03/20 7a - Headlines, Bruce Weber, Re-Seeding the Tournament, KU v K-State

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Tuesday, March 20th

Headlines, Bruce Weber joins the Drive, re-seeding the NCAA Tournament plus the KU v K-State rivalry 


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Did I sold. Broke my. Talking about stay attention just relaying something yeah. Nervous. And sports. In the rivalry between them have lasted as long as time. There but they're getting together. To try and save Purdue's season. Obviously one of their top players Isaac Haas has a fractured elbow. They suffered in round one of the NCAA tournament. Matt Painter the Purdue head coach has been very clear that doesn't expect kospi healthy enough to play. Purdue. Has one of the top engineering programs in the entire nation of alleged ladies. An obvious prejudice that's that's his days on the topic is near programs and guide programs in the country I'll tell you tell people as to tell people sure. This week they do well again you know. So the engineering to ten years football's on track having C values itself I Euphrates. He's on track he football's on track all the hype of breeze through. Byrd is a good school. Dissident has felt like there it is Dodgers are randomly throw something against the wall it's named after shake it. What do Oxford is named after it's a cattle. The ox is course. Transport transported to the DeKalb I support. It's been 450 island an it. He's moved on he definitely is I don't I can't assist you through depository. And he's he's got to you what's even to save his third and do. In other disaster yes it has a doctor if there's something else that we're inevitably about. What. With some improved at all. Which you would utter disaster instead that was good yes yes anyway move. Oh god please. Hopefully guys are getting spotty reception here car right now. Anyway the top engineering program at the university of Purdue has reached out. Then reached out to buy these sports medicine program. In order to try and build some rays or sleeve for Isaac cause that would allow him to play in the Purdue's. Team up coming in the sweet sixteen. And they say they might have the technology to allow this to happen this is. Great I this was my favorite story of the day yesterday and it was like fist pumping for this one all right guys or. We're all in this together. We realize how much this means to our university. Hey engineering department at the last big go figure out a way to make a brace that this guy can where the NCAA tournament. And they are on it like everybody's dropping everything in the engineering school. The try to come up with something for Isaac hostel where I'd love and I say this the best story of the NCAA tournament record project. Bad everybody's get together man the whole university is saddled up to help. The cause of this way why as a positive nice dying and everybody loves him so when your particularly your route when he gets. The football teams to air golf events still has not done anything better basketball team that's gotten a lot better until you want to support them in their job and needed so in and by the way if you can engineers something. That allows guys that caused the play. I mean you're going to be published all over the place I mean it's a big challenge and it's on a big stage. That's a big deal for Purdue and you don't like he's probably not going to be the only one in sports who needs this race over the course of time they may be. Changing the way that we approach elbow injuries now I mean today yet you got a fractured elbow. But look at this we've got the hot as device now and we can utilize that that was created by Purdue university and so. It can go down as one of the great innovations for athletes who those and I and they got so we'll win Thursday and Friday I am right and by the deadline for hours and got our leader really keep current deadline it. Massive number we'll be seeing Brett Favre throwing a football team is dogged wranglers are hospitalized that's right in order to be able to kind of put off copper in this hot guys they're lucky they place Friday so they got a today. 10 PM eastern time in Boston on Friday so you basically have deal. 9 o'clock on Friday get this thing built by the way all right Pete you tiller. He died in September don't care. LB. A a a a box of a while. The team Katie still with us. I hear it lasts for a fact that that is going in a museum each other's hair museum out independence. Yes. You whose tax rate I'm not hitting some line strands of people's hair out is here museum and independents. Canadian rates to one of the other but it's definitely I was early project in broad Energy Department. What was acting DC he's there are a little fact develop a a bulletproof we'd please. The incident. Also agreed to a minor league deal with free agent righthander Clay Buchholz it's reported one point five billion dollar deal went. Quarter of a million in incentives. He can opt out of the deal v.s now promoted by me first he's 33 years old. The year to just two games last season. Because a shoulder surgery would be Philadelphia Phillies two time all star intense season with the Red Sox his best year. That decade ago when 2010 when he went seventeen and seven with 82 point 33. You RA it's a flyer man meet you got really nothing to lose at this when I was a little bit less gas bill for why not TVs healthy. Saving you some and there was not a lot of her was it 2013 year Buchholz and then like in insane start. This season and he got her something like that you have a gun under Q we are. I'll just always remember him as the guy who was supposed to be next yes he was always supposed to be the next yes disposed Vienna next great Red Sox right hander Al. Josh Beckett or if Pedro or something like adamant it never really materialized. For the right hander. Title Lou is going to try and returned. In the week he is stepping away from the team to deal with health issues. Obviously NBA playoffs Burton a little less than a month right now but he left. Saturday night's game against the Chicago Bulls with the illness marked the third time that he is. Stepped away because of his health. But it looks like he's got a trying to return in about a week from today. Congratulations. To LeBron for now trying to force his coach out I mean this guy. I tell you guys earlier before the show like skewed old with this LeBron stuff every week it's somebody different. Well I don't know it's I don't know what's going nominates a Rama. I'm gonna step. Oh LeBron James has somehow created this to rob who illness is gonna take a week of absence because LeBron James said he should in fairness though LeBron has done so much that it's hard not to think this right of course the second EC two wrong Lou revamp since your first thought is. Goes down the broad. But then you hear it's thing he's been dealing with for quite some time chest pains you to going negating all these different tests done. And the tests have revealed the hawks so he's gonna take some time if you're really trying to focus on finding the cause and it focusing on us now. That's a BC is very fair especially during the midst of a season where you don't look like you're dominate. Yeah probably I ended weeks is only at a take a week off we'll see hopefully he does get better if it is something very well there is they find it may correct what does it take a week off to do tests. Mean that would make sense if you say we're gonna go test everything right we do to test here test there because they are so what was the most time during NBA season you're traveling all over the place you play every other day. So maybe going to take a week of just. Test everything we're gonna violent act that problem is guys like. I think be a very fair thing to do for Tyronn Lue is just one week we'll see hopefully he comes back and he is able to rock and roll's. What a rock of all join me and my Stanley at the we belong we have almost two years now and with the warm weather just about your guys and today being the first day of spring. That means summer's just nineteen days away and being outside and enjoying. The outdoor pools of the they also have three different pools for the kids to choose from and they've installed emporium new turf baseball and softball field which were gonna be playing on the spring a very very excited about that but the to make sure I still look as good as I do the Jay has been there for me help me through this process of dropping weight they can be there for you as well. The look and feel your best there's nothing like the and your membership is free until May it's only offered 4610 listeners to sign up now and it will be free until today. And we'll see you at the 117 the at all about the today. NCAA women's Kansas City regional is now set Mississippi State UCLA Texas at NC state will all be competing. Few games on Friday one on Sunday the winner advancing to the final four GAAP bloody tickets available disparate set a box office for that event which will be really really cool people forget that's another major events. That is coming to Kansas City and another major event that we want to put our best foot forward for because. Were in the running to get a final four for the women here at Kansas City and shelling out big F. For this event over the weekend won't go along way in and show in the committee hey this is the spot where you want in women's final force it's a big event town. Mean up on a Friday and Sunday. These all of Jonathan Horton has been pretty wild yesterday he has been charged with five counts. Making criminal threats or which or criminal threats and along with one count of possessing a loaded firearm. Rivera couple weeks ago he shared an insert grim picture of a shotgun with a bunch of shells on a bed. Each tank routine kite needle and Mike LC du former teammates in the NFL along with two former teammate from high school. Captioning it with. When you're a bully victim and a coward your options are suicide. Or revenge hash tag Harvard Westlake. Hash tag Miami Dolphins. After seeing these picture officials at Harvard Westlake decided to cancel school. The police then located port after an emergency call was placed on a 72 hours psychiatric COLT after he was detained. And