03/20 - 12 pm - Fear Is A Powerful Motivator

The Day Shift
Monday, March 20th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, the guys think KC could have been much bigger winners & Bink has a crazy theory that might hold up. 


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Somewhere. There weights. It's noon here. Hot seat. Midway point of the show though we got a couple hours left. It's got like. Couple things to take care of business wire that itself. Broke with. He does believe that's right. Let's opposite basics just 46 back here on the case. Google CEO will Walters and try to get some aboard the spree goes to include non. That's what Ferraro. Is free bird was read as jewels and Republican vote for a double. It was that he defeats. If you full season. Quite a little bit we'll we'll reform but big old Sonny let out a loft filmmaker gluten free in the big and then you get a big. We leader thing. I really I don't the pinnacle and pre integrated. Aspect he might not feeling so my guy Tucker do today who could go. I look at every time you talk off beer about that time he took it went factories from Boston stock goes whoever we talked about it on the area like I had a stomach or my wife about doctors this team. In both sides of the field looks like we might have to do your station by the way but there on the indeed via shots but. But from what it takes a look at them to let us know here it's just on Capitol Hill. As we like beer. Orders let's start off with the news that guzzle like you'd love it was like you know with the fifth. So I think. Good today don't ask today announcing he would make cards over the royals fifth starter Chris Young Travis Ford they'll start the season and the bowl. As top. I just builds because everything worked out exactly like you should've but because outlets not feed on Chris Young. Dean at this dog. They ask is why I'm I'm giddy about this. Information or news that just broke here Chris Young by the way too. Point 13 Horry in spring acorns and seven point threes it. This wouldn't say when it extolled the job. Suspect. He wasn't like who fired obviously that would so he's been pretty. But still Albuquerque Miguel public forgive 514 man. All applaud them and I am happy that this what were. Was via what does that mean that story quotation I just was ever Libya and and I'll only come across the Christian hater would. Isn't like he was it in the world Bashir he's got to look like you do you feel he was to get off that. Chris young and his mom but I can't control it and six and why you like it a lot and he's just got child bearing hips and wait I don't. Like it I'm not what scored twenty. Bills together dogs athlete and a man and you talk about after he is an enormous vision was fiscal quarter. Ten and Mac but having athlete that's actually built its keyword you probably don't appreciate your personal finance it I don't know but I'm sorry I'm sorry to British. Oh. The owner likes. Hey you still dancing boys are headed the sweet sixteen year in Kansas City in 1970 wins over Michigan State that I will actually this course made that. I need to seventy over mr. save around thirty to jail now facing Purdue this Thursday Iraqi birdies and no back. And. It's best that Kansas jayhawk basketball team and its legacy for the rest. Of this tournament. And the crown right now animate it that's it it's a trophy right now. You had so many guys play at a high level this is skating. It wasn't even like they were flawless it wasn't like it played a perfect game. There are volatile bad sat there were eight. Which know what though he that a typical boss of bad shots. How many special plays to Josh Jackson. I mean we got speed. Abby you've been dumped you know people. Yesterday probably ought to grab the way it started eight games knocking down threes it'd by the way free Mason. Well the top ten is our national player of the year the type of game that he had over their plant like Elaine it looked as I know that people. Wolf will bite that we talk about it today get up a nominal game. Yesterday gets busy and state and duke big play like that against their upcoming opponents. It's Iraq. The Canadiens beat Phil so happy as Michigan State is known for being in Michigan State treatable. Security physical effort to get their faith. It keeps us what they needed to that are river back the years ago in the holy season it was early season tournaments and bill syllables talking machine spaces tentative or. They walked right by you look at that you like they're going to beat you. That's when it gets to a team win over Michigan State. I'm sure makes bill so happy you know. Physically team is. From our conversation earlier by the way no how much pride you have in the big twelve you want to everything fires all over there. In the big twelve TCU's side chairs Danzig via fateful picture of the week. And OS use Garrett and the big twelve player of the week for a big twelve days ago in lower corporate culture and it will be able. It is haven't accomplished probably them to people based on a bright general basically