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The Drive
Monday, March 20th

In Hour 1, CDot & Sean who's in for Fanning discuss KU's first and second rounds of the Tournament and also look at the craziness of the Saturday/Sunday games. They also wonder if K-State has ever had a worst weekend with so many former coaches being successful and Brad Underwood leaving for Illinois. They then end the hour with a new "shoot your shot" HOF nominee.


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Stick it most of you who saw the light walking this back up to face another way to Mason has a gas driving takes its little. They have both our. That's about forty points was reported faces its drive to left baseline a wraparound pass by speculative if what. Oh great global weighs about jayhawks take Hillary was Thailand could do. Briskly out of Bob Buckeyes lose this fight for position Saturday. After Jackson wore blue. As you watch double role within the ten yards out that what blue. A steal by quite a lot bigger. We go to. Since business. It's as good. Orlando did more to. It's not like full week. Like Colbert does. Until soft. Received its new punitive adrift off the final six decades. They're so sitting. There are Joseph under the numerous stretches where guys have carried us for 45 minute period and I do I think all three these guys played great dummy they shot it fairly well but they competed they defended and they cared about the right things and played unselfish is still got numbers. And to listen brand standing oh I care trip through all put an older part of what that looks good in milk it. You do to improve the drive. It is another edition of the drive eighth floor. Since today shows are scarce I try to enjoy we'll get a chance at. Kids air's senior did highs on the other side of the glass joining us today continued bracket machines Sean Lavin that as a bracket hold enough right now not. Good not good at all know why the only guy like you know what I I called it east region and you. The mob didn't you tell me there's still a handful of people it. Either have a perfect bracket Apple's sixteen games yeah it's eighteen people right now out of eighteen million bracket entries on the ESPN's tournament challenge. Currently at eighteen perfect brackets. That's not L that's not accurate. They're eighteen people that it correctly predicted the sweet sixteen just because you correctly predict mysteries that he does and you have a perfect I am not one of those eight T I do to win it all a couple of my other teams went on squad angels it's it's a perfect bracket up to this point. If you predicted the sweet sixteen. But you perfect bracket at this point. If you have all the teams in the sweet sixteen you can miss you look at miss the first round game in the app the next few days to beat that team. I think he's right I can't snarled at the right. I was arguing semantics or Mike and I lost it lost about the very cable I'm running on about two hours late. You can get the 89 game incorrectly but didn't pick the ones that suites like you could've picked Miami to beat Michigan State. But in Kansas oak Michigan State's yet this visa program over bracket. I know these guys I know I know that's a good I don't know how I noticed you guys the guys he's he's right did it scared there's been nice letter. Bracket is seeing solid being into with us today where we have to start is not mine not a Chrysler but your teens it's jail depending on where you look. There are the biggest favorites to win the national championships and cut down the nets in Phoenix too that what used to. But for a couple of reasons one. How good this team was coming into the tournament maybe the most talented team debuted. This coached team and the committee told us so by giving them the second overall number one seed. That's part of the I don't really care about forum and you take a look not just at their own region but the rest of the what would be tough opponents on the other side do biggest favorite. Johnson. Don't know how big is second paper see you later. You could have had to play Iowa State coming up this Thursday in Kansas City which would have been a single home game for both teams so yeah I was state. Now they get Purdue is thank. Things have really cleared out for this team was already one of the favorites heading into the fact that Los Vegas tells me. That they are now at just about five to one which is their heavy favorite to win the national championship. Doesn't surprise me to. Old that I trust their basketball opinion say it too I think perfect ways to sum up this Kansas team. Dugout we tagged out we've shown Twitter said its future Oklahoma State cowboys coach I don't know about that the difference between that case you this year. Last year they have a the other week was the line Wasilla I trust his basketball lot of these more the better basketball voices that we have. Not many teams can match case you with four players like him put it on the floor in school war. The reason I take you to win the national championship is it a lot of games they're just going out talent people. You saw on full display yesterday. Michigan State is a good team. Consistent but you currently see some of the parts that they have on their team miles bridges used union. Cancers can just roll all out there there is going to out talent you would something like for forty minutes you just can't match the firepower that they had. We know we're heading into this tournament to tell you was going to be one of the favorites. They've played their way there now they