he's now been charged with those four counts of making criminal threats and one of possessing a loaded firearm. And I think he should be jailed for that I I don't think this guy needs to be walking around earth because it's not safe for others when you have somebody tweeting things like that. I think in this pretty credible threats yet to me this day and age sorry and you make a threat like that you're behind bars we don't need a monster like that walk the streets we just don't need it where we are as a society right now. This guy needs to be put away. You remember when the rating cut mean a thing happened in Miami were Jonathan Martin was a poor unquote victim of bullying. There is. Reports. And some things being brought up about the fact that Johnson mark felt the second round of the of the draft because they felt like he had emotional issues. Didn't think he would have the mental stability mental strength to really with that withstand an NFL season three and a drop into the second round. Course you bring that back that up back when the Miami investigation is happening in your victim blaming. But the reality is Jonathan Martin's always had these issues he's always been somebody that people of thought something off about them. He's he's he's not necessarily stable. And any accusations he makes probably should be taken with a grain of salt because he is he's a guy that. Makes threats like that the roles throughout the load of weapons. Yes I when you say take with a grain of salt I think it should be taken more than a grain of salt but not even before this song well again before this there were clear signs that people just flat out ignored because it wasn't a good part of the story in Miami. That's right this for the part of the story. Fashion Richey and Todd Neil was aim better story the better story and everybody going well way to Jonathan Martin's had a history of some real problems here maybe you should look at those first right. Before you just start. Just running roughshod over the Miami Dolphins organization in the players in there and but of course the better story was reaching cog veto might bouncy they are the problem and crowd them or who's just this nice boy over here. That was never the case right now and eight he's clearly had issues and probably you know I guess I'd just like this many does not deserve to be walking round society with other human beings. Kansas State head basketball coach Bruce Weber joined they've tried yesterday with an NC got in you don't want to miss what he had to say about dean Wade's foot injury. Next. The. That's going in the morning I'm Mike Welch with Bob bass coach Josh playing where am producer Steve inspector. They states. Don't out of the sweet sixteen and one of the weirdest regions we've ever seen the plane at the highest remaining seed in the region five seed Kentucky. And coming off a win against UNC beat. Everybody's gonna kind of shifts UMBC. BC yes. Already forgetting already heard about the sixteenth seeded Anna. It could l.'s Calder to reverse it that's been there retriever is everybody was kind of on the verge Riverside right nationwide. People were pushed out of the sixteen seed to go away yes they were the Cinderella well you put against Kentucky. Everybody hates Kentucky unless of course you're Kentucky fans as part of being a global sell. As they go into this game against Kentucky in the sweet sixteen. Bruce Weber the head coach at K state joined the drive we've cared to Harrison and Brad fanning yesterday. And it's just well first and foremost the dean weighed injury and how that impacted the team. Well. You know being down as he seemed. So he. Here place. Where the quality of. Well what do. I. Bought focal point about. That. Well. You got to connect. You. They could. Oh. State head coach Bruce Weber on the drive yesterday here on sixth and Sports Radio you can hear the entire interview at sixth and spores are common. But the way to injury did allow others to kind of step up in the big twelve tournament to get that experience and now through two games in the NCAA tournament. A tasty obviously needs dean weighed back because they just barely defeated a sixteen seed in the comedy team does it can get away with that losing your leading scorer and getting and getting through. Our intern and well like I say with the NCAA tournament things always happen to get you to where you're going in you've got to take advantage of those and and kids estate was very fortunate they grow up but the way that they played against great the other day. That was the best game I've seen him play all year even better than getting to within one and outfield because. All if a lot of people gave Kansas State an opportunity decree idly by Creighton winning that basketball game they they held Marcus stuff Foster two of eleven shooting OK they made him look awfully awfully bad. I thought they played very good offensively and they and they controlled that game from jumping gets greatly bet that was a nice win for Kansas State. And then magic happens at UN DC docs off the number one team in the entire tournament so instead of having to face Virginia in the second round. All of a sudden your faced with a sixteen C it's an opportunity you have to take advantage of those opportunities and K state did. And they got very fortunate that the opportunity that they were able to take advantage of is against the school that you know a week ago nobody ever heard of it could tell you were once thought it was a bank himself. Like like so they took advantage of that opportunity. Now they've got another opportunity in front of and the opportunity to potentially get there would score back which is is fantastic right now. But I also love the fact that these coaches right now are going well I'm not having the big twelve tournament allowed other guys to step up and get bad experience all that kind of stuff and we saw Xavier Snead rise to the occasion against UN DC. That's a fine girl our first game yeah right he was terrific he was so it was fantastic that that's all well and good if you win you could say well her views that are experienced. And so they did they went out want to use that experience they won two games they got out of that first week in the turner Al hopefully get dean weighed back it's like adding a piece of the trade deadline. And you've got your full roster in your compliment of players ready to go gives Kentucky which a lot of people believe is gonna be a very tough pass. What I've liked to isn't it it looks like they have it like panic to replace dean weighed scoring it like everybody going. All Yasser got to make up his points they just focused on what they've been good act right. Buckle down play some defense and ugly it up a little bit and don't tried it don't try to replace all of his stats. When other guys. They do would do what you do and and got to grind people out but do they barely have given up a hundred points in two games of the NCAA tournament and they give it up 59 and fifty that's a 109 points in two games of the NCAA tournament. That's pretty good do you keep playing defense like you hold Kentucky to 54 which is the average right now you're gonna wind you're gonna win that basketball game on Thursday. Kansas State's in that left side of the bracket and if it looks anything like mine just actually crushed but. Luckily five hour energy brackets dot com Torre played bail me out the ability changed games in progress and then researcher teams after each round. Now you and your friends can still making new many bracket play with the teams that are left. At five hour energy brackets dot com whether it's taking Kansas State moving forward. Beating Kentucky whether it's taking Kansas to advance as well there's still some fun to be had. Five hour energy brackets dot com go ahead and check that out it was an amazing weekend of moves we have one down into more ago. Time to pick up a five hour energy gets you back to a 100%. I don't drink coffee so it's perfect for me the caffeine I need to get going easy to drink shot in great flavors as well. Orange lemon lime pink lemonade strawberry watermelon just to name a few zero sugar and just four calories. Fits right in your pocket when every needed boost five hour energy to back 200% whether you're watching the game on the go. Or on our in front of the big screen picked up by five hour energy today. K State's playing Kentucky coming up on them this weekend. It's at nine diversify and that but it's strange because the entire region has been basically blown to smithereens right. You have that the five sees the highest give a five a 7-Eleven. And a notch right. Very strange region and Bruce Weber though he's only focused on Kentucky here's Bruce K State's head basketball coach yesterday on the drop. Well they're all. We bought it. And if it is what. You know. It. The entry. Entry. It. Crippled more. People out. There. Everyone thought we call before last night. It. Want you guys. Would know what we're. Seeing. Wearing. Quote. But they. That's Bruce Weber on the drive it here the entire interview at 610 sports dot com or react what Bruce clever to set about Kentucky also your chance to win it. 1000 dollars at 7:30 am. We re seeded the sweet sixteen yesterday after the show. Incidentally ESP also receded the speeds poppy tatters wait until you hear the major discrepancy between us and the four letter network. It's a thousand okay. Thanks a code word Banda and DA and the fans that she's seventy and 81 that seventy to 81. You could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest. As 610 Sports Radio the only Sports Radio station Kansas City giving you a chance of the 121000 dollars each weekday. Listen on the thirties from six to six your next chance coming up at 830 complete rules extent sports dot com. Are receding. The NCAA tournament vs ESPN's receding of the NCAA tournament out of out of the sweet sixteen coming up in just a couple of minutes. Well we heard from Bruce Weber on the drive with carriage and Harrison and and Brad fan and you can hear the entire interview with 610s worst I Kama. But as far as what does the wildcats are looking for against well the wildcats of Kentucky that's. Is there gonna have to some Paul rabbit out of hat because Kentucky's a super talented team. So essentially with with the way that K state plays days at ugly this thing up they get a fifty to 43 victory again. That's exactly what they're looking forward to try to ugly this thing up and get athletes of Kentucky to be a little bit ground. He had that they they have the best athletes out there right now in this region I mean you just look at the names of the teams and you know Kentucky's gonna have the best athletes out there but they they do I mean they've they've got the acting is a guild is Alexander's you pronounce his last name I mean we're averaging 23 and seven and in in the NCAA turnout I mean that's that's cards now who who's gonna guard him I mean who who was gonna who gonna stop back guy. From gone for 23 and seven in that game I think right now. We're we're talking so much about the south region and Mike brought up the seat out of 9511. And seven in the south region all in all advancing to the sweet sixteen. It doesn't matter anymore what numbers next year name I think everybody just needs to kind of get rid of those numbers and just kind of look at the matchup step present themselves right now. Like I don't care they Kansas as a one seed taking any five seed Clemson if Clemson shoots the ball like they did the other night against Auburn kid doesn't stand a chance against Clemson in the game. And if K state shoots like they did the other night against UMPC. There's no way that based in the chance against Kentucky because they won of twelve shooting at three point shot that's not good you're not gonna wanna game against Kentucky. Going one of twelve shooting from behind the arc and having eighteen turnovers OK state needs to be more efficient obviously with their shot. The matchup clearly doesn't favorite I don't think they have the athletes to compete with Kentucky. But if they can go out there is Josh you say ugly about an ugly about basically defense CL if they go out there and play defense is I think they are pretty good defensive team. I think they'll have an opportunity to win this game but they don't allow their play defense and Andy shoot one of twelve against the beyond the arc they're not gonna win in fact they won't even be in the Basque. Yet this is safe frustrate a bull team. Kentucky certainly medal of valor of those super young. Cal pars complaining about how young are all the time and Ali does his fault they don't know it's but they don't always get it you know it on dated they're not always focused and dialed in all those things. So take advantage of you're the more veteran team you have you have the fact the year a little more veteran right and you you like to grind people. Use that and that's really about interest rates stay yet you feel like Kentucky its second chance point 1% of the idea hammer on the Glasser had a tough night. Are we preceded the sweet sixteen yesterday and we did right after the show. Then ESPN decided to do the same thing they receded the sweet sixteen Lleyton today very. Yes later in the day practice their show after they heard us talking about it so they did yet they heard us talking about it the coffers are in their like yeah. It's receding in the sweet sixteen it's ever been done before so. It's interesting because of how different it is. First to everybody was on the same page Villanova number one seeded in duke number two recede. Us any ESPN both on the same picture. Then three is worth things get a little bit OK we hate you is number three right. Big Clemson. Previously a five seed now at number three receded as a one seed in the round of sixteen and I tells Kansas fans everywhere are now freaking them bleed out too because ESPN has Clemson as the third best remaining team in the NCAA tournament. The fourth. As goes hey you forthright. The West Virginia. Is it force. For ESP yet. Down a number five. Kentucky into hockey so we ciller now we're out of the two seeds. K united taught to the seed according to ESPN a ever six Nevada. Number seven right good ball past number Texas saying Nauman. ESP Diego's lotteries in at number eight. With taxes on high. Seas doubt where the three seeds so number nine the top three seed. Purdue Purdue with Isaac hospital race. Not not as Purdue. Number ten is where we find Kansas in ESPN's ariz seated at sweet sixteen. Now on earth. And number theory right. You put duke we put duke ahead of them because duke previously to see Britain demo we're playing really well no obviously untouchable but apparently they decided we don't care. The Kansas has previously number one CU we don't think they're any good we're putting him as a three seated there reporting Clemson who. Sweet sixteen unit. As that number three overall yeah that's crazy aunt and. And the reasoning they give for Kansas being a number ten seed or not attend secret Abbott the tenth best team left in the sweet sixteen. Is they say Dovonte Graham what one of seven from the field against. Seek all seem to me that's a reason why you bomb Kansas up because they finally were able to win a big time game. Without production from Dovonte Graham I mean if you would have told me Josh and Michael and in that game months on Saturday. That Dovonte grant was gonna go one for seven in Kansas was gonna win I would have said you. Absolutely out of your mind unit saying oh my way to score 25 game right right and and Dovonte Graham did not. Perform well and they still. Found a way to go out there winning game and that's because they had obviously Azubuike step up in the 22 minutes that he played out there. But also they were able to go out there and Emily knew would step it up and perform the way that he did. I'm on Saturday so I think right now Kansas being number ten. I don't think that would put water to clearly we had him at number three when we received the sixteen I would still have the missile once seat. Because now all of a sudden were getting production from other guys and they found a way to win a game in the NCAA tournament where their best player was absolutely miserable on the. That tells me a better team than you're getting credit for effort K state fans wondering well they receded down ten where there are number ten overall. Which we then make him a big KU. A three seed. What about Kansas State. They Kansas State dead last. And as we say see I receding on ESP and we K state actually fourteenth. Ahead of Loyola Chicago in Syracuse. Now. Part that is because K State's earn more. Even those teams they've had may be better from games thing case stay right kids they'd be who was in front of them. Right it's not K State's ball they beat a sixteen seed to get to the sweet sixteen I just happened to be. A team that was there in the second round and he'd say well they didn't play very nice looking game. Yep but that's not how K state plays anyway right so. Case say they have them at the dead last. Ranking. When it comes to receive these teams cancer tend to wonder if they just hate the big twelve but then again. They did put West Virginia as a one seat so maybe it's not a big twelve bias may be is just. Maybe a little over emphasis on the first two games of the tournament not looking at the full body of work the way that we did. Because what we do is we took the first two weeks at first two games of the tournament. And the full body of work. Kind of messed them together what we came out with was I thought a much better receding I think so they're an ESPN's were ESPN's feels like that. Over reaction that prisoner at the moment receding where hey this what happened in these two games they're for this team in the sweet sixteen of the it's gonna dominate. Never goes that. Well and I think that's where they are with clubs and being the number three overall seed and Clemson shot 46 of eighty and they're two games over you know and their two wins over New Mexico State all Burnett that's a pretty could shooting percentage is that gonna stay I don't know I don't I don't know cliff over 50% from the field is gonna is gonna stand up for for Clemson again as they continue to move on through the NCAA tournament. But if it does it's going to be tough out for anybody in the term I don't care who we are it's gonna be tough. I don't know that's enough to put them up there at number three. But I think it's fair to say Clemson has been one of the most impressive teams of the first two weekends of eternity because I know a lot of people out of losing to New Mexico State is that 512 upset. And I think of a lot of people out of losing to Auburn in that second game Wednesday advanced past. Not having a forty point lead at one point against Auburn in finding a way to advance. To the second weekend of the tournament so there's no doubt in my mind that you're looking at a Clemson team right now that is very impressive that is why our wings of people who were watching this kinda stuff and as Mike kind of hinted at a prisoner of the moment type of thing kind of like I think West Virginia is right now West Virginia was a a flashy upset again and another 512 in all states can beetle on the beat West Virginia this year while that didn't happen in the West Virginia went on to have to absolutely own Marshal on Sunday night destroyed Marshall so they're a team down its winning by a pretty big margin their team right now that's that's I guess making the X exports look stupid with the way that everybody expect twelve seed over the spicy so they're also a flavor of the week that's why they are number four. I look at this Kansas team right now and I'm senior team to beat. That looks better then they looked at any point in this season they are finally playing. As a team they're finally getting contributions from other guys and I think it's a big deal that they won that game. On Saturday night against Seton Hall without Dovonte grade because now going forward they know they can win without Dovonte Graham state bill. That they don't have to go out there and get 25 points from their guy in order to win a basketball game is see all team with. Darn good team and as a darn good basketball team and they went out there and they won the game not wild and obviously but they won the game that's all that matters. And Dovonte Graham did not think how does the confidence double leak Newman Dolan that he can lead his team or as a boob gate they'll that he got 22 good minutes against that big gulf out there who had 24 points in 43 rebounds he can play and hopefully you know yeah when he was out enact Eddie do anything so. I I look at this Kansas team right now there slashing anybody that wowing anybody but they're winning games and they're winning games in ways I did not expect him to win and I think that. That is grounds for putting them higher than number ten overall right now the sweet sixteen gap has penalized for being one of the two number ones it's still playing. That's exactly right announce it's all right at the end they penalize other watch her not now ambiance that's flashes they shouted down by ten depend early ended up winning by sixteen that's not a flashy winners of 116 and NB a barely hanging on to beat seat Paul by four points which was a seven point win you know if they don't hit that three point shot at the end Vegas is still on the about it. Wanted nobody believes in this he had nobody believes that's right that's been the way it is that's the way it's been all season. Right going back all the way to November people had questions about this team they still have questions about this team still questions about this team I think we all. But the good news is. For once he has this isn't expected to even beat Clemson right according to Indian yes but my biggest question guys. Was answer on Saturday about this Kansas team and they win of the Vontae Gramm hasn't off tonight. Yeah they can't it would divide date Graham has an off night. Are and what I hear from you that you in K state fans on what is a very divisive topic. For K state to beat UN BC. And it does talking a little bit about why he stayed fans. Delegates they they never root for KUKU fans root for K state so. We want to hear from K state fans on if they want KU fans rooting for them why don't like rooting for KU. Even when it's the NCAA tournament everybody somewhat pretty perfect for the conference. Not 1357676. Then the phone number you can also get the Texas at 69306. On the tax line. Work tweet at 610 sports Casey you go to FaceBook dot com slash 610 sports all these different ways in Iraq you know from K state fans. Do you want do you fans rooting for him. Why don't you like rooting for K you win your when when you're not playing against the also okay you fans why are you rooting for K state yeah all these things to cover. What you guessed well theory any light. Like to me it makes like I don't understand it if your rival somebody which I guess KUK state rivals right in this Fisher shot the sunflower showdown right and they did they tell me that it is then that you should not be rooting for each other but I understand. You don't YE KU routes for case statements in summit excesses because KU looks a case state as the little brother and you always want your little brother to do well he state looks CK you was the Big Brother. And you never really want to root for your big bro you wanna see your. Putter fail so you don't root for K state. I just don't understand why AKU fans. Feel the need to kind of bend over backwards and say they're rooting for K state when I've never seen it K state fan turnaround. For the jayhawks hope you guys do well in the tournament it's like. Katie and it's just with K state I feel like KU fans root for every team. In the conference to do well the term but nobody in the conference ever routes for KU. To do well the term that's us now surprised by Dovonte grams tweets and Hamburg for K state here tonight so. I thought it was very interesting case you've fans are willing to root for anybody in the league but not everybody in the league is willing to root for the jayhawks a deterrent. Let's go to William and Ager in William. You're on the show lol what you think it's it's a rivalry thing. Yeah. I. Elected to WTO as I went characteristic that you gain and they are both on the giving them. Good job then that's all there is echoed by so doing and I that they cheer for a two way and then. I've gone by other championship and we can't. A big for the caller Williams. I'd go at people are sometimes cheered for the team because they want to what. Build that thing they wanna have that rivalry get bigger and better so sometimes you cheer for the other team to at least be relevant because pro football perspective. It's been tough right you're really into the united for a vote team's regimens about a rivalry yeah for sure I was Sam and Ottawa Sam. You don't do it for in state rivals that's where you draw the line. Yes sir the K state fan and I see the numbers. Analytical guy. Not in the very much and now until and and the atmosphere around now you've you've now each you just can't. One he's they a little brother. Yeah I seven civil and so. You won a trip the little guy out once and all look at ago. You know Bible well as what he's gonna do you can't just say art among guys all the time follow me. Apparently gotten knock them down there are you learning then so. At the K state fans on partner for K you up take out ten over here you are needed. L. How I'll. Not even and I mean an area that works both ways like I don't understand. Why people feel like as a AKU feel I am expected to root for Kansas State I'll be honest with the I'm rooting for Kansas State the day that I start to root for Kansas State I have to question might look guilty to the university Kansas and say that's right got my degree that's where I spent the best for years are like why am I ever from instate rival I don't get it. For K state that you kudos to both do well because one better for the big twelve big what did you do today but yet you've saved up a tasty fans don't see apparently Mike and that's that's the problem that I have with. Control. It why not based lot this vibrant Stanley and for me. Why I've for them if they're not rooting for me like does it make you feel better does it make you feel. Like what what why do you feel the need to know for K state like explain that to mean what why well I look at the for everybody replaced the high Liza Giffords a wide OK state theatre for K you 'cause it's good for everybody would. They used a bit 'cause. K state fans know damn well they take you fans would be singing a completely different tune if JU was out of the NCAA tournament. If you didn't make the NCAA term let's just say. I don't I telegraph jokes bad. Have forever to say hypothetically. KU doesn't make the NCAA tournament K state does make the NCAA tournament. Do you think KU fans would be cheering for tasting I went I they'd be sitting there smearing to. Angry AK state but because K Yee was the one seed in their already is securely in the sweet sixteen by the time that K state game happened at. Some KU fans were rooting for K state. So it's all hostess. Your arrogance coming from KU fans despite rooting for the instate rival it's it's really it's like it's it's it's almost to the he'd have. And I hate to say this lately like Kate you've been it is like man and a man were better for you all still root for you don't patsy one they had a baccalaureate and it's it's it's very condescending of rooting yeah Syria have a totally condescending and hurting mark there actually be Macs in Kansas City Max. Why do you think instate answer I. Due to the that are firemen. Era I think that's what he was trying to say in and we that's why we quickly hung up a soap articles battle for two Miami and I hope you help us better over our. Aren't there because not make sense. You've been married and hear the case it is because I look like goes down you will not that you be pretty sweet to go to their party if they've made it certainly Gator Arnold or other than that. The ultimate period and make it farther. I'm gutless. I like comes back down to vanity Missouri. I could ultimately does and it ultimately comes back to you know what as well as Missouri does it make it further than as I don't care what anybody else does. Can ally that's always a big fear when I see Missouri in the NCAA tournament my first on his. Are we gonna make it further than they do we have to make it further than they do we'd better get further than they do we've got a good further than they do that's that was my thought last Sunday with a bracket came out of look at note I hope it just makes it past the further than Missouri does a worst case state you know make that that was my hand this thing yeah. I deal a quick hi this is why am I. I don't despise. Either tear bag egged it dislike Missouri more than K state that's for sure but I don't despise. Either to Nikkei you Missouri haven't played since 2000 while wade played in not to hold. For charity. I got the juices flow exhibition game got my juices flow and counted right I was this time it counts it was fun. But come off. That was any real employed a real game since 2012. Probably what you are still sells comet iPod games against Missouri in the NCAA turn Ohio. I was never root for Missouri I'll take I'll take it all take a page out of mailed professor at its playbook of the Russians are played Missouri I'll be in the front -- you go big red. Russia that'd be a bad announcement album was great 1990 thought it sad business. Aged really well Amy. Is bad analogy like fine lying there today. Root for Missouri like I'm not kidding my. Not bill to the University of Missouri for college. Even if that's a better school for the one that there's someplace else they can find. Out my down to K state are decay you will that's a mistake. It worked better for me maybe but they're day what. What did you want to Wheeling and it really worked for his dad or you patio and resentment. It's now well I have yeah. Let's say yes you know there and a dad was able to vicariously live three young star and correct the mistake that he made that's absurd heated well enough to send you decay you that's. And always Obama that I did well enough but I was date to send me diet. Like analog that's pretty funny. He did a really good deal from now who that's yeah I thought you might. Why people say it Tim should the kids are going to ms. Zulu. So why are good programs is that there's a lot of programs at a lot of universities. The Milwaukee Brewers re enacted the sick and the lot that went viral. That prompted us to do something either amazing and or stupid. As we'll find out two minutes.