03/19 8pm – Serda & Joe’s Showstoppers, NCAA Got Best Of Both Worlds, Is Ron Cheap?, Showstoppers, Whatcha Watchin’?

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Monday, March 19th

After Serda stumbles through a Showstopper, we compare his explanation to Joe’s and roll our eyes at his struggles. The NCAA got the best of both worlds this weekend before Ron asks if he’s cheap by waiting out Uber surge pricing. We end the night with Showstoppers and the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?


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It does show would your vote. Ron does a place that. Out to listeners. Hook those fingers that it. That we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. Your Monday evening to one half of J&J radio production stamp for Joseph the other heavily as it is. He gets him tomorrow and all week. The days. Well of late if they did did. And elected again as the service and let's get right on down him to. Checkout the podcast phase before we get down to is alive ticked about its phase first couple of hours will be. It follows days of follow us if you know we. Trying for the gold in 2018 to have. Beat number one but cancer is the radio and not just a sport but it hit the city. So all of the station following us bush are really good job put stuff up. And share that reads we ate that and help other people to obesity but the com. So sort of during one of a showstopper if you're not really been a list of sales sorted this. He can be really long windy. On shows up for it all means. An idol I cannot be alone with the audience where you just check out sometimes when he's reading stories because. They've got so long he stumbled overs of words it's of them like it like it is but I can't press now on. And this particularly burned through this I have distinctly remember and I can't wait to meet me here so there is still kind of adds that Lieberman remember checking out when I heard him say Tankersley. And bad B Jim Tankersley CI skip to that line but you'd woods and came back up later on so it was important to stop and note. Who Jim Tankersley gave the sync usually did not come out clean about renewed. So. So they they're guys that tank and we all sins anchor openly complain. At all. About hey man you can roll it sort this out. This particular law Lenovo. There's there's a lot of stuff to it so I wanted to make sure that I job cut out to my chew. We not be gutless it's because my knowledge of the actual bill is in very in depth so I tried to make sure I. So I bet I try to makes I left it not been there to try to fully explain what was act. Maybe you should JJ knowledge of the bill if you're going to talk about it like lots you you did it what Jill went right to Jill Jill. Did it reeled it does the part about those upper sort of it is not about you it you're reading skills it is not about you figured putting together step it is about. You giving us something quick and that we discuss. The discussion board is bigger we but I do crush them part you'd hand. You how many people how many people fateful list listened to show stoppers and buy yourself checking out the middle. I'm somebody Texan like couple weeks ago and so as a favorite segment via at and the only person it's sad but I have probably when your burner. It isotope you have the two. Listen we hear for certain. This assert his explanation real quick to talk about what is what is let's go to the bulletin. Joseph are sort of what was it you were reading this quickly as. Like into are the top it was well. It was about today Republican tax bill just passed. That it fixed the fixed the NBA they can affect sports leagues and how they trade market are heroic. A single word in the sweeping tax bill that house Republicans passed in December. Billy doing hosts of unintended consequences for American pro sports teams when making trips. This regular regulation applies mostly trades made between farmers or manufacturers. But take your sleep from Jim Tankersley and he would attack ads notes that is all also. Can apply to trades made between sports teams. Baseball trades in particular often feature a valuable player being traded for feature prospects. Well he's an easterly beneficial exchanges that allow each party to price feature ask or I better chance of winning. In the present the difference in value between say Justin Verlander and a handful of top prospects as announced that it could be subject to capital tax. Capital gains that. Sell well over the peninsula and I've served out the dictators. Get to a daggers and why it does today a lot. Of farmers who thought. Of why did. At the partly it's just it's supposed to be. It's a must be something that affects our neighbors it manufactures it because of the Lakewood in the bill it's also going to affect sports or Tuesday night. This is that it has other efforts decade added I look at longer than probably do was hit takers like this idiot listeners tell you when you've checked out. A single word in the sweeping tax bill that house Republicans passed in December. Currently doing host of unintended consequences for American pro sports team and making traits. Its regular regulation applies mostly trades made between farmers or