beat their first opponent UC Davis by forty they beat Michigan State who released on the front on the Jersey it's still says Michigan State. By twenty points look at what the other one seeds have done in the case of Villanova the Balkans that they've played close games North Carolina let Arkansas come back on them two seeds like Kentucky. Abandoned dog fights to use the only really high seed. It's gotten out of the first couple rounds with a cleans. And I think so much that is just my point of at some point mean Kansas can just roll the ball out there and they go on that run in you can tell that the announcements during the game we're Connick inflicted. Like one guy was saying there's a slow down a little bit what is the state can do the other team was like they should speed up a little bit because they don't want late teens get their half court set. It sometimes just doesn't matter like sometimes the other team is just going to have more bodies and more guys they can throw it shoot. And that it was close or about thirty minutes and then eventually the talent just rose to the topic remember rock at prisons and Iran resumes at the top. Is gonna throw frank mesa national player of the year divides Agrium go play the way he had. In Josh Jackson does coasters stretch in riddles are you the best player in the country. A team like Michigan State is just not talented enough to keep up with them it's sinking it's gonna happen with Purdue I think they have some talent on Purdue with tales wanna get. But they're going to do it Kansas four days to scalp that team I think they'll figure something now and inferred derided don't think from an offensive standpoint it does match what Kansas can do. In the big ace in the holes there games being played in Kansas City where the jayhawks are 34 and seven all time albeit last time out. A lost vs TCU we will talk too much. About Purdue because we got a few days to do that to use next opponent I will say this about the Big Ten champs it's not just feels wanna give who. Lot of people know was named but actually haven't seen his game it would average eighteen point five points per game twelve and a half rebounds and you'd almost 80% from the free throw line. He's seven feet tall so that could be a potential real pitfall for the jayhawks but it's not just him. Just taken a look at the numbers. Purdue has five guys that average in double figures so not only do they have balance board but they've got that big guy. And I think there's a common denominator speed up between the teams the DK you this year Indiana through that now as opposed in the season in overtime. The TCU game to throw that one out of there wasn't a silly it's on deployed for. The other two games or either are or overtime. Those are gains losses this season are the West Virginia smoked them and they're the loss I was eight in overtime so it's not like there's a way that teams have figured out to you. I think that if any team has the potential pieces it's a team like Purdue that has balance corn and a big. I thank you is need to score at April's. You can score on a high levels are going to be the ski team. Because this case you team I think with how many weapons are gonna drop that Iran missiles at a perfectly you're gonna throw four guys second school work. And they're not getting a whole lot from their bench and we'll talk about at some point throughout the show. It just Texas gonna scorched when he frank mace is gonna scored when he Dovonte Gramm's gonna score fifteen Alina Lucas is gonna continue to give you. Twelve points eight rebounds. Mean you score eighty is going to be this case you team you better or 85 is going to be the case you seem like I don't know a big college team is capable. A team like Purdue I don't know if they're capable of holding teens this the scores 65 points. You better score in the eighties either going to be this case you team I don't think it seem like Michigan State we saw yesterday. Is this capable of doing that if you're gonna trade baskets ending you're gonna get that full court game where you let frank mace knew it Dovonte Graham does get into space. And create. You're losing or we're gonna get blown out the way the Michigan State under. This is not a good bet put your best bet if your take your opponent going forward. Get these dudes and felt. We saw fragments and fell out of a game we saw early on this season has been awhile led to Lucas didn't spell trouble cause of you can get to their bench if you can get to the political reason. Carlton and Brad. And that is just talk orbital talk about that later on show. If you get to to use bench you can be case the problem is what their starting lineup whether it's this known commodity frank Mason national player of the year scored in double figures and every game one and he's done his thing the last month and yesterday at his regular forty points. He's going to do that game in game out. Same thing with the Vontae agree this is his time of the he always plays welcome big twelve and NCA tournament Josh Jackson right now C dot I don't think this is too much of a mouthful. Might be the best player left in this NCA term not just. The best NBA prospect which I do think he is but I think that he might be the best player going forward if you can win another four games and cut down the nets. Brent Mason was their best player national player of the year the entire regular season. I think from this point going forward their best and most important players John Jackson did you see that dude yesterday. I mean he was just a killer against Michigan State with this 23 points and knocked on all this free throws on nine of sixteen from the looks to. Sinuous on the other side I want examine more your affinity towards DOS Jackson next on a draft. 