03/20 8a - Scott Drew is Weird, Josh Jackson, Gregg Marshall's Wife

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, March 20th

Scott Drew comes into the KU locker room after their game, Josh Jackson is having his breakout moment, Gregg Marshall's wife gets escorted out of the arena plus the pressure on Bill Self to win this weekend. 


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You don't have your tickets yet I just looked on the scene age gap and we're talking to 250 dollar CNN plus Thursday. Who fifteenth game and Ford just Thursday. And so that is regional session number ones Miller's day two games. 250 beginning and it's. Started to fifty goes all the way up to well over 800 dollars for our toy but yeah games NCAA turn three games to get two games yes you absolutely himself. Whatever it is that you understand. I you can do down the CT gap if you look at those colors of their home green got to buy and most of them right now. On that sprint center diagram are green that's down at sprint center tells you of. I die die because the ticket is only going to go off off off. As the week goes along all right all right all right a little creek was going on in Tulsa Oklahoma last night and I mean I talk about free man this is creep reveals US of you to tell thereby today I was in the jayhawk locker room yesterday. Which is true. We get naked eye what now I wasn't the only one of the jayhawk locker while those of jayhawks and their bill shelf I'm sure other Expedia you have a train disaster in the guys on. I'm ankles. Various Larry parent there yes he was there. Equipment eighty. You know various dignitaries media like that he's got a tasty title. I'm I'm much huh. Guys better than. Is bigger than it is too little too quick Specter with leggings and make it if you thank you knelt by the way is it our as our where most of these sort of bank unit as a team is our requests from Specter or various gear. From the only to Gerri your room. That's 'cause I got involved regular that it Josh I was I looked like I ask what time it didn't that happen I didn't follow up who's cool if it would be more persistent on something like. This was writing Bob's worked as a Bob's house right there's a lot of these are my Wii has more to be accomplished as we are surprised most welcome to a guy wearing the ladies say hey can I have those who see anybody with a monitor wasn't would. The from out of a locker. It's like an international journalists feeling Tom Brady's Jersey devils going -- now is international journalists you know what they are person posing as an inner national journal's goalies Jay Glazer as like the super quality but he didn't act like Biden did that reminds me the 2014 World Series in which time do was steal my batting gloves and stuff off the royals bench during the World Series and also the media wasn't allowed in the dugout yeah you know that I got to believe that at which a toddler just as I like the gloves. Really come on Mahan is this this this is not a this is not a smorgasbord of free thinking this year. This is somebody's belongings that's the Avery through this guy went all out though it has top stories are Brady Jersey that that's a bad it is big business it like you don't Billy burns is batting the letters of credit you've got Brady's Jersey. Will and will continue to follow that story but he waited half of these. Standing in the in the locker room or wait for Josh Jackson crowd around his locker. I ice seek an arm. In the in the doorway right a wave and I hear a voice. It says. Graduation guys elect actually. An out of ice and I'm like. Scott Drew a line that's quest we your defeat Baylor head coach and I us. Defender than that many people have Kansas fans don't like him more dispatcher disparities that he's not as bad as you think he is under I. It's not so. Saying there's. People look to pass catcher I've been like OK fine I don't know I don't really know what the beef is with Scott Drew and Baylor but Kansas doesn't like him okay. Kansas fans don't like him we don't really know why we don't like to but I I told not that's what I'm saying it. It is and I mean I can't really get whatever why it's the holds video not watching the video really rub people the wrong way because other stuff that Alley Islam. But it creepy this weekend okay so that was that was after the game yesterday I so not a bad idea Baylor school Baylor is going to the floor. This time right so they're they're. The locker rooms are far for his other he sticks his head in the legislation actually. Answers you're like okay. This was like multiple times this weekend very very weird. So this came out on and before their their first game of the weekend and Scott Drew tweets out. Baylor nation let's do a great job cheering for Kansas today. Well well there in the same building there at the same building right asking a case you're like okay because I shall. We over the weekend from somebody that said. SEC schools cheer for each other's school in the league were ACC schools blew their own league schools personally going North Carolina and duke everybody kind of lose them. But that tweet right they're kind of reminded me of that same hate. Let's root for our let's root for our conference OK so don't be a Baylor fan and sit there and root against Kansas because if Kansas wins and we win and it makes everybody look better raises the that the league really have a problem Joseph as a about units is yet. Any dancing and other want to Wear them all they had at least get myself I receive measures so that's that's the first one. He ducked his head and afterwards and says something. Jake Trotter. Tweets out yesterday so Baylor Coach Scott Drew left this message on a white board. In the locker recovers the the big twelve for a free ESPN. So apparently the white board in the Kansas locker room said congrats great job go big twelve Scott Drew Baylor. Baylor. In their locker near