is an SEC gaffe that's right. Roll broad anti. The big split. Because gonna get known as or the desserts are the Missouri shirt on these are all world mr. Well last figure in the big twelve we'll just go ahead and get this in no way case dates season coming to an end to seven you want. 65 loss to the Cincinnati Bearcats. What is a fair catch by the way. I don't know the definition as. From what fed up for you guys talk like Casey not be good baffle. This is not bad at basketball sows so it still expect that she'll feel know what it considers it a case say is it any good at basketball. It's what I told you last week. Soldier last that they will win the play games but did a matchup to get says that he wasn't happening says that is too good in the pulse. It's not that common so I was surprised by Cincinnati. Winning a game because I called that out on the radio last week speak that's if you thought this is that while it. Related to. Actually had he stayed Evert yeah Australia Canada and K state a couple of I believe in the wild kids. Believe that more women he's going to. A beleaguered Bruce Weber. Here. Hey yeah is got to get over that they've got nothing to be to. Basic mission not to complain because their losses it's just that it's good ball we just think about a man Bob Huggins. Sweet sixteen deal and sweet sixteen for more sweet sixteen Britain and would never coming. A bad week it fairly bare that is they climbing mammal. In southeast Asia. And as we've been wrong. Please Beverly. In also have evidence that today Africa today also live in Cincinnati. The NC in north coast there. I guess maybe your kids. It looks like. Pick up paper in Iraq through a fair all have like a weird love triangle and there you go here's what happened. To the bearcats built north north doses restate your kids. I guess he. On the configurable there one you know tip of the cap for a quick to Jason Cox. He won the 197. Pound national championship on Saturday night incidentally wrestling championship. Is the first Mizuho wrestlers to win three. It's so good job jade fox your call he ran. We're the bronze at Rio games that there's been wet seal the UST. We will see is that we've had not had delight no idea saying. Those kind of take you lose the box a little bit. We're gonna make money. The good point he would be addressed all the remain with the actually he said the NCAA level Olympics. We think about just think about him and in an hour ago somebody when he gets them on the grounds he wrestles with a higher level to what we'll face I don't know what he's like punching. But man they gave you today and gone. But let's see him win. In and they would you. Yes I'm not almost Lewis. Mount a lot of holes of the significant demand is gonna bring money your rest. W WP get a reasonably busy busy entertaining we go when something else liberals are locked what's at WWE. Here we need to make some money that wasn't. Just making great money and we'll see DR us has said that it all the sudden what else is it. I'm just saying there's still like a professional level for them to arrest a lot of it is still you know. Plea in the Olympics and wrestled the Olympics. Or other national events that he could wrestling but you're right there's no high profile. You know. Paid eight the end of that tunnel earliest so we'll fight for fight here SC. We'll you've got guys only illegal alien Ali and I liked her role through that and I think that's what's with he has those big government. He's in the octagon if you could take to put your two before give somebody newsroom current what do you have few fighters perform college wrestlers. They've got the skill to pay the bills amount. Let's see here guys quarterfinals of the CBI to work on tap today big to hurt or. I you have Casey in Wyoming that tipped off around 8 o'clock. And catch set arm through why Leo dot com GO WYO dot com. Cowboys eight point favorites over the careers. Are you nervous. What I look at that editor with the real question seed and that made him nervous he said that the New Orleans is a little bit that he does. And now all of sudden you start to abilities are so we're sort of don't why did just that woman but it was it what you did a ports that you want. This was altered to what are you talking on Twitter this game takes on what rice who he felt valley. Who else was. You see George Washington coastal Carolina. In little Loyola Maryland. Pro barn burner. I CBI bracket still pretty clean is there. What liberty a party at least you see yah right F went up. And down on credit to them holders. Admirably and all so we'll stay out those. Championship the best of three by the way. Fish itself. Championship in the best of three. Is that true champion but that's how they get one true champion that's. I don't on their last does Olympics while he has been usual blows yet they'll show all of them. He championship series will be obvious he has in you. Quarterfinal action tonight semi finals will be on Wednesday. March 27 through the 31 is. Gurus and grew up love. I know you guys are excited this is over I'm ecstatic