610 sports reading. I. Back in on the drive dancing bears in here in Chrysler on the other side of the last show on bracket machine would be in with us today. I am correct machine even though my bracket is completely busted although I think at the beginning of the tournament taking you. It is never a bad choice these machines can break down every sell off this machine breaks down all the time that need to get a repairman fix the machine. This app has still got your four final four I think there's still good. But still has their final four out of the east region now. And build overdue it was in less he went to Florida or Wisconsin. These. South Carolina would base the patriots were all movement maybe you'll shot. That's the only way I just more schools in four years like Brad under I just what Baylor to go to the final four so bad it's like just you vindicated in the years it takes I'd give announced after their three point favorite over the flight and frank Morton's and they take on the winner of Wisconsin and report that's all law. All I care about him in his Baylor getting to the final or we have a little bit deeper guys. That story for talk about who or even three what you say big twelve teams left in that final four made a little bit excited there. But you've got another maybe but it does make some liberal West Virginia is going to beacons are under the third three point underdog out of that. And soccer is not playing well and West Virginia is not only playing paper. So I'll take your sense that that's my dad is Mike championship. Down the net I taught alike in their. Some. Take the door to you once you say. Shirt he's got to keep you can. Got blown out that aren't out of the got a lot still on the mile. May Andy's once it may Andy's Normandy and undersized old reference you donkeys and and Xavier and errors on the winner of that game analysts praised. For a and dunes just like Osama is immeasurable Wharton. Every bit on one pick out what he was the other Johnny got. And yet it's it's ever through the sale of its I've never seen Agile or on not familiar with that showed. Speak of anyway at the Baylor is gonna come out of that used to speak of and it wouldn't be surprised that you comes out of the midwest in my case you or commit at this point. Is based around Josh Jackson which as a long time that you fan. I've seen a lot of these freshmen come and go. Josh Selby is supposed to be the best things in slides Britney turned out to beat them well most important order on this team's obvious Henry. Was who the team was was being built around in the kind of flamed out toward the end of the season. Got a guy like Andrew Wiggins who played his worst game and it as usual form in the NCAA tournament you've got Joel and indeed one fortunately never suited up in the NCAA tournament. What do you say a man has this been a sought. This has been a barrage this'll take you wanna dog led to an NCAA championship by a freshman has never happened this year. It actually could now under the to you has the national player of the year. And their best player and their leader is Brent maze and you can argue that the stats but I test however you wanna quantify. But if you watched Josh Jackson's improvement as the year went along we all know this guys gonna be a top five NBA pit. And just what have you done for me lately on the court yesterday. That dude was the best player not just on that court but maybe on any court in the NCAA tournament yesterday and acting to use chances at this point C dot hinged. As much on the play afraid Mason. As they do on the freshman Josh Jackson cut down the nets. This might be the most Kate you take ever to have the national player of the year when your team and then argued that he's not the best player on the door for I don't think you it's. I think you've got to quantify likeness. I ain't afraid Mason is the best player on their team the best prospect on their team is not close. Like Alonso ball is a much better college are NBA prospect and frank Mason. But the college game. Right Mason based on the experience everything daddy's dog Dixie which is siding with frank Mason over Alonso ball. Comparing just Jackson to Selby in soggy day and all those other guys. So far surpassed that such a long time ago I don't even think of him in the same category. It's really compares him to wait and that's the only comparison but I think it's clear. Indeed we didn't get to see his best time at KU because he got injured. Wiggins I think you did see the best that we can maybe you wanna put back more in that category will be different that he wasn't a true one and done drugs he was a sophomore. Let's begin comparing Josh Jackson as obviate it all those other guys just. I just Jack's going to be one of the first three players like. My point all those other guys became chancellor reports as the season went along. Well we heard this name Josh Selby. He was supposed to be with the team was built he turned out to be not that portable peace didn't even end up starting come NCAA tournament how much that number may admit he was injured that's how much. Our members that. Are being injury the team was supposed to be built around him. But a couple of years in the NBA but when it came to march badness for you. Does any case you fans remember innings obvious Henry moment same thing we've been Mac or more same thing with Andrew