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On the shelves today I just really love their top filled the respective coming I mean I know you tried to. Saying that I smell like. Baby. It's just not true I did change a diaper this morning. But there was no proof evolved I. Straight number one. So if I smell like baby. Herein may be maybe that's the case you were blue jeans T scan style into yes the season damaged and he's the best day yet horrible little bleak and tiny little love takes that final out it is it's terrific to have you heard on the shelves since it. The board last week as a last among the ambulance when I'm told is out of I don't drug shows your last week. There may be guilty. I'll forget how little you can do that we directly go out and everybody were the top of it on the front of the ticket. That's it runs here all his deepest fears of those till I asked her radio right now and he opened up you told you were big inspiration doom we're running out of middle reducing debt with the are you and I did not you'll him ribs I sit and you still. President made the bit that I'm not a lot like we go like outlets it was what was the we did make of it never I was titled the last week broke refresh my memory. When you win. Well big was trying to push just to make of it does all is well it gives you status right but I didn't believe it I was like a yeah I guess over the united seated. I did not see the editor. I tote summation to make. Him a bit like Edsel just private loan institution. I did all know and I mean isn't easy reads I did as I sale I don't know about them. He's got to feel. And I think you. You're you're gonna do today is cute these details Vegas at them as the favorite I know what Vegas be it but I just didn't feel like I felt like everyone was saying alternate error I was gonna say Minnesota Duluth Minnesota Duluth and I didn't like about the don't know that because he's too do's and wanna bet either. It's also bad you won on the one. It. That's an elegant three slabs on me but the lord knew I didn't need them trees. Whitney. Probably some K. Speaking of I think maybe crisscrossed the navy's high lottery pick specifically itchy he kills Al the student. Went for you know he's he's picture and as you biology not jail odd that hate is when a knee. No need to hate on here. Details. Hi Gail gross no it's not. I just hate justice it doesn't it smell it as it amid a snow remains. It's got even in my top five leafy greens it's not only spit usually at its rate to hit it costs then uses all of these policies are you get your remains. I like I urge. Every striving crisis otter let us commanders on the Dalai butter lettuce if it's it's irregular you can get this at your establishment in your grocers. You know programs I'll. Butter lettuce wrong detect this and repent mentally butter and I wanna see I wanna go on line a seed packages make. What can I just go get some greatly it is maybe get some Cahill is still some butter and third lettuce that was expect tonight. Wells back on in the flag moment here. Just turn iceberg lettuce to. I'd. Probably year. What issue has been your observations here all of the NC double its army in the opening. Opening week. Slow. I think Saturday morning we talked about this a little bit what we have before we did assume he's generally it is definitely an. It's Saturday night or Friday whatever that night so maybe we did the Saturday night estimate. That. Purdue Iowa State game probably about the lands. Whenever whenever Iowa State got it down like thirteen. Man. That was like what the turn and almost Saturday yet that's what like the tournament is about like that that moment. Both teams going back he started to what's really good basketball. Iowa State was comment. They kept still went Montae Morse is mom they could soon be easily needs today it. Bank of more like. That what does that that night Watson's name game. Was a lot of I've enjoyed the tournament I think even at a mixture of votes it I think he gat still the teams that people wanna watch you got match ups. So I I've enjoyed determined. I remember. You know on the defense of those those therefore I remember Sunday morning sending out the tweet. As it I know this may be we. But god I hope Louisville beats me executed. Because I do not like commitment for kids. Outlook Mexican out of your outlook pilots I've addressed their. Not politically correct by the way that is it is a plane crashed my wife keeps. Key to getting on my bet that it's not playing craze that's it ahead of where the protesters. Did you see that playing the way it was land on the grant. At that they constitute a credit expired team but back to the tape like I. I'd I would. I would much rather play Louisville if funky it is then Michigan mr. Cain is a problem I mean is. Out problem I. I don't know who landed guarding. I don't know. I'm the world's it is a problem if they did admit that their pulse our problems. Unopposed there's a problem and it back to easily be game