manufacturers. But take your sleep from Jim Tankersley from the New York Times notes that it's all is also. Don't try to trades made between sports scenes that operates in particular often feature a valuable player being traded for feature prospects. Well these are neatly beneficial as party to sacrifice feature ask. They better do waiting. In the present the difference about between say Justin Verlander and a handful of top prospects as announced that it could be subject to capital tax. I really shouldn't. I really says it is cannot act baseball trades all adopt a resident. All well its its ability to negotiate the leaked all these idiots. It's all ball I. Went no reparation every time certain as preparation. Ed puts it tight depressed about it so well. Joseph would no reparation I just rooted Joseph Biden ambler what is this about what is it is too. In the new GOP tax bill. This period up the language and NBA and MLB taxes are afraid to be subject to capital gains tax. So if you try to traitor really guys will play here or like future prospects you got to pay much taxes on. But sit. Didn't stop and big Davis it is not as good started a conversation. This. Six states that. Was what aspect it's any less they told him about. Eight at eight. I take it you'll 'cause the operas I am supposed to give the information. And then you give the tape and sometimes I give it today sometime I did it may have. I have to give me information prayers that he gave information and a taken 68. 246. It felt like tools. I started speeding through the tail end of any use a little left out. It's the club acted I'm looking to see the pay out I had to come back to Jim Tankersley it takes him. I I. So what's in Alaska politics. So what's an actress that would have been a stewardess that Barber's I still to this had I had. Why I don't think why that is simply I would checked out when I said Tankersley. Jim Tankersley has gone as a beat then saying Jim Tankersley. Was going to let you know know who tenders. No one knows who did take a look at it and got a better to its ability to Arnold. Nobody knows it. I got it it's like. Me. Man. This show stoppers like Joseph is. How long do you hate the show stoppers to be about the public is your paper where you can show stoppers and we have another look coming up it is they've been so good god. They're like yeah. Grant I am is under pretty show that I. On the pretty show up like they should be fifteenth wasting. I was they would it's just us exhibit bridges to read the first paragraph of the story and then paraphrase it. Usually at ten I does that dance to it but how. These old soul I've read about it and I am I'd. Peace and need to keep doing and I base rate about it if he'd just like they was his speaking himself but now. Is that aired just read. This week. And there's. And yeah. Yeah. And you know I know he feels he's pinning him down. Because outlook but it and that's when he starts read it's give me about it and just like the war because they get double that he uses to tankers. Jim thank you. I mean. I feel like people are going to look up agents and so in essence. I think of Rick is that it is a couple of followers on Twitter I don't think you'd take a study from Jim Tankersley from a year I've. I cannot believe Lou like where you think like that you played it we played the two I would. All played the two. Again I just want a thicker does that even sound like the same. Date that the Chinese way. Well placed on a single word. In the sweeping tax bill now they should play him that the spouse amber and Billy doing host of unintended consequences for American pro sports teams and making trips. It's regularly regulation applies mostly trades made between farmers or manufacturers. But takers. Jim Tankersley to Linear notes that it's all's also. Can apply to trades made between sports secret. Baseball trades in particular opportunity that your valuable player being traded for feature prospects. While these are mutually beneficial exchanges that allow each party to sacrifice feature assets where he delegates up wit and I. I think about it this between say Justin I was gonna let him finish top prospects. As announced that it could be subject to capital tax. Capital gains tax plus the fact that that has stepped up right side. Dressed. Actual explanation in the midst of a political act a bill. The spirit of the language in the NBA and MLB taxes are afraid to be subject to capital gains tax. So if you try to traitor really guys will play here. Or like future prospects you got to pay much taxes on. Thirty years. You don't appear to be trying to do that. Because it's already. Great. That they couldn't physically be when you listen to that if you'll. Yes. Well I was reading yeah it felt odd I don't it was on God's eyes and it's beating their way so I it stands I started reading it I immediately regretted it. That thing that I always hate to hit you is why don't you read it before we come yeah. And if it feels all would you read it before you coma the air. Yeah I'm in I don't Ed. Outlet out or who it is bald jar on the other is very and that's an important topic it's early Tuesday. It's. This bill is pretty aegis that I've read I read. It immediately felt it was well. Why are