wigand's. That's different this year we're finally as a KU fan weakened basically depend or not. Old but depend on a freshman and Josh Jackson if not being the best player you could certainly argue for it Mason Josh Jackson might be the most important player here's what. Preparation has become such a known commodity. We're almost just blew through what he does goes out there drops 215 and has eight assists and leads the team and play solid defense. Because he does it every single night so you know going for. That's probably going to stay true. Josh Jackson was hot and cold as the season went along. Don't look now me and the last few weeks he has been red hot scored 23 points yesterday to me that's the difference that we X could expect Brent Mason. To do his thing. If John Jackson continues dropped 4340. Points a game nobody can beat. I look at frank Mason and is in the college game. I can clearly seen that. Seniors are at stake essentially no good players stage so their senior year when you have one of those and you have a body heal when you have a fright basin. You heard this at such aid advantage over everybody else. That the college game frank Mason has developed some of what he can do a little bit of everything offensively. Going to the basket he's by the best in college basketball doing that his jump shot a steadily improved now that when frank Mason pulls over eighteen feet the expectation is that it's going to he can shoot threes now like at the college level frank Mason is pretty much maximize which you can do it is level. Just by sheer player development guys good players like frank Mason just don't stay around. Talk about Alonso ball waxing poetic about Josh Jackson Hillary's and we're not talking about frank Mazen being the number one pick in the NBA draft. Is seven inches and granted that's a big if but the guys great ball handler great shooter clutch he's a leader played for good coach he's a winner he knocks down his three point shots. He does everything that you would want. Seeing guys that are his size few and far between Isiah Thomas doing his thing in the league this year. I think Edelman. An island you're Modesto to microbes in a blue jays I didn't take off this weekend. French and bucked the trend I do think maybe he's not going to be as good as Josh Jackson Alonso ball whoever superstar potential but ultimately masons can make an excellent. He's Jameer Nelson I think that I was feeling -- I think that's the ceiling of what you all write that I questioned that at that level where the guys are just taller Cheney finish at the basket the way detaining college right because it does aren't the big guys that are aren't college debt when you go up to shoot those lay ups you are didn't alcohol never got to be honest. Sometimes frank Mason gets calls like these James Hardy and I he does that little Paul Pierce head fake he's got his arm up in flops and goes the free throw line and I'm like all right. I got it is gonna do it that all of the NBA it would certainly changes things look. I respect for Mason's game because as the as the shooter he has improved every single year I he has turned himself into a very dangerous outside shooter which was in the cases first couple Beers like. I respect that part of frank Mason's game to go back to your point about Josh Jackson. He also president sometimes defensively as much as he does offensively like with his atlas of the block shots these this team's leading. All blocked Gator this year ice he can Alter the game defensively. Ending would that energy also down the court. The months ago with a lot of do you value yet that's just such a swing in momentum we saw that doubles on yesterday's match. He's a complete player there's no question about it in this case you're the big knock on the and the entire season. Has been their defense group figured you what you write to their best defensive player is a freshman Josh Jackson who we saw swat a couple of shots yesterday and also. Man those defense of passing lanes he is spectacular. Is sold. Four ahead of any of these other that you freshman start to see your point because even when it comes Andrew Wiggins that's may be the only one. Not only had a regular season as close to what Josh Jackson did this year. But does it take you to and we could have hoped come NCA tournament time would be able averaged 171823. Point two game. Didn't happen with Andrew Wiggins and I think that was the reason that team got knocked out the fortunate thing for that you're going for. Even if Josh Jackson is an awesome. Even if he goes back to OK Josh Jackson with a few turnovers and has a dozen points instead of 23 in the next round. There's still enough firepower coming from the bond Ingraham brick Mason speed would Gerald bit but ten points went to Lucas put up. Where this team knowing with the potential opponents will be going forward Purdue in the next round. And and the winner of organ and whoever is. Does look to match ups are you going forward now that we know who actually. Last week you said McCain has had to get to the final four after seeing him this weekend are you upping your expectation that this team has the cut down the nets that's a little crazy as a fuel me to come on and sit well. Yes now they have to get to a national championship game for the season to be considered a success. I'm gonna sound hi I'm still gonna say. They have to get to a national championship game now this seems to be considered a success your hide. Considering what we actually know was this team one of the top two teams and the AP and go to all pretty