which made it look this isn't without. And last year yet a quick one ask here. And that a kid can go off the dribble and he can shoot and a lot of times they'll put the the Wilson case that the five. He definitely and indeed this is a game we're unique Carlton brag goose yes. I've been a complete no show pretty much for the whole season got elected to kids in college but he's been a notion. And you would have to depend on him because he's probably more equipped to guard bigs like that but I am I had an. I know they got to be produced. Would be fruitful Oregon like it if they if they played him in organs a tough matchup but not like those boys. And I mean they like and an asset this Michigan reminds the even though they're seventy. Like the way they're playing right now they remind me of Iowa State announced there. Like they're bigger. I think they shoot it better I think they have more capable guys to shoot the reason Iowa State they went eleven. For fourteen in the second half we get to Oklahoma State Oklahoma State scored ninety points they made eleven threes in the second man play. A lot of what does he base it. Almaty I think that Michigan is a clear problem they'd they'd be our problem. Is Derek wall is playing out of his mind yet and he's he's planet is oh he's one of the best point guards in the country and I'm not trying to slight gains. So Kansas can definitely could be on the mission gets a 74 rings they've not been consistent but. You hate going against teams in the tournament benefit then have shot makers. And and in slid off a runway had been inspired ever since them and the destiny thing and it is silly but the death the day like they've got some sort of confidence factor that meant go through the victim tournament and this head coach shooed people super soaker in the locker knows that was beautiful. It looked that far until that's addressed now will address Purdue's you know those that don't ask answer it let's address the task at hand. Think that people are slightly Purdue I think that it reads we need to we need a double what I'm saying is I don't think Purdue's good beat Kansas. Rather than they just like 01 right what did that going to be viewed at David because I don't think I know it that they should be slide like well why would people what web site does not is a they don't have a chance. Mean the big ticket buys wanna give and give the big (%expletive) a respect now right they want the dates in yields wanna get a national player of the year candidate just like Mason. Is a Boston's by the way was warned 200 in Atlanta its latest Lucas. If I noticed this in the top level one only shot at beating Purdue what we got right now is landed Lucas ought to Jeff until slide. Because if you think they call to brag on somewhat ill inning happened. I'm that did it happen and I say and that McHale swarming team beat Kansas died so he's not only did though either rye and I'm. The hawks cute they play a lot they play but I don't he doesn't play big minutes Ed. A C or disrespect Purdue I'm not I'm not saying that I'm going to disrespect Purdue's they've got they've got a national player of the year candidate. As Mets is as I said I don't like that it costs against the he darted Carson edwards' legacy and I. I don't as much as I don't like the matchup for Kansas would Michigan I don't like the Mets were produced if on the Purdue for Africa it is and and even though their really big day oddly don't rebound well over the course of the year did not athletic. No they're not and they're not they have got that that's produced problems they're not athletic enough to really stayed near with. With Kansas slightly different at thirteen rebounds a game right and it will six different styles make for different fights. If they busted up the make it ugly did you give the scene yet they do day it. Good guy wants Iowa staple their head out. The news they'd pick that not those guards they could not stop them for doing anything. Eight and Iowa State didn't shoot the ball very well throughout but they eventually won was I was they got and they and they may yet that they had a twenty point lead that they his bodily can't stave off fox. I just. Like app I would say a shot meters. Like if Kansas lost this game and we're tomba has that almost got does that look at this team is not any space shocked. I would much shocked meter would be like a 78. And it he would like I don't look at this Kansas team isn't nervous tee there have been other teams that they could nervous and I would argue about what Kansas this week it. I think they work to. Like at the start of those games I swear frank was gonna score forty and half. I mean I mean he was 22 and they want it won going away and I don't think there's shots let's let great not the labor. Like at times. Defensively and it is if things of that nature. Put. Reduce got to score 75. Like Kansas is Kansas that they've shown this year why I loved this team much more than I have and other teams they typically. And off