you kidding why don't you just didn't make its move or. Tankersley and Jim Tankersley from many yards that they could it makes me. Yeah. But dangerously from Jim Tankersley from any or tags. Some diocese and toss a tree was and that is thrilled that time I've got my just. And that's how am I it really old and they say that state you guys just do it without asking. Kind of like balls. So it was of the sixty we'll have a solution but sat collar on him. When he steps taken to load to send them. Oh. Is not against. The I and ID. As I think he could be funny. When there's no way we he had that for a and there's no way I would give you control of the bus. The let's to go to the hill would you give. Julio. Jones. I maybe they got a stop to it and it would bring a period I maybe any at a stop watch and they can tide me when I go Russert died this. People are listed as six do zeroes it how long Kellogg. If you've been with the submitted. Before we get it because I do and Todd that this was perfect weekend for the NCAA perfect the way and it delayed the get everything you. You make is how long people were role with this should be one of the best things that we did we would do. Kelly ex roommate chronicles beckoned puppet. That we get aren't so great Becky and for the blood. Can we get that going back they used to be a Friday they we would do roommate goggles and it was. But it today I now touched him. In the building. Is he still here I I tried to bring him men. A couple weeks ago and hours lies as OK I'm here because Julio had. Take about sporting KC and hard to works for sporting Kansas City and loves. Ad side chat again parts of the comment and debate with me and Julio because who Leo. Had a piping hot take. Because I wanted to want what I wanted to use or socialism or connect foods. But. I think ex roommate around. I mean I'm sure we can get him and that was that was good one as we I mean we struggled with him as well because he. And I commend that the. I'm for. Yeah I those a lot of river if if we that you respect it that four who was with those Wii's remote. It is. These these these 22 or use orange uses the detergent. As open. Is at that we've made now. Or a girl I think the targeted had the best the the best double world. Happened this week. Because it's it's like it's like that the things that we realize about turned is that in the first week it is. We'd love to see the buzzer beaters we like to see Cinderella. We like upsets and stuff like that you really get into it. But I don't know I think. The numbers would suggest this may be the case. That we love you upsets stuff like that but. What we like to watch it what it says to watch. Are still having the name. And I still think we got our opposites we had some of the bigots of that we've ever seen but we didn't have. The ups it's really too. Urged it does not a big name and traditional power right. Lack of all like say in Virginia those one seeds that would damp they traditional powers. I was the last time Xavier or Virginia's been to a final four. I've got to try this I feel like project has been in like 95. That might be role where they there when Florida was there maybe that may be that maybe it's even bid later. And in Xavier. They've they've ever been to a final four. But let your. You've got to get ups it's a you have got think Loyola Chicago as the due to. But it's still there upsets were not against traditional powers against Miami Tennessee and Cincinnati. They've been good but they're not age that they're not blue led the banner that was great get them out. You still had duke and Kansas and those two they square off you still have Villanova. You still have Kentucky. Davies made three only a tsunami to instill that Kentucky. You've got even Purdue who was semi. You know second third tier. Virginia's last final fours 198484. Ralph Sampson. Eight at nine the. Let anyhow. What you see you know. Do you still have. Like you can beat Michigan Michigan is still a power mission you've got a chance at Michigan's that. If one of those regions. Acute you're still have a shot to have. He still had named programs you got Michigan Kentucky. McCain's is to the Lenovo. You still have now where to go wrong and what it go bad I know there's some fans are and who donated. But what will go that they give the visit that it's DA. If Kentucky does it make it out and it's a bachelor that's where it can be a bad thing. Like you'll love it because Kentucky if they beat K state. Big you know they're going to gates. Loyola Chicago or Nevada and this is the best the UK it's all right. There it is we got our currently we got Cinderella team and an eleven but let let don't let Kentucky don't lose. Especially you don't lose it to. But I think you get the best of both worlds because honestly we've heard this a lot people act like they like this with. Applaud. And how thrill out the real where people to see the VCU Butler head. Of the final fours it would. And that Stanley thrilled. Liked that guy I'd like don't think of them OPEC about a year. But just think about how all the NCAA and how detailed television numbers would be for. The van at Kansas State. In the regional final in the south aren't getting geared CU right now. Guarantee you right now. I know I think the fourth rocket teams and when I'm older and look at the region's. I know exactly where I an eagle engines for an article. They're going to the south region in Atlanta. When I saw Kansas and duke. I knew Jim Nance particular bill rectory we're going to all of law. So I think that got the best of both world. 'cause this week. This PSP. This'll be really bad. If Kansas was the one sees that you NBC lost or at duke was the once or cans with the once he did you BC beat or duke was a once the and that was who you have PCP. Like that would be the that would be kind of bad word. The term because. I like for me when I get to alleviate ground I I don't want any of the Nittany. And I don't count insect I don't think of that as an inmate idle in the mid majors. I was pissed when George Mason beat can it. And I'll I can take it I just did one what Stewart based on. I think we do love our Cinderella stories early but yeah now we we love them to a certain point because. Especially. Those types of games like give Nevada makes it to a final four you know actually think Nevada is gonna go on and win the national championship right not who wants to wants Clinton sincere. The reached. They could just take. Six about it let it get too early days I got a chance to see kids as duke that's about that's ol' what's his ticket set up. I don't wanna sees it he's like obsolete advocates and and I think that they can easily beat Syracuse that it that would be the only reason I would once. Until you mean I these games Syracuse played. Oh. Another one. Is that act that was hole. How about Michigan State people always was pissed if it eligible baseline when I heard him his estate. Was by the numbers the number one. Three point shooting team in the country now that's a lie going into. And they kept talking about it now they're mobile as that's who played football. They did have one of the best. Percentages in the country our member of their number one had the they had said they were number one aunt but they they probably shipped in. I can tell you look right now that basic it's they eat in a better shooting team. Actually. A site in percentage they ranked lower than Kansas apparently. Oh. That's their keys in. Their planes six and a half players that was hauler to. I want it tiger if I. I get is it is fun to see that Cinderella make it to the sweet sixty. Adriatic realistically EU. You gotta hope the pages get damn it it because it's ads in the NCAA is best interest you have. The Kansas in the duke matchup that would get to have those top ten matchups. Farther along in the turnaround because that's what that's what keeps people to which you can at least as you can at least work outs here. You can work wizard. Guides debate time is that it's there. All right it. K statement that K state Illinois. Like I would get highly geared Bedford has been Villanova Texas Tech potential matchup that's about it. And I was excited and it if you beat Purdue. I could not get that it. I the I mean they've been good for years and argue with. Like. Who let his Michigan Michigan please. Oh. Like I just know ID basically that is only game. In the interest of watching. I think Michigan plays somebody that don't add his theater of Texas and amp amp one. Now that Williams here that Robert Williams who's going to be Internet a lot of these guys by a little parts. That they. I come a lot coming up next. We tend to do this a lot. Sort of in pepper. Little show alive. Though we haven't yet it was much as. We like to live our lives on the air. I'll let you all be the it's excellent excellent reviews it. Tell me if she does tell me if I'm teeple on this story I don't think so I think many of you had and the same thing. Yeah. Well Amanda and. Let me let me tell you. Because. So Saturday was that answers they hope we have removed was safe Nolan the issue. Want but Mahan. It was it was crazy. Padilla stepped down went to L house added that. Watch any game was buddies. You know has by. Ellis went all the different place you're obviously a Miranda Lambert. Yup it and in Gerald was this was out throughout the day in the Julio was early. Tailgate and resentment if the railing. And sons dale and afterward. But raids they've been now all. Hughes. After the game was over they were lied kind of collectively man at the. It's sensible about it like ideas to the point I can't I can't do anymore. I'm just so messed I just I just need it. I think it hit like 830. Erica on this on the 83845. McCain's seat all game. And. So. It was started looking up overrun. Because we're about the safety. That's a good Hoover Dam would ban. This is 840. What to grant this Hoover. And at bed police that it was 55. Dollars it changed to you know. I know about that. What is certain price in the. Well heeled. I'm not. Affected by. Laughter I don't op as a way to that would lift it was one PT healed. And I. I've got to play as I watched the witness I started looking L plus systems to go on north. It's uphill it's. Not until why. Us and I'm not doing I don't need you to get the kids to drive edited it but I'm not I'm not to out wait this thing out and I laid out an. At L house a little. Joke that it may be getting giddy other field house alone that capacity to pass. Fifth grade and I eyes house a low. Mind you just leave chaos and hang out just in my house. I don't know words do I ads did you everywhere. On them out that this commitment and I was sent ago. It's I'd probably sit there at her outburst this lease all. That that the rate at 55 and it lets wait guys guys like 68. But I waited about an hour and a half and waited it out and got to about 36 dollars and not violate jumped. 36 dollars outweigh it is itchy. It's I mean now but the light that happened is. Early on today when we first got down to the sprint center I was checking Newburgh prices kinda throughout the day to see how bad they work is I knew I. Normally for me to get from my apartment to make downtown area it's like. Eight bucks. And I checked it a few times it was like 25 to get down the spread senator and so. But then right before we went we left around 630 and it was only it was only like eleven dollars visited dropped quite a bit but it's because people were start day you know people. Went out for the first wave of the day than they went home to at a crash in little bitter recovered and they were start to make their way back out again for for the night task. It. It was ridiculous there. It does well and like I had already played twenty to get down on now we got maneuvered back it was like 47 dollars and it was a lesson to get down. But worse NT five is a lot I would I would have a hard time swallowing. Worst part about it I got it down. I got count 38. It is an and it happened and it gone from fifty to 38 when he mean it. Weakness or next to aid to the of off and I did like after the concert we want to cross the street gas. And act and in order. We all of the that's like is great for the price to go out of the over that if that is it is. I sit there and I'm like. Obviously that the the that. That the they exhibit at the. I was not in. And I waited now I almost prepared for a 23 out. And so someone would rather go points in outlook I catalogs many blocks away from surprise to Katie does that does that work. How far away from west or when I've had the ball. To get out. And it's probably at least a few blocks. More than that I Dallas and boy are we gonna do that audio takes it Z trip they're passed out these like thirty dollars yeah it's it's it's the same thing but I looked on there and it was a half hour wait for a ride his everybody was using ctrip has I had to pay bush for an uber bag downtown to. Brutal it and yet it is it's in on us and not applied to the right the his be it safe. And I. I have no way to now as I've done that before it is way it's just. I am not drop in 67 dollars that for a fifteen minute ride all the ballistics as an attorney I can tell you fifty to take a loophole might be the business users it. If your coming here expecting me to see you read about it until now ops as if it to Dallas for better. And then and it rotated but there's also that they were trapped there have there's there's nothing wrong with you just waiting out by. I've really pissed like I thought if I got it to 36 and I walked ten blocks I'd make that as they and a ten maybe. Well I hope you join a waiting it was about. Does that would you do it it's thirties I outlets that busy. Sometimes years and better shape just taken like a yellow cab or something BC one float I sit I sit on the Golan I'm weights and I get wonderful. But I missed that because I went from fifty and I would like 4830. In like that when he thirty. Nine I was like that's what this. That all the states is coming down. Now I am fike and again it for free avenue legislators each out of waited parity of 45 minutes whatever it would. Should of stepped up. Is that time if he show you stop. Cash stock. You. His Golden State story line about. Now what are trolling Caron head coach and FAU Lane Kiffin blamed on Twitter. They he would not only predicted the UN BA upped the UMBC upset of Virginia idly UND day. It's a of Virginia in his bracket. But he also picked there dreamers to go all the way. A single word in the sweeping tax bill that. I mean at least I Todd hey at least I realized. The devastating mistake immediately after making it would eat rats isn't tied that's just I feel that. What do you think would happen if you've written that would what that those. On. Then have to read it had a Lane Kiffin claim. That UMPC was gonna win that that's always write about us. You're gonna say Jim Tankersley from bank of tides were thrilled. Twitter throw. Eddie picked up that's it. Now the late late I guess he did it prove that the times matchup right. The times adds that that he had it did prior to the gate. Play I like lane was that the idea like yeah Shiite and still about where you live aid. I've still I've higher. As my next. After more than two decades in the wrestling business former world heavyweight champion Mark Henry. It's going into the Debbie Debbie hall of fame as the final member of the class of 2018 sex let's not Ilya he's working behind the scenes now with great career. Cut his teeth with they see it of domination that was its big man's way of telling you yes. I willfully use race street. Coupled up after his worst mistake. Crime top. Two black guys in trades that were wide Peterson genes that would steal. Who was that crimes. Over the rest because separated ride that. They're names and even better look up their dates look of the date there even better ways to describe. A producer one of them went to Columbia. Come. I'm kidding I don't know if it's a nightly. JT GUY. Initials. And sad gas art. Think CG it's what stage she'd be staying for. Of statement coming out. Excellent six 306 text it would to watch which shows Watson Netflix Hulu. Amazon for whatever the shows is you watch it. This segment this leaving the nation coming. Yeah. Some of the cannon. That not move yeah. They don't know it. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica won't admit it you'll want to get. Indeed but it's too late Pettway touched down at Super Bowl my first class complain when people watch him bark orders. I'd like a remake movies example. On your workplace. I'm not in my. Hi my Google's ex governor. But the threat goal. Practical and I think that. And sirens are. It works in missed games what a rather be feared or loved. People. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. This day. Sponsored. Absolutely no one's one pitched in the Tex lines 69306. Texted what UQ what's in Netflix who. Amazon run what ever it is lots fix it as we always do. Grumbled the first when they get in from the 913 budget team mama. Still. Snow. And all of our guys are good but they just said it ended up the last one there is no longer taking. With FEMA so we had a squabble last week. She's a really bad person objects. But she would really mean to several people. The producers that worked with the try to fire produces. But the big thing is and also teen mom does not see it as soon about young parents who role. From being down 1617. Wrote it's now they're great kids and many of them had borne children. And she is headed deals where she's been a little quotes. In that and make some bill. Any agreement that that MTV teen mom or is it. Eight. If you like it's you to tell your story is still would look yet you on the silk but we cannot associate ourselves form. So she's doing a light. It basically like web show that is scary Sadat. It sooner take on things of that nature. Seat belts and so they told her to make that choice and she saved you all students stopped me from being able to do what I wanna do. Though they see if we're not going to your message is that it be tape. On imagine that. Her access there has helped pay for a lot of media all of the students insist that we see you. I sit next Monday it's brought the most successful in terms of finance and above all of them. On this show because she really does the outside stuff she doesn't do very good job figured he would. Our kids. And so she does a lot of speaking liking gates' is we you know. You don't like the real world as at and those guys like they go out just host parties and make money list. And she's been help she owns a business and stuff down. She knows who is political season and somebody must insist it's those easy to operatives tested sort. It's an average this beat clients and my it's got my nibbles in little ruler. For the sixth place on watts is that the new series old town of Flint, Michigan police were called Clinton. I'm not sick that now. It doesn't work as stated in there watching over the weekend news group is. I'm I'm and it's. So that's really something that should be talked about our view is still don't have good water. So when you look at Lannan. The start is is big Vijay still think it's his first as its opponents have I need to oddly called real. But is Steve AJ is still there. Stevie says that there has arcade I stopped watching it. Alternative. About three or four years ago. Three years us and look. The Vijay was one missed here it's evolved. I talk to Stevie Jason sort of would agree to women. That he is cheating on the both of them which he did bring him in together to say let's try to makes them. And Indy Lights up when they give man. I am maybe it. I lives. David. Ice annihilation over the weekend not civilians like not then new movie is Natalie Portman an enormous. Unknown that's that it can. SRI. A cat and Terrence didn't say OK well. It's very size. It turns and it kind of like an alien Odyssey tonight movie it was okay act like it's not for everybody else. Really visually stunning I got a lot visually Obama got the good doctor tonight and Elena kissed this the split. Do you Atlantis liaison. Until they. Okay now on the wizard and edit out lots of back to back that street it's so that's seasons of fires that stick. And I am so I'm an early exits that would limit I did two hours I've got to be caught upload thank you need lots of Brandon Knight don't talk about the opening scene of this new episode had ranking. They jump on it because I did you caught up on real housewives of Atlanta. It's and I did that hit Atlanta. And I. Phillips who was nice. That there's anything. Is that they stick with the team it is that it's it's. At its. Yet it's excellent excellent run Eli split down on the take that's got to us. His wrist today. It episode of Fraser's. We delegates have will be back to miles it's such. So that needs that still Lance these vigilant and be saved with this week are. Out. Hi yeah.