some of these so what was the difference of opinion. Have more of those kind of successful in this we do is got a lock in on defense that we need a thousand rebounds. Toby toe the run it when they run they say as you gotta know you know this guy got the Romaine is guys got to hope. We would really like being on that defensively. And and we may shy athlete I. The Roman rule on simple simple game right. Stop people that leads to go score at me don't have like repeated I think that TCU loss may have game given Bill Self the opportunity to say defense one or two times in practice these guys that pay attention on some and it was a huge thing in the UK you lost earlier today. All because they got the rest of now about another resident Eddie guy that's a practice at eight days of defense of Pratt owns it look forward to and good Dovonte grams he's talking their mistake and that guy. Every time I get upset about his play. He suddenly to start rattling off about a three pointers like he had eighteen points last night twelve of them the second half because it seems to all come at once. With with the Vontae Ingraham and 93 threes last under under five in two. If it were her point seven points in the final five minutes and he talked about shooting with confidence you can always tell what the Vontae graph it's going in or not based on just how we books when he shoots it. And woody gets that hot streak is just he already knows the second leaves his hand he knows you guys going at. It's where he's one of the more fascinating and play I don't know and and yeah it because I felt that way at the end like what he had those boom boom boom at the end of Al east it's gonna that they're gonna disclose the doors off of these guys and you know device they mentioned the Big Three when they're going it's gonna be a lot of fun Bill Self talked about that too. I think our team is pretty balanced so we don't have very often work I think Josh has got thirty wants a frank a couple of times who don't have very often guys go out and have to carry so to speak but we've had numerous stretches where guys have carried this 445 minute period and I do I I think all three these guys played great I mean they shot it fairly well but they competed they defeated and they cared about the right things and played unselfish is still got numbers. There it is those are Bill Self talk about his Big Three and I think my favorite comments on this whole weekend. Was just Jackson admitting he didn't listen to the coaching staff when they told them how to play now you know what he's gonna do on Thursday night. Don't listen will you don't listen to the coaching staff and everybody's gonna start get their message across that hey. We're gonna tell you something we milk as we did he reads like talking to your kids you'd ask okay go ahead that's the style of see what that that's like that's what it is still like oh we play defense and we can and have. Lots of offense yeah now that sometimes Eagles defense turns and all that he's hammering the message right. But hey a U players don't get it. Because junior and a Uighur Josh Jackson they don't want you to play defense they want you to never to foul trouble so they just basically say hey you just focus on the offensive saudis are somewhat better than everybody else it's a transition coming up here on 610 Sports Radio the big twelve could have a new coach and it has cling salivating we'll tell you who could be added to your next home. Workouts surgery and stress trials there he converted just 800 calories improves sleep patterns and skin complexion is so cool to feel good. So bill where you go people go. Cry oh clinic. Update for you on NFL Jersey gay they have found lead Tom Brady Jersey after enlisting the FB AI it's been an international incident they found this Jersey what a waste of American taxpayer dollars what a waste would be absolute disgrace NFL PR guy Brian McCarthy. Police statement today. The corporation the NFL in the New England Patriots security teams the FBI and other law enforcement authorities. Incite people involved on the Texas Rangers involved here on Super Bowl Jersey warned last month by Tom Brady's been recovered. Also retrieved during the ongoing investigation was a Jersey Brady wore the patriots victory in a Super Bowl in 4015 against Seattle don't mind. NASA for them to do this guy I was like it's finding ways is to suggest jerseys yeah they got vote. Items were EA found in the possession of a credentialed member of the international media will what you do is what what you you're able to do one the first jerseys a gate wagers and it just becomes a lot PC her heritage of. I Italy no other has gotten. Mel. And probably never talked about it. As they take a shoulder pads off I'm sure they just the Roma on the ground yeah there's so many people on the field does this picked it up a duck it I mean like that commercial duties they get twice twice. The same guy. We've all the interviews and everything else that you put on the suit not that you polish leader Jersey your locker eats like these when the podium there have been a bit of blocker but they don't they throw those shirt on over the past though are my mr. members depends on who it is out there but it I think if you look at Brady he doesn't have shoulder pads on when he's up there did you take the pads off he is awesome on the they've got people that do this kind of stuff. The pick up their shoulder pads and so while meanwhile Smith studied the double sided tape while some fat wind and solar badgers of the media guys apparently jerseys and it twice but it mean to go to vote is a gate wager anybody and it was wasn't it. Wasn't an American Media members of international media member there it is. I was gonna move. Brad Underwood is leaving Oklahoma State for Illinois running under the hot telemundo and he's. There's days. That. Brad Underwood leaving and heading to Illinois from Oklahoma State getting three times as much money he was making you know what you. It's strange weekend story and they get beat. Of course in their first game due to Michigan and am Sam he's on he's in a picture. In the word got out but it wasn't long there's pictures tweet up by the athletic director Illinois with with under a like oh guess it's official count and and he skates from a million dollars a year to over three million dollars a year. And the athletic director. Barely had a meeting set up with him. Why solo went there they were supposed to meet in Indianapolis and he didn't shell which may have been the first sign like on Thursday. And then they play and she put his meeting with the unit they had them they had a meeting to discuss watery gel and it is the first sign. And then and then ate at a meeting set up. In Stillwater. Saturday afternoon at 245 at the arena and expected he was going there is talk to Underwood about his future instead Underwood showed up at resigned. And boom he lose like 3 o'clock there was the there was like 330 vetoes fast right yes between if if the timeline is correct it was like. Early. Not long after that hour so after that there's a picture of him. It weed out by the media at Illinois so they were they were ready to pounce on it goes from one year contract early out. One million dollar contract over three million a year and a nice quickly climbing the ladder for round here. And after him when he but you know he's been to the term and every year that he's been a head coach and as we said it's all about the term we talked earlier. You're resting these players why in the NBA this coaches get paid based on post season success Brad Underwood been the tournament for youths in a row. Took an Oklahoma State team that nobody gave any credit to took over the term this year tripled this salary. Tripled his salary he went from a million to three million overnight. How about back congratulations to him in a bad that is un freaking believable. And so now that leaves a hole at Oklahoma State which will be a two and a second. But when people question why can't you any dampened basically double David eighty salary this off season remember when they did that do it wow you did there. You do that to be proactive because the last thing you wanna do is have a guy have success and bowl and then you're starting over. Oklahoma State slow played it they got the guy on the cheap. It wasn't a cool move that give that guy only a million dollars a year Nazi art let's revisit this now and you're having success let's get to new deal. They drug their feet on it and when you drag your feet on something people look for other opportunities and Brad Underwood soundness. K state fans that threw it out of box and got this is their guy I mean all year long we've been here at K state fans talking about if you get rid of Bruce Weber you should go get Brad Underwood. Let's not gonna happen now B is Illinois hasn't for three mil a year and that's not something I would envision K state paint and a six year contract as well so he's locked and loaded and there will be huge buyout they basically gave what console market did not take exiled. Six years three million a year eighteen million dollars or more all right gambles or it. There were in the twos right. Part I thought on Portland was still higher salaried Odom. They go to moves are thought Missouri gave Mike a little bit more base and then another year or something like that in Missouri game seven years as opposed Illinois six years in an episode averaged 21 and change or reverses eighteen. In in Champaign either way Brad Underwood had a great race and moved on. And now the logical choice custody dugout as the new coastal stickler married last you want the job for his lobbying for a half. And and and now he's you know there on his name out there again it was a year later on you come back to me again. Why not put your name out there though manager at their crowded as it may yet sure I'm I saw people on Twitter reply to be Missouri's head basketball that was great as this guys they'll want to apply for it that you might have a shot and as far as. A broadcaster. We used to be a player going to become a head coach it's not like it's never happened before Mark Jackson did it boom so there are these Kerr. Yeah anchor and it never is yet he was stripped from brought Larry Dirk was calling Astro games they named the manager like the next day he walked down and hitting and a harmonica walked out on the field yes not totally unheard it's probably a longshot for dugout Utley but it's not totally unheard of but isn't really Oklahoma State you've been scored utility guy that wasn't yours hired them the game a year you'd feel scorned the higher the guy that wants to beat I don't know the answer that question yes based on the fact is zero coaching experience whatsoever. But it wouldn't be the most bizarre higher we've ever seen in sport I'm not I hope they go for it Saudia. You guys the story lines just. I mean he is he is he is the the know what all media guy yes you mean yes he is so yeah you've got recruit. You don't sell yourself as a don't remember me I was on CBS. What are your pitch and it will be a pitcher recruits who Gray's got some coaching and his bat is dad as a coach Wright Brothers a coach. Eighty surrounds himself with the right people to be able to to do that. But I always pick like care which. Coaching is not just coaching right especially to college college level there is all want to deal right. Good luck at all that. And deluxe on yourself and good luck have and other schools recruit against you like that dude on the radio like five minutes ago and he's bad Yeltsin is gonna go bear. You say that and I could tell you don't say that by that make any Gionta and shake their boots and Doug got league got hired in Oklahoma and makes him instantly more relevant. It does make that's that's what that's it doesn't make me shake my boots obviously but it does make an instantly more relevant as a making good. Look if you're more relevant you did better recruits least theoretically. And then you have a better team that's that's the idea behind it even if you are an inexperienced and yet it it would be a bizarre higher gulf war route they went and I think these are doing has zero fear got. I know why and any fear at all I think they should be looking to Tom cream and that would be nice higher but apparently LSU is all over him and maybe take that job down mayor himself. Who knows what's gonna ultimately happen and how the dominoes are gonna fall they want Gregg Marshall but I don't know that Oklahoma State is a better job in Wichita State marshall's wife enjoys Wichita so you know we may not see Zach that type of move. Take place but the moral of the story I don't know isn't the coach Payton. No doubt I don't know who Oklahoma State goes for real I I really don't mean cream could be could be optioned. You look at an up and comer at this. IDF do. Pay pay that. Max got there on a good recruiting class and all coming in and and I think this also signals that it is gonna say he's announcing for the draft today certain. Forte is on them. They have a lot to cover. So I don't know how appealing it is. This to somebody coming in and then are they gonna have to go through that process again orient his pay somebody. I it prove it to you salary and they'll go that route again you've ever euphoria. Or. Or Gottlieb has a contract or does he lets you want to only be committed yeah I mean that that's the other thing you're Biarritz the value that the dinner on I don't I don't know how good a job it is. Coming up here on sixteen and Sports Radio or told us this on Friday and now it's making news when it comes to beat Kansas City Royals will tell you what it is. It's attacks including addiction and overdose death. For more information go to end our xmas keystone art this message brought to you by the Missouri department of mental health. Listening on the go. It's a 610 Sports Radio land. And six case. Sports Radio. Boy oh boy there's a sad scene taking place on TV this morning. And it's elder woods peddling a book that he wrote go ahead. Old man it's embarrassing is on Good Morning America. But you outsold. The Yankees. Pitch in a law have if it offensively when you get in the book pitching mode that's it. Probably done just I I felt sad to see it and I'm like you know it's been over for awhile and all that. That's it and it's it's done it's officially over today it was the book on tiger like a book about Bob my book. Well what the masters. Myth these masters run the 97 masters ninety his New York when you think about his 97. Masters run now twenty years ago. I'm being college Y. And allow this is going to be pretty good this is exciting and tiger looks lawyers forty years ago can't really dozens there's an awful pale it's like he's led petrol they blew it all that money there are plenty of things you could do. To go on television not look like tiger was right today and it's kind of shocking to me that he even lets himself look like that day he looks awful but. General. It. A couple of weeks we're gonna be getting an email how would you like to have Tiger Woods is a guess of all that manifests. A if Tiger Woods emails us to come on the show retired with I work that's where you're getting into what Tiger Woods got his doctor Ruth in cellular book on how to lose weight. Now. I'll say this though Tiger Woods goes on were were not asking about the book miss. That's a bye week and tell them we're gonna ask about the book because all he's gonna come on again so it moves tell we're asking about the book it has to go out Haiti will do our own tiger's view on Friday a just burn your joined us here on 610 Sports Radio what had distance. What is this spring training more line drives last strike. Kind of hinting toward the fact that it might be hidden near the top of the lineup that's coming up with what he's seventeen. That's just turn your talking about outscored doing things differently because he's probably gonna hit at the top of the line focusing on line drives right doing all that kind of stuff and in the story came out this weekend that the and other cigarette maybe Alex Gordon in the bat leadoff spot because the royals are still trying to book. For that leadoff hitter and I think for a while there we all kind of wanted to outscored to be the one of the two hitter at the top of the lineup but if that's what he striving forties cutting down on the strikeouts which Byrne said he is because. The dude has struck out although what three times so far something like that this spring he set a really really really really really good time at the plate. And it if he's a guy they can can lead off games and get on base and set the table early. All all sport I'm not in to having it prototypical Rickey Henderson type of guy at the top of your lineup you put the best guys at the copier lineup because. Odds are that earlier you've got the best guys the more times are gonna see the you know the plate had more opportunities to do some good things so if outscored pans out he's doing what they want they wanna put over the top it all off. Or who might criticize Afghanistan right. Hannah guy that you expected to hit. So home runs and you're kind of settling for he doesn't hit home runs improve top line oh win games what's the matter and what do you really pay. I still feel like it's just that these haven't found lead off guy against the Michael Luntz and Alex do it again and legal guys for you I don't saints at same thing guys that. The elusive power. Hitting corner outfielder is also the elusive leadoff man who only have one. It's day sir Alex though because people are gonna perceive this as well Alex Alex Gordon hit it can't hit anymore so they're Bruno ladies oil line drive guy and all that it's like now they just have a lead off to a group that's lead off if not outscored I don't know who it is it's Escobar anymore you know not him to have a BS the bar you can't and I'm trying to think came in the middle of the order back Alia you don't wanna give up came for the middle you're probably not lead things off course not that is big enough. But yes he of Whitney if we really dealt with in his second major trying to put it adds a big Christian colonial and I really don't know or month or some are gonna have you of those guys enough now the only logical choice left to really. Is Alex Gordon right so maybe we're gonna look at this is outscored your paid a lot of money one and hit home runs and I was going to be a leadoff hitter it's like. All of that's as much about Alex Morton as it is about the royals not having a legitimate leadoff guy. What's having a guy who hits line drives and his drive into the gap get on base the starting game I mean that the royals were at their most effective. During this run when guys run and they were stealing bases and their becoming a distractions on the base path you lead off the game with a single or double your already ahead of the game you Barney got inside their pitchers and it has now he's known to distressed he's check on outscored and Al listening at Hosmer and loose and Cain Salvi all these guys bowl global getting a chance is behind him is deceased and pitches LC zest commercial that first the most tell us all the time. Sell I just odd and it's a total team owners of these get a chance. To see like three or four pitches before they get that ever cause you're there to really judge anybody anymore on their salary in sports because they just go. A pop up update I've been. I mean the next safety get paid is gonna be the highest aids safety in the NFL that's just the way it works in sports he can't say. Well we're paying this guy X amount of dollars this is what he has to do. They'll think this guy now let's get him in the lineup and let him do. His things helped lead us to victories is that's what's important the at an and it's marsh morning there were talking lead off hitter and a comment it's due out today right at the opening days got a could you imagine the royals win ninety games this year they get into the playoffs and outscored Houston home runs do you think anybody's gonna care that he only had ten home runs were paying him if at fifteen million dollars or whatever it is instead home runs a solid average in the defensive play of Alex Gordon that's what you look at it there in the playoffs nobody is gonna Mets not gonna be that big the the other story that's making news out of the National Football League besides Jersey game this morning is. Calling capita can't find a job and at least so right now. The wave that people are spinning this story. Is driving me ample all because if Colin tapper and it was good. Pollen count predict what average job in the National Football League. Teams don't perceive Colin cap and a two BA very good player in fact one quote said 70% of general managers. Can't stand the guy well you can't stand him because of the National Anthem stuff. But if he could play football you'd have a mind your team seat time retail C Joseph makes it. These guys these generally enters they have no morals they don't care about what a guy does off the field distraction wise it's you can play football and you're good football player. They're gonna find a spot for you on a team call tapper it sucks that's why he's not playing any. Out of that I sikar cavern excite this he didn't have a terrible year last season but most people are gonna point to his stats the seventeen touchdowns to four recessions a lot of that was in garbage time. He wasn't bad. And the fact he doesn't have a job is it purely about what. It is somewhat about the that does factor yes sure I mean it's there's two ways to look at it one at. Look at Aaron Rodgers decide to protest nationally at them 32 teams who still wanna sign that. But at the same time we had teams sign and Mike went and Matt Cassel and all. The cap pretty still good enough to have a job somewhere in this league I think eventually well but. The big thing here is these NFL owners know there's a strong portion of people. That really dislike Colony Capital and sword you willing. To lose the money potentially from those fans were like if you get college maverick and I'm not sure to watch a probe watcher what your team. Let's say you're one of the middling teams the team this not the patriots or the Packers again a built in obvious team that can go win a Super Bowl. Then why would view why would you brisk losing some of your fans Acer turning off some of your fan base for a guy who is at best. A pretty decent back it's not enough of an upgrade right you'd be worth. That hassle right here he is he is a hassle because there's no question but again if it is Aaron Rodgers is it is Brett Favre is that is Joseph Montana if it's somebody of that ilk. Who can flat out play. They're going to get signed regardless of what it is and I think people will get buys it I mean people have looked past Tyreke he'll talk about Joseph mix and being a top of the first round pick in he punched a woman that we saw on eight okay. So if Indy goes back to Ray Rice to Ray Rice was at the end of his career he probably would have found another job. If you can still play if he is minding overlooked that kind of stuff but if you find enough guys in that same tier right you're going to take a guy with less. Distraction you are potential. And it and by the way college effort it will find its in its not like he's never going to get picked up but I'd be interested to see where he doesn't because New England seems to be the logical fit for him. They could pull it off screen days you mentioned Paula I was thinking Green Bay mostly because if he was back up Aaron Rodgers he does have the mobility that Aaron sometimes there's relies on and I think capita has I guess some comparable. Mobility to Aaron Rodgers so he could fit that system rather well Mike McCarthy B a quarterback coach guy which is who have predict needs Stafford can't have a Jim Tom Sula. And be success right he dealing with Jim Harbaugh. He was really good you have to give back kinda coach Mike McCarthy is that kind of coach so. And Michael's Iraq's success yea he's got some ties users of the Milwaukee or something has I think it says it they'll probably bring imminent in Green Bay. But the way this whole thing's gonna work is there gonna go through the draft teams are going to trapped quarterbacks we're gonna see okay word we have room. Appear to be room for on cabernet they're going to be some teams that no matter what won't even look at cabinet but he'll get his job. It's not. I don't love the idea of not giving someone a job because you're afraid of what. What what might the PR situation beat out like it but I also understand as a reality of business. If you think you're gonna turn off your fan base and ultimately lose some money based on bringing in a quarterback that you know can't be your starter. Then yeah you're probably going to have a little bit of hidden in this going into the situation at. Asked to be a team that has that built in fan base that really isn't gonna care who you boring and and that's like Green Bay Dallas you know. Teams like Acura in Kansas City I don't want Colin temperate here as I don't think he's he fits anything that we are doing here in Kansas City right now. But to me well you wouldn't district Alex million US you have doubts or Z yeah that's true that's not doing that I don't know that narrative right seanez veggies row ripped open all the old world right at braved bad to be is back up what you bring him into a situation where the team can weather that storm and there are a handful of ones out there. That could do that. Coming up we have another truth or when it comes to the earth find out who else thinks the earth is flat next take the first step now called the addiction rehab specialist at 180432617. Now that's 180432617. Now 180432617. Now. They think that would have faith that they're that the. Is here on six dead Sports Radio. Cutters saying there's no evidence that the world was round ball yet is the satellite images that. What did you make of the Tyree stuff. I don't know there's there's true to a bird blue blood and the earth is flat. Check what he's talking about in earnings to. No it's not here this. No it's that there is. No mercy it's not there's two ways to manipulate the mind. Which read what you see you what you hear conspiracies the school's first grade teachers whose own Columbus discovered America. But when he got there there was some of the we'll fair skinned people were demoted or smoke another piece by its so what does that tell you knew Obama and just drove America found or some little blue isn't. I drive from coast to coast and throughout America could. That's exactly how breathlessly about this thing you've ever sought to out of order comes it's our best tonight I didn't mean our night to podcasting that's the dumbest thing they've ever since I do and it's a high bar to ghetto. Your head open data through a sixty degree I don't know list of Barbara everything faster than it does subtle and Mandalay and casino is building so you presume you have a child is under arrest. China has. If you lose hey aren't there doesn't value junior Jan world's elite. If you. You know are we have to really have to do this a rift actually drill through rule yes good earth that it did this do you get to China you miss all the way to ask him does answer yeah. Sit in their backyard try to dig your way to Chad tried to about which I of course we all did read it actually did as a movie wasn't our republic the core. They built this trouble in little China doesn't. It was a they do they drilled through the senator the air this are we have to try to go through the center of the earth all the way to the other side has to prove to people. No the earth is not why why why they have tourist tumors it. Point one server to people. Escort them on a tour guided tour through the hole here at what people take this you know this this is the space shuttle or for billions of dollars rekindle around the earth semi Exel. Why why is this become a thing why are we now talking to athletes about whether or not the earth is flat land and wheat who in their right mind. Would sit there and say that the earth is flat when it clearly a 100% is not flat but what we did this all this and become the hundreds of old you know there there's a whole. Thing about a man the Internet really stemmed good stem from the Internet they had some hip hop artists start talking about it this athlete started talking about it you find out there's this whole group of people who truly believe based on some Internet videos that they saw. They truly believe that the earth is flat what Internet videos did they see that would prove that it's earth is it's a bit about the amount of time that it takes to fly from one place to the other in the flight it's it based on flight routes the flight routes. Don't make sense if the earth is round. They only makes sense of the earth is flat and that's the idea now. I don't know everything about flight patterns and all that does nothing I do it makes a lot of sense. For the earth to be around but when you watch these things it does make you it does make you think for a second like. Well I mean why would they take a flat delegate does make you think for a moment like really strange stuff. About the earth possibly being flat and it's not the most insane thing in the world when you see all these videos and the battle to call fake news or whatever but. The stuff that we see other out throughout these videos like. It doesn't it doesn't sound as insane. As you might think on the surface. Is it does. It really does and it's absolutely insane like I understand people want to question the dinosaurs the sand and Moodle and not tell us where the ended right. The end I think the end of the the end the end of what those of the earth though I don't know the end of the year is yet if it's flat he has to get to the and eventually we'll get to the end and fall off so like the water from the ocean would run all that that's what their high it was lack. Okay I'm just telling you that right now. Science State's water would eventually were there would be major waterfalls. On both ends of the earth as it was flat and the oceans would have been drained. Many many years ago if we had a flat earth that it would just absorb into the atmosphere okay that's science and now. About flight path it's okay in the summer sicker than others department sometimes I get port and I use this flight tracker attract the contract flights anywhere right. And if you tracks. Whites from Mike LA tell logged in you can see how legal all over the top of the good old. Because it is a short cult to gold that way. That it is to go straight across and so these flight patterns do single fact I never would she's played in London I tractor flight back from Kansas City to find out when they were. You can see they go up over isolated up over Greenland up over. What do they call that over there Labrador and candidate they come back down. Through Toronto almost in the land here in the midwest bats how these lights built built the white patterns. That these planes take and so people to sit there and come up with this earth this. There here's until you do stick the sports shack and I. Prisoners money though because like we're actually sitting here talking about it right I mean that's that's what this theory of the earth actually being flattened we've all kind of been duped into believing that it's round because some people told us that it's round. Or that's rare all came from. Way it's like we we we don't wanna see the truth it's interesting now that it's gaining so much steam. In your pocket and sides high easing is there something out there right now as people thinking that the earth is flat. Yeah. Locked into the flight the flight routes and all of us that as well as telling you that there's there's Internet videos and more the underground like. In an economist driven type stuff but Asia rainy Zedillo's like big so Horry hit really see what it is another diagram showing little. Later if it was around this flight patter when makes sense so why they but he take this flight pattern because it's actually flattened out and that's why. Again I'm telling you this is well Bob spending his days as well I've seen on the Internet I don't believe it I'm Italian it's there right. Okay it's it's wonderful that like that this is one like I can't even get them or trick shots are real too. Yes they are I wanna see on the Internet and a those trick shots are they shoot it out on any and they hit they they throw bass while the Thomas the argument goes about who. Even those of you heard of Michael Jordan McDonald's commercial. They have that big Macs on that kind of stuff like like it if you go. Moon landing you wanted to dinosaurs. You wanna go OJ conspiracy emails pictures of earth from from. Lover you all of that I'm good with that and there's probably some truth to a lot of the stuff that is out there and not being true but this one is just absolutely again this is one word greed. Our Delphi go find something else that that that doesn't. This is the one we use you've done a tense at all. We're gonna watch this video. Bob where are watching and I were to see what our know what you think afterward and probably something that was made in Hollywood like amazing replied yeah. We should do rented basement while you watching the video that explains do you have a theory. Yeah we knew that about lately look at it like fifteen minutes or 1015 at FaceBook dot com slash 610 sports will go FaceBook live it as your reaction. To the video of the theory of the earth being flat 945 tomorrow bill sell well join us 9 o'clock Wednesday it will join us were comforting Peter Burmese as well of all the championship coaches on this week here in Kansas City late in bank in two minutes next. It would be wanna do you. Whether it's baseball.