its its corset and I Escude they charitable and around. Can state plays physical or endeavors crystal lake early human herded on a list of all new change diapers but. He also talked a couple years ago beating the year Michigan State is we want to play Justine you walk and they look YouTube for the gamely to beat. Look at again physically be Judy they were muscled out trying to bully around in Kansas. Would intimidate whatsoever the society tell us a Bill Self was once. And this man like they're gonna have a and and I like you said the size are they going to are they going to be willing to put pause and someone again in at the same time for its intimate. Because Dylan when they put them and I know I'm weird I do this I've watched her two games over the Lance. 24 hours. They generally have like a high low thing they don't put so wanna get in the post are they willing to take its it to panics wanna get heavily guard jets Jackson. On the on the off on the deep into the for extended minutes yeah I don't think that they're willing to take that chance so I don't know if they're gonna play those two bigs together at the same time for extended minutes. But their guards are gonna have a problem. Like I I I will predict this I'd thinks he is going to get off. Why I think McConnell is going to have a big game this matchup is. Like even he has a distinct foot speed advantage against the decode. Back him kids listening the shooter there he has that the state. Foot speed advantage over the cute like I thinks he's going to have a huge game and his wit I would be shocked to a like 78 in Kansas loss this case. Purdue beat Michigan State twice this year also lost the Michigan. Michigan had their number 11 of those in the big in Big Ten tournament misses plan. Really good basketball right now Michigan to meet in this in this specific to bring him twice since there were 25 Michigan it in this specific region. Michigan polls the biggest threat problem I think it's I think the big thing with Kansas if you're playing Kansas you've got a school work. It's as you said it's not electable Marguerite they turned it over but put ninety. They Michigan State acute does make the same amount victories. And mission is they went a lot may twelfth freak those gains may fourteenth. When ninety to seventy we've watched them had bad offensive night missed free throws. It's still put up eighty and the other reason why I don't think Purdue these Kansas. Is I just don't think the Purdue makes an amateur shots. To stay yes to stay with like did you watch the Iowa State game in it was insane it's the problem would not double team was not double teaming swan. Like they don't have enough shooters out there that is Dakota Mathias he's he's he's a guy you gotta watch. They got like. He is really the only guy he got a flu almost I was. It was an honor he's got this filling but the other guys you can. You can help me here at Iowa State stunned at the Internet for that yes that they just can't they just kept. Latins wanted to go 101 number. And it was yes it was like someone come and make someone else beats. And I don't think Bill Self is just going to let him back landed Lucas. It Colby who I think will be giving big minutes in this game but how would not be surprised if Colby yeah it's called off the good offers over. In this game. Detonated just out. I don't even listen to think about I just they took arts one. I think they would they would they're gonna play him more and he's played better defensively Carlton is yes I don't know what's of epic. We don't like the way Brad Underwood left Oklahoma State. But did he make the right choice we address both next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pity tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Thanks Ryan did you personally Bruntlett. Possibility that it. Brian you know he's he's pretty pretty 9%. Of the U. It is an area than most of us. Kissed him present deal like our little. You don't simply isn't all night it. Project big everywhere without a Maryland semi came in for a write and produce it slid and gospel to. Tonight syphilis that. I can't wrap up. Angry guy Ruben Foster had a dinner with the bears last night and figured you'd like to know that. Where that was the nursing staff there was rumors. And things are gonna hold against it would have no idea. Put him idea if he can become mine told me he's like your body else deeply for doctors. You leave it did last week. And so first period I like to believe that normal people just waited out we're. I'm not normal obviously been fostered and especially if especially in that scenario kind of like a job. It is a neat to still going to be picked them copy and he didn't you lest we would be on standards we set here certainly didn't know they can go forward what it would say when you pick it's okay. I'm outward about you can sum of its elected before you Dixon we're about. Deion Sanders you know he's got a drop below for the. Bill. And I saw us on the 27 or any