much the entire season. Yeah are they one of the top two routines when the committee released there's elections Sunday last week yeah. Why should we not expect and be one of the funnel two teams knowing that hey Vegas now has them as their favorite and beat their potential path is much easier than it could of Africa's. Odyssey we look at it right now with talent. Is this is Kansas. North Carolina's tournament to lose to try and maybe you throw Kentucky and there is but there in that same region the past it's off. I think that's we've got to got to that point now. I think that every year there are couple teams in the tournament the show back and say I mean we should a woman asked what image of that your Kentucky's. Path they are deeply Wichita State next up to use steel if they win that game North Carolina and at that put the higher seeds it would DK you and Arizona. Vs Kansas having to play Michigan State. And and Purdue and and the winner of all find it here or in and Michigan. That to me seems pretty favorable if you could have been told me that a couple of weeks ago I'd say all hell yet this team's cutting down the nets. Coming up. Kansas State is a living breathing country song house when when I mean next monitor when your credit. Sixty. 86 didn't win you royals baseball team's training camp been whatever it is you're talking about. This soundtrack of summer our teams are ten. Sports Radio. 610 sports. Thank your boss for paying you while you listen that patients typically can make 610 Sports Radio. Any stand you want and don't want. When you. They had a country song. That's cool. Fact get on the drive series here being here practically see some of being with us. As well. Do you still follow your exit on social media. Play see what they're up Susan Simons on the other doing. It's kind of creepy to admit I do. Ice and you're engaged I don't know if you wanna incriminate yourself do you still follow your exes on social I don't think Rupert most of my exes of you know those different FaceBook settings where you can see all the pictures and concede certain post. I'm pretty sure they put me on limited access so I've followed them they Morton in Purcell FaceBook friends. I guess that could completely blocked you can do that you can completely lock people you'll be blocked. Of course. You know of course everybody's been locked up in block that somewhere oh yes. What. It's definitely an accident at some point you found out R&R block in real relationship is yet and block them block AutoZone and you find out I've found out by typing in her name. And it takes you to a completely different person doesn't know a true love news. On its. I ask you this because this case they may it's clearly follow their axles social media I'd Frank Martin is the next. Got hurt a little bit when you see your ex on vacation with someone else I got her. A little bit this year X not having a good time and having fun with other people. He's a lot of fun. For you right now. He's that X that you know is making a lot of money in is doing wells and a better relationship and looked really happy and healthy. Not allowed to K state fans have to deal with Craig Morton being in the NCA a tournament he's just one of the re. Of the final 16 coaches in the morning seventeen NCAA determined that at one time called himself the K state head coach frank Morton. Bob Huggins I did he was just there for a year and Dave Altman you might as well throw in the fact that last year all boil Lon Kruger former K state coach made the final four. And you've got bruised. Right now you have to look at it. I'd chase is essentially good luck chuck like if you associated with case they for a little bit. Not flirts right now Dana Altman has its team in the sweet sixteen and rocking the job that frank Martin's done in South Carolina is just. It's Baylor ask right now bad and bad they're bad you got to the sweet sixteen. Frank Martin that was always the thing is like spring market so to work out like good relationship. It's your fault why you broke the case they may have that he loved and appreciated bring mark. I think that law was reciprocated corporate Barton. But her parents just didn't like. Is that like him there just wasn't disconnect. Didn't like spike marks of large had to do something else and not at the sea bright Barton knocked off duke like yours sit there Holm. This. Haiti coats. Percentage of K state fans would you say have a on favorable opinion Bruce Weber distraught at what percentage 8085% I don't think he's popular at all what number fifty state fans do you think have a higher impression of their former coach who left them for South Carolina friend mark. 9095 for the hell does that. Seem kind of backwards. I'm in your current coach you just took you to the NCAA tournament. Treasury get rid of her former coach who walked who didn't take a duke or North Carolina or Indiana or UCLA job took a lateral job at best and South Carolina again. He couldn't get along with his AD that's what sucks is that all the fans wanted from an outsider's perspective and Elvis admit as a KU fans' perspective. I thought K state couldn't possibly do better than for important to me that was a beautiful mayors when he was on coach energetic coach winning coach. Really like it did Manhattan and the fans reciprocate. He really liked being there and that I think you have to think about effort and continue to further this. Insert Graham FaceBook relationship analogy there must be borne by on her Jersey and Manhattan is this like girl used to live on your block. I made you'd like