their locker room that's creepy okay so what's he doing trying to sniff around I play also hole and then it goes further he tweeted out that again. Last night. After their win. Great day for the big twelve it's also regrets coach self and Kansas while with a big twelve wins in March. Well how many tweets to Kansas respond with congratulating Baylor and I didn't see what I did this episode. O'Dowd is considering the source it was just weird that they can graduate West Virginia. I had a sit there in the sales sales sales I could have same buildings aren't there is some of that. But there's this season there's a tension between Kansas and Baylor there there's there's a there's a probable tension and again we don't they don't all the details that. There's tragically and that's contention there there's some people that like others that happens there's tension though there are instances of live like. Try to get hits hog it's so strange to me whether. Well the only one that I truly have an issue with the Symbian in that locker like I don't like that like why are you walking in the somebody else's locker room and leaving a message on a white board you're supposed to number one beginning your team ready number two. Was immediately that's you know that that can be an international what do frank Mason's jerseys now all of the sudden missing we get sick every CI AB visiting sites write me I don't know was but it was some under tied its seems so odd like. I'd never heard of another coach going into a locker when writing a message on a board of congratulations for another team. In your conference that really doesn't like to. If I quite liked it like that is odd but I did what where he's coming from because. As a Kansas fan and I said this last week we kind of talked a little bit about meeting was he off the air but as Kansas fans. We seem to cheer for the leak everybody else tiers against us doesn't cheer for at least you don't like. I know most Kansas fans were rooting for K state boast gives fans are pulling for the league to do good because it's a good look for everybody and here we are this morning. And we led off wins three big twelve teams being in the the NCAA sweet sixteen and only one ACCT. It makes us feel good. When our conference does well and I know what he's thinking Scott Drew sending that message to his alarms the certainly sit their Tulsa if kids was down. Or Davis or whoever they act. I must not do that. Root for the league this time of year. Big twelve winds are as good as are all the wind because it's more money for everybody and with three teams in the sweet sixteen. The big twelve cash check I'm waiting and I'm waiting for the next door to be. In the middle of the games Scott Drew ran out. Two waves goodbye to the Kansas buses and parking lot and then the next pick the next story that they. Dalia kick and it kicked Japan. Scott your basics Ted fan I'd. It was it I don't know I decide it's kind of weird. It it was like four there's like four different instances well it it is I don't think you said Tonioli went on and after the this is sent out. Sent well. So we. It totally. He's kept its kept going in dad's asleep very well there was an account yesterday from one of the reporters down there that says yelled and species who is that plane at Lucas goes it was coach through the season. You know yeah elaborate went through like what was that I mean we've seen other coaches like. Stop in the locker rooms I think it was who is the Bucknell grad. One of the head coaches is a Bucknell grad and then stepped when they got beat you was at the same region and stepped in. The Villanova. Somebody that is a good story yeah that happens right media let me start the days like this is it like seeing my grass stepping into the Kansas. Yeah something like yeah this is like the devils stepping into gods on him being going you know hello you know like like if top is a comes in and says hey guys thanks. Every loss of ice time isn't right that builds on his or tight okay write it structured as he makes up zone. The national you know yeah so what is the I don't know uncovered and I don't know what the Agilent will have bill on at 9:45 tomorrow morning house. Asking about Scott Drew appearing in his locker multiple times over the weekend he's probably glad they're not the same region it's God's shoulder to my locker room for no reason so. Yet very odd very strange very bizarre set to build room service I don't know how lucky that it legit this thing area though I'm not sure it was just it was just very odd. Yes sir is very very straight so that was the Scott Drew playing all mice with Kate you yesterday the thing that I've also realize too throughout this turn and run and really over the last couple weeks and not only you guys agreed you can weigh in 69306. Of attacks. Just Jackson's the most divisive player we have in Kansas City sports right now which is say that I mean slightly yesterday. I AE AE a former columnist for the local paper was tweeting out nonsense. About Josh Jackson and and I had to get involved and Josh tells a great story seeing me get involved might not like what do these moments like he had on two areas he's like oh okay this is good boxer involved we can forget about I saw us and they saw this guy. Sorry guys handling I thought I was and I heard Bob's got a thing Internet etc. so I took care yesterday but Josh Jackson causes more people. To fight on Twitter than anybody right now it's a very divisive topic. In this town you've got folks who will believe that he's guilty and should be kicked off the team. And then you got vote folks like us to read the police report found the truth and know exactly what went on and were good with where we stand with all of this stuff but when you throw out his name. People are gonna come flaming. You from one side or the other with their hot cakes and their theories and everything that went on. And I still