sport an age where every kill you tribute to peak here that he left the doctors went to the it privately cattle now. I feel like I think at U three hours ago regret what you guessed it Ron and I can't reason with them so now. These are fun I'm here. You individual play that position. We wanted to I just can't wait for a doctor and as you know as you don't care if he's alive yet do you can't reason to do is take a hole of the drugs. Complete support he just left UNC did beat the. Saying that it did say that it'll room I get it. Did what before blood test that are a week yes. Apparently shot the dependent on it yet but the bears are still gonna take me third. It because they're drops out of the top ten mil yes route bosses tell them where. He's not rejected the to speak or read that would be honest I don't need reasons then and it killed it with. Iraq which killed Adam Foster going felt pound of butter and oil. I don't know we're probably go pick w.s and I don't get it. Good a ball wide into the good crop of kill it's it's it's the head of scale. I don't like this is Republicans crop. Rick kolbe. You may kill. You'll make it sounds idyllic over the head of scale color and if they'll. It killed Kenya team even younger or doesn't format and it took all that. He's. The kkk. There's. While Lester to Brad Underwood. Please let's get this up I'm Brad and you'll. Can we all agree that we don't like the way that he left Oklahoma State. Guess according to reports. They learned as invades of folks Oklahoma State learned of him taken the job at Illinois. It was off of Twitter was also social media the best out of him. You need to tell the people that your leaving and that you're moving on. To greener pastures you tell that look out. I like the situation but I think I'm in love with this it was I'm a gonna take this job in a move and I mean. Does it gets to me this is the right thing to do. To tell the players that are there Spitzer moving on that you leaving to tell. Your boss actually. If I'm T bones McKinsey and company Oklahoma State I'm not really happy with the media and runs. On the soon usually he cared lists I mean I don't I don't. I mean I outer and I think you should handle it differently but for me I don't care of the you yell at that to look at if he had a couple of down years. They get rid of his famous. And they wouldn't think too highly of how they're going to do it out out I'm an adult I don't care for me personally. I though I mean Brad he took a better job it makes its mean basically were arguing back and forth that the big police. He's out of his mind but I don't get it he can he get a deal did Betty could've but I don't care now I don't hear the end it differently I'm two people in Oklahoma State which he did they are happy to let us address that will what do you think about the way that he welcomes the comments before you put in the ground before I leave this job and things like it's disrespectful these guys are all lies. Yeah. Something about just a little bit of integrity when he when he still kids to come to your school if you're sitting in the living room. In new old school big twelve school too bad for the big twelve having your coach bolt it's too little small. Local states in the war on enforcement more championships in Illinois first ball 45 and 46 Brinkley is it me that they went to the final. They would have won national organizing to be used a national championship. They get more national T and what do they want an end 45 of 46 children learning to cult Oklahoma's. Yet Oklahoma did yeah oh yeah that has a great basketball traditional great. Thing about Los. As mentioned T. Boone Pickens he's the most he's big he's got more money and any booster in this country he controls what goes on Oklahoma State here's the raw. He made 300 grand Stephen F Austin Oklahoma State offers a money he's lowest paid coach in the big twelve would and coaches are giving hidden proved himself. At this level he was at a smaller level Stephen F Austin scabs insisted coach kids they know seventh they do a deal they said we realized we need to be warm. PD said we need to pay you more money. Sit at a table he did like the money he won two point nine million there when the people over two million. In and they get another meeting set out to try to getting to where he wanted to beat. He skipped the meeting at seven though loyalty to your place at all in of course not as loyal if you bolted to deal rebut what. What still these recruits in gonna find out Twitter that they left their homes to go play for you go to Oklahoma State. And the dignity to table players before they find a reporter this is a low ball moved for for free for Brett would. Respect the decision at all it is a book woody did Oklahoma State they're willing to stay in this lady's got some issues because you didn't get along with my guess neither I understand there. This and Kennedy in these situations what Reagan. Offering more and Kansas State for in Martinsville pretty good but he