fully appreciate. And name she went off I like. But for some reason you just didn't pull the trigger you just go to Lawrence Amy thing and now. She's turned out to be really successful she's a doctor in your lightning you know one we should have been together. Back in the day it is used to be my favorite parole though and routinely episode with a light. You remember that girl that you talked smack on as an old. Straight. Is that GO. As you heard that. That's Brett should come out smoke and I have to want to plastic surgery dudes like man take that to deter us Brad Underwood you have a right. Right and I got the beetle and I don't need and ran under would have alliger I don't get ahead Brad Underwood. Brad Underwood and now he's gone he's also Illinois and you know you're tied with pants not your stock like the V departments thinks most for days they'd fans. As you know Europe's. Absolutely and that's why when it comes to Brad Underwood or any of these coaches you have to be over commit. It's the only choice that you have we'll talk about salaries and how they equate to success for coaches coming up later on in the show. But I think best case in point is Wichita State. Wichita State has no business paying their college basketball coach the seventh highest salary and all of the the reason they do is because they know that up on two other suitors are going to come after them and they act. What does anybody think Gregg Marshall stuck around Wichita State cause of his recruits as the great people of Wichita all the good restaurants. Maybe it's the three point whatever million dollars he makes that he probably wouldn't make somewhere else and that's why you have to overpay. That's when you really know. That a school and athletic director in administration. Have all the globe with a coach when they hire. Oklahoma State Mata said the day they gave Brad Underwood the job that they love them what they've ruled that they did by the salary they paid him and the buyout that they offer if you really love a guy. You don't and you did for wants a more a lot of money a lot of years big. I did just comes down your dedication to winning basketball games at Wichita State. They found who their coach what does they realize they can win and it's unlikely they're ever bow out of the situation there in so now they pay income competitively compared to everybody else. I think you understand that Gregg Marshall if he chose to lead can get other money. But you now I am three point 13 point two million dollars. That's just like you coach at Missouri of one of those major schools that unless you're just going to get the doors blown off you but Indian U see Ole Texas. One of those better jobs the USA home where you are you continue to win you continue to win thirty games you continue to dominate your league. And then once every three years you'll put a team together that can actually make a run out watts at Wichita State team like that diddley injury should met from park hill now. He's gonna be good in two years like rudely with a 25 best players in the country good. So you've got him you continue to put transfers around like you do with honestly can't. And what's Allstate is not going anywhere as long as Greg marshals gonna be there for the. Marshals not there at the Wichita State could fade away I mean as much as we talked about the but no they all going to go potential opening for tasty job in the next couple years and and use job was open this last year as much as those right now would be considered average jobs win Wichita State's program is amongst the elite that windows proven again yesterday at a loss to Kentucky. That's only right now that's only for the president being. Come the next 510 years a potential case state coaching jobs same thing with and you is significantly better than Wichita State basketball because even though. Okay when Gregg Marshall got there. Wichita State basketball has become great. I mean Wichita State I was saying Gregg Marshall got to a point they like Chris Petersen and Boise State US what you say anymore. Now the relevant anymore couldn't watch coaches because they're coached with the Washington a truck and bus Washington they were just a possible playoff why were they in the playoff ever great coach. What do coach gets Gregg Marshall I think is going to be goat sold its Chrysler Indiana Hoosiers. If I'm MIK Greg Marshall four million dollars we think we're blue blood we need of blood coach. We need a coach that we know. Now given these extra resources goes down with the resource that Wichita State is a really good job with the resources imagine would you do with India and we we can now compete with the big boys if you're Indiana Indiana has the final 415 years Indiana talks like their chances. I don't like their hands. Nick Saban it's tough to turn around a football for him 53 guys you don't eleven underclassmen quarterback those type of things. It takes a few years to become national championship caliber. If you the right. Doesn't matter where you're called fastball programmers because it's based around recruit. If India that say it was to get Gregg Marshall next year and I think that there's likelihood that could happen to Marshall and not. Love is life right now not because he lives in Wichita on has to deal with a U. But just yesterday with the committee every year we can win thirty games and he's still on the fringe of even getting in the NCAA tournament wouldn't be surprised if you walks and if he does. Bro Indiana becomes a really good really quick I'm talking about the next two or three