that it's finally over. Fox forces takeaways are reporting that the NFL and the FBI yet that FBI. Have recovered the stolen Jersey from Tom Brady's locker after the Easter bowl beat Jersey. Which is valued at nearly a half million dollars was recovered in Mexico. Allegedly stolen by a in a credential member of the international me. There's also reports that possibly the same exact pick right. I'd have to go for someone from Von Miller in the suitable prize for work credentialed member. Sure that's can be revoked after failing international media is of course lots else. Mean. Says are they could get arrested for this. Once they found out who actually had was they found that jerseys. And new head possession of them. And they figured out in traced back to what actually happened is that person getting lots of behind us. Don't know the answer to that Anderson be interesting. Don't know he'll be interest. By the way Tex I'm saying in Brussels was to JD Cox's argument tragically inside linebacker with their. You liberals think like the Mary Odom should take him. They can do it rewards bad. Pauses things in my my feet yards record as an IT bracket for the I don't. TCU had a good win yeah. He's to have the vote out even Elizabeth in the in here you buy your NCAA women's bracket of Lego and one of those. I did seem assorted laws. Yesterday. For the late sixty Austin Knowles. Couldn't I couldn't keep in turn the ball over the lady tiger on the call waiting I just it's just Missouri Tigers when we. Know a lot of teams would Russia be pretty high grosses. I don't know why he knows on this beer company. Lastly if you can't beat these favorites here cycles ago you know this. Year round release about the white shocking or a big favorite fears come from Annapolis. Where is going to be as well again. I think the ones they will I. Isn't it time a year foreigner. And we get. Out last. It saves up all your arm for us. I'll be here because that is happy trip. Finally back finally got a week to be happy at least for it and say well. Hockey game. If Florida. Got to look at our hockey we're guessing toasted ravioli on the hill at. Well go ahead of those of the game's going to be so much fun. Bring ample landing. Plug and shoot for got there I didn't look not as you. We need to can't we bring home some real barbecue to pick up. Through these before Kansas City had a few ribs right we don't you love singles players who knows whatever. They just cut the big part corporate donors it let's. It's gotten all the good part of law I updated. I never forget. I don't say it was opening day last year. Was opening day last year. Against the Mets. It's what Plato no but I think. On. To the if if if that was the story that would more on the an idol I know they played the meant them trying to figure that was the remote we did. Words that cardinals and walked up to us looking for Bob does the job whatever game he wanted to he's the best deal is different in both the ability to do don't want these fast. That happens a lot actually he was this. At you like your success of last. I'd like or it was quite forces while they were not. I don't waited patient medics especially here cougars. Oregon is number I don't acted now where it's weird numbers and boards gossip. What what we didn't give seems to get through in the six fax apparently Shaquille O'Neal thinks the world is flat and I don't officers he he's nasty about it. Gotta be a bit right is that. He's nasty. I think the whole mess that he was trying to tell a body was don't believe everything you read a book yelled. I read no books that. The world is around it. That was certain things you read the book. Maybe I'm not saying this but what motivation would the government. Keep the world being flat secrets. What about the images from space but. It wasn't a note shows the world is. Lacked the motivation to cover that up that is true and he is actually out of we have obviously got some space they show what it looks. And we're talking about that brought us. And I now you're telling me it is urges that flag we dragged or anything that matters and partly that's awesome 360 degree. Boss Jack. We trust. Trichet reformer. And yes actionable. If he had said poll who would this is huge breaking news by the way big big time stuff. Directors are on your side doing it and sister to a silently okay huge breaking news on the other side. According to Chelsea breaking news views on the other side. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Dismissal of these problems. Music back. You fill up the slack. And everything you know at a high you just applicable beard looked right in the greenback since the sex and what would you call girls. And women were forward. In his life to save he's mornings and then Travis tells under threat she did you could say that us were to break up. Or about their program and the rest. Billy boat. Yeah I'm more cars and particularly better whose complaints ability. Of the things really would be big news. Oh my goodness people wait anymore. I know they've been greens he likes round three lengthy commercial break for the Davis racing as a result. Big time breaking news this being reported by news things sports' Tim Tebow. Has been assigned to the Columbia fireflies the Mets will be a they'll call. I think Tim could play in the Florida peaceful. And number eight. They. You all the biggest supporter of him teeple on this show no one really they could only. Between new line when he does like. That you thought. There waiting to get the issue of the in the mail. It's officially over. He has understand he's got some odd he's in low. IQ he's not in the database we have. Simply put you don't I would love that I would love of Jesus people. It's a great team run professionally. Be great spot for people I think to be eager to be huge split ticket thing. And and for a lack flatter a trooper text in the station. Seers career. That makes him great argument. Office. Aren't as fine a researcher here are some sort of like putting I'm missing here about. National security and everyone finding out there earth does not round it's flat like. I keep that a secret. I know what you alone in this like those picture shows east urged the difference. Public with things are those commitment Photoshop in Ulster it's a pitch of some big flat area. So it's around us a snapshot filter a mix of what Graham. Being up whose great almighty. So wait now on the record we have how many guys talk about the walls lab got. Tyreke had started this about a month ago. Been sagged in and it sounds like it was one other guy and I'm assuming Tom Cruise thinks the world why he's crazy. Wearing Marshall everybody thinks she's crazy bet she's. It would give props to. Do you possibly we go basically did something on top deals mauled the weekends and I'm on demand is excited to go to courage to. Alley com advise everybody go to six sports dot com. Check out his latest in terms of talking about mock drafts are you posted Torres dealers like you linked on the terrorist mailers are oracle and his mock draft and the Tennessee star also. Can't. Let beat you pay here in there couldn't. Well obviously went on touching yourself for the board the the it's you do it as part of the these boys you'll all. You talked about the quarterback it's. An out but those doubles. The port I. I just think this is the instinct. I put the ball velocity into fuel into the welcome home son home sixty miles an hour. Watson by the leaking the 49. That are ringing endorsement he's gonna lead intervals. Chicks dig ball velocity another. In other news the Kwanzaa mark and press conference where he's going to be introduces our culture is to date as at 4 o'clock 4 o'clock 4 o'clock today 4 o'clock today. Not the republic days removed from the higher you Soledad about the higher. The eight initially like twelve. Actually a bit about four hours later refund all be borders that seat out wasn't so great about it but damn when seed us are thinking about Porter and stuff like abilities at. Really buying into it to feel good about it now. About Brett Edwards as a reminder that in on the act a little bit but in Sweden in the pock. Illinois Missouri come and Internet suite in a pot. It must honestly it is I'll get to three million grant he couldn't bring Michael Porter with and so. We don't at this point Tom we don't know it was a Martin's hand. No we don't get it done nothing nothing is saying is that status nothing's changed over the weekend it. Nothing assays in regards to that in terms of all if he doesn't buy it. Quads. You get beat Portland and if we do we put this to bed by. I've heard Kong's our effort quarrels on its rounds this time we're world like as a team were worded runs the city where grown it is does your confusing the hell he knows he's what I see this would mean and ready for game. Did when Purdue beat Kansas. Pounds or more evidence comes a Marta perjury in threes than 94 and sweet 6829 points against Kansas. Hand. That was the big dull the big dull Glenn Robinson as the guillotine was going off. Call me. How about this from the yet Tex and I don't know this is true or not but Michael Porter was that power like this week. He's got a realistic. It was ordered tequila export. Shopping in Columbia. He needs Shakespeare's. As reported random things now the cynical you know we said according to the tax is only was it taken this test is speculation to really lightly. Politics like symptoms right. We just are making wild allegations incredibly the tax. Yeah well you go to the historical website supporting George excellent. Michael Porter junior responded you know that is crucial unedited text today according to the nine when the. Sometimes takes on rates and those that are. There's been a lot of there's been a lot of controversial. Thought you're wrong as well. Eric Hosmer was. Team in the game with somebody. And greens. Which game. There was a lakers game he always with LA we can for the Alabama might have a formal Faulk former foreign. Despite data if he doesn't like I am in big deal Maynard puzzling me slugger. Will speculation around. I saw there have been some who's been texting and