couldn't get along John Curry some underlings going under things going on. Brad Underwood had a chance of Oklahoma State they were willing to talk to him. Willing to give him more money he really seek out. Out it is contract for this year he'd be skipped the final mean where else can. It or reason. Being you know did little more monies. No Normal, Illinois gave me more money at Illinois is why I wore a better job in Oklahoma I. Excellent and a wrap and it is nice yeah it's not it's not well it is not the better say it's clocks it's because it's not because OK let's work. Always a winner don't know when that'll solve he and the recruits and decency Weber when it took. Titles again. I don't know who may have been the final or recently. I believe what they know it Illinois to. Who doesn't buy their only hope they stay when 2004 it's a big difference is it. Chicago led Oklahoma City that I'm used it anyway here let me put it definitely let me win here locally. I agree. It's not walls. Because when you start would you would you put Oklahoma State up against Illinois and you say day. Like like the potential both jobs is not the clothes on his identity because Illinois and it's heat. It's not even close to what Oklahoma State to beat when it when it's up to its top eight who is a coach when they had him to peel it Stephen Bordeaux. What's Davis case me. But that doubles when they were headed to the final four lost on Michigan who went on and when it sits at 89. Listen it is not when you just look at the recruiting grounds between the two like they're battling. Honestly instant yeah limits and he sees the greatest coach in the history of the homeless but if you look at it they have to battle Oklahoma. Basically it and all of the if you look at history at Oklahoma State they'd never get the top recruit in the state. They never get trade who just went to Oklahoma Blake Griffin they never get. They had to they go get their players at a Texas which they're battling Texas and they're battling Baylor now and Oklahoma. Now you're at Illinois who your battling idiots don't poll in northwestern. And you have Chicago. Which is one of the best places. None of that and the best high school basketball players in the United States of America are into dot. Yeah yeah they don't want you to Michigan go to Michigan State to get Ohio State they're going to be on the Indiana's they get a new head coach do. You think Chicago just fills a little I don't they had their but it a little granddaughter will Italy's two icons for the 524 since 88 Oklahoma states and The Who since eighty which is what the right I hope floor. With the right coach in a bomb Brad Underwood I would think on the right coach you can get it done what are you saying well I'd rather not pay my relative to recruit I. A spirited in you know what good Illinois this votes gonna Bolton before self before Bill Self got a lot going lots was a two boats. They get three consecutive us. Mr. basketball winners cited a program Sergio McClain it's like Williams and Brian Cook. That's a great stop that it it is I would take much if you're not fighting people you're not you're not recruit and its people. And not to admit it you know this more than anybody. Oklahoma State football is being. Football is king. Like Oklahoma State basketball is never going to be more support that's why he was struggling and kept up with them about. Give a month ever seen hybrid re leases sold all the time most people wouldn't for us and and there's like 9000 people is probably the least a lease. Me capacity wise seeded arena in the big twelve. Like it it's not anywhere close Villa Illinois football is in the tank. Illinois basketball he can beat Keane a good look at Villanova Indian meal and we can your high school Romanian and when they normally do when he Indiana right now. You wouldn't coach and it give it's become more attractive normal OK like I guess it maybe you're you're appeared in Illinois when the Big Ten championships there's so that good with the bad and as well he's up to the net. Let's go to sought. Dictate that are all just be. It's a better security is much better today saw two months are able league they dictated that is the second most state it's all uphill lie competitively. In the big tool which America. You can win easier to be told he can't mean again and again you're not beating conveniences. It would Texas gets going you'd have to think tennis is Kansas. Stop stop. Stock OU of Michigan State that you can't put promising little canes to kick me. They've got four Kansas who were the other three cases is it. Wisconsin they're constantly in the suites go tingles rapidly you don't believe you're just you don't believe. Wisconsin's on the same level of the it was just a beard I think you understating how the hospital talking I was MRSA NA isn't it with cots and pick the program puts the Big Ten better program I'm so big I know what Scott has been good the last couple years. Let's not let's not put Wisconsin on kansas' level. Or music it's I didn't put I'm stuck in that column or you just had all the Intel Core values that the network. Fourteens duel tournament. Well wolf the big twelve has fourteen to do well. Hey at Michigan State right there with rants on that you don't win as a loser Bob Johnson the big ones are Ohio solid red under would be steer. Sports town is. Making it six. But for all people the school to one year and lead his team and the final on Twitter the big it is a great topic to be apart of who would I rate and net. Just for what it's worth by the way I Wisconsin has five final four appearances Ers are four final orders with three of those in the last fifteen years. 