year. What what I wanna make before we go to break ties. Can we agree that if a player. Did what Brad Underwood had just done he'd be getting crushed. Brad Underwood will apps hosted three different schools in three different years but it's that. Supporter has all ways leveled. You name was under compensated where it was it was like I'm gonna leave. For coaches that's a marked for players not me so loyalty. I'm pretty short take a firmness I'm sure that Gregg Marshall wins in in our student run on what wins he's a recurrence. House's he was telling about loyalty and be committed to Oklahoma State now he was gonna of these standard line. Until he wasn't there and they're there weren't any restrictions placed on where Brad Underwood could go make more money and now it's fair to say. It would have been thinking about leaving during the seats. This is not on Brad under this is all Oklahoma State and their crappy administration and what does and I'm saying is it really believe Brad Underwood. It would have given more years more money and a bigger bind took him until. Ought altogether I'm saying is if a player had done the freedom of for Brad Underwood we agree it's a good move is one place is going to give you a lot more to continue to do what you're already been to a city. If a player was you know what cave things our conforming ever the wanna go play basketball duke they're better. Got to sit out a year he didn't criticize largely for not being committed for being a team opera doing all this other stuff right would this big good career move this. They're an inherent difference though one of them is a key. And college one of them is an a goal this is their livelihood and we're talking about actual money ball. Wouldn't you believe somewhere for more security more years in a lot more money we will. Over the that the put to carry that is making that was that with the kids is there's the kid would be crushed right because there are mill opportunities for an eighty student athletes regardless of how much money they're making for the university. To be able to go and flowers they're able to go in get a little bit more exposure possible pencils and at ease the situation for the draft. But if the kid does islet. You mentioned Josh Jackson's possible example earlier on today right Josh Jackson's at you know I still love college bass I just don't feel like to use the right place in on the go to duke you. Hoard of people completely going out terms AD. Loyalty program goals of product name where's the loyalty there but with the coach it's the complete opposite direction there's nobody being brought in to say. If you're trying to preach loyalty and stay where you need to date there's just say it's hypocritical says Vick about the state of four guys that train. For just one time the equivalent to two trains for he's got a coach at three different he went about concert orders later got an export jobs and job hopper. At this point that it's a completely fair and all of a job operate on a multiple times each time though. At least according to him and his family it was a move well whether in light or in circumstances. Or in the bank account. Anybody at any profession would do the same thing I don't see why college basketball coaches are different or held to a different standard because. Oklahoma State because they if Obama I would back. All gathered their players know I believe. That's that's part of the reason no no I'm not an. It would like this is America you get the best thing you can get on the only people limited on what they can do the leads. Into another war. Next year Brad Underwood could lead and locking him in jail and know whoever wants next year if it take you comes open a fall Ron Underwood for taking that dobbs bet on the job. People would. Penalized for awarding more the athlete but we'll restate that the only people penalized for wanting a better regulation or the people that actually played games nobody. Just penalize everybody else is just for whatever he wants up to play Albert to Brad Underwood that your money man coming up next they shoot sure shot hall of fame story that's public email accounts as an excellent draft. Sixteen and sports. Meanwhile. Heat in the news. I've just been kind of an urgent. And horrifying news story cut aid all of you. To stop what you're doing I'm glad that I've got some good news for millions and potentially upsetting news. Yeah I goods rise witness news. Back and carried to Harris and Sean Lavin Dana highs learned. This a safe space as well go ahead and say that you'll not be judged. For your response. Today meanwhile the new as we have a stories from the Daily Mail. We could start the segment to shoot your shot hall of fame for people with. Just tremendous feeds people that go after and try to achieve big things maybe it works maybe it doesn't. But at least you took your shot listen to this gentleman. In his quest for love. And they allowed. Only to land in the jewels of a crock adopt Lido pool freely admits he's not so this month. How would you describe your right actions that. Stupidity. With a few drinks under he's built the eighteen year old was out twin Prius British backpack got psyche Paterson. Daring that he could die being to crow in fisted borders that in this file. He was kind of saying Iraq I can jump in the war says cook thank me but one did it. Chomping on these I'm trying to take him on that holy crap I'm going for sure. But he managed to fight back swinging with these other hand in that point. A punch and snapped my second hit and go to Stratton are. Let guys