believe that if most people have hot eight on Josh Jackson. They didn't take time to read the seven page police report any you do three that seven page police report you still have a hot take against Josh Jackson. But to me that's kind of on you and you just can't let that everybody's allowed to make up their mind the way that they they wanna make up their mind. But I haven't seen it really guys anybody is divisive and long time in Kansas City where people are steadfast on one side of the why. Go back to what what Mike said last week overtime like like what more do you wanna have. That's what it has rightly what were you all are you up from my dad. What are you ought to pay you to do an important disease Dizzy Dean more punishment or sun I don't know what would make people feel like that it was nothing one. The death penalty for tea because the people who are that of setter like whoa why did what would happen if this was another team what have what would happen if one and you player kick someone's car. Nothing nothing you wouldn't talk about it B is not relevant Josh Jackson is relevant and that's why the discussion is happening I mean that's that's the reality I think oftentimes we start to. Put the action along with the reaction when really it's the person. It's the person who matters like that's what really that's what this is really driven by and it's odd to me that. We see you so much anger toward Josh Jackson and it's like he's he was is nineteen year old got kicked car and a I'm sorry I know we shouldn't do it. He should be suspended and or suspended later is a culmination of a couple of different things is Bill Self said it was in just the back in into somebody. In the parking lot driving off it was a culmination of things like that so they got the suspension Donna. He's gonna have to pay for the damages if his lawyers terrible is probably have to do some community service. That's going to be it like anybody else would he's pocketed special treatment is did the same treatment that 81 elsewhere in this situation room. So that I still understand why it's so polarized because I think he. Six month was six months and they also Zaman six weeks it was a six we also though not his job to report. And and that's the favorite if he's not typically do not advocate for the paint fiasco just Jackson kicked the car last night go with a story like. I eyes not gonna do a guess or half an idea it. 546 an hour to 6 in the morning handling this but I wasn't working as well order as I hear about it openly about it. That doesn't happen doesn't need to happen no no coach ever does that brown nobody desert and critics coach for and passed an idea there that's how it works you find the story and then the coach's answer the question right that's that's item to a story like at the net something good or not gonna give you some dramatic as it to give you something like cell. To me like like still the deep the anger over judge Jackson and now he returns to Kansas City some for the local people have a field day with this. We we've got to get past this and it's time to get past this because it's over it's a done deal. With Josh Jackson in him kicking tail light in of a call our. In Lawrence Kansas this thing is done. And doesn't need to be discussed anymore but man he's more divisive to me. They like even Alex Smith played out with is a pretty divisive guy whether or not think he's the long term answer can play whenever it is. On the field. But Josh Jackson off the field has been more divisive than anybody I've seen a long long time here's what advice than Tyreke. I don't think so now wells is out I would argue Tyreke is more divisive and Josh Jackson but right now. Obviously in this moment I'd say yeah Mo more people are talking about Josh Jackson because of the time a year but I think with with a tie everything once he showed that he can do really good things I think a lot of the off the stuff. You know and did it with him there wasn't like it was brought up every single time except for people who want neutral being in the middle of the game and that I had to answer those questions you know. But I I don't think like I'm I was looking at Tyreke still making great plays and going. Oh my god and he beat a woman you know like. And some of that off the field stuff you don't see that with Josh Jackson right now from people who were anti Josh act on the biggest anti tiger reach kills a person there isn't Kansas City right now. But even I can say he's a pretty darn good football player I can recognize that he's one element asked. The difference I think between Tyreke and and Josh Jackson is what happened you know I think when it Tyree came minutes like even people that refuse to ever Rupert Tyreke hill. I disagree. I get it and like I understand why you would say I don't roof retiree Joseph I won't refer to our retail. I'm a big second chance guy some people are especially when it comes to domestic violence and I totally understand that's your opinion John can have that. But with Josh Jackson it's like. He kicked to car guys write a collector's overreaction. I do that I don't fully understand the motives behind. A Sports Illustrated told either says there's an SI got it was that was sniffing around right didn't ask any questions I didn't see him asking questions. Here's headline from the historic Kansas is Josh Jackson turning into complicated march stars tourney run contingency there that's not it doesn't it's a bad had the ad and then and then add. Asked up in the story reference of things it clearly in did not read yet did not read the affidavit write and and and again it's it's he's not a complicated mark Starr is not he was involved an off the court issue that's been handled right. Andy's Andy this is not a cop there's not a company at its very white and black here like very open and close case. I guarantee you Welch there are people. Who are giving Tyreke kill a second