19412014. And when he Steve efforts Michigan State in their care is on the fitness isn't a level. Over the course of last year's been the best they're all. Mr. gets it makes the closeness right now. With Rizzo and his Izzo lead leafs and asked him his estate allows they had a once successful law but the name it but they falsely. Asked villages on Tuesday. I'm just saying you have you have Chicago as the recruiting ground compared to Oklahoma City when your have to battle Oklahoma. And let what's the best mobile hurting state Texas held his long yeah we'll bring that talent they still get the re route you bring your putting that talent particularly are you telling you are you telling yourself OK I know Texas has the best football recruit but I think I'll stay up here in Nevada. And out and out and I'll be the ballistics yeah exactly Chicago's we know little Italian with yeah right you know. I don't wanna make one other point on this after the break but judge you guys disagree on this but I think you might agree. On something else after the break here on the days. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Why why why why why. Some studies is big. I had a ball and it's slick is being bay and immediately. Hit it off so well. Good taste texture of the 816 Wisconsin has three final four since 2008 US force of Brinkley isn't far off the news that that would work if they had been playing basketball experiences. Since 2000. I put on it at all and doesn't equate a Michigan State make it violent and that to me it. This this this or I go round I can have conversations with people. People are going to say we you know Wisconsin came distancing level. Sony said to get a context they can't just dominates the big 126 Michigan has about four teams like that they're good every year. The Big Ten big twelve Big Ten because I'm letting you admit you know you wouldn't you don't just twisted my war of nineteen and zero. I start that you Cheney not your word you (%expletive) me off because you're not thinking what I said that understated assay out of and you finally getting into your own island day of the outlets in your own there. I'm not to a Simone I'm just saying dancing teams that are costly bill that big twelve you've instead it one. You said they have four teams like experiences like them in dominating the league now you're changing what they said that. I don't know it's the first that you stated that up fourteen aged just like in just in the big. Like he had just dominates if your they give up or the waste awfully good to be there the end this is different about signaling GO but that's too old for example which you're saying is different in. They got fourteen kids just to clarify myself. Using something now we can take something and run with that I think eager and which don't I don't listen to what I say I. I obviously know obviously I processed fourteen. But conservative would see that list. How about this I think there are some similarities to a certain extent between the dictated the big twelve in that. If you look at the big twelve Baylor has been under appreciated. Team I think I can see I could see you comparing. May be. Taylor would I Agassi Baylor must know that's why they. There's a similarities there was cut a minute does it all us all is was Dotson in terms of like you know getting to a sick today as was tackles and exhibition game will be used Colo altered due. Doubles deal with the O for in Winslow and Michigan states and six final four since 2000 Wisconsin's been three. Intentional or am bitter cup as Ryan also sir you're gonna be voting against those guys. Oh what's the epitome. Washing your dad more power to I just don't like leaving your team in the Pardo. If you don't like this you know I don't have any problem with you not like network you know it doesn't matter to me. I don't know if this act quick bite of a little bit of breaking news and is that data sent between. The Steelers and sand running back and I'll Davis to a one year contract. I'll go see in a couple of weeks dial. Seen others in tone and chemical. Mommy and daddy were fighting at Brigham and else's living the high have been able tumbled. Maybe it maybe it does not agree on eight look at the bit. I dream with the weekly that the big team overall is a better basketball conference and in