instead of being praised so defeat was in shock it was like a horror movie he'll be Scott the life. But he survived. And steal some recent. Think there will. Caring Cowen and none of those crop there. Are right. I punched across in this out at and the guy so the young gentleman. Likes this woman. Wants to win her affection. Decides the way to do that is the B Steve Irwin. It didn't shockingly enough when you jumped in the it's the crocodile infested waters. You get one album. All those gets pulled under has the strength tough fight back. Still doesn't win the affection but you know I'm is not going to be deterred from that he's gonna continue. To keep firing because shooters shoot. Boos at 610 sports dot com. Four pack of tickets to see the Missouri mavericks at the Silverstein and I sinners arena in their season finale April 2. I will hear failed shoot your shot stories. Where you thought you had a good approach it got you got a good plan. And it just didn't happen for you man it just didn't happen because this gentleman what it with the plane. Admitted plans dumb idiot is that a plane and you know I'm gonna do something daring dash to try to win her heart. It didn't work. Our boat DV said if you step in the snake pit gonna get bitten at the same the crocodile but it also was he with her was this a date that they went out on. Was this just a random girl he decides I think she was there. It was it was it was a bad actor she's. Unemployed I don't know why did you go back tracker anyway at cal cal boy back Acker but if he didn't know this girl intimate but that does. I just really cool term unemployed item. Benefit yeah I let you know the jobs the backpack like responsibilities I sent you are you were to work. Tiger Woods is back and back backer and in turn it on his that there isn't a backpack and the doctor. Man in a plot. Know this girl intimately wing or dating she wasn't my wife my sister my mom my daughter something like that. There's no way the common risk life and limb for somebody that I don't know what that ant with a wild and I'm saying like very few circumstances what I do. I risked life and limb hurt. A lot of I L golden after it's a five highs I think that's Michael Betty eyes deceive the crocodile. Which I could actually see happening. I'm going for how pullen hi first I appreciate it thank you go in and gusting before the crocodile and cut off secondly. What are. I think that I would be stuck in the crocodile that what would allow me to end up in that situation. Several different ways I think that you would want a good shot I think that you want a good picture with yourself on that's usually happens when somebody wants a clear and obvious to me in the Crockett knives a can sell these in the middle along. As you know so be bullet. He's heard argument after I'm done I'm watching that you don't like to be in this scenario. I believe this so. I could see myself. Near a lot of things as crocodiles and I you know weird and kind of guy. A lot of ex spy rest in peace Deaver when did determined to swing. On an honest working its way that. I did and I know my limitations in balance. And going and but waters slowly to impress somebody. It's breaking news media but I don't know Muslim Britain's news and then don't go near the water off and renewals and let him know about it breaking news for you this. This has been long understood on the show for it every stereotype if I don't know how Aslan at all. Group that that was you went to meet when we did the drive to apple I was terrible. I went first we can realize that Danny had taken nor shall large Chicago swim Lansing like that's what I don't years it was like that's why does the in the sport I would say Davey is even close to good does density I couldn't I can't do swimming in golf it's a little so deep Emmys and he laps both of us dammit I'm a horrendous swimmer but at least I had it at a couple years of early on track minutes a day you and I imagine you swim slow dale. I just aren't walking picket this all along we had to we had it was 100 meters. Hundred meters 5250. To the end of the pool that the the other side of the pool and that I think about after. 452 period to the battle that you want from wanted to pull it kind of felt like the people that went up begins. Woody Harrelson like me it don't like you think is an account isn't exactly. All of a sudden Woody Harrelson as you know I in light yet he had this isn't good for me but that's what happened to me I thought I had a chance at odds. Does blow it's much does it dry out that there's no way I mean acted. I kids. I could save myself that I think our our legal reasons we had satellite. That we did. They didn't think you'd look at seldom looked at me like yeah I'd say but who. Is pop quiz hotshot. At 610 sports your best shooter shot story. Bet didn't work out so hot for you to got to go and report back if they get to see the loser maverick of the Silverstein I considering other season finale on April 2 but first the pop was it nice. Famous they're here. The you're wasted. Lou meeting that's celebrating this gives you an what is indeed if you go to Google and oh yeah. But quiz brought to you by our friends and victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. If you know what that is column highs right now because number 6913576. 76 change throughout my guess I think it was tremor was the tremors that it. Gregg Marshall lost the yeah. Dana but it wasn't him or his team. That everybody is discussing from the weak in the pop quiz time that we'll tell you out there. A six day. And sports.