chance but aren't giving Josh Jackson's second chance I will guarantee that bibles guarantees taunts Missouri fans. I'd just. I have so that's the that's probably who you're talking about as the stock Missouri fan that is why did you stay fan and I was in bad things happen for KU and I think that's part of what drives this and think part of what's driving all this is that Josh Jackson is an amazing player probably the best freshmen. Bill Self has had in a long time ever ever at Wright just don't think that's fair to say the best freshmen the Bill Self has ever had is just Jackson. As far as by in everything the whole Allen the whole body or thank mr. like while he's in really good at the next level. Now he's rooted here in anyway about what he's going to be the next level. Yeah I just the best bill sells over absent with all those things I think if you're on the outside looking in a UCK you and you stick even. An inkling that there might be something nefarious going on and that instantly means you wanna Pat's right. Exactly because you wanna see the emperor go down if you will course in the Big 12 Conference so there you have it just Jackson right now that's what we need baseball back in two weeks and nothing unites us like to hear the city royals. The NBA had an interesting deal take place over the weekend and I think we can kind of related to the royals I think. Kind of relatable to the chiefs as well and really quite honestly a little bit relatable to college basketball. And that's whether or not you want arrests guys. During the regular season in order to preserve them for. The postseason sports right now is not about the regular season it's all about the postseason and even Ned Yost dissent. I'm gonna try to give Saudi days off but I'm gonna do it on the road. When our home fans aren't there because I want our home fans to be able to see Salvi play so there's a Sunday day game in Minnesota. Odds are you're gonna steal that game for south and north as it happens in baseball all the time. Spec advocated resting the players against the Atlanta Falcons last year what really was a meaningless game. And at that point you do the chiefs were in the playoffs is wanted to give the guys a day off the tip when you're the AFC way if it yes it ultimately ultimately it helped to win the AFC west no question about. That heir apparent pattern hair I. About that it did not there parsley and pastor Johnson now following Thursday. I assure you can make an argument because three days rest for 33 yeah linebacker. But it threw it felt like he is accused was tight to begin with so that's understandable but this is where you can see these Thursday night games in a bad deals with the NFL because you know NBA players don't want it back to back games. You can see the quality of play in the NFL go down on Thursday night she just can't it's not there the players are ready to rock and roll. And these guys like the Cleveland Cavaliers rested their Big Three the other night. Los Angeles. Are getting ready to go to the playoffs they know it's all about what you do in the playoffs in the NBA it's all about what you do in the post season in college basketball football it's all sports is about now. Is the playoffs and if your team that knows you're going to the playoffs. To meet resting guys during the regular season isn't a bad deal. Your TV partners in your league hates it because your essentially devaluing the regular season you're basically telling the fans these games don't matter. Which at the end of the day's true if you are the Cleveland Cavaliers but if you Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy and he has yet you're ticked. I understand the medical information that we are required I even understandably getting more and more data to protect the players but this bill is an absolute joke. We're protecting the fans want to protect in the game of basketball. Something's gotta be. Any other business that would be a profit. This type of statements which maneuver that the NBA allows it. Quite frankly my. If you look at this athletic performance. Groups that are supposedly forbidden entry when I look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. Injured all year so how good are they doing what they say they gonna come. Well you try to prevent visiting injured even more for the disclaimer on the freaking ticket and bee don't I mean my god the day you're not swing were not entitled to see if you are sending it into nice they may sit out it is. It is it is baseless. Readers saying watch these teams but you're not really watching those teams to watch the B squad. But there's no gear it's likely we've little baseball game you know you're tips are somebody's going to be -- -- all that such evil bunkers there to see the game I mean these this is a road game this was not a home game so you're not you know hurting your own fans always makes it worse like if you're cavs fan and you live and you know call Phoenix and they're going to play against the suns who might not get many opportunities to go watch your favorite player LeBron James yeah but you know what they know it's all about the policies in the catchy and goes he has we get a call seven minutes after we announced from the league that said I don't think so this is not a good I am here. But they're getting rid of the back to backs next year I believe in the NBA I think there's some new rule that's being put in it's either limiting the back to back games are getting rid of them total. But I loved it I stress fan duck by stretch of the have a playoff spot wrapped up in September what are we gonna be saying let's rest Salvi less rest moos Lester rest all of these guys so they're ready to go for the play. So I I respect. Fans and I I want a good product to buy. It's not a mean. In the end yes I understand it's not about us right it's not and Jackson is full of crap about if he is coaching you be doing the same it's about now is winning. And what they feel like they need to do to win championships and so if that's sitting out guys. I understand that's that's part of the deal if it spurs be over X I want to watch somebody on some night. I feel like so be it knowing Bill Self said I'm Josh Jackson against TCU did get some rest and my goodness are we. How to sell and then who grew dark Karl Malone here in double I doubt that. Horrible load is. All bad take. His lawn this heavily manicured you know what. Karl below about players resting I rest my belief. If you don't at least take your experience did your bleed to playing. Pellets not work it's called play besides teller underpaid service members and police first responders to rest dammit they can't I. I remember when you used immediately get hurt come renminbi he generosity. And our awesome member luckily I don't get. I've written and tell he had. Call features and there adds the Karl love he played right I think it's not look the I think them misperception from Karl Malone I think a lot of other NBA fans is that this is done out of laziness yes it's done because the analytic say. Based on how many games you played a short amount of time that your chances for injury are much higher sure so as a team with your coach general manager whatever. You were saying we're gonna arrest these guys because we will we don't wanna take the risk of them getting injured which the numbers say. Will be higher. If they play in this particular game so it's not a lazy Nissen that's. Gotten your car was say that's like dude. Chill out my little plane all the time I played her heart I mean he crazy he NBA's version Goose Gossage played that you did that that's great did you hear what the analytics part of my guy Anderson they wanna do that justify it. But all these really this is. The regular season were just putting ourselves a good good a position the regular season. That we can be successful the playoffs or do everything possible. To play while the LA times it'll start watching the NBA when the playoffs roll wraps as a fan don't you wanna see the best players at their peak in the post season that's what was so intercede about it because I think Karl Malone believes these players say they're like. And then you know. I don't really want played them is gonna go ahead and chill hang on the sidelines in the suit you guys have fun my guess if that's not how it's going I'm sure it isn't like say play the coaching you're not. Yeah that was Andre Iguodala got the news last week because he really wanted to play like he was upset because Steve Kerr wasn't letting him play in Steve cursed they're gone well the analytics Telus. That you're percentage which of getting your chances getting hurt are much higher if you play in this game sort are gonna play an active players often times want to play is just not Smart for them to play at the end now the big switch part of to a guy BA he's just tell their teams do not market. Do not marking your cells as LeBron is coming to town right as LeBron might not play right he's out doing that. Go see Scott I'd never go to wipe those he's nor does visitors go see your team play the Cleveland Cavaliers and right LeBron James plays. Good for you right to start randomly stop is stop anybody doesn't around sports you'll all the time I'm sure there's people in in Lubbock Texas that a marketing the Kansas Jayhawks are coming to town let's see you jayhawks play in Lubbock adults or what do we do every time it takes a seat just Jackson players it was agency accused Republicans scheduling what do we say. Well who appears well with the chiefs are playing well again you name off of it is about who's who you're posting negative it. Then just tell tell the team stop promoting that way. Stop self promoting the that LeBron James the cavs are coming down to say the cavs are coming down right. Because LeBron may be there but he may well like put a little disclaimer the ticket bead on it and it's a baseball because I'm sure there's a baseball fans get mad when certain stars are playing Goose Gossage waited. Can't I didn't think these can pick up and cancer. Because those. I changed all the rules championship site anymore Clinton's problems yeah it's a reality that vision and faith. Great pictures and yeah throwing bats in the dug up the pieces of industries to regain. It's embarrassing. To all the Latin players that are going to be working. Thrown his bat and acting like a bootleg cult. And says that things. Brian Brohm. Is it can. Steroids user who gets the standing ovation. Opening day and walk you are you kidding me here how do you keep going. Let's give people fire at reliant. Them through and keep these people. Yeah I still other reporter or reduce them anyway. Ever counted the yen as and that's at least ten at least ten at least and Carlos I. They use that as horrible on the underside unsolvable does agree with everything that we said there but I mean we we put so much emphasis now. In sports on winning championships and I mean and I hate to use be back in my day term. Back in my day you enjoy the regular season if you make the playoffs great. But there's so much more of an emphasis now on the post season and every sport then there's like. You all twelve and for what the west I'm like didn't do it. Doesn't matter like I don't know when it happened when that line got there. But it's here in sports and that's the one thing sports has changed and evolved. And the thing we have to understand is these coaches get hired and fired based on what they do. In a three weeks spanning college basketball struck a month span in the NFL. A month span a Major League Baseball. And a six month span in the NBA which is the playoffs pretty good night's win these guys make money they hire they get fired. All based on the post season and if you're comfortably in the post season. As a coach you're gonna rest your guys you the best chance to win. I know a lot of people say well the NFL doesn't do that the NFL everybody plays well they do to an extent because I remembered him before the season Tom Hawley was saying. We know we're gonna I'm gonna play. Well not playing every snap it's all about just getting me healthier for the post like he said that during the pre season and he ended up playing 51% of the snaps during the regular season so. They don't just sick guys out for an entire game but they do limits snaps on guys if they're worried about their fatigue. And they wanna make sure their healthy for the porn thing Derrick Johnson's gonna play a 100% of the snaps coming up next season know probably they're probably gonna grab another inside linebackers are as NAFTA exactly and. Also here's the other thing on this one when you get to beat that type of player you get the opportunity to get rest because at the end of the day. You gotta be ready to rock and roll when it matters the most when it matters the most in we'll have that week seventeen NFL discussion until should guys placing guys not like shall we pressed them for week seventeen sweet play backups. It did did the San Diego fans revolt would Chase Daniel was quarterback for a couple of years out there in week seventeen. Yet chargers fans are mad at. Yeah see how it is right here is your chiefs to her recorder as well hated hated seeing. Tasted. It happens and and what it. Change your good with your team your good with the coming up Gregg marshall's wife allegedly put on a scene Sunday at their game we totally what she may have done. And if your wife is taught as you can when gift cards to twin peaks will reveal that. Next. Five deadly turn on a Wednesday at 9 AM coaches that win championships love talking to us here on fiscal in the morning on 610 Sports Radio. Peter what's your Burmese on this week to Stephen. All right let's get all coaches that won a championship. On this week. Peter Burmese Bill Self. Ned Yost. So the only other what we need is Peter Burmese let's give him on the show tomorrow at some point as well. As sporting Casey's got killed let's go let's have a theme this week championship coaches come on our show. So let's MP ever me I'll like get Bill Self. And Ned Yost all on the show this week let's go for the trifecta and a lot of coaches give a Missouri wrestling coach or something like that that would have championship this week. All championship coaches right here on the show. It would championship you're not well. Rob coming up here in a little bit about ten minutes we will talk about the big story of the day of course college basket. But the real big stories Gregg marshall's wife I mean you guys you were there for this he were there he saw this happen in all the feedback has become Gregg marshall's wife cheering loudly it may have been. You know you know she had a nice time let's just put it that we she was have yourself a time. At the end at the game yesterday it was able had to be escorted out by security like there is video. Hanging over the rails screaming and she stand by your man as Wynonna judge once said. I'll tell ops do you want. Gregg marshall's wife was pullen and Naomi Judd standard by her man last night I mean that was that was like one of those scenes you don't normally see. Where security had a escort the wife of the coach out of the arena last. Vulgar thing. Stupak what the reports according to the Associated Press when Marshall was asked to leave the bankers life fieldhouse court area about ten minutes after the final horror for cursing and shouting. She's reportedly filed away from the court by police officer that was taken back to the post game news conference threatening. A good for her. You enjoy your NCAA tournament experience Doug does the league shackled by now I'll call my husband is the coach you have some fought Marshall sat in her husband's in his conference at one point said he got fouled. As Gregg Marshall. Letters that were discussing the final play of the game is. So occasionally news conference. According to attend the apartment at WT VQ arena security. With Marshall and three visits during the game and thought about having her leave the decides to be delicate because they do Marshall was the head coach's wife right. Juror Franklin of Kentucky Sports Radio tweet at a video Marshall during the game that set NCAA officials told him to delete the tweet. He did but later. Posted it online the video shows marshals standing on chairs cheering wildly when he over the railing in front of her and then sinking back into Hirsch. Into receipt yes sir she had herself a time. At the game. She had herself attacks of 9135767610. Is our telephone number. Give us a story of your life going overboard. And you could win lunch and dinner when everyone to spend it on at twin peaks 91357676. Ted. 91357676. That is the telephone number give us the story of your life going overboard. Where maybe she went a little bit too far. Maybe not to defend your honor but just maybe out in public or to the best stories they analysis as if you must realize this. It's on its face you're if you're out there in your husband went crazy or something like that feel free do yes that's phone number as well please do jazz you're not allowed to call you were not allowed to call I was gonna say I'm the one that causes the senior lay out at me very rarely is it the is -- the significant other for me it's it's me causing problems they usually it's me too when we were down at Oklahoma my wife got so match YouTube stormed out of the arena because she said I was being rude meanwhile this woman in front of me was talking all kinds trash and I wasn't stated that you don't talk about my jayhawks like that has to examine ourselves and so I kind of batted an ideal I have an emotional thing a couple of cocktails and it makes you look the other way. But I'm gonna defend my team and ominous standards so I get we're Lynn Marshall was coming from on and all this very very. Very upset with the way the game was being officiated and this is the NCAA tournament this is what happens when you have these. Elimination deals where you lose your seasons doctors she's very upset she's gonna go back to what you now so. You can tell issues kind of upset Susan and a trip to Memphis 9135767610. Build downtown good morning. Well I you know. Okay so much or that year's career. We were in Chicago where great group vote. Chief strange to go to a cheap shot and Biersch cat now this we're expecting in the eight Carl Peterson and her early years of growth fearsome. We go to the Mary quote oh with thousands or actions a thousand a lot of cheese straight and Rico and shoot the restaurant area. And there's Lenny Dawson. And Paul Maguire. Who used to be the GB guy yeah. Yeah that work out why it goes issue. Linney and Paul Maguire answers to all more or are. Hey now I know. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Geithner. I couldn't believe it question I don't know which helped but that was it yeah some sort of urge. That is pretty good though sticky hold that's very very good and I tell with my dad I told the story when he stumbled in the Bill Self suite at the football game in Atlanta help you lose the buck Mel. Themselves like have another and mr. Jessica that. The Mac in Overland Park Europe now he's anyway dad I'm so that it doesn't hurt Miami Garrity in his view like that's invesco. Hello Matt. A lot. I was so pumped starlet that topic in them on government. Cut him off credit to the Specter yeah. Yeah Specter race recruited Sugarman. He. Says it's on day and that. That is Colin what do wounds there. The Nevada right all of the wind. He's really wanted to resume your first year in sports good morning tomorrow morning. Well Christie in Kansas City good morning Christine. More and married yeah. So much alike I'm not export related to a concert at the Beaumont. Got back when it was still open. And is giant cabinet your pain and what you really get into it. Well we're for and this guy fighter just keeps elbow owner you know kinda rough crowd. She just turned around and start Whelan on the day. I mean she got on the ground at that point. I like our it looked yet but I'll. So your wife either the dude in a sister Christian concert at. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Like satellite data that you idol riding our. And think about it like yeah. Exactly yeah hello Brian. I. Your knee early mind that we're at it policy and what my wife and that we're watching an area. Motley Crue concert were partly. Harder art away from the I mean there's been no word delegate. Slate. Short. You brought don't mistake from the most rose thanks. A bird. We're trying to work. But it sure all of raw and throw it in a go to pat gross you know legitimate. What should do it in the world and later ultimately vote on the doubt. And now that I chipped chipped in at about ten people on the ground and under a lot apple. While there and put my hand broke it does not permit to call it. Like the fact that she's thrown her bra Tommy Italy that's pretty good once we get built downtown we got Christian whose wife beat up somebody. As sister Christian concert we O'Brien whose wife through a bra that only means five rose to Tommy lead he caught drum sticks whose vice made the bigger on the guy called in an ass of topical is that guys are women that pick up and I guess hello Matt. Pay go. All of whom are what we operate here. Yeah hunt. I'll pass it up well. Well I think it's an all tyrant alligator bit. You should your idea live. So who do we know if they I'll go with the dejected. Beat the crap out of some dude and sister are yeah. Physics sister cursing concert and sounds funny yeah that works a crowd in Kansas City congratulations you are the big winner you're going to. The twin peaks coming up it's the big story is everybody we read that we are down. Today I had that part of the story there it's fine or everybody coming up at the big story of the day and will unveil that. Next. Today though. I was there from what about we give. Aria that day here odds extends Sports Radio. Of course it is day you advancing to the sweet 16 AM. The NCAA coming to Kansas City featuring Oregon Purdue Michigan all joining Kansas. In Kansas City. This week for what looks to be the second best regional behind UNC. UCLA. Butler Kentucky all going to be regional in the south so that is the big story of course of the day. And it is Kansas advancing. In two the sweet sixteen we'll talk more about where this. Ranks. You know it in a little bit but but from me the big real big story of the day in and I wanted to get to this a little bit earlier on. Is the fact that now Bill Self is sitting in a spot that I really really don't envy because. I think he has and this is gonna sound so bizarre but I think it will make sense. I think Bill Self has the boast approves him the least approve of any team that is left. In the NCAA turn and when I mean and I go he's got the most approved because I still think there's a national perception. But they don't achieve well in the tournament even though they the it would the national championship. There is a national perception that they always flame out earlier than expected. And I also think he has at least approved because they had a thirty win season. It's the fourteenth time in case you history but they've had a thirty or more win season. Eight of them have come under Bill Self. But it's all about what you do in the NCAA tournament so leading into the sweet sixteen. I feel like Bill Self has the most improved to a national audience and probably the least prove you're locally in Kansas City but I think he falls into that category. He's got a lot of to a lot of people I think in the NCAA tournament. And to me I think it's kind of add on was unfair expectations or anything like dad. But until self gets that second title guys he's going to be judged on a guy who has the one title but didn't get. That second on or anything like that so I think there's a lot in play easier for Bill Self from a perception national. I still think most approve his marks unions act. Then I totally forgot about that guy pattern backpack I know been there forever right there and they're the number one seed again yeah. What they really accomplished that mean. When their Cinderella and then consistency and edit that good consisting getting there but haven't really done it once they've gotten there I think he's draws the most per. I'll give Bill Self and I think he is mr. leader eight. Bill so that's who we hit as he gets deleted all the time I've been there eight times AKU if I'm not mistaken these two in six. Who's been the final four twice to deal VA eight times. Yes get over that hump and ask you to file for more consistently and I know. You're sitting there in your talking about a coach who's made it to the elite 88 times and it's a really impressive he's done well the standards are different for him but the standards are different yeah and if you see how greatest teams are how well they do in the regular season and then they do well in the tournament they go all the way to the elite eight in seen in the that's the hump that Bill Self has a lot of trouble getting oh yeah it is and Josh you've been in just about every one of those elite eight games and and obviously been closer to the program that anybody in Kansas City I mean when when you look at. This weekend here in Kansas City how much pressure do you think is on bill so I think there is a lot of I think undo it and even. Pressure but I think there's a lot of pressure on Bill Self well that the pressures energy there's pressure got the first weekend for all business and then once you get to the elite eight the pressure on because you're just one simple. Does he say yes he is mr. Lee they lost the national champions last year right exactly yeah now it but you know remember you don't remember that but no I think. That's the thirteen is what puts pressure on it. Thirteen conference is being. One Mike had a run like three or four that lost one and then ran off five and lost on or two and then 12 readable. You would be haven't discounted rates hurt the thirteen is what to me what puts pressure on on that having the the the national championships well it's the third. Teen and I think you're beyond that as the seat right you're only take you is always a one seed all feels like every single year you almost as he's a solid two this is gonna happen to be a one seed maybe to receive but. I he's been AK you won now fifteen years fourteen years he's been a one seed send this guy does half the time and I think that's ridiculous though because they'll want to see all the time do you expect them to make more final four hours. Because he hasn't the narrative has become made a really good but. Are they a little overrated because of how much they dominate their car and as because if you look at a title team and has three teams in the kind of in the sweet sixteen to ascertain that. To two final fours. Which also include two trips the national championship game right and one title right like on the serve them up pretty good at all. But. There's the buck county seven number one seeds thirteen straight conference that it adds another dimension of pressure for me Bill Self is he's the best coach that ever coached at the university Kansas are mean I I don't I don't think there's really miss many people that could argue that right now I mean what we talked about it a couple weeks the world tonight. My god he is likely he really is he's the best coach ever coached at the greatest university when it comes to basketball and winning that second title would solidify but it would solidified but for me like it if they cut down the nets in two weeks OK if they cut down the next two weeks. I am not all of a sudden like goosebumps thinking about it but I'm not all of a sudden gonna think. Bill Self as a better coached two weeks from today that he is right now. I'm just but a national shots boy yes scoreboard it's it's absolutely it's it's that's that's two banners ronco right. It would be a big deal that ought to be that would be. That would be the scoreboard and correct me if I'm wrong by me the same kind of situation happened with my two Chatzky for a long time real one championship for a really long period. In any rattled off a couple more now that perception is totally change and those two the early ninety's and long time in the Natalee. To right Stephen back to backers of the like that he's gotten 192 and that it was at an Al 2001 and 2010 that's who tell long gap back to backs. The bill. Yet he always had those two guys they had the two and then it exile is remembering that narrative about Mike you just easy have those two in the ninety's men. There was that long drought people were starting to kind of question and that he wins another one then and the united anyway to a longer wins another soaked with Ford now right he's got the four. Bobby is but we're getting a bit he's got the shut up factor 1510 yeah it into a fifth of rubble and she's just he was in the eighties. On our final 43 times when I've never won best analysts and out and he finally cross that hurdle in 91 with the first of that does insult I gotta be honest coach K could miss the tournament every year for the rest of his career and he would still be looked at is probably the greatest of all time sending their dissent that early perception of him though he was able to overcome that Bill Self still has plenty of time to overcome that early percent class and and I think it I think you don't eat if he wins then everybody can shut up. About self coming up in two minutes he was the difference maker on Sunday for K youth and no one's talking about except his teammates that's next.