the big twelve I agree with that I agree that arm. I dueled with rod that illegal is this a better job in my estimation just this much is yesterday's eighty estimation in the world a little bit what did you make it doesn't I have I rate. Everybody don't build every always dumpster fire football in basketball state is now a fight. Maybe you guys did you see Jessica I don't rule. Eighty guys I really it is can we will always joked. Amid the bills though was. It beyond any of this bill would also due to all the state McDonald I would do it ever to be important but it was good Illinois. Hits in his gifts is this is the legend and we have a good coach yet. That the last told he managed of the rockets on gross and yet he rented it I would you guys might even agree on. Off football take it has to do with this on watts. It ain't no. They don't try to bring him again. Seats in an agreement you know you it's had to make me feel better that we agree on this you know this you know I loved it and any time here's namely to asthma basically I mean big things. On this I know he just he made me feel they ought to just let him on that's of this. I really do you think that there's a shot the deceased at Landis how Watson honestly is there a shot there's always action. He's been free phone smut there's always even if he was a free flow there's aside and to cut back on my loss to Clemson quarterback John Watson. Yeah that's what this book that it it's. It's. That that that Cisco a little yeah most I am here's that they. That she could go deep dish out Watson if they want it no matter where he was going to get tricked they have the ammunition they can do whatever it takes. They can do whatever it takes. I don't I now I've I've been dead honest as we lift you listen to our show the knights of every night six to nine and beyond tonight. I do flee a lot simply nightly. Making the chiefs to to consider picnic but I don't not in my wildest dreams and I believe the chiefs will do what it will take to the beauty. No GMs is that nobody is pretty distort the best super it is just not the lead he'll he'll he'll fall a little fall to. The little fall to them bullet. He is that I'm Holmes guy tomb but he is chief scream Davis weapons program. That's what that's what screens and Davis weapons stick around I think it's actually what's gonna happen. I'd I'd just which they if you can't get Watson what's all the quarterback he'd like. I mean I guess my homes I mean if if here today it goes to that intrigued you. Yet you're gonna stay at Tony said. I mean my home but my home I believe is going to climb past Tony's been. He's been he's been destined for anywhere from thirteen point five because it really a good hour velocity rate that it's give this guy he's not yet I've lost my eyes are all overblown I said it at the beginning and that I think it. My Holmes is going to go in the first round and I think it will be reached but I think he is gonna blow the first land he basic. He needs to go to the right system and I think this could be a good system foreign but I don't think he's he's not ready if people think this John is not ready. He's definitely not ready and he knew he. His office was even crazier than the Clinton office. But I just. I think the position and we've had this conversation before I think the position is so important. That if you see someone who you think it fit in your system. And what Andy Reid in these wet it's wet it's I think to sell Watson would be perfect. Like if you see somebody who could be your Russell Wilson you see somebody who could be. Euro whatever future quarterback of the future I think in this league you've got to go giddy. And that kid with this coaching staff and that offense. It just makes too much that he's. A better version with better tools and Alex Smith can do both things can run I don't want you to even put the two names is so I just an editor version. That's they are different yet. That would that would imply that he is a Persian aisle opposite what do you do against the best competition he threw for either 25 yards seven touchdowns and Alabama in the last two national title games at something. Against the debt. And is something that is like he had the heart to make throws. That another it is our tax like I was very upset by you guys arguing back and orphans were then our ability coming upon. And because you on. They've requested that we stick to telling fart jokes and talking about includes quick in her court. Are so now they want they don't wanna. Stick to sports now now no sports analyst for the candle stick to Keylon fart jokes and talking about these quick. Well. Ron. Amber's show tonight. I will check this out this week will profit margin of reporters we Brodeur and I don't have those in on the next monies to this area everybody's favorite. Will quit we're talking makes money always a final four for eight U. The ethics of it Woolsey about Wisconsin. It's puppet stopping it you sited excited to jot abatement. I'd just run associate we got to take him out tonight on the night shift at 6 o'clock I'd have got to take two to 42 in the were done on the basis. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty ticked down right now sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Me I'm. Me yeah. So funny and what's going on big piece of me. Linda I don't know what's up the windows and show. Yeah he does every day to walk machine. Agree don't confuse your. I thought it was going to do like somebody was to collapsing outside looking machine. Was a bit older viewers. Levine Levine and I. Conclusion was about a spread. It will be. Whom and he looks. Why don't we on athletics. It's that's true that. Wildly as one entity its. And it's. An area. It's a sports at all. Susie says you gotta calm down. We all need to Tom I know that I get excited ties include gets excited Ron gets excited that you let's get excited whether or why. Tom down. Tom. Sort of are you guys did rated brief idea take two before do this into. So it's sitting at the regional this weekend. Who it's the Biggest Loser. Here's the thing economic impact. In city if you have little weird. And he controlled rectitude I stayed here. Think about that stupid you were having kids sinister and capture cool to be working that day at them the game that night work the next night was it was the Kennedy. They're gonna linger how quickly we do you could be your borrowers Bieber could be restaurants to receive your museums. Read write your street car. In spending a lot of money same thing with no opinions I don't wardens gonna bring the shares of like to bring about people build local LeBron. I was state think produced agreement people they would have done the hotels and the like these kids experiencing it live out here at one point. Sure that they were in a few words but I think the economic impact to them three times better heaven I'm state. And in the movies and Kansas City still great to be at this event briefly this tournament. We're thinking of senate remain. Feel bad for chamber come they were the clothes they have in the trifecta you think he's bred into. They're Big Three hundred pounds and Oklahoma State meeting here is lowest paid coach big book they willing to pay them. His team in university finds out he's leaving. Kind of professional environment is that the point spread have the courtesy to tell your team. Which are going to leave for Kansas State audience think if he's gonna come eventually give the state. That's at the sales is high on his tremendous. At Illinois yet it's it's the one thing there's a guy that you really want. It's right go through a quarter of last year before with the almost a you should keep Bruce Weber in gone after and Israel to be a lot better shape. For the future and Bruce Weber barely making the turn at the play his way into the instantly turn. What I wanted to thank and excuse to. All right without elected via the reason being here in the city. Armed. I hit big from the standpoint that. Economically. You want to Iowa State Department conversation when I was state to be clear intensity that you know what's going to get. From Iowa State Cyclones Spain's. You're gonna get everybody some games all so round and cycle plants. And make it shrank to Kansas City and try to take over power and lights again economically you can have one hotel rooms filled up. You have so many different bars and restaurants the field below. Iowa State Cyclones. But it into that. They do their job. The Kansas City Hall to hear of the year this and now. Kansas has that opportunity to have the massive home court advance. Playing ads for it sooner because it took care is an opening week. So from that standpoint the regional is still the winner because the biggest. I guess and best. Told him when he comes to cal basketball in this specific region kits to deal with it was forced to do and he made banquet in city. The second ticket I have in regards to walk around. This could ride on ads when it comes to the conference. The top spot and it does not getting out of control. When it comes to looking at some of the lesser. Teams in the east conference. Trying to dabble snowed some swagger some toughness about themselves is based on adding to conference pride. The we do look at instantly Tommy could be proud of what has been. Going on with the big team he'd be proud of the fact that the the big twelve got three teams into the sweet sixteen. Hopefully your organization your program universe like Rutgers. You can't be so lucky to have a swagger and confidence it'll worst team in the Big Ten top but the Big Ten is all of that stuff. Your kids can turn that represent your. Wasn't Rutgers football we know I don't know it was Rutgers valuable we studio. Think we think we've been. And I hope it is a week they'll go by really really fast because you know at Thursday's. Game day. Talk to you hoops until then we're back with the tomorrow Tuesday morning they said late today. The drive is a tax. Yeah not my name.