said that baseball. Eric Posner. And Casey MacDonald hope post on there and Seagram page that they were at the lakers game Blake went to their disagreements on on the at NC I did as well it's in there it's in this story. There. So it's and then I don't know I didn't. That's just what the texture was telling I'm not have another snap faces another I don't get on and I'm not I'm not I'm not on its chance to have these I'm not own yeah. Amok is Graham I'm not an instant access to figure WikiLeaks this by now. They have been all over. Natalie that they have Tom Brady's Jersey. Now. Here we are twenty years later we've known Lucia. So. All right the way that being shut down with the NCAA tournament this past weekend and it I think is Casey winning when he comes to the regional. From a economic standpoint or not we get to that and. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. He's really. From the. She'll be the fifth then yeah he's right back in the days yeah. What did cold. Somebody can win a voucher good for two tickets to any sort average regular season home. And of course Colbert is. In super. Instantly. Well the deal comes to grant from ball did not see anything. And I get agreement made at them out of work a Specter says it's fair it's true you just don't know how to work and two fronts. It is opening act civilly. Similar. Look this up. Is we don't use and yet I feel over there and step race neither wants by. Leo well these Porter. Hello. I wonder what these kids do nowadays. At at at at at a write down. I think. Dictated city it was the perfect scenario. For the city to to have four regional. But I think the pick the city overall still wins from this perspective Brinkley. The team that is going to be the biggest draw in this region in this area is a Kansas Jayhawks. Their role to the final four comes to Kansas City and they took care of their business this past week. So I think you went from their perspective KU fans are gonna come out in full force on Thursday and Thursday night and they're getting money that will be made in power without question. The downside. To the opening rounds of the NCAA turn. Is that the team that you wanted to get through the opening weekend indicated city and be apart this regional Iowa State they did not take care business they lost to Purdue. We know how Iowa State Cyclones fans role. They come out in full force they come to Kansas City and they wanna take over the city it was that all their money the more we're going to be at no of the global Thursday. We would of loved. For I will state fans to be in attendance because. They like to have fun and they'll stay for the entire week it. From that perspective. Kansas City lost now. Because when it comes to the hotel rooms. There were going to be jam packed for the I was they cycle fans now you're dependent on or do you national holiday travel now you. A dependent on Michigan. Fans traveling at Kansas City I don't anticipate me or contains traveling all the way to exit as the Aussie. So from that perspectives but if you're Orton fan agency you know what I think my team is actually got a great shot at getting to the final four. Go to waiting on the waiting on Phoenix you're waiting a Phoenix are waiting on Phoenix and the final four gonna save you money for that as Apple's becoming. To this. I think so but here it may still the city still wins these teens is it it's usually in this isn't his turn the center of the image of the cyclical quick. Are touched off regional regional is the second awkward if they do is here's the deal Kansas is still going to be great it's going to be fun. But then again Kansas scenes of the unity having an approach that is the state fans would have checked in Wednesday. Inhabited the power and light all the Thursday they would have been on their McCain's experience I mean some of the will of course. Welcome to go to war games I told my time. What's the it's game time 839840 silica. The game day it's almost scheduled for Thursday night's game teams equally basically tip like eight there. Hello Ernie Ford sold in the go to work go to the tournament on this workaday. Then later that night and essentially gaming Google back in and what you do Friday go back to work. I was state fans were state here the whole time that Kansas fans staters could be some Kansas Maine's democratic year in check in the hotels loved his fans. Here. That an oval pork. Most drive home stay in the and go to games mobile brings a lot of people. In my little hole getting bounced by Michigan. Mobile has a bigger fan base so stay in with Kansas it's great you're gonna make money. But if he would Kansas I was stay in bull bull you're spending money. It be three times the amount of people that. Again I don't know how many people were gonna gonna bring to giving more which received the big twelve tournament from west Virginian Baylor and TCU sure they're gonna have more of those fans may be Michigan for eons. Or on the bandwagon at this point it will be down here Brad because I think the town loses out that I was the global about it. Those would've been big draws for the series and they would have counted on for extra revenue Q this is great and I'm sure there beer maximum will be staying in hotels. There could be near as fool I was Dayton locals here. Have those databases in Kansas City would imperfect it's nice we've just earlier to Iran is still great and economic impact for the city I just that you could have been much better. And you keep tabs and BK do anything about that but again who's gonna stay here Friday. State pay a price figured party would lose its what they do. About their tickets. But there tickets for the weekend that saw the sediment so so so for the betterment of the city. The best case scenario in terms of a match up come Saturday is one. KU verse is this right. Oprah Saturday afternoon best case she mission Kenya yup it would have been too Yule. That would in the best case scenario. Even offered economic impact kill you would have been a winner Kansas or state and Ohio State fans who stayed here all week into. Drunken beer state Euro tales spit many restaurants. Would have done that in the Nelson Friday kids Vince went to work stay in their own houses noble pork in combat the game. But is that for pure economic impact it could have been but it's still great week of this regional kids and impart about that. I'm just looking at the grand scheme of things I think it could have been better. You can't control those things but it would have been nice a look at Memphis. North Carolina been and will be coming into world. So used to delay in Seoul Kentucky they win. They're good traveling fan bases. Now in LA and Memphis level horrible. Best of regional as ball. Then. Literally hear the tip of his big bow breeds though. By that he shipping and handling. It. They are they devote their costs. I'd the final cold word is. In C double. In C double that is the final Cold War. Let's go all the number six caller number six the 913 byes to 67610. All the number six. If you know all three cold ward did receive that culture that for two tickets to eighty was soaring mavericks regular season home game. Eight did you have. Yet did you did you tweet and I told cough and the bought their first victory of the while they got. Over the weekend. That it highlights earlier by Don OJ Simpson denies it and so. Subtle. The DK just 37 yards when that it. All in net badly you know house. Eyes immediately three just he's lasts he was with us last week he'd do everything get the win though. It's. My way there is pictures of Robert Kraft who recently won a little trip with president trump. He stepped off Air Force One wearing a pair of Air Force One. And Robert Kraft and style like that. Paul yea he's yeah he's ever get him he's been to the parties like Jaycee you know that's true stay dry and it got IRA comfy shoes were his age Iran by the way your day in the two forks four to it's an important and that's the real. I call the number six not want to read fisons it 76 in color number six. No all three told lowers it received about certificate to ticket to innings or mavericks regular season home. Basically came Mobil one of the craziest. I guess conspiracy theories last week. Now he believes a 100%. It is on something we get to that. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. I am. Gradually so as to deals in Kansas City yeah yeah he wanted to do was mapped it. And maybe there's a lot more hockey means. That most of that would expect. Just think how many people if what does this right away why else of that and David bosses over the park. Wanted them Missouri mavericks up that we after the tickets tons meaning I mean it went right away on commodities. So many people saw him in sports reported they would see the mayor will. Els Els to mean is it hard to be here newsroom pressure pressure. I Kimberly Wheeler. Actually going to. I'm not gonna agree with you on any of this. But I can't believe we're gonna go back to this again it's a start last week. You came out with a crazy conspiracy theory in regards to Michigan basketball and it has to do wit. The biggest airplane crash. We call the tragedy is actually did take off or take off to try to get those things usually don't in the well. Yup got to be fired or something happening on the point so so tech is so so so they did take off and aborted eight quickly. Arm. And it was a crash landing and you say that that is the inspiration. Ford this phenomenal one that they'd been on over the last two weeks. Toward a bit against a team that says live and on house money employ an announcement. Rolled right through the big internal and after that took care of Oklahoma State. In the tournament. It was close game anything anyone. Del mobile the number two seed. No Michigan finds themselves in Kansas City to face organ would you be surprised at all if Michigan does an advanced repairs organ. Playing first theory at all. In face of the jail. Usually gives the higher power and just just just just from a strict. And all's I think that Michigan. Is going to be for them. Blood as nothing to do with inspired keenly now as and that it would get pushed that. That that we template to point British near miss me to note Adam. You see the playing. OK number normally again. They had just taken off new and some turbulent air required them to land again. We were barely out of those things don't into Horry and the safe zone and will hold its a this has dealt a little loose with the term plane crash okay was then. That was a and I tell it straight just Billy flatten out into the field they'd take all on the eighth inning they aborted the they have able to take off came down another landing gear out and it's like here in the mail that were already on the plane. A us. Scary course was in inspired him. How many people died and went her nobody did that's that's great news about it I mean fortunately nobody die hard to say in that. When I hear the word plane crash. This typical plane crashed nestled high grass oh. Guilty as the plane dress. Points and currently on its belly intuitive feel if I get a flat tire my truck I don't really realistic Dioner I would like in the ditch and ran it crashed in a card. Just try to go so what are sort of the engines were caught fire in the big fire on the plane would be to crash then is it didn't bother her full fuel. Same excellence and that's an emergency landing merchant and whatever is. Tell you it's her word holiday very dramatic emergency is it was very dramatic as a man who knew what they're playing with house money. Or Adam they're playing on fire the plane inspired. In that battle and what team in the field at the same experience in Michigan. Don't mean the but against the wolverines I realize that anytime I downplay one your stupid half currently doing and it always comes true Jan Williams of these PNC in the same thing since Gerry Boyle says it's necessary Williams. This is not eight dogs they might be inspired. To date date date might of he cheated death they might be coming together just based awful it is a car. To get John Beilein to their Sid he hit him is super soaker. The water girl in the locker room this is having fun that's an enforceable between Beilein between horrible. Yeah on the phone outlets on the emailed all rams like set their coach Spencer coached. I knew was there composers like I looked at him like adamant her coach under the super soaker written in the locker room like. Did you Bill Self doing and I know the guy has now on but I cannot see Bill Self running and it in the locker room with a super soaker no. I didn't see it felt like a bossy years. Homeland is Michigan now appallingly inspired team I know and I'll mind my heart goes out to those kids that were involved in that. That scary scary emergency land still just look at abstract things on your breath Sylvia logistic picture. Put the team had a skier on the plane was inspiring Josh Jackson. Bill still stalled sales channels train wreck life. The fear Bill Self. What's inspiring West Virginia. Cold. John Denver what's inspiring. The Kentucky Wildcats. Cousins. When more awful. They were garbage. Is waiting entering this a fumble game what's inspiring or. Phil Knight. Yes we go Phil wanted to do. But my just Palin money. Make it to the final four Marco chose a little shadow. What's aspirant Purdue. It's a great question I don't know. Don't know it's inspiring Purdue. Little piece in Michigan and other of what it's like baby who are. It's as they run the show it was the answer. At the top BO Ron Joyce is our studio city kid if he's not like he's like babies legal bat right before it. Kamal you know like and then the smell on a new father if you that the congressman. A spokesman like not powder powders and welcome your room. You can talk to me. Asked you know I have packed in this area arraignments this problem Robert. Rod that is got a pretty Obama back duties. While softness touch and together at them. I got Joseph like guarantee it'll tell us is on the plane. EB figure a different story. A much got them down sliding off. So late so technically. Debts not crash at all they'll take our. It includes Kelly. Iran is playing for the regular series Miller do it and I drew a reason to expect it was right there for you Michigan. We have two brackets and right for you the team had that experience of neared. Wolverines are playing and then. The Sosa so he cheated. Social. What do you don't. Odalis a it's a they play final destination. So. I would bigger obviously that's all I'm. I bad luck he cheated death warrant is coming back for your Michigan Wolverines you truly believed this theory right. You truly believe it I do. So argue well at a slower flatter her theory but it's the theory all right so are you willing to put a rack of ribs on missed in the wind and asked him. We think about that hit me of about twenty minutes. I. If you look at what you don't know like like yeah. And putting it to say you don't although immensely high twenty minutes tight little and twenty minutes I don't marriage is no better. We intend